The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting
Wednesday, November 13, 2002
featuring: Dr. Sabina deVita (see back page)
who will speak to us on:  Electromagnetic Pollution
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.

Welcome to:
The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
 1 light West of Avenue Road - or -
2 lights East of Spadina
There is a PARKING LOT! on the WEST side of the building
The entrance to our room is on the EAST side of the building
This is a short streetcar ride (#312) from either the St. Clair or St. Clair West TTC stations.
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $9 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

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 November 13th:  Dr. Sabina deVita - Electromagnetic Pollution
December 11th:  Annual Social

Our Monthly Meeting:  October 16th

This was our first meeting in our new home, the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church.  The room is nicer, the lighting better, the sound system is much better --- because we actually have one --- but we were a little cramped.  We like to spread out for all our little other ongoing activities.   I did not expect we would have as many people as we are now having.  Because we have to be out by 10 PM, because of the church's agreement with people in the neighborhood, we didn't have our usual apres meeting schmoozing.  We miss it. We shall try to make an arrangement with the church.

Next month, November, same time, same place.

Starting January, unless we move to another location:
We will move to Tuesday nights
In a MUCH bigger room

This larger room can hold 300 people.  Let's hope that's enough --- for the rest of our year.  We can not have it on Wednesdays, because they are booked for that night.

We moved along with few announcements, eager to hear Joey Korn.  But first, there was a group of people who deserved special recognition this evening and we hope we are complete with the listing of names:

Angela Adamson-Viola, Eva Angyal, Margaret Ball, Shelley Bourne, Phillip Bowman, Arthur Clark, Susan Collins, Anne Fowle, Puck, Marlene Jelski, Lisa Jorgensen, Barry Johnson, Marta Kuze, Faith Lapp, Samuel Lighthouse, Ethel & Wally Lis, Brigitte Lortie, Joyce Paske, Bill Powers, Jan Scanlan Coles, Louise Yarek.
Since our first meeting 2 years ago, September 2000, you are the people who attended most if not all of our meetings.  You supported us from the beginning with your presence, your enthusiasm, suggestions, interest, volunteerism, donations and being there.  I hope you have received as much from our meetings as I, and we, have received from you.  Thank you so much and I hope we continue to encourage the attraction we have for you.

Our Speaker:  Joey Korn

We started a little late because despite months of careful preparation, something we did not even consider rose up to create some anxious moments.  At 4 PM, I received a phone call from Joey's wife, Jill, in Georgia:  Joey was still stuck in customs!   As his plane was to land at noon, we had figured that he'd be in Toronto by 3, 3:30, had some food waiting for him at the house he was staying in, he'd get a rest, a chance to set up.  Uh uh.  So I immediately called the Energy SWAT team to clear the stuck energies at customs and traffic and was assured he would be there, and on time.  I finally exhaled when Joey entered the church at 7:30, in a whirlwind. We prepared for a lot of things, but not his being stuck at the border. As Joey told us when about filling in the categories on the customs form:  "They don't know what a dowsing tool is."  Despite the last minute entrance, Joey gave a truly masterful presentation.

Joey was in town to give our monthly dowsers presentation, offer help in private sessions, Spiritual House Cleaning and a weekend workshop.  These notes also contain some of the jewels from the workshop ---- please note his rapid fire delivery of constant information makes it difficult to write everything down as I usually do.
Joey said that his work is not solely about dowsing, but "Dowsing is what makes my work work."  He speaks to us to help us realize our unlimited spiritual potential as beings of light.  We are energetic beings living in a world of energy.

The more we understand what is going on energetically behind the scenes in life, the more we can take charge of the process.  Dowsing is a tool that can help us understand what is going on behind the scenes of life. With prayer and blessing, we can take charge of the process.

We can all dowse.  Like any other art, it takes practice.  Dowsing is a sacred process using sacred tools to help us to tune in to God's light with a capital "L".

Everything you want to know about a human being is in your/their energy field, specifically the Human Energy Pattern.

He classifies 3 types of subtle energies:
    1 - Beneficial - these strengthen us
    2 - Detrimental - these weaken us
    3 - Neutral

Very important:
    The energy field itself is neutral.
     Its the frequencies that it carries that are either detrimental or beneficial.
As spiritual beings with free will, we can change the energies in the fields.

Read those 3 lines above again.  And again.  Until you've "got it".  It will give you a whole other sense of dowsing, of energy, of energy fields.  Just knowing those 3 lines is worth months or years of learning.

Not all underground streams are detrimental.

Your body is a battery, a conductor and a harnesser of the life force.
When you think detrimental thoughts, you literally discharge your battery and weaken your body.
When you think beneficial thoughts, you strengthen your battery, charge up your energy, your body.
Most detrimental energies in our living environments are really reflections of us, of our thoughts.

Negative thinking contracts our energy field.
Positive thinking expands our energy field.

1994-1996: Joey became serious about exploring earth energies.  He had not realized he could find beneficial energies in the house --- that they were not just outside --- and when he started looking for beneficial energies in his home it changed his dowsing.

Formerly, he had been taught --- or assumed --- to look for negative energies inside, and when found, to avoid them, divert them or neutralize them.

He found energy "patterns" around the beds and called them "rays of light".
He has come to understand that these energy patterns --- are --- human related.
He found lots of beneficial areas around beds.
It occurred to him -- these are all in high-use areas. Maybe we put them there!

Joey found that every human being has two lights attached to them.  He calls them the "two lights of the soul".  He believes that they anchor the soul to the body.  They are attached to the human energy pattern.  They come in at 4 different angles: Wide, Medium, Narrow and Right angles.

We have a dynamic relationship with the energies, they are always changing.

Joey's focus right now is about issue resolution.  He uses the information he finds from these patterns to help analyze people's issues --- without having to know anything about the content of the issues, just working with their energy.  Unresolved issues weaken us.  When an issue is resolved, when we grow through it, we are strengthened. We have grown as a spiritual being.

Here's an example of how Joey balanced one of my imbalances: At ASD in June, Joey found that I had a 4/5 imbalance (this is a balance of the "lights" pair 4 and 5).  In my case I was giving and sharing too much and there was not enough withdrawal.  So he balanced it out for me.  I came home and for a month I didn't want to talk to anyone, didn't want to write a newsletter, do an activity, run a group.  It was great as I had so much time for myself.  However, it was not a great way to run a group.  I emailed him telling him what happened and he adjusted the balance -- remotely of course.  I am not feeling burnt out like I was before June and strangely enough I'm getting more done.

Joey is passionate about his work.  When we get passionate about something, Nature blasts us with extra energy.  We use the term "flare up", well we literally "flare up" when we have a passionate moment, flare up with extra energy.  This helps to create a living, breathing vortex.

This "flare up" imprints a record of energy.  This is part of the recording process of karma.  This vortex records exactly every thought, every emotion, every event.  The more passionate thoughts and emotions leave energies that can be found with dowsing.

You have to be passionate about dowsing if you really want to learn.  You really do.

Dowsing provides us with the tools to explore the subtle energies around us.

Joey deeply admires the work of Walter Russell and Russell's books have had profound influences on him (one of Russell's books is briefly discussed later on in this newsletter).  Through Russell, Joey learned that:

Everything in nature spirals, especially light.  God created the Universe in waves of light.

Joey said that he finds intersecting lights around beds.  They were repeating patterns of pairs, mated pairs.
When he started working with the energies around beds, with prayer, people started to feel better.
When he noticed that some patterns seemed to be missing, people weren't feeling so good.  They were going through difficult times.

He would ask God to bring healing, and, balance to their beings, especially to their energy patterns.

As he was exploring this pattern through the years, he started to find more elements to it.

June 9, 1999:  His whole focus changed when he was led from within to a book, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner's "Honey From the Rock" and he saw a picture of --- the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  Instantly he knew he had reached a powerful core truth. He saw that his bed pattern, or, Human Energy Pattern, was virtually the same as the Tree of Life.   "When you get a glimpse of truth you know more.  I knew the energies around beds were never missing, they would have dowsed detrimental ... or ... in balance or out of balance.

Kaballah is an oral teaching, one that has been handed down for thousands of years.  It was given to Moses but before that, Abraham knew it.  Before that, Adam was the living embodiment of Kaballah, of the Tree of Life.  It existed in God's Light.

Our reactions to unresolved issues create imbalances in our lives.
We are energy beings.
We vibrate at various frequencies.
Your issues are not abstract concepts. They are real. They vibrate at their own energy frequencies.

As we have our issues, they fill and cloud our channels in our Human Energy Pattern. The energy in our channels does not flow as freely.  The 2 lights are how we hook up to the centers which Joey calls the fuel centers. These "fuel centers" correspond to the energy centers or Sefirot in the Tree of Life.

Once you go below what Joey calls "0", into the negative range on a  -10 to +10 scale, the unresolved issues start to interfere with your life. You become unbalanced, they are inharmonious.

Once you have these energies in your level of awareness, once you have the intent to change them, you can easily balance them with prayer and blessing.
Everything you have been, are and have the potential for being and doing is in your energy system.
Our energy fields are infinite so we connect to every other living thing on earth.  This explains why and how remote prayer works.

This was such a powerful presentation, as was the weekend workshop.  It changed the way people thought about and worked with dowsing, it changed the way they sensed energies, because for the first time, many actually did.  I heard several stories the few days following his talk, how people are "just intending" the Tree of Life in different places and the changes it is making.  It changed one chiropractor's healing practice over night.   It changed the meditation circle run by a woman in Caledon 5 days later and the depths that her students were able to reach.  Here's the story of how it changed a couple's sex life in Toronto:

I was supercharged after Joey Korn’s talk at the October meeting, so I went home to try out the new collapsible rods I'd bought, in anticipation of his weekend workshop.  I was unfamiliar with using rods, so I tried them around our bed and then on my husband who was in bed.  This got a somewhat cool reception as he certainly was not supercharged and was in fact nodding off whilst trying to read a book.  I asked to be shown any areas of detrimental electrical disturbance in his body and found a reaction at his knee.  He swore that his knee was fine, so I immediately thought I was a sloppy dowser --- until a minute or two later when he admitted that he'd ripped the tendons of that knee in high school and it had always been a trouble spot for him.  Ah ha! Now I was encouraged.

The next dowsing reaction was over his reproductive organs.    Since we'd moved into his parents’ place for what was supposed to be a short while, 2 years earlier, he'd had some degree of sexual dysfunction.  At the age of 53, he was discouraged by his softer erections and earlier ejaculations and was convinced that he was sliding into total sexual stasis.  I maintained that it was all tied into the move in to his childhood home and it would change when we moved --- but it hadn't helped matters any.  He was even about ready to go to see a specialist  [a big move for he who shuns doctors.]

 "What the heck" I thought. "You might as well try out your newly learned technique!" so I mentioned to him that I'd found a disturbance.  This got him thinking of the issue as I silently asked for Divine help in changing the detrimental energy to the inverse to bring about total balance in the entire reproductive / erectile functioning equipment of his body.  I threw in more prayers for good measure and then asked to bring total balance to our Tree of Life patterns. [I thought I'd leave the exact nature of the imbalances in our patterns up to Great Spirit to sort out as I was new to this, it was getting late and I'd forgotten how.]  I remembered to charge his glasses with the frequency of sexual health and energy.

 When I'd finished he was asleep, so I went to bed also and turned the light out.  A few minutes later he rolled over with the firmest erection he'd had in 2 years.   Needless to say --- we both thoroughly enjoyed it and  there was nothing too hasty about that enjoyment either.  We didn't talk too much about it as I think we both didn't want to "jinx" the situation.  However I'm thrilled to report that this was not just a one-night wonder.  I wonder just how long it will be before we do discuss it --- if ever?  "

This meeting was the first one we video taped.  It is a tape of the presentation only, not the audience.  We think we will be doing this at several meetings, to make the tapes available for purchase to those who were not able to attend the meeting, or those who attended and want to review.  We are not sure, but we expect tapes to cost about $15 each.  We are hoping to have some available for the November 13th meeting.  We will mail tapes out at a cost of about $5.   If you think you would like to purchase a tape, could you contact Marilyn so we have a better estimate of how many tapes we need to create?

At the workshop itself we got a lot of dowsing practice --- with L Rods.  We could watch, feel, and follow Joey as he did his dowsing. Joey is a master with the rods.  It makes such a difference to learn this way.  After all, Energy is Caught, not necessarily taught, and we caught a lot of good energy from Joey.

Do you know how it is when you like a person but you just might not like being around them? Joey showed us how a person's Human Energy Pattern is dowsed, and an imbalance is found. This causes them to "test" weak. This can then easily be changed and the un-ease one feels with another is gone.  This is a great boon to easily and quickly help improve our relationships and strengthen our lives.

The workshop was so neat and everything ran smoothly --- that is, after Jill Jones saved the weekend by sourcing an overhead projector for us. THANKS JILL!  And kudos to Brian Harris who brought in his professional sound system and Shelley Bourne for helping Joey with all his sales.   This workshop was held in a restaurant which some were hesitant about it to begin with but it turned out to be a good idea as it was quite comfy and we had plenty of food, room to spread out and plenty of detrimental energy zones to dowse.  And we could all find room to lie down for the after lunch nap Joey urges. Joey asked me to express his gratitude to his hostess with the mostest, Pat Bianchi, for her exceptional hospitality and many kindnesses.

We were also visited by [now new member] Christine Buechele of Nova Scotia who flew in specially for this event and Markus and Hui-Chen Konig from the Grand Bend area who drove in for this workshop.  Markus used Joey's prayer method to clear his well of its sulfur smell on his 1000+ acre potato, onion and sugar beet farm.  The smell was so putrid his neighbors were threatening lawsuits until Joey came to the rescue.

We were also honored by the attendance of renowned Kabbalistic scholar, Rabbi Moses Kirsh, founder & spiritual director of Congregation Ohr Penimi & Ohr Penimi Institute in Thornhill.  Rabbi Kirsh was brought to Joey by Ernst von Bezold.  Thank you, Ernst!

In Summary:  Joey's work is about helping you realize your potential in life.
We are energetic beings living in a universe of energy. We change the energies around and within us all the time with every word, every thought, every deed, every event.

The more you realize what is going on behind the scenes in life, the more you can take charge of your life.  Dowsing combined with prayer and blessing helps you do it.

He shows you how to affect the energies around you, with applied intent, how to affect them on purpose.  Prayer and blessing is what it is all about.  He helps you understand the language of energy.

Dowsing is a sacred process, using sacred tools to tune in to God's Light, to the subtle energies that are everywhere around us.

You are getting the dowsing reaction to the energy field of the stream of energy --- not to the physical substance itself.  Everything has an energy field, and is energy.

Everything is stored in your energy field / system.  You interpret it with dowsing.
The rods are not doing the dowsing.  You are dowsing.  The energies are affecting you and you affect the energies.

In his life, Joey has found that nothing is more powerful than the combination of dowsing and prayer.  If there is a field carrying energy that is weakening to you, an appropriately stated prayer will change it so it strengthens you.   I have yet to find detrimental energy I could not change with prayer."

Everything is a manifestation of nature.
Nature does nothing to harm us.
We just don't want detrimental energies in our living environment.
We can change it.
The physical universe is God's body.
Nature works under universal law, under God.
Nature's job is to feed existence with energy.
I have not gone in to the content of the workshop itself, however, here is an important piece of information if you are a therapist:
If you are working on clients, say, on a massage table and if they have a strong imbalance, they may leave the imbalance on the table. As an example, if the imbalance is near their midsection and you stand by that area as you work by the massage table, this may very well weaken you while you are working and standing in that location.  So you need to clear the table after each client.  This is also true in the beds in hotel rooms.  One person takes in boarders and she says she energetically (as well as physically) cleans the room after the departure of each boarder.
I have mostly gone in to Joey's concepts that he has presented on energy and what it means.  I have not gone in to his techniques on finding the 2 Lights of the Soul, finding and balancing the Human Energy Pattern, resolving unresolved issues, finding the chakras they are related to and understanding their purpose, the vortexes, the spirals, how to change detrimental EMFs in to beneficial EMFs with prayer, the many prayers and uses for prayer he taught us, blessing objects to resolve issues and strengthen you, using prayer instead of devices, etc.,  which we learned in his workshop.  Please join us again October 2003 when Joey returns to Toronto to give another presentation at the Toronto Dowsers, and another workshop with more discoveries.  He will also have finished his second book which we are looking forward to reading.

JOEY'S MAILING LIST:  We were not able to pass around a sheet for a mailing list.  If you would like to be on Joey's mailing list to find out about his workshops, books, etc., please email him at:  - or - you can let me know and I'll forward the information to him.


How I get extra money, necessary help

2 people wanted to attend Joey Korn's workshop but did not have the money for it.  I suggested something that works for me, they tried it and it worked for them!   I speak to my spiritual guides and let them know what I need money for, how much and why. One woman who did this signed up for the first day but could not afford the second day which cost $100 more.  She got a tax refund in the mail the following week which was $100 more than she thought she would get.  The other woman, someone came to her business and placed a big order --- for the amount of the workshop.

I used to ask God for help with "things" and it never worked.  So once I asked God to send me somebody to help me help myself with a specific task.  That call was answered within a week.  Every time I do that, it works, within one day to one week.  I "just" ask:  Please send me someone to help me help myself with _____.  Do it!  I guess you have to be specific?

We would like to thank:    Alan Reed, Mark Hazlewood, Robert Azzopardi and Joey Korn for their generous contributions to our group.

We would also like to thank the CSQ (Canadian Society of Questers) for their contribution to the Toronto Dowsers.  Although Dowsing Cards have been given to other dowsing groups, gratis, the CSQ insisted on buying theirs.  We appreciate their kindness and support.

A survey was mailed out last month to all Toronto Dowsers members.  We expect to share the results with you next month.

Speaking of members, anyone for Costa Rica?   Tessa and Martin Borner moved down to CR from Oakville and own and operate  Posada Mimosa , a B & B, which is situated on 17 acres of jungle, river, sugar cane and coffee fields with a spectacular view over the central valley. It is 20 minutes west of the international airport, 40 minutes from San José and 90 minutes from the closest Pacific beaches, the Sarchí, Zarcero, Irazú and Poás volcanoes. Posada Mimosa is 750 meters above sea level and the climate is ideal year round.   They are beginning dowsers and would like to have dowsers, dowsing energy and dowsing workshops around them.  They speak English, French, German, Spanish and are also very involved with Organic Agriculture.

Growing Pains

We, as a group, are an organism, just like a human or any other life form.  We are growing, and, we have entered another stage of growth.   We have gone from birth through infancy through childhood and are now in the pre teen or teen years.   Like a teen, sometimes we want to be mature, sometimes we don't.  A child can withstand tumbles and falls without major damage. Most adults can not be as flexible as children are.  This is the time where we set our definition for the rest of our life span.  What is it to be?  According to the Adizes method of enhancing group organization, structure and growth we are now in the fun, the "go go" entrepreneurial stages.

We are still young, we are still exciting.  However, we are also starting to become known in Toronto.

When I started this group I wanted to offer high quality at very affordable prices.  I liked the idea of having a dowsing family in Toronto.

When you do what you love, you become a magnet. We started out like many groups, small and funky, just doing what we enjoyed.  When startups are good, more people find out about them, and, unfortunately for some of the initial patrons, the price goes up.  Because there is increased demand, therefore, expenses. Those who have originally supported the group with their hearts and hands might not have the financial means to continue to the next stage.

For the first 2 years I was printing our membership cards --- 4 to an index card and cutting them out with scissors.  They are "nicer" now they are pre cut business cards. One year they may even be laminated.  We now also have a return address stamp for the mailing.  2 very small things, but its the beginning of "stuff".

As the organism becomes older or larger, certain physical changes take place, such as accretions, calcifications and acquisitions, which may not be desirable.

At this last meeting we all knew it was our very first time in a brand new location and we had a more special than usual speaker who flew in for this meeting.   So why were so many people were so demanding and uncooperative?

There were those at the registration table, at the library, at the sales table who were unruly, crowding, and demanding.  Too much impatience, demands for service, people disregarding the requests of the volunteer workers who were going as fast as they could and trying to help them.

Why?  What is it that turns individuals, who allegedly follow a spiritual path in to crazed Walmart shoppers getting a sale on Beanie Babies?

People were downright rude.

About 10 minutes before Joey finished his talk, people were standing up --- as he was talking --- going to the book sales table and looking over the merchandise, ignoring the rest of his presentation, paying little or no attention to our honored guest speaker.  I was sitting there, watching you, incredulous about what I was seeing.

4 people arrived at the meeting with no money, expecting to be let in.  Why?
Several people neglected to register the library items they took out.
Several people bypassed the registration desk and entered the meeting without paying anything.

We are a pretty open group.  But this is not a public movie theatre where you can pay for a ticket come in and offer all the abuse you like.   We are a private group and encourage guests who are like minded and are respectful of themselves and others and us.

I remember what happened to Acapulco.  At first, the millionaires discovered it and enjoyed and appreciated its beauty and resources.  Then, as word got around, those who had "only" half a mil journeyed to Acapulco.  Then those who had "only"  100G, and so on until it became a cheapened vacation place.   Let's not dilute our energies.  Be discerning who you tell about our group.  You share responsibility for how they behave. They reflect you.

For those of us who do the work to create the meetings, its as if the meetings are our extended living rooms.  Disrespect and rudeness towards the volunteers will not be tolerated.

There were people there who did not belong.  The reason is they were really not prepared for or really interested in what we were offering.  It seems as if we had the quality and the low price, so people who just focused on the cost and not the substance told their friends.  We are people interested in dowsing, in doing it and learning more about it.

Alan Handelsman, who presents at ASD, tells a true story about his mother. (It's on the tape we have in our library.)  When he and his brother were young, they were in an apartment fire.  They were in a pretty tight spot and the firemen performed a heroic rescue.  As they are placing Alan's younger brother in to the arms of their mother, Mrs. Handelsman looks at them and says to the fireman "He had a hat."  I hope we do not have too many Mrs. Handelsman archetypes here.

At the library, we didn't realize at the time that this meant that members renewing their membership that night would not be allowed to take out items.  There were complaints about this.

The library began October 2001 and we have been trying to work out procedures for the best of all concerned.  As you know, there have been problems with people not returning library items.  Only members can take out library items.  The librarian does not know those who signed up for membership that evening, so we decided that borrowing can not take place until the month after you sign up.

Helen and Brigitte have a half hour to process about 50 items.  Helen works in Brampton and it took her 2 hours to get to the meeting and is doing the best she can.  If everyone cooperated we would not have to juggle this way.  She has said this is the best way for her to do it.

Our room costs have gone up more than 3 times what we paid at St. Leonard's.  We were lucky at St. Leonard's and didn't know it.   We lost money this past month because we had increased costs and several people 'skipped the check'.   If anyone has a financial difficulty, they are supposed to work it out with me beforehand.  Our meeting contributions will be going up to $7 and $9  starting this next meeting.

As things go on behind the scenes in all groups we have made financial arrangements with many who were having financial difficulties at the time. Several times it was the right thing to do. In other instances it was not.

You can also expect to have your hand stamped.  I have always disliked having that done to me and I am now in the highly distasteful position of having to ask that of others.

There are always those who want to energetically feed on the vibes of others.  At the Wednesday night meeting we had more than usual.   Not everyone has to be a great dowser but at the very least we expect that people who share our energies are at least hoping to help themselves.  There were too many people there who expected to be fixed and helped by someone else, people who are totally unwilling and uninterested in doing their own work.   We are not interested in having parasitic organisms who disrupt our "wa" attend our meetings.

It's not the majority of people who behave this way.  It's generally about 5% of the population who are anti-social and make life difficult for the other 95% and take 25% of the energy.  That's why most of the laws, the "don'ts" have been established. 95% of the populations is put upon because of the asocial 5%. It's not fair but we don't yet have a better solution. The asocial 5% who may read this won't realize we are talking about them. The 95% who cooperate will think they are the ones being highlighted here and will feel guilty.

I have an intense dislike for rules and procedures.  But I am seeing the unfortunate necessity for them when there are a disproportionate number of people making life difficult for those who cooperate when the genes for common sense and courtesy seem to be missing.

This is not a "nice" segment to write. It was not nice to experience it and have myself and the other hardworking volunteers subjected to the ill mannered. If you don't like the menu, the ambiance or the waiters, perhaps you are in the wrong restaurant.

We do things in certain ways.  There are procedures that some groups follow --- and they just don't work.  We are doing some things differently.  Maybe what we are doing won't work either.  But we are still trying it because we believe in it.  Our appeal is not to those who require tradition.  If there is something you don't like you can ask yourself, in an honest moment: If you have tried to help or improve things -or- made a suggestion in a constructive open manner -or- just have to allow and accept at this time -or- the other party might not have made the best decision in the moment but has other considerations to contend with -or- you really are lucky to have what you have right now -or- you are not compatible but you can live with it -or- you are not compatible and you will make another choice -or- the other party is wrong but that's the way it is.  You are in "our home".  Who are "we"?   The ones who do the work.   If you want to be rude, please do so someplace else.

I don't know that I want the stagnant energy  that often comes with the words "professional", "respectable".  Too often its slick or boring, where you become a bland non-entity by trying to please many masters.  The price is too high.  In trying to become everything you become nothing. The price is often a lack of creativity where energy slows down to a virtual halt. I've seen it happen too often to those who are so concerned with being polite and nice and accepted and to seem mature that they file off those burrs that make them interesting and alive and memorable.  This is what happens to children as they become adults.  They are forced to sit still in school and lose the ability even to run and jump and play and laugh.   Their faces and expressions become still and sad, they develop arthritis and osteoporesis, colds and digestive difficulties because they suppress movement and feeling.  As we mature I intend we always maintain our enthusiasm, energy and creativity. And laughter.  We hope most of you will continue to want to play and laugh and love and grow and learn with us.  Despite our faults, or, perhaps, because of them.

This is a professionally produced and filmed and FUNNY and true and instructional movie about the trials and tribulations of dowser Lea Kachadorian, ASD Trustee, what dowsing is about and what it is not. There are vignettes showing many ASD old and new timers.


WHEN:           Monday Evening,   11/11/2002   7:00 PM  (SUCH a number!!!!!)
WHERE:         The GRANITE BREWERY  - 245 Eglinton Avenue East (right off Mt. Pleasant)
HOW MUCH:   $6:  $4 will be given back to you in a food / beverage coupon
OTHER:           We will be in their "library" which holds 40 people. 
                        Their web site says they have free underground parking.

      "  Lea is a dowser, a.k.a. diviner, who claims to be able to find underground water supplies --- or most anything else --- using her dowsing rods: a forked stick, a pendulum, and her 'extended' senses.
      Her husband, Jim, is a civil engineer who, after more than 20 years of heated debate, has yet to embrace his wife's involvement with the paranormal folk art .. to put it mildly.
       Determined to get to the bottom of the family debate once and for all, their son, George, brings us on a journey into the wild world of America's dowsers, skeptics, and one Vermont marriage that's got one of each ... Divining Mom is a film about love, magic and a water well in Vermont. "

If we like this we can do it again --- at the Brewery, or any other location with a big TV.  We have videos that are good for us to see together.


A pendulum can be a very simple "device".  It could be as simple as a button, a fishing weight, a needle or a crystal on a string.  We --- is it a society thing? --- tend to make things more complicated than need be.  Also, many in our group like toys and pretty shiny objects.  We all like good tools.   Different pendulums have been introduced to our group these past 2 years. Here is a brief summary of what has been offered to you.

2 Divine:  About a year ago I showed you pendulums that come on a chain, to be worn as a necklace.  They come in 10 different designs:    Sabrina, Yuko, Bernadette, Ambrosia, Rafaela, Bella, Rochelle, Rozeen, Tess and Angelique.   They come in Brass, Nickle Plated Brass (silver) and some in Brilliant Black or Fuscia.  Each design has a purpose.  You can decide by what you are drawn to or dowse by the pictures or the names. They are hand made and sell for $30 + $5 S&H.   They come from a woman in Alberta.  She does not have a web site or an 800 number:  (403) 230-3571.  I have 2 of them, Bernadette and Ambrosia and bought new chains for them.  Makes a world of difference.  They are beautiful, and, useful.  About a dozen of our members have them.

 Joe Smith Dancing Pendulums:  Joe is one of the granddaddies of our dowsing world and makes a pendulum that many say is the most sensitive pendulum that they have found.  Joe says that these pendulums work well because mainly it is the balance of the weight and the fact that they have so much surface area to pick up signals with. They are designed like a series of radar dishes, stacked one on top of another. They will send out as well as receive much more than the normal pendulum.  It's my favorite for use and responsiveness.  These are the gold ones with the "floating discs".

The Maurey Pendulum :  This pendulum was designed by famous dowser and author Eugene Maurey. Maurey wrote: " Exorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person" and "Power of Thought: How to Control What Happens to You".  Those of you who have taken Raymon's workshops may know that the some of the charts he uses for clearing were designed by Eugene Maurey (and later put in to a book by Bill Fitch).  These pendulums are the favorites of Raymon and Larry.   These are the silver tear drop ones.  Joey Korn sells them.

(I have some of Joe's pendulums, medallions and bobbers and the Maurey Pendulum.  They will be available for sale at our December Networking Social.)

Alicja's pendulums / the Virtual Cone  Pendulum:  We are fortunate that Alicja Aratyn lives in Toronto and comes to our meetings when she is in town.  Alicja travels around the world, giving workshops and sells dowsing tools.  The quality of her tools is excellent and the prices are reasonable.  Alicja is also generous in sharing her knowledge.

6 months ago, I noticed a new one.  Its shape reminds me of the CN Tower, in that it is a movable ring that moves along a sharp pointed shaft with all spectrum of visible and unvisible colors. And, there are markings and "stops" on the shaft:  R  G   O   Y   B   V ....   for the colors.  The shaft is segmented in to wavelengths of different colors.  You can stop the ring at each mark.  They come in wood as well as plexiglass.  Of course, I bought one.  A plexiglass one as Alicja said they are more responsive. Not thinking of anything, I was just holding it over my leg and noticed it started spinning in my "yes" direction.  I then noticed the donut was at the "V" (for violet) mark and I was wearing purple pants.  I then held it over something green and it started spinning in my "no" direction.

I moved the ring to "G" for Green and it swung "yes" .   I started playing with the colors and the pendulum this way.  I like it for its work with the colors.

This is a sophisticated pendulum used for a lot more than playing with colors but I think its also good to help train the dowsing response, especially for those who are new to dowsing.  it helps with confidence.  Alicja said she designed this particular model with and for Robert Gilbert.  It is used in his sacred geometry studies and he suggests people who take his workshop get this.

The Virtual Cone as a pendulum has been developed by two French dowsers; Andre de Balizal and Leo Chaumery. The Virtual Cone, known previously as Fictional Cone, got its name from the fact that while rotating the pendulum an unvisible (fictional, virtual) cone of energy was created between the ring and the pointed lower end of the pendulum. The ring can be moved to various positions to create an imaginary cone that emits energy at the wavelength of the chosen color. 

On the string three points are marked:
           - first is meant to determine energy emitted from living organisms;
           - second is meant to measure radiation of shapes
           - third is to detect vibration of colors.

The Virtual Cone Pendulum is simply to use and advised for even not very skilled dowsers. It is meant for very specific work such as: chakra balancing and any kind of color related dowsing work (i.e. checking subtle energies in your house), as well as checking frequencies (colors) released by objects.  If you dowse, and if you do any kind of color work --- CHROMOTHERAPY --- I strongly recommend that you buy this pendulum.

When I was at the ASD convention this year, I made a point of noticing the pendulums the speakers used.  90% of the pendulums were:  Alicja's, Joe Smith's, the Maurey pendulums.

Margherita "Crystal Lotus" --- Margherita Vondrak --- Margherita was our September speaker and spoke to us about making pendulums with crystals.  The crystal pendulums seem to be very personal ones that you become attuned with as crystals amplify any energy the dowser holds and will assist in making this clear.  It gives you an opportunity to see where you are not clear, to become and remain clear.  Margherita will give a workshop so that you can make your own crystal pendulum and she will help you choose the crystal that is best for you.  If you would like to attend, or, even sponsor a workshop call:  Tara at (705) 726-6927 or Margherita at 416-697-5529 (cell).

Samuel Lightstone, one of our members, makes and sells gemstone pendulums.  Eva Angyal makes and sells pendulums that come with her Dowsing Reference Manual, Vital Knowledge.

Go to the ASD Convention:  June 9 - 16, 2003, Lyndonville, Vermont

Please, seriously consider going to the ASD convention this next year.  ASD Convention week 2003 is June 9-16.  The convention itself is from June 12-15.  The Lyndonville, Vermont location is about an 8.5 hour drive from Toronto.  This is in the area that is called the Northeast Kingdom --- one of the poorest and most beautiful areas in New England.  It's beautiful because its rugged and there is not too much industry.

This is where I met Raymon and Joey and Joe Smith and a bunch of other great people.  For Thursday, Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday there are speakers for 4 time slots per day, 6 choices per time slot.  That's  24 sessions / day you can choose from.  Highly talented dowsers in many areas.  You can easily spend the rest of the year reviewing what you sat in on in June.

I'd rather go to the ASD convention than to Club Med.  And I've been to Club Med also.

Last year, the cost for convention registration was $125 US for members.  This includes the 3 1/2 days of sessions, plus evening activities.  Dormitory accommodations were $148 US for Wed nite to Sunday lunch.  This price does also include 3 meals / day in the College cafeteria.  I was lucky that I made my dormitory reservations just in time as there were only 20 rooms left --- this was in May.  One of my hall mates last year was Marty Cain who speaks on Labyrinths.  Last year about 8-10 of us went to ASD.  I don't think we saw each other much other than a wave in passing as we were so busy from the time we got up till bed time.

Of course, if you decide to attend pre or post convention workshops, the costs rise.  But your basic costs can be just under $300 US.  ...  unless, of course, you buy stuff.  My purchases each year start at $300 US.  They use the gymnasium at the college for their sales area, where the ASD and the speakers set up tables.  The gym is about 3-4 times the size of the gym we met in at St. Leonard's.  And its a great chance to speak with the speakers.

Last year one of our members contacted me too late to put it in the newsletter, but he has a camper van and offered to drive some people to the convention.  I expect he may be interested in doing it again this year.

I promise you --- you will be delighted that you have made this decision to attend.  Keep checking at:  802-684-3417.  And start saving some dough.

A funny story on Dowsing Accuracy from young old Joe

 Joe Smith  is our old timer farmer dowser from Nebraska. Joe is real good at finding things, one of the most accurate dowsers I know.  We are on the same email list.  Recently, someone thought of a group exercise we could do, where we dowse to ascertain if certain people are dead or alive.  I enjoyed Joe's comment, his dry wit, and thought you would, too:

"   Sunday Marta and I went to Nemaha Cemetary to do some dowsing for a fellow doing geology work. It was the first time we were able to have feed back on what we dowsed. It seemed we did do alright. He was standing at the head of some graves and asked me if I could tell him if each was male or female. I told
him I would try. On the three I got  f,f,m. When it was in fact  f,m,f.  Well at least I had 2 fs and 1 m. Can't win them all. But all these people were dead. I got that right.  Joe   "


On 10/13/2002 there was a discussion on Geopathic Stress on one of the dowsing email lists.  It offers a different perspective that I share with you here. This helps to reinforce much of what we have just learned from Joey Korn, that much geopathic stress is indeed man made. 2 of the speakers are Jean Haner and Dan Wilson.  Jean is the wife of Eric Dowsett and Dan is an expert dowser from the UK. His comments on body dowsing were included in our February 2002 newsletter.

Marilyn:  From:  Dr. Mercola's August 13, 2000 newsletter online newsletter:

"  Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised. The major issue is an increased risk of cancer. While geopathic stress does not directly cause cancer, it weakens the body and makes it much more likely to acquire cancer. Studies have shown that over 85% of patients who die from cancer had regular exposure to geopathic stress.

         The late Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D., stated that 92% of all his cancer patients and 75% of his MS patients are geopathically stressed. Dr. Nieper was a world-renowned cancer and MS specialist and operated one of the largest MS practices in the world, located in Germany.

         Von Pohl proved to the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, almost 60 years ago, that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one spent some time in geopathically stressed places (mainly when sleeping).

        Dr. Hager, M.D., found Geopathic Stress was present in all 5,348 cancer cases investigated.

       The German physicist Robert Endros studied this question with Professor KE Lotz of the School of Architecture of Biberach (West Germany). Their analysis of 400 deaths due to cancer revealed that 383 cases were related to dwelling - over geological faults, underground water veins and disturbances of the natural geomagnetic field.  "

What we have found in our work is that our environment is affected by us just as much as we by it.  For example, when someone is very ill, the energies of the land can change in response.  I have dowsed beds where people have suffered with long illnesses, and found tight lines of severe negative magnetic fields running through the bed that were not there before they became ill.  So, who's to know what came first - geopathic stress caused the disease, or geopathic stress developed as a reflection of that person's experience.

I believe the earth is responding to us all the time, just as we are responding to it, whether we know it or not.  If a person who was ill dies, over time, the energy of the earth can shift back to its natural state, or will change according to whoever is living in the space now.  If the person gets well, but maintains the stressed emotional state which probably contributed to their being ill, then the earth remains stressed, and they may eventually become ill again.  I get called in to clear spaces, and use simple methods to release stress in both the energy of the earth, the building, and the person - this gives them a window of opportunity to move to a new level and perhaps experience life in a different way.

When my husband teaches, we've found that after a short time, the energy lines of the earth where he is standing change.  We find that negative magnetic fields shift and positive magnetic fields actually move toward him and swirl around where he is standing.  This is in response to who he is - so it's all a beautiful dance of consciousness.

> So, who's to know what came first -
> geopathic stress caused the disease,
> or geopathic stress developed as a
> reflection of that person's experience.

I've always been very wary indeed of the proposition that GS is a thing there acting on us. There was something very suspicious about the way people who had done many thousands of cases like Kaethe Bachler in Austria said things like (I'm not quoting her in particular here) "all or most cases I have met of cancer had adverse lines through their bed" and also the way people who had suffered GS in one place often suffered it after they'd moved to another, as though it was following them around.

Then I had a case myself in Lewisham (south-east London). A lady  kinesiologist felt terrible in two of the five rooms of her apartment and had found through muscle-testing herself she had some nasty alignments there.

In conventional GS terms, it was an open-and-shut case. Dowsing indicated two almost parallel lines through the flat, one at one edge of the "affected" area and the other at the other. Out of one side of the living-room (one of the bad rooms) there was a splendid view of the two TV masts five miles off at Beulah Hill and Crystal Palace, and out of the other side was the police VHF mast on top of Shooters Hill, fairly close. Was radiation a factor in this ? (Yes.) The triangle between the three masts passed through the flat ? (Yes.)

But then it occurred to me to ask how many main factors there were, including radiation. Answer:

1 - Radiation ("I am burning".)
2 - Two significant lines at a very sharp angle to each other. ("I am trapped in this corner and cannot escape.")
3 - Dishonesty ("I am guilty of   cheating.")

So the "alignments" were reminders of some nasty stuff she was carrying around with her - fear of fire and a race memory of having cheated people. Anywhere with reminding circumstances would be bad for her.

After a lot of work since, I have realised this junk is pretty well all inherited from ancestors and at root, nothing to do with the individual unless they have generated fresh fears by stimulating several inherited ones at the same time. The fire thing is straight reasonable animal fear, except that in humans it's usually linked to having been careless (we're talking hundreds of generations here, plenty of opportunity to have this on your tab) and allowing others to be burnt. Heat is electromagnetic radiation just as radio/TV waves are, and the unconscious mind equates them.

The trap in her case was the two reminding alignments, which could be escaped outside the angle, but closed in on her if she moved within it.  GS is more often attached to a single alignment: apparently the unconscious reaction there is "I cannot get this reminder behind me, so it is always here on this line".

And the dishonesty reminder attached to the police transmissions, which of course were fundamentally driven by the need to search out dishonesty and other antisocial behaviour.

Thus GS treatment is basically straight healing without knowing it, with no specifically "earth" thing to it unless, as there sometimes is, there's a geological factor or water is involved. The interesting thing is that because of this, the various systems and gismos used are massively effective, in a way that healing usually isn't. There is a case for being insulated from what we're actually doing, maybe because of fear of the immensity of it. So looking for systems of healing which insulate us from their power has always, since then, been a main preoccupation of mine.

I know from my own work and the reflected difficulties I've had that my own main bugs involve dogs with sharp teeth, heights, unsafe ropes, getting my feet stuck in mud and several different arithmetical expressions my unconscious won't cooperate in defining. The heights/ropes ones give me a conscious phobia of suspension bridges, but I can handle the most savage dogs without difficulty, thanks to dowsing (very fast!) what to do.

Wow, what a story!  Yes, I find there are reasons why people choose the places they live and work.  We are always meeting 'who' we are, and the lessons we attract are perfect for us.

All those studies that found nearly 100% of cows with 'mad-cow disease' were living over geopathic stress are another example of why we should be wary of the "proof" that gs is such a major cause of illness - if you cram cows together, feed them hormones, chemicals, even the offal of other animals, take them off of their natural biological cycles to suit the farmer, then what you get is a very stressed cow.  This is going to stress the environment the cow is in, and voila, geopathic stress.

The real factor that determines whether an ailment is "GS" or not from a dowsing standpoint is whether the interaction between the suffering animal or person and their entire environment is substantially linked to the place where they spend most of their time or at least a large part of  it.

In the case of BSE-afflicted cows, this connection is provided by the need for there to be certain chemicals in the fields before there can be substantial danger to cattle. These chemicals are not all man-made, but if  man-made ones are eliminated a very large part of the danger will have been removed. The chemicals include organo-phosphates, weedkillers and pesticides, but also naturally occurring ones such as arsenic and lead compounds, which need only be present in very small quantities.

Feeding cattle on recovered meat is thus only one of the preconditions to BSE, albeit an important one. In most cases homeopathic STRYCHNINE in a high potency (say 1M or higher), placed in the drinking water,  will serve as a complete remedy, but GS measures such as copper rods or wires will also work well.

Planning our December 11th Networking Social

For the last 2 December meetings we have had a "Networking Social".  This has worked out so sensationally that this has now become our Annual Networking Social.  This was THE most fun meeting of the year.

For our newer members:  We try to keep commercialism during our meetings to a minimum, and, I think I've been getting a little carried away with dowsing toys --- however! --- So many of you have excellent services and products that you want to and ought to share with others, but you want to do this appropriately.  How can we do this?  In December, we offer tables --- to members.  This is your chance to let others know about your services, your products, to sell your products.  So start thinking about it.   We may have to limit the number of tables. I expect more requests this year than last year --- due to what happened last year: It was a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.

We also had a great time with those who donated items for our door prizes.  WOW!  We were so pleased with the generosity of our donors.  Check out:    JAN2002   to see what was donated and the other activities that went on.   I will start the ball rolling by donating a  Joe Smith  Dancing Pendulum.  We put the door prizes on a table until we are ready to to the draw.  And, I hope those who do donate have some advertising info for all to see.

2 other components are food --- LOTS OF IT!  And Energy Raising.  And, oh yes:   Billy Rose, watch out!  We are negotiating with a dance troupe from Hawaii for a grand performance.

If you are interested in having a table:

Please bring food --- finger food, hors d'oeuvres, cookies, sushi rolls, etc.
If you have something you would like to donate as a door prize, please contact Marilyn by December 7th.   If you do donate something please be sure that there is something that has your name on it.  We put the door prizes on a table and would like everyone to know who you are.
If you DRUM --- bring your drum --- We will have a drumming circle with a leader
FLASH!     FLASH!     FLASH!      FLASH!

Late Breaking News!

Guess who's Coming Back to Toronto!  You GOT it!


Returns to Toronto
For 1 day only, the week of November 25th --- Probably the 26th or 27th
Exact Date, Time, Place, Cost  Content and any other details (such as possible maximum)  To Be Announced by the time of our next meeting.  Cost is expected to be in the $115-$150 range.

His visit here was just decided late the night before the newsletter was to be printed.   We wanted to have at least his visit itself set for you and will fill in the details soon.  Sorry, no private sessions at this time.

This is an advanced workshop, geared towards those who have taken his work before and/or are reasonably comfortable with his techniques.

Raymon will be back in March when he speaks at the Total Health Show and will be available for private sessions at that time and another workshop that is more geared to "newer" people.

Further details to be announced via email.  If you don't have email, stay connected with someone who does, or, call Marilyn.
Early registration due by November 14th.

OUR Continuing Colloquy Concerning Consciousness

Robert Azzopardi spoke at our meeting last month about the use of the Cameron Aurameter.  In addition to a worthwhile dowsing presentation, a most significant piece of information he shared with us is about December 11th, 2002.

Robert studies what we call esoteric teachings. They are called esoteric only because they have been hidden.

He started off his presentation by letting us know that the Mayan calendar says that there will be a quantum leap in consciousness.  And, there will be a demonstration of this phenomenon in the middle of next year.  (This could be May, June, July 2003).  And he said:

"The Truth is supposed to be known by December 11th of this year" (2002).
People have been hoodwinked for so long.

I like it.  So, I am choosing to believe it.  And I just know that this is so.  "The truth will be be known by December 11, 2002."  And I invite everyone to believe this along with me.

Every morning for 30 minutes Robert focuses on:
        Prosperity to all
For everyone is now manifesting in grace and in a perfect way.
(He says you can achieve anything you desire when you focus on it "in grace and in a perfect way".)

If you like it, do it, believe it, know it  and/or pass it on.

What's going on?  Why all this stuff now?  Look at the convergence from all different traditions to this time.

In this past week I have come across 3 people who have been telling me about 3 other brilliant researchers, all in different areas, who are proving that what we have been taught as truth has nothing to do with truth.   I have been told about:

Tom Beardon --- who says that what we have learned about electricity is not true.   He is overturning commonly accepted dogma about electricity and energy, about manipulating matter and energy.  And time.  He is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology,  psychotronics, Tesla technology, and  unified field theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics. He advanced the first force-free redefinition of mass as well as an electromagnetic mechanism that generates the flow of time, and has proposed a testable resolution of the  century-old debate over the way in which energy flows in electrical circuits.  Check out Tom Beardon on Internet.  You'll be amazed.

Cass Ingrahm --- Who explodes myths about diet. (See our section below, on Health.)

Walter Russell -- Joey greatly admires Walter Russell.  I bought Russell's book "A New Concept of the Universe" where he starts out by saying the the Basic Misconception of Science is that the cardinal error of science lies in shutting the Creator out of His Creation.  Russell explains our misconceptions of electro-magnetism, energy, matter, etc.  Written 50 years ago, our "science" of today has still not caught up to Walter Russell.

Now sounds like the strange book by Bob Frissell we were reading 8 years ago:  "Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are.  It's all happening.

Are you familiar with Paramahansa Yogananda?  He passed over in 1952 and is perhaps the most well known and beloved of all the Hindu spiritual leaders who came to the West.  Yogananda is the author of "Autobiography of a Yogi", one of my 5 favorite books.  (He started the Self-Realization Fellowship.)  His direct teacher was Swami Sri Yukteswar.  Something has always stuck in my mind from a video I saw several years ago about something that Sri Yukteswar is said to have taught.

He said that since we were coming out of Kali Yuga, the cycle of sleep, everything we have been taught is not true, because we have been asleep and unable to know the truth.

According to the Hindu tradition of cosmology [which is probably about 5,000 years old], we go through cyclical time periods in the evolution of our Universe.  I don't know if this means the universe, or galaxy, solar system, or what.  A sub cycle is called a "Yuga" and lasts for thousands of years.  According to Sri Yukteswar we are coming out of the Kali Yuga where according to some, there is an abundance of strife, vice and ignorance with true virtue being practically non-existent. Its the final and most negative of 4 evolutionary Yugic cycles.

In the Kali Yuga the vibration has become pretty murky and humanity is laboring against heavy odds. Righteousness (right-use-ness) has diminished to one fourth of its original strength. Throughout our current history we have created and been assailed by all the evils of Pandora's box. No wonder the human race is having such a difficult time. But the turning point has now arrived, and the dawn once more sheds its light on a confused and ignorant planet.

It is a time where according to ancient Hindu texts  "The leaders who rule over the Earth will be violent and seize the goods of their subjects. Those with possessions will abandon agriculture and commerce and will live as servants, that is, following various possessions. The leaders, with the excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule of the law will lessen from day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men."

Autocracies and dictatorships would have the perfect environment to flourish in the political / social sphere because people looked up to authority figures for guidance. This is how the cult of obedience -- the slave / master relationship -- was born.

This is also a time where people are asleep, and, as we are ending it we are just waking up.  So everything we have been taught is not true because we have been asleep.

Kali Yuga deteriorates at the end of its cycle into the present unstable civilization finally there is the realization about the unity of all religions, in to the true kingdom of God which would replace the other civilizations as the real and lasting Kingdom.

Everything that has been happening to and for us, the Toronto Dowsers, especially the way the energies have been moving since August, shows us that we are finally waking up.

What has been written about Planet X in the past 4 issues of this newsletter is also part of this growing understanding as to the rapidly changing times we are going through. The awareness, the appearance of Planet X has been our catalyst for spiritual change and growth.  It is time to wake up.

David Hawkins' book "Power vs. Force" is indeed sweeping the communities of consciousness.  He has developed what he calls a 'Map of Consciousness' which has a scale from 0 to 1000 points.   Reading the book advances the reader's level of consciousness by  35 points.  (The average human's consciousness advances by only 5 points in a lifetime).  Mere exposure to the "Map of Consciousness"  advances one's understanding of  all human behavior.

Please check out this web site:

The Map of Consciousness is online there, plus what happens when you read this book plus a link to an audio interview plus ways to get his books and tapes.  I put up that page because his book is a little difficult for some people to get through.  (and the first edition is a little easier reading than the 2nd)

The Map of Consciousness is included in this mailing to Toronto Dowsers members.

Ernest Holmes, author of the "Science of Mind" says that BOTH thought and feeling are states of Consciousness, that co-exist in the One Mind of God that we all exist within.   His teaching says we all think with the Mind of God.  Our capacity to expand our ability to think with greater and greater clarity and higher frequencies within that One Mind could be seen as a way to explain Hawkins Map of Human Consciousness.  It's really God Consciousness, and a measure of how much we as humans are able to encompass at any one time.

Seeing it as One, Mind/heart, thought/feeling, all consciousness, helps me realize that all knowing of God exists within that one consciousness.

And Raymon tells us that Mass Consciousness on the planet continues to rise.

Changing your Health Habits   qqqq

DOWSING:  Ask: "Is there anything in any of these sections that is 80% or more beneficial to me"?

If yes, See which sections are beneficial to you and use the information.
Section:        I        II        III

Section I:  How to Give Yourself A More Beautiful Facial Structure:

About 10 years ago I was enraptured by the beautiful facial structure of a French Canadian girlfriend.  I asked her if she did anything special for her face and she said Yes.  She found a simple book that has simple Facial Accupressure exercises, followed it, and her face started changing.

Why do our faces change in ways we don't appreciate as we age, oh so gracefully??  Answer:   Gravity.   What has happened to those beautiful cheekbones, that strong jawline?

An excellent book, out of print but readily available at the Toronto Public Library is Lindsay Wagner's (The Bionic Woman) "The Accupressure Facelift".  It works on wrinkles, laugh lines, sags and bags and brings a glow to your face. It is also very very relaxing and good for your health and makes you more alert.  You stimulate points, making little circles at different places on your face that relate to headaches, digestion, circulation, the sinuses, kidneys, lungs, heart, intestines. "All" you need is your hands, discipline for 15-20 minutes a few times a week.

When my eyes are tired, I press 3 points: Zan Zhu, Sizhu Kong and Wai Ming and feel wide awake again.  I need more work on Sibai (for my chunky cheeks) which works on the large muscles in the cheek, restoring the natural angles of the face.  There is also a point for jaw tension.  Calcified crystals build up around the bones of the face which lead to wrinkles.  Accupressure is one way of breaking them down.

It works.  I've seen it work.  I just don't YET have the discipline I need to do this on a regular basis.  I hope you are better at this than I am.  That shouldn't be too difficult!

Section II: The Crucial Importance of the Colon: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH:
Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of the foremost natural health gurus and one of my heroes tells us:  "Death begins in the colon."   He was born in 1908 and is still going strong, teaching and lecturing.

What do mommies do with their babies?  They look at and carefully examine every single thing that goes in to the mouth and everything that comes out the other end.  Why?  Of course --- because if there is something funny with baby's poop it will indicate a health problem.  Right?  We all know how to do this.  Why do we think things have changed as we've grown up?  Do we think its changed?  It hasn't.  It's still the same.  How many of us examine our poop? The shape, size, color, if its floating, etc., is a better indication of the state of our health than a battery of tests.  Remember how it used to be a rope longer and thicker than a banana and now its pencil thin nuggets?  There may be some buildup of excreta on the intestinal walls   Is this healthy?  Do you know you can do something about it?

One of the first things recommended for a headache or a cold, for example, may be an enema.  Often these discomforts are caused by toxic overload.

You can read:  "Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care: A  Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management", or "Dr. Jensen's Guide to Diet and Detoxification" available in the library.

Eating processed, unnatural and enzyme deficient foods, poor food combinations, pharmeceuticals, stress, lack of exercise --- all lead to a bigger belly, poor poop, prolapsed colon, poor posture, poor sleep, poor immune system, headaches, hostility, fear, depression et cetera. Ironic isn't it?  You'd think it would be easier to eat less.

I lost 30 pounds in 4 months and my entire midruff bulge just melted away by following proper food combining. I had not intended to lose weight, it just happened.  When I see people with a certain kind of extra avoirdupois around their middle I want to call Roto Rooter.

The colloquial expression of someone having s**t for brains has, as most such expressions do --- a basis in fact.  There is a second brain that is located in the bowel.  It normally works smoothly with the brain in the head. A breakdown in communication between the 2 brains can lead to stomach and intesitanal trouble and causes nervous disorders.  You can read more about this in Dr. Michael D. Gershon's book "The Second Brain".

How can you improve things?  Of course by being more careful about what you eat.  But also --- by doing a cleanse.  This could mean a specific very light food, or, preferably liquid diet for 5, but better yet:  7-14 days.  Twice a year.  At change of seasons time.  It is also suggested to do something similar one day a week or 3 days a month.  Try this:  For one entire day, from the time you get up until the time you sleep, eat nothing but [organic] apples.  Drink water, herbal teas or real apple cider.  See how you feel.  A book by Stanley Burroughs:  "The Master Cleanse", or, "Healing For the Age of Enlightenment" goes in to detail about the how's and the why's of what is called 'The Lemon Aid Diet'.  It's simple, inexpensive, I've done it at least 6 times and is highly recommended by many. It even helps those with ulcers.  You feel light, happy and the mind is so clear.  (Interesting to note the body part that gets cleaned out to clear the mind.)  It's a good time to do deep spiritual work.

You flush out your radiator, do an oil change, clean out your septic system.  Your body has pipes too that need cleaning out for the same reasons.  Why do we think its ok to keep stuffing more and more junk down those pipes until it feels like they will burst without experiencing non beneficial consequences?  Otherwise the villi get gunked up, food is not broken down properly, particles are not assimilated, nutrients are not distributed or absorbed, fermentation and putrefaction set in.

All that dried you know what, you know where, might cause you to age just a little faster.

Doing cleanses at appropriate times will prolong your life and its quality all the way through.

Section III:  Lose Weight and Become Healthier by Eating Fats:

I have been fascinated by something Sally Fallon said to me about 5 years ago at a Total Health Show, but never got the "why".  Do you know Sally Fallon?  Sally is a chief researcher for the Price Pottenger organization out in California and author of one of the best health books / cook books I've even seen.   Journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker and community activist, Sally Fallon is the author of "Nourishing Traditions": The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: Animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

Sally told me:  When I want to lose weight, I eat meat and a lot of rich dairy products...And, there's a proper way to do this.

Huh?  I've wondered about that one for years.  Peg Groom, who works for Dr. Cass Ingrahm ("Dr. Oregano Oil") provided a brief explanation from Dr. Ingrahm's book, "Eat Right and Live Longer".  The secret is the amino acid:  Carnitine.  (When used as a supplement, one gets "L-Carnitine".)   Carnitine is a "fat burner".   Carnitine is found mainly in red meats ("Carne" = meat, in Spanish) and is synthesized mainly in the liver and is stored mainly in the skeletal and heart muscles where it is needed to transform fatty acids into energy for muscular activity.  It is also concentrated in sperm and in the brain.   Carnitine is utilized to transport fatty acids into the cell and across the mitochondrial membranes into our cellular energy factories, the mitochondria and increases the rate at which the liver oxidizes fats -- this, too, is an energy generating process. Fats can not be combusted without adequate amounts of Carnitine. It protects us from cardiovascular disease and has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by increasing fat utilization.  It can also raise the HDL portion of cholesterol which reduces heart disease risk.  L-carnitine also helps with weight loss, improves exercise capacity and also enhance our muscle building and endurance.  It has also been shown to improve the symptoms of angina, reducing pain and allowing more activity.  It may also lessen the risk of fatty deposits in the liver associated with alcohol abuse.

Saturated fatty acids have recently been shown to be necessary for the proper utilization of essential fatty acids and for efficient modeling of the bones. Consumption of saturated fatty acids also results in lowering of Lp(a) in the blood. Elevated levels of Lp(a) are a marker for heart disease. The textbooks tell us that saturated fats protect the liver.

When my body conscious niece was 15, her mom called me up, concerned, asking that I speak to my niece who wanted to eliminate all fat from her diet.  I said to her: "Sure Rebecca, it's fine.  Stop eating all fats.  But just remember 3 things will happen.  First all your hair will fall out, then your brain will stop working and then you'll die.  Of course, if you were to to continue eating just a little bit of fat, well, you'll never be able to have children."    Today, Rebecca eats fats.  The good ones.

Fat is the primary fuel used by the heart.   It specializes in the oxidation of fats into energy.  The heart needs to be efficient in its energy production.  The heart pumps 13,000 pints of fluid throughout the body each day.  With this huge workload it need to  have the most efficient energy conservation mechanism possible.

(GOOD) FATS ARE THE MOST PRODUCTIVE SOURCE OF ENERGY.  They provide over twice the amount of energy per gram as do sugars, starches or proteins.   The health of the heart depends upon a properly functioning liver -  enter CARNITINE.   The carnitine binds to the fatty acids and carries them into the heart's muscle cells and on reaching the mitochondria (energy factories in the cells) it releases the fatty acids.

The fact is strict avoidance of fats is catastrophic to the heart muscle.  Ironically the heart nourishing fats are found in the foods prohibited or not recommended for heart patients.  In other words, meats, chicken, eggs, avocados, whole milk products, cream, nuts, lamb meat and lamb fat (this is the highest known source of carnitine and Dr. Cass suggests it be eaten) contain carnitine and other nutrients  which help the body metabolize the fats which they naturally contain.

We are talking here, about fats, and, L-Carnitine, as beneficial for the diet and for the heart.

A vegetarian diet is quite harmful for most people for many reasons but low carnitine content is one of them. There are essentially little vegetable sources of carnitine so it quite possible for a vegetarian to have high cholesterol or tryglycerides.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid.  Amino acids are the components of proteins.  The 8 essential AA's can make the other non-essential AA's, kind of like being able to make orange out of red and yellow.  Another non essential AA, Taurine is essential for cat's for their eyes.  L-Carnitine is considered one of the non essentials, probably because little is known about it so far.

There is another complicating factor to the whole fats picture that is also misunderstood. Fatty acids are essential parts of all body tissues where they are the major part of the phospholipid component of the cell membrane and are not just stored energy. Low fat diets that supply adequate calories are basically high carbohydrate diets. When the body does not get enough fat from the diet, it makes fats "from scratch" from carbohydrates. The fatty acids that the body synthesizes are saturated fatty acids -- exactly the same kind of saturated fatty acids found in butter, cream and animal fat -- and monounsaturated fatty acids -- exactly the same kind of fatty acids found in olive oil. The cell membranes are composed of a combination of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It happens that the more fat you consume in your diet, the less your body tissues make from scratch. But when you consume high levels of unnatural polyunsaturated fatty acids such as the kind found in commercial vegetable oils, the normal body synthesis of saturated fat is eliminated and the ingested polyunsaturated fats are used for structural fatty acids, leading to an unnatural balance in the cell membranes.

Essentially it amounts to the following. Low fat, high carbohydrate diets cause the body to make the saturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids it needs. When the fat that is eaten is mixed and mostly saturated and monounsaturated, it is like the fat the body synthesizes. Under these circumstances, there is no problem with the fatty acid supply that the tissues have available for incorporation into the phospholipids that are an important part of the membrane structure of all cells. On the other hand, when the fat that is eaten is more highly unsaturated, the fatty acids available for incorporation into the tissue phospholipids are more unsaturated than the body normally prefers and this causes a number of differences in membrane properties that are thought to be detrimental to the regular body economy. High levels of polyunsaturates in the diet have been shown to increase cholesterol levels in tissues, increase fat cell synthesis in growing animals, alter the response of the immune system, increase peroxidation products such as ceroid pigment, increase gallstone formation, and of all things decrease HDL cholesterol in the blood.

All free form amino acids, such as L-Carnitine are not available for purchase in Canada.  They are easily and inexpensively available in every health food store in the U.S.

This summer I was visiting good friends in Vermont. They are on a new health program, which includes making a health shake in the morning.  They noticed a huge difference soon after they started adding L-Carnitine to their shakes.  Losing weight, more energy.

[Information for this section was taken from: "Staying Healthy With Nutrition", by Dr. Elson M. Haas, MD, "The Fat Controversy" by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig and Dr. Cass Ingrahm's book, "Eat Right and Live Longer".]

 " The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. "  -- Dante Alighieri  (Interesting point for Ontarians: Dante was born in to a Guelph family)

Prosperity is simpy the supply of the Infinite Substance that is Life Itself.
Prosperity is a dynamic process, not a static state.
Prosperity will happen when you understand who you really are in the cosmic scheme of things and when you learn to put that knowledge into action.

Prosperity is God's love in action.

Develop a consciousness of accomplishment, no matter what.

Criticism is the cacaphony of a carping mind.

Gratitude is the mother of virtues.

When you do right, it is sad, no one remembers. When you do wrong, no one forgets.

THE   Wednesday, November 13th, 2002 MEETING FEATURES:
Dr. Sabina DeVita, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., R.N.C.P.
who will speak to us on:
"Electromagnetic Pollution"
Dr. Sabina DeVita  is a doctor in Applied Psychology Counseling.  She  works holistically in her private practice combining vibrational healing techniques (Transend Cards, Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Young Living Essential Oils) with her radionics and kinesiology practices. She is a psychotherapist/psychologist, nutritional/environmental illness and allergy consultant and herbalist.  She is a  Specialized  Kinesiologist certified in Touch For Health, Professional Kinesiology Provider, Body Alignment, Educational Kinesiology, Three-In-One and Thought Field Therapy and is the first Photocognitive therapist in Canada. She is  a student in neural organization technique and holographic repatterning and is trained in acupuncture.

She currently teaches how to use essential oils for physical and emotional issues along with kinesiology techniques that empowers others.   She also utilizes GDV Kirlionics technology in her practice as a quick non-invasive way to show her clients their spiritual, psychological and emotional states of health that affect their physical body.

She is a certified instructor for Touch For Health, One Brain, Edu-K, Transend Vibrational Healing Cards and Jade Esthetics electrical massotherapy.

Her background of 18 years in education include instructor for York University and University of Toronto, guidance and counseling, child management, adult counseling and multicultural teaching.

Dr. DeVita turned her attention to natural healing due to her own environmental sensitivities.  Her doctoral dissertation on ‘cerebral allergies’ was among the first work of its kind in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto.  She is an experienced seminar leader in holistic health having taught in Canada, Trinidad and Barbados to teachers, principals, parents and trustees.  She is the author of "Electromagnetic Pollution".  Dr. DeVita was host to her own radio talk show (W.A.L.E. 990) on alternative health in 1997.  Dr. DeVita brings over 14 years of clinical experience to her teaching.

The proliferation of electromagnetic devices that create powerful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is receiving more and more attention today. Research is showing that EMFs can contribute significantly to leukemia, cancer, brain tumors, immune system failure, and other serious degenerative diseases.

 Dr. DeVita has done a job in researching such EMF-generating devices as medical x-rays, cell phones, computers and TVs, microwave ovens, smoke detectors, and satellite dishes. She also provides information on how to combat electromagnetic pollution using vitamins and supplements and includes information on how essential oils provide significant relief from this growing problem.

Join us as we listen to Dr. DeVita talk to us about ElectroMagnetic Pollution, what it is, how it comes about, how it influences us, what we can do about it.  She will also speak to us about the GDV Kirlionics technology (almost like a Kirlian video) she uses.

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