The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting
Wednesday, October 16, 2002
featuring:  JOEY KORN , of Augusta, Georgia  (see back page)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.

Welcome to:
The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
 1 light West of Avenue Road - or -
2 lights East of Spadina
There is a PARKING LOT! on the WEST side of the building
The entrance to our room is on the EAST side of the building
This is a short streetcar ride (#312) from either the St. Clair or St. Clair West TTC stations.
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $5 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members  (subject to change in the future)
          $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers  (subject to change)
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
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 October 15th, 8 PM:  Do the energy raising for tomororow's meeting
October 16th: Joey Korn

Joey is offering "Kabbalistic Energy Work" personal sessions and Spiritual Housecleaning"
services Oct. 17,18,21 in Toronto. This can be in a private session or at your home
Register with Marilyn:  (416) 322 - 0363 9:33 - 9:33

Sign up for a:  Weekend Workshop with:   Joey  Korn
October 19, 20     2002
A separate insert is included in the mailed newsletters which includes a flyer, an article and registration information.  Or, you can find this all online at:
 Joey Korn's October workshop in Toronto
November 13th:  Dr. Sabina deVita - Electromagnetic Pollution
December 11th:  Annual Social

This Dowsing Youngster is a Winner!

Kayla Tink, age 9, was brought to the Toronto Dowsers first field day July 2001 soon after her mom, Suzanne, joined the group. The wonder on Kayla's face was evident that day as she and Sierra Viola, the other youngster at the field day, learned how to bend spoons. Two confident dowsers were born that day.  Raymon Grace spoke with Kayla in March at the Total Health show and said that she has the makings of a powerful dowser.

In August, Kayla was looking forward to attend the CNE, the Canadian National Exhibition, a humongous fair and carnival, that takes place every year for 10 days at the end of the summer. Kayla loves the fair, goes every year, looks forward to it with great excitement.  Her favorite activity is to play games and win the small prizes.  She has always wanted to win one of those great big stuffed animals.

This year, the night before she was to attend the CNE, Kayla took her pendulum and asked:   "Am I going to win a jumbo prize?"  She received a "YES!"

The next morning she told her mom what she had done.  Suzanne said to her, "See if you have to energize it."  Kayla received another "Yes".  So she energized it (the pendulum was swinging in a clockwise motion).  Then it stopped.  Off they went to the CNE.

She was winning a few little prizes here and there and Suzanne said to her  "We have to find the right game."

A vendor was in front of his booth, throwing a baseball in to one of the bushel baskets.  When Kayla and Suzanne approached he offered that he was going to give Kayla 4 balls for $5 and give her all kinds of practice shots and show her how to throw the balls correctly so that she would win.

Kayla took her practice shots and she did fine. Then --- she took her 4 balls and One Two Three Four --- Four balls in a row went right in to the basket and Kayla won her jumbo prize!  She picked a Jumbo Wizard Bear.

Parents who were standing there waiting for their children to get off rides made a big fuss over her.  Everywhere she went that day people made a big fuss over her.

Suzanne told the vendor that he made Kayla's dream come true.  He told her that it was his pleasure, he was really happy to do this.

Suzanne said the whole experience was dreamlike.  Everyone there was so happy.  It was a fairy tale with a lot of light, sharp images and happy smiling people.  Like something right out of Charlotte's Web.

Kayla continues to dowse.  She locates lost objects, such as her pencil crayons, with her L Rods.  She finds water and measures the aura of the dog and whoever else she can with her L Rods.  And goes to school and draws lovely pictures.  And dreams and dowses.

  Our New Home
Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

I finally found us a new home.  It "only" took 6 weeks.  Called every church in the area -- those that could accommodate us were booked.  Called Kiwanis, the Legions, Lions, Rotarians, synagogues, schools, cultural organizations, community centres, the Naturopathic College, libraries, searched for hotels, ...  I'd drive around the area late at night looking for big buildings.  Thought there must be some company out there with a large room.

THANK YOU PAT KULYSKI for telling me about Timothy Eaton.  Pat called me nearly every day for weeks with various suggestions, boosting my spirits when I was hitting dead ends.  Pat was given free membership for this next year for her help and other goodies will come her way from us during this year.

I really really like this church.  My main concern was that it is too far south for those who come from the north.  If you take the 401, it could take you another 7 minutes south (of our old location).  I know many of you make the effort to drive, and to arrive on time and wanted it to be as easy as possible for you.  For now, this is where we are.  I hope that it will be so wonderful for you that will look upon this as a minor inconvenience.  And, we can always program for excellent travel conditions, right?

From the 401, I think its best to take AVENUE ROAD South.  South of Eglinton Avenue, you have to make a "dog leg", i.e., make a left at the 1st or 2nd left after the 2nd light (Chaplin Crescent), then a right on to Oriole Parkway where it turns in to Avenue Road again.  Kinda weird but once you do it, you'll be used to it.  St. Clair is the light south of Heath Road.  Make a right, go to the next light and there you are. Go through the light to the corner (Warren Road), make a right in to the parking lot.  Park, walk around to the front - east side of the building, go in that door, our room is to your immediate right.....  If you need more directions, let me know.

I have us booked in to the church for October, November, December.  We can look for a new home in the meantime, and/or remain at Timothy Eaton.  We shall see.  So PLEASE CONTINUE TO OFFER SUGGESTIONS

The less beneficial changes:

What's really nice: We ask for your awareness and patience at this next meeting with:
Please renew your membership now
Your membership year expires the end of this month (September 30).
We hope you want to renew and will do so
If you renew by October 31st you get a coupon for one free admission for a guest
No matter when you first join, all memberships expire September 30th
Please fill in the registration form, mail it in with payment or bring it to the next meeting
Please renew now if you would like to take library books out at the next meeting.
Each year, we have a sticker on your tag to denote that you are a member.  This year it is a gold star. If you don't have one, please ask for one at the registration desk.

We had been providing everyone with name badges because we didn't want non members to feel differently but as we grew this has proved too cumbersome and the badges cost us 60 cents each.  So from now on we only distribute them to members.  Non members can use the sticky labels.  Most of us do appreciate the use of name badges and your cooperation in wearing your and returning them at the end of the evening --- with the string tucked in.  Thanks!

Pietro Vona (1938 - 2002)

Many of you remember Pietro Vona, one of our liveliest, most chipper members, a good dowser of long standing, a sweet, caring, wise, helpful, aware intelligent man with a big heart, a happy and kind word for everyone.  Pietro died on August 9, 2002, from a massive heart attack, 6 months short of an eagerly anticipated retirement.  He knew he had heart problems and was in good health, played with his granddaughter in the yard that day.

There was some irony that this was announced at our September 11th meeting, as Pietro was featured in the September 11th, 2001 meeting.  Pietro was one of the two people on whom Tracy McBurney, our speaker, demonstrated her techniques.

Pietro had many friends and was well known, liked, cared about and respected in our dowsing world.  His wife told me that his children would like to know what people thought of their father.  If there is anything you would like to let them know, please send it to her (he is listed in the phone book), or, send them to me and I will pass them on.

Alan Reed's Labor Day Geomantics Weekend in Madoc

This was one of those weekends where things turned out much different than what was expected.  Many now have experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.  Several were frustrated about the lack of structure and preparation.  When we pay, or, contract, for something, we do expect to get what we contract for --- within reason and deserve it.

This was the first time something like this was attempted and is one of the reasons we purposefully kept the cost very low:  $125 for a 3 day weekend that goes from breakfast to bedtime?  Pretty good deal!   One person can not do alone all the work that is required and needs to hire people.  Supplies, facilities, equipment are needed. We decided to keep the rate low to see how things went and we anticipated glitches. We anticipated it as a learning experience.

And yes, you are right. There was a lack of preparation.  You didn't get the quantity expected in activities, in wisdom.  Events didn't start on time.  There was too much time waiting --- until we figured out how to spend the time otherwise and we made magic.  Nothing can excuse that and if you wanted what was contracted for and did not receive it and are disappointed --- you are 100% right, I won't refute your disappointment and I wish that part had turned out differently for us.  I think about 8-10 of the 40 people who attended remained disappointed in that respect.  I hope next time we do better.

The others had a different experience.  Sometimes when you go for something, you don't get what you expected or wanted, but you get something else.  It can be more valuable.  Our world was born in chaos where nature takes its own course.

For the city people it was just a treasure to be in nature the way we were.  Several people rejuvenated by being on the land the way we were, the way a parched plant thrives when being watered.  The city environment is more toxic within the last year than it used to be.  Those of us who were there Monday morning felt magic happen.

We loved being there, gained value from getting to know one another.  We had a magical time in Alan's cave (really an old mine).  We found rocks in the meadow where we began a labyrinth, learned a little about mineralizing soils, learned about animals, vegetation, food.  We relaxed and hung out with one another, took walks, listened to the insects, noticed the birds.  When we began the labyrinth he told us to first Draw the pattern, then pour minerals on the pattern.  You are inlaying the earth with that pattern.  It stays forever.

Alan created a place and a space for us to Be.  Miracles and necessary realizations did take place for many people.   Our spirits were nourished by connecting with nature in a more meaningful way.

Alan Reed is a genius.  I/We ought not to expect him to pay attention to the mundane any more than we'd expect it of Einstein.  Their minds work in a different way.  If we want their treasure, we ought to understand and accept how to get it.  Alan is way ahead of his time.  10 years ago, Daryl Kollman, founder of Cell Tech (the blue green algae company) was telling people that we are approaching a point of no return because we are rapidly destroying our topsoil.  If enough is destroyed, life on this planet will die.  Alan is one of the people helping us preserve life on this planet as we want it to be. If we do this again, I --- or someone --- will take a more proactive position in the organizing. It's learning how to work with different people, what's needed, what is not.

All you had to do was ask Alan a question and sit there with your bucket as he pours forth pearls of wisdom.  Our frustration arose because we didn't have enough of this treasure.  We had a lot of community.

We talked about doing another event, even in the cool / cold weather.   Maybe without a lot of the planning burden.  It's good just to have a place to go to where the energy is good and we can hang out privately, or, with one another.

4 people were still there when I left Monday at 4 -- they didn't want to leave.  Here are comments from 3 people:

From Ann Knutton:   I just wanted to thank you formally for all the work you put into the weekend and for your write up.   I am sure you had a few anxious moments, to say the least.   I agree with you that the first day was very dis-orientating - I didn't know where to put my tent and had no chair, etc. But as the weekend progressed (and on looking back), there were so many memorable moments, so many great people, the fun belly dance learning, the spiritual lomi lomi "flying" learning, the wonderful jam session in the cave, the last moments in the cave on Monday afternoon, listening to Diana's flute (I guess I was one of the 4 who did not want to leave).   Not to mention all the contacts and tips that we gained for the future.   Please thank Alan for his hospitality and thank you again.

From Peg Groom:  My soul cried out to sit under the stars away from city lights and it was answered ten fold. The drought I felt to feel mother nature was reversed and I took with me some of the most wonderful memories that I will treasure to the end of my days.  The experience of  camping with two of my favorite people in the "wilderness" with all its inconveniences was sheer joy and the laughs we shared will be forever remembered. Thank you Marilyn and Alan and  especially Marilyn for your incredible use of the English language to paint a picture, so accurate.

From Manon Hesp: I truly enjoyed my weekend, it was one that I will always treasure.  I went home with so many gifts from the Universe, my spirits, the surroundings, the people and of course Alan himself.

But you see I never had any expectations, I step aside and just allowed, being open to the environment and my surroundings to reconnect with myself on the level I needed to in order to process, heal, and release what no longer served me for my highest good.

I felt so at home with the surroundings, being able to really communicate with Mother nature one on one, to be able to shower outdoor surrounded by her beauty was truly refreshing and rejuvenating for me.  I felt very empowered by this whole experience.

As for the cave, it was like being on sacred grounds.  I left home for this journey to release in a safe environment things that no longer fit for me and things that I didn't have a chance to heal from but was ready to let go.   I felt so free, my heart was once again filled with love, compassion and my whole being resonating with harmony, peace and serenity.

There where many little miraculous moments throughout the weekend that will make my memories of this whole experience a special one.  But then again, it is all on how you embrace each challenge and each moment.  Each time we set expectations we are disappointed.  "Doing" is a human way, "being" is from spirit.

I so needed this weekend to just be, just to feel the experience from within.  It was all about inner-direction than outer-direction for me.  We are all connected, we are all one.  Each one of us helps the other grow in some way, especially when we share a spiritual weekend as we did.  We all played a very special part in the healing process and journey.  I want to thank all my brothers and sisters from the light  for creating a safe place for me, filled with love and compassion, accepting me for who I am without judgment in order to heal and be free from the heaviness in my heart.  I will always be grateful.

So you see, I went home with abundance in love, compassion, peace, and harmony.  I was centered again!  All I had to do was be open and just allowed, a small gift to pay for what I got in return.

Here is some of the information which Alan shared with us:

Chew your drink
Drink your food

When you get sick you lose the ability to draw the natural energies of the earth in to you.  It is as if you are sick, defective and the earth abandons you.

We are putting necrotic tissue in to our bodies.  We don't manage our excrement.  We feed it to our animals.  We don't eat right, are eating is not balanced and so we are creating salts rather than C02.  This is deposited in our body and people become arthritic.

Lemons are one of the highest sources of lithium.  Lithium is very good for the brain.  When you think you burn up phosphorous --- the "light bearing" mineral.  People who have a lot of confusion are low in phosphorous --- because the synapses aren't working properly.

When Alan makes rice, as he did for our group, he uses white rice and brown rice.  The brown rice has fiber and acts as an intestinal broom.  The white rice has cellulose and its fuel is immediately available to the body.  Our digestive system can't fully break down then endosperm at the end of the brown rice, so Alan adds the white.  The white is needed to build up the body weight and to build up the bones.   Macrobiotics consume only brown rice and therefore are too low in a healthy body weight.

He eats cooked food then his salad.  With the salad sitting on top, this then allows the enzymes in the live salad to "fall down" and work on the cooked food.  It doesn't allow gas to rise, and breaks it down if it does.

Alan says "I eat like a pauper and feel like a king. Before I ate like a king and felt like a pauper."

There are 3 unique elements that are necessary to create life.  They are:  Air, light and water.  This is a rare combination, a combination which our Earth has.

Rock are living creatures.

Urine is amniotic (?) fluid

Soil is an electrical circuit. When we go through the soil with a metal implement, we cut all the "wires", we short circuit the electrical circuitry that builds up naturally in the soil.

Hazel sticks are good for discovering ores.

Crows eat caterpillars in corn fields on hot winter days.  Farmers leave corn stalks up in their fields over the winter.  They act as "caterpillar hotels".  The caterpillars are useful for ridding the fields of non beneficial insects.

Sugar is organic carbon.
A molecule of sugar will hold 4 molecules of carbon around it.
(this is a reason why you gain weight when you have too much sugar --- it holds water)
Gardeners put some sugar water on their lawn in the dry weather, because it holds water in.
1 gallon of black strap molasses to 200 gallons water for 1 acre of land.  The molasses also has potassium

Cows have a kind of radar.  They can detect .05% difference in sugar content in the grasses that they eat.  So they know which grasses, flowers have the most energy for them.  That's why, even though they may be on a field with some grass, they are looking at other fields, where it seems, "the grass is greener".   It's higher in sugar, better for them, they know it and want it and try to get it.

Wolves eat a lot of berries. It enables them to not take on the disease of the diseased animals they eat.

Bugs have antennae.  There are different kinds of antennae.  This is how humans got the idea of our antennae, such as VHF, UHF, etc.  It was modeled on the bugs!  Bugs use their antennae it to communicate with members of their species.  They also use them to detect pheromones.  They can detect pheromones 10,000 feet! (2 miles!) away.

When bugs consume sugar it ferments in to alcohol and quickly melts their insides.  Which is one of the reasons you don't see bug infested healthy plants.  Bugs might land and start to eat them but the quick fermentation will cause their insides to melt, they die and fall off.

The deer know which acorns to eat.
With white oak trees, the acorns are rich in carbohydrates and it helps produce fuel and create fat.
With red oak trees, the acorns are rich in oils and helps to keep them warm

Tobacco:  Give a leaf to your horse.  Tobacco is high in niacin.  Tobacco was ok until the 50's.  People didn't get cancer from tobacco before that time.  After the 50's they started putting in pesticides and additives.  That is what is killing people.  Not the tobacco.  Tobacco is the highest source of Vitamin B complex --- we just don't know how to properly consume it for its beneficial properties.


(We were not following directions and Alan's "Bear Energy" came out.  Some of us lacked the proper respect and awareness for the sacred energies we were working with.  We want, "enlightenment in a weekend".  So Alan told us:)

We are all too "overtly eager" and miss the lesson, miss the answer.
The apprentice must respect it when the teacher says "this is how you do it".
Too few people know or respect apprenticeship.
They want the reward before they are willing to do the work.

You have to follow first before you get the magic.  And this is what we do.

Our young men --- We give them a gun before we teach them how to write poetry and learn to dance.


Alan would like to share his information with us.  What we thought could work is that he would record it and it would be transcribed.  If you would be willing to give away or sell at a reasonable price:

Also if anyone has for give away or sale at a low price: Is there anyone who drives to the US and back about once a month and would be willing to bring back items that we would like to purchase?   Shipping and taxes are sometimes too prohibitive.  I recently bought a dowsing kit I spent $125 US on that I wanted to share with you and in addition to the $8 US shipping was assessed $40 CDN in taxes.  We would like to get Dr. Darius Dinshah's color healing system which includes an industrial lighting fixture but shipping and taxes will cost more than the items themselves.  We occasionally get books, bobbers, pendulums, etc.

In a spring newsletter I asked if there was anyone who could provide me with a getaway in the country.  *!* Steve W. *!*, I am eternally grateful for your kindness and generosity in giving me the use of your peaceful quiet energizing family cottage right on the water for 2 weeks this past summer in Kincardine.

After my experience, and seeing what happened to many people --- the more sensitive types --- who live in the city and don't get to the country often --- we see how a getaway could be useful.  Life saving in fact.  Those who are the most sensitive and the most in need of this are always those who can not afford to do so.  If you have ideas on this subject, let me know.  Affordability is a primary consideration.

Your own Homeopathic Chemtrail Remedy

Hugh Magill works out of a clinic in Burlington where he does emotional trauma release work.  A man of many talents, Hugh is also a fine woodworker and crafts tabletop labyrinths and the Flower of Life.  He and his colleagues discovered that they could very easily make their own personal, individually tailored homeopathic remedy as a preventive or amelioration for the problems caused by Chemtrails.  He shared this with us at Alan's workshop:

You now have your homeopathic chemtrail remedy.  You can take a few drops several times a day, as you would any other homeopathic remedy.

What happened at our September 11th meeting

We began our 3rd meeting season with a blast this September 11th.  Last year, because of 9.11 events, we had a smallish meeting of "only" 65.  Well, we more than doubled it this meeting at 135.  The joint was jumping, people were happy to see one another, there was a lot of conversation going on and happy faces.

This is happening more and more as you get to know one another.  We also had our Field Day of about 40 people and the weekend in Madoc, again, with 40 people, both times where people got to know one another better.  And of course there is another big reason which I'll get in to later.

Our sound system didn't work too well as the quality of sound from our microphone is poor and some people could not hear too well.  This is my fault and I apologize for it, however we should not have that problem again since the new place has a sound system.

A new addition to our meeting was our videographer.  This was a test run, to see what you think of it and how things come out.  People have been asking me for video and audio tapes of our meetings, so, if you like it and it works and when we have permission of the speaker, we will make tapes and sell them.  This is good for people who live too far away, have scheduling conflicts or are physically unable to attend meetings. Maybe one day we will be as successful as the group in Arizona --- they have a tape purchasing system going that folks from all over the place order from. The members of the Toronto Dowsers have been asked how they feel about having the meetings taped and the tapes sold and we are waiting for their answer.

Our videographer is Leah Breuer.  Leah just returned from a summer internship in Hollywood where she worked on the DVD for Men in Black II.  She is in her 4th year year in Ryerson's film program and we are very lucky to get her services because normally hiring someone to do the filming and editing and everything is very expensive.  However, nepotism can work successfully in both directions, as Leah is my niece!  If she is unable to film, one of her crew will show up.

The volunteers are the heart of every group like ours and at this meeting we had a chance to recognize them.  They received a bobber and a bottle of "Dowser Water".  What's Dowser Water?  It's a brand of water bottled in New York State.  Dowser Water!  (We did this for the bottle, not necessarily for the water.)  Another reason this is appropriate for dowsers:  If you are familiar with Robert Heinlein's science fiction classic "Stranger In a Strange Land" --- with people you like you "Share Water", and you:  Grok  -- Hang out and enjoy good vibrations.

Free lifetime membership was given to the Huszczo family for their continuing generosity and thoughtfulness.  THANK YOUs to Jannette, Walter and Larry!  Free membership for this coming year was given to Lorenza Campagnolo who ran our registration area and mailed out the newsletters for our first two years.  THANK YOU Lorenza!  Free membership for this coming year was given to Pat Kulyski who helped us find the Timothy Eaton Church.  THANK YOU Pat!

I wish to personally thank: Shelley Bourne, Helen Evans, Bette Harvey, Pat Kulyski, Brigitte Lortie, Muriel Murray, Jan Scanlan-Coles and absent members Phillip Bowman, Puck, Peter Clayton, Lorenza Campagnolo and Pauline Gagnon.  They arrive early, regularly and dependably to take care of what goes on at meetings.  They take care of registration.  They get the room ready for the meetings.  This includes setting out and setting up all the chairs and all the tables.  They see that our mailings go out, that our accounting is proper and our bills are paid.  They see that the library is even there --- that it is organized for you, that you have access to the materials and that they are properly cared for.  We would not have meetings without them.  They have little if any time to socialize before and after the meetings.   So what do these wonderful people do?  Several people who have volunteered one time call me up after their experience and ask me if they can do it again because they had so much fun.  It's the kind of thing you may not understand until you try it.  You've heard the phrase:  To the victor goes the spoils?  With us its:  (S)He who volunteers gets the goodies.

Our speakers
The topic was Unusual Dowsing Tools  We had 3 speakers.

The first speaker was:  Margherita "Crystal Lotus".   Margherita Vondrak, born in Sweden, Margherita is an Advanced Crystal Healing graduate from the Crystal Academy in Hawaii. She has a background in science and art, holds a degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Stockholm.  She is promoting and practicing the modality of Crystal Healing where various crystals from the mineral kingdom are used to facilitate the alignment of energy lines in the body.  Margherita is teaching an on-going Crystal Healing Certificate program in the Toronto area and uses her heritage in art like drawing and color to access and heal trauma.  Her workshops includes elements of crystal energy, color and sound linked with a deep desire to assist others to release emotions and heal destructive beliefs.

Since the topic is controversial, we asked Margherita to talk about the advisability of using crystals as pendulums.  Margherita told us that:

"   Any material in the universe contains a vibration due to the movements of the subatomic particles in the material. Crystals have the ability to contain a very precise vibration and keep it for many millions of years. Many Quartz Crystals, as an example were formed around 400 million years ago. Still after all this time they have kept their individual form and vibration all this time.

The theory is that certain vibration can move energy patterns. What that means is that if certain energy patterns has been stuck in the body one has a possibility to change this pattern by applying certain vibrational energies. We can do this by intent alone if one possesses that kind of awareness or one can utilize specific Crystals as a tool to progress in this work.

When a crystal is used in a Dowsing tool / pendulum, the dowser can benefit in its very precise energy compared to composite materials like wood even if they are natural and other manmade / manufactured products like metal or plastics. Obviously any weight on a string will work as a pendulum.  As crystals will amplify any energy that the dowser holds it will assist in making this clear. For example if a person holds doubt inside that will be amplified. Using another material may not show this and show false results without the person knowing.  Crystals have helped me personally to reveal issues I have had so that I have become aware of them.  In the case of doubt mentioned, as soon as any doubt arises and I become aware of it this indicates that I have to clear myself and align with my higher self and highest good. I do this with breath and mentally seeing myself in a position of service and detachment from any answer that I am looking for. To be clear (clear channel etc.) can be very difficult when there are personality agendas going on specially if the person hold fear.

Margherita's vision is to assist anyone to become clearer so that they can make all their decisions and choices based on their own blueprint or mission instead of being run by others or by their fears.  Just check yourself here, can you resist a homemade cookie even if you know that some of the stuff it is made of is not very good for you. It comes down to a level of how committed one is to really do our ‘work’. It is so easy to be avoiding or blaming or giving an excuse. That is particularly evident in the work we do around self-love.

Black Sapphire is used for a clear focused mind. Clear Quartz is the greatest amplifier and inexpensive enough so everyone can use it. Crystals are used for: a choice in life, how shall I proceed from here, how shall I blance in my own healing.  They are not usually used to work with other people.  New stones are:  Sugulite, Moldavite.  Trust your instincts.  Rather than asking the pendulum to tell you everything, go beyond the tool.  Let the tool show you the way there.

Crystals can assist us to move energy and stagnant energy in the body(-ies) that increase our own life-force energy, which results in greater contentment, abundance and health, regardless of our present state of being.

Margherita performed an experiment with the crystals, using people as human L Rods, raising the energy in the room.  This was talked about for some time afterwards.

Margherita is offering to do a workshop where you learn more about this and you make your own crystal pendulum.  For more information contact Tara at 705- 726  6927 or  Margherita at 416-697 5529 (cell).  (Or contact Marilyn)

Edit Zaj, of North York, showed us a tool she calls a "Sensible" which she found from a Hungarian woman. This is a 5" x 3" copper wire bent into a shape similar to a 3 fingered hand and can be used similar to the way one would use a single L Rod.  Edit showed us how people have used this for healing.  She also demonstrated how to use it with charts, such as with Eva Angyal's dowsing chart reference manual "Vital Knowledge".  (Vital Knowledge, $34.95, is available in new age bookstores, through Edit, or through Eva: 416 224 1095.).  Edit brought with her about 2 dozen of these tools which she sold for $5 each.  They're fun!

Robert Azzopardi, who has been using an aurameter for over 30 years, was next. He always wanted to be a doctor and in 1978 joined a company that had health products that worked for him and ran across the aurameter.  This is one of the most sensitive dowsing instruments and takes months to learn how to use properly. It measures the relative strength of the aura.  As the strength of your aura is dependent on the state of your health and some nutritional products are more health strengthening for some individuals than others, the aurameter is a good tool to use to determine if products are good for the individual.  He uses a Cameron aurameter.  People were having trouble using it because they didn't practice enough.  So they started making these instruments less sensitive, which rather defeats the whole purpose --- but it sells.

Robert started off by letting us know that the Mayan calendar says that by December 2003 there will be a quantum leap in consciousness.  And, there will be a demonstration of this phenomenon in the middle of next year.

He says that when you go in for testing for allergies, if they use non organic substances in the testing, that the results may not be accurate.  Also, he finds out thru the use of the aurameter that 50% of nutritional products people are using are not accurate.  If your body is not health, if you have an addiction, you can not body dowse.

What happens if you put a rotten apple with good apples?  Do the good apples help the rotten one?  No.  If you take a product which doesn't serve you it will deplete your energy.

Robert had sold water making supplies. He says that bottled water is spring water and that spring water is ground water and is totally polluted. The only non polluted natural water is glacial water.  As for the bottled waters, Dasani is the best he has found.  It's Reverse Osmosis water and is treated properly.

Robert uses products made by  Awareness , a company whose forumulas are 600 years old and focus on cleansing the body of toxins.  The products improve health, such as within 2 weeks of taking one of them, fingernails grow longer and stronger.  Robert suggests that when you find a brand that is good for you, keep using it.

At the end of the presentations, people were coming up to Robert where he demonstrated, thru the use of the Aurameter, how certain products can enhance one's health, or have little or no effect, depending on the state of the individual.  If you are interested in these products, contact Robert at:  (416) 233 6801.

Aurameters are sold through the ASD bookstore.  You can also find one through  Frank Jordan , a dowser from Idaho who makes Dowsing kits which include aurameters.  More on this in the next issue.

Many noticed and commented on what a fantastic, fun filled, great energy evening this was.  In addition to the reasons stated above, many of us did an Energy Raising the night before for the meeting.  We benefitted so greatly from Raymon's Call to Action on August 26th we wanted to do this more often.  The night before each meeting, at 8 PM, we will do an Energy Raising, to clear detrimental and put in benefical energies for our meetings.  Raymon helped us this time and will help us with this every month. NEXT ONE:  OCTOBER 15TH.

FROM MARILYN ROPELESKI: "  Our first meeting of the year was a high-fiver once again - thanx to you and all your devoted volunteers!   The information re crystal pendulums and the aurameter was terrific, the aurameter being especially interesting to someone with Fibromyalgia. A lot of vitamins I've been taking from the Doctor's office were repeating on me and a few times as I answered my telephone I thought I was on fire because I saw a cloud of white smoke come out of my mouth as I began to speak! Other vitamin/mineral preparations have a terrible burning effect on my gut. So, once again I've been enlightened and closer to thinking I can cure myself with the help of The Toronto Dowsers!!!! "

Planning December 11th already?

For the last 2 December meetings we have had a "Networking Social".  This has worked out so sensationally that this has now become our Annual Networking Social.

For our newer members:  We try to keep commercialism during our meetings to a minimum, and, I think I've been getting a little carried away with dowsing toys --- however! --- So many of you have excellent services and products that you want to and ought to share with others, but you want to do this appropriately.  How can we do this?  In December, we offer tables, like a health fair --- to members.  This is your chance to let others know about your services, your products, sell your products.  So start thinking about it.   We may have to limit the number of tables. I expect more requests this year than last year --- due to what happened last year: It was a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.

We also had a great time with those who donated items for our door prizes.  WOW!  We were so pleased with the generosity of our donors.  Check out:    JAN2002   to see what was donated and the other activities that went on.   I will start the ball rolling by donating a  Joe Smith  Dancing Pendulum.  We put the door prizes on a table until we are ready to to the draw.  And, I hope those who do donate have some advertising info for all to see.

2 other components are food --- LOTS OF IT!  And Energy Raising.  And, oh yes:   Billy Rose, watch out!  We are negotiating with a dance troupe from Hawaii for a grand performance.

2 very good values:  for your car and your phone

Viagra for your car:  I drive a  15  year old,  230,000 km  car.  It's in great condition, runs well, is mechanically sound.  In May, my mechanic, who has worked on the car the last 8 years and whom I trust, recommended a cleaning process for the engine. The process is called Terraclean.  I was charged $80+ and it took a little over an hour.  The performance of the car makes it seem like a brand new car.  It decarbonizes.  Better gas mileage, too.  I stopped by to thank them for recommending and doing this and they told me its been available a little over a year.  I suppose most garages can do this, I use the Certigard / Petro Canada station on Mount Pleasant just north of Davisville. (416) 486-1722 .   If you do take your car there, to Danny or Jason, call me and we'll have tea and apple strudel across the street at Bread and Butter while you are waiting.  Terraclean even has a website:   Vrooom!   Vrooom!

Good long distance rates:  Pay 7 cents / minute  24 / 7  to  Canada and the US.  Good rates to other countries.  You don't have to sign up or change your plan.  This is through YAK  Communications.  If you use Bell Canada for local calls, simply (it is) press:  1015945  THEN  "1"  THEN  the area code and number.  Lines are always available, the connection is excellent, you get accurate detailed billing on your bill just like Bell bills.

Of possible interest to those dowsers who work with energy psychology, there is an Energy Psychology Conference in November  Featuring:  William A. Tiller, Ph.D., (Subtle Energy Effects in Humans, Science and Medicine) and including the following sessions: Energized For Life: Ways to Build and Maintain Strong Personal Energy;  Adding Divine Healing to Energy Psychology;   Command Divine Intervention and Heal;    Introduction to Energy Consciousness Therapy - Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D.;   Intuitive Perception and Energy Diagnosis;   A Guide to Maintaining Energetic Integrity;    Prayers Work: Secular Prayer for Your Practice;   Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics & Psychology - William A. Tiller, Ph.D.;    Creating Balance: The Ultimate Life Skill;     and:  The "New Kids" Have Arrived: Energy Work with Indigo Children .

the Rev. Mary Hardy and the Knights Templar and the Earth Grids

Here is a brief excerpt from a tape of the Rev. Mary Hardy's session at ASD this past summer.  The title of her talk was:  "Knights Templar & Preserving the Feminine Principal" .   This tape was played at Alan Reed's weekend and as people seemed totally fascinated by what she has to say, I have transcribed some of it here for you:

"  I want to give you a brief history of the planet.  In the time of Atlantis, we created the Atlantic Ocean. We cracked the earth.   At that time, Mankind to keep his free will --- because we are an experiment in Free Will -- he allowed a grid to be set up on the planet so we could not go beyond the 3rd dimension.  On December 21, 1999, that grid came down because at that time the sun was closest to the earth.  Somebody had the idea.  The whole thing of Y2K was that they tried to re-set up another grid so that we would be kept in the 3rd dimension. If they would have done that, they would have put a surge of energy thru the earth.  What happens to your computer if you put a surge of energy through it?  It shuts everything down.  So, there will be a little more about that, about what they were trying to do and what they are still trying to do.

In 1975, In the upper peninsula (of Michigan) they put in a project called Seafare, which could pulse the whole earth and then they could pulse ELF in to the Earth.

During the 70's and  80's we went around, setting up obelisks.  When we were in Philadelphia, Terry Ross (a famous dowser, now deceased) came down.  They learned how these objects pulse.  Because this whole grid pulses.  That is what I want to to teach you today, how to set up standing columnar waves so you can pulse the grid, send it to a place, put another grid at the bottom of that vortex and prevent nuclear warfare. We have the power to do that. Its time that we, as dowsers, took control of this grid. Instead of allowing us to be controlled by the grid.  That, and setting up the feminine principle, is the object of my talk today.

Every time we set up a medicine wheel, or an obelisk, we had fighter pilots flying by so closely we could see their faces.   How you establish a ley line is when you have  one pulsing vortex here, and one pulsing vortex there, then that creates a ley line.  So we messed up probably a bunch of their ley lines, put a hole through the government's shield up there, because, with their satellite energy, they have gridded the whole planet.  They had fighter pilots coming out wondering what the heck we were doing. "  .... Rev. Mary goes on to talk about how the Russians tried to use standing columnar waves to manipulate weather to grow wheat on their steppes.... she talks about the true functions and origins of the Knights Templar  ...  she talks about earth grids in France that have been violated by those not working for the light, and that dowsers can restore. ....  and the Feminine Principle of the Grids.

New information is coming to light about what happened to Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This Mary was called "the Magdalene" or "The Blue Rose." We are told in the Bible that she accompanied Jesus during his travels after he healed her of demonic possession, often sitting at His feet as He taught. The Bible tells us she anointed His feet with oil and dried them with her hair.

During trips to France to research the Knights Templar, Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D., discovered that after the death of Jesus Mary, Magdalene traveled to southern France, settling in the little village of Rennes-le-Chateau. Her offspring became the kings of France, known as the Merovingian line.


FOR ALL YOU AROMATHERAPISTS:  " The French believe that the Magdalene was an advanced healer and a highly respected member of the twelfth tribe of Israel, the Tribe of Benjamin. Wherever she traveled, she shared her healer’s skills with the people. The Magdalene apparently realized the importance of smell and the development of healing through the limbic system of the brain. She realized that through the use of essential oils the higher chakras could be activated, allowing entry into a state of higher consciousness. In France, Dr. Hardy learned that the brain’s amygdala gland is probably named after Mary Magdalene. Dr. Hardy believes that when the amygdala gland and the limbic system are stimulated with the scent of the oils, through the higher chakras the Magdalene comes and shares her special healing wisdom—that of changing the very structure of the RNA/DNA.   It is possible that the Magdalene comes even now to teach her special healing wisdom and knowledge of the oils to those who call on her for help."

Rev. Mary mentioned one movie which she thought came reasonably close to the story.  It's "Lara Croft, Tomb Raider".   Lara Croft, Tomb Raider is a computer adventure game, and a movie, starring Angelina Jolie.  It's available on video, and/or from the Toronto Public Library.

From the Internet:   " The epic tale revolves around a secret organization called the Illuminati, who are searching for an ancient clock that it the key to opening both time an space. With the clock as their guide, the Illuminati need to find two halves of a mystical triangle, made from crystallized meteor metal, used five thousand years ago to vanquish their sworn enemies, if the two pieces are ever combined again, time will stop and the fate of mankind will be changed forever.

When Lara Croft finds the clock hidden in Croft Manor - her late father Lord Croft acquired the priceless icon during one of his many archeological digs - it fuels her adventurous streak and sets her on the most dangerous and high stakes quest of her entire exploring career. With just forty-eight hours before all the planets align for a total eclipse when the sacred triangle's power will be at its most potent - Lara must stop Manfred Powell, the Illuminati's evil emissary, finding the two halves first and joining them together.

In many ways I envisioned Lara Croft as a female James Bond for the new millennium."

Our LIBRARIAN:      Helen Evans

The above tape and many more wonderful tapes like it will be in our library soon.
Library privileges are available to members only --- please remember to renew.
When you return a video tape, please remember to return the sleeve it is in --- the Librarian needs it
The Librarian may change some procedures to improve the care of materials and ensure their smooth flow.
The organizers of the Toronto Dowsers have thought for some time now that it would be in our best interests if we were to cut our ties to the CSD (Canadian Society of Dowsers).  A statistically significant sampling of a survey of our membership supports this conclusion.  You have read many of the events leading up to this decision in the last few newsletters, events it was unpleasant to write about, but necessary to keep you informed.  You may not have enjoyed reading about these events, but it was way worse experiencing them.  Taking this step this will make very little difference to most of you.  If you are a member and this changes your decision to remain a member of our group, please contact me.  A full refund will be given to those who request it prior to October 31st.

Board members of the CSQ (Canadian Society of Questers) have been in contact with me and offer us their support.

We are an independent group.  We are not a chapter.  We are the Toronto Dowsers.

It is our fervent wish that should the energies of the CSD change to more beneficial ones for us in the future, we will join energies with one another again, as 2 equally sharing colleagues in a mutually beneficial association, offering trust, consideration, camaraderie, courtesy, kindness and respect to one another.

The current state of the  Planet "X"  event:

The issue of Planet X was written about here, in detail, in  August.  The message was:
Planet X is coming.  Be aware, Prepare.
In  September, the message was:
Planet X is coming.  Mass consciousness CAN make a difference
October, the message is now:
Mass  consciousness  IS  making  a  difference.


Remember Raymon's Call to Action on August 26th?  It had some powerful results. Read on:

To: "Marilyn Gang" <>
Subject: raising energy
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 19:14:09 -0400

Hi Marilyn,
You may get this again in a mass mailing but wanted you to be one of the first to know.

The Global Call to Action on August 26 has already produced some powerful results.  Although we'll never know exactly how many tens of thousands of people participated, we do know at least 13 nations were involved.

The reverberations generated from the directed positive concentration, according to dowsers from several countries, resulted in raising the percentage of the Earth's population of spiritually conscious people from .7% to 1.3%.  People from all geographical areas reported feeling waves of energy, seeing colors, perceiving a shift and seeing the land, trees, water and sky appear more clear and crisp.

Cherokee Chief Two Trees, whose spirit first directed that the Global Call to Action occur, pronounced "It is set in motion!"  It's now in your hands to keep that momentum going.

Four times a year, at 8 p.m. EST on the 22nd of September, December, March and June, light workers around the globe are invited to join together again. All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, drumming, tai chi, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present and future of our planet.

Again, our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.

These four dates tie in with the seasonal solstices, and will keep the healing energy "set in motion" all year long.

There is no "organizer" or "director" for this effort.  You alone will determine if and how you will participate.  That is how we will maintain the divinely inspired and powerful intent of the Global Call to Action - it's all about the Earth.  As always, thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.

We did this on September 22nd, in conjunction with the Fall Equinox and the Harvest Full Moon. Prior to this meditation, world consciousness was measured at 1.55.  When the results were dowsed, it was up to 1.98-2.0 !   AND! As of September 24th,  Southern Ontario was dowsed out at 17%, or, close to 1 out of 5 or 6 people --- people who are thinking!  What do you think?   Are you noticing differences in awareness?

(I received over a dozen emails from individuals telling me about their Equinox events, or asking me for suggestions on what to do. Small groups are getting together to effect change. More than ever before.  I put some information together very quickly for those who asked for it.  If you would like to see this, go to:  EQUINOX)

Because many Toronto Dowsers are interested in this phenomenon, Mark Hazlewood , author of Blindsided, came to Toronto September 19th to give a presentation to interested members of our group.  65 people showed up.  40 of the attendees were from our group, the other 25 were people who heard about it (and several of them are now interested in our group).  Mark is also noticing a shifting and he is coming from a different position.  Here is some of what he told us:

This is the time of the awakening.  This is the time of the harvest.
You should not be in a state of fear. I am looking forward and seeing that this is a positive event.
We will probably increase our vibratory rate to go to another dimension.  It's increasing. It's changing all of us. We ar all changing as a result.  This is an event that shortly will change everything physically, emotionally, how you live.

It's large, its dense its highly electric.  In the after times there may be a food shortage.  Everyone has a different safe area.  The sun right now is emitting solar flares like it never has done in the past.  Why is the sun behaving now like a popcorn popper?  The sun has an electromagnetic field that goes out way beyond Pluto.  When something passes in front of the sun, it discharges, like a bug zapper.  When a large Planet-like object starts to approach the edge of this field, the sun "goes crazy", as it has been doing.  This is going to continue to change our weather to an even greater degree.  There are going to be so many protons coming off the sun, as PX approaches, that earth will be like a comet in that it will start pulling in a lot of stuff, and, like a comet, it will have a tail --- of detritus.

There are over 129 underground cities that have been started decades ago.  They are connected by tunnels.  These will be tombs for those who are inside of them, they will not be safe areas.  Consider a shelter that is inset a couple of feet in to the ground.  The best thing to do is to create some sort of structure that is just under the ground (to protect you from the pelting.  If the earth moves, like a river, it will pull you with it.  For later on,  Cob  houses are a good idea and they can be easily built and out of sand, clay and straw and are good suggestions.  (In fact, some of our people are looking in to them and might invite someone to Toronto to do a workshop.)

(One of the people in the audience offered an observation about the stock market:  The stock market has suffered a serious downturn.  However, these downturns generally reverse themselves.  She suggested that the stock market has not improved and will not improve because serious money people know about these coming world changes and are slowly, quietly, withdrawing their funds and keeping them out.)

What wakes people up?   -->  Calamity
I expect the entire planet to start helping one another --- like how a lot of people in lower Manhattan helped out at 9.11.  I truly expect that the next culture form this one --- maybe 3 or 4 years down the road --- that the super psychic beings who are being born, that we look at our planet as a living being.

Planet X is a catalyst for Spiritual Change and Growth.  It happens in groups.

CATHY SWEET, graduate of Hebrew Union College, ASD speaker, had this in her 2002 ASD presentation to say about PX:    "  Here's the real kicker, the real key:

If we alter our consciousness by dowsing and we raise our frequency by using the tools that we have on this planet to do this --- God gave us all the tools that we need for this -- whether it be a crystal, whether it be essential oils, whether it be some written information such as this man Mark has --- everybody has the ability to move ahead --- out of this situation.

The problem that we have is that there is another component to this --- I don't know if they talk about it --- but [Rudolph] Steiner talked about it at the end of the 20th century --- Steiner wrote a book at the turn of the century that said that in Genesis there was a tribe that had no souls.  At the turn of the century that this tribe, that God had created, that those beings that did not recognize their souls are up for grabs.  So what is happening by having these other beings come back, that there is a situation that if you really do not have  consciousness of God --- that your soul can be taken.  In some ways we have been taken in this pattern of chromosomes, that say, if we go past 23, we have a fear level that says that our soul will be taken.  So that is why they put on the "governor".  What happens is knowing that situation is occurring on spiritual levels --- and I can tell you and then you don't have it either.  If you talk about it in the mainstream its a little bit of a touchy subject.  I kind of think that the government is in cahoots with these beings because I knew people that actually knew people who actually worked for the government and literally were in contact with aliens that were giving them this information ---  Ministry of Wars, and things like that.  It's a whole different consciousness bubble.  They probably think if they are in that bubble that they are "in".  But its not so.  It's really a spiritual journey that we are on here.  Not who wins -- which they don't get.  Which is why we are in a war.

It also appears that when you dowse on these things, that you have to go past Nibiru to get your answer. The problem is that some part of our consciousness --- in the original Genesis text, that is Sumerian, Zechariah Sitchen wrote a wonderful book on it --- Genesis Revisited --- his lectures --- very critical in the last year or two, that in genetics, he had in his ancient Sumerian text, the beings --- the Elohim or beings who created our human being patterns of consciousness were sent by God to basically make worker bees."

HERE IS AN EMAIL FROM SOMEONE WHO HEARD MARK ON SEP. 19th:    "Hi: This information would be frightening upon first hearing it, but Mark delivered the message with such spirituality.  It is my understanding that the Universe is all possibilities and that we humans have such unlimited power for tapping into this energy stream and even in small numbers can affect change. beyond imagination. Someone said to me Mark was fear mongering and I felt saddened that they had missed the message COMPLETELY. This is the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY yet given to mankind. To step outside our chains of fear and know that we can participate regardless of the outcome to our own person, knowing the soul does not die.  This is truly a benevolent universe and GAIA is doing what is necessary to restore balance.  Bringing this information to the masses is not easy as there will be many who out of fear will condemn Mark, instead of realizing that this is a time to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions and the role we are playing in shaping  the world to come."

It has not for a long time, been about catastrophe.  It has been about change. But humans will not budge out of their cozy hobbit holes and habits unless there is something that makes them (us) very uncomfortable.

The kerfuffle (now coming to an end) with the CSD is one example of this new and  Aquarian  energy. Dowsing is an Aquarian activity.  Canada is Aquarian.  Aquarius is an air sign, but it is the sign of the water bearer.  The water bearer is pouring water out of the urn.  The water has been in the urn, in the dark, for a long time.  The water is the unconscious which is finally coming out of the dark in to the light.  What has been hidden, the dark secrets --- of the churches, politicians, governments, etc., are coming out.  This trickle started in the 70's --- it was an awkward trickle at first because the urn was heavy and had to be tipped over oh so carefully.  Now the gush and the flow are increasing. One can no longer hide. Bush and his ilk will not be allowed to play their war games. They will be totally exposed for who they are and what they have done.

Focusing on catastrophe is an unwelcome distraction which takes us away from our Light Goals.

We have already won the war between Light and Dark.  It has been won on energetic levels and takes some time to filter down to the more dense physical levels.  It's like turning an oil tanker.  You make the turn and turn the wheel to go in a direction, but it takes awhile for the ship itself to execute the turn.  Our wheel has been turned we are on a new, better course.  Behemoth organizations, such as governmental, are crumbling from within.  The energy is terrible in these places, the workers feel it, their efforts are dispirited, they are leaving, the work is not getting done.

In this past short month, since August 22nd, it has become totally obvious that the shift has been made and the scale is firmly weighted on the side of the light.  In conversations with Libby Gardon, President of the Consumer Health Organization, Bill Askin, Mark Hazlewood, and concrete substantive efforts by Barbara Kingsolver, Martin Luther King III, Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ramsay Clark, Barbara Kingsolver, Noam Chomsky and even U.S. legislators, we have made the difference and are seeing and measuring the results.

As has been for some time, this is no longer just about Planet X.  This is about using Planet X or an other cosmic event as the incentive to finally force us to change, raise and expand our consciousness.  Many of us in the Toronto Dowsers are individuals who are more aware of this than the general population and have become attracted to one another and are using our dowsing and other skills to create a sizable nucleus and a force for change where we can and are making a significant difference in this area.  It happens in groups.  We are a focal point and a catalyst for spiritual change and growth.

For those of you who are not on our email list, here is a link sent to us by  Ruth Kelly .
It is the most shocking link I have seen in my 8 years on Internet. It has a ghost in it. You have to focus on the center of the picture to see it and it sometime takes awhile to be able to see it. (It takes about 30 sec) Try this it is really something.  GHOST LINK

the Dowser's Prayer

Lord, guide my hands, enhance my sensitivity, and bless my purpose, that I may be an instrument of Your power and glory in locating what is searched for.

Joey is offering "Kabbalistic Energy Work" personal sessions  and "Spiritual Housecleaning" services while he is here.  This can be in a private session or at your home. Please register with Marilyn

Kabbalistic Energy Work personal sessions:  By appointment.  Joey explores your Human Energy Pattern (your personal Tree of Life) and measures the intensity of any imbalances, which are usually related to unresolved issues in life or health conditions. He'll then get you to think of your most pressing issues, one at a time, and bless objects, such as jewelry, to help you resolve your issues, which will also bring balance to imbalances related to those issues. Joey will also give you some insights as to what is keeping your issues unresolved and what you can do to resolve them. Once your key issues have been addressed, he'll bless your being to put your Human Energy Pattern, your chakra system, and your physical body into an ideal energetic state to help you resolve issues and help you heal. Each session will take about an hour.

Spiritual Housecleaning:  This is the process of creating a beneficial energy environment in your home, office, or on your property, designed to support you, your family, your employees, etc.  He teaches you to detect detrimental subtle energies, such as the energies associated with some underground streams, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and energy that are associated with what he calls the "two lights of the soul." Once you find these energies, you can transmute them into beneficial energies, including the harmful energies of EMFs associated with electrical appliances such as televisions, computer screens, microwave ovens, breaker boxes, and electrical transformers. You also call in new beneficial energies into your living environment in unique energy configurations and frequencies to attract what you most desire into your life.

How is this accomplished?
The first step is to dowse the area with L-rods or other dowsing tools to determine where the beneficial and detrimental energies are located.  You will learn to detect and identify the energies with dowsing and change them with  prayer. This can be done on-site or from a distance. Then we call on the "Powers of Nature" to create a unique energy environment to support you in your efforts, to accomplish what you most desire in your life and to help you align with your Higher Purpose.

And sign up for a:  Weekend Workshop with:   Joey  Korn
October 19, 20     2002
A separate insert is included in the mailed newsletters which includes a flyer, an article
and registration information.  Or, you can find this all on the web at:
 Joey Korn's October workshop in Toronto

THE   Wednesday, October 16, 2002 MEETING FEATURES:
Joey Korn --- "Working With the Light"
Joey is an internationally renowned dowser, energy worker, and author from Augusta, Georgia, who dedicates his life to helping others grow spiritually and take charge of their lives.  He shares his spiritual understandings and powerful techniques in his talks, workshops, and his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment.  “Behind the Scenes in Life” – Joey feels that much has been revealed to him about how Nature supports our every thought, action, and emotion in life with energy or, more accurately, with Light. Once we understand this, we can take some control over the process.  Joey will highlight his spiritual journey that has led to this understanding and he will demonstrate a powerful, dynamic relationship that each of us has with the spiritual Light that is behind everything in life.  He’ll share techniques that you can use immediately to help resolve the most pressing issues in your life.  All of this has to do with his most significant finding to date, the “Kabbalah connection to dowsing”.

Joey is a sought after speaker at dowsing conventions throughout North America and in England.

He had his first powerful mystical experience in 1974, when he was instantly healed of many physical and emotional ailments. " I then realized fully that I had brought these ailments into my life with my own anxieties, emotions, thoughts, actions, and unbalanced relationships with others. I had always believed in   God, but I just didn't know. After this experience, I knew that God Is. I also realized that, as spiritual beings, we each have incredible powers of mind and I set out to learn as much as I could about human potential.

After a few months, all of the symptoms of my dis-ease returned.  This time, however, there was a big difference; I realized I had brought them into my life and I knew I could heal myself with right thought, right action, prayer and balanced relationships with others. I have devoted my entire adult life to a quest for tools that we each have at our disposal to heal ourselves and to draw us ever closer to the universal One--to God. A quest for what I call "tools for empowerment."

Please do make sure you join us this evening to listen to this wise, bright, experienced and humorous speaker.  This is one of the highlights of our year.  I guarantee you will be glad you came.

Come see a true Master Dowser in action.

Joey is offering "Kabbalistic Energy Work" personal sessions and Spiritual Housecleaning"
services while he is in Toronto.
This can be in a private session or at your home
Register with Marilyn:  (416) 322 - 0363 9:33 - 9:33
And sign up for a:  Weekend Workshop with:   Joey  Korn
October 19, 20     2002
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 Joey Korn's October workshop in Toronto

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