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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday,  October 12th 2004 (See last page for information)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Ivan McBeth
from the U.K. will speak on:
"Stone Circles, Druidry and Geomancy"
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  The Latvian Center  - 4 Credit Union Drive
this is on Eglinton Avenue
just 2 lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway (see below for more info)
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

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          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
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TUESDAY  OCTOBER 12 - Ivan McBeth - at the Latvian Center
THURSday, NOVEMBER 4 - Alan Handelsman - at Edwards Gardens
Turning Pain into Power: Getting out of your way by getting into your Stuff, create harmonious vibrations inside and out
What is the connection between releasing our own pain, and being a better dowser?
Saturday, NOVEMBER 6 - Alan Handelsman - workshop
"Turning Pain into Power: Dowsing and the Pursuit of Romance, Finance, Resonance and Connection to the Smiling God"
NOVEMBER - John Clyde & Lyra Kranz, of Monroe and HemiSync will be back to do some workshops.
DECEMBER 14 - Toronto Dowsers 5th Annual Networking Social - at the Latvian Center



The place we have been meeting at the last year will be renovated at the end of this year.  Please make note of the   DAY  and   LOCATION of the following meetings:

        TUESDAY           October 12th:      The Latvian Center   (Eglinton east of Don Valley)
        THURSDAY        November  4th:    Edwards Gardens  (Lawrence & Leslie)
        TUESDAY           December 14th:    The Latvian Center   (Eglinton east of Don Valley)

There is a parking lot in the back, and the Eglinton Avenue bus stops right in front.
The cafe in the basement *may* be open for pre meeting or post meeting light meals, snacks, drinks!

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  • A Wake Up Call
    Most of us yak about consciousness, its importance, our desire to become more conscious and what we are doing about it.  This is a main focus of the Toronto Dowsers.  So it is puzzling that there has been a marked decrease in conscious  action among our group in the last month.

    Membership and dues are renewed once a year, beginning October 1st.   Many of you renewed in September.  THANK YOU.

    We have just started our 5th year.  Annual dues started out at $20, and, have remained at $20.   New memberships, as of last year, are $25.

    Last month's newsletter included information that postage costs are rising --- yet again, and, photocopying rose 50% in April.

    One benefit of membership is receiving the newsletter, which comes out about 9-10 times a year.   Printing and postage come to about $2 per issue.  That means  $18-$20 for newsletters alone.  Yet your dues have stayed the same.   You receive other benefits as well, such as the library, for members who can attend meetings.   Rental fees go towards new book costs but do not cover their entire cost.   We are still building our library.  Don't you wonder how we can do this?   and more?

    Much of this was explained last month, and, that we can keep dues low because of your past donations, and, other donations.

    We have members poised at various points on the financial spectrum.  Some have been more able than others in this life to attain financial comfort.  Others struggle in this regard.  Many of our less financially capable members seem to possess a certain kind of purity of heart and relentless seeking after wisdom and answers, perhaps because they have chosen to focus more of their attention in this area.   We want to hold on to them because they give us our fulsome flavor, and, we need one another.

    Our concept is to hold the fixed costs of dues and meetings low and that donations, etc., would make up the rest.   We've been holding our own.   Until now.

    For these last 2 years, there has been a place on the membership renewal form for Contributions.  Last year, things were fine.  This year, the number of people making contributions took a plunge.

    Why?  I am not sure.
    March 2003 brought about a huge shift in Toronto.  That's when sarscam hit.  This did appear to be purposeful.  Within a few weeks, the financial status of many deteriorated markedly.  Much of our planning was already in motion.  Because of these 2 changes, for this year, instead of weekend workshops, less expensive one day workshops have been planned.

    One of the initiatives that I tried, and seemed to be welcome at planning time,  was to create and offer videos of our meetings for sale.  We videoed 3 excellent, informative meetings and they are available for sale for $17.   They have not sold well.

    We are also going to pay the transportation costs to Toronto for our October and March speakers.

    In our 4 years, even though I make many long distance phone calls and drive places for our group, these costs have come out of my own pocket.  I can't keep doing this.

    Edgar Cayce died broke, because he relied on donations.  I remember one story, where he saved a man's life, the man promised to send him a big donation, when he was contacted later on he said he couldn't because his car needed special seat covers or wheel covers -- something like that.

    Perhaps I'm making a mistake in trying to change human nature and this "experiment" will not succeed, or not in the way envisioned.  But I think we are different.  Our world is changing so rapidly and not many think the way we do, we are making a difference to think and to do things differently, in ways we consider to be more beneficial.  At times it may sound like I'm scolding --- things are moving so fast there is too much to do and its not getting done.  My patience thins.   I don't always find the humorous, gentle approach.  We have to do it.  Now.  We have only one chance.

    An email was sent 9/15 about this situation.  4 replies suggested that those who have email do not need to get the newsletter by mail.

    1/3 of our membership is not online.
    Of the 2/3 who are online, not everyone is  netwise, or, does not go online frequently.  Sometimes people go on vacation, or, don't feel like going online.
    Many do not want to and will not read articles online or print them out. Or don't know how.
    About 10 different people each month comment about the importance and usefulness to them of the newsletter.
    Several dozen have said that they have a binder that they keep the newsletters in.
    Many say they read a few pages each night, making notes.

    This is not about a need to save trees.  Our newsletters are not a waste of paper.  If you are concerned about wasting paper, speak to your government, speak to those who print flyers and junk mail.  Our newsletters are like good magazines or books.  Worth saving.  And not meant to be read in 5 minutes.

    I erred in the way I wrote the message.  This is not about saving money.   We don't need to pinch pennies.  We don't need to cut back.  What that does is it constricts the energy.  Please change that mind set immediately.  We need, perhaps, to feel as if what we are getting is of value, and that we can and want to offer an additional contribution.   Someone suggested to me that I ought to have mentioned an amount.  This is a good idea.  An extra $5 per year --- from those who can afford it --- several can not --- would make the difference.  More is, of course, appreciated if possible.  This is about realizing costs have gone up as has value, there is greater awareness and there needs to be a greater contribution.   No matter what happens in the future, even if postage triples, I would like for us to keep our costs the same as they are now, and that contributions make up the rest.  Is that possible?

    Are things not proceeding smoothly for you?   If you gain through our group and do not give back, this creates an energy imbalance.   If you are not keeping your word, if you are not doing what is right, if you go unconscious and ignore doing the right thing, events in your life become rough.

    I ask for help.  I have been told that I need to do this better as I often am not specific enough as to the kind of help needed and about how many hours a job will take.   Yes, this is smart and I am grateful that someone pointed out to me what should have been obvious.

    So the September meeting I asked for help for someone who is computer savvy and knows Excel.  I had asked for this before, 3 people in the past year ad volunteered but then got busy with other things and help was not forthcoming.

    I'll be spending about 2 days this month processing memberships.  This means 2 days less to spend writing the newsletter.  This issue is shorter than most.

    Last year I had asked for someone to bring in a boom box for our meetings.  One person did volunteer to do this but did not attend the meeting. I got tired of asking.   The Toronto Dowsers spent $20 US this summer for a boom box.

    How can we spout off about consciousness and cooperation if we don't practice it and are demonstrating more of the opposite?  We are not just about good meetings and mind candy.  In addition to enjoying meeting and being with like minded people, we learn and practice what we learn.  And live it.  This is my main reason for doing what I do.  To find good tools and information to make ourselves and our world a better place, to share it with others  and DO it.

    There is a HUGE increase in selfishness, self centeredness, cold heartedness, lack of respect, in mass society.   Last week, at Yonge and Davisville, a police car was coming thru the intersection, flashing its lights.  Pedestrians continued.  Turned on their loud squaker, a woman looked at them, stepped off the curb and crossed the street right in front.  That would not have happened even 5 years ago.  Please please please --- immunize yourself against this infection.  Check to see if you have it and if you do, get rid of it.  Check yourself often for it.  We know better.  Don't we?

    When you send an email, you can add what's called a "Sig Line" (for Signature).  When I send a Toronto Dowsers related email, the last of my "Sig" is:  "We strive towards Conscious Awareness".    I hope I'm not living in my own fantasy world.

    We had a Volunteers & Book party in August.   Of the 25 volunteers who make this group go, 20 showed up at Tenta, a Mediterranean style restaurant as we ate, drank, laughed and socialized.  With verve.   The new library items were available for perusing and borrowing.  All took home at least one book.  It was so much fun, we hope to do this twice a year.  Next time, though,  business will be conducted before the wine is poured.

    You see most of the volunteers at meetings, taking care of registration, the sales table, the library, refreshments.   They do a great job.  They also enjoy what they are doing, and the benefits they receive, as do I.   But we don't have enough --- people who are willing, competent, reliable, available.

    I have to do my part in all this, too.  You may have offered help and I have not taken you up on it and you got tired of reminding me.   I did not write it down in a place I would easily find.  Now I tape such reminders to a wall.

    When we were sending out a lot of ECH20, I asked for help for someone to do the packing and mailing. One person responded. Linda Warsh did a great job, and, she has a busy life, too.  Linda did this for several month and then had other commitments.  Pat Bianchi took over.  Pat also does the mailings and helps with registration.  And hosts our out of town speakers.

    I'll use the arrangements for William Henry's visit, which began in February, as an example.   Arranged for the space rental for the meeting and the workshop.  21 Tarot card reading appointments.   A cassette recorder and audio tapes.  His transportation to Toronto, from the airport and around town, lodging, every meal.  Getting his books here.  Getting help at the meeting to sell his books.   Setting up radio interviews.  Article in Vitality.   Connecting with the UFO folks and Crop Circle folks.  Registrations for the workshop.   Answering questions on the phone.   Creating the flyer for the workshop.  Creating the information for the web. There were 164 emails between myself and William and others.   Dealing with currency conversions.  And the accounting for the workshop.   All of this for me --- except for the accounting --- is quite enjoyable.  And it does take time.  I am doing about 6 projects like this one simultaneously

    We are a volunteer organization.  We can do what we do because we  volunteer.   However, if people don't volunteer to help out, and if contributions are not forthcoming to pay for our expenses, how can we expect to succeed?    Not survive.  Succeed.  Too many want to have fun without the exchange.   Those who contribute the most, who do the most work, get the most out of this organization.

    The volunteers have been doing this for years.  They know they make a difference and a huge contribution.  And sometimes they get more out of it than they put in.  Funny how that works.

    For those who live outside of our area --- I can almost feel your itching to help us, your desire to volunteer.  Many of you have sent me emails about this and I wish there were some way to use your creative energy.  One of the things we have wanted to do at the library is to make items available by mail.  Even though mailing costs are high, some of our items are unique.  When the library has more stability and personnel, we'll look at this.

    When the newsletter is ready, I take it to be printed, drive back down and pick it up a few hours later, bring it to Pat's house.  We have a fine fun time yakking and stuffing.  It takes us 3-4 hours.   But I don't always have the time to do this, and neither does Pat.

    Just by being here, as well as growing, we are meeting more people.  I try to stay in touch with past speakers in addition to finding new ones.  I need more time to do more.  I have been less available to those of you who have become friends.  And this keeps me out of touch with what is on your mind, with what you need.   Not good.

    Feeding Energy:  It was at the EST Training that I learned about Feeding Energy.  Ideally, in a relationship, the one with greater energy feeds the one with less.  Then that person becomes the one with more and feeds the other.  This often, or ought to,  happen in government where a strong Federal government will feed the provinces, then the provinces become stronger and feed the Feds.  That is how it ought to work.  And it doesn't, which is why there is squabbling.

    I feed you by bringing speakers, setting up programs, getting "stuff" and writing the newsletter.  You feed me by giving of your talents, your time, cooperation, constructive commentary, money, food, hugs, smiles and open hearts.

    What happens when you don't get fed?  Blood sugar goes down and you become crabby. I'm Hungry ! I've been a real crab the past 2 weeks because I haven't been fed and I know some of you have been seeing this.  This summer, this month, there has been:

    Less volunteering
    Fewer contributions
    Less feedback
    At the meeting, despite a reminder to please wait until the presentation is finished, several people went to the library, sales and refreshment tables during the presentation.   These were not people who were new to our group.
    17   library items are overdue, some for more than 2 months.
    AND!!!   About a half dozen people have called me early in the morning this past month.  WOW!  Talk about CRABBY!   Wherever my phone number is listed, there is a starting time, either 9:30 or 9:33 a.m., and, an ending time : 9 or 9:33 p.m.   Isn't 12 hours a day every day enough time for you to get in touch with me?  Would you like me to call you back around 3 a.m., when I am, sometimes, up and at the computer?  (And don't try calling me then.  Your phone might explode and affect yur haid.)

    All the above is new.  Why?  We are not sure.  Several of us have been talking about this and we don't know fer sure.  Yet.

    Instead of becoming more conscious there is complacency.  This can be dangerous.

    Could it be that what we've been hearing about is here?  About the increasing divergence?  That people who aren't waking up will be even more asleep and those who are awake will be even more conscious?

    Needed:  Volunteers who are:  willing, competent, reliable, available.  Minimum supervision.  [Reasonably] keep commitments.
     -  To help at the sales table:  this does not have to be for every meeting.  We are developing a pool, so the same people don't have to be "on duty" all meeting every meeting.  Be able to handle money, have some familiarity with items sold.
    -   To help at the library.  See sales table.   Having email is a plus.
    -   To send out the newsletter:  Within 10 miles of Yonge and Davisville.   You get notified 1-3 days before the newsletter is ready, it gets delivered to you and it is *hoped* that it be in the mail within 36 hours after delivery.   This job takes 6-8 hours.   You put on 2 labels, stuff 1-5 items in each envelope, seal, stamp, mail.   Or, you can help Pat.  Bathurst/Lawrence area.
    -   Computer help:  Excel.  Data Entry.  You have a laser or ink jet printer.  Within  10 km of Yonge & Davisville.
    -  VERY special project:   You are comfortable on Internet.  Good email skills.  Excel.  Some familiarity with data basing.  Can receive & return phone calls, local to 416 area code.
    -   Do you interact well with government officials?  Members of the media?  We can use your help.
    -   Do you sell on Ebay?   We may have something for you.
    -   Are you proficient in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, CAD?  Have some time?
    -   People to write book reviews
    LONG OR LOCAL DISTANCE MEMBERS !   We can use the services of someone who is computer literate and on the Internet.

    If you think you would like to help with any one of the above, dowse to see that your compatibility with the person organizing that effort is at least 80%.  Then contact me.   We may not get back to you immediately.

    PLEASE CONSIDER:   It is strongly suggested that for those who are able to, to make "even" ... "just"  an extra $5 contribution.    If you can not, please do NOT feel guilty.

    I personally thank those of you who did make extra contributions.  It shows you understand what we are working toward and the principles to live by --- and you do.

    NOTE:   We closed out our 4th year with  294 members, including 14 in the US, 1 in the Virgin Islands, 2 in Costa Rica, 9 in other provinces.  That's close to 10% of our membership.   We picked up 13 new members this summer including 5 in the US, 1 in Germany.  I thank the members who are distant from us geographically but close in spirit and hope that conditions will improve to give you a newsletter with the kind of information you look forward to.

    Despite what has been written above, do keep in mind that the Toronto Dowsers continues to do fabulously on all levels.  The September meeting, and, the audience was excellent.  What has happened overall this past month does not reflect our overall consciousness or the level of respect, awareness and cooperation we have for ourselves and one another.  These are growing pains and needed saying, followed by doing.

    You have gotten me used to a superb bunch of people,  thanks to you, I am used to high quality and have come to expect nothing less.  I boast about you to other group leaders, and they know its true because they hear the same things about you from others.  One of the comments I received this week:  "The Toronto Dowsers is in my opinion one of the most progressive thought provoking Groups around. A hundred years ago it would have had to be a secret society."  Visitors and speakers tell me how you are open minded, independent and represent many different points of view, and are comfortable to come together and share viewpoints.  This is something we want to maintain and increase, not erode.

    We want to maintain the intimacy and informality of a small group while reaping the benefits that a larger group can bring.  This can only be done through mutual respect, trust and cooperation.

    It is hoped you will consider what has been written here and find something that will encourage you to make things better for all of us.  Thank you.

    The 3 A's of Consciousness:
    Attitude    *        Attention       Awareness

    109 Old Kingston Road, Ajax   -   Phone: (905) 426-4823    mail@odysseybooks.on.ca

    Debbie Purvis, Toronto Dowsers member, is the owner of Odyssey Books, in Ajax.   Odyssey is one of the businesses that gives Toronto Dowsers members a discount.  Odyssey is a centre of specialized books, gifts, classes and services that has been designed to increase awareness and enhance personal discovery, development and growth.

    Their selection is huge, so huge that they opened another store 2 doors down (just off the Brock Rd. exit on the 401).  Starting with the October 12th meeting, Debbie or one of her staff will be at some of  the meetings to sell books that interest us.  Debbie has William Henry's books available for sale.

    As a way of saying thanks to us, Odyssey will pay the GST on items you purchase from them at the meeting and will also make a donation to the Toronto Dowsers.  If there is a book you want, contact them and if Debbie can get it, will have the item available for you at the meeting.  It might take a meeting or two for us to get to know one another better.

    IVAN McBETH --- our upcoming speaker

    When speakers come from afar, we like to have a couple of days with them at least, to find out more about them, to learn, to have a workshop, etc.

         Ivan lives in England and is spending time in New England (Vermont) for several months, which is why we are lucky enough to get him to speak to us.  His presentation takes place Tuesday evening, October 12th (right after Thanksgiving)  and he leaves on Thursday, which means Wednesday is his only "free" day here.  He has recently returned from Australia, helping along his [Wollomi] Standing Stone project

         I originally contacted him late winter when one of our members asked me to find Ivan as he was interested in having Ivan create a stone circle on a neighbor's estate.   This led to an invitation to Ivan to speak to us, which he accepted.   The estate mentioned is near Caledon.   Another member, who also lives in that area, is also interested in speaking with Ivan about creating a stone circle on their property.

         We would like to have Ivan return to us, in 2005.   Wednesday, October 13,   Ivan will be speaking with those interested in having him return to create a Stone Circle on their property.  Would this interest you?   If so, please let me know.  His time here is short and I'm trying to maximize his visit and plan his schedule accordingly.  And/or to talk with him about some of the other services he offers.   His work is especially applicable for those interested in creating, or, upgrading their own healing center, retreat, etc.

    Information on his accomplishments was printed on page 5 of the September newsletter.
    See pictures of Ivan  *  Ivan's home page   *  To find out about Stone circles --- also, go to the "buttons" at the top of that page  *  His Wollomi Standing Stones project (Australia)   *   Workshops --- I'm interested in the Druidry workshop.  How about you?

    Ivan is a hoot.  Non traditional, speaks his mind --- and What  a mind!  --- Irreverent to what is politically correct, highly reverent to Nature.  Alive, enlivening, he carries his connection with stones, the earth, with him throughout every pore of his body.  When you see him, you will know that is a LOT!

    Come and enjoy his words, pictures (he will put on a slide show) and his free spirit.


    Alan Handelsman will be our November 4th speaker.  Alan,  M.M., CHt., is a Vice President of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, the local affiliate of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  He is a favorite speaker at US Dowsing Conventions having spent many years studying and teaching many different aspects of communication and personal growth.   He gives special workshops at EFT Seminars (on Substance Sensitivities), and has been to Toronto before as a speaker at the Energy Psychology Conference.

    The last 2 years that he has come here for the Energy Psychology Conference (sponsored by Sharon Cass Toole, one of our members), several of us took Alan out for dinner at a Chinese Buffet.  About 20 people showed up each time.  Last year, at the Mandarin at Yonge and Eglinton, our group would not leave.  We got there at 6, the restaurant closed at 10.  5 times I was --- literally --- trying to --- push people out the door so we could all go home.

    Because Alan, who is also a professional musician, understands, naturally:  Harmony.  Resonance.  Vibration.  Frequency.   And knows how to make things good and pass that feeling to us and make things feel so good we don't want to leave.   In a nutshell, that is what he will convey to us when he speaks to us and in his Saturday workshop, following his presentation.

    What is so synchronistic for us, is the fact that Alan works with sound (and we are learning about sound and light healings).  The word he focuses on is "Resonance".   Just saying that word is resonant, with the smooth rolling vibration it sets up in the chest cavity.

    Alan speaks about Nature and the Power of Acceptance.  And, Resonance Tuning.  This is a process he uses to Harmonize energy fields.  It helps alleviate problems, such as, in relationships.  The Problems come from disharmonious energy.   His cards have vibrational patterns that he has also put in to sounds.

    If someone is toxic (allergic) to a substance around them at the time, energy work will not work.

    Alan's cards, which he calls Resonance Tuners, are a way of amplifying intention, and give you another means of manifestation of your intention.  Everything is done with manifestation.  Someone commented that the card works better (for his shoulder pain) than his QXCI machine.  Alan played his flute and we were silent.  With reverence.   As was the formerly crying baby on the other side of the room.

    The title of his talk is:

    Turning Pain into Power: Getting out of your way by getting into your Stuff,  Creating Harmonious Vibrations Inside and Out.
    What is the connection between releasing our own pain, and being a better dowser?

    Physical pain is there to cause attention to emotional pain.
    Nothing has to change. You don't have to change.  It's your relationship to it that changes.
    Harmony is pleasing.  Resonance is Super Harmony

    Alan has a greater acquaintance with pain than most people as he had a lot of experience.   Let's hope we can learn from him without experiencing more ourselves.   He will also speak on the 3 Stages of Healing, and go in to greater depth on that in his Saturday workshop.

    The workshop on Saturday, November 6th will be on:
    Turing Pain into Power: Dowsing and the Pursuit of Romance, Finance, Resonance and Connection to the Smiling God.

    The unifying theme of this workshop will be relationship, and how to improve all the relationships in your life, whether with yourself, your thoughts and emotions, your behaviors, other people (friends, lovers, co-workers, even family!), money, work, career, food, toxins in the environment, your past, your future, those wonderful things we call energy fields, and even with God.   Please see the flyer for the workshop..

    Alan plays flute, saxophone, and/or clarinet.
    He played in the showrooms at a few Atlantic City casinos many years ago. "Also, I toured the US and Japan with the Glenn Miller Band back in '82-83. As for the people who came and performed while I was in the band, they include, in no particular order: Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Henny Youngman, Melissa Manchester, Rod Stewart, Seals & Crofts, Jerry Lewis, Rodney Dangerfield, Pearl Bailey, the Moody Blues, Tommy Tune, Milton Berle (one of the first people he played with, in the 70's), Al Martino, Don Rickles, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Natalie Cole, Billy Eckstine, George Burns, the Temptations and Four Tops, Jackie Gleason, Joel Grey, Bob Hope, Gene Kelly, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, Burt Bacharach, Johnny Mathis, the Mills Brothers, Jim Nabors, Anthony Newley, Patti Page, Bernadette Peters, Lou Rawls, Chita Rivera, Diana ross, Red Skelton, Danny Thomas, Tina Tuner, Ben Vereen, Dionne Warwick, etc.  He has also played for about 50 different Broadway shows, such as The Producers, Chicago, etc."

    Planning December 14th already?
    The 5th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

    December is our Annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  It becomes a big, fun filled fair.  Members are entitled to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  We also ask you to bring some food if you like.  In the past 4 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!

    This year we will be having a raffle instead of door prizes, the items donated by YOU!   Check out:  JAN2002   to see the what was donated and the other activities that went on.  It is a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.  We put the raffle items on a table until we are ready to draw.

    Check out our GREAT Pictures from our last 2 annual socials: December 11th, 2002   December 9th, 2003

    Last year we had more requests for tables than we had tables available.  So we dowsed to see who would get a table.  This does not mean that those who did not score were not worthy.  It could mean that circumstances would not be beneficial for that person.  Curious about one person, who scored very low, I called her to ask her if something was going on.  She told me she had sold all her products at a previous show and could not get any more in time.

    Your requests must be in by November 19th, so an email can be sent out by November 21st asking people to dowse according to the question.  Each vendor is assigned a random number --- even I don't know who has what number --- we dowse, send me the answers, I total the scores and get back to the vendors by November 28th.

    If you are interested in having a table:

    Our September 8, 2004 Meeting

    On display at the Sales table were light bulbs.  These are colored light bulbs Walmart is currently selling for around $3.  They have:  yellow, red, green, blue, orange, purple.   They were on display to show you what is available.  You can use these for color healing.

    At the end of the meeting, you brought refreshments for us to share.  THANK YOU.  You provided excellent munchies.  You brought shrimp, bocconcinis, hummus, spreads, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, cookies.  It was great.  THANK YOU!

    Two new guests at our meeting were:
    Mike Bird, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), Eastern Regional Director for Canada, came to hear William.  You can contact Mike at: (416) 252-8481  mikebird@interlog.com.   Sept 18th was their Canadian Symposium.  Good to meet you, Mike!

    Joanna Emery, the Ontario contact for CCCRN (Canadian Crop Circles Research Network), also attended his presentation.  Thank you for coming, Joanna!

    William Henry was our September speaker.  William lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  He got started researching the history of myths and ancient history after reading "The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent.   William donated 4 of his books to our library.

    Friday, September 3rd, William was interviewed on radio station 640 am. (MOJO) on the Richard Syrett show for 90 minutes.  One of the questions Richard asked William was about the content of one of his 10 books, "Cloak of the Illuminati".  Richard asked William about the Illuminati and their involvement in manipulating global events.  William responded that yes, they are involved, but his own focus is different.

    Rather than focusing on who is involved, on who did what and is doing what,
    William focuses on --- What is it they are trying to suppress from us?  What is so world shaking that they go to such lengths to place obstacle in front of obstacle in front of false trail and erasing information from us.
    What ARE the secrets of the human body that are so powerful that if we found these out they would have zero power over us?
    Instead of:  Who are the liars, it's:  What are the lies?

    Rather than focusing in the:  Who --- that's counterproductive --   Focus on the: What.

    Bill Askin, Raymon's teacher in northern Alberta tells us the same thing:  All these distractions (such as figuring out about the New World Order) keep us from working on our Light Body.

    Last month I reported some news from David Wilcock, of Ascension2000.com.  He offers a similar message.

    After his radio interview Friday night, I kept asking --- Why is William's work so  important to us?   Why is it important to know how our race, our civilizations were founded, and how and what was done?

    ASD 2003, Sandee Mac, from Texas gave a session on clearing family patterns.   She picked an older gentleman as to demonstrate the techniques on.  He looked just like Grandpa Walton.   He was 75.  As it turned out, all his life he knew there was something wrong with his parentage.  Something dishonest.  He could feel it.  At the age of 72 he found out that he was adopted.   He stood there in front of us, this nice man, crying, as all the stored up pain came pouring out.  This is where we are at.  We know that there are fearsome wrongs, we just don't know what.

    Our understanding of our past has been based on untruth.  We can not progress if our past is based on lies.  It's like someone giving you the wrong directions for a recipe.  It won't turn out right.   We can't progress when there are secrets, hidden in the dark.   Because some part of you always knows and is not satisfied until the truth is uncovered.  If we are trying to explore what is behind us we can not move in to what is in front of us.  This is impure energy.  As we'll see later on, it does not work.

    For example, the saying, attributed to Jesus Christ:   "I am the Way, the Truth and the Light,"    Don't we want to know what all that really means?  Illuminati really means --- the Enlightened Ones, the Illumined Ones.

    Within his area of expertise, William was asked to give a presentation focusing on dowsing.  He offered us a historical one, going way way way back in time, to the time of the gods.  As many of you saw, he put together a phenomenal presentation --- just --- for --- us.  He pulled together 90 minutes of facts and resources and remarkable slides and presented them in a fluid, logical and entertaining manner --- without referring to notes at all.

    At the end of his presentation, his books and CDs were available for sale.  If you missed them, Debbie Purvis will be carrying his products or go to:  www.williamhenry.net.

    "The human body is a container for the soul --- it is a resurrection machine."
    "There are 10 layers to the retina.  The retina is a collector of light.  The 10th layer is --- Jacob's Ladder."
    "As we get closer to 2012 only love can exist within our hearts."

    William spoke about Wormholes --- Stargates --- and showed slides of how they appear in pictures, glyphs, representations, in ancient cultures --- especially Egyptian ---  and what they mean.  Wormholes --- Stargates -- are --- transportation systems.  This is some of the knowledge that has been drastically distorted and we are trying to find this again.

    Following is a review of William's talk by Daniel Kolos, our resident Egyptologist, bard, raconteur, bon vivant, wizard and sage.

    "William Henry presented us with an illustrated lecture on September 8th.  He focused on the history of dowsing:  far from being a Eurocentric activity, dowsing was 'hot' at the time of Jesus and even Moses never left home without his dowsing rod!

    Although WH bills himself as a mythologist, he revealed some unique historical information.  One of these was a series of Roman images of Jesus using a dowsing rod to turn water into wine or to raise Lazarus.  Such images were obviously suppressed early in the history of the Christian Church.

    Another historical insight was an Osirian rite, a painted carving from the Temple of Osiris at Abydos in Egypt.  It is a scene on the south wall of the Chapel of Osiris and shows the Standard of Abydos.  Omm Sety, in her book, "Abydos, Holy City of Ancient Egypt," page 102,  says, "The standard, surmounted by a curious round-topped object, crowned by a solar disk and plumes, is fixed into a rectangular stand  where it is held in place by the forequarters of two lions.  On the upper surface of the stand (or platform, DMK) are small figures of the king in gold and silver. "The figures extend their arms to support the pole of the standard while similar figures kneel in prayer.  Like the sacred boats, the standard is also fixed to carrying poles, for this holy emblem was carried in procession on the feast days of Osiris."

    WH pointed out that the size of the standard, in comparison to the people on the platform around it is enormous and likened it to an oil drilling rig. Curiously enough, a scholarly book, "A Guide to Religious Ritual at Abydos" by Rosalie David does not even include this particular scene!  This fact makes William a mythologist who dares to explore where scholars fear to thread.

    Quite apart from the history of dowsing, William Henry performed a shamanic ritual on his audience.  I am not even certain whether or not he was  aware of what he was doing, but many people in the audience were.  It had to do with WH's use of language.  A shaman's craft is the ability to create among his audience a different reality.  William has this ability to get out of the linguistic box and take his audience with him.  He took a simple word like 'stone', dropped the 's' and spoke about 'tone' and the vibrational effects of intonation, then went on to 'atone' and 'Aton', the ancient Egyptian sun disk that Akhenaton worshipped.  If this series of playfulness with words would have been all he did, no one would have learned much.

    But William proceeded to go from stone to dowsing rod, to wood, to powder, to bacteriophage.  In the process, he broke every law on linguistics, he shattered every rule of logic and he broke every cultural concept of language use that even the most ordinary person has become used to since childhood.  Since the Toronto Dowsers can justly claim to have an extraordinary number of extraordinary people in its membership, more than one person wondered how William could get away with such blatant misuse of our language!  Two visitors even walked out of the presentation, their linguistic sensibilities having been fatally wounded.

    But William is quite extraordinary himself.  His methodology was to open our minds to possibilities we would ordinarily not consider - to stretch our minds, to exercise our imagination!  And in the moment of our potential confusion, he returned to his focus, the great Templar discovery, the dowsing rod par excellence, our own vertebrae with its seven chakras aiding our brain functions.  All at once all the playing with words no longer mattered.  What did matter was the reality that dowsing was know through the ages and that every one of us has the dowsing tools right inside our bodies.

    Just to bring home the lesson, WH defined the chakras for us: The lower three chakras have to do with "What do I eat next?  Where do I sleep? and Whom do I sleep with?"  The upper three chakras, in turn, have to do with "Where do I come from?  What am I doing here? and How do I get out of here?"  These definitions brought down the house!

     The fact is that we have to suspend our logical mind in order to make use of our metaphysical and dowsing faculties.  William Henry's methodology, his use, or extreme misuse, of language scrambled our sense of logic to the point where the other faculties had no difficulty seeing Solomon's ring as the bird's eye view of Solomon's dowsing rod.  We had no trouble going from 'terror' to 'terra', our earth, especially since President Bush has repeatedly reassured us that he will destroy 'terra' and the industrial giants who support him are destroying our earth right before our eyes.

    And if William Henry wants to go from 'bird' to 'bard' to 'bud' and end up with 'Buddha' as the Awakened One, perhaps he has helped each one of us to awaken a little more that night and to realize that the seat of power is built right into our bodies and it is up to us to intone it, activate it, walk confidently and fearlessly in a world where the governments rule by fear and the media propagate fear-based news daily.  Thank you, William Henry for making this connection between ancient mythology and the potential of our inner reality!"

    As Daniel brings out, this language of the birds, bards, bud and buddha is the language of Adam, in the Garden of Eden, as he went around naming things.  William made connections some could not follow.  Some did not have a context within which to place his presentation.  If you had a background, perhaps from Virginia Essene's or Sheldon Nidle's or Barbara Marciniak's work, you could have placed his work in context.  We know that truth about our origins and history has been warped and suppressed.  William ripped off huge chunks of the coverups.

    For dowsers --- one of his starting points was with Moses.  Moses strikes the rock and what happens?  Water spurts out.  Is this not a "dowsing moment"?   When Jesus was struck with the spear, and blood spurted out.  Smite.  Smith.  The Smith knows the Craft. This, too, was a "dowsing moment".   A smith will smite --- will strike --- stone.  This is transforming.  What is stone? (see below)

    He speaks of dowsers as practitioners of the "craft".  What is the craft?  Transformation.  Alchemy.   The craft is our body.  The craft of crafts is to craft the boat of the soul.  This predates Moses by millenia.

    None of the miracles in Egypt were performed without the presence of this [divining] rod.

    As was asked above --- it is answered, here, below:  What is the stone, as in when Moses stands on a stone.
    A stone is  ----   s   tone.   Moses stands on ... a... tone... He a  tones.  Moses becomes... the tone.

    Where does the tone come from?  It comes from the center of the Milky Way.  There are connections to dowsing, to this, with the Milky Way Galaxy.  The "G" is the Mayan Glyph for the Milky Way (its also their Glyph for Egg, Love and Zero).   WH tells us that the Craftsmen are able to wield the energy of the Milky Way.  Who are the Craftsmen?  Dowsers.

    Another language analysis:   Wood worker  =   Word Worker  =  Light Worker

    Wood is the light force energy of how much the world is made.  So  Holly Wood  is really  Holy Wood --> Divining Rod.   Why else would Los Angeles, California, home of Hollywood, have such an impact on the world?  (Did you do your "homework" from last month's newsletter and check out the answers as to where the chakras of the earth are located -- which you had dowsed for and whose answers can be found at:  CHAKRAS.  ???  Do you see the magnificent connection?  How the pieces are coming together with all these experts we have connected with so "coincidentally"?

    Coinciding with William's presentation with the time of the year, he spoke 2 weeks before the holiest day in the Jewish Year: Yom Kippur.  This is known as the Day of Atonement.  In 2004 it is sundown September 24 - sundown September 25.

    It is a time of fasting and reflection and atonement, which traditionally means we reflect on things we did wrong [sins] and ask for forgiveness from God and ask to forgive ourselves and that we do forgive those who wronged us and --- what is the most difficult --- that we do forgive ourselves.  For when we forgive ourselves we have no separation from God and we are at one with God.  We are AT ONE.  We  ATONE.

    So that is where things stood prior to William's presentation and workshop.

    William talked about Sin.  And what Sin was/is --- Sin is not that you or someone did something wrong.  Nope.  Sin is, we did not do the work of the gods.  It has nothing to do with morals.  It is the work.

    The usual methods by which the gods visited their anger upon man (for his sin) was through:  Sickness.  We die if Sin --- of not doing the alchemical work --- of not being in the process of transforming ourselves in to a god like being.  Sickness is an indication of, and in of itself --- Sin.

    Alchemy --- the transformation of the impure soul in to a pure soul.  The secret of alchemy is that there exists a means of manipulating matter and energy to creates what science calls a force field.

    It is a battle between the gods.  We are the pawns.    The body is... a tuner.... a resonator ...
    The craft is transforming impure souls in to pure souls.

    So, sin is not doing the work.  What is the work?  To serve the gods.  Or, what we served them was not pure.   So sin is not serving the gods, or serving them something impure.  What did we serve them?   Aha!   Frequency.  Energy.

    At Yom Kippur... we...Atone for our sins, right?   As I thought  last year, We.  Become.  ===>  AT  ONE.

    Thanks to William, I  --- and now you --- have an additional, powerful perspective:

                 A  TONE.

    This is the day we become   AT ONE  by  producing   A  TONE.
    What's  A  TONE?   Could it be FREQUENCY?
    What is the tone?  Is there "a" tone?  We don't --- yet --- know.  Or do we?

    Could this be the day of the year that the gods would... tune their piano?...so to speak?

    It is the day set aside to reflect --- in your heart --- where any: anger, fear, duplicity, hatred, bitterness, resentment, revenge, envy, jealousy towards another may like, and, root it out.  Because these are impure energies.

    When you have such thoughts, feelings, you are impure, you can not be in a state of wholeness.
    If you try to feed this kind of energy the gods it is impure, hence, a "sin".  You are separate from them.  You must root it out to become AT ONE  so you can "sing"  A TONE.

    Should we sing together to offer   A   TONE to become AT   ONE?
    Will this kind of pure frequency satisfy the gods so we are not sinners?
    And then, once we all have this tone, then what?
    Where do you think we will go to next?

    Thanks to William, we have the strong possibility of a couple more pieces of the puzzle of our origins.   A couple of you told me since the presentation that you did not have a context within which to place his teachings.  I hope this is starting to build one for you.   He offered several good sized pieces with which we can more quickly fill in our puzzle.

    [Have you figured out yet who the gods might be?]

    (Alan Handelsman is our November speaker.  Although his presentation is not on music, Alan is a trained musician and maybe he will have some additional insight for us on tones and frequency.)

    Even if you are not Jewish, you may want to share in the energetics of this day as with millions of people all over the world working with this kind of energy, an opening is created and its easier to "push the energy through".

    WHAT was the significance of his presentation?  We have excellent speakers, each one showing us different perspectives.   We walked out of there feeling powerful and empowered, that we were gods because we ARE gods --- to quote Raymon Grace:  "Dowsers are the most powerful people in the world.  Their problem is, they just don't know it."   Yes, it is good to find water and know what vitamins and modalities and foods are best for you, but my gosh!  he has shown us that we have power beyond anyone's imagination here, at the very least that we know how to transform the universe and have, if we choose --- eternal life.

    Look for Evidence.
    Dowsers are needed to find it.
    You are the Way Showers.
    It is time to Put away your Dowsing Rod and
    Wave Your Hand      -    William Henry, Toronto, September 8th, 2004


    Here is a listing of the new items purchased this summer for the library. This does not include recent donations.  Spent about 6 days going to 10 different places, mostly in Vermont, some in New Hampshire, many of them 2nd hand stores, finding rare books.   (It was fun.  I wanted to buy clothing, but ended up buying books.  So, what else is new.)   Some I bought on Ebay (such as Markus Schirner's Pendulum Workbook which was not easy to find).   Not included here are about 30 CDs purchased at the ASD on the sessions.   Then this data was entered in to a spreadsheet with Author, Title, cost, where purchased, date, ISBN number, media type.  Some of the books were given to Shelley to bring back, so I would not have to bring back 3 boxes of books.

    Most of these books are very very special.  You will not find them in stores, we do not even know they exist.  Last year, for example, I just had to go to a second hand book store in Toronto.  This was after I returned from Vermont and bought a whole bunch of books.  One book -- Brain Respiration --- jumped off the shelf at me and would not let me leave without it.  I tried twice, it pulled me back.  So I bought it.  3 of you so far, have been raving about it.  Several of the books this year are definitely in that category.

    These books will be available for borrowing in our library when Mici has time to put them in to the system, or, when someone else will do it.

    Brent Hart How Your Garden Can Become a Healing Resort for Elementals 
    Hardy Rev. Mary Knights Templar & Preserving The Feminine Principal 
    Lieb Ann J. New Paradigm; The Power of One, The 
    Lieb Ann J. Kabbalah, The Judaic Mysteries
    Morton Thomas Mapping Earth's Grid, Magnetosphere
    Akwesasne Notes Basic Call to Consciousness
    Andrews Ted Psychic Protection
    Andrews George C. Extra Terrestrials Among Us
    Andrews Carol The British Museum Book of The Rosetta Stone
    Applegate George Complete Book of Dowsing, The
    Arguelles Jose Surfers of the Zuvuya
    Atwater P.M.H. Future Memory
    Auerbach Loyd Ghost Hunting
    Blackburn Gabriele Science and Art of the Pendulum
    Branson O.T. Dowsing Devices
    Brower Kenneth Starship and the Canoe, The
    Bruchac Joseph Native American Sweat Lodge, History and Legends
    Chaney Earlyne Lost Secrets of the Mystery Schools
    Claudy Carl H. Masonic Harvest
    Cowan David Ley Lines and Earth Energies
    Cox Bill Original Cameron Aurameter Book, The 
    Dinshah Let There Be Light
    Dyer Dr. Wayne Gifts from Eykis
    Emoto Dr. Masaru Messages From Water  (newest, i.e., 3rd book)
    Fox Matthew Hildegard of Bingen's Book of Divine Works
    Freeman Brian and Jodi Old Ones, The
    Frost April Beyond Obedience
    Grabhorn Lynn Dear God! What's Happening To Us?
    Grabhorn Lynn Planet Two
    Graves Tom Diviner's Handbook, The
    Graves Tom Elements of Pendulum Dowsing, The
    Graves Tom Dowsing and Archeology
    Graves Tom Needles of Stone Revisited
    Hall Manly P. Healing, the Divine Art
    Hammerschlag Dr. Carl A Dancing Healers, The
    Hoffman Enid Huna
    Hudon Jean Immortal Child, The
    Imamoto ChowChow Radiance of Self Healing, The
    Kinnear Willis Thought As Energy
    Knight Christopher Uriel's Machine
    La Croix Mary Remnant, The
    Leonard Linda Schierse Wounded Woman, The
    Lewis C.S. Space Trilogy
    Lieb Ann J. Think Right, A Guide to Dowsing Manifestation and Oneness
    Lonegren Sig Earth Mysteries Handbook
    Mallory Barbara Divining Health
    Matthews Caitlin Celtic Book of Days, The
    Michell John Secrets of the Stones
    Morrison Tony Pathways to the Gods
    Murphy Dr. Joseph Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The
    Nieper Dr. Hans A Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society
    Noah Joseph Future Prospects of the World According to the Bible Code
    Orloff Judith Positive Energy
    Oyle Dr. Irving Healing Mind, The
    Pert Dr. Candace Molecules of Emotion 
    Peterson Scott Native American Prophecies
    Quirke Stephen The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt
    Rolfe Mona Radiation of the Light, Man's Responsibility on Earth
    Russell Walter Secret of Light, The
    Ryall Riannon Celtic Lore and Druidic Ritual
    Saner Harry A Devine Search
    Schirner Markus Pendulum Workbook
    Schwaller de Lubicz Isha Opening of the Way, The
    Schwaller de Lubicz Isha Sacred Science
    Schwaller de Lubicz Isha Temple in Man, The
    Skinner Stephen Oracle of Geomancy, The, Techniques of Earth Divination
    Smith Michael G. Crystal Power
    Storace Patricia Dinner with Persephone, Travels in Greece
    Temple Jack Healer
    Temple Jack Medicine Man
    Time Life Spirit World, The
    Toulson Shirley Celtic Year, The
    Villado Alberto Dance of the Four Winds, Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel
    Vitale Barbara Meister Free Flight, Celebrating Your Right Brain
    von Eckartshausen Karl Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge
    Wallace Anthony F.C. Death and Rebirth of the Seneca
    Watkins Alfred The Ley Hunters Manual
    Whitney Monica Szu & Gar Portals & Corridors, A Visionary Guide to Hyperspace
    Wolf Fred Alan Taking the Quantum Leap
    Wright Machaelle Small Perelandra Garden Workbook 2nd Edition
    Schneider Michael S Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, A
    Buchman Dian Dincin Complete Book of Water Healing
    Moore Alanna Stone Age Farming
    May Vicki Medicine Wheel Cerremonies
    Samuels Dr. Michael Path of the Feather, The
    ASD Kids Learn Dowsing
    Milleren Tom Dowsing
    Rising Tide Films Fountain of Youth, The

    Overdue Library Items

    The following people have items that are overdue in the library, from 2-12 months.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would return them promptly.  If you have a question about this, please contact me or Mici.  Thank you.

    Ilektra Almetidy              Louis Basic            Anne Ford
    Bill Colclough                 Cathy Gibson         Catherine Evens
    Marlene Jelski                Eve English            William Whitman
    Louis Croft                     Sheila Stene            Kathy Showron
    Irene Economides           Darcie McKelvey

    Regards and New Work from Joey

    If you joined our group after October 2003, you missed seeing Joey Korn.  From Augusta, Georgia, Joey is one of the best known dowsers in the English speaking world, and our friend.  He was here October 2002, October 2003, gave a presentation and a workshop both times.  The Toronto Dowsers now require Joey Korn energy in October, and here it is.  As you read this section, you will get an idea of who he is and what he offers us.  A lot of information on him and by him can be found in our October and November newsletters in 2002 and 2003 and in many others as well. At our sales table at meetings we sell his book, Kaballah charts and the Maurey pendulums that he has available.

    Joey found out that it is a good idea to *not* use the terminology "negative energies".   Because there are -- what we consider negative --- to be beneficial.  So the terms are  "beneficial"  and  "detrimental".   These terms are now being used by more and more dowsers.   He also says that he finds the most powerful form of healing to be dowsing combined with prayer.   Those are just 2 of the many pieces of wisdom Joey has shared with us.  More can be found on his site and in his books.  And in the video we have available.  Find out what the Bed Pattern and Human Energy Pattern are.  Especially if you have interest in the Kaballah.

    Joey added new services.  When he was here, he visited peoples' homes to do "Spiritual Housecleaning".  Recently, he has started doing "Remote Spiritual Housecleaning" which means he does not have to be on site.  This can be arranged through a phone call or an email.  You'll find the information on that below.  From Joey:

    To bring your Bed Pattern and Human Energy Pattern into balance, stand at the foot of your bed and say this prayer.

    "If it be Thy Will, may the Powers of Nature converge to increase and enhance the beneficial energies and balance any detrimental energies within my being and in my living environment, especially here around my bed, to bring healing and balance to my (our) complete being(s), physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Work especially with the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern, for now and into the future, for as long as is appropriate. Amen."
    Below is some of his info on SHS.  You can find the rest on his site, starting at: /www.dowsers.com/page49.html
    Space Clearing for Geopathic Stress Zones  *  Remote Spiritual Housecleaning Services
    Do you feel that have energy problems in your home or office?  There are energies in the Earth that can cause problems in our lives.  Many dowsers believe these geopathic lines or "Geopathic Stress Zones" can cause illness, especially cancer.  I can help you detect whether you have significant detrimental Earth energies and, together, we can make them beneficial with prayer and blessing. But we can do much more.

    The more you understand about what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in life, the more you can take charge of the process. Dowsing can be a powerful way to explore the energies around and within us and understand ever more about the unseen world we live in. Applied intent through prayer and blessing is how we can take charge of the process.

    So we don't have to "clear" or get rid of the detrimental energies. We can actually make them beneficial. We can also call in new beneficial energies to help us draw what we most desire into our lives. So we can learn to fill ourselves and our living environments with our goals and desires rather than our fears and frustrations.    If I am ever in your area and you would like to have some personal coaching, this is how you can make that happen.  I can also coach you without being there in person through my Remote Spiritual Housecleaning services.

    The entire process takes about an hour, but we won't spend all of that time on the phone.  I'll explore the energies in your living environment and I'll also dowse your Human Energy Pattern, or Bed Pattern.  I'll give you an overview of what I find and we'll say blessings to change the energies.  I also offer a free follow-up session to make sure the balanced energies are holding.

    What is Spiritual Housecleaning?    *    How is this accomplished?
    What are the Powers of Nature?    *    Are all underground streams detrimental to us?
    Are all detrimental energies bad?    *    What are the "two lights of the soul"?
    What is the Bed Pattern and how does it differ from the Human Energy Pattern?
    Can I learn to do this work myself?    *    Can you do remote energy work?
    What is Kabbalah?    *    How much do you charge for this service?

    If you're interested in a remote session contact 1-877-369-7464 or  joey@dowsers.com.  We'll make an appointment and I'll call you at the appointed time if you live in the US.  If you live outside of the US, you'll call me.  I charge $100 US for this service.  We accept all major credit cards.

    Below is an article that Joey wrote specifically for the Toronto Dowsers newsletter ! ! !
    A Kabbalistic Premise: Understanding More about Working with Energy
    By Joey Korn

    In June 1999, after several years of dowsing research, I made a finding in my work that tied directly to the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, which is the basis of Jewish mysticism.  I didn’t consciously bring this into my work; it came to me.  I believe I have found the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in a pattern of energies around every human being.  (See http://dowsers.com/page5.html.) As of my friends in Toronto Dowsers know, I also find this Tree of Life pattern repeating itself in Earth energies, such as underground streams, Hartmann and Curry grid lines, and energy leys.  The more I look into Kabbalah, the more it seems to answer many of my questions about life.  One kabbalistic premise, in particular, has helped me understand and explain my dowsing and energy work much better.

    Kabbalah literally means “to receive” and you could expand that to mean “to receive light or energy” because everything in Kabbalah is about light and energy.  It is taught that our Creator has an inherent desire to transmit or impart Its Light.  God created us as vessels with an inherent desire to receive God’s Light.  This is a powerful drive within each of us, especially when we awaken and step knowingly onto our spiritual paths.  The more Light we receive, such as through spiritual insight, the more Light we want. It is a thirst that can never fully be quenched.  Everything in the physical universe is ultimately a vessel created to hold God’s Light.

    God also gave us, as human beings, the Divine gift of free will, which gives us the unique ability to impart or share God’s Light that is within us and within all of creation.  So when we get inspired with new insights, we inherently want to share them with others.

    I have learned that when we find any detrimental subtle energy with dowsing, we can say a prayer or blessing, asking for the detrimental energy to become beneficial, and it immediately does so.  This includes human-related energies, Earth energies, and even electromagnetic fields (EMFs) around appliances.  This change into beneficial energies is not permanent, but indefinite; it will last until something changes it back.  This could be our own negative thoughts and emotions while in the presence of these energies, or it could be something in Nature that changes it back.  Ultimately, everything in Nature is good and serves a purpose, even detrimental energies.

    Most dowsers and other energy workers seem to think of beneficial and detrimental energies as separate and distinct from each other. They work to avoid, neutralize, or divert the detrimental energies, and they seek out beneficial energies to spend time in them.  I see them as one and the same; they’re all manifestations of the Life Force.

    This goes right back to the kabbalistic premise stated above.  I see an energy field as a vessel, created with the inherent purpose to hold energy.  The energy field itself is not detrimental or beneficial; it is neutral.  The frequency of the energy that the field carries is what determines if it is beneficial or detrimental to us.  And if we find an energy field that carries energy at a frequency that is detrimental to us, we can change or transmute it because we have Free Will, which, again, gives us the ability to impart or transmit energy.

    We can also put a very specific frequency of energy into an energy field, or object, or substance, or even our own body, by defining what we want with our intent.  If we can change an energy frequency from black to white, so to speak, can’t we change it to any shade of gray in between?  Shouldn’t we be able to charge objects and energy fields with very specific energies, as defined with our intent?  I have found that we can, which turns them into working amulets.  You can ask God or the Powers of the Universe to charge your watch, the energy field of an underground stream, your drinking water, or just about anything else with a specific energy frequency to help you heal or resolve a key issue in your life.  Again, these objects and fields are vessels that hold energy, much as a bottle holds liquid.  We are changing the energies around and within us with every thought, action, and emotion.  Rather than surround ourselves with our fears, anxieties, and negative emotions, we can take charge of the process and surround ourselves with what we most want to bring into our lives.

    Try this exercise: Have someone muscle-test you by pushing down on your outstretched arm while you resist.  This will give you a measure of your muscle strength.  Have them push hard enough to make your arm go down.  If you are very strong, you might want to point your thumb down, which will make it a little more difficult for you to resist.  Now think of an unresolved issue in your life and have your friend muscle-test you again.  You will likely test significantly weaker.  Now say a blessing over an object, such as a watch or a ring, and ask that the object be charged with specific energy to help you resolve the issue you are thinking about.  Now hold the object, think of the unresolved issue in the same way you did before, and have your friend muscle-test you again.  Are you significantly stronger?  You could also ask that your body be charged with this energy, or the energy field of an underground stream, or even the energy field that is radiating from a cell phone or microwave oven.  Not only will these fields and objects be beneficial, they will hold specific energies that help you resolve your issues.

    This basic kabbalistic premise has helped me immeasurably to understand and explain my work.   I am sharing it with you in hopes that it will help you understand more about the energy work you are currently doing and how to improve it.  Even though kabbalistic teachings are thousands of years old, it is amazing how they apply so wonderfully into modern-day life, especially in the area of energy work.

    Joey Korn is a world renowned dowser, energy worker, and author from Augusta, Georgia, who has spoken and conducted workshops for the Toronto Dowsers.   Email Joey at Joey@dowsers.com to get on his mailing list. Learn more about his work and about his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, at www.dowsers.com.

    ©Joseph Korn 2004

    A letter from our Librarian

     Our accomplished Librarian, Mici Gold has taken the foundation created by Helen Evans and improved things even more.  Connecting with volunteers means we find out even more about one another.  Each time I meet with another Toronto Dowser, its like visiting a mansion with many doors, each one enclosing a whole other life.  Googling just now to find out the  web site for her healing services, found out that not only does she organize Science Fiction conventions, but she is also an artist, poet, writer, photographer.   She spoke at the 2003  Total Health Show, talking about "How to relieve conference stress using nothing but your hands and a glass of water."  Ask Mici about her services, or find out more about her and her work at:  theauthenticyou.com/

       Mici called one day this July.  "There was a fire in my home yesterday" she said.  "But don't worry.  The library is fine."   In Mici's home, she takes care of her husband, 3 kids and her mother in law.  She has a busy life.  Her summer has been like 3 soap operas.  But she calls me the day after the fire, to tell me about it and the first thing she mentions is the Toronto Dowsers Library.  Now that's dedication.

       Mici and her family have been living in another house since then --- the roof in her home went and there is a lot of fixing up to do.  Every item in the house was removed, and given an oxygen bath to get rid of the smoke odor.  And our library is fine.   She has not had the time to catalogue the 150 new items.

        Much of what we do has utility beyond its surface appearance.  As does the set up, management and functioning of our library.  Things are set up the way they are for a reason.  No action, no thought is inconsequential.   Mici wrote us a letter this August, giving insight as to some of the reason for the intent behind the library's systems.

    Dear Fellow Dowsers:

            It’s time to return any and all library items you have borrowed.  Most of you have brought back books, VCRs and tapes quickly, but some have not, and I invite you to so do at the September meetings.  Because of the house fire and other challenges my family experienced this summer, I will not be charging overdue fines for any materials returned in September, regardless of when you took them out.  We just want the items back.  Other people are waiting for these materials.  But there’s an even bigger reason to return them:   you will mostly benefit yourself.
             What?  Yes!
             If you return those books, VCRs and tapes promptly every time, you will ensure the success of your dowsing.  Here’s how it works:

             When you borrow a library item, you are making a promise to return it in a month.  What happens when you break a promise?  Not only do people resent your broken promise, but you also create an energy imbalance.  You’ve blocked the flow of energy between yourself and other people.  Also, it makes you feel uncomfortable physically, if you will attune to your body sensations when confronted.  But there’s more.

             A dowser with a blocked energy flow just isn’t going to dowse as effectively, because dowsing depends on a free exchange of energy and information between you and the universe.  Dowsing isn’t simply a mechanical process, you have to bring honesty, openness and integrity — a fullness of spirit — to your work if you want reliable answers.  And this is true not just for your dowsing, but for your whole life.

             If you want your dowsing to make a difference to other people and to the world (and who doesn’t want that?), start with small steps, like returning library materials when you say you will (or communicating to the librarians if there’s a difficulty).

             And while you’re at it, consider where else in life you might be out of integrity.  Who are you angry at?  To whom do you owe money or a phone call or an apology?  What are you trying to hide and why?  These behaviours all get in the way of effective dowsing.

             So, when the library volunteers say “get those books back” or “please pay the fine”, they aren’t asking you to follow arbitrary rules or trying to embarrass you, they’re actually giving you the chance to practice keeping your energy ethical, trustworthy and reliable.  They’re trying to help you improve your dowsing!  It’s not just your fellow dowsers who suffer if those items aren’t returned; you do, too!  Even more so, because you do want to trust what you dowse, don’t you?

             So, bring back your library materials to the September meeting, fellow dowsers.  Let’s do our energy work with integrity this year, starting with our library.

    Love you all!
    Mici Gold

    If you can't get to the meeting to return an item you can drop it off or mail it to Mici or Marilyn.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    Had some questions from last month about the The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis (generally known as Sanjeevinis) system, and requests for symbols.  Sent them along.  If you would like to see my Sanjeevini book, let me know and I'll bring it to the October meeting.

    THE   Tuesday, October 12th 2004  MEETING FEATURES:
    Ivan McBeth
    from the United Kingdom
    will speak on: "Stone Circles, Druidry and Geomancy"
    COME SEE & HEAR IVAN McBETH, Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids,  founder of the Megalithic Order of Druids. Founder of the Sacred Space School of Shamanic Studies. Founder member of the Oak Dragon Project, Teacher for the Isle of Avalon Foundation, the Mid-Atlantic School of Geomancy, the Geomancy Group, and the Earth Healing School. Ivan spent ten years as a world traveler, spending large amounts of time in the Sinai, Egypt, India and South Africa.

    Hear Ivan explain, impart, share his energy.  See his slides of his constructs, as he speaks to us about:

    DRUIDRY, the traditional spirituality of the lands and of the Celtic people. Druids are both men and women who are interested in discovering the sacred through the magic and mysteries of nature.

    A Druid is surrendered to the power that rules his fate, and is under guidance. In a very real way, his life is not his own, and he awaits “instructions” for what he has to do, and where he has to go, in any stage of his life. He is usually given projects to fulfill, either by other members of his Order, or by Spirit itself. As he completes these projects, so he progresses through life.

     Druids are particularly drawn to the magic of trees, stones and stars. What an adventure!

    GEOMANCY, the science of communicating, and consciously working with, the Spirit of the Land. The health of the land directly affects everyone and everything. In fact we are the land, albeit a “portable” bit. It follows, therefore, that if the land is healthy and fully alive, everything on, about, and over the land will be happy and healthy. That includes us.

    Since the beginnings of time there have been individuals who have trained and acquired skills in caring for the land. They monitor its health in their “territory”, and take responsibility for undertaking any remedial work, or “healing”, that might be necessary.Often they are unpaid, yet faithfully perform their work throughout their lives.

    STONE CIRCLES:  The ancient stone circle builders employed advanced geometry, had intimate knowledge of astronomy, and were skilled as engineers. They could set out projects to an accuracy of one in a thousand, and they could transport and erect blocks of stone weighing up to three hundred tons. They also knew of, and used the famous 3:4:5 right-angled triangle, the setting out of ellipses, two thousand years before Pythagoras!

    The motives behind their construction can only be guessed at. We can be sure that it included: science, observing celestial and terrestrial natural cycles, the prediction of astronomical phenomena, community gatherings, education, Geomancy, healing and spiritual practices. Ivan believes that most stone circles are “Dream Temples”, places where the simple act of entering the space triggers off an experience of the Dream worlds. By entering a stone circle gently, respectfully, and by keeping an open mind, one is sometimes transported into magical realms which can generate wonderful, magical experiences, or provide profound teachings.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2004 by Marilyn Gang