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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, May 9th,  2006 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Ralph Frederick
will speak on:
"Demonstrations on Currents, Voltages, Frequencies as they apply to our Earth"
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

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MAY 9, 2006 - Ralph Frederick, Trent University
Demonstrations on Currents, Voltages, Frequencies as they apply to our Earth

MAY 27, 2006 - Workshop with Shelley Bourne
The Other 10 Strands - Learning How to Access Our Spiritual DNA

JUNE 3,4: Lecher Antenna Workshop

OCTOBER 2006:  Sandee Mac, Master Dowser,  from Houston, Texas
=    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =
April 29 - June 1, 2006 - Mother Earth Water Walk (around Lake Ontario )

June 17 - 24, 2006:ASD Convention,  Lyndonville, Vermont

June 26, 2006 - Water Celebration, Argonaut Yacht Club (see below)

July 25, 2006 7:25 PM- The Water Project --- Thank Water Day at Lake Ontario

April 13,14,15, 2007 - The Consumer Health Organization of Canada sponsors the annual Total Health Show
Alicja Aratyn,  Dr. Robert Gilbert, Dr. Magda Havas, Pierre Noreau


PRE MEETING PROCESS GROUP:   The Process Group is Scheduled for the May 9th meeting for the 2nd half of  ABUNDANCE.  This is the pre presentation teaching practice offered by  Shelley Bourne, Angi Venning and Joy Goch.     6:15-6:55.    You must be a paid up member of the Toronto Dowsers to participate. Registration at least the day before the class is required.   To register: call   Shelley:  905 294 6858.  Participants are directed to  GO DIRECTLY TO THE STAGE.

MORE TD's CD's:     CDs of our meeting presentations are now available, at our meetings, or by mail, for:

October 2005
Dr. Magda Havas
November 2005
Sandee Mac
January 2006
Henry Evering, Hugh Magill and Shelley Bourne
February 2006
Ellie Drew
March 2006
Dr. Robert J. Gilbert
April 2006
Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Stay tuned for  TD DVD'S!

Why this Newsletter is so Short and What's Coming Up:   I do most of the writing for this newsletter, and as you may know during the last 6 weeks have been helping with the organizing for, and then attending Dr. Robert Gilbert's intense 7 day BioGeometry Foundation Intensive Training followed immediately by the Total Health Show followed shortly thereafter by Dr. Ibrahim Karim's 9 days of Advanced and Practitioner Training.   As my constitution enjoys necessary periods of decompression after "big events" --- heck -- even after a monthly meeting --- this last period is a stupendous experiment in being a human EverReady Battery.  This is the first time I have discovered I can be both Titanium and Rechargeable and am looking forward to fill up on my quota of hours lost in the quilts with mugs of tea and science fiction novels.  This newsletter is being written in the evenings after the days at the Advanced Training.   It needs doing and no one else is yet compulsively obsessed enough to complete these issues and do a brain dump of every single factoid in their gray matter onto a computer keyboard.

So:  Will there be a June Newsletter?   Possibly.  Our newsletters are prepared for each meeting, to tell you what is coming up.  Our June speaker -- Michael Bastine -- his schedule so far is tentative as he has possible prior commitments.  We shall find out next week.  Everything is up in the air right now.

So for those of you who think the newsletters are too long -- you'll have lots of time in the summer to read what you haven't read during the year because there will most probably NOT be a July or August issue -- we rarely have issues in the summer.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS AND MEMBERS! --- Our April 18 meeting presenting Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry, from Cairo Egypt, was our BIGGEST EVER.  We have never even had 200 people in that hall and we had 348!  The volunteers were well prepared and considering our lack of experience with such a crowd, they did a superb job.  Didn't they?   THANK YOU JAN AND CREW!  Registration went fairly smoothly and we even started almost on time.  MEMBERS:  Thank you for your cooperation with registration and helping both Dr. Karim and the guests feel right at home So now, we may all be wondering:  What's next?   This issue has a lot of Dr. Karim's influence running through it.  Don't you think that his energy is very similar to the Dalai Lama's?   A similar type of kindness, lack of ego, wisdom, sense of humor, bubbling laughter, story telling to make a point.  Humility.  But Dr. Karim is married.  So I guess he is like the Dalai Lama with kids!

And THANKS TO:  HAROLD JOHNSON, ANGIE SPIZZIRRI and SHARI BRIDGE -- for your help with suggestions on how to request donations at the meeting.  In case you didn't notice it, I used each of your idea and IT WORKED!

WILD RIDE!   We've just come through a wylde intense energetic high caliber rich spring with Ellie Drew, Robert Gilbert and Ibrahim Karim, all who appear to have greatly enjoyed their visits to Toronto and sincerely look forward to returning.  They want to come back and we want to have them back.   It is sweet that you thank me for bringing them to you and making it possible.  I could not do it without you, without your interest and support.  I want them here, too.  To have this all work out so we are each happy, is just sublime.   And just think!  In less than 2 months, the days get shorter again!   Gulp!

Lovely Wee Gift:    Is not included in this newsletter for those who qualified.   This newsletter is being written while I'm taking the Advanced Training and am trying to make things as simple as possible -- if possible.   Also -- sorry to have not mentioned this sooner -- if you qualified once, you are not eligible to qualify the 2nd month in a row.  Thanks for being so supportive, though!  Great to hear from yoU!

LEROY BULL!  MARCH and APRIL DOWSING WORKSHOPS!   Leroy Bull, from Pennsylvania was here the end of March and the end of April as he accompanied his wife Diane to Toronto to the BioGeometry (Foundational and Advanced) Trainings, offered a very practical dowsing workshop each time.  THANKYOU, LEROY!

Leroy was the President of the American Society of Dowsers from 2001-2003.  Leroy is an accomplished Water Dowser and an excellent map dowser.   He always offers a session in Map Dowsing at the annual ASD Convention. 


Our May 9th Meeting:  - Ralph Frederick, Trent University
Demonstrations on Currents, Voltages, Frequencies as they apply to our Earth

Ralph plans on beginning with the concept of magnetism -- starting at Zero frequency, going on to static magnetism, to alternate magnetism, to the generation of voltage, then slowly move in to the radio frequency spectrum.  He will show us dirty hydro and clean hydro.

What this presentation will do is to help us better understand electricity.
Electricity, Magnetism, Frequency.

It is beneficial for us to have this understanding because of the widespread use of electricity today and how it has permeated every cell of our world.  As Magda Havas told us October 2005:  "The earth used to be a sink for electricity.   Today it is a source."
Electricity is running in the grid lines.  It is running in the grid lines -- in deterimental ways.   Our farm animals, our food, our water is being detrimentally influenced by this running of electricity.  Electricity has no natural predator.   This running of electricity in our food changes our DNA, our cell structure, our quality of life.

As Dowsers, like druids in many ways,  we are guardians of earth energies.  The earth energies have been changed by mankind.  We need to understand this electricity.  And -- it will also help us better understand the basis of dowsing energy:  Frequency.  Vibration.

Our work -- Dowsing, as it deals with very fine vibrations, is actually the precursor to electricity.  If we can understand this segue, a better understanding of one will help us to better understand the other.

FROM DR. KARIM'S ADVANCED TRAINING:  Dr. Karim says about Body Electricity, that

  • The nerves are electrical conductors
  • 'Body electricity' is not the same as man made electricity
  • Body electricity's waves are polarised, they run along one plane (horizontal) only
  • Electricity has both planes (vertical & horizontal) and can rotate in both directions.
  • There are 2 kinds of waves:  horizontal and vertical.  After reading the above, which do you think is harmful?  Which do you think is natural?  What do you conclude?

    BRING YOUR RODS.   Ralph will provide opportunities for us to Dowse "clean" and "dirty" electricity.

    The Other 10 Strands - Learning How to Access Our Spiritual DNA
    Saturday, May 27  10-4,  $75.   LOCATION:  TBA

    Previously, Shelley has brought forth some of Barbara Hand Clow's concepts on the 9 Dimensions -- concepts which also dovetail with Shelley's work.  Shelley will discuss these dimensions, and more during her workshop.  She will also go in to greater detail on some of the concepts touched on in the Pre Meeting Process groups.

    Shelley spoke to our group 2 times:  January 2005 and January 2006.  Both times you were enthralled and wanted her to continue.  She had to stop because of time constraints.  Her workshop has been promised for 2 years.   Here it is!

    Understand and learn how to:

    Call Shelley  905 294 6858
    Please register by Monday, May 22

    June 3, 4, 2006   call:   1-888-950-0601  to register

    Anne Landry and Pierre Noreau will be offering the long awaited  workshop on the Lecher Antenna soon.   The Lecher Antenna is said to be the most precise dowsing measuring device they have found.

     A Lecher Antenna is a precision instrument, which allows one to verify with precision many things, such as:    a fault, a water source, a leak,  compatibility  and much more…

    A Lecher Antenna provides information on the structure of the seven (7) energy systems of a human being.  With the Antenna, one can understand energy therapy techniques as well as how to detect geobiological signals.

    In the course they will teach how to use the Antenna  to:   Balance vibration energies,   Center of energy systems,   Energy Assessment: of the body, ailments, vitamins, minerals, medication,  the environment: clothing, decor, jewellery,  Stones and the benefits they bring,  Therapeutic essential oils, etc.  There will be  Extensive practice for each participant, and various applications of the antenna will be discussed.

    JUNE MEETING (June 11 or 18)  --  Tentative

    (Mike was a good friend of Mad Bear, a well known Native Elder in the Buffalo, New York area.   If his schedule allows, we will see him in June.)

    Every now and again in our daily walk or run, we meet a person that changes our life so dramatically that it is hard to continue afterwards without thinking about that encounter.

    That exceptional person is Michael Bastine . He is an Iroquois Indian originally from Maniwaki, Quebec. Michael shares his culture speaking of the native plants, the precious earth, and the local wildlife as reverently as if we lived in a protected sanctuary.

    While walking through  fields  Michael has shown us how his people offer a gift to plants and ask the plants' permission to harvest part of them to use as medicine or to feed his family. He points out the relationships plants have with each other and explains how they grow in families, like milkweed. Meanwhile as a Blue Jay flies over and calls, Michael stops and reflects on its call as if it is talking to him. He states, "When I hear that song I know that winter is soon to be here and we must prepare for cold weather."

    Michael travels with his wife, Pam, and their daughter, Bailey. Their precious offspring, Bailey, was born with Down's Syndrome, a white man's name for a malady that Michael's culture considers a blessing. In his way of life Bailey is given a special place of respect because she views life so differently than the majority. Michael shares, "Every day when Bailey wakes up it's Christmas, she is always so happy to see me and treats me like I'm the most special person in the world. She teaches me much."

    Michael has learned well from Bailey for he treats us all with respect.

    We are always fascinated by our encounters with this unique man and his family, by his overwhelming knowledge of all subjects, and by his interconnectedness with our surroundings. The Creator has richly blessed us with a beautiful place to live and with friends like Michael who help us slow down and appreciate the many, many blessings poured upon us daily.

    Astrology  Toronto’s Mentorship   Intensive  2006
    “Visions on Astrology”
    Thursday   May 11th,  Friday May 12th   Saturday, May 13th 2006
    Best Western Roehampton Hotel, 808 Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Ave E.

    Cost for the two days is 99.00  until April 18th and includes a buffet dinner on Saturday night
    There is a separate registration of 40.00 for Eric’s workshop on Thursday May 11th.
    This special price is available to current members of ATI,  CAAE, SOTA mailing list, Toronto Dowsers and Planetwaves.net subscribers.
    After April 18th price is 129.00 for members of the above groups.   Non – members are 149.00
    See their new website: /www.astrologytoronto.ca

    Eric Francis is one of the featured speakers of this event.   From New York City, he was an investigative journalist for 20 years, writing for the Village Voice, Sierra, etc.,  on such  topics from corporate polluters to government corruption, in  politics, relationships, and metaphysics.  He had a life changing moment the day he read his horoscope and something struck him about it.  He brought his tenacious skills to the study of astrology and today uses astrology to help better understand politics.  Now he writes columns on Astrology.  He takes political backgrounds and connects it with astrology.  Astrology is the real story and how we can track what is going on.   His web site is www.planetwaves.net

    Some of the  workshops/events:
    Thursday May 11-2 pm  Eric Francis:  Planet Waves: An Investigative Reporter Finds Meaning in the News.
    Friday May 12 – 9:30 /11am:
        Julie Simmons:   Astrology, Mythology and Culture
        Frank Star:   Vocational Counselling
       Christina Becker:   Ethical Dimension of the Astrological Work
       Eric Francis:  The Chiron Dialogues: When Astrology Listens
       Nancy Bahlman:  Introduction to Astro - Cartography
       Blaine Bovee:  The Sabian Keys – Practical Application and Personal Discovery
    Saturday May 13
        Ron Bippus:  Medical Astrology that works.
        Doug Smith:  Cosmos and Crisis in the Age of Oil
        Arwynne O’ Neil:  Saturn opposition Neptune 2006
        Nancy Bahlman:  Astro Cartography - Part 2
        Robin Armstrong:  The Way of Astrology
    Keynote Speaker:  Anne Dranitsaris, PhD:   “The Psychodynamics of Developing a Private Practice”
    Also encluded for your enjoyment:  Thursday Evening Juice Bar,  Hospitality suite  7 pm - Fresh juices, healthy tidbits, Friday Evening Reception, Canapés and cash bar;  Saturday Evening Festivities;  Dinner Buffet.  An ethereal closure to the evening provided by Robin Armstrong and his Celestial Harp

    CONTACT:  For Registration forms, information:  Ursula Fugger at 416 469 2840 ; urfugger@sympatico.ca
    [Please contact Ursula ASAP if you are interested.  As we found out about this event late, she will hold open the SPECIAL PRICING FOR TORONTO DOWSERS as long as possible.]

    STAR DREAMS - Exploring The Mystery of the Crop Circles
    RETURNS TO TORONTO - Thursday, May 18
    Innis Hall,  Tickets  $15
    Do you remember when Star Dreams creators Robert Nichol and Neil Olsen came to Toronto to show Star Dreams, the gorgeous feature length Documentary on Crop Circles?   (As a result of our April 2004 newsletter article on it, we met Neil and Robert and arranged for them to bring Star Dreams to the 2004 ASD Convention where it was received with great enthusiasm. Ron Dmytrenko started it off for us when he donated a copy of the film to our library.)

    We have been invited back to a showing of the Documentary, followed by a Q&A with Robert Nichol.

    Innis Hall, part of the U of   T is at 2 Sussex Avenue -- 1 block south of Bloor, steps west of St. George Street.   You can use PayPal at:  www.spiritualcentre.com , or pay cash at the door.

    This is an excellent film -- in production, scenery, explanations.  I recommend it very highly.

    This film shows the circles and presents some of the top crop circle researchers.  Investigating the over-all assumption of hoaxing, balls of light, sacred site connection, media and people’s reaction to the phenomena, and outlining the basic understandings arrived at so far.  Many are now coming to believe these mysterious symbols appearing all over the planet (11,000 since 1980), are a communiqué to humankind allowing a greater human consciousness to emerge.  That is, they are here to offer humanity at this time, an opportunity for an expanded consciousness and an understanding of how the world works in the larger context of the inter-galactic community.   The film features key speakers such as, Freddy Silva, Michael Glickman, Linda Mouton-Howe 

    “Crop Circles are the realization of a higher consciousness presented to humanity at this time to aid in a universal awakening to higher dimensions of being.” 


    Joey Korn, our October 2002 and 2003 speaker, often has valuable information to share with us.   When he was here in 2003, he left us with a Dowsers Meeting Prayer, which was especially appropriate for the April 2006 meeting.  It is occasionally printed in our newsletter when relevant to an article or a theme, and is in this issue again, below, as the words, feeling and meaning dovetailed so well with the presentation.  One of the ways to obtain BG3 is with an appropriate prayer.  What more fitting for a Dowsers meeting  highlighting BG3 than a Dowsers Meeting Prayer?   Consider attending Joey and Jill Korn's retreat, as described below:
    "Dear Friends,
    Spring is here and it's time for our quarterly update.  I've been able to be home for a while now, which I very much enjoyed.  I begin traveling again next month.
    "In the coming months, I'll be speaking and teaching in Los Angeles, Vermont, Santa Cruz, & Indianapolis, and we're planning events in Asheville and Maui.  Go to our Workshops & Events  page for more details.  We'll also be holding our next Lakehouse Retreat in May.  More details below.  Click on any underlined link below to go straight to my site or related sites.   We've gotten word that prices will soon be rising considerably for all Walter Russell books.  If you've been thinking about getting some, now is the time.
    "Our next Lakehouse Retreat  will be our first ever five-day retreat.  I always have more I want to share when the retreats end, so we added a day.  It will include five nights lodging and  fifteen delicious meals.  It's the best way to learn my work and we always have a lot of fun.  We keep the retreats small and intimate, so if you want to attend, let us know right away.  We will hold it over Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-29.  You can register online with a deposit or give us a call (phone number below).

    "For the first time in three years, I'll be speaking and teaching again at the Annual  Conference of the American Society of Dowsers in Lyndonville, Vermont, and at the West Coast Dowsing Conference  in Santa Cruz.  I'll be holding both my Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops in Vermont, June 18 & 19, and will be speaking later in the week.  The West Coast conference is June 30 through July 5 and I'll be holding a one-day workshop on July 6.

    "If you haven't read my latest article on working with electromagnetic  fields (EMFs) around appliances, please do so.  Many people fear that these energies are harming them, but you can actually make them beneficial, simply by calling on it to happen with a blessing.  We can all do this and we all have these energies in our living environments.

    Have a wonderful spring!
    Joey & Jill Korn
    Dowsing, Spirituality & the Kabbalah Connection
    Phone: 1-706-733-0204  Toll-free: 1-877-DOWSING    Joey@dowsers.com

    A Dowser’s Meeting Prayer

    If it be Thy Will
    May the Powers of Nature converge
    To charge this room and each of our beings
    With the Life Force
    To increase and enhance the beneficial energies
    And balance any detrimental energies
    Within our beings and in our living environments
    To create an ideal energy environment
    For all of us to get exactly what we need
    From being together and sharing with each other tonight
    To draw us ever closer to our Highest potential
    As spiritual beings of Light
    Ever closer to the Universal One.

    Created especially for the Toronto Dowsers, with love, by our friend, Joey Korn   March 2003

    See:  www.dowsers.info/toronto/watargo.htm
    for more info

    Come to the ASD Convention:  June 17-24, Vermont
    The American Society of Dowsers Convention, June 17-24 in the stunning Green Mountains of Vermont will feature new speakers:    Dr. Magda Havas, Naisha Ahsian, Kishori Aird, Adrienne Armstrong, Fred Barnes, John Butler, Leah Carey, Fred Duncan, Leon Favreau, Leigh Grace, Deborah Goldberg, Gisela Kroeger Hoffman, Charles Hubbard, Fearn Lickfield, Dr.Constant (Connie) Madon, Pierre Noreau, Susan Rose, David Thomas, Adhi Two Owls

    And returning Favorites:   Alicja Aratyn, Cynthia Brush Arseneau, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Zacchiah Blackburn, John Wayne Blassingame, Nancy Bodenstein, Werner Brandmaier, Barbara Allys Brant, Leroy Bull, Diane Bull, Marty Cain, Bess Cutter, Porky Cutter, Ellie Drew, Marna Ehrech, Tick Gaudreau, Ginger, Mary Hardy, LindaMarie Hill, Michael Hornus, Bruce Irwin, Dot Irwin, Sandra Isgro, Judith Jubb, Joey Korn, Ann Lieb, Sandee Mac, Ivan McBeth, Harold McCoy, Elivia Melodey, Bambi Miller, Susan Miller, Aime Trent Millet, Bill Northern, Marian Peduzzi, Irene Paquin, Trisha Pope, Bill Russell, Aaron & Sue Singleton, Dorie Shaw, Robert Sird, Joe Smith, Robert Swantak, Don Taylor, Atala Dorothy Toy, Joe Anne Van Gelder, Lynn Walker, Mary “Mo” Wheeler, David Yarrow.

    Check out  www.dowsers.org  or   www.ASDConvention.com  or call  802  684 3417.

    WANT A RIDE?   A RIDER?  Several Toronto Dowsers are telling me they would like to attend and would like to get a rider or a ride.  Please let me know if this interests you and I'll try to help let folks know.   Your name and phone number / email address may be given out in an email.  Some people go for the entire week.  Some go to attend the pre convention workshops and the convention.  If you are asking for a ride or a rider, have your dates in mind, if you are flexible, etc.   Riders ought to expect to pay at least half the gas costs.  Driving to the convention takes about 8.5 hours from Toronto.

    Dowsing:  Graves?  or ... temples?

    There are many who, as a hobby, dowse graves.   As we know, dowsing ought to be done when there is a genuine need.   Grave dowsing is useful to locate the burial site of one's ancestor, or the ancestor of someone who asks you for help.  Or to find specific people.

    If you are doing this, though, as a hobby, or as a means to practice your dowsing (grave dowsing can determine age, gender, etc.), a word or two or three of caution.   This caveat came out of the BioGeometry Training.

    When you grave dowse, do not do this for long periods of time, AND cleanse yourself of non beneficial energies immediately after.  Because you resonate with what you are dowsing.   You make an energy connection with whatever you choose to place your attention on.   Choosing to Resonate with death is not exactly a great idea, especially if you don't have a need to do so.

    How about, rather, dowsing the places in your town that have the most joyous laughter?   How about dowsing for the places in your town that have the most BG3 energy?  or where your help is most needed? (and appreciated, of course)

    Dr. Karim tells us:  "When you measure something, there is an information exchange.  It transforms you, you transform it.  Everything is constantly transforming everything else.  When you measure something, as a dowser, all the problems in your energy system -- you are transmitting it --- and vice versa.

    Therefore, Dowsing carries a lot of responsibility with it.  The most important thing is to always center yourself before you measure anything.  When you look at something, you transform it and your energy system is being transformed.  So get in to the habit of looking only at beautiful things.   The idea of sending and receiving energy is not valid.  Resonance, is.


      Mudras, creational hand gestures that have positive effects on our well being,  have been spoken about many times in our newsletters.  There is a mudra representing the Psychic Gesture of Consciousness on our quarterly Call to Action Raising Consciousness web page (www.dowsers.info/toronto/aware.htm).    Here is an explanation of what they are and how they may be used and why.

      The word "mudra" which means "to seal", comes from Sanskrit.  Mudras are a practice used in Buddhism and Hinduism and have become an important part of yoga.  Technically, a mudra is a bodily position that may be done using the hands, eyes or entire body.  Today however, a mudra has become best known as a symbolic gesture of the hands.

       While mudras are mainly associated with yoga and meditation, their origin is found not in Asia but probably dates back to ancient Egypt where hand gestures were pictured on Egyptian tombs.  Buddha, Jesus and Krishna all used mudras (look at their hand positions  in the statues, pictures).

       Sacred hand gestures were once a part of religious practices among Jews and are often used by Catholic priests saying mass.  A common gesture in religious paintings is the palms turned upwards.  This centuries old mudra signifies openness, inquiry and receiving.  Plato is said to have placed hand gestures among the civil virtues in ancient Greese, and they were part of the ancient Roman culture as well.  The Chinese alphabetical originated as the depiction of hand gestures, and the Native Americans were also known for their ability to communicate through the use of hand gestures.

       Anyone who has experienced reflexology, acupunture, acupressure or palmistry knows that the hands are a map, avenue and link to our overall health and well-being on many levels.  A hand mudra creates a seal that locks and directs the flow of energy, or life current, in the body.  The hand mudras actualize inner states, if it be peace, confidence, health or consciousness, through outer actions.

        Doing mudras has a positive effect on the brain, especially when fingertips touch one another.  Each mudra has a specific meaning and healing power, such as overcoming anxiety, eliminating fatigue and fostering love (mind, body, spirit).  They are usually practiced in coordination with meditation, yoga, breath work, etc.  Whether you are a yogi or not, using mudras can move you and your energy, in a new direction.

       More than 10 years ago, when I was attending classes by the EMIN at the Toronto Healing Arts Center, with regard to palmistry, they taught us how each one of our fingers communicates with a different planet.  Mudras are a part of this.  Also,  When we were first beginning Dr. Karim's training course, in a Brampton hotel, an Indian wedding was just starting.  The young women in their stunning peacock finery were dancing in a circle.  I was watching the mudras they were doing oh so delicately.   Wish I knew more.

       2 books:  "Mudras, Yoga in Your Hands", by Gertrud Hirschi, and, "Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands" by Sabrina Meski, PhD.

      Here are 11 mudras for you, reprinted here with permission, (in our printed issue only), from  Gurcharan kaur of Scarborough, Ontario.

    (some internet links here, too)


    When you read this short article, by Guy Dauncey. you will say to yourself:  OF COURSE!  IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!  (which is probably why we hadn't realized this until recently):::  And you realize WHY YOU MUST EAT ORGANIC:

    "There is a big surprise brewing. When it breaks, I suspect it will cause controversy and excitement all over the world. It is still not proven, and has not been clinically trialed, but it's enough to say "Listen   up!"

    All cancer cells appear to contain a certain enzyme called CYP 1B1  which, when triggered, attacks the cancer. Until it is triggered, the enzyme sits there doing nothing. In almost all cancer patients, it appears to be inactive, as if waiting for a trigger that never arrives.

    So what triggers it?

    The story goes back to a young boy called Gerry Potter, growing up in England, whose favorite aunt died in great pain from a combination of  cancer and chemotherapy when he was 4 years old. Gerry made a vow, then and   there, to find a cure for cancer that would not be so toxic.

    Fast forward many years. Gerry has done his studies, and is head of the School of Pharmacy at De Montford University in Leicester, England.  With Professor Danny Burke at Aberdeen University School of Medicine, they are working on the development of anti-cancer drugs.

    They develop a drug that triggers the enzyme, and it is remarkably effective. They patent it, and it is picked up by a drug company,  where it is undergoing a 16 year period of clinical trials.   If the trigger exists, however, Gerry thought, it must have evolved in nature. There were no drugs around when the miracle that is our bodies evolved.

    So his team starts searching in nature, and found what they were  looking for: a natural phytoestrogen called resveratrols that exists in grapes  and red wine, that triggers the enzyme to work.  They then looked further afield, and found 50 similar compounds in ripe fruits and vegetables around the world, which they named salvestrols.

    But here's where it gets interesting. When a fruit or vegetable is getting ripe, it is prone to attack by fungus. Over millions of years, plants  have evolved a way to fight off the fungus by generating the salvestrols.  When we and other creatures eat the plants, we eat the salvestrols, which then  get to work on any fungus-like diseases in our own bodies, including cancer cells.

    When a farmer or gardener comes along with a can of chemical fungicide, however, the plants are never exposed to fungus.  They shrug their  shoulders and say "Why bother?"  When we eat them, therefore, they do not contain  the crucial salvestrols. The enzymes in any incipient cancer cells sit  there idly, and the cells continue to grow without interruption.

    In the 20th century, meanwhile, we have pickled our bodies with  industrial chemicals and radiation. The average new-born baby has 200 industrial chemicals in its umbilical cord the day it is born. Many of the chemicals are known carcinogens, and yet they are allowed into the global  environment without proper control or oversight.

    Meanwhile, we stop growing food organically, and modern farmers start spraying their crops and fields with fungicides, with no awareness of  what the impacts might be. So much of our modern genius masks a deep, deep ignorance of nature's ways.

    The causes of cancer are many and complicated.  It is not just a matter  of blaming our lifestyle or diet, except for smoking.  There are many  doctors, scientists, and cancer specialists who are looking at the role of toxic chemicals in the air, water, industry, and household products.

     Gerry Potter's team found that  salvestrols  are only found in ripe, organic fruits, herbs and vegetables: primarily  green vegetables, red fruits, and herbs such as basil and parsley. That means locally grown organic, not shipped in from California. High levels are  also found in traditional medicinal plants around the world.

    So first, eat fresh organic food. Our bodies evolved on an all-organic  diet, and that is what they need. Second, tell anyone who has cancer about  this.  Gerry Potter and his team have developed a salvestrols food  supplement, notas a for-profit enterprise, but simply to make it available for those who need it.  It is undergoing 5-year clinical trials in London, Dublin, and Malaysia, but the doctor-observed anecdotal results look very positive  for about 50% of the people who take the supplement. Not all: just 50%, so don't assume it's a magic bullet.

    And third, speak up for more fresh, locally grown organic food!
    See www.salvestrols.ca, and /www.salvestrolscience.com "

    The fruits and vegetables with the highest Salvestrol contents are listed below:
    Vegetables:  All "Greens" including:  Broccoli, cabbages, kales, savoy, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, chinese leaf, spinach, chard, lettuces, watercress, green beans, broad beans, garden peas.

    Artichokes (globe), red and yellow peppers, beansprouts, celery, avodado, pumpkins, squashes, gourds, marrows, courgettes, cucumbers, melons, gherkins

    Herbs:  Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme (S&G knew what they were singing about!!), basil, mint

    Fruits:  All red fruits (Grapes, black currants, red currants, blackberries, mulberries, cranberries, bilberries, apples, pears, pineapples, mangoes, tangerines

    (1)  From friend Bev:  "I just came back from the Periodontist (dentist who specializes in gum disease) and I mentioned to him that I had just read in the great book:  Hypothyroidism Type 2"  that most people with gum disease are Hypothyroid.

    His reply......"most of my patients are hypothyroid"!!!

    Everyone knows the correlation between gum disease and heart disease but underlying both is: Hypothyroidism......"

    (2)   NEW DENTISTS:   A friend's daughter is in her 2nd of 4 years of Dental School, at University of Western Ontario.  I asked her what they are being taught to use to fill cavities with.  Her reply:  "Mercury Amalgams".    They are not taught anything that may be considered to be holistic.

        Also heard -- at the University of Toronto dental school, they are not using mercury amalgams.  Hmmm...

    (3)   More toxic manure from the medical media:.:  Newspapers reporting Mercury not harmful:
    Mercury filling not harmful, studies show
    No evidence of brain damage in children.  Proves amalgam's worth, expert says

    There is no evidence that mercury-packed "silver fillings" cause IQ-diminishing brain damage or other neurological problems in children, two highly anticipated studies have found.

    The studies — one conducted in the United States and the other in Portugal — both concluded that children whose cavities were filled with mercury amalgam showed no detectable drop in IQ or impairment of memory, co-ordination, concentration or kidney function compared with children whose teeth were filled with a resin composite.

    Scientists chose to study children because their organs were still developing and those treated with amalgam would have a relatively high mercury load based on body size. All had numerous cavities.  [COMMENT:  You have to be a gross moron to use children like this.]   "So we're looking at a group in the population who was most likely to show an adverse impact if there was one. And we still didn't (find one)."

    In total, more than 1,000 children were followed for five to seven years, depending on the study, and regularly assessed for any indications of brain or kidney damage. Mercury levels in urine were elevated in children whose teeth were filled with amalgam, but amounts were low and did not appear to be associated with any adverse health effect, she said.

    Dr. Jack Cottrell, president of the Canadian Dental Association, said the studies reinforce the organization's long-held position that mercury amalgam fillings are safe.   "Dental amalgam has been a much-studied restorative material and one that has been subjected to a lot of questions," Cottrell said yesterday from his dental office in Port Perry, Ont.

    "But really the bottom line, and what we've been telling patients and the public, is it's a substance that's safe, we've been using it for 150 years, it is durable, and it is a cost-effective way of filling teeth."

    Tthe studies were denounced by the anti-amalgam, U.S.-based International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It called their designs flawed and their use of vulnerable young children to study the safety of mercury fillings "appalling."

    Just Great.  Arsenic in Chickens:

    The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in the US has released a new study revealing arsenic is present in most non-organic chicken products. Testing of 155 samples from supermarket chicken products found 55 percent carried detectable levels arsenic, a highly toxic carcinogen. All 90 fast food chicken products contained arsenic. The toxin levels are due to the industry practice of adding arsenic to chicken feed with the goal of killing parasites and promoting growth. Arsenic is not allowed in organic chicken feed.  CHICKEN FEED

    The next energetic healing modality:  Matrix Energetics.
    Almost 2 years ago, we became aware here, of "Quantum Touch", a method of hands on healing using intent and breath, that can create substantial healing changes in the body,  thanks to Mel Feigen and Kathy Wilson.  Hands on energy modalities are coming to us one after another in rapid succession --- each one more powerful and easier to learn and practice than its predecessor.

    About a half dozen requests come to me each week to tell you about an event, a new modality.   I was going to put this one to a side for a bit, until an interesting coincidence about this new modality manifested itself the first day of Dr. Karim's workshop.

    Mel Feigen, once again, is introducing us to this new technique:  Matrix Energetix (ME).  There was an article written about Quantum Touch  in our February 2005 issue, and what was written than about QT is pretty much true, now, for ME:

    "There are:  Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Polarity Therapy --- to name a few (and I'm not a therapist in any one of them so please excuse my ignorance about them) --- that all work --- with the hands on --- or just away from the body.  Why another one?  Why this seemingly so simple any one can do it so very effective new method?

    The dynamic critical mass was just waiting for something like this to happen.    Intuition taps into that source of knowledge, information, wisdom, etc., that lies just below the surface of conscious awareness.  This level of mind has been given various names.  Jung called it the collective unconscious.  Rupert Sheldrake, in his book A New Science of Life, has coined it as the morphogenic field.  Ken Keyes called it the 100th Monkey syndrome in his book of the same title.

    TT et al --- all those people doing the healings --- energetically, and, acting on the collective mind, prepared the ground for QT --- easier to learn, things work more quickly, more completely.  Less sweat, less muscle.   I've been doing healings like this for years --- place my hands on someone, focus intend and breathe.  What's the difference?  It's an intent --- people getting together and sharing the energy.

    The following explanation, about QT, can also be said about ME.   What people are saying is that ME is even quicker to achieve results, more powerful  and more comprehensive than is QT.  ME is QT times 10.   "Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on healing that actually must be seen to be believed. With only a light touch, you can observe bones spontaneously adjusting into their proper alignment. Beyond this, all healing is accelerated.

    By learning to activate the power of Quantum-Touch, you invoke the secret of resonance.  From the DNA to the bones, all cells and systems effortlessly respond to the resonance of your love.  From our experience, we would say that this may be the easiest skill that there is to learn.  It is an innate ability we all have.  Over the years, Quantum-Touch has shown itself to be highly useful in organic and systemic conditions, conditions involving musculoskeletal problems, and trauma, pain, and inflammation due to injury or surgery. Overall, the process tends to substantially accelerate the healing process.   The Quantum-Touch method requires that practitioners learn a series of meditations to shift their state of consciousness and increase the level of their own body awareness.

    The principles behind this Quantum-Touch involve resonance, intention, attention, breath and innate body intelligence.  Using  intention and attention in conjunction with breath and various meditations, practitioners are able to profoundly shift the vibration of their hands. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, the law of resonance requires that either the lower frequency comes up, the upper frequency goes down, or that they meet in the middle. Practitioners simply learn to hold a high vibration in their hands. The person receiving the session will eventually match the vibration of the practitioner's hands...."

    ME seems to be the next modality.    And there will be another one after that, even more powerful.  It is always good to learn the current one because this is where we are at right now.

    Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. (Seattle area), has developed ME.   Here are some perspectives from him on health and healing from an ME workshop:

    How to view problems:   "Everyone who sees you in that problem state reinforces the problem".  Even if you are going to treat something naturally, such as:  I'm going to give you herbs, or acupuncture, or a massage --- that still reinforces the problem state.  You have to move outside of the problem state to get something new.   ME is a way for people to reconstruct their realities out of an expected subset, a way to tailor your conscious mind, your conscious experience, to a different set of outcomes.

    If you imply that there is something that needs to be healed,
    If you are a healer, there must be a disease
    As soon as there is a healer and a disease sort of context, you have set up artificial boundaries., mind body and spirit.  Well its all one.  Its all one spirit.  Mind and Body encompass that whole spirit.

    Once you are in the state of transformation than quantum change is possible -- in any aspect of your life.  Instantly.  So if you envision a new outcome, or want to learn a new thing -- these things become instantly available, because you have set aside all the problems, all the struggle --- because a sense of struggle creates a struggle and you are in a state of possibility and you can manifest anything in that instant.

    Prof William A Tiller, who was in the audience, said:  One way to think about it is the way one thinks about Dowsing.  The Unconcious really does most things in the Body.  Dowsing is a way the subconscious produces micro movements, so the concscious can be aware of it.  This seems to be in the same family, the unconscious and all aspects connected, are speaking to you.

    When someone says:  You're too old" -- The body doesn't have that sense, that awareness of how you were 20, 30 years ago.  Its still there, as a hologram that you can continually access.   If you access that with enough intent -- i.e., enough focused concentration -- just an awareness and a trust -- you can move back in time to the point where to something either wasn't in existence, or right before an incident occurred, or an accident and you can actually change that pattern of manifestation in those molecules, which are just light and information at that sea of energy level.  Reconfigure that pattern and that pattern is not there any longer.  Any number of things can instantly be changed.

    As Dr. Bartlett's words demonstrate -- if your plan is to treat a/the disease, what you are actually doing is strengthening the condition of the dis-ease.  We have visited this theme previously in other contexts and shall do so again.

    The first day of Dr. Karim's training, I took 2 of the other attendees to a supermarket as they flew in from California and did not have a car.  10 minutes in to our conversation, they asked me if I was familiar with ME, telling me how rather wonderful it is.  We are standing in front of the frozen food bins at Food Basics while I'm rocking back and forth in the aisle as they are working some ME on me (a bit more 'unusual', say, than rocking a pendulum over your pumpkin?)  and I can feel something shift.    So that is why this article is being brought to you at this time.   If you have a chance to go to an introductory workshop,  DO check it out!  or their web site:   http://www.matrixenergetics.com/

    Our April 18, 2006 meeting, the BIGGEST  EVER!  Featuring:
    Dr. Ibrahim Karim, from Cairo, Egypt

       "The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.  One word of truth outweighs the world." -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    "Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible"  -- Dr. Ibrahim Karim

    [The following meeting review was written for us by Toronto Dowser Daniel Kolos.  Daniel was first introduced to the Toronto Dowsers by Mary Hardy, February 2003 when she first visited us.   Daniel was her tour guide in Egypt.   Daniel is an academically trained Egyptologist (MA, Ancient Egyptian Language and Literature, University of Toronto) with a radio journalist background.   His love of poetry has been life-long.   You can find more information about his first poetry book, "Slipped Out"  at  www.bmts.com/~damilos/poetry.html  Read the Reviews!!! (Updated March 7, 2005)

    Combining all his talents and knowledge, Daniel has written a historical novel about ancient Egypt, "Tutankhamun's Regent: Horemheb's Rise from Obscurity to Kingship!"  (www.horemheb.com)   Religious rituals and unselfconscious sexual practices stare at us from temple walls, papyri and ostraca. Yet, neither subject can be recreated with certainty by scholars.  Personal religious and sexual feelings and experiences are not within the scholarly realm.   Horemheb's rise from obscurity to kingship!  is a historical novel of a man intimately involved with the Amarna age from its conception. He guided its aftermath with a heavy hand. The novel follows.

    Daniel lives on a farm with his wife and two children in southern Ontario and raises goats and vegetables to keep grounded]

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter.  If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.   Sections of our online newsletter are often not included, as they are in our printed version.  The text of our meeting with Dr. Karim has been included in this issue.   Enjoy -- and send in your membership form with payment today!  Thank you.
    Dr. Ibrahim Karim, www.biogeometry.com,  the proponent of BioGeometry spoke to the largest audience the Toronto Dowsers have had so far!

    Dr. Karim (IK) has a wicked sense of humor and good timing.   He noted that most people will say that they cannot get along without electricity, but can without spirituality.    He then dove into a portrayl about Electromagnetic radiation  (EMR) pollution with the stated goal that we can have our cake and eat it too, with BioGeometry.

    He described the difference between quantitative science and qualitative reality in a way that everyone could understand it:  science can measure energy in many different ways without knowing what energy is, while all things that use energy are in direct relationship with that energy qualitatively.

    "It is an 'energy quality' that helps to solve problems.  Our biggest problem is global life extinction.  Civilizations usually end from something they are not aware of.  EMR pollution is our current time bomb and I am here to diffuse it.  There are other pollutants.  But by the time we diffuse any of the other pollutants by 10%, EMR pollution will cover 100% of the world."  He then elaborated on the pervasiveness of EMR saying that technology can soon produce EMR sensors that can be tuned into the size and shape of individuals and not only track them, but electromagnetically affect them, and, if we take this to its logical conclusion, with a single button 'delete' any individual by disrupting his/her personal EM field.  In this sense IK appealed to the paranoia in most of us, not knowing that Dowsers, in general, tend do be much more upbeat (and more naive) than the general population and not prone to paranoia unless they are into conspiracy theories.  But IK had no way of knowing that!

    IK continued with the negative health effects of EMR pollution, that it puts pressure on our immune systems and interferes with our quality of life, with our 'right' to the enjoyment of life.

    Fighting EMR is not the answer.  IK quoted studies that prove EMR hurts our immune systems.  However, there are studies commissioned by the Cell Phone industry that proves beyond the shadow of doubt that EMR has no effect on the human system.  Legislation, therefore, is not likely to help in this matter.

    He spoke about vertical (harmful) and horizontal (helpful) EMR, which I did not understand.  Any circle dance or sacred circle creates  vertical EMR and is qualitatively felt to be helpful, useful, even sacred!

    Then he presented several scenarios where EMR is harmful:  computer radiation, cell phone radiation and lying.  Lying?  IK had performed an experiment where he asked a person to lie and at once he could measure a vertical  radiation forming around that person.  Then he turned to and measured the audience (IK did not explain 'how' he made his measurements, whether by a dowsing pendulum or an EMR sensor or by his own personal inner  qualitative sensitivity) and found that the vertical radiation slowly spread through the entire auditorium like second-hand smoke!  He made the analogy that if a single lie can affect  a group of 'innocent' bystanders, a collective lie can affect the immune system of an entire nation.

    IK gave examples how we become inured to the pain of telling lies.  In a sense, he alluded to the possibility that our 'moral sensors', which is located in our pre-frontal lobe, can hurt, be painful, but that repeated lying and immorality dulls the pain so that we no longer feel it.  Since EMR pollution affects our immune system, can it also affect our morals?

    EMR all have carrier waves.  And here is where IK begins to shine:  what keeps us from putting a prayer of love on any given frequency to be carried wherever that wave goes?  Since a cell-phone tower radiates energy and transmits signals, can we place a prayer of love on it to radiate?

    IK returned to quantitative 'science' in which human beings play a direct part:  left to our own devices, we would sooner invent a cleaner form of electricity than our technology affords us, but that technology also has the vested interest and investment to keep the dinosaur lumbering along.  We cannot change existing technology but we can work with energy.  If we don't know what energy is, we can know it through our relationship with it.  Whenever we move and arm or a leg,  we have to use energy.  As a result, we have a qualitative understanding of energy.

    When IK turned to left and right brain functions, a dangerous ground in the first place, he unfortunately attributed the right brain's analytical function to the left brain, which would be linear, sequential abstract logic, but this mix-up did not detract from his line of argument.  IK made the perfectly valid point that modern technology has interfered with and possibly destroyed our inner stability both spiritually and psychologically.  Since the Qualitative sciences are an overview of relationships, therefore relationships between things (and people?) are more important than their quantitative measurements!!!  By this statement IK drew a perfectly logical (linear) left brain conclusion!

    Symbols have changed over the millennia.  Today we look at a sign or symbol and know what to do or where to find something.  In ancient times, however, a symbol contributed to a total shift and transformation in the 'seer' to the effect that the 'seer' became the symbol.  The ancient priests, knowing the transformative power of certain symbols, kept them in the secretive inner parts of their temples and passed these symbols, let's say that of a blue lotus flower, down the generations and the centuries unchanged.  In their world, and still in ours, a symbol was the door to a relationship to the archetypal.

    IK then returned to sacred sites.  He reminded us that it is not the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau that are 'sacred' but something in the Plateau itself.  The Pyramids are only symbols of that sacredness.  But as symbols, they can transform the onlooker or passer-by to become that sacredness, or at least to establish a relationship to that divine light that makes that Plateau sacred.

    IK then posed the Question:  Is sacredness a belief or a reality?  Beliefs can be different to the point where if one believes he is right, then all the others have to be wrong.   But if IK or anyone else can show that there is an underlying unity to all beliefs, then the built-in conflict and exclusion dissipates.  And that underlying unity is 'sacredness', our energetic relationship with the archetypal.  This relationship is not a belief but an interactive energy system, and interaction is conscious!!!

    Both a belief system and the traditional beginning of our universe are part of a duality.  Duality is positive and negative and does nothing without intelligent design.  That intelligence came in the form of system of motion whereby the negative and positive parts develop a relationship between each other, or move at such a speed and distance from each other that they neither come together nor fly apart from each other.

    Where do we find a carrier wave?  There is resonance in an open energy system.  IK told an old Sufi joke about a Sufi Master searching for something at night in a place that was well illuminated.  A passer-by asked if he could help:  "What are you looking for?"  The Sufi Master answered, "a small thing."  "Where did you lose it?" the passer-by asked.  "Over there, where it is dark," came the answer.  "Then why do you look for it here?" the passer-by asked, astounded.  "Because there is more light here."

    IK's take on this Sufi story is that the 'lost' thing has a resonance, and by looking where it is light, the Sufi will attune himself to the resonance of his lost thing and supposedly know which way to turn to find it in the dark.

    This story is about information exchange.  Look at a tree.  You can attune to it.  In doing so, however, you also transfer everything from your unconscious into that tree!  Can you take that responsibility (when you don't even know what is in your unconscious)?  We talk to each other. Our voice is a carrier wave.  It also carries all of our unconscious baggage into the other.  Can we carry that responsibility?

    IK did not mention what to do about this junk in our unconscious mind!  His strand, however, harks back to morality: earlier he mentioned that negative EMR can be measured as a result of  immoral acts and lies.  Bringing this relationship of information exchage down to the level of people, is, no doubt, IK's way to call for truthfulness.

    He turned to the Alchemists, without mentioning that the Arabic Al Chemy comes from the ancient Egyptian name for 'Egypt' which was Kemi, the name of the black, fertile soil that was Egypt's wealth and identity for three thousand years.  It was this black soil, Kemi, that transformed sunlight, earth and water into living plants and is, therefore, a noble ancestor to both our qualitative alchemists and eventually our quantitative chemists.  IK noted, though, that the Alchemists were not in the business of turning lead into gold, but rather to attune themselves to the resonance of gold.  If the energy of gold is one of the carrier waves, then by attuning to its resonance, Alchemists could transmit qualitative energy.  IK did not elaborate as to what that energy is, but Robert Gilbert alluded it in his previous talks.

    IK said that if an underground stream crosses another stream, these set up a vortex.  If it is a counter-clockwise vortex, the place becomes a cancer-causing spot on the ground above it.  If the vortex, however, is a clockwise one, then the ground above it becomes a sacred spot.  Anyone who ever stood in such a spot became an instant saint!  (Laughter)  In fact, it takes a long time and much practice to establish a relationship with that energy vortex.  I have heard that even the Western concept of Enlightenment can be had in small doses over a period of time - unfortunately most of us miss these 'small' events, remembering only that we felt particularly good at such and such a time or place.

    The whole point of resonance, though, is that we can go anywhere and simply by centering ourselves, we can reproduce a healing vortex. We can learn to amplify that centering with wonderful effect!!!

    Masuro Emoto, the Japanese researcher who has photographed the crystalline quality of water molecules under varied conditions and found that love, prayer and other positive reinforcement can change the structure (quality) of water, came to Egypt to work with IK and found the BG devices can also turn polluted water into its pure crystalline form.  As a result of that cooperation, the BG symbols for rendering cigarettes harmless went out via television to the entire Arabic speaking world, a surprising side-effect that came from the presence of an Egyptian medical doctor also waiting to be interviewed, whose smoking upset IK.

    All things have  carrier waves, therefore all things can carry healing energies.  Some shapes can generate free energy.

    At this point IK turned to his practical application of BG symbols on the Swiss town of Hamburg where a powerful cell phone transmitter was installed in the town's church steeple.  With his delightful ability to tell stories underlined with wisdom and humor, Dr. Karim took us through the intricate diplomatic nightmare of not causing harm to any of the participants, the government, the people,  the cell phone industry, or the medical establishment, and solving the problem so that everyone comes out a winner.  In ancient times Sufi Masters did this kind of work.  It is not without danger, as in our own audience sat a devout Muslim man with his Koran, and asked Dr. Karim if his work followed the writings of Mohammed (Salam and Zikr)?  Our guest speaker had the opportunity to take someone with a deep-set belief system and show him the underlying unity that God worked into the motion of polarity and how that energetic relationship is one and the same for all of us.


    Some additional comments from You Know Who:
    There are 2 areas Daniel mentioned, above, that seem so important, I'm going to mention them again, cause sometimes when we hear the same ?new? thing expressed in different words from a different source, it helps us to get it deeper.

    (1)  One of the concepts I most appreciated hearing was when he talked about Lies, how they are vertical radiation (harmful) and that when one lies one feels pain, physical pain because they create vertical radiation.  If you are already full of VRad --- for other reasons --- it may not affect you that much, because you are already full of it (!:)!).   However its when he said  "A collective lie can affect the immune system of a nation!"   one could almost hear the name of one person pop up in the mind of everyone sitting there.   But imagine that --- imagine a collective lie affecting the immune system of a nation!!!    It seems obvious, now that we have heard it. . . .

     (2)  EM radiation carries information.  It carries sound, etc.   Are we so unaware that we have not thought until now to put healing energy into it?  A prayer?!  Imagine all the power lines in your home and all around you --- humming and buzzing with prayers!

    AND:  BG is a modern form of alchemy... some say alchemy is an early form, a primitive form, of chemistry.  The ancients were not trying to create gold, however, when the energy is so strong, it does/can create a grain of gold.

    AND:  We can find the design principles of  shapes that reproduce the alchemy of spiritual power spots.  So if you wear a medallion with the design shapes on it, YOU have become a spiritual power spot!   Next, the idea is to bring it in to your actions....

    AND:  BG is a form of environmental energy harmony.  Human, animal and plant biological systems are open energy exchanges with the environment and are also harmonized through energy harmony in the environment.  Everything in the Universe has a Center.  The Center is a connection to other dimensions.   Centering -- brings universal wisdom in to the system, putting harmony on all your levels.  This, the medical system(s) can not do.

    Although more have most probably used it, 4 of our members have offered feedback, so far on how they have used BioGeometry:

    Maggie Robertson had severe allergies.   She tested to determine which items in her home had BG3 energy and which did not.  She got rid of whatever she could that did not have BG3, and gradually started acquiring only those which contained BG3.  This is especially important around the bed, and, clothing.  Her allergic reactions were lessened, and she grew stronger.

    Jan Scanlan Coles put the BG3 "L"s on her large planter pots, and turned the pots so that they would be radiating BG3 energy.  These plants greew stronger, more vibrant, higher.

    Edmond Lai, naturopath and Chinese doctor, finished the course 3 weeks ago and is already using BioSignatures successfully in his practice.

    Another member -- her Dad was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.  As he was getting ready to leave the house and in the pre-op room, she was drawing BioSignatures on his arm and abdomen.  The surgeons could not understand why he:  (1)  Did not come down with any post op infections, (2) healed so quickly  (3)  Did not require a more invasive surgery

    If you are interested in taking the BioGeometry Training next time Dr. Gilbert teaches it in Toronto and if you have not already notified me, please let me know so we can plan.

    Those of us who read this publication are likeminded and that we are  miles ahead of the pack. We can see what will evolve before the mainstream does.  Because of that we are looked on as different, been disbelieved and scorned by those we care about and it has been painful.  Actually, we are so far out in front we are beyond the edge of the edge. Start benefitting from your greater awareness.  Do take advantage of the positioning of your prescience.

    In 1987 I told my wonderful brother in law, a mainstream type of guy who enjoys the stock market, to invest in wireless communications.  I did not tell him how I figured this out -- what was happening was that major aspects of Aquarian energies we are moving in to kept coming to me.  COMMUN.  Communications.  Community.   Air.  Through the Air.  Which meant of course:  Wireless Communications.   He had a good time laughing at me and my silly notions.

    One of our members told me that a parent had a choice of sending his child to one of 2 private schools.  One school was near a large cell phone tower and a transformer.  This was the decision making factor which led to his decision to send his child to the school that was not influenced by these technologies.

     Health concerns with regard to WiFi, cell phones, electricity, etc., are finally being recognized and addressed.   Financial decisions are being predicated on this knowledge.   Take advantage of what you now know.


    Many of the problems we have created for ourselves in Western culture is that we remain ignorant of Source.  Our culture  places little value if any on the knowledge / understanding of source; connecting with source.   We have been cut off from Source -- so how can we begin to appreciate its import?  And yes, our ignorance is at times, harmful.  This section will go from the CUTE to the SERIOUS.

    A cute story aptly illustrating Source is "The Ham in the Pan."  Its worth repeating here for those  few who haven't heard it.  I first heard this when I did the EST Training:

    A husband is watching his wife cook dinner one evening and noticed the way she prepared the ham.  She cut off the ends of the ham, then placed the ham in the pan.  "Honey", says he "why do you cut off the ends of the ham before you place the ham in the pan?"

    "I don't know the reason for it." says she.  "But I do it because that is the way my mother prepared ham.  She cut off the ends of the ham before she placed it in the pan."

    "Why does your mother do it?"  asks he?   "I don't know, responds she, I'll ask her the next time I'm home."

    "Mom" she begins next time she is home of her mother "Tom was watching me prepare ham and asked me why I cut off the ends of the ham before I put it in the pan.  I told him I do it because this is what I learned from you.   Why do you cut off the ends of the ham before you put it in the pan?"

    "Why"  begins her mother "I cut off the ends of the ham before I place it in the pan because that is the way your grandmother did it."

    "Why does Grandmother do it?"  asks she.   "I don't know" responds mother "We will ask her the next time we go to Grandmother's home."

    They were all visiting Grandmother 3 weeks later.  "Mom", begins Mother of Grandmother "Tom was watching Janice prepare a ham and he asked her why she cut off the ends of the ham before she placed it in the pan.  She said she didn't know, that she did it because I do it.  She asked me why I do it and I told her I do it that way because it is what I learned from you -- cutting off the ends of the ham before you place it in the pan.  Why do you do it that way?"

    "Because" Grandmother begins  "When your Grandfather and I were first married, we did not have a lot of money.  We only had one pan and the ham would not fit in the pan.  So I had to cut off the ends of the ham before I put it in the pan so it would fit."

    A good illustration, oui?   Of how things start out and become an institution perhaps?

    Another story about SOURCE connects to health:  TORTILLAS:   Tortillas, traditionally, in Mexico and Central America, have been made of corn or maize since Pre-Columbian times -- by curing maize in lime water, grinding and pre-cooking it, kneading it into a dough called masa nixtamalera, pressing it flat into thin patties, and cooking it on a very hot comal (a type of light sheet-metal griddle).

    Soaking the maize in lime water is important because it liberates the vitamin niacin and the amino acid tryptophan.   When maize was brought back to Europe from the New World, people left out this crucial step.   The Europeans did not notice this, or, they did not consider this to be important.   They did not know that the soaking water contained lime (perhaps those making them did not know this either?)    The Europeans who consumed a lot of tortillas and people whose diet consisted mostly of corn meal often became sick with the disease pellagra  (dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia).  This was common in Spain, Italy and the southern United States.

    I think there is a similar story with regard to the making of TOFU.  I believe there is something the orientals know and do in the preparation of TOFU and perhaps other SOY products that the Westerners don't know, don't do.  Soy products are somewhat unhealthy here in the west.

    THE POINT OF THIS RAMBLE:   Now that I've gone round and round the mulberry bush, giving you good examples to cogitate on -- in the past several months I was given snippets about  EAR PIERCING and TATTOOS.  One day I hope to get the full story for each, but in the meantime, maybe you can find out more and let me know:

    EAR PIERCING:   PIERRE NOREAU, our esteemed Lecher Antenna teacher and herbologist dropped one of his precious nuggets talking about  Ear Piercing.   That the pirates pierced one ear --- that sounds right, doesn't it?  Pictures of pirates with ONE earring in their ear?   Because -- there are meridians in the ear that influence the eye.   If you pierce the area in ONE ear, you will (probably, according to what I think I remember), improve the acuity of your eyesight.  Pierce both ears, and you tend to weaken it.  So guess what we do?  BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW THE SOURCE.  We don't know WHY things are done the way they are done, only look at the surface, not at what is invisible and make harmful assumptions.

    TATTOOS:   Remember the work that Dr. Emoto is doing -- putting phrases such as "I love you"  or "You are a fool" water glasses, etc., and seeing what the water crystals look like --- gorgeous, or, horribly ugly....   In a previous issue, that concept has been extrapolated --- so very logically so --- for us to consider what information is put on the labels of cans and bottles that contain our food and drink.   And all the labels on us and around us.

    Take that further --- look at Tattoos.   Some are beautiful.  Some are skanky.  Some are downright ugly.   There are many criminal groups whose members have tattoos -- consider the Oriental groups where they tattoo words -- in English or their own language -- that say  HATE  and EVIL and DEATH.  They often do this on the back of the neck -- where the energy physically enters their body.  What they are doing to their energetic system is horrific.   What they are doing to their bodies, their spirituality, is ghastly.  They are causing chaos in their own energetics -- which further leads to sociopathic behavior.  And not just these groups.

    The placement of tattoos -- and what is being placed -- the what and the where is crucial to our energetic bodies, to our spirituality.  For all intensive purposes, no one -- not even the tattoo "artists" themselves -- are aware of these ramifications.

    The body piercing, the [inappropriate] tattooing [some is beneficial] --- is being encouraged by the dark side.  And those who do it, because they won't or don't understand -- think its cool.   These unfortunate folks who do so are in such emotional pain, they have such a deep unfilled hole in their hearts, that it puts them into such deep self hatred.   They sense that if they cause themselves enough pain in other ways, that they won't feel and it will distract them from  the worst pain ever -- that in their heart, which is the pain of feeling not loved.

    Around the time of the movie "The Exorcist" was released, a door to the underworld was opened up.  It was around that time that so much of this awful energy surfaced.  That was one of the purposes of that movie.  That's where this mishegos has come from.

    ONE FINAL COMMENT ABOUT 'THE POSSIBLE LOSS OF SOURCE':   In David Icke's book "And the Truth Shall Set You Free", he describes a scenario:  What if you were in a NASA rocket ship, 8 of you,  going to the moon.  Or further.   Everything is fine, you are communicating fine with Houston Control and all of a sudden the lines go dead and you don't hear a thing.  You are cut off.  Then and forevermore.   Cut off from the Mother Ship, from all the instructions, all the manuals, all the info on How to Do What.   As the ship has 4 fertile women and 4 fertile men, y'all land somewhere on an eartthlike planet and start all over.  By the 2nd or 3rd generation, the folks start losing what they know and have to improvise.  That, he says, it what it is like for us.  We have been cut off from Source, and are living in a Vibratory Prison.   So we make up a lot of moronic reasons as to why things are the way they are -- because we're really ignorant but too ignorant to know how ignorant we really are.   Such as:  If it rains and its Tuesday and it rains for the next 2 Tuesdays, then it rains on Tuesday.  That level of moronhood.   These moronisms still exist and continue today.  Since many people are comfortable with moronisms and don't want to change, they will fight to hold on to them, even when faced with truth.

    For all you Internauttes

    CRAIGSLIST:   Since 1995, From Albany to Zurich, in 190 craigslist sites in all 50 US states, and 35 countries, Craigslist, started by Craig Newmark, in San Francisco,  used by more than 10 million each month, offers Local community classifieds and forums - a place to find jobs, housing, goods & services, social activities, a girlfriend or boyfriend, advice, community information, and just about anything else -- all for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment.  You can respond to an ad, a forum, or place one yourself --- fairly easily.  Go to  www.Craigslist.org (Craigslist.com works, too)

    HOMEOPATHY:   Homeopathic Materia Medica   www.hpathy.com/materiamedica/index.asp  Welcome to Homeopathic Materia Medica Center. You can find here remedy descriptions, online books on Materia Medica, articles and papers related to Homeopathy Materia Medica. Explore the world of homeopathic medicines!

    "Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleadians", by Barbara Marciniak.  Download it at:  :www.universe-people.com/english/bringers.htm

    The Mideast Peace Prayer:   Daily, 5 pm your local time, until peace is achieved, you are asked to pause one minute to send a silent prayer for peace in the Mideast. This is a request from the The Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation . Please take a look at  their website for more information.   www.mideastpeaceprayer.org  The Global Spiritual Network

    QUANTUM BALANCING:  A GREAT SITE:   //www.quantumbalancing.com/

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    Buckminster Fuller:  In 1927, Buckminster Fuller  thought, "The problem with this Spaceship Earth is that it did not come with an operating manual".   So he wrote the first one.    His manual was designed to last 25 years and he left it up to us to upgrade the manual in our time[s] for the next 25.   Peek inside His manual at:  www.futurehi.net/docs/OperatingManual.html

    Metaphysical Egypt   Investigative mythologist William Henry returned to CoasttoCoastam Radio  April 13 to share details of hisrecent trip to Egypt. [NOTE:  TORONTO DOWSER ELEANORE GASPAR WAS ON THAT TRIP!!!!]  While touring sites such as the Giza Plateau, Abydos, and Abu Ghurab, the National Geographic Channel filmed Henry and his group for an upcoming TV special that's exploring new angles on the Atlantis legend. From studying ancient texts at the Temple of Edfu in Egypt, Henry learned of "beings of light" who came here from the stars and took on human form. He believes the Edfu tale matches that of the origin of Atlantis as told by Plato, who may have gleaned his source material from this Egyptian text.

    Henry shared his investigation of the pyramid at Abu Ghurab, one of the oldest ceremonial centers on the planet. He found extraordinary craftsmanship in a platform, which he suggested may have been a "stargate" designed to heighten spiritual awareness. The Abu Ghurab site also matches a description Zecharia Sitchin made for an ancient Annunaki gold processing facility, he reported.

    The Great Pyramid at Giza is like a "hologram of the Earth-Moon system," Henry declared, adding that the moon is the missing capstone to the Great Pyramid. He further postulates that Earth's moon is an artificial satellite put into orbit by beings recorded in the texts of ancient Egypt. The ancients, he noted, believed that the moon was a place where souls travel to upon the death of the body.

    THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS is part of a Codex.  Codexes were ancient books constructed of folding pages bound at one side.  They supplanted scrolls because they held more information, and because readers could easily find specific passages.  The codex also contains a text called James, the letter of Peter to Philip, and a fragmentary document dubbed the Book of Allogenes.  The 1,700 year old Codex was badly fragmented, but an expert team of preservationists and scholars has rescued a nearly complete Gospel of Judas -- a text once thought to be lost forever.  The Gospel provides an alternative view of the Jesus-Judas relationship and evidences the diverse theological beliefs that circulated among early Christians.   You can download the entire text, and, see an interactive documentary:

    www9.nationalgeographic.com/lostgospel/document.html  Translated by:
    Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst, in collaboration with François Gaudard
    From The Gospel of Judas  Edited by Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst
    Published in book form complete with commentary by The National Geographic Society.

    INTRODUCTION: INCIPIT:  The secret account of the revelation that Jesus spoke in conversation with Judas Iscariot during a week three days before he celebrated Passover.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

    ""The US Federal Reserve Bank is nothing but a banking fraud and an unlawful crime against civilization. Why? Because they "create" the money made out of nothing, and our Uncle Sap Government issues their "Federal Reserve Notes" and stamps our Government approval with NO obligation whatever from these Federal Reserve Banks, Individual Banks or National Banks, etc."  -- H. L. Birum, Sr. Source: American Mercury magazine, August 1957, p. 43

    "The banks do create money. They have been doing it for a long time, but they didn't realise it, and they did not admit it. Very few did. You will find it in all sorts of documents, financial textbooks, etc. But in the intervening years, and we must be perfectly frank about these things, there has been a development of thought, until today I doubt very much whether you would get many prominent bankers to attempt to deny that banks create it." -- H. W. White   Chairman of the Associated Banks of New Zealand Source: to the New Zealand Monetary Commission, 1955

    "The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it. The process by which banks create money is so simple the mind is repelled.  With something so important, a deeper mystery seems only decent." -- John Kenneth Galbraith (1908- ) Canadian-born economist, Harvard professor Source: 'Money: Whence it came, where it went' (1975)

    THE   Tuesday, May 9th,  2006  MEETING FEATURES::
    Ralph Frederick, Trent University
    "Demonstrations on Currents, Voltages, Frequencies as they apply to our Earth"

    Information and concepts have been coming at us fast and furiously for quite some time.    Our May meeting can help ground us -- literally!  (ha ha?) for a more visible hands on viewing, demonstration and interaction with regard to understanding of frequency, vibration, power and electricity -- and how it affects us as well as the earth.

    Ralph Frederick  operates the Electronic Shop at Trent University in Peterborough.  He has been assisting Dr. Magda Havas in the development of apparatus to demonstrate the transmission of signals in the earth and through the air.

    This will take from our teachings from Mary Hardy, Magda Havas, Ivan McBeth, Ellie Drew and Robert Gilbert, in a practical application.

    * Mary Hardy tells us: "The responsibility of Dowsers is to protect and maintain the grids of the earth."
    *  Ellie Drew tells us that we are Earth Walkers,  Earth Watchers.  Ellie speaks to us about the importance of SOUND.
    *  Magda Havas says: "The Earth used to be a sink for electricity, now its a source."
    *  Robert Gilbert demonstrates resonance and how to change detrimental energies in to beneficial ones, on a small and large scale.

    Ralph will show us what is happening with power, he will show us how it works.

    Watching Ralph's live demonstration for even one minute will give you an understanding you never had before.  The only other way you can get an understanding and appreciation of what electricity is doing -- is the way David Yarrow got his understanding:  by being electrocuted. (not recommended)

    He will show us clean power and dirty power and we will be able to test this with our dowsing rods.

    Ralph will bring his Earth Table (shown here) and RF Quad antennas with test equipment/

    These items of demonstration are to assist people with little technical training to observe the effects of energy transmission through the medium of earth and air.  This would tie in with Dirty Power transmission in the earth and Radio Wave Transmission in the air.

    He will show us what clean power transmission looks like and how to test it with different means.


    We will be able to go from dense to subtle to dense vibrations.

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