The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***  Tuesday November 13th, 2001   ***
Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
Meetings might go to 9:30-10:00 (your chapter leader is not too good with timing)
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
(See schedule, and, explanation)
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
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November 13th    -  Alan Reed - Geomantics
 WEDNESDAY December 12th  -  2nd Annual Social
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We are changing our meeting times to   THE  SECOND  WEDNESDAY evening of  MOST!!! months. AND --- we will be meeting in the gymnasium.   We have to do this because we have grown too large for the lovely room that we meet in and the church that we meet in has another group using the gym on Tuesday nights.   There are 2 Wednesdays we will meet the third Wednesday of the month, because the church requiress the room for its own needs.

Does anyone have a sound amplification system they can donate or sell to us?
We may also need more chairs than what we have at the church.
Well, I guess this is what we do until we get our permanent home, or, our own building.
I checked out 20 locations before I found ours and don't have time to go around looking for more places. And, this area is perfect for those who are downtown, use the TTC or come from the north.

What Happened at our Meeting,  Tuesday   October 9th,  2001

Well we really did it this time, didn't we?   There were over 80 people at our meeting this month.  Maybe over 90.   Lots of new people were there.

Joyce Paske, once of our excellent dowsers and previous Dowsing Jar winners, called me up last week because she was getting a message, which said "You can save the world."  She brought it to me to bring to the dowsers.  Remember when Raymon told us:  "Dowsers are among the most important people on the planet.  The problem is, you just don't know it."   We can do it.  You can do it.   Use your skill to transmute non beneficial frequencies to beneficial ones.


Olga Nickle gave us a presentation on Hand Sensing (Dowsing), which is the first part of the Learning Path Integrated Technique (LPIT) workshop.   Every negative habit, behavior, trauma or emotion has a first root cause.  Sometime there could be an addiction to a negative emotion Sometimes these first root causes are genetic.   Even strong and/or repeated negative emotions can damage genes.  Our free will is hampered by influences from the past.   When you use the LPIT, you contact that first root cause, learn from it, send healing to the person you once were and return to your perfect blueprint.   We are trying to "un create" the first root cause of anything that is negative and re-create the positive which has been repressed.  Free will becomes a reality.   We return to the perfect blueprint.

We have been learning techniques for emotional clearings.  These techniques, the words and tools and motions used are different.  The path is different, the goal is the same.  If you learn and use these techniques you greatly augment your skills, your sensitivity and you have new and different tools.  You tremendously increase your assets and knowledge base.

You learn to to bypass the conscious mind through a physical body movement language.   To begin,  you must first learn hand sensing (dowsing).   When you practice, then learn this technique, it becoms part of your neurology.  It becomes automatic.  Like learning how to drive a stick.  Or learning how to dance.  Or learning how to ski.

We begin this by using our right hands for this sensing.  (Later on you will also use the left hand, but we begin with the right.)  Even if you are left-handed, use your right hand.  The right hand the giving hand, the left hand is the receiving hand.  It is predominant and tells more of the attitude of the person.  What you want to do is to notice differences of feeling, of sensation --- perhaps tingles or pressure in the palm of your hand.   And, everything is Intention.  Intention is the clue here.   It is the intention to locate water that causes the dowsing instruments to respond.   It is also with intention that one can feel the energy with one's hands.

In the first exercise that Olga led us through, to sensitize our hands, Olga had us tune in to the highest possible vibration.   We "sensed" 5 different energies (if you prefer not to use the names of the energetic vibrations used here in this exercise, use names you are more comfortable with):

 Place your RIGHT hand in front of you facing away from you. (as if you are making a stop
 sign), then say:

    a) "With great respect, may I please become aware of the vibrations of Archangel
          Michael." (Hold this for about 30 seconds)
          Now be aware of the sensation of your hand. You may feel tingles, heat, cool or
          pressure or no feeling at all. Judge if it feels pleasant or not.
     b) "With great respect, may I please become aware of the vibrations of Archangel
          Raphael." (Notice if the feeling in your hand is the same or different.)
     c) "With great respect, may I please become aware of the vibrations of Buddha."
     d) "With great respect, may I please become aware of the vibrations of  Jesus."
     e) "With the greatest respect, may I please become aware of God in my hand."

     The goal is to notice the sensations in your hand. See if they are the same or different
     in directing them to different people.

NEXT:   Create a "virtual you".  What we mean by this is:  Pretend as if  "you" are in front of yourself.  And that this "you" is, say, about 2 feet high, about a foot in front of you and "your" head is about even with your own, 'real' head.   Got it?

Place your right hand at the top of "your virtual head", palm facing the floor and let your hand go through "your" body.  Find and feel:  "Your" heart.  "Your" lungs.  "Your" liver.  See how they feel.  See if they feel different from each other.   Feel "Your" hands.

OK?   You "feel" / "sense" the differences?   If you don't have this, go back and do it again.  Maybe relax.  Or put it away and try again when you are easy.  ok.  Now you have it?   Now you can hand scan and are on your way!!!  CONGRATULATIONS.  This is the first step to a very different way -- and felt sense, of, dowsing.


Next we learned how to clear a space.  This space could be a room, a house, a building, etc.  You want to follow all the steps to be effective when you clear an area.  Don't just stop after, say the 2nd or 3rd step.

So first, feel the air.    Take your right hand, hold it in front of you, hand open, as if the palms were to face one another.  Slowly move your hand from right to left, feeling the air.  Is it heavy?  Light?  What sensations do you feel?   Note how the air feels.

Listen up, folks, you REALLY REALLY want to know about Dimensional Holes.

      Dimensional Holes:   Dimensional Holes are like black holes in space.  They are the results of emotional explosions or extreme pain.  A "hole" is made and it draws energy in to it.  We don't know where the energy goes to.    Do you ever feel really tired, really zapped?   You probably have at least one dimensional hole.  They are easy to find and easy to close up.
       To find it:  Take your right hand, hold it in front of you, hand open, as if the palms were to face one another.  Slowly move your hand from right to left, with the intent that you are looking for a Dimensional Hole.  When you get one, stop.  You say a simple prayer:

"Dear God would you please ask your angels to mend all the dimensional holes
in me and around me and in all dimensions."
Then continue looking, and repeat the prayer until all the dimensional holes are gone.    When you have one, not only do you feel wasted, but they pull things through.

       Spirits   Look for the spirits, fallen angels like you looked for the Dimensional Holes.  Fallen Angels can be a particular kind of energy that accentuates your pain.  When you find one, say the "Dear One" prayer. They will leave!   You can also get rid of viruses, parasites, fungus,  this way.

            "Dear One, you are one with your higher being, you are one with God.
            As God is Love, you are love
            As God is Light, you are light
            You are healed and forgiven
            You are free from fear and pain
            You are free of the earth's vibration
            I ask God, God's angels and God's beings of light
            To take you to God's Court to learn your right place
            To to it in peace and love."

Now Hand Sense the air.  Is it getting lighter?  Cleaner?

      AEIOU:   Next, center yourself in God, or, the highest vibration or intention you can think of.  Out loud, with a burst, exclaim:  AEIOU  (It sounds like:  Aaayyyy-YOU').  Do this three times.

      Clear / Snort:  Visualize the area you are clearing.  See it as completely clear.   You will emphatically say (or think) the word:  CLEAR and immediately after give a "SNORT" through your nostrils.   Olga brought in a bunch of crystals which were foggy and sticky.   She passed them out to people who then used this Clear / Snort technique to clear the crystals.  Clear and smooth.

       God's Tidal Wave:   Visualize the area you are clearing, visualize a Tidal Wave of God's love going horizontally through that area, encompassing everything.
       God's Love:  Visualize God's love pouring down like a soaking rain, falling from above, soaking everything through and through, God's love permeating everything.  Completely.

Le voilà!    The area is cleared.  Any size area.

NEXT:::   We use  TWO hands.  This is very good for dowsing compatibilities, relationships, supplements, etc.  You test to see how one thing compares against something or someone else.
Let's say you want to see the compatibility between yourself and your brother.  Your name is "Annette" and your brother's name is "Paul".

1)  You put your right palm up, like a Stop Sign, like we did in the first exercise.
2)   You "intend" yourself in your right hand.  What we mean by this, is you say "Annette" (we do not say "I".  You MUST "objectify" yourself.  This is important.
3)  You hold up your left hand, the same way, and you "intend"  Paul in your left palm.
4)  You intend to move the right hand over to the left hand.  If the right hand naturally floats upward, you like Paul and have good feelings towards him.  If it floats downward, you have negative feelings towards Paul.  If it goes across you have no relationship.

Now that you have ascertained Annette's feelings towards Paul, do Paul's feelings towards Annette.
To do this you first want to get the sense of Hand Sensing as we first described.  Your proficiency will increase as you practice.   This is an excellent way of determining, say, if a supplement is good for you at this time.  To test it, you can "intend YOU" in your right hand and a jar of greens in your left hand.  Then, replace the jar of greens with a bottle of bleach.

So, there you have some excellent superb fabulous techniques.  Learn them, Practice them, Use them.   We also did a way of removing negative feelings about oneself or others, through the "V" of Light technique, opening up hearts to love.  Again, all with the Mind.

Olga teaches the Learning Path Integrated Technique where you learn to use hand sensing to clear "stuff", from her home in Richmond Hill.  Generally about 6 people take the course at one time and this ensures  lot of individual attention.  The course consists of 5 - 4 hour sessions costs $225.  If you do not have her contact information from the handout or from the web, contact me and I will give it to you.

OK?  The above are the "facts" Now:  Here's Feedback from your Chapter Leader:   We have been learning many excellent techniques for emotional, spiritual, etc., dowsing.  If you are serious about doing this kind of dowsing, you must take this course.

When Raymon was first here and noticed the adulation he was receiving he remarked "It seems as if the stature of a speaker increases with the distance (s)he comes from."   We are exceedingly fortunate in that we have many superlative dowsing experts in our area who we have been learning from.  Olga is the latest one to share her tremendous talent and wisdom with us.   If Olga lived farther away we'd be only too eager to immediately pony up a few hundred dollars for her course.

I think of the people who I can no longer learn from in person:  Hannah Kroeger, Ann Wigmore, Hazell Parcells.  Olga is here, this is Now.  Do it.  Now.

What happened Tuesday night was that we were packed in the room, squeezed in and in the mass of all the hot bodies her voice was absorbed.  The pace that the information was given was a bit too fast, it was too much for some people at one time,  and,  as a result it was hard for some to learn.  However don't underestimate the value of what you were given here tonight.  Olga has overcome tremendous physical difficulties, including an operation 14 years ago where they cut, and then sewed up, the wrong piece to the wrong piece.  Which is why she is unable to sleep at night and must sleep during the daytime.  The most valuable teachings that come our way do so, so often, unfortunately, at the cost of great pain to others or to ourselves.  As in this case.  You were given a precious gift here this night.  Use it with wisdom.   Continue with the learning.


I am happy to introduce you to: HELEN EVANS, our Librarian.  Helen has spent the last several weeks getting our library ready for your use.  We have a fine supply of tapes and books are being donated.   We are asking you for $1 for you to borrow [until the next meeting] a book or an audio tape, $2 to borrow a video tape.   This money will allow us to purchase new materials.

The library will be "open" from 6:50 PM until the start of our meeting and after the meeting until 9:50 PM (so Helen can get home to Orangeville at a reasonable hour.)

The tapes are from the 2001 ASD convention.  The material is magnífico!   You may, at this point, not be familiar with the titles or the authors.  Guess what?  DOWSE TO SEE IF IT IS BENEFICIAL FOR YOU TO BORROW A TAPE --- AND!!! DOWSE FOR WHICH ONE!!!  Now isn't that a novel idea?  COME ON!  Of course, I can always increase the font size of this message but I'd rather not.   Some of the tapes were reviewed in the August and September newsletters, and, we will continue to do this when space permits.

You will not find this material available to you ANYWHERE else in Canada.

Our thanks to Eva Angyal who donated an entire bag filled with unusual holistic subjects for our use and Glen Halina who donated a copy of Nick Begich's book, "Earth Rising, The Revolution"

Dowsing Workshop Offered

In our efforts to get to you the dowsing skills and practice that you have been asking for, we  coordinate with those through whom you can acquire these skills and  to bring you workshops and other events in our area that provide these teachings, are affordable, of good quality and will set up some practice structures.

Dowser, lecturer, homeopath, astrologer and radionics practitioner Margaret Ball is giving one of her valuable and infrequent workshops next month.   Sign up soon, her classes fill up quickly.

        Saturday,  November 10th      - OR!!! -   Sunday, November 18th
        10 am - 4-ish
        Richmond Hill  (right down the street from the Richmond Hill  GO Ttrain Station)
        Cost:  Seniors or CSD, HAHN, Toronto Dowser member:  $65
                 All others:   $75
                 $20 Deposit Required before November 1st to reserve your place
        Class size:  Limited to 20 participants
        Extensive information packet, coffee & tea  included
        Bring your lunch
        Phone:  (905) 770 - 9012 (Margaret) to register

In this class you will learn the Basics Fundamentals of Dowsing.   This is suitable for all levels.
Some examples of what you will Learn How to Dowse for are:

There will be additional information on possible air and/or water pollution and you will learn what to do about it.

Margaret often runs practice groups on a regular basis after the workshops.  So it is good to get connected with her while she is available. Tell your friends, maybe someone who has been telling you they want to learn how to dowse.  This is a great opportunity to get started, and, to pick up new hints if you are a more experienced dowser.

This will be our SECOND Annual Social

Like last year, but hopefully, without the humongous snow storm, we will have a Social event.

The members of  HAHN  (Hamilton Area Healing Network) are invited as our guests
Bring munchies (hors d'oeuvres, finger food, cookies, cakes) --- if you feel inclined to do so.
Networking tables:    This is available to paid up Toronto Dowser members only (non member cost: $25, or, 10% of proceeds, whichever is less).  Use this if you have products you want to sell, or services you would like to promote.   These do not have to be dowsing, or dowsing related.  You decide the kind of energy you want to share about yourself with others.

Energy Raising?            Dowsing Buddies?            Why not?            We'll try.

Toronto Dowsers Around Town

At the Gem and Mineral Show in Scarborough in September, who do I meet there but Bette Harvey and Suzanne Holub.  In is enriching to find out these interests about one another.  Bette and Suzanne love the beauty of the stones.  I was there trying to find out about materials and techniques to make beautiful pendulums.   A few days later I meet Nina Bregman doing errands on Yonge Street to prepare for her Reiki workshop.   October 10th, 7 of us were at Tracy McBurney's Essential Oils Workshop:  Ann Fowle, Lisa Jorgensen, Brigitte Lortie, Denyse Robilliard, Elaine Welsh and Louise Yarek.  Well, that makes 8 now that Tracy has become a member.  The oils seem to do everything phameceuticals do and a LOT more.   With what we are learning about dowsing, especially from what Raymon has taught us, dowsing can do much of this.  As we become more adept and as the vibrational rates increase, our dowsing will allow us to do all of these things.  However, the oils smell nice and its nice to have lovely smelling beneficial tools on
the physical level.  We still need to remain in our bodies.  And enjoy them.  In perfect health.

November 13th, 2001 MEETING
Alan Reed
will speak on Geomantics
[Geomantics is the applied science of Geomancy (study of earth energies) combined with Ecomancy (the study of ecology).  Geomantics is a unified code of science based on geometry within the mineral kingdom and ecological observation. Geomantics includes a method of balancing an area's subtle natural energy by attuning to Earth's natural patterns of psychic & geological contours.]

"Alan Reed knows more about rocks than probably anyone else on the planet",  Gary Skillen told us the other day.   Alan will talk to us about rocks and stones and their essential importance to us for our planet our human lives and as dowsers.   Alan does make you believe that the rocks are alive and evolving and we have evolved from the rocks and so our bodies yearn to hear the earth.   He may pass interesting tidbits to us which I hope will make us want to learn more, such as:

-  When you plant stones on certain locations on the earth (as Alan has done on his property and on the properties he consults for) that this increases the energy field, as in Stonehenge, where the chi has been built up, creating an energy wave called congruence.
-  Trees are indicative of our energies.  On his land, because of what he has done, the trees stay greener longer which means they eats pollution for a longer time, adds to the biomass of the planet, more energy is made, more energy is returned.  The biomass holds the planet together.  We have disrupted this flow.   We can change this.
-  Rocks sweat at night, they build up natural condensation.  Rocks properly placed on land will help relieve drought stress.
- Our circadian rhythyms are off because of the heavy use of salts.  They increase vibration.
- We send and receive energy from the heavens.  The sun is magnetic.  Alan has builds cairns where target waves create energy waves both vertically and horizontally.
- The chemicals we have added to the earth have shortened the biological clocks of men and women.   We have cut ourselves off from the pulse of the earth, damaged our fertility.
- While our vibrations increase, we are losing the magnetism which holds us in this space.  This leads to an increase in  neuroses.

Alan learned dowsing as a child from Campbell Lyon, a British Secret Service officer who found German subs through dowsing.  He was  involved in geology from a prospecting viewpoint for 20 years which gave him a greater awareness of the mineral kingdom and he sees that these natural phenomena are now being used in technolgy.

An experienced and respected Geomancer, Alan balances earth energies (Earth Acupuncture) and he also knows minerals so he has minerals available that re-mineralize the soil.  He gets them from all over the planet.  He has balanced the home of the Bronfman's in Montreal, the Schads, the Molson's family summer home, doctors clinics, etc.  He has a paint additive that is sold through Northern Lights and is currently in demnd by hi tech companies who are beginning to understand the importance of  energetically beneficial working environments.

To balance the harmonics, Alan uses dowsing to determine areas of disturbance and then to pinpoint areas for placement.  The transducers and condensers that he uses are made of smart materials where they insulate, store and transmit the proper energies.

Join us in this evening of great importance to us as dowsers and caretakers of this planet. Alan holds information  never read or heard before.  We are so fortunate to have this valuable resource in our midst.   When you look at Alan, you see a man who is healthy and less stressed than most of us.  He lives his talk and we have much to learn from him.  Find out about how Geomantics affects you and how it can help you. For those of you who are on Interent, please find the rest of the story, that I don't have room for at: