The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***  Tuesday October 9th, 2001   ***
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
Meetings might go to 9:30-10:00 (your chapter leader is not too good with timing)
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Our meetings take place
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site at:
Post on your refrigerator:       TORONTO DOWSERS - Fall 2001
      October  9th       -    Olga Nickle (see last page)
         November 13th    -  Alan Reed - Geomantics
 December 11th or 12th  -  2nd Annual Social
   (due to room scheduling problems - decision at a later date)

Time to Renew Your Membership
Please join /  renew your membership in the Toronto Dowsers now.   You do not have to pay for a membership to attend the meetings, but the money helps our expenses and projects.
A membership form is included with this mailing, forms are always available at our meetings, or, you can download it at:
Thank you for your continued support and sharing your energy.
General Meeting Notes

-  CHANGE??  -- The Church that we meet in has booked a choral group for every Tuesday evening.  They were not there the night we met, so we don't know if loud sound will be an issue.  ALSO they will be using the gym which we used to use for larger meetings.  I had thought that if we grew and outgrew our current room, we could use the gym.  That choice is no longer available to us for Tuesday nights.
My question to you:  if any of the above becomes problematic for us:  Should we change, and:?
      We can have a Wednesday night.  Is this ok with you?  If so, which Wednesday?
      Should we look for another place?  If so, recommendations please
PLEASE!!!   I DO need your input for this.  I don't want to make a decision and then find out too many people are unhappy.  Or, your lack of input means whatever I do is fine with you.  ok.     Call or email.  Thank you.

- Parking:  Parking isn't too bad in the neighborhood. and there is a lot behind the Dominion on Yonge Street and there is a school a block north of us that has a lot.

-  If you have to leave the meetings early:  Sit in the back so you don't disturb others.


My thanks to Shelley Bourne and Michael Kostiuk for inspiring this.   We have been told, or tried, to use dowsing for winning lotteries.  And have not or seldom succeeded because of the greed factor, i.e., it does not work because dowsing will not work if there is doubt, or, greed involved.  Or so we've been told.  I don't disagree with it but I can personally not claim it as one of my certainties.

So, try to dowse --- or --- do dowse --- for winning lottery numbers with the intent that 100% of the proceeds goes towards a charity.  Why, you might even intend to contribute 100% of the proceeds to a group such as the Toronto Dowsers!!!!   Please let me know if / when this works.   If it does I will suggest it to other dowsing organizations.

On 9.11
By the time I will have finished and you will have received this newsletter, we will all be on numb overload from the tragedy which has hit us and changed our lives and futures forever.  This section will be outdated, however this is what I have now.

And as numbed as I am by a the events of a city that is my roots, I do Not for a New York minute believe that Palestinian or other Arab terrorists hold the leadership responsibility for the tragedies.  They probably have participated, but are not the the source.   No Arab nation benefits. No Muslim benefits. So why would any of them mount an attack that even the most stupid idiot fanatic in the world would understand to be the instrument of the absolute condemnation and alienation of his cause by all humanity?

You don't go up to a bully and give him a black eye --- unless you have a death wish.  The Palestinians must be smart enough to realize that by destroying powerful emotional symbols of 'the Great Satan', that by violating his heartland --- that all bets and gloves come off and the US will bomb them to kingdom come.

The American people can become so frightened by this that they may easily say: Someone!  Someone Strong!  Come in and Protect us!  Yes! Yes!  Take our Freedoms!  Take Control over our Rights and Lives!  Just Protect us.  Just like we (and me), and all peoples have been doing in our recorded history.

It is a smart Power Monger who creates a Problem so that there is a Reaction and the people come to that power monger for a Solution.  Isn't this how feudalism really got rockin & rollin to become our present state of government?  You have some power and want more, so you hire some thugs, seemingly unconnected to you, they upset the people who come to you for protection, they pay you money and give you their rights and freedoms for your supposed protection.

Who gains?  benefits?  How?  Why?
Who loses?  How?  Why?

At least now the main concern is not a recession, right?  Nor will we deny the President the lands in Alaska he wants for his oil, right?  And we will definitely want to increase the budgets of the FBI, CIA, the other alphabet soups and the military, right?   And China snuck in to the World Trade Organization 4 days after the attack..

I/We can't be as cautious in expressing truth as we used to be.   "All" we need to do is to expose them and let them know we know who they are and what they are doing and we will neither follow them or give them our rights and we will tell the truth and insist that they do this as well.  And not give them our energy.  Or feed them with terror and outraged anger.

The cause is not as simple as we would like.  It is not as simple seeming as a group of Arab terrorists.  Not all terrorists are external.  Some are internal.  Not everything or everyone is at it appears to be.  All of our lives have been dramatically changed this day.    They have made  it so things point at some Arab individuals or groups.  They can easily manufacture this.  And because people are so angry and want a target on which to vent their rage and revenge, they will accept this and look no further.

Did you see what happened in Genoa?  Seattle?  Paid professional provocateurs came in and caused destruction and violence and the non professional protesters were  blamed for this.  It is the same thing as what happened in the French Revolution with the Jacobin mobs.

Most people do not go any further than a surface suspect.  Its easy to believe what we want to believe.  To go deeper, to the truth, to the real cause is too scary because we have to see things we are unwilling to see because the truth is even more horrifying.  And frightfully uncomfortable.

A scary quote on CTV Wednesday morning:

   "Giving up peoples rights for the common good is essential."
This is why  the tragedy took place.   Expect that your rights and freedoms will be curtailed even more.   The whole event has been manufactured to achieve this end.

These recent actions are, by their very design, created to cause us to adopt hate and fear based thinking. Collective consciousness is the most powerful force in the Universe and the promoters of hate and fear are very aware of this reality. They intend to use this force to advance their hate filled agenda. This will only work if they can force us to feed the consciousness with our fears.  And by "they" I do NOT mean the Arabs.  Or the Palestinians.

If you are online check out:     "Who Benefits?   The question no one dares to ask! "     by William Cooper      Here are some exerpts.    (Dowse for the truth.  Dowse for the real instigators)

Questions that remain unanswered from the first World Trade Center Attack:
5. Men who have been so careful during 5 years of planning, training, and careful preparations that never allowed even one leak do not brag the night before their mission that they are going to cause violence and bloodshed the following day, using credit cards with their correct names, allowing drivers licenses with photos to be xeroxed, nor do they spread incriminating evidence around like popcorn.

7. According to news accounts the perpetrators planned the attack as long ago as 5 years, trained to carry out the attack, pulled it off without a hitch, and no information regarding the attack was ever leaked to anyone.

8. Reference #7. Now someone wants us to believe that these were a bunch of drunken fools who shot pistols in their homes, braggarts, who spoke of impending violence and bloodshed to everyone they met and left incriminating evidence everywhere. We are supposed to believe that by some incredible miracle they escaped the notice of every law enforcement and intelligence agency in the entire world. Now read #7 again.

14. Within an hour of the attacks the FBI knew the names, addresses, flight schools they had attended, the acquaintances of the suspects, and had begun a nationwide roundup... yet they cannot find Chandra Levy nor can they say what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey. Pretty strange don't you think?

So who benefits? The answer is obvious and very disturbing. Everyone in the oil business will benefit, especially the Bush family and their business partners. Everyone in the defense industrial complex will benefit. The United Nations will benefit. The State of Israel will benefit big time. Tyranny in the name of security and economics will benefit and rule over the American People. And don't be surprised if many Patriots and politically incorrect Americans begin to disappear overnight like the Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany.

****************** Here's Something Dowsers Can Do ****************

Remember the techniques we learned from Raymon Grace?  If you forgot, check out the December and May newletters, especially the May one.  It will remind you, especially for the first step:

First:   Clear yourself of all negative energies, entities, etc.  Raise your energy.
Next:   Scramble the frequencies of:       war     then      terrorism     then     fear
Next:   Adjust those frequencies to Fifth Dimensional Energy

Remembering:  Carl Brewer

As so many people (including, obviously, my dad) have left us recently, since the spring, there has been a focus here on dying.  Especially this month.   However, there is one other person we must also take note of.  On the news of August 26th you may have heard about the passing of hockey legend and icon, Carl Brewer.  What few knew was that Carl was also a Toronto Dowser.  And my Dowsing Buddy.   I  met Carl before I knew he was a hockey person and appreciated his seeking mind.  Carl really liked what we were doing.  He was a man who stopped at nothing to uncover the truth and did it in a classy way.  It was probably his searching nature for truth that caused his interest in dowsing.  Carl went to Raymon's workshop in May and wanted to continue working on the techniques, as he was concerned about his health.  Too too bad that we didn't have the time to do  this.  We didn't know him long, or well, but he definitely left an impression as a good and gentle man.  He made me proud of myself because he liked what I say in the newsletters.  He gave those he connected with precious gifts of his self.  We miss you, Carl.

What Happened at our Meeting,  Tuesday   September 11th,  2001
* Happy Birthday Toronto Dowsers *

The Toronto Dowsers had its first meeting exactly a year ago, September 11th, 2000 with an excellent showing of 45 people.  We are exactly one year old today.   Happy Birthday to us.  And congratulations for what you have accomplished and been part of during this year.  May we grow even more in spirit, knowledge, abilities, awareness and friendships.  And Thank You.

Volunteers are the Oxygen of any group.  To acknowledge the dedication and commitment of many, we bought gifts for them which were presented at this meeting.  From the ASD convention in Vermont in June gifts such as bobbers, Raymon's books, an ASD portfolio, ASD tote bag, key chain pendulums, suede pouches, and pyramids were purchased and distributed to:  Organizers:  Shelley Bourne, Lorenza Campagnolo, Bette Harvey, Muriel Murray (and Peter Clayton, in absentia) and for those who have rendered great service this past year:   Margaret Ball, Phillip Bowman, Arthur Clark, Lisa Jorgensen, Louise Yarek and Puck.  THANK YOU!

Tracy McBurney, RHN,  was our presenter for the evening.  She WOW'd all of us.  And rightly so.   This was the longest presentation yet and we were hanging on her every word but I finally had to cut it "short" at about 10 PM.   It's hard to say what technique she uses because Tracy is just Tracy and has put together tools to create her own inimitable style in helping people.  And she does.

She said she got in touch with energies when she found a vortex in the Halton region 6 years ago and her body "became" a pendulum.  She was then able to feel the energetic frequencies of things, such as an apple.  Or a microwave.    As she felt more energies and learned about them she integrated the feelings inside herself to understand and differentiate with say: Allergies.  Love.  Intolerance.  And in learning how to assess them in her body, she used her body as her dowsing tool.

She showed us a technique to balance ourselves where you grasp the outside of your left arm with your right palm and then inside of your right arm with your left palm (I hope I have that right. If not, I'm sure someone will correct me on it.)  And you hold it until you feel balanced.

Remember the K27 points?   Tracy told us to rub these.  [Joanne Theel-Amundson, well known dowser and speaker and author of Pendulum Homeostasis tells us "The K-27s are of major importance for optimum, balanced bodily function. They are the 27th point on the kidney meridian, a very high organ energy system.  Location: Just off the sternum (breastbone) in the space between the clavicle (collarbone) and the first rib.  Her book has  LOT on this.]  Rub these when the energy is unbalanced.  You can also put the 2nd and 3rd fingers of the left hand in the navel, take the 2nd and third fingers of the right hand behind the ear, follow the bone to its end.  Take a deep breath and hold these points.   Then, switch hands and do the other side.  This balances you, opens you up.

Copies of her chart --  her starting point in working with clients -- were given out and she volunteered Steve to demonstrate her methods.  Dowsing from her chart, Tracy determined that  priority for Steve was a need to make a change in the Feng Shui of his home.   In Steve's kitchen, apparently, the stove is right next to the fridge.  Although common in homes, this is not a good thing.  The stove is the Fire element and the fridge is the Water element.   Fire should not be next to water.  The water puts out the fire.  Fire represents our passions in life and they are doused when they are too close to water.  To remedy this, the Wood element is recommended, such as a plant (fake is ok, dried is not) or a Chinese abacus --- to be put on top of the refrigerator.  Wood neutralizes the effect of the water on the fire.  Some people have a counter in-between the 2 and it could be good to place a wooden cutting board on top of that counter.  If Steve does this he should notice a harmonious change in the interpersonal dynamics at home and a smoother happier life.

We moved on to Allergies.  Tracy has done considerable research in to the root cause and treatment of allergies, with great success.  She told us that there are people who are allergic to themselves, their children, their spouses.  When you are allergic to someone you live with, this creates an inflammation.  Histamine is secreted in the body and this is corrosive.  Using dowsing and kiniesiology she found and cleared several of Steve's allergies.  She also pointed out that this must be done in a secure atmosphere because we don't change or transform unless, until, we feel SAFE.    I'm glad she pointed this out.  How many times have you gone in to a health professional's office and they want you to spill your guts and you feel as comfortable with them as with your grade school principal or a Revenue Canada agent?

Tracy used essential oils to clear certain emotions of Steve's.  She likes and uses the Young Living brand.  For example, "Sacred Mountain Oil" is good for dealing with deep rooted anger, "White Angelica" to heal tears in the aura.  The oils heal the conflicts, which is what the subconscious is working with.  [NOTE: Tracy, as well as several people already in our dowsing group, are well acquainted with the Young Living oils.]

Tracy has found that allergies are created at our deepest levels by conflict and trauma.  Different allergies have different causes.  An allergy to wheat, for example is an expression at the deepest level of not feeling wanted.  This could result from a conversation heard while in utero and you interpreted it as not feeling wanted.  Ragweed allergies represent a fear of seeing --- There is conflict with the start of creation, with the vision, seeing part.  If you saw it, you would have to change, and, you don't want to.  Allergies to pollen relate to not having fun.  Intolerances have to do with judgment.  Problems with perfumes are really intolerances, but --- to formaldehyde which is a fear of not being able to breathe.  This is a common one.  When we were born, we had to make a choice between Mother and Breathing.  Tracy helps people feel that they can have both.  A reaction to mold is a feeling that "I'm not perfect".  It's about perfection and imperfection and coming to terms with it.  Cats --- a fear of  "I'm going to be attacked".  With dogs, its about loyalty and betrayal.

Here's how to clear the allergy.  First, you determine what the allergy is, through dowsing.
Then you do series of rapid tappings with affirming statements, each statement said 3 times.  What this does is it rewires you.

1)  Tap and make small circles on the K27s and affirm:  "Even though I have this allergy to   X    , I completely accept myself."

2)  Tapping by the beginning of both eyebrows (the bladder point): "I am eliminating all of the fears in all of the roots, all of the sadnesses in all of the roots, the deepest causes of all of these problems, of being allergic to   X     ."

3) Make a Mudra position (here, the thumb with the first finger) "I connect to the harmonic."

4)  Tapping under the eye (the digestion point), repeat the statement in #2.

5)  Tap the thumb to the pinkie and "I am eliminating all of the anger in all of the roots, the deepest cause of all of these problems of being allergic to    X    ."

6) Tapping the beginning of both eyebrows (again)  "I am eliminating all of the emotional trauma."

Steve was not totally cleared so Tracy used some Harmony Oil to put his body back in to harmony.

NEXT, Tracy told us of 2 vortexes she found in Toronto:
ANGER:   In the Bloor/Bathurst area, by Lippincott's, the parking lot of Lee's Palace, the earth is dextoxing anger.  You'll find a lot of angry people there and its a good place to be if you're having an angry day and need to release anger.
SADNESS:  Yonge/Eglinton area, in the coffee shop at Indigo.

The next person Tracy volunteered for us was Pauline who Tracy intuited needed to work on a conflict about what she wanted to do.  Tracy pointed out that one ought not to make a hobby in to a career as hobbies are good for excess energies, but if turned in to a career it drains you.

I finally had to shoo everyone out as it was getting late.

Tracy has 2 upcoming workshops and we would like to have her do more:

October 10th,  (Wed)  7-10 PM  "Discovering Essential Oils".    $20
Nov. 7th & 14th (Wed)  7-10 PM  "Cure Your Allergies in Minutes"  $120
(these are both in the Don Mills & Eglinton area.  Call Tracy (416)  690-1243 for further details)

Tracy had a few copies of her manual available for sale and we bought a copy for our library.  This manual is included with the price of (her allergy) workshop.   Tracy also sees clients in her home.  You can phone her  for information and for an appointment.   Audwin Trapman called me a few days after the meeting and told me he had just had an appointment with her and she was fabulous and helped him a lot.  "She is skilled, compassionate, insightful, spiritually connected."

And I must add this:  I really love Tracy.   Class with her was never dull.

An Email & Puppy Story

        For those who have given me email addresses, I send out about 2-3 emails a month about events, unless something is happening where I send out more messages (like our Field Day).
        While I was sending out the Field Day emails, Jan Scanlon-Coles emailed me that her dog was about to give birth and did anyone want a puppy (she was selling them).  I tacked her message on to one of the emails, Jillian Hovey, who is  involved with permaculture, contacted her immediately and is getting one of the puppies.

        I mention this here to:   (a)  to tell you email folks the rest of the story,   (b) to let other folks find out a little more about our email to let you know how we use it,   (c) to let you know I feel networking (like this, and other ways) is VERY important to us and we need to do more  AND  the only reason I know this is because I asked Jan about it at our meeting and she told me.   Hey guys, I NEED FEEDBACK --- if I don't find out the results, why bother if I don't know its working?  FEEDBACK INFO INPUT FEEDBACK INFO INPUT FEEDBACK INFO INPUT FEEDB
 The New Toronto Dowsers Library

Here are some of the policies for the library:
         The library will be available to members only.
         There will be a small fee to borrow materials.
         Borrowing period is until the next meeting
         A waiting list for materials will be established
         An inventory sheet will be available for viewing at meetings and posted on the web site

Here's some tidbits from some of the ASD tapes now in our library:
Florence Horn -- Florence is a lovely woman from NYC.  She gives a session on "Dowsing
        for a Soul Mate".     Now, do you remember when Margaret Ball told us about the
        stick pad dowsing?    Florence says she keeps a smooth stone in her pocket (she
        gave me one) and surreptitiously uses this to dowse when it is inappropriate to allow
        others to know what she is doing.  She also said the reason this works is because of
        a sensitive acupuncture point on the pad of the thumb.
Alicja Aratyn - "Vibration of the Shape" - Our own Alicja here says that when you use
        your pendulum, hold your string with 2, not 3 --- fingers.  Each finger has a positive
        or a negative charge and if you use 3 fingers there will be 2 positive and 1 negative
        charge or 2 negative and 1 positive charge.  It will be unbalanced.

Do you have a dowsing book or audio or video tape you would like to donate to our library?
Thank you, Diane Marcotte and Audwin Trapman,  for your contributions.

October 9th, 2001 MEETING
Olga Nickle, B.A., Reiki Master
will speak on Hand Sensing (Dowsing)
If you attended CSD conventions a few years ago, you will probably remember Olga Nickle, a retired high school teacher,  and her presentation on hand sensing in an introduction to the Learning Path Technique, mind, body and soul.   The first part of the Learning Path Technique is Hand Sensing (Dowsing) and this is what Olga will present to us in full during our presentation.   Olga learned hands on healing through the Spiritualist Church.   She would do Reiki over the phone to people and out of this developed the Learning Path.

You will learn to use hand sensing with four different techniques as dowsing instruments to find information on relationships, body scanning for difficulties, affinities and disaffinities, as well as yes and no answers.   This is a full course on using hand sensing as a dowsing instrument.

The sense of touch is one of the lesser stressed of the 5 senses and this ought to be developed to help us enhance our intuition.  We become aware of tingles and pressure and how to feel the energy field around us.  By becoming aware of this we can differentiate between the qualities of these feelings.  You will even be able to clear the environment around you with your hands.  She has a 7 step clearing process where you go in to an environment and make it pleasant.

From a dowser's point of view, one learns to focus one's intention and use instruments in order to
detect a specific energy field. After a period of practice, one notices that one can detect these
fields by sensing the energy with one's hand.

THE LEARNING PATH TECHNIQUE allows the practitioner to communicate with the
unconscious mind and other levels of mind to seek out the first root cause. This came about when it
was noticed that, at times when an individual was saying "yes" to something "no" was being said
through body expressions. With this realization, Olga had the idea that using hand movements with
specific ideas or thoughts should bring about an answer to a problem. IT WORKED! In time, Olga
found that an individual could not only "recreate" the past effects of a first root cause (thereby
eliminating misconceptions, fears, etc.) but that those positive recreated effects continued on into the
present and future also. No longer were the effects of those past negative first root causes influencing
decisions and actions in the present.

This will be a very good session for those who say they can not feel energies and would like to.  This is a different way of dowsing --- there is a different feel to it.  Those who are experiencing difficulty in their dowsing may probably find things easier as this technique accesses your brain differently.  Those who are more comfortable in their dowsing will probably find their abilities enhanced.

Those contributions who have influenced Olga so far include: Tad James' Secret of Creating the study of Quantum Healing, by Deepak Chopra, Seicho No Ie, Yogananda's Self Realization Home Study, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Geraldine Smith's teachings in the seventies, Reiki (Olga is a Reiki Master), Therapeutic Touch, Silva Method, Spiritual healing, the Kaballah, Christianity, and eastern mysticism, specifically Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism and more recently, the Koran.
 Olga teaches the Learning Path Technique at her home in Richmond Hill and on Internet.