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A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter.  If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.

The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, October 17th,  2006 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Sandee Mac
will return to speak on:
"Tibetan and Earth Energy Medicine Magic"
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $8 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $12 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator: TORONTO DOWSERS - 2006

OCT 14, 15, 20; NOV 4, 5, 11, 12, 18:Workshops with Alicja Aratyn (see below)

OCTOBER 17,  2006:  Sandee Mac, Master Dowser,  from Houston, Texas
October 18-24: Private Sessions, Workshops

NOVEMBER 8th, 2006: Freddy Silva
NOVEMBER 9th, 2006: Masaru Emoto
NOVEMBER 10th, 2006: David Farkas

NOVEMBER 21, 2006:  Dr. Cass Ingram
"How the Energetics of Herbs Helps You Become a Better Dowser"

DECEMBER 12,2006:  The 7th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

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APRIL 17, 2007:Ellie Drew

April 13,14,15, 2007 - The Consumer Health Organization of Canada sponsors the annual Total Health Show
Alicja Aratyn,  Dr. Robert Gilbert, Dr. Magda Havas, Pierre Noreau, Ellie Drew


MEETING DOOR FEES:    Reminder:  Starting September 12th, meeting costs are:  Members:  $8.   Non Members:  $12.   Due to our higher costs.    When we started out September 2000, the member fee was $5.   This was raised to $7 in 2003 and now $8 in 2006.

TUESDAY MEETING DATES You know we schedule our meetings the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Sometimes the speaker can not make it.  To accomodate the speaker's schedules, the October and November meetings will take place the THIRD Tuesday.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS, MEMBERSHIP CARDS & GUEST "COUPONS":    Our membership year runs from October 1 to September 30.   Renewal forms are enclosed with this issue.  Membership fees are the same as last year for Canadian Residents:  Renewal: $25,   New Members:  $30.  PLEASE DO CONSIDER  making an additional contribution when you renew your membership. Thank you!

This is incredible.  This reminds me of when I first got started on Internet as it is -- somewhat -- today.  It was 1993 or 1995).  Very few people were on Internet and I used to beg my friends to get online so I would have folks to email with.  Guess what happened?  Eventually, everyone listened!  And so now we spend all our time on email...  Just like:

Everyone is listening and I got what I asked for!  Major Oy Vey!   Scores of renewal forms have come to my mailbox these past 3 weeks.  So many that with everything else going on, it is not possible to process all of them  with this newsletter mailout.  So:

Your membership cards will probably not be included with this issue.

Guest coupons:  Are to be used for people who have never been to one of our meetings.  (You receive a coupon to bring a "new" person for free if you join or renew before October 31st.)

* Please do remember to bring refreshments for us to share at the end of the presentation
* There WILL be  pre meeting dowsing practice at this meeting
* Bring in your completed membership renewal forms. (Give them to Registration)
*  Remember to return library items

PRE MEETING DOWSING PRACTICE  BACK TO BASICS::   This is the pre presentation teaching practice offered by  Shelley Bourne and Angi Venning.  6:15-6:55.      You must be a paid up member of the Toronto Dowsers to participate.   Preregistration is required.   Please call   Shelley:  905 294 6858.  Participants are asked to  GO EITHER  DIRECTLY TO THE STAGE or TO THE AREA IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM. (It will be obvious which area we are using).  We had to discontinue the previous Practice Groups because we were interfered with when we were setting up for the meeting.  We hope that will not re-occur, so you can continue to have these groups.

The purpose of this practice is... To Practice Dowsing... We are going Back to Basics to practice asking accurate dowsing questions.  Each month, a different area will be focussed on.  This month, it is the DOWSING VITAMINS.

TICKETS FOR SANDEE MAC'S WORKSHOP:   Can be purchased at the end of the presentation.


ODYSSEY BOOKS:  Odyssey Books, in Ajax, offers Toronto Dowsers discounts.  They occasionally attend a meeting and items are offered for sale there.  You can purchase the DVD, "The Secret".  They will be back at this October meeting.  If you have a request for them call  905-426-4823   /www.odysseybooks.on.ca/

DVDs, CDs  Yes, we are still trying to get Dr. Karim's DVD made.  Its taking about 3 months longer than hoped.  I'm waiting too.  Our DVD master maven is still working on it....  Oliver Stone, watch out!   We have Dr. Karim's Home Kits and Emitter Medallions.

ON NAMES AND NAMING: Processing the renewals and have received a check for "The Toronto Society of Dowsers"  Folks frequently refer to us, using the words:  Society, Association, Chapter, none of which are true.  While we embody aspects of Society and Association, our name is The Toronto Dowsers.  Just as we say:  The Toronto Blue Jays.  Most dowsing groups include "Society".  Not doing so was a conscious decision, to reduce overhead, structure, hierarchy, etc.,  as much as possible.

ANNE van ALTEN -- Our Honey /www.anniesapitherapy.com/ Annie owns Dutchman's Gold, the bee and honey products company.   Annie brought in their beeswax candles to use for the dedication commitment ceremony that Ivan McBeth took us through.  We walked through a portal to commit to Gaia.  A portal created, in part, by these candles.  THANK YOU, ANNIE!!!  It was truly magical. Annie is going to Greece this month to speak at an international Apitherapy Conference.

Congratulations to Annie!  Annie's daughter, Angela is engaged.  I met Annie through Angela when Angela and I were students together at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  We both got our diplomas and became RNCs (Registered Nutritional Consultant).  Angela is currently working in the field, where she met her fiance, another health minded person.  That year of our study, Angela and I went to Bruce Magill's home for a weekend in Havelock and together  took his Level 1 Dowsing course.

THE FOOD HARVEST folks, such as RICK SIMPSON:   You were invited to bring in produce from your harvest so that those who do not have gardens could taste some real food.  Rick Simpson is the only one whose name I have.  Rick had excellent potatoes, and other produce.  The items were gone quite quickly.  We'll do that again next year!  Thank you!  Please let me know your name if you contributed.  Rick makes beautiful high quality hand crafted wooden pendulums.  We had them for sale at the ASD Convention and the ASD Bookstore bought 20 of them.

THE FOOD TABLE:  We ask for you to bring in munchies to share with folks for the end of the presentation.  You do and you are seldom acknowledged.  And what you do --- you unsung heroes and heroines -- your contribution is essential to the fabric that we have created.  Each time you bring something, this is an act of charity for which you are not recognized and you do this because you know it is the right thing to do.  Any group within our society  can not become strong within itself if its members don't know one another as people, and share personal energy, experiences and care with and for one another.  In our society, the mechanism by which we do this is through food.  Every holiday, every ritual, meeting and gathering has food as a focal point (and many refuse to admit it, but its true).

Imagine for a moment how poor we would feel without our food table.  Then remember how rich we feel when we have a well stocked food table to look forward to after the meeting.  It is only there because of YOU!   And many thanks to Ken Corrigan, who takes care of this table.  Ken does not have a car and gets the supplies to the meeting by bus or bicycle!  Now THAT'S what I call dedication and commitment!

About 8 people asked me about the yummy sesame, sunflower, etc. treats, and wanted the recipe.  So I asked you.  Debbie Purvis and Kathy Wilson told me they buy them at the Bulk Barn.  They are called "crunches" and there are several, made with different nuts or seeds.

THE CHOCOLATE GUYS:  Michael Sacco & Graham Corbett, from ChocoSol, came to the meeting to offer us a taste of their wares at the end of the presentation.  This is one of those times I love to be proven right because you, too, do love their chocolate. Michael gave an empassionioned speech about the chocolate and the Zapatistas, who they are and what they are fighting for.  They offered to submit a short article for us, but. not yet... well, maybe mañana.

These are 2 very endearing young men who are just starting out and are passionate about what they do.  Brian Clement (below) tells us that chocolate is not healthy.  Michael and Graham say it is.  Of COURSE it is!  ¡Claro que sí!   Visit them, in their "esquina" at Toronto Sprouts (formerly Super Sprouts), 720 Bathurst Street, to find out cacao history and get what tastes best to you.  Chili Chocolate, maybe?  (Do you think they could come up with chocolate sprouts some day???)

Four Catholic ladies are having coffee together, discussing how important their children are.

The first one tells her friends, "My son is a priest. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him "Father."

The second Catholic woman chirps, "Well, my son is a Bishop. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, 'Your Grace'."

The third Catholic woman says smugly, "Well, not to put you down, but  my son is a Cardinal. Whenever he walks into a room, people say "Your Eminence."

The fourth Catholic woman sips her coffee in silence. The first three women give her this subtle "Well...?" She replies, "My son is a gorgeous, 6'4", hard bodied, well hung, male stripper. Whenever he walks into a room, women say, "My God...."


Workshops by Alicja Aratyn   www.alicja.com
To get more info and/or to enroll contact: Alicja @ (905) 848-1233 alicjaaratyn@sympatico.ca

October 14   Healing with Radiesthetic Instruments (Level 3 of The Science of Dowsing),  Mississauga,
October 15   Rituals and Magick - The Way of Wicca (Part 2 of 3),  Mississauga
October 20   Dowsing - the Way of Spiritual Living (Lecture), WonderWorks, Toronto
November 4   Intuition and Dowsing (Level 1 of The Science of Dowsing),  Mississauga
November 5   Atlantis - A Forgotten Heritage(Part 1 of 6),  Mississauga
November 11-12   Colours in Radiesthesia (Level 4 of The Science of Dowsing),  Mississauga
November 18   Environmental Dowsing (Level 2 of The Science of Dowsing), Mississauga

Lovely to look at
Classy, Bright and Bold
Sandee Mac's words are better than Gold

Excellent.  Sandee is coming back!  She was here November 2005.  The information she brings to us is information rich and dense and deep in its effects.  Do review the November 2005 - January 2006 newsletters for review of her work and testimonials from those who took her classes, or had a session with her.

Sandee has the widest and deepest knowledge of dowsing -- energy dowsing -- and energy subjects -- of any person yet encountered or heard about..  Every meeting attendee is guaranteed to come away with at least 3 pieces of information valuable to them, personally.  In private practice since 1979, from a totally unique background, she is constantly on the move, kriscrossing the US to teach or be taught.

Last November I took the Clearing Family Patterns workshop.  Each of us worked on one item.  I worked on a deep unpleasant core situation.  It turned out to be related to other deep situations.  It seems that what took place was that pattern got a big shove out of its comfortable -- but painful, for me -- place and has been moving up out of the depths since it has been uncovered.  It's like clearing the land of boulders.  Some of them which are stuck deep -- you can't necessarily get them up and out with one poke of the shovel or spade.  It might get lifted up with a pry bar --- and most of the bugs scurry out -- when they are exposed to the light.  Eventually, you work at it enough, and it comes up and out once you find it and are determined.

This boulder, which was first nudged up in November, has been coming up and causing trouble ever since.  I think its out.  I'm not trying to be mysterious here, but am not entirely sure that what has happened has actually taken place.  If this is so, I'll be writing about it in a few months when its certain and not as tender.  I've been experiencing hours of "energy releasing" for several hours at a time, several days a week for the past 3 weeks.

The reason I'm even mentioning it now is because this was catalyzed by Sandee's teaching -- her workshop, and she's almost here.  Usually I like to "prove" things to myself before I talk about them, over time.  But I don't have that luxury now.   Stuck energy that no one has been able to release, can be moved with Sandee's help and/or techniques.   She can bring to you teachings or methodologies that are powerful, quick and that work and that you will not have found in any other place.  Joe Smith (all time favorite dowser) went spontaneously into a past life as a cowboy as a result of a regression he did with Sandee.   In fact, Joe wrote a novel about it.   You can see some of it at /www.dowsers.info/joeswest.htm    Many of us have had profound results as a result of listening to her, her workshops and private sessions.   I strongly encourage you to come to the meeting and attend at least one of the 4 workshops.

   SANDEE says:   "Dowsing is one of the most important things any one can learn because you can be self sufficient.  When you learn to Dowse correctly and accurately you have a tool that will be with you the rest of your life, and, it can save your life."

   Sandee is one very powerful woman.  And as Alicja Aratyn tells us:    Sandee is unique. Sandee is classy. Sandee is caring and sharing.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you
   Last year one of the things she mentioned, in passing, was her work with Tibetan Lama Madi Nolan, and going to other dimensions.  You told me this is what interests you so she will talk about it at her presentation.  And:

   If you have a question on any topic that you want answered and think others might benefit from it, email it to me.  I will present them to her before the meeting and see if she can address it during her presentation.

   Sign up for her workshops.  Tickets to be sold after the presentation.

OCTOBER  18 - 24   2006


     Location:  The Latvian Center
    first floor, near the front door.

Registration can be done at the October 17th meeting or through the mail.
Payment is required for registration.
Payment:  Cash, or check made out to:  Marilyn Gang

If you want to buy a ticket through the mail, send your name, workshop Day and payment  to:
Marilyn Gang
#816 - 225 Davisville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario  M4S 1G9
You will be notified by phone or email that your payment is received and you can pick up your ticket at the workshop.

   Workshops will start on time --- the time indicated.  Come early if you want to register, etc.
Lunch:  Bring your own (refrigerator available), or at the Latvian Center:
Saturday:   $9 - $10     Sunday Brunch:  $14
          *            *            *            *             *            *

OCTOBER 20th,  6:30 - 9:00
Cost:  $20

Viewing and Explanation of the Use and Function and the Theory behind Slim Spurling's Tools for Personal and Environmental Wellness www.SlimSpurling.com

A brief explanation of the Himalayan Precious Gem Formulas will also be included.

Slim Spurling developed Functional Art Forms dedicated to the  Geobiology of Stress Reduction. resulting in Light-Life-Tools such as the Light-Life-Rings, the Acu-Vac Coil and Feedback Loop and the Harmonizers.

Slim's work supports: environmental clearing, air pollution clearing, energy balancing, Water Improvement, Alternative Agriculture Methods, Insect Control without sprays, Beneficial Insect enhancement,  Computer Radiation Reduction, EMF Pollution Reduction, and more.

His body of work is a result of  forty years of combined research in microbiology, forestry, and herbal nutrition along with diverse experience through the studies of metaphysics, the Far East and American Native Shamanism with a  rich background in applied problem solving utilizing biologic knowledge, chemistry/physics, quantum physics, bio-feedback training, psychotronic research, etc.

*            *            *            *            *            *

Saturday  October 21st
  10 - 5

Members, Before October 18: $140
All others:  $150

          *            *            *            *             *            *
Sunday, October 22
9:30 - 12:30

Members, Before October 18:  $55
All others:  $60

(Bring something to lie down on,such as a pad, pillow, blanket)

        *            *            *            *             *                *
Sunday, October 22nd
2:00 - 6:00

Members, Before October 18: $60
All others:  $65

(Bring something to lie down on,such as a pad, pillow, blanket)

  *            *            *            *             *                *

Will be offered in the Glencairn (south of Lawrence) and Bathurst area.

   TAPING:   Sandee will tape these sessions for you, and/or, you may bring your own recorder

  CANCELLATIONS:   Cancellations must provide at least 48 hours notice, otherwise you are responsible for full payment.  If you have to cancel, you may want to find someone else to take your appointment.

  MEMBERSHIP:   Appointments are available first, for Toronto Dowsers members only, until October  12th.   After that date, non members may take whatever appointments are still available.    We will keep a waiting list.

  COST:   $140
To book an appointment:   call  416 322 0363  or EMAIL:   mgang "at" dowsers.info.   Please know that many of the appointment times, below, have already been booked:

    Wednesday, October 18th:  11:30 a.m.     2:30 p.m.     4:30  p.m.
    Thursday, October 19th:    11:00 a.m.   2:00  p.m.     4:00  p.m.
    Friday,  October 20th:      10  a.m.
    Monday,  October  23rd:  9:30  a.m.,  11:30 a.m.   2:30 p.m.   4:30  p.m.   6:30 p.m.
    Tuesday,  October  24th:  9:00  a.m.,  11:00 a.m.  2:00  p.m.    4:00  p.m.

From Edgar Cayce's organization:  The A.R.E. & The Toronto  Area Team
a day-long program featuring: ROBERT J. GRANT, International Speaker and Author
Envisioning a Hopeful Future
Saturday, October 28, 2006,   FEE: $50.00
A dynamic speaker on subjects that touch the heart and the soul, Rob promises an exciting, interactive day!
             Robert J. Grant is the author of "Universe of Worlds--Exploring the Frontiers of the Afterlife", "The Place We Call Home--Exploring the Soul's Existence After Death", "Are We Listening to the Angels", and "Love and Roses from David".   Rob is a recognized authority on the Edgar Cayce legacy. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada, presenting lectures and workshops on angels and archangels, life after death, Edgar Cayce's story of Jesus, Edgar Cayce's psychic life and work and Cayce's hopeful vision of the Aquarian Age.

            For more than twenty-five years, Rob has made an in-depth study of the Edgar Cayce readings on life after death. As a result of his study and research, Rob has correlated striking parallels between near-death experience (NDE) research and the Edgar Cayce information on the afterlife.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.edgarcaycecanada.com/  Nancy Thomas, (519) 369-3973, Email at  nan.thomas@bmts.com & Susan Lappin, (416) 466-5324, susan-lappin@rogers.com

NOVEMBER 8th, 9th, 10th

November 8th:  Freddy Silva
Latvian Center.   6:45 PM.    $18

(Please note:  Toronto Dowsers MEMBERS can buy tickets for $16 - at the October 17th meeting, at the sales table.  There are ads in the October and November Vitality issues and several networks will be notified that Freddy is coming to town.  We can only fit 100 people in the upstairs room at the Latvian Center.)

Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Expert FREDDY  SILVA, from England will be speaking to us November 8th.  This is NOT our monthly meeting.   Freddy is known for his expertise regarding Crop Circles.   I came across his work in 2002, thanks to Shelley Bourne and Glen Halina.   Then he was extensively interviewed in Robert Nichols STARDREAMS Documentary, donated to us by Ron Dmytrenko.   DJSlip told me Freddy would be in our area and can we invite him.  After I heard him on Coast to Coast (purely by chance) I knew we had to have him here.   Maybe you have seen his book "Secrets In the Fields"?

Freddy  is moving beyond Crop Circles to  Ancient & Sacred Sites & Human Consciousness.   His presentation, "Gateways to the Gods" is about:  "The astonishing evidence of how ancient temples, Gothic cathedrals and crop circles share a common "technology" and a legacy that is altering human consciousness.  A unique and powerful powerpoint presentation by best selling author Freddy Silva of "Secrets in the Fields" and "Stairways to Heaven".

 The following excerpt is from Freddy's interview in StarDreams, and was in our April 2004 issue:

SACRED GEOMETRY:   The reason why it is sacred is it was encoded in to many of the buildings that our neolithic ancestors built. The stone circles, the temples of the Greeks, the Egyptian temples and even as late as the Gothic cathedrals throughout Europe.  These are all examples of Sacred Geometry.

Now, why is it sacred?   It is sacred because these geometrical principals are very fundamental to life.  These geometrical principles mirror and generate the actual ratios of the orbits of the planets in the solar system. They generate the ratios between the atoms in the human body, in effect in all the cells of all living things.

All the molecules are all governed by the geometry which is called Sacred Geometry. It is sacred, it is a part of life itself. It is the blueprint of God, if you like, in every living thing.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you
So we find in crop circles, that these geometries are manifesting themselves. The geometry is visual.  What is encoded in the geometry is energy.  Its well known that if you build a geometric structure on a strategic point of land, you will have enhanced the energy of the area around you.  When we go in medieval temples, churches, these buildings were designed using certain proportions and they were designed with skill.

The builders knew that these proportions and harmonies would resonate first within us and they would raise our vibrations so we would aspire to something greater within ourselves.

There's a great parallel there with the crop circles.  The geometry is transforming you and the same thing applies to Crop Circles.

When people say "I feel moved" or feel a spiritual experience, this is exactly what is happening because it is the energy that is encoded in to the geometry that the body is recognizing itself and you have these experiences because we are dealing with very fundamental blueprints of energy, which are geometrical in nature.

One of the fascinating aspects is the connections with sounds. The sacred sites were created as sound chambers. All the subtle bodies are affected by sound, on every level. When you step in to a crop circle, its alive, there's music and you take it with you. Your body becomes an antenna.

The fundamental thing that works with all the crop circles is that Harmonics is involved -- geometric sound frequencies, electromagnetism, whatever.

It's all about Harmony, and if we learn to be harmonious with one another and learn to be in harmony with one another and learn from one another and be cooperative we'll be doing ourselves an enormous amount of good. And ultimately, that's what the crop circles are trying to communicate.

We are going to a 5th dimensional reality to where time and matter crumble away to where they are manipulate by consciousness.  There is no doubt that within the next 10 years we are going to have communications with our cousins.  We're not going to be happy about that and we are not going to be prepared for this cataclysm until the critical mass of humanity has moved comfortably in to the 5th dimension.  The circles are, I believe, attempting to bring us to a stage where we are connected.

The makers of the crop circles wanted to bring the awareness of fractality to humans. That is the real secret of expansion in to a vibration of light which is our destiny.  The destiny of the human race is to manifest to the next level of our creation which is a light body, in other words, which is ascension.  They help us awaken to a new level of consciousness, of light, of spirit, of new design.

November 9th:  Masaru Emoto
Dr. Emoto is returning to Toronto for his 3rd visit.  The Energy Psychology Conference and Starlight-Events are co sponsoring his visit.  Tickets cost $55.  However I have arranged for the Toronto Dowsers to get tickets at the price paid by conference attendees of: $30 + GST .  Register through: www.torontoepc.com/evenings.html , or, you may be able to phone  416-221-5639  IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU MENTION YOU WERE REFERRED by the Toronto Dowsers, otherwise you will be paying full price.    The event is in the evening, downtown at the Toronto Mariott Eaton Center, 525 Bay Street.
November 10th:  David Franklin Farkas
       We met David at the ASD Convention in June.   Bill (of Lois & Bill <g>)  Cleland, were also at the ASD.   Bill also does property clearing.   He likes what David is doing and as David will be in Toronto during that time, Bill & Lois are sponsoring an evening for us to get to know David and hear his --- informative, provocative, hair raising and entertaining stories.

    David clears houses and property.  He does not -- yet -- use dowsing, he is learning how to do this.  However --- he sees -- very very very clearly --- the energetic blueprint of a building, and all the nasties therein.  And repairs.

    At this point, David is doing this for people and businesses, remotely.   He would like to soon start teaching his techniques and is looking for a group of capable, able, interested and adept people to learn these techniques.

    "David Farkas has developed a proprietary method called Quantum Grid Restructuring which normalizes distortions in the energetic geometry of a building. Buildings, like people, are affected by and store the effects of human emotional trauma and drama and like people can be cleared and healed of these energies.

     In the early eighties, David apprenticed for three years with a psychic healer who was trained by psychic surgeons in the Philippines and with a Cherokee medicine man who worked extensively with healing power of quartz crystals. He has taken innumerable workshops and training's in many forms of healing, meditation, and various personal growth techniques. These days most of his training comes in real time as direct downloads from his guides and the ArchAngels."

  Lois & Bill are also active in following Ellie Drew's teachings, and would like to have a manifesting group, based on Ellie's work, at their home in Oshawa.  For information (location, time, cost) on David Farkas' visit or the Manifesting Group  Call   905 440 4550   or email  <Cleland.chg.spaces@sympatico.ca>   if interested.

NOVEMBER 21st 2006   -   DR. CASS INGRAM!
Dr. Cass --- "Dr. Oregano Oil" enjoyed his time with us December 2002 at our annual social so much --- he asked to come back and speak to us.  He has some wonderful information to offer us on the energetics of herbs and how they will help us become better dowsers.
   December 12th:   The 7th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
December is our Annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  It becomes a big, fun filled fair.

Members are eligible to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  We also ask you to bring some food if you like.  In the past 5 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!

Check out our GREAT Pictures from our last 4 annual socials:
December 11th, 2002December 9th, 2003  |  December 14, 2004   December 13, 2005

For the last 3 years we have had more requests for tables than we had tables available.  So we dowsed to see who would get a table.  This does not mean that those who did not score were not worthy.  It could mean that circumstances would not be beneficial for that person.  Curious about one person, who scored very low, I called her to ask her if something was going on.  She told me she had sold all her products at a previous show and could not get any more in time.

If you would like to have a table, your request for one must be in by November 23rd.  Either an email can be sent out by November 26th, asking people to dowse which vendor requests are the most beneficial to the Toronto Dowsers and to them as well, and/or members will be contacted at the Whole Life Expo.  Each vendor is assigned a random number --- even I don't know who has what number --- we dowse, you give me your answers, I total the scores and get back to the vendors who we have space for by  December 1st so they can prepare.

If you are interested in having a table:

If you would like a table, please re read the instructions above.  Let us know if you have any questions.
2007 looks like another banner year for us.  Pierre Noreau has consented to be one of our speakers in the New Year.  This presentation will include information on the Lecher Antenna and answers to many health questions.   Pierre will astound you.   Dr. Robert Gilbert and Ellie Drew will be invited to the Total Health Show.  Ellie will be our April speaker and offer workshops as well.  Robert will return to us in May and will offer the BioGeometry course.   We are hopeful that Ibrahim Karim will speak to us once more.  Invited, but not yet confirmed is a teacher on SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), a Medical Intuitive Clairvoyant and a BioDynamics teacher who uses radionics.   So stay tuned to THIS!  your favorite channel (smile)!!!

LEFT:  A rare photo of Niagara Falls, many years ago, frozen solid.

TRIVIA:  At the Super Bowl, they figured  90,000,000 toilets were  flushed at half time... more than 7 times the water that flows over Niagara falls in that moment.  (Now didn't you want to know that?)

Our September 12, 2006 speaker:  IVAN McBETH

150 people poured in to hear Ivan, our first speaker after the summer break.  Ivan's presentations, as he is a doing hands on Druid, are experiential rather than informational.  The words from this gentle giant pull you in to his story.  Its only afterward that you realize something has shifted and you have changed.

Ivan often talks about Magic.  About finding that magical child inside ourselves.  That Stone Circles are Magical Gateways.

He talks about Power:  That The Power is here, that everything is here to make our dreams come true and that we have the power to make our dreams come true -- it is all within ourselves.  We have to make things happen, we can not just wait.

Ivan told us about his journey, how it started in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence.  During this time in his life he was very unhappy, he went to Israel and being led to various places went through a magical gateway from which he has never returned.

Human beings are essentail in the evolutionary process of the earth.  The earth is being activated by a Shiva fire.  This is making our hearts open even more and those who can resonate with it will:  Dance.  Those who can not will be taken to a different plane.

We did a short meditation, connecting with the Spirit of Canada.  Elsewhere in this issue, talks about a Sunday 16 of us spent with Ivan and the meditations we did.  He asked us to find the Spirit of Canada.  Five of us concurred.   We found the Spirit of Canada on the eastern shore of Lake Superior, near Wawa.  We each located the same spot.  During our group meditation, we focused on this spot.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
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In Ivan's Druidry classes (April 2007 he starts a 3 year Druidry class that meets one weekend a month in Vermont.  When I asked Ivan about this he said yes, if we have enough people we can do this here, too.) his students dig their own graves.  Being surrounded by the earth is one of the most healing experiences you can have.  His students commit themselves to align with the planet.   We are Her children.  When we can remember that we will be as one and can take our place with her on our journey to the stars.  The way to do this is through a commitment.  A commitment is a statement, a magical statement speaking with the whole of our body

Although we all want words to satisfy our mental appetites and we are all sitting poised on the edge of our seats to hear all the ancient prophecies about 2012, what it means what we have to do -- Ivan tells us it is very simple.  "All" we have to do is --- COMMIT.  Commit to Gaia.   Here's the whole enchilada:

Consciously  commit ourselves to align ourselves with Gaia and to accompany Gaia on her journey.
She shall take care of the rest.  That's all folks.
Ivan and Annie van Alten then created a magical portal that we each passed through, aligning ourselves to Gaia and committing.  It was beautiful.  Thank you all very very much.

AFTERWARDS:   I asked Ivan more about this after his talk.  His email, this morning says:  "What will or will not happen in 2012 is purely speculation. Nobody knows. I believe there will be a huge shift in consciousness. I believe that the only way of preparing for this shift (which I believe is already happening) is to develop a daily spiritual practice, and to commit oneself to align with Gaia, the Spirit of this wonderful planet."

After our presentation -- it was after midnight, he went to the Mound in High Park.  This is what he says of his visit to the Mound:  "We went there, and found an amazing oak tree with a huge thick straight trunk. It seemed the guardian of the space so we left some earth from the stone circle at its roots. We said prayers and communicated our wishes. Then we took some of the earth around its roots and brought them back to the stone circle. Thus we made meaningful connection and alignment to the centre of Toronto."  THANK YOU IVAN!

  What's with:  MAN  O'     MAN I TOBA ? ? ?

What is happening with the very quiet, unassuming province to the west of us?   2 or so years ago, one of our most dedicated members picked up and moved from Mississauga to Manitba!   Her very cool, young daughter is now having a great time raising sheep under the mentorship of 4H.

NOW,  I hear that 2 more people are interested in moving out there.   Will someone please let me know what the attraction is?


--- a Book Festival, at Queens Park in September.  Book lovers, all over the place.  And at a table saw our own ELIZABETH QUAN!   Elizabeth is a writer and a watercolorist.  And does beautiful, fine work.  What a fabulous surprise to find this out and see her with her art firsthand.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Sword Swallower?? --- CFRB Radio, Christina Cherneskey, was broadcasting from the show.  They were interviewing Ripley's Believe it Or Not icons.  One woman is a sword swallower.  Well, she gave a demonstration.  Standing 2 feet in front of me. 27"   I could not watch it.  Everyone said she did it, though.  She kind of adjusts her esophogus...  yowww.

BIGGEST SECOND HAND BOOKSTORE in Canada -- Opening October -- is what the sign said.  471 Bloor Street West.  Toronto Life, 2004:   "The property belongs to Annie Racz, the elderly widow of a Hungarian baker named Leslie. The couple were prominent Annex landlords through the ’60s and ’70s. In addition to their Budapest Bakery, the building once housed the Hungarian Castle restaurant and an upstairs nightclub called Annie’s Place. In recent years, few have seen the reclusive proprietress, who still has several holdings in the area and is, for reasons unknown, reluctant to let them go. There have been various attempts to revive 471–473, but Racz’s representatives have always pulled out at the last minute. Nevertheless, neighbourhood groups are optimistic they will someday reach an agreement to redevelop the black hole at the heart of the Annex galaxy."

Whetung Ojibwa Centre, Curve Lake Reservation and the Best T Shirt ever

      Bruce Magill took us to the Petroglyphs 2 years ago.  As a result of that, I found out about the Curve Lake Reservation (160 km NE of Toronto) and wanted to visit it.  So September 1st  Shelley and I took a drive there.  Great drive, great conversations, great day.

      I bought  the greatest T shirt ever.  Why mention that?  Because the main attraction seems to be their store.  Of course we went to shop!     The souvenirs were pretty good, and a lot of the jewelry must have been outsourced rhinestone stuff.   The museum is excellent and should be larger with more exhibits.  They have a very good gallery.

Below is a graphic of the best T shirt ever, featuring; Geronimo, Yahnoza, Chappo and Fun.  Everyone comments about it.  You can get it at the store at Curve Lake  or  /www.coyotescorner.com/tshirts-hs.htm

Matthew K. Tafoya, Navajo, who designed the original homeland security T-shirt and marketed it through his Albuquerque company, Tribal Sovereign Tees, came up with the design and slogan for his homeland security T-shirt a few weeks after terrorists flew jets into the Twin Towers. He recalls thinking, "That's right. Now they know how it feels." Tafoya said that the shirt has been extremely popular with Indian veterans of the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf.  He suspects that when Indian vets see his shirt, they are thinking, "We're completely screwed over by the government, and we're also lucky to be alive."

To Tafoya, Indians who fly American flags are "brainwashed" and "not thinking for themselves." Indians do not join the U.S. Military, Tafoya said, because they are flag-waving patriots. 


It is hard to understand how Indians can simultaneously fly flags, said Robert Holden, Choctaw, and view the federal government as an occupying, terrorist agency.  "This is still our homeland," said Holden, a specialist in radioactive waste disposal on Native land for the National Congress of American Indians in Washington, D.C.  Holden said that during World War II the Iroquois confederacy, seeing itself as a sovereign nation, declared war on Germany and Japan. Nowadays, even when they know that the U.S. government has contaminated their lands, "Indian people still go and fight for this country." The National Congress of American Indians does not have figures yet for how many Native peoples are fighting in Iraq. It estimates that eight thousand Indians fought in World War I, twenty-five thousand fought in World War II, and forty-three thousand fought in Vietnam. Maybe the hard part for non-Indians to understand, Holden said, is that Indians do not entirely see the homeland they are defending as either American or Indian. "We are going to stand with our allies and protect our homeland."

We also saw books by Kurt Kaltreider, Ph.D who, interesting to note, is the husband of Joan Borysenko.  They live in the mountains of Colorado.  He is of Nanticoke, German, and English descent. He holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy and clinical psychology from the University of Tennessee, is a leading authority on mathematical value theory, or formal axiology, upon which he based a highly successful investment model, which he uses to explore human values. (Sounds like our Henry Evering.) As a result of the erosion of traditional Indian cultures, he devotes himself full-time to the protection and support of the ways of his ancestors.

This relates to / describes  the Toronto Dowsers???:::   Joan Borysenko speaks of Cultural Creatives, which consists of about 44 million people or 24% of the population.  " What's interesting about this group is that it didn't exist before the 1970's.    It's an outgrowth of what you're calling Holistic Education. This came from the Women's Movement, from the Humanistic Psychology Movement, and from the Spiritual Movement. These people are  leading-edge thinkers--people who are capable of creating cultural change.     They're very interested in the environment, spirituality, women's issues and education, and leaving a better planet for our children.    The second group, the Traditionalists, have held on to some of the wonderful old-time values.    For example, family values and community values. That's another thing that Cultural Creatives are attempting to do--to have more of an emphasis on community and family, which is really the heart of where stability and change can come from.    Modernists are very interested in technology and the economy.   Their orientation is more towards money and personal success. Cultural Creativity is exciting because data shows how people are actually changing their behaviors. When the Baby Boomers began to crest on the shores of mid-life, in the 1980's or late 1970's, what began to occur is all the mid-life biological and spiritual and psychological changes that are still unknown and that is the quest for meaning. The idea as Carl Jung said that if your own family grows up you turn more towards caring for the World Family.  In her research on Women, she calls mid-life the Guardian Years. That's when women develop a very fierce energy of wanting to guard the integrity of the planet; they want to guard the family. That's when women say, "Over my dead body they're going to cut off funding for Education, the Environment and the Elderly." Women in mid-life really find their voices.   In my thinking that's a lot of what is fueling the Cultural Creative Movement. It's simply the enormous number of people entering the mid-life years."

DID YOU KNOW?  Lake Ontario: The name of the lake is derived from Skanadario, an Iroquois word meaning either "beautiful lake" or "sparkling water".

This time of year::   Forgiveness . . .  Fasting   . . .   At-one ment . . . Introspection . . .  Renewal
Now:   All Saints Day,  All Souls Day,  El Dia de los Muertos and Halloween
was the header last month and it was the time for  Yom Kippur,  Ramadan,  Mabon.

Speaking about Yom Kippur and its purpose, not knowing any Christian equivalencies, Angie Spizzirri reminded me of All Saints Day in the Italian Tradition, as candles are lit and the dead are remembered.   Rooted in Pagan tradition, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, El Dia de los Muertos and Halloween all take place at this time of the year because it is said that this is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest and it is easiest to communicate with one who is loved and has gone.

In the year 835 AD the Roman Catholic Church made November 1st a church holiday to honour all the saints. This feast day is called All Saint's Day.All Saints Day used to be  known as All Hallows (Hallow being an old word meaning Saint or Holy Person). The feast day actually started the previous evening, the Eve of All Hallows which has its origins in the Celtic feast of Samhain,  when people carried out various activities to frighten away evil spirits which were thought to accompany the long hours of winter darkness. Christians adopted the festival believing that goodwill always conquers evil, and that Jesus, the light of the World, defeats all the fear of darkness.

On Saints Day, Christians remember all 'men of good will' (saints), great ones and forgotten ones, who have died through the ages.  All Saints Day, together with Al Souls' Day are known collectively as Hallowtide.

On All Souls' Day the Christian Church remembers all those who have died - not just the great and the good, but ordinary man-in-the-street. Families visit graves with bunches of flowers and in church the names of the dead may be read out on request.

Like Halloween, All Souls Day has Celtic origins and was a time when people lit candles and bonfires to light the souls' way to the afterlife. Later, it became the custom for poorer Christians to offer prayers for the dead, in return for money or food, from their wealthier neighbours. People would go 'souling' - rather like carol singing - requesting alms or soul cakes:

Many of the customs of Halloween have to do with fear of the dead. It was believed by the Celtic people that evil spirits roamed the earth on the last night of the Celtic year (October 31) and that they worked mischief among the living. Part of Celtic belief was that one could live safely through the night by dressing up as a ghost, witch, etc., or bribing the evil spirits with treats.

It was also believed that the souls of sinful persons who passed away during the year were imprisoned in the bodies of animals and that they on this night could be freed through gifts and sacrifices. Often the sacrifices were human.

The inimitable illustrious imaginative impeccable irresistible incomparable Joey Korn!  was on Internet Radio recently.  Here's an excellent reminder, from our friend Joey, about positive thoughts and dowsing:
Joey Korn on Dowsing

We are energy beings living in a world of energy. We change the subtle energy around and within us with every thought, action, and emotion. With negative thoughts and emotions, we bring detrimental energies into our living environments and into our beings. We literally surround and fill ourselves with our fears, our anger, our resentment, and other negative emotions that hold us back in life and can make us sick. With positive, joy-filled thoughts and emotions and with prayer and blessing, we surround and fill ourselves with living beneficial energies that bring us more joy, healing, prosperity, and success. You can find these energies with dowsing.


(some internet links here, too)


When Ellie Drew flew  here in August, I picked her up from the airport and we took a 2 hour walk on the Beach. For half of that she told me of the background of Al Gore and what led up to  "An Inconvenient Truth" which she says we must see.  The other half, she talked about:

STEM CELLS.  You know that I have a nutrition background.  Few know that Ellie does, too that she  has Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Adult Education and Nutrition.  Below, you may also notice that Brian Clement mentioned this item.  Ellie found out about it from Marcey Hamm, who creates the music Ellie uses.  Apparently this is helping Marcey heal from the damage of her three near death experiences, which are still bothering her.

Stem cells are the master cells that all other cells derive from.  You know about the controversy about using fetal tissue to create stem cells.  This discovery might make it possible that the results can be achieved without fetal tissue.  The product named StemEnhance was derived from Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) which we recall as Blue Green Algae.

When Ellie told me that, I really listened up.  Because the algae was how I first got into holistic health, many moons ago when it cured the bronchitis I'd been experiencing every year the preceding 7 years.  And I know that sea vegetables have a high life energy and are the earliest forms of life.  All life on this planet stems from algae.

All sorts of  benefits are being reported to aches and pains disappearing to tumors going away; hair growing on once shiny scalps, symptoms from serious illnesses disappearing.  Because of Ellie and the algae and something felt right, I decided to try it for 6 months.  Its only been a couple days and way too soon to judge however so far it feels like that enlivening, mental and physical alertness and robustness such as after a B12 injection.  I have seen that when any new health product gets introduced into the body there is a high plateauing for about 3 months.  Its the long term use (as has happened with the algae) that makes it a keeper. If these effects remain, though, its definitely a keeper.

Yup, this is an MLM. And I have mixed feelings about MLMs.  There was an article I had prepared for the newsletter 2 years ago as to the pros and cons of MLMs but cut it for lack of space.  Most of the best products on the market are from MLMs but they are so darned expensive, to induce people to sign up and earn commissions.  My test of a good product is asking distributors if they would still be as gung ho about the products if they didn't make so much money with it.  I felt that way with Cell Tech....

My personal primary goal with this product is to have my hair return to its natural color (and maybe if I stuck at the other good things to do such as dowsing,  minerals, inositol, etc., it would). Because I know that when improvements occur with hair, nails, etc., it means that improvements have already taken place in the more important areas.  Nutrition first goes to the vital organs.  My own healing goals are usually on emotional rather than physical levels.

Q.What are stem cell enhancers?
A. Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells.

Q.Why do I need this product?
A. As you age, the number and quality of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving your body more susceptible to injury and other age-related health challenges. Just as antioxidants are important to protect your cells from "free radical" damage, stem cell enhancers are equally important to support your stem cells in maintaining proper organ and tissue functioning in your body.

Q. How does it work?
A. When you take two capsules, the ingredients help to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Through a natural process, those stem cells then travel to areas of the body where they are most needed.

Q. What are stem cells?
A. Stem cells can be thought of as "master" cells. You've probably heard about the controversy of embryonic stem cells in the news. Stem cells are found in human embryos, but are also found in adult tissue. Adult stem cells are most abundantly found in bone marrow. Stem cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health. StemEnhance supports the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow into circulation. The recent advances in stem cell research were listed as one of the most significant health-related stories in the past 25 years by CNN, second only to the complete mapping of the human genome.

To find out more and/or to try some contact me or  /dowsers.stemtechhealth.com/


Cousin Rachel saw a medical intuitive last year.   She knew she was having heart problems but she is pretty intuitive herself and did not think the arteries were clogged or the heart was damaged -- any of the 'usual' stuff.  He told her that the tissue - the skin covering - of the veins was very thin.

We were in the supermarket last fall and she bought several pomegranates, saying that she had a craving for them.  Later on we found out that pomegranates are known to help the functioning of blood vessels in the heart.   Pay attention to your cravings.  Often they tell you something useful.

Do you remember Tracey McBurney, nutritionist, our September 11, 2001 speaker?  Tracy spoke about a tremendous craving for peaches she had at one time.  Peaches had a nutrient that was available only in peaches and helped with a physical imbalance she was experiencing. Pay attention to your cravings.  Often they tell you something useful.

A friend of mine had cold sores at one time, and, cravings for citrus.  Later we found out that the pith of citrus  is full of bioflavanoids and BFs reduce cold sores.

(Pierre will be one of our speakers in 2007.  Please review your PRINTED copy of the September 2006 newsletter to see the hints he shared with us so you can send in a question..  We will be preparing a list of questions for him.)

CELL SALTS / TEETH:   A few newsletters ago, I reported something that Pierre Noreau told me.  One of my teeth was developing a dark stripe.  Pierre told me to take one of the Cell Salts, #1, Calc Fluor.  I explained that, how to do it and some of the background.  I've been doing that since March and there is some fading of the dark stripe.  I can see it will disappear.  Things take time in the bones.

However, this month my fingernails have grown.  They are longer and stronger than at any other time in my life.  This is not hyperbole!  I feel as if  I'm growing talons.  What I know, is that when a course of nutrition is begun, the last place things show up on is our hair and nails -- because this is the last place that needs nutrition.  The vital organs get nutrition first.  This might not work for you the same way, it shows me the importance of cell salts.  They help everything work better.

  • Cell Salts are a wonderful way to help the body take up nutrients.
  • The are immediately absorbed through the first line of digestion-the saliva.
  • Without the need for the body to break down the minerals, they are effective for those with digestive problems, as well as young, elderly or severe health conditions.
  • They are safe because Cell Salts do not have additives or binders that stress the liver, and potenization eliminates the questions of getting too much, avoiding
  • problems, such as bowel tolerance that cause diarrhea (seen with supplemental magnesium), or constipation (associated with iron supplements).
  • They enable a more efficient use of that mineral in the body, whether from a food source or from supplement and improve absorption and utilization of that mineral.
  • When I finish with the Calc Fluor, I'll go on to #2, then #3, etc.

    ALCOHOL:  Pierre said:   For Alcohol Addiction: "Put a handful of raisins in a bottle of GROS GIN, let it sit in the sun for a few days.  Have 1 tablespoon daily of the gin."   It was explained to me that normally, the PANCREAS produces about one teaspoon of alcohol every day.  When someone drinks a lot of booze, the body no longer feels as if it needs to do this so it stops.  What this does, is it gives the body that little bit of alcohol it needs, until its own mechanism naturally takes over once more.

    You will read below, notes from a lecture given by:
    Hippocrates Co Director Brian Clement, Sunday, September 17, and
    NCOC founder David Rowland, PHD, September 21

    These notes were taken from my notes as I sat in the talk.  I hope they accurately reflect the statements made by these experts.  They do not necessarily represent my viewpoint, and in some instances, the statements from one contradict the statements from the other.

    Since I've been  WATCHING  PEOPLE,  for about 15 years, trying to ascertain who looks and is healthy

                   Mr. Amazing:  BRIAN CLEMENT

    heads the list.   Others are Bernie Urben, Viktoras Kulvinskas,  Daryl Wolfe.  Gabriel Cousens does not look so good, David Wolfe looks good.   Toronto Dowser David Yeo looks good, too. (Frank Ludde looked good towards the end of his life.) It seems that those who ate fresh and raw, and followed a discipline such as yoga or QiGong have better health than others.   For those who work in the industry, they are fortunate for the frequent opportunity to have excellent food and supplements.

    Brian Clement, Co-Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida gave a presentation September 17 at Toronto Sprouts.

    Brian looks like he is in his early 50's.  I found out he is almost three fourths of a century young.   Thick long brown hair, good skin.   His speaking and singing voice is rich, strong and vibrant and he moves easily and flexibly.   Although he has some eye pouches his eyes are large, the iris a sparkling blue and the whites are white.  Energy is fabulous.   The last time I saw Brian was about 8 years ago and if anything, he looks better than before.  Brian says he eats 1/3 of what he ate when he was 40.
    Brian asks: "How old would you be if you didn't know your age?"

    Statistics he offered:  Children who are born today will die 5 years sooner than their parents.  Those born in 2015 will die 12-17 years younger.

    The most important book ever:  "A Hundred Year Lie"  by Randall Fitzgerald (12 copies in the TPL).
    The most important book ever written on nutrition is "The China Study" by Colin Campbell (see below)

    In every single waterway in California, traces of pharmaceutical drugs and/or human waste have been found.  Distillation and Molecular Organization of water are the only methods by which these traces can be removed.

    The food industry puts in chemicals in their processed foods that have no reason to be there at all.  Not for stabilization, coloring, etc.

    Food is used as a drug, today, rather than to nourish ourselves.

    People who tell you chocolate and coffee are good for you are utterly wrong.

    Immunization has saved thousands of lives, at the price of weakening the immune system

    Marketers have learned: Tell people what they want to hear and you will be economically successful.

    There is 5,000 times more stress for people today than there was 50 years ago.  Stress will and does --- literally -- eat you alive.

    No one can have true integrity unless they have total passion in their actions. ...   The only time you give 100% of yourself is if you absolutely love it.  Once you start to value, evaluate who you are, your fulfillments become crystal clear.  Truly fulfilling things are good for you forever.

    Even the insane know what they are doing.  They just don't want to deal with it.

    With living foods, they measure the EM frequencies of food and how it can help your body.  As you introduce living foods into the cells, the EMF levels of the cells increase and your cells beocme stronger, healthier.


    Tent Pole:   Protein creates the framework in a cell, like a pole in a tent.   Protein absorption requires minerals --- particular ones.  When you cook a food, the minerals and proteins change.

    Soybeans have a lot of nutrition in them.  However, we can not absorb the nutrition in soybeans.
    Mung beans have more protein than soybeans and are the most digestible foods known to man.
    The amino acid saturation in wheatgrass is 100% absorbable.

    The consumption of casein, a milk protein found in dairy foods, has a higher correlation with cancer than cigarette smoking does to lung cancer (from the China Study:  "What we found was shocking. Low-protein diets inhibited the initiation of cancer by aflatoxin, regardless of how much of this carcinogen was administered to these animals. After cancer initiation was completed, low-protein diets also dramatically blocked subsequent cancer growth. .....   We found that not all proteins had this effect. What protein consistently and strongly promoted cancer? Casein, which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein, promoted all stages of the cancer process. What type of protein did not promote cancer, even at high levels of intake? The safe proteins were from plants, including wheat and soy.")

    The following are all waste products:  Casein, whey, cod liver oil, oat bran.  Fish oils are carcinogens

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you
    Tent Covering:   Vitamins act as the umbrella -- the covering of the tent --- that creates cell stucture.  In Western culture, people often have thin skin.  This is due to vitamin deficiency.  This does not happen in 3rd world countries where there is adequate food.  Body tissue is made from vitamins.

    Your body is composed of 10 Trillion cells.  that's  10,000,000,000,000
    Your brain is composed of:
    80%  water          15% fat         5% = 80 Trillion cells
    Why so many more cells in the brain than the body?  Because the brain never shuts off
    Vitamins are destroyed or changed when heated above 118 F / 42 C
    Vitamins require enzymes and oxygen

    Tent Ropes, to anchor the polesMinerals and trace minerals help to hold the permanent structure of the cell together and act as bio electrical conduits.  If we don't have good wiring, without any fraying, we won't have good connections.  Minerals are the stepping stones for the electrical stimuli to flow throughout the body.

    Minerals ground all systems.  Structurally they build hard tissue.
    Building Bone Structure:  SILICA --- not  calcium --- is the only supplement that will help build bone structure.

    Weight Lifting --- not just  Weight Bearing --- exercise is MANDATORY to build bone structure.

    Sea vegetables & fresh water foods:  The highest in minerals and trace minerals are:  kelp, dulse, arame, hiziki and algaes.

    (Note: About 1994, at a lecture at OISE, Darryl  Wolf, one of Canada's most, knowledgeable,  innovative and premier health experts, said that the the foods with the highest life energy are sprouts and sea vegetables.)

    HORMONES:  are messengers that allow cellular communication.  They are fundamental for all body and brain functioning.  You want to get them naturally and only from:   RAW    ORGANIC    LIVING     VEGAN  FOOD.

    Every top athelete, bright person has balanced hormones.   Hormones are the epicenter of stability and the inspiration of life.

    OXYGEN:   Regulates metabolism and, provokes hemoglobin in red blood cells.

    When you get older you have difficulty losing weight because there are inadequate levels of oxygen!   Exercise provokes oxygen!  To lose weight:  Weight lift and do aerobics.  Those with poor digestion have low oxygen levels.

    PHYTOCHEMICALS:  Naturally, every plant had a natural insecticide that would isolate and destroy disease.  Sprouted grains are very  healthy; sulfates in broccoli sprouts destroy all forms of cancer.

    ENZYMES: Your body is --- first of all -- electric.
    Medicine diagnoses and tests: Electromagnetically.  Treats: Chemically.
    Enzymes are the catalysts for all life.
    They are housed within proteins.
    Enzymes are essentially electrical charges which switch essential physical electrical functions on and off as needed.
    Electrical stimuli motivates depression, or, a lack of depression.
    Brian takes 20 enzymes daily to increase the bio electrical shield around healthy cells to prevent premature aging and disease. (Note: Enzymes taken between meals or before bed can help to dissolve built up protein deposits such as arterial plaque.)

    The 7 Essential Aspects of Living Foods (okay, so I missed 2):

  • Antioxidants:  practically every AO purchased in health food stores causes free radical damage, because, they are chemicals.  AOs provide superior protection from free radicals.   87% of supplements come from the pharmaceutical industry.   Every single disease comes from free radicals.  Alpha Lipoic Acid is an excellent AO.  It is a protien found in yeast.  He also takes COQ10 and COQ30
  • Vitamins -- from living foods.  They are full spectrum and complete
  • Minerals and Trace Minerals.  They saturate living foods
  • Protein:  Found in the most complete and absorbable form helping to build cells in an optimized way.  There are most probably some proteins (and other nutrients and nutrtional factors) that "we" have not yet found.
  • Electrical Charge:  Increased the biological frequency of cells, preventing aging and disease.  If we have enough frequency in our body from food, free radicals will bounce off.
  • Energy abounds and increases exponentially as you consume more living foods.
    Longevity will increase by consuming the maximum nutritioln iun the most digestible form from less food ==> more vitality.

    SPROUTS are 10-30 times more nutritious than the best organic vegetable you can pick, immediately wash then eat.  Sprouts, algaes and  juices (vegetable juices are the ones recommended) are all pre digested.  Because even raw food takes hours and hours of energy for your body to digest.   SUNFLOWER SPROUTS are the most perfect protein.

    Dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer's can all be attributed in large part to a B12 deficiency
    Electromagnetics, properly used, and hyperbaric oxygen are phenomenal.
    For the last 3 years, autism has grown 100% / year.
    The best way to get rid of toxins is the far infra red sauna.

    STEM CELL RESEARCH:  Blue green algae will eliminate the need to use embryos for stem cells.  A Canadian, Christian Drapeau,  extracted stem cell enhancers from blue green algaes.

    Fermented foods:  Sauerkraut is the only reasonable one which really works most of the time.  The rest, such as the Rejuvelac encouraged by Ann Wigmore, are not recommended because the microbes and bacteria are not stable.  With changes such as temperature, they keep differing.

    ON FRUIT:  There is no perfect form of food other than fruit in its original form (there is very little -- if any -- original fruit, as most of it has been cultivated and hybridized).  Fruit today has 28-34 times the amount of sugar than it did originally.   The Chinese have cultivated almost all the fruit we consume today, from its original form.  Vegetables can not be modified as easily as fruit can because of their protein structure.  Fruits can be modified due to its seed structure.

    At Hippocrates, they found that when they got rid of fruits in the diet, that people really started to heal.  It had proven to be a problem up until that time, but they did not know it until they researched.   Tumors, which had disappeared due to the Hippocrates System, were re appearing some time after the guests had gone home and had their normal lives -- eating raw -- but with added fruit.

    If you have; cancer, virus, spirochete, mold, fungus, etc., you should not eat fruit for some time.

    FRUIT MUST BE RIPE.  Every time you eat an unripened fruit it will take from your body what is needed for it to be whole.  Oranges are not ripe until April except for Honeybell, a hybrid, which become ripe in December.  The only fruit that ripens after it is picked are bananas.   Unripe citrus takes out Vitamin C from the:  Bones and teeth.   Goji berries are a fruit -- the sugar in them can be problematic.  They will eventually be displaced by -- (I think Brian said Aqaberries??)

    OILS:  The best is from sprouted hemp seeds which grow in 5-7 days.  This is 77 times better than eating the hemp seed itself.  Black raspberry seed, cranberry seed and hemp seed oils are the best.  Oils affect the brain.   We need just a minimum amount of extra oil daily, such as one teaspoon a day.

    SALT:  Brian is not a proponent of salt -- of any kind.  He says that all salt -- table, sea, celtic , etc. is sodium chloride.  What that does is coagulate and harden the arteries. Salt cravings show minerals are out of balance.  Get your sodium from green drinks, celery, celery root, collard greens

    From Colin Campbell's  THE CHINA STUDY (The most comprehensive nutritional report - ever):

    "After a long career in research and policy making, I now understand why Americans are so confused. As a taxpayer who foots the bill for research and health policy in America, you deserve to know that many of the common notions you have been told about food, health and disease are wrong:
    • Synthetic chemicals in the environment and in your food, as problematic as they may be, are not the main cause of cancer.
    • The genes that you inherit from your parents are not the most important factors in determining whether you fall prey to any of the ten leading causes of death.
    • The hope that genetic research will eventually lead to drug cures for diseases ignores more powerful solutions that can be employed today.
    • Obsessively controlling your intake of any one nutrient, such as carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol or omega-3 fats, will not result in long-term health.
    • Vitamins and nutrient supplements do not give you long-term protection against disease.
    • Drugs and surgery don’t cure the diseases that kill most Americans.
    • Your doctor probably does not know what you need to do to be the healthiest you can be.

    Some of the findings, published in the most reputable scientific journals, show that:
    • Dietary change can enable diabetic patients to go off their medication.
    • Heart disease can be reversed with diet alone.
    • Breast cancer is related to levels of female hormones in the blood, which are determined by the food we eat.
    • Consuming dairy foods can increase the risk of prostate cancer.
    • Antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetables, are linked to better mental performance in old age.
    • Kidney stones can be prevented by a healthy diet.
    • Type 1 diabetes, one of the most devastating diseases that can befall a child, is convincingly linked to infant feeding practices.

    These findings demonstrate that a good diet is the most powerful weapon we have against disease and sickness. An understanding of this scientific evidence is not only important for improving health; it also has profound implications for our entire society. We must know why misinformation dominates our society and why we are grossly mistaken in how we investigate diet and disease, how we promote health and how we treat illness. By any number of measures, America’s health is failing. We spend far more, per capita, on health care than any other society in the world, and yet two thirds of Americans are overweight, and over 15 million Americans have diabetes, a number that has been rising rapidly. We fall prey to heart disease as often as we did thirty years ago, and the War on Cancer, launched in the 1970s, has been a miserable failure. Half of Americans have a health problem that requires taking a prescription drug every week, and over 100 million Americans have high cholesterol.  To make matters worse, we are leading our youth down a path of disease earlier and earlier in their lives. One third of the young people in this country are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. Increasingly, they are falling prey to a form of diabetes that used to be seen only in adults, and these young people now take more prescription drugs than ever before.  These issues all come down to three things: breakfast, lunch and dinner."

    Erika Wolff, Toronto Dowser and Toronto's Raw Food Guru, brought Brian to Toronto.  Erika gives demonstrations and workshops on raw food at Toronto Sprouts, Bathurst & Bloor area.  She is giving one on   Dehydrating made  easy!  Monday, October 16.  2006  6:30 p.m. - 9:30  p.m.where you will learn to dehydrate and make: Crackers, Sandwich Bread, Cookies, Nut and Seed Cheeses, Burgers, Butters, etc.  And make yourself a great meal, receive a Course and Recipe Book.    Investment $48:00 +GST,   Call Erika Wolff to register at 416-428-1039  erikawolff@mac.com www.powerofraw.com

    2 examples as to Why we should know more about
    DAVID SLATER, his remedies, and more

    David Slater, founder of Healers Who Share, in Colorado and with locations in 5 countries was our April 2004 speaker. He comes to Toronto every spring to teach and this past year presented at the Total Health Show.   David worked with Hanna Kroeger for many years.

    (1)  Although I managed to get one of the few appointments with David, I gave it to a friend who was seriously ill.  Stephanie's parents were holocaust survivors.  Her mother died 4 months earlier, her father was ill and all the stress caused a reoccurrence of the insect caused infection she contracted 5 years earlier.

    Listen up folks:  David said that the children of holocaust survivors, and those who experienced trauma often have a more difficult time of it than those who experienced the horror themselves.  For those who experience a trauma directly, they know the name and the face of the monster who attacked them, even if its senseless.  They can put something, someone concrete to the trauma.

    The children taken on this unhealed energy of their parents, the energy of this weeping seeping open emotional sore.  The parents can at some point eventually make peace with it.  The children can not.  They lack a face, they are dealing with a chimera.  They also experience deep guilt.  This can continue down the generations.

    David has a remedy, called, I believe "Holocaust Survivor".  Also, Sandee Mac works with healing these kinds of energy patterns in her "Healing Family Patterns" workshop --- which we had last November.   Many of the blockages and problematic behaviors we experience are due to inherited family patterns, if it be one generation or a hundred.   People inherit values, attitudes, characteristics.   Our beliefs determine our behavior.  We behave according to our  beliefs and never question them or the behavior.    Through her teaching, we see where a pattern is, where it comes from (which ancestor, no matter  how long ago), change the belief and bring it forward.   We make the healing available to the other ancestors and descendants in the lineage as well.  David's remedies also work on healing these patterns, in the DNA, with ancestors and descendents.

    Another David & Hanna inspired workshop that Sandee conducted last year was: Self Healing, practical, hands on, learning things such as:  Spleen drain, tail bone adjustment, adjust hips,  etc.

    (2)  At David's workshops, you learn causes & connections of ill health -- at all levels -- and how to use remedies to correct these energetic imbalances.   Every month, he develops a dozen or so additional remedies.   I was reviewing the listing of some of the newer remedies, since April 2004 and am including a few of them here, to give you an idea as to what David finds --- actually, what does exist!  Because, we often never even consider that these are abnormal conditions and that can be corrected.  We accept them and suffer.

     MEMORY CELL CONNECTION - The remedy restores elements that help nerve signals to go through the synaptic junctures, especially for short-term memory. In the absence of other mind conditions this helps memory of what we did one hour ago and one day ago. It helps memory of how to do things you have often done, how to find places where you've gone to (see also Spacial dyslexia if you have a long time history of getting lost). Name and face recognition seem to improve (see Brain Muscle for conversational word memory).

    CALCIUM CORRECTION - Estrogens upset the ionization of calcium by the parathyroid so that it bonds with tissue instead of structures (like bone and cell structure). The result is weight. This antidotes the incorrect ionization and artificial estrogens.

    COMPANY - For the feeling of loneliness

    CONTRAIL ANEMIA - One of the many emissions from airplanes. The combination affects lungs, kidneys, spleens and lymph. It depletes lymph, blood, vitamin B2 and lungs. The blood and defense system are left weak and anemic.

    ZINC ABSORPTION - There are stem cells in many organs that convert minerals to enzymes and tissue substance. This remedy is for the error in those cells that makes them collect zinc instead of utilize it. Zinc is valuable for eyes, skin, liver, cell growth, RNA/DNA health and (for males) prostate health. Additional organs most affected are kidneys, ears (hearing), thyroid and parathyroid.

    BRAIN MALAISE - A medically unidentified disease of the seminovale brain tissue (gray matter) that weakens brain capacity. The disease is usually mild, but very common. Do you remember that it has been said that humans use only a small percentage of their brain capacity? This is one of the contributing causes.

    CHEMICAL & MOLD SENSITIVITY - It was surprising to find the answer to chemical and mold sensitivity in the brain. Because this brain infection is connected to nerves start slowly and work up to normal dosage and beyond. Some people needed to start with one drop 1x per day.

    CALM  - For calm during change that entails confusion, instability and anxiety.

    MYOPIA - Commonly called "Near Sighted". This part of an ongoing research to find a simple way to reverse this eye affliction.

    SUGAR DIGESTION MALADY - Sugar is digested through the small intestines. Although insulin from the pancreas helps to digest blood sugar, the sugar still needs to be digested for use by the organs. Intestines that have difficulty digesting sugar will leave more sugar in the blood stream and make diabetes worse or mimic diabetes.

    ADRENAL THYROID DEPLETION DISEASE - Thyronephrine Alpha (invented name) is made in the bridge of the cortex and medulla of the adrenals. Thyronephrine is the precursor to thyroxine hormones, T3 and T4 and is easily depleted into "Reverse T3 and T4". This restores Thyronephrine Alpha to re-enable the essential thyroid hormones. See also AT HR.

    ADRENAL THYROID HORMONE REVIVAL- This disease is so wide-spread that we consider the diminishing of these hormones as common. The condition depletes Thyronephrine Beta (invented name) made in the bridge of the cortex and medulla of the adrenals as the precursor to the essential thyroxine hormones of the thyroid. The loss starts varying degrees of depression, tiredness, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, weight gain and some testicular/ovarian atrophy.

    CHICAGO HEMORRHAGIC FEVER - The symptoms are pain in the back, muscle achiness, small dot-like bruises that appear for seemingly no reason, headaches, fever and a general malaise that feels worse than a flu.

    CHEST MUK- Appearing in Fall 03 this flu-like respiratory illness starts in the chest, creates lots of mucous and makes a choking cough. The cough feels like it rips at your throat while the body goes into intermittent fever. It is exhausting.


    1)  Happy Birthday to You
    2)  Manifesting Through the Heart of Forgiveness
    3)  Hi Tech Flash Stick

    1)  Happy Birthday to You

    Two summers ago, the morning of my birthday, as soon as I was awake enough to have a thought, it was "Today is MY BIRTHDAY!  And I'm going to have a WONDERFUL DAY  NO MATTER WHAT!"  And I did!   There were things that started to happen, which were kind of crummy, but I held on to the wonderfulness and through my intention, focus and totally committed belief, turned it around.

    The reason this could happen is, I believe that birthdays and birthday people are special and they exude a special kind of energy.  This year, I found out why that IS so.   I felt that because it was my birthday, I was deserving, that I had a right to have a really good day.  It worked so well, I decided to do it more often, perhaps on the "number" of my birthday, my half birthday at least.  I did not do that.  But this year, I had a better idea, the kind that makes me laugh when it bubbles up into my brain.

    Before my birthday, I sent out an email to a bunch of Toronto Dowsers, telling you that my birthday is coming up and I'm going to ask you to do something.  This "something" is something I worked on with Joey Korn -- he who is so very very good at coming up with Blessings.  This is what I asked you to do:

    As soon as you come to consciousness on the morning of my birthday, ensure that your first conscious thought be:
     "Today is  Marilyn's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Marilyn with the same.   Amen."
    And really lock it in!
    You all did that -- you did it because you wanted to send me great birthday greetings and energy and man o man you certainly did!   All morning, until 1 pm at least I was tingly and a fizzing like good champagne!  Because I was being sent focused directed concentrated energy -- from the heart and with meaning caring and passion.  After that it died down a bit, and it was still a very good and happy day.  THANK YOU AGAIN!

    As well, some of you said you had a better than usual day.  Donna Green tells us:  "According to astrology. we should remember that on our birthdays we have the same positive, strong sun-energy as when we were born, as the sun is in its starting point directly overhead, as it were!!  It is said that shaking a birthday person's hand, or giving them a hug will pass onto you their good vibes of the day!!"  So what you were doing was -- you were giving me your energy and piggy backing on mine.  Its like a closed system continually feeding power.

    Would you like us to send you our birthday energy greetings?
    If you would, send me your birth day so that your birthday can be sent out via: email  and/or  the newsletter (state if you have a preference - your choice).

    What this does:
    FOR YOU:  You get a happier birthday, one with more positive energies.  There is also greater awareness throughout the day as to the energetics of the day and you know we are with you.
    FOR US:     We get practice with blessing and manifestation.   We get energetic benefits of  the solar energies of  your birthday.   The more we do this, the better we understand this and how it works.  The more we understand it and how it works, the more, the better we understand and can accept that we do deserve good energies, good fortunes and our manifesting and blessing will beome better and stronger and quicker.  We are creating BG3 energies, spend more time in it, with it, so we become healthier.  Energetically and physically.

    We are the ones who will benefit most because we will be getting... "practice", but this is concrete, on the job useful practical "practice".  OK?  What do you think?  If your birthday takes place:  October, November, December:  HURRY UP!  and send it to me!

    THE YEAR?  fergetaboutit.  Just the day, please.  Those numbers, i.e., the age, is not important.  Paramahansa Yogananda (birthday, January 5th) tells us that when he is asked his age he replies "I am One."  I can't find the passage in Autobiography where he discusses it -- but that is what he replies.  If you rely on the numbers too much you lock yourself in to a fixed energetic form and expectation, one whose rigidity brings you closer to physical death.

    When this works, we will have developed -- get ready for this one: THE BIRTHDAY BRIGADE!

    2)  Manifesting Through the Heart of Forgiveness
    Hugh Magill called me up the week before our Sept. 22 Consciousness Raising, with a question.  How, he asked, Can the Toronto Dowsers help to bring our troops home, safely, from Afghanistan?

    The first 2 years we started energy dowsing, we'd get requests like this often.  And each one is worthy.  However, their existence indicated symptons -- symptoms that stem from a low frequency of consciousness.  Peace in the Middle East.  Peace in Darfur.  Good treatment of women.  Of children.  Enough food for everyone.  Library space for the Toronto Dowsers.   If consciousness were high enough, all these imbalances would be taken care of.

    September 10th, 16 of us met with Ivan at Diana's place.  We were sitting in a circle around a fire.  16, a powerful number, emanating BG3, especially 16 of us in a circle.  We did several meditations that day, several where we wished for something and put it into the circle.

    Ivan had us acknowledge each of the items and energize everything in the circle.  Sometimes it was something we wished for ourselves, or something for another person, or for the earth, etc.

    A few weeks before Ivan was here, Ellie was here, leading us in Manifesting circles and speaking about the importance of forgiveness.  And of course, we are always grounded by Joey's work with Blessings.

    Like the development of a photograph in a solution, an image started forming and taking shape on my mental screen creating a heart -- with a lot of pink and yellow with many of the items we are manifesting included in the heart. The goal is, to focus on raising consciousness as well as the awareness of several areas that interest us and include them as well.  Within the umbrella of consciousness.  Some say that wishing for something creates duality because by recognizing this wish  you are recognizing the lack of, and keeping it separate.  However.  :)

    I called up Ellie for some help with this.  Ellie produced the title and advice.  The items that are being manifested are stated around the outside of the heart.  And this is what you do:

    In looking at the heart, kind of look at the words outside the heart, have your eyes relax as if you are not quite focusing on the words, bring them all in to the center of the heart, as one, into one.  Do this as often as you like.

    Below is the heart, as created by Inta Ridler, our graphic artist.
    Here are some additional phrases that you suggested, to be added:

     "Peace on Earth demonstrated through personal action"
    "Peace on Earth one person at a time"
    "Peace on Earth through Action!"
    'Unconditional Love'.
    Compassionate Co-Existence
    Harmony Among Nations.
    'You are energy, pure and innocent; all is forgiven and released.'
    Every person on earth now has food on their table
    There's abundant food available for everyone.
    Hooray, our troops are safely home!
    Only Love Prevails

    The challenge in crafting the statements --  is to:  Create  statements / intentions / affirmations  consisting of:  4-7 words, to express situations such as:

     o   an end to hunger  (the only thing I could think of was:   Food for all --- but this is too vague)
     o   bringing the troops home from (say) Afghanistan
     o   the end of AIDS, or, a cure for AIDS (would like something more definitive than, say:  Perfect health)

       without using negatives

       Example:   Expressing something opposite to (and our belief system says is desired) ---  something such as, say, strife in the Middle East is easy because the expression would be:  Peace in the Middle East

       Example:  If someone who wears glasses wanted to make a statement so they should not wear glasses, they would not say:  "I don't have to wear eyeglasses."  Because then what could happen is they could go blind and then they certainly would not need glasses!    They ought to use "I have perfect vision."

        Just as with a dowsing question, accurate phraseology is required here.

    The Heart that you see below is our first prototype.  Inta did a great job, didn't she?  You can see this online at: /www.dowsers.info/toronto/tdheart.htm  Go check it out now.  Look at it often.  It feels good to look at it.

    So please -- continue to contribute your statements as we develop our hearts.

    How Blessed!  To have such superlative guidance from Joey Korn, Ellie Drew, Ivan McBeth and THE TORONTO DOWSERS!!

    3)  Hi Tech Spiritual Technology Jump Flash Stick

    Those:  flash,,, memory stick,,, jump -- drives that hold 128 MB - 1 GB data and cost from about $20-$100... and are about 2" long.

    Take all your blessings, all your beautiful pictures, and put them on one of the drives.  Fill it up with lovely words and affirmations.  Include the Heart of Forgiveness.  And wear it around your neck like a necklace.  Or a mala.  The first thing I put into mine was Joey Korn's Birthday Blessing for me.   Go on.  I'll even share my Birthday blessing with you:

    If it be Thy Will
    May the Powers of Nature converge
    To charge Marilyn Gang with the Life Force
    To increase and enhance the beneficial energies
    And balance any detrimental energies
    Within her being and in her living environment
    To create an ideal energetic state
    To support her throughout this special day
    And throughout her life
    To bring healing, balance, and joy to her complete being
    Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
    To draw her ever closer to her Highest potential
    As a spiritual being of Light and Love
    Ever closer to the Universal One
    For now and into the future
    For as long as is appropriate.

    I'm looking forward to having a wonderful day in your honor.  Happy Birthday!


    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

    News of the Weird
    In an attempt to raise environmental awareness, two concerned citizens of Walpole, Mass., hosted a "pump-out party" in June, with wine and cheese, to encourage neighbors to keep their septic systems in good order. The hosts allowed their own tank to be publicly cleaned as a demonstration, although the drinking and eating portion of the party came to a halt at that point, according to the Daily News Transcript of suburban Boston

    THE   Tuesday, October 17th,  2006  MEETING FEATURES::

    Sandee Mac
    will speak on:
    "Tibetan and Earth Energy Medicine Magic"

    Sandee Mac is widely acknowledged as one of the best, most powerful, and comprehensive dowsers on the planet today. Sandee is constantly traveling the planet, either offering teachings and/or taking classes herself.  Since she visited us, 11 months earlier she has also travelled to China and to Tibet. Sandee has been working with American born Tibetan Buddhist Lama Madi Nolan and is now authorized to teach Madi's techniques.
    Last year she explained techniques and teachings from her long relationship with Hanna Kroeger and Hanna's teachings -- and other experts, nutrition, clearing family patterns, past life regressions, and much more.

    We told her we were interested in what she is finding out about the Tibetan inter dimensional travels.  That will be the main focus of her presentation to us this evening.  Her presentations are always rapid fire because she covers so much ground.  And she makes sure you have no trouble keeping up with her.

    But come to be surprised.  As a person who has long experience with Inka Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and teaches:  Dowsing, Shamanic Ceremonies,  Clearing Family Patterns and Core Beliefs, Past Life Regression, Feng Shui, Positive Psychic Protection, Soul Retrieval, Soul Lesson Plans, Working with Spirit Animals, Survival and Preparedness, Karmic Astrology, Psychic House Clearing and much much more and works with: Hanna Kroeger and David A. Slater Herbals and Homeopathic remedies; Flower and Gem Essences;  Rare Crystals and Minerals;  Electromagnetic Protection Products;  Tachyon Product Line;   Slim Spurling’s Light-Life Technology; BioGenesis Healing Devices;   Feng Shui Support Tools and,  Dowsing Tools, she offers information on these topics when the moment is right.

    Many of us have experienced large shiftings and clearings of deeply stuck energies from past and present lives, etc. as a result of her lecture, workshops and private sessions.  Shiftings that continue. She is phenomenal when it comes to offering  -- off the cuff it seems -- priceless bits of information, on health conditions, their sources, and ingenious ways to dowse.

     "Dowsing is one of the most important things any one can learn because you can be self sufficient.  When you learn to Dowse correctly and accurately you have a tool that will be with you the rest of your life, and, it can save your life."

    Sandee is offering workshops and private appointments during her visit her.  See inside the newsletter or the website for further information.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2006 by Marilyn Gang.  All Rights Reserved.