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The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, October 13th,  2009
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Paul Tobey
"Business Skills for Holistic People"
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments after the presentation.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $8 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $12 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers

          $30 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $35 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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OCTOBER 13, 2009:  "Paul Tobey", Practical Business Skills and Applications for Holistic People




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All memberships need to be renewed for October 1st.
Please fill in the enclosed Membership Application, send it with your payment to the indicated address.
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Please renew your membership,  now.   THANK YOU

SEPTEMBER MEETING FOOD:   The food that you brought!  Mama Mia!  Was delicious, beautiful, nutritious and plentiful!  People bring food -- finger food, such as dips, quartered sandwiches, sushis, fruit and so on -- so we can have some social time after the presentation.  This was ONE OF THE BEST!
     There was a huge succulent shrimp platter.   WATERmelon!   Fruit!  Melons!  Pineapple!  Grapes!   Some brilliant chef made sandwiches, cut them in quarters and put them on a platter!   Yum!   Samosas!   Dip and chips!   wow!   We had REAL FOOD again!  Thank you !

       Thank you thank you thank you for bringing the food.  It's not just that we are hungry and love to fill our bellies and have yummy tastes on our tongues.  Food is essential to enhancing our social interactions.  Essential.
        Reflect on this for a moment.   Consider what would have happened if --- after a presentation --- you just went home.   All the richness from your interactions with others --- would not have come into existence.  Reflect on the conversations, the contacts, friends, business opportunities that took place.  Someone passing on the info of their masseuse or homeopath or doctor --- someone who helped your health condition or became a friend.  And to share what you learned, what you felt, after the presentation --- with a like minded buddy.    Now do you know why you have the food?   Let's continue.  Mangia!  Mangia!
          And to those who selflessly bring it for no other reason than you know it is the right thing to do --- We appreciate you, thank you and Bless You.   MUNCH ON!

OCTOBER SPEAKER AND TOPIC:   Paul Tobey is a Toronto based business skills workshop leader.  Although this presentation topic is far afield from anything we have ever done previously, its content is one needed by many members.  Those involved in typical white collar professions such as law, medicine, accounting and so on handle the "hard" business skills more easily, comparatively speaking than holistic people whose skills are more on the "soft" side.  Yet we need to be able to function well, when we want and need to in the "hard" business world.  Paul Tobey, who is a holistic person himself, will help show us how to do this, how to use our strengths and understand more about business skills.

Here's an example:  I knew 2 friends, with diametrically opposed personalities and skills, in a recruiting office.
         Don worked the numbers:  For every 10 cold calls you got an appointment.  For every 10 appointments, you got a sale.  He worked 9-5 and was successful with this method, closing 1 sale for every 100 calls.
         Peter was highly intuitive.  He would sit at his desk, relaxed, doodling, looking into space, making the odd phone call here and there.   He'd come in around 10:30, leave by 3:30 and go for a massage as well some time during the day and spend lots of phone time yakking with his friends.  Peter's close rate was a lot higher than Don's and he would consistently bring in over $100,000 per annum.  Because he was intuitive, he trusted and followed his intuition and inner guidance.  He knew just who to call, who to see.  And it worked.  Peter was totally holistic, but did not easily expose that to the outer world.  He simply flowed.

BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLES to the October 13 meeting.   See the article in this issue about La Fontaine Magnétique and bring your water bottle -- totally glass -- no metal to the October 13 meeting to place it -- momentarily -- in La Fontaine Magnétique.

The Toronto Dowsers is an independent dowsing organization which commenced in 2000 with 6 people.  Through the teaching and use of dowsing and dowsing concepts and methodologies, we strive towards conscious awareness.  We have mostly monthly meetings, resources, a comprehensive mostly monthly newsletter, a members library and activities of interest to the holistic community.   We organize ourselves along a loose teamwork structure which favors a meritocracy.  Our meetings and newsletters give you tools so you can help yourself, your family, friends and neighbors; the meetings have evolved to be the gathering place in Toronto for like minded energy workers to get together and share energy.  Our members are 'helper type' people interested in health and healing, planetary stewardship, subtle energies and making our world a better place for all.  Our members, newsletters, monthly presentations, etc.,  focus on diverse but related subjects such as:  Older teachings of: Astrology, BioGeometry, Egyptology, Kaballah, Mayan Cosmology, Sacred Geometry ...  Location of: Water, treasure, minerals, people pets and objects ...  Healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies ...  As well as: Animals, earth energies, geopathic stress, planetary grids, stone circles, energy dowsing, essential oils,  geopolitics, herbs, horticulture, ancient and native wisdom, natural and traditional healing, vibrational medicine, Power of the Mind, Radionics, Remote Viewing, Sound & Light & Color, Helping Children ,,,  At Our Annual Networking Social,  members meet greet and schmooze, have a marketplace to inform, sell their products, services, and enjoy Pot luck.  The following are a few of the many web sites that could be of interest to people new to our group:
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UPCOMING -- In Toronto
A veritable plethora of activities of interest to our members takes place in this next month.  Take advantage, while the opportunity is HOT!

Integrative Healing and Transformation
October 16 - 18 at the Novotel Toronto Centre
This is their biggest conference yet!
Special Events Featuring: Donna Eden,  Swami Beyondananda,  Joe Dispenza

And!   Toronto Dowsers:

Sydney White:  "Studies in Propaganda"

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

WOW!   Andrew Michrowski  ...  Aajonus Vonderplanitz ...  Edgar Cayce Symposium ...  Marko Pogacnik --- all in the same week here in Toronto!!!!

The weekend of October 23 - 25;   October 28, 29

(1)   Andrew Michrowski, from Essentia:  October 23 - 25

  Electromagnetic fields --- at home, at work  W O R K S H O P:   Characteristics, health effects, how to properly detect problem sources and to identify effective mitigation.  For:  : health practitioners, architects, engineers, electricians, the responsible lay persons willing to improve their lifestyles.

Electromagnetic spectrum; bioeffects: electric, magnetic, electromagnetic fields thermal, linear/non-linear effects; absorption characteristics; scalars; melatonin link; symptoms for types of exposure; transmission & propagation of electromagnetic signals; harmonics, transients, damping; exposure situations; emission magnification and reduction; guidelines – their development; emerging regulations; exposure hygiene: who should be protected – at what age, where (school, bedroom, long-term usage sites, medical device usage); wiring - types, code, grounding, typical problems / inexpensive solutions; critical exposures: workstation and therapy area environment; rural environments; measuring equipment: electrical, electrostatics/ion discrimination, magnetic (dosimeters, gauss meters, single axis and multi-pole probes), static magnetic fields; RF & MW, ammeter, electrical resistivity; protocol and procedure; tracing; geopathics and health – situations and health effects; hypersensitivity – allergen link with electromagnetics; subtle energy interface; interface of medication; subtle energy therapeutics; personal protection devices – what to expect, their rationale.  And more!

Friday evening is introductory; Saturday, Sunday sessions are directed at training.

Contact  Essentia:  (613) 238-4437 /   (888) 639-7730  for more information

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

(2)  Aajonus Vonderplanitz  October 24, 25

[I have been hearing of Aajonus Vonderplanitz for years as ..  THE Man -- when it comes to eating healthy.  He is finally coming to Toronto! - mg]

An extraordinary American nutritional consultant, speaker, author, and raw food diet advocate residing in Malibu, California. As of 2008 , Aajonus has been eating an all-raw --- paleolithic -- diet for 38 years. He developed the Primal Diet, which is a diet consisting of fatty meats, organ meats, dairy, honey, minimal fruit and vegetable juices and coconut cream, all raw.

"I was dying of multiple myeloma lymphoma and cancer 40 years ago.  They said I would never be able to eat any raw again. That even if I ate an apple or a banana
I would have to steam it.  That the cancer would resurface.
     I decided I did not want to live through it again because it was too painful.  So I ate the raw meat -- to kill myself.
     It did just the opposite.
     It invigorated me for the first time in my life."

"2 years ago at Davis University in Northern California, they took raw milk and spiked it with bacteria that is accused of growing in raw milk.  Since the lactic acid in the milk was raw the bacteria could not grow, could not flourish.  However when they spiked pasteurized milk, the bacteria grew in an instant. ...  The doctors are funny. They eat raw FISH and they eat steak TAR TAR at a restaurant, but are afraid of the raw animal foods."

Aajonus Vonderplanitz has led the fight in Los Angeles to get raw milk legalized.

Saturday, October 24, 2009
WORKSHOP:  1:15 PM to 7 PM - $100
MINI-CONSULTS (6-10 minutes each):  7 - 9 PM - $40
Harbourfront Community Centre,  627 Queens Quay West
Contact Rasha @ 416-206-9402 or

(3)   A.R.E.  Symposium:  October  24

Join us for our upcoming symposium in Toronto, October 24th featuring Association for Research and Enlightenment Executive Director and CEO Kevin Todeschi.   The title of the program is  "Edgar Cayce on Vibrations and Your Soul Growth."

"This day long program will explore the Cayce material on vibrations and soul growth. In fact, Cayce believed that the growth of personal conscious-ness was the ultimate purpose of our existence. In hundreds of readings over a period of many decades, Edgar Cayce expounded upon three tools that he claimed would facilitate a growth in vibration and personal consciousness for each and every soul: the setting of spiritual ideals, the application of spiritual principles in the earth, and personal attunement with the divine."

Location is the Unitarian Church at the corner of St. Clair Avenue West and Avenue Road, the cost $60.
More information can be found, including registration information and the brochure, on the Edgar Cayce Canada website  You can also call our toll-free line at 1-866-322-8209, ext 1 for more information and to register.  We look forward to seeing you there.

John Ryan,  Events Coordinator, Edgar Cayce Canada---

     (4)  Marko Poganik!  here in Toronto!   October 28 - 29.
     for more information
Marko Poganik is from and trained  as a sculptor.  Several years ago, Ana, his daughter came to Toronto and we had a magical evening listening to her speak and play piano for us and told us about her work and that of her father. From he worked as a member of an international art group , in the fields of conceptual art and land-art with exhibitions in several countries.  He went on to found a rural - artistic community and spiritual centre called the "Šempas Family" at Šempas, Slovenia which existed for 8 years.  Since that time,  1979 he has been engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work. In the mid 80-s he has developed a method of Earth healing similar to acupuncture by using stone pillars and positioning them on acupuncture points of the landscape. He calls it "lithopuncture". 

 He is an author of numerous books that have been translated into English, including "Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings "," Healing the Heart of the Earth", "Touching the Breath of Gaia ", and " Sacred Geography"


He has a perspective on geomancy that he has developed and teaches it in different countries.  He conducts courses in holistic ecology, geomancy and personal development.  His main themes are:  multidimensionality of landscape and urban environment,  communication with different facets of nature,  the rediscovery of the feminine principle,  the present Earth changes and human transformations.

FROM A PAST STONE WORKSHOP:  He has immersed himself into the civilization of stone:

  • Stones, minerals and crystals are by no means “dead nature”, nor do they represent the living nature of plants and animals.
  • Stones have experienced their own evolution, the “evolution of consciousness”.
  • Stones embody the consciousness of Earth and thus one of the basic dimensions of the planet.
  • Stones have the outstanding ability to remember and communicate information.

  • They are a living witness to the oldest civilization on Earth. Contact with the civilization of stone is currently of momentous importance to humans, since we have been searching for ways to avoid ecological breakdown as well as establish communication with the consciousness of Earth (Gaea), and thereby ensure the cooperation and alternative coexistence of Earth and nature.
    Marko believes that based on the principle of multidimensionality, modern geomancy is teaching how to perceive landscapes and environments as composed of several visible and invisible levels and how to behave accordingly.  Mainly we consider relevant the following four dimensions:
  • Vital energy network composed of energy centres (Earth chakras), energy channels (ley-lines, acupuncture meridians) and energy fields (aura).
  • Consciousness of places and landscapes consisting of innumerable information units called nature spirits and elemental beings. They embody the soul consciousness of Gea, the Earth.
  • Material body composed of mountains and seas, valley and rivers, plants and animals, also human beings, including our cultural creation. Seeing it in the context of pluridimensionality, different forms of landscapes, trees, rocks etc. are to be considered as a direct expression of the Earth being.
  • Landscape temples represent the spiritual level of the Earth composed of divine qualities embodied by different places and landscapes.
  • The knowledge of modern geomancy can be used in the area of nature protection, landscape and architectural design, planning of motor ways, in Earth healing etc.

    The word “Geomancy” comes for the Greek name of the Earth Soul, “Gea” and the Greek word “mantein”, which means interpreting, also reading an oracle.  In this sense geomancy means interpreting of visible and invisible dimensions of places and landscapes, so that a holistic (pluridimensional) understanding of their true essence can emerge in our consciousness.

    October 16, 7-9 pm
    Free Introductory Drop In Information Evening: This drop in evening will be an opportunity to introduce newcomers to Marko's work and that of some of his students.  At the home of Jane Kieran, 10 Bridgeford Street North, Richmond Hill.  905 508 1771

    Lecture:  Wed, October 28, 7:30
    Seen from the perspective of the rational mind, the Earth Changes represent a great ecological threat. Perceived through the eyes of Geomancy, we are witnessing a quantum leap of the Earth and its evolutions. How can we change from the role of victims to the role of co-creators?  Toronto Waldorf School, 9100 Bathurst St. $15.

    2 day workshop: October 28, 29:
    He has developed very clear methods of perceiving and understanding different dimensions of the integral reality, and how we can connect to them with our different aspects of consciousness - be it elemental, ancestral or angelic...

    For more information and to register, contact:
    Wayne Venne at 905 883 9292 or:

    October observance:  Artist Alex Grey -- & on the origin of the word "Indian" --

    Renowned Visionary Artist Alex Grey calls his location:  CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors).  He, his wife and CoSM recently moved from Manhattan to the Hudson River Valley. They are experiencing all sorts of wondrous uncoveries there.  This is a highly mysterious, mystical magical area.

    "Many of us have heard the story about the origin of the label "Indians" given to native Americans by the earliest European settlers.  The story we've been told was that Christopher Columbus, an Italian, funded by the Spanish Queen Isabella, was searching for a shorter Indian trade route and mistakenly found his way to the New World.  Confused about the land they had found, these explorers believed that they had arrived in India and named the native people Indians.  Recently in New Mexico, our friends told us that this presumption had been seriously questioned.   The corrected interpretation was that the first Europeans to set foot on American soil were describing the native people as "En Dios" or "In God."  En Dios were people living in tune with nature and the Divine.  All activities and motivations were dedicated to the Holy Spirit, all effects of the physical world were attributed to the will of the Creator.

    "The Wappani are the native Americans that lived in what we call Wappingers Falls, in New York.  CoSM is being reborn in the land the Wappani people once called their home.  At the last Full Moon ceremony, Evan Pritchard introduce himself, and it soon became known that he was a leading authority on the people that called themselves Wappani, and the author of numerous books that included their history.  Evan informed us all that the Hudson River indeed had a name before Henry Hudson, and that name was Mough-hikan-etuch [Mo - Hee - Kan - ee - Took].  Mo means greatest or supreme; hikan means arm of the sea or sea water; and etuch means ebbs and flows or flows both ways.  One of the amazing things many do not know about the Hudson River is that it is a tidal river that changes its direction four times each day.  This year is the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage up and down his eponymous river.   Acknowledgment is overdue to the indigenous people of the region and it is a good time to familiarize ourselves with their names and their ways."


    The Toronto Dowsers
    Walter Husczco Library
    ...  is ...  Outstanding

    Yes, our library is outstanding.   We have over 500 items -- Books, Audio tapes, Video tapes, CDs, and DVDs in it.  Many new, some old, some very old.  Many are hard or impossible to find.   Most of the old books have been carefully, individually selected after spending hours in used book stores in various locations, purposefully seeking these treasures.

    The library for the Toronto Dowsers was named the Walter Huszczo Library in honor of our friend, contributor and father figure, Walter Huszczo, of Burford, Ontario, who passed on, December 6, 2003.   One of Walter's many passionate interests was good books and learning.

    The last members, printed and mailed listing was done in 2005.

    The library began in 2002 with about 50 books.  Obviously it has grown.  There are 100-200 more items -- excellent items that are sitting, in boxes,  forlorn and lonely, waiting to be added to the library.   Items that would motivate you to jump up and down with joy if you saw them.  Many have been purchased from the authors or publishers themselves.  For example, books purchased from Jeff Volk.  Jeff publishes all the Cymatics material.   Also, books purchased at Robert Gilbert's Vesica Institute.   Books purchased from "The Swami", an old spiritual hippie dude from Hawaii, selling off his cherished personal library.   Books purchased from Zacciah Blackburn's Center of Light Sound Healing Institute.   The complete 5 volume set of  "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East".   And more.  Treasures all.

    The original intention was to bring the library to each meeting, members could take out items which are due the next meeting.  We still follow this procedure, however we did not realize at the time that it would grow to the size it is now or that we would have so many members.  A good thing!

    The library sits at the home of one of our members.  She works a full day at a demanding job.  On meeting nights, she rushes to get home, bring each box, box by box, up from her basement to load into her car.   Drives through rush hour traffic, parks, lugs each box into the building, then lugs them home, unloads them down into the basement and has to get up early the next morning to return to work.  Sometimes she has help carrying the boxes.

    When the library is available at the meetings, it is heavily utilized.  Sometimes she can not make the meeting due to an extra long day at work or poor driving conditions or family obligations.  Hence, no library.  Also, the entire library is too large to be brought to each meeting.  Our library volunteers --- who love working at the library and do a great job --- would love to have the library intact at each meeting.

    We need a place we can house the library.  To store the items and where members can go, say twice a week, for example --  11-2 on Tuesdays and 5-8 on Thursdays -- to take out / return items.  If we had a place we could rent, the additional rental fees could help offset the rental cost.   But even a 10x10 room, in an area that is accessible to us, would cost at least $500 / month.

    Just the same, the items below have been recently added to the library and were available at the September meeting:

  • Psychic Protection, by Ted Andrews
  • The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls, by Renee Brodie
  • A Book of Women's Altars, by Nancy Brady Cunningham
  • Healing Words, by Larry Dossey
  • Let the Standing Stones Speak, by Natasha Hoffman
  • Singing Bowl Handbook, by Eva Rudy Jansen
  • Learning to Love, by Maia Kincaid
  • Sacred Contracts, by Caroline Myss
  • The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing, by Dale W. Olson
  • Throught Time Into Healing, by Brian L. Weiss
  • Masters of the Living Energy, by Joan Parisi Wilcos
  • The Pleiadian Workbook, by Amorah Quan Yin
  • Solutions are still being sought.  f you have one, please tell us. Thank you.

    And More . . .   Books

    Occasionally I'll see what's new at Indigo / Chapters / Borders, make a list and come home, connect to the Toronto Public library catalogue and reserve those books.  Here's a listing of books I jotted down from Indigo recently that I plan on obtaining (from the library) and that may interest you as well.  (The Toronto Public Library, with 99 branches, is the biggest and best in the world.) Perhaps you may look them up, find out something about their content and obtain them from your own public library system:

    Our September 15th Speaker and meeting

    Every so often we have a sublimely magical evening.  This evening was definitely one of our high points. To understand why, keep reading.

    Tina Petrova's  Presentation
    "Rumi, Turning Ecstatic"

    It was to document the words of Rumi, the 13th century Sufi mystic and poet whose “small voice has echoed for 700 years,” that Tina Petrova created the movie, “Rumi: Turning Ecstatic.” It was completed in December 2006 and has since been shown in 15 countries. But it was the fascinating series of twists and turns of Tina’s life leading up to her personal discovery of Rumi that so captivated Vision TV - which funded the making of the film – that they demanded Tina’s story be told as an inherent part of the film.

    Tina was raised in Northern Ontario, become an actress at eleven years of age and toured Ontario with a theatre company at seventeen. After attending Ryerson Theatre School she pursued a career in theatre. Encountering some health obstacles along the way, including a 1981 airplane crash in Kuala Lumpur that left her struggling with post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia, Tina began to immerse herself in alternative therapies. She was Polarity trained and became a massage therapist and certified Kripalu yoga instructor among other things. Soon  Tina had left acting altogether and was fully engrossed in the alternative health field.

    By 1997 Tina had converted from Roman Catholicism to Tibetan Buddhism and was living an idyllic life in the Mojave Desert in California. She was reveling in the happiest and healthiest period of her life. That winter solstice, she resolved to take the trip by jeep up to a mountain temple for morning prayers, chanting a Buddhist prayer for the protection of the Holy Mother all the way. At 8:30 am, Tina passed a lone woman by the side of the road. The desolation of the place made Tina stop and offer the woman a lift, in spite of already being late for prayers. In the car, the woman said little except that she was a mother who needed to get back to her children. A few miles down the road, at an equally desolate spot, the woman asked to be let off,  and then bid good-bye to Tina with a warning not to “drive off a cliff today.” The shivers that coursed through Tina’s body on hearing those words left her on high alert as she now more slowly and carefully navigated the turns around the mountainous terrain. But her cautious driving was no match for a patch of black ice. Her jeep went sailing over a 6,000 ft cliff, while Tina watched her life flash before her eyes and contemplated her imminent death. When the jeep suddenly came to rest it was upside down on a boulder, with an injured Tina conscious and hanging in the seat belt. Tina heard a voice insist she get out of the car and using her Yoga skills, she put herself into Full Lotus position and managed to crawl out of the cab.  At that very moment her Jeep was crushed by another car that had hit the same spot of black ice soon after and likewise sailed over the cliff. Snow suddenly began to fall and in that deafening silence, Tina tried to sort out whether she still lived or had died. A distant mountain ranger who just happened to spot the accident through his binoculars radioed for help both for Tina and the occupants of the other car. Tina was taken into critical care and used the one telephone call offered her to contact Manfred Lucas, a shaman in northern Alberta, who immediately commenced chanting for her. Lucas later reported that he had spent the first 24 hours in tense negotiations with Tina’s soul, which maintained little intention of remaining on earth. After that first 24 hours and much medical testing, Tina’s doctor announced that she had been very lucky. Her injuries were limited to broken ribs front and back as well as torn intercostal muscles and she was placed in a full body brace to allow healing.

    It was five months before Tina was permitted to return to Canada.  Broke and unable even to collect welfare, Tina lived for months on the couch of a friend, unable to bathe or dress herself and suffering constant pain. It was at this time that through Christina Barden she discovered dowsing via her first dowsing teacher, the legendary dowser Hannah Kroeger. Tina used dowsing to guide her in the direction of her higher good as she navigated the world of medical care and prescriptions in search of cures for her pain.  To this day she still carries a pendulum in her purse.  "Dowsing has served me really well.  It has saved my life, many many times. ... I ask: 'Is this right for me?  Is this in accordance with my highest good?' "  She also spent time learning from Ross Andoloro, our January 2004 speaker.

    "I have come to know the power and protection of non ordinary reality.  We are very blessed to have entered onto a path of non ordinary reality, outside the box."
    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.
    Tina’s seemingly hopeless situation led her to the brink of committing suicide. Then, after a tearful evening spent pleading her case in a church of the Virgin Mary, Tina returned to her couch and dreamed a life changing dream. A robed figure appeared to her, reciting beautiful poetry in the company of people she recognized from her long ago life in theatre. She later discovered the figure to be Rumi and, together with the friends from her dream, conceived the idea of creating a Rumi festival. As resourceless as she seemed at that point, Tina ultimately did manage to organize the festival, with the help of miracle upon miracle. The festival was held on October 23, 1999 at Trinity St. Paul’s Church with 1,000 people in attendance, including Tim Wilson of Vision TV, who ultimately proposed the making of the movie.
    "It is only when one can find that place of deep surrender that God wants us to be happy and that God has a plan for us."
    The completed film was delivered to Vision in December 2006 and very shortly after that, UNESCO declared 2007 to be the Year of Rumi. That helped bring the film to a wide audience, including the United Nations. Today the film is being shown as part of the world religions curriculum in the Catholic Separate School Board.
    "There are moments in life -- rare moments -- that, if we say yes -- we become transformed."
    Tina sees the fantastical and traumatic events of her life leading up to her personal discovery of Rumi as the key that allows her access to the minds of young people. Once open, the wisdom of Rumi can flood in.
    "There is something about turning that brings you right into your center.  There is an intention to it. ... One is drawn deeper and deeper, into a still point."
    Tina says that hers is a story of one woman’s journey from brokenness into healing. In that place of deep surrender, “we find that God has a bigger plan for us than anything we could have imagined.”
    -  Review by Michelle Godfrey.  Thank YOU, Michelle!
    *            *            *            *            *
         This was definitely some enchanted evening, thanks in large part to Tina.  It is who she is.  She had us Mesmerized and on the edge of our seats as she  told us her story.  Tina reminds one of a young, elegant Mary Tyler Moore as one see she is a trained actress as it shows in her speech, deportment, enunciation, graceful body movements and voice projection.  Telling us of her NDEs, and then driving off the cliff in California, landing upside down on a boulder in her jeep, what happened afterwards and how the Rumi movie came about.

          We all experienced a spiritual uplift.  When I write:  "we all" of course I can not speak for everyone.  But enough people came up afterwards to share their feelings --- similar ones ---  that it must be so.   I felt emotionally and spiritually cleansed afterwards.  Some mention a glow about her, her presence.  Yes.

         We felt that Tina Petrova is a very fine role model.  She inspired us, she reminded us.

         At the end of the evening she told us about a letter she received that morning.  The King (?) of Jordan sent her a letter requesting that the Rumi movie be made available to be shown in all public schools in Jordan.   way cool, eh?

       Tina writes:  " . . .  if anyone would like a RUMI DVD that didn't get one at the last meeting, I would be happy to mail one out to them if they email me and supply me an address. And if any educators have ideas for getting me and my message into the public schools ( the Catholic board has embraced us with both arms) then I am grateful for any and all connections sent my way.  Many thanks !"   (Tina has also recently produced a second DVD, one which animates the Golden Rule.)  "Visionary Media Inc." <visionary_mediainc "at">

    Profound gratitude, and much love, to Tina Petrova -- my first Dowsing Teacher -- from all of us.

    "Let us ignite ... The Planet ... With Love", Tina Petrova

    La Fontaine Magnétique

    Two fascinating guests joined our evening, visitors from France and Belgium, who we met at David Wilcock's September 11-13 conference.  They remained after the conference to network with like minded people and to explore the reactions to their creation:  La Fontaine Magnétique -- The Magnetic Fountain.  They were invited to our meeting and invited to bring and display their fountain.  After the presentation, everyone was gathered around them for some time, in rapt attention.

    The Magnetic Fountain is not technically a fountain, but it definitely is magnetic. A magnet in contact with water for one hour will magnetize it.

          Plants like humans benefit from magnetized water.  The ability to remove scales seems to surprise the scientists who study its many qualities.

    If you would like to try the water magnetized by this Fountaine Magnétique, bring a bottle of water -- in a glass bottle -- to the next (October 13) meeting and we will put it in the Fontaine Magnetique.  This should be water that you will drink, such as tap, spring, RO, distilled, etc., water.

    Do Consider the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre for your events

    We have been meeting in the Latvian Centre for 5 years.  Last month, we reported that we may be considering moving to a new location, because the cost became too high.   I had a meeting with the General Manager and we renegotiated, thank goodness.  Thank goodness because all in all, the location, layout, rooms, parking, friendliness, energy and more are really good and much appreciated by our members.

    It is not just physically clean, it feels clean -- energetically, because it is.  Latvians are geomancers, in their own way.  They also take care of the earth.  I was once told that they are the last of the Pagans, as the Latvians resisted forced conversion longer than almost every other nationality.  If you go through the Latvian Centre and take a look at their carvings, the items in their book store and gift shop, you can't help but notice their designs.  Ask a Latvian about them.  They will tell you.  It is no accident that we meet in:  The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre.

    Do consider holding one of your events at the LCCC.  The Riga Hall that we meet in -- their largest hall --- the largest meeting we had, with Dr. Karim in 2006, we packed in 350 people.   In the Kursa Hall you can hold a workshop of 70, comfortably.  Even more.  Other rooms are smaller.   They have very good audio amplification and a huge screen.   Not a bad place for a film.  We have shown 2 films there so far, with good results.

    Parking -- there is a lot in the back of the building is fine.  We have had some problems in the past, when other events take place at the same time.  Usually you can park in the Honda dealership across the street.

    Food?  Their [in house catered] food is fabulous.  Fresh and home made.  By an excellent Latvian chef and his staff of Latvian volunteers:  Mommies! We have always been delighted with our catered events -- with the quality of the food, service, linens and hospitality.

    They have a pub downstairs.  The pub is open every evening except Saturday evenings, from 6 - 11 pm.  This is a good place to meet with a dozen or so friends.  If you call ahead you can even get a sandwich platter made up for you.  The pub opened up this season, September 18th.  They may not be open during these times during the summer season.

    The downstairs pub hosts a buffet:  Friday dinner and Saturday lunch.  I think this goes from October-May.  I'm not sure if the cost is $12?  14?  including tax.  All you can eat.  Very good, too, for vegetarians.   Sometimes I come here on a Saturday with a book.  Read and eat.

    If you get there :Saturday mornings, February-June,  from 8:30 to Noon -- oh my gosh! You can purchase at very reasonable prices: delicious scrumptious home made: Cabbage Rolls, Kotletes (hamburgers) & Schnitzels, Pickled beets and cucumbers, Sauerkraut and sausages, Potato and lettuce salads, pastries and more.   Better not tell you about the Sunday Brunches...

         Please consider holding your event at the Latvian Centre.  Call  (416) 759-4900.   Tell them you were recommended from the Toronto Dowsers.
         If you are not sponsoring an event but would like a good, cozy, friendly, safe, good energy pub to hang out in in the evenings, or for a wholesome Friday night dinner or Saturday lunch, stop by at their downstairs pub.

       If you have held an event of your own at the Latvian Centre, within the past 4 years, would you please contact Marilyn?  Thank you !

    We honor and thank them, Their Accomplishments, Their Commitment and Courage


    Catholic Church bans Reiki

    "Last spring the US Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that reiki - hailed by many as therapy, derided by others as quackery - would no longer be practiced in the church's hospitals and retreat centers. Reiki, according to the bishops, is not grounded in science or Christianity and is therefore inappropriate for Catholic institutions.

    "Practitioners and clients claim that reiki  reduces pain, stress, and anxiety; accelerates recovery from surgery and illness; and boosts the immune system. The church hierarchy begs to differ. “Without justification either from Christian faith or natural science, a Catholic who puts his or her trust in reiki would be operating in the realm of superstition, the no-man’s-land that is neither faith nor science,’’ according to the six-page guidelines. “Superstition corrupts one’s worship of God by turning one’s religious feeling and practice in a false direction." - FROM THE BOSTON GLOBE

    Guess the Church never heard of the laying on of hands, huh or that faith heals?

    A Cleansing Experience

    Going on a dietary cleanse, or fast, has many benefits.  The obvious ones are to give the digestive system a bit of a rest and allow whatever you are consuming on the cleanse to remove toxins from the tissues.  It is commonly known, for example, that certain forms of cilantro can remove mercury and that the pectin in apples helps to remove lead.

    Three major religious groups:  Jews, Catholics and Muslims all address changing one's diet or abstaining from food for certain periods.  Catholics used to forswear meat on Fridays and forego a favorite item -- usually a food item -- for 40 days during Lent (in the Spring).   Muslims do not consume food or water from sunrise to sunset during the 30 day annual Ramadan observation.   Jews fast one day a year on Yom Kippur.  Both Ramadan and Yom Kippur usually take place  around the beginning of our autumnal season.

    Although fasting is is ostensibly done for religious reasons, it is quite probable that the wise ones who originally set up the religions were fully aware of the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional benefits humans derive from fasting and know human nature is generally too weak and lazy to follow through on a regular -- but not stringent -- basis.  So they made it into a religious practice.  But over time, it got nibbled away at the edges, it got screwed up and the source intention of the value of abstaining from food all was lost.

    Not only is fasting good for the body, it is also excellent for the spirit and the mind.  After several days on a cleanse/fast, the mind becomes crystal clear and spiritual practice becomes easier and goes deeper.  The idea, too, is to ease into an extended one and ease out of it, such as 2 days for a pre cleanse and 2 days for a post cleanse.

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    It is known that many who fast for religious reasons, following the letter of  their religion, lose the spirit.  What happens is they stuff themselves like big piggies before and after the time of fasting, as they are focused on the not eating rather than comprehending the purpose of this time.

    "The body is spiritual and vibrationally induced, electrically and chemically empowered and biologically and genetically carried out." -- Fred Bisci
    Alkalinizing  the inner terrain is another crucial benefit:  When your body pH balance is disrupted, i.e. when you are acidic and not alkaline, this causes the body to form the  perfect environment for the development of disorders such as arthritis weight gain fibromyalgia chronic fatigue yeast infestations constipation spastic colon Crohn's disease gout acid reflux kidney stones diabetes heart disease and cancer.  All deficiency disease is the result of pH imbalance and a lack of nutrients  minerals amino acids or essential fatty acids. When you lack any of  the essential nutrients or have toxins enter your system you are beginning the process of acidosis breaking down at a cellular level.

    I'm on Day 3 of what I hope will be a 10 day Master Cleanse, having done 2 days of a pre cleanse.  The Master Cleanse consists of 8-10  ten ounce glasses daily with:  2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, 2 tablespoons real maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon or more cayenne pepper.  Fill the rest of the glass with water.  There are numerous benefits to doing this cleanse.  If you don't have access to this information, let me know and I'll send it to you.  I do this cleanse because it works, I like the ingredients, and its easy.  Lemons, internally, are highly alkaline.

    So for each day your entire groceries are:
          *     4-5 lemons
           *    1 - 1/2 cups maple syrup
          *     1-2 or so teaspoons cayenne pepper
           *    80 - 100 ounces water
    Some people do an internal salt bath and/or laxative teas.  Pretty simple, huh?

    Stanley Burroughs (1903-1991) popularized it, starting around the 1930's.  You can find this in booklets called "The Master Cleanse", or, his original book "Healing For the Age of Enlightenment".  Burroughs was way ahead of his time.  During his time, he was a radical, and suffered legal trouble because of it.  We see him as a Hero.

    I have a 1976 copy of his book.

    On the left is a scanned copy of page vi.  This is the first page of text.
    Please read it, especially in terms of the events of today.

    For one day of my pre cleanse, I decided on an apple day.  Nothing but apples, apple cider, herbal teas, water.  I do not usually do organic, but wanted to do organic for this cleanse.  So I went to Noah's to buy organic apples.  That's the last time I'm doing that!  $12.31 for  EIGHT apples!  They were good, thank goodness, but outrageously expensive.  okay...

    The first 3 days are the hardest, where I'm hungry and have cravings.  This is a very good time, because usually when I'm hungry I eat what it is I want.  It is a very good thing to want something to eat and know you have decided you can not eat that.  It is good to observe what is going on, internally, that is, with the mind and emotions.  And seeing the cravings.  Something to sink the teeth into.  Spaghetti.  Tuna fish.  Mushroom soup.  Cheddar cheese.  Sandwich.  Strip loin.  Soft boiled eggs. Chicken soup.  Asparagus.  Baked potato.  Oranges.

    Yes, it is really quite good to watch the mind and the emotions and the hunger, which is not really hunger but more desiring the pleasure of certain tastes.

    I have not done one of these cleanses in years and hope to do them more often.  It is recommended to do a fast or cleanse one day a week, 3 days a month, 2 weeks twice a year, around the time of each equinox.  It cleanses the cells, improves the immune system, reduces or eliminates colds, helps to lose a few pounds and it sure is easy in the kitchen!   Heather Birchall is doing this with me and it sure is nice to email one another our ups and downs.

    It is now Day 5.  If you can get over the hump of the first 3 days, Day 4, the mind begins to become crystal clear.  This is the prize.  Oy oy oy.  Such a choice. Between the feeling of clarity, cleanliness and lightness of cleansing or moderate eating versus the sublime pleasure of the taste of some food.

    Recognizing Our Past Health Pioneers, with gratitude

    As we have recently lost  Hulda Clark and Abram Hoffer, 2 great health pioneers, there is mention in this issue of Mahatma Gandhi's practices, such as vegetarianism  as well as the Master Cleanse by innovator Stanley Burroughs. Let us take a brief look at other pioneers.

    Gandhi:   Gandhi's teachings are highlighted here because he was influenced by Henry Stephens Salt who was perhaps the first vegetarian, as we think of it.

    Mahatma Gandhi's mother was a devout woman of the Jain tradition.   Early on, he absorbed influences that would play an important role in his adult life: compassion to sentient beings, vegetarianism, fasting for self purification, and mutual tolerance between individuals of different creeds.

    4 September 1888, less than a month before his 19th birthday, Gandhi went to London, England, to study law at University College London. His time in London,  was influenced by a vow he had made to his mother, to observe the Hindu precepts of abstinence from meat, alcohol, and promiscuity.  Although Gandhi experimented with adopting "English" customs he could not stomach the bland vegetarian food offered by his landlady and he was always hungry until he found one of London's few vegetarian restaurants. Influenced by Salt's book, A Plea for Vegetarianism, he joined the Vegetarian Society, was elected to its executive committee, and started a local chapter. Some of the vegetarians he met were members of the Theosophical Society.

    Henry Stephens Salt:  (1851–1939) was an English writer and campaigner for social reform and the treatment of animals. He was a noted ethical vegetarian.

    He taught at Eton until 1884, when, inspired by classic ideals and disgusted by his fellow masters' meat eating habits, he and his wife moved to a small cottage  where they grew their own vegetables and lived very simply. Salt engrossed himself in writing and began work on the pioneering Humanitarian League.  During his lifetime Salt wrote almost 40 books.  His first, A Plea for Vegetarianism, was published by the Vegetarian Society in 1886

    His circle of friends included many notable figures from late 19th and early 20th century literary and political life, including writers Algernon Swinburne, John Galsworthy, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Havelock Ellis, Count Leo Tolstoy,William Morris, Peter Kropotkin,Ouida, George Bernard Shaw and Robert Cunninghame-Graham, Labour leader James Keir Hardie and Fabian Society co-founders Hubert Bland and Annie Besant.

    Early Health Influences:
         I was greatly influenced by my favorite uncle, a life long bachelor who frequently espoused the teachings of Carlton Fredericks and Adele Davis.  When we visited Unc, who lived in an apartment on Delancey Street on the Lower East Side with a great view of the Williamsburg Bridge, his refrigerator invariably contained:  yogurt, orange juice, wheat germ and gefilte fish.

         It is worthwhile to rediscover the pioneers of the health movement, those from the 1930's, 1950's and such, reread their books, adopt some of their teachings and principles.   After all our bodies have not changed.  They did not really on someone else's research.   They relied on their own careful observations of their bodies, the bodies of their families and traditional knowledge.  Some of them were:

  • Herbert Shelton
  • Paul Bragg
  • Adele Davis
  • Carlton Fredericks
  • Joanna Brandt, "The Grape Cure"
  • Arnold Ehret:  "The Mucousless Diet Healing System",  "Rational Fasting"
  • Weston Price
  • Bernard Jensen
  • Ann Wigmore
  • Max Gerson
  • Morton Walker
  • John Christopher
  • Hannah Kroeger
  • The brothers Shute
  • Linus Pauling
  • Rene Caisse
  • Harry Hoxey
  • Gaston Naessens
  • Royal Raymond Rife
  • Otto Warburg
  • William Donald Kelley
  • "In the 1950s the Schute brothers.......said vitamin E worked against heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. They were greeted with laughter. A couple of years ago, the Harvard School of Public Health ......showed that just 100 units of vitamin E per day decreased the death rate by 40 percent. ...... How many Americans would have been saved in the intervening 35 years had Harvard taken a responsible position and said, "We are skeptical of these claims but let's look at them"? But they wouldn't do that--it didn't fit their paradigm. So vitamin E was totally destroyed by the establishment. Think of the cost of those decisions."--Linus Pauling Interview by Peter Chowka 1996

    Mila Put the CHI Back into CHIA!
    A Whole.  Raw.  Food.   Excellent for a quick, nutritious meal or a snack, for emergency preparedness

    Mila, by Lifemax, is a superior form of the Chia seed, in that great care has been take to make it highly nutritious, it is extremely assimilable and has a long, natural shelf life.   Mila was introduced to us by TCM and Tong Ren practitioner Nicola Lomangino.

       Angi Venning, an awesome Body Mind practitioner, shares Mila feedback:

    "As I treat my clients mental/emotional challenges in a holistic manner  I couple an  orthomolecular /dietary approach with other clearing techniques. For months now I have been recommending 'Mila'  and I'd like to share a couple of responses I've received:

    "This client is celiac; and gets panic attacks - "Just wanted to say that now I don't worry about food for the day when I leave the house as all I need is Mila and a banana or apple -- it's really freed up my time in the morning - I know I'm getting great nutrition and I don't get hungry.

    "This woman suffers from extreme negativity and stress: -'Hi Angi, just thought I'd let you know that I'm noticing a big improvement in bowel activity since starting the Mila.  Went to their website, saw the video and testimonials and am very glad to have been introduced to it.  Thanks!' "

    For more information on Mila, please contact Angi or Marilyn and do check out:   |   |

    Candida Spit Test
    Here is a home Candida yeast test, one you can do in the morning.

    When you awake in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth,  . . . .

    Sin, Nonsense, Vaccines, Results, Fear is a Tool, The True Goal

        I have sinned.
        Many of you, once you read this, will agree you have as well.
        Thinking about, and writing this issue, something big was bothering me, that I'd missed a crucial point.
        Do you remember when we learned the true meaning of "sin"?  It does not mean to do evil.  It means:  "to err",  "to miss the mark".

        This morning, the morning of Yom Kippur, the time of repentance, the final day of these High Holy Days, the day where we focus on the most difficult person to forgive:  ourselves, and my fourth day of the Master Cleanse, a morning where I woke up clear minded.   I realized the erroneous path I/we have been taking.

         Many of us realize insidious intent behind the development of this so called flu and the vaccination propaganda.  So we have been finding information from sources we trust, such as:  Len Horowitz, Jane Burgermeister, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,  Guylaine Lanctôt, Joseph Mercola, Jon Barron, Mike Adams and numerous others, read their research and findings.  We find out about the toxic contents of the vaccines, the plans by the Rockefeller Institute and their cabal to microchip and cull the population, one more dastardly than the next.   We read them, watch the videos, say Oh My God!  And pass it along to our friends.  As many as possible.   I do not doubt the truth of each of the reports that have been disseminated.

         In our being, in our cells, we know this information. Why do we send this information around?  Probably because we think we have something new to report and hope to help inform those we care about.  The intent is definitely a caring one.

         During the campaign for the US 2004 Presidential election, someone commented:  "George Bush George Bush George Bush.  Everyone talks about George Bush and how bad he is.  You keep talking about him.  You know what you are going to get?   George Bush!"   You know what we got.

    Right now there seem to be two primary camps in the Swine Flu Box:

    1:  The mainstream folks who believe that Swine Flu is going to be a pandemic, believe in the vaccinations and get vaccinated to prevent it.  Media is part of this camp.
    2:  The holistic folks, like us, who know that the alleged disease is contrived and the vaccine is harmful.

    What they have in common is:   Instilling Fear.

    What we are doing, by sharing the focus of the devils of this situation, is to increase the fear thought form.

    Energy goes where your attention flows.

    I endeavor to not focus on it but I also get caught in the tide.

    September 22 we had a "Maharishi Effect" evening where several of us gathered to determine a person, project or group on which to concentrate beneficial thoughts.  It was a good evening.   Having the thoughts on this flu thing is directly opposite to the kind of thoughts and actions where one creates a Maharishi Effect.

    Our wiser members and my wise friends don't talk about this situation much and they definitely don't send around alarming emails.   They don't talk much, they definitely don't chatter.   Like Candide (Voltaire), they cultivate their own gardens (Il faut cultiver notre jardin).

    If you are riding a horse, the horse will go in the direction that you point his head.  I want to change direction.  I got caught up in the herd and, unaware,  me and my horse got swept up in their stampede.  I caught my breath, am looking around and don't want to ride with this herd any longer.  I don't want to go it alone, though. Can anyone suggest a different path and can we ride together?  Maybe several of us?

    How can I remain educated, informed and aware, and share this with others without becoming part of their fear game? How can we? And so it goes.

    *                *                *                *                *

    Gandhi:   It is up to each one of us to refuse to cooperate with anything that is abhorrent to us.  We are each a thread in a tapestry.   Enough threads will make or break the tapestry.   I realized this when Brian Mulrooney was PM.  I thought:  If Brian gave a party, and if I was 1 of 100 people invited, I would say no.  He might think:  okay, so what, big deal if Marilyn says no.  She's just one person."  But if 5 or 10 or more said no, because we don't like a certain policy, he'd pay attention.  Of course!  This is what Mahatma Gandhi taught!

       Gandhi (1869 – 1948) was the pioneer of satyagraha—resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience,  founded upon ahimsa or total non-violence, which led to India's independence.

    *                *                *                *                *

    If you want peace, prepare for war

     "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." From Roman military writer Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, 390 AD:   "Therefore, he who wishes peace, should prepare war; he who desires victory, should carefully train his soldiers; he who wants favorable results, should fight relying on skill, not on chance."

    Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues.  They wanted to be farmers.

    *                *                *                *                *

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.
    It is our  Duty as Citizens of Planet Earth to Oppose the Vaccine.

    Canadian Tax Refusers, with a group that named themselves International Humanity House, started by Daniel Lavigne around 2002, refuses to pay taxes.  They based their principles upon a section --- I am not sure if it is from the Geneva Convention?  or  The Nuremberg Treaty? -- which supersedes Canadian law -- whereby it is the DUTY of each citizen to not cooperate .... with any state, activity, etc., that promotes ... weapons of mass destruction.....  Weapons of mass destruction are:  Nuclear, bacteriological, or other weapon capable of causing widespread death.

    They do not pay tax  based on this because Canada supports nuclear warfare.  It is their duty to refuse to contribute monies that could further nuclear war.

    Canadian doctor Guylaine Lanctôt writes:  "Vaccination is a biological weapon at the service of biological warfare."

     This vaccine is a biological weapon of mass destruction.  Therefore it is our duty as a citizen of planet earth to do whatever we can in order to not cooperate with that agenda.

    *                *                *                *                *

    One who got vaccinated --- for the flu.

    Colette, one of my email buddies wrote last week:  "I willingly submitted to being vaccinated for flu last week.  I'm here to tell the story. I was the only one to go up to the table in a local supermarket where three kindly nurses awaited my arrival with needle held high, ready to pounce. There were no other sheep waiting in line to be abused by these ladies. But they didn't pounce until after I filled out some paperwork and was asked if I was allergic to eggs, latex, or thermisol.   After I was stuck they told me I should remain in the store for ten minutes, just in case they needed to call an ambulance when I fell to the floor with seizures and fever from the shock of having been vaccinated. I said no thank you, I promised them I'd return if I felt weird. I went on across the street and shopped for groceries without incident and forgot about the vaccination the rest of the day."

    She didn't get vaccinated for the Swine Flu. thank goodness.   I did.   In 1976?  1977?  The personnel at the station where I got vaccinated in 1976 was so happy that I was there because it was the first time they had a chance to use their emergency equipment, when I went into mild shock, as they put it.

    *                *                *                *                *

    60 Minutes Documentary

    There is a 1979 -- 11 minute -- 60 Minutes video clip of Mike Wallace, talking about the 1976 Swine Flu shots.  He interviewed Judy Roberts, from the US South.  November 1976, she got her shot. Two weeks later, she says, she began to feel a numbness starting up her legs.   "And I joked about it at that time. I said I'll be numb to the knees by Friday if this keeps up. By the following week, I was totally paralyzed."

    WALLACE: So completely paralyzed, in fact, that they had to operate on her to enable her to breathe. And for six months, Judy Roberts was a quadriplegic. The diagnosis: A neurological disorder called "Guillain-Barre Syndrome" - GBS for short. These neurological diseases are little understood. They affect people in different ways.

    Wallace says, in this clip:
         "The Swine Flu Epidemic of 1976 inspired the vaccination of 40 Million people a little known fact was that those vaccinations caused devastating side effects to over 4000 victims."

         "That was the year the U.S. government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation, and Washington decided that every man, woman and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nation-wide outbreak, a pandemic."

         "Well 46 million of us obediently took the shot, and now 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot.   By far the greatest number of the claims - two thirds of them are for neurological damage, or even death, allegedly triggered by the flu shot."

         "... the U.S. government's publicity machine was cranked into action to urge all America to protect itself against the swine flu menace."

         " Where did this so called "deadly variety of flu", where did it first hit back in 1976? It began right here at Fort Dix in New Jersey in January of that year, ..."

         "Now, nearly everyone was to receive a shot in a public health facility where a doctor might not be present, therefore it was up to the CDC to come up with some kind of official consent form giving the public all the information it needed about the swine flu shot. This form stated that the swine flu vaccine had been tested. What it didn't say was that after those tests were completed, the scientists developed another vaccine and that it was the one given to most of the 46 million who took the shot. That vaccine was called "X-53a". Was X-53a ever field tested?"

         "As part of informing Americans about the swine flu threat, [the / Dr Sencer's] CDC also helped create the advertising to get the public to take the shot."

    You can find this clip, at numerous places online.  You can find the clip with the transcript at:  60MINUTES

         Where is a Mike Wallace today, when we need him?

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.
    Dr.Keith Scott Mumby talks about  "... a  similar swine flu vaccine in the United States in 1976 when:

        * More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
        * 500 cases of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) were detected.
        * The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
        * The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
        * The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.

    One senior British neurologist told him: ‘I would not have the swine flu jab because of the GBS risk.’

    *                *                *                *                *

    Our friend who died from the Vaccine

    Several of us had a very dear and valuable friend.  For those of us who attended Mary Hardy's summer conferences, we met Dr. Ted Dungan.  Ted lived in Michigan, 10 minutes from the Blue Water Bridge.   Ted was an amazingly gifted chiropractor.  That is, when he was well enough to work.

    Ted was in the US military in the 1970's.  He said his entire platoon (30 to 40 men) was vaccinated.  He was the only one who survived.  However, he did not escape unscathed.  Ted developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome.   When we met him, 20 something years later, he was still in pain much of the time and unable to move much of the time.   Ted died three years ago, under rather mysterious conditions.  Many of us knew him.  Not only did we lose a friend, but the world lost a seriously brilliant genius  health researcher and doctor.

    *                *                *                *                *

    British girl dies after getting cancer vaccine
    Toronto Star  September 29, 2009

    Natalie Morton died in a hospital 9/28/09, a few hours after being the given the Cervarix vaccine, which protects against two strains of the human papilloma virus that causes cervical cancer. She was vaccinated at her school in Coventry.

    She appeared to be healthy before being given the jab. Caron Grainger, director for public health, said an autopsy will be carried out to see if there is any link between her death and the vaccine. Health officials also said they had quarantined the batch of vaccine given at the school.

    The school principal, Julie Roberts, said a few other girls also reported being unwell after receiving the vaccine and some were sent home.

    "We fully expect to resume the program in the coming days," the health authority said in a statement.

    Morton's death comes as doctors begin to give children a vaccine against swine flu in a clinical trial. Doctors across England have begun administering one of two vaccines to 1,000 children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years. One of the vaccines is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and the other by Baxter. The trial aims to see which one is most effective on children.

    *                *                *                *                *

    From Natural News

    (1)  9/25/2009:    CBC News in Canada reports: "Four Canadian studies involved about 2,000 people, health officials told CBC News. Researchers found people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to get sick with the H1N1 virus."

    What this information reveals is further evidence that flu shots damage or weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to subsequent infections. Flu shots don't even work to reduce your risk of getting the flu that they're targeting! Most people who get the flu are the very same people who routinely receive flu shots.

    This will hold true with H1N1 swine flu as well: The people getting the swine flu virus will be primarily those who routinely receive flu vaccinations.

    Because: A flu shot trains your immune system to be lazy. It exposes your immune technology to an artificially weakened virus, resulting in a lazy adaptive response from your immune technology. In much the same way that your leg muscles atrophy if you stop walking, your immune system begins to weaken if you don't exercise it. And this leads to an increased risk of being unable to defend against future exposure to infectious disease, which is exactly what we're seeing with this Canadian study.

    Vaccines are the quackery of modern medicine. They not only don't work to protect people from the diseases they target; they also increase the risk of being infected with other diseases. And that doesn't even include the ways in which vaccine ingredients (adjuvants or preservatives) can cause permanent damage to your nervous system.   NATURALNEWS1

    (2)  9/26/2009:  Those currently dying from the swine flu in the United States tend to have two things in common:
         #1) Obesity
         #2) Severe vitamin D deficiency

    Both of these conditions are rampant in North America, and they both contribute to greatly increased risk of a fatality from the swine flu. The mechanisms are fairly straightforward: Obesity is an inflammatory condition that contributes to respiratory inflammation typically leading to a bacterial pneumonia that kills many victims. Vitamin D deficiency creates a physiological environment in which the virus can spread easily while inciting the "cytokine storm" response that leads to fatal respiratory infections.

    The upshot of all this is that few Ecuadorians are vitamin D deficient. And relatively few are overweight or obese. This makes the risk of a runaway swine flu pandemic extremely small in Ecuador. Other countries like Brazil and Peru have similarly low risk due to the enhanced health and outdoor lifestyles of their populations.  NATURALNEWS2

    *                *                *                *                *

    What is --- Really --- Going On?

    If you want to do something super sneaky and under handed and don't want people to know what you are up to, what do you do?  You create a decoy, yes?  You create a distraction to conceal from your target group what you are really doing.

            The Swine Flu, and the Vaccine are:   The Decoy.

    Oh sure, it is desire that all the nonsense around the vaccine take place.  But this is really a test.  They want to see what works and what does not work, to refine strategy for the next time around.

    When media gets stuck on something they don't let it go.  This vaccine/flu nonsense is constantly around.  What is missing?

    A very short while ago the western based economy experienced a disastrous economical situation.  Then, as if by magic, one day at the end of July? some time in August?  the head of the Bank of Canada declares "The Recession is Over."

    U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke made the call in mid-September: "The recession is very likely over at this point." Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney beat him by two months, stating in late July that economic growth would resume in Canada in the third quarter.  Source: Canadian Business magazine

    Media spin is that we are in a recovery, and things are and shall continue to improve.  Are you dizzy yet?

    This ain't so.  We've had a little burst of oxygen is all.  Like a boxing match:  jab jab jab, to weaken the other guy.  We've been jabbed.  In our pockets and now they want to jab us in the arm.  The economy is going down down down.  Watch out Autumn 2009?  Watch out October?  Watch out October 15?  For a couple of months media has been saying:  "Be afraid."   "The pandemic will start in earnest in the fall."  This serves the purpose of being fearful of this time.  Fearful people are more easily manipulated.

    CONCLUSION:   I have sinned again, having started off, knowing that if you focus on it, it grows.  So what I did was to bring attention back to the vaccine nonsense, even after having stated that if we keep spending time looking at it, that's what we'll get.  However hopefully, it did help to inform rather than scare.
              The main purpose of the vaccine trip is not -- not really, at this time -- to vaccinate, but to scare you and soften you up and prepare you.
              The real purpose of the vaccine hooey is to serve as a distraction from the machinations going on with the economy.  It does not matter if teenagers die from vaccines or not and they have to switch the program -- it has our attention.  Energy flows where attention goes.

    All of the detrimental situations in our world, like disease, come from a common source:  Low Consciousness.  If we can raise the consciousness of our community, our country, our planet, these situations will evaporate.

    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"  -- Mahatma Gandhi

    Have You Noticed This?
    Mineral Water, in Supermarkets:   I enjoy Mineral Water.  I might consume a liter bottle in 2 weeks. Within the past 6 months, it seems as if  most of the Mineral Water is off the shelves.  In its place:  Sparkling Spring Water.
          Several years ago, juice box content changed.  From:  Juice.  To:  Juice Drink

    Maps:  When I was in NYC this summer, I needed a map of Westchester County.  Staples, Borders, even the gas stations, had a lot fewer maps than they used to.  Why?  Not just the prevalence and increased use of Internet maps, such as Google, but also GPS systems.   Less use of maps, less people buying maps, fewer maps for sale.

    Of Wind and Potatoes and Turkeys

    Check out the action regarding Wind Turbines in:    Prince Edward County and Bruce County.  Long Point Provincial Park  Port Stanley,  Lake Ontario Lake Erie,  Pigeon Bay, Lake Erie.  New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the Atlantic Ocean, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin,Prince Edward County, Formosa, Paisley, Tara and Durham, Shelburne, Port Maitland toward Nanticoke, Six Nations, near Dunnville

    An Ill Wind Proposed for Prince Edward County, Bruce County and more

    The entire island of Prince Edward County is bucolic.  Its almost in another century.  And the government wants to install wind turbines there, over the protests of many of the residents.

    While the concept itself, like antibiotics, is intriguing due to the potential benefits of seemingly free energy, the definite cost to living beings and the possible cost to environmental patterns is pretty high.

    It is not beneficial for humans.  Or animals.

    Trillium Power Energy Corp. would erect 140 turbines along a shallow stretch of Lake Ontario, about 15 kilometers offshore from Prince Edward County.

    Dr. Magda Havas, in speaking to a group in Picton January 15, 2009 said:  The human body feels and reacts to sound waves that we cannot hear. These waves, in the low end of the sound spectrum (under 20 Hz), are well documented to cause nausea, joint pain, insomnia, depression, agitation, increased blood pressure and possible heart problems. It is also a major cause of Vibroacoustic Disease which can lead to vision problems, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, and circulatory difficulties.

     Nextera Energy is the company proposing a six-turbine wind farm near Formosa, Paisley, Tara and Durham, about 200 km NW of Toronto.. The newly appointed Green Energy Act takes the planning decisions of such developments out of the hands of Bruce County council. This means the people who live there have no say in the matter and it only gets worse.

    Apart from the fact that wind energy is impractical and unreliable, the cost of creating these wind farms is also outrageous (ie. service roads, police escorts, labour, new substations and transmission lines). High demand is also placing too much strain on the mills. As a result, they often malfunction. None of this compares though to the story of Barbara Ashbee-Lormand and her husband Dennis Lormand of Shelburne, Ontario.

    The couple lives in amongst the wind mill farm outside of Shelburne. The closest windmill to their property is 457 meters behind their house. This was to be their retirement home until the minister of environment gave the okay to put up a number of mills. Here is some of Barbara's letter to the minister of environment:

    "Come to my house Mr. Gerretson, stay here for at least a week, so you may experience the full array of noise and vibration level we have to live with. The sound changes with wind speed, blade direction and atmosphere. Ranging from a low hum/vibration to a never ceasing jet flying overhead. To sounding like the house is being dumped into a running washing machine. Try to function with minimal sleep, so disturbed you work in a mental fog. Please don't tell me the solution is to move either. No one is going to buy this house now."

    Try telling Barbara Ashbee-Lormand that there is no proof of her allegations. Many  in the area know that cattle are herding animals. They are always together. Drive out to the wind mill farms and watch the cattle run amuck, completely exhausted and no where near one another. If cattle are being affected, so will the surrounding wildlife too.

    Health problems became so severe for Helen and Bill Fraser, who were residents in the same complex, that they sold the home they’d lived in for 30 years and moved to a nearby town.

    *                *                *                *                *

    Port Maitland toward Nanticoke,  Six Nations, near Dunnville
    Samsung looking to build wind farm on north shore of Ontario's Lake Erie

             Giant conglomerate Samsung is apparently pondering a wind farm comprising 200 turbines on the north shore of Lake Erie but the Ontario government would only confirm Sunday that talks with the Korean-based company are in advanced stages.
             The proposed wind farm would stretch about 25 kilometers from Port Maitland toward Nanticoke, an area considered to have excellent wind potential.
              Part of the plan calls for the erection of about 50 of the 200 turbines on sparsely populated forest and scrub lands belonging to Six Nations, near Dunnville, Ont., Chief Bill Montour said Sunday.
              The chief said Six Nations has a reputation in steel erection, a facility for steel fabrication, and could possibly do some of the electronics assembly and maintenance on the towers and turbines.
               Samsung would first put up six, 80-metre measuring towers to see whether a wind farm would be economically viable, he said. The plan was to put those up some time this fall.
    *                *                *                *                *
    880 Wind Turbines around the Great Lakes.  US States, too.
         Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., the country's largest independent developer of wind energy projects, said 9/28 it plans to erect enough wind turbines in Lake Erie to power two million homes.  That works out to about 880 offshore wind turbines scattered across the shallowest of the Great Lakes.
         The area Canadian Hydro has targeted starts about five kilometers off the shore of Long Point Provincial Park and stretches roughly 80 kilometers west to a spot that's 30 kilometers south of Port Stanley.
         Toronto Hydro is exploring development in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, while Leamington based South Point Wind wants to put up 15 wind turbines just off Pigeon Bay, Lake Erie.
         Both have faced community opposition because of how close their projects are to the shoreline.
         Trillium Power, a developer based in Toronto, was first out of the gates a few years ago with its plans to build about 1,500 megawatts of wind in Lake Ontario, a project that will be completed in two phases.  It has another 1,250 megawatts in early development elsewhere in the Great Lakes.
         Several U.S. states, such as New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, are pursuing offshore wind projects in the Atlantic Ocean.   Ohio, Michigan, New York State and Wisconsin, are laying the groundwork for development in the Great Lakes.

            As a result of the raid by armed government agents on Michael Schmidt's dairy farm 3 years ago, we are more aware of supply management, i.e., that farmers are required to purchase quotas in order to be permitted to sell their products.   Sounds loony, doesn't it?  Perhaps  it was a good system when it was initially conceived but now its a monster, threatening to further destroy both farming and our food supply.
    Turkey Board.  Supply Management.  Turkey Quotas.  This is  NUTS!
    Have you ever wondered why certified organic, locally grown turkey is hard to find in Ontario? And why it costs so much?  Here is an article explaining how supply management works -- the whole sordid shebang -- from Tarrah Young of Green Being Farm, Neustadt, Ontario -- who is simply trying to ... simply... raise and sell... Organic Turkeys.
    The Turkey Farmers of Ontario have created rules that make it impossible to raise certified organic turkeys in Ontario:
    Many people are unaware of the regulations surrounding the production of certain foods in Ontario, turkey being one of them.  In order to raise turkeys, one must purchase the rights to do so, in the form of 'quota'.  There are only so many units of quota available to be purchased.   You are also not allowed to purchase whatever amount you like.   You have to purchase at least 2,000 kgs of quota, which would cost about $14,000 and allow you to raise about 300 turkeys every year.   In doing so, you agree to follow the rules set out by the Turkey Farmers of Ontario (TFO).

    Well, this year, the TFO decided to rule that turkeys must be raised indoors (or at least virtually indoors: under a roof and surrounded by walls that cannot have spaces more than 0.25 cm2.)   However, organic farmers must allow their turkeys outdoor access in order to meet organic regulations. So, the TFO effectively made it impossible to raise certified organic turkey. This means that almost all organic turkey being sold in Ontario is being imported from other provinces. There is an exception to the rule: you are allowed to raise up to 50 turkeys without quota. However, the labour required to raise 50 turkeys is essentially the same as the labour required to raise 300. So, when you raise fewer birds, the cost of production goes up on a per/bird basis.

    Many people are staunch supporters of 'supply management', which is the term used to describe this system whereby production is controlled by the amount of quota available. This is done to guarantee relatively stable prices for farmers by controlling the amount of supply on the market. However, the Turkey Farmers of Ontario, and other boards controlling other supply managed commodities should not necessarily have the right to restrict farmers from raising their animals outdoors. Nor should there be a minimum amount of quota that one must buy. With chicken for example, in order to have quota you need to raise over 100,000 chickens a year....try doing that in a sustainable way!

    The cost of the minimum quota for chickens is about a million dollars by the way, hard for new farmers to come by. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this system in Ontario. While it may have some benefits, it does not facilitate the production of animals in an ecological manner, nor does it make it feasible for a new farmer to enter into these markets in a significant way. It severely limits the production of ecological, humanely raised turkey, chicken etc. This is why you can't go into the supermarket and buy an organic, locally grown turkey.

    No Small Potatoes for Manitoba Farmer ,,,This is NUTS!
    Some local potato farmers have been told to stop selling their products because they're apparently selling them -- illegally??

    Peak of the Market is a non-profit board in Manitoba consisting of local farmers and apparently it controls the way potatoes are sold!

    Trevor Schriemer has been growing potatoes for 10 years but on August 20 he received a letter from Peak of the Market which said he was disobeying Manitoba law when marketing his potatoes.  He did not obtain their approval to whom he sold his potatoes.   Three other producers in Manitoba received letters similar to the one sent to Schriemer.

    He thought he was okay if he didn't market more than a maximum of four acres of potatoes, but Peak of the Market said the farmer misunderstood the law.

    Peak of the Market President Larry McIntosh says potato growers have to hold a license to sell their products, and the board is set up to promote good quality Manitoba products, similar to the Canadian Wheat Board.

    Schriemer consulted his lawyer who told him he could either inform Peak of the Market who he was selling to, or he could stop selling potatoes. He  decided to stop selling the potatoes and gave some to a local Hutterite colony. He threw out what he couldn't give away.

    Peak of the Market says Trevor Schriemer can become a licensed producer, but he says he won't bother.  Producers have to pay a levy to comply under Peak of the Market. Currently, 60 farmers are registered.

    Green Being Farms delivers Organic Turkey, Lamb, Chickens, Pork, and other products to Toronto, Guelph... Contact: 519 665 7305  Tarrah Young <>.

          Fortunately for you however, we produce top notch pastured turkeys, and we do have a few left for sale but they will go fast. So if you would like the focal point of your Thanksgiving dinner to reflect your values in local, humane, and ecological food, and be absolutely the best turkey you have ever had, may I suggest trying one of ours!   They are raised outdoors, on pasture, where not only do they dine on certified organic, locally grown grain, they have unlimited range of motion, lots bugs to chase and green grass to munch on. All of this is evident in their superior taste.

          At Green Being Farm all our animals are raised outdoors, with the highest regard for their needs and their impact on the environment. Our name, Green Being,  reflects this - we allow animals to BE the creatures they are meant to be, and so we raise them in a way that does not compromise their dignity, or that of the environment. We strive to give them a happy stress free life, feeding them only high quality certified organic feeds, and allowing them complete access to green forages. No preventative medications, hormones, additives or genetically modified organisms.

          Here's how it works: Turkeys cost $4.95/lb. We will be delivering to Guelph on Friday October  9th, and to downtown Toronto and Cambridge on Saturday October 10th. (exact time and location will be given when you order). Turkeys will be fresh and we will give you lots of great tips on how cook your bird so it really knocks the socks off your friends and family! And don't forget, pastured pork bundles are still available as well: that's a 20-25 lb bundle of mixed pork cuts from our heritage breed of Berkshire pigs.  For photos and videos of all our farm critters, go to:  GREENBEING


     WHAT YOU DO:  Note the Birth Days of your friends, below.
    Using  Mary Stinson's October 10th birthday as an example:
    As you are -- transitioning from the sleep state -- that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:

    "Today is  Mary's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Mary with the same. THANK YOU!  AMEN!"

    [ of course repeat this anytime during that day And really lock it in! ]
    Our thoughts are programs.  We can, and do, program and reprogram ourselves.

    DO:   Say, Repeat:   Intentions, Blessings, Affirmations For Yourself  For your families, friends and neighbors  For those who have passed over   With   OOMPH!  *  Determination!  *  Confidence!  *  Passion!  and of course:   100% Belief
    THANK YOU JOEY  KORN: For giving us the blessing, and much valuable guidance

    If you would like your Birthday added to our Birthday Brigade email:  -- and thank you for giving us the opportunity to exercise our intention muscles!

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    10                 Mary Stinson
    16                          Joyus
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    Truth?   or   Fiction?

    "A careful examination of what is happening behind the scenes reveals that all of these interests are working in concert with the masters of the Kremlin in order to create what some refer to as a "New World Order". Private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Dartmouth Conference, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the Atlantic Institute, and the Bilderberg Group serve to disseminate and to coordinate the plans for this so-called new world order in powerful business, financial, academic, and official circles."-- Jesse Helms  Source: speech to the Senate, 1987

    "The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency."  -- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin  (1870 - 1924), First Leader of the Soviet Union
    America's founding fathers put little faith in the stability of banks. Wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816: "I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." Andrew Jackson, who never concealed his distrust of powerful moneymen, told a group of them, "You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out."

    "The invisible Money Power is working to control and enslave mankind.  It financed Communism, Fascism, Marxism, Zionism and Socialism. All of these are directed to making the United States a member of  World Government." -- Source: AMERICAN MERCURY MAGAZINE, December 1957, pg. 92

    "The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always concealed by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the lower degrees of Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Freemasonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands.  "A Literary Society is the most proper form for the introduction of our Order into any state where we are yet strangers." - Adam Weishaupt  (1748-1830)  Professor of Natural and Canon Law at Germany's Ingolstadt University, founded The Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. He designed the very plan of world domination that is still in use today to enslave the world's masses. Source: quoted in John Robinson?s Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1795, reprinted by Western Islands, Boston, 1967, p. 112

    The Tuesday, October 13, 2009 meeting features:

    Paul Tobey
    "Business Skills for Holistic People"

    Toronto Dowsers October 13th, 2009 meeting
    Paul Tobey
    Business Skills for Holistic People

    Entrepreneur, Businessman, Teacher, Musician

         Transitioning from starving artist and jazz pianist to wealthy entrepreneur is far from your average story.  Multi-award winning jazz pianist, maverick filmmaker, internet marketing guru, author and professional speaker, Paul Tobey, makes it seem commonplace.  As a concert pianist, Paul has toured concert stages in 16 different countries headlining at festivals, theatres and embassies around the world.  He has numerous awards to his credit and has been hugely supported by the Canadian government, allowing him to build a significant catalogue of products including music, film and how to videos - all released to rave industry reviews. As a certified trainer and public speaker Paul has impacted thousands of people across North America, including blue chip corporations, music institutions, artists and entrepreneurs.

         "Being holistic and spiritual can sometimes keep you from "real-world" success.  Those of us who believe in a higher calling are often "above" money and yet, I've found through my own professional growth and spiritual pursuits, that life does not have to be that way.  It's not an either/or world, you can have both.  Becoming successful is simply a matter of how to merge your belief systems and real-world desires into one.  In fact, it's far easier for spiritual people to become successful in real world terms than it is for someone who has little or no spiritual beliefs.  In the time  that we'll have together I'll share some of those secrets with you and together we'll  learn how "easy" and "quick" the path to success can be.

       "This evening we shall also address some of the ways in which you can begin or improve your marketing, sales and presentation efforts and skills as well as mention some ways to improve your web presence.  Such as:
  • How to drive highly target traffic to your website
  • How to build a huge list of prospects with minimum effort
  • How to convert prospects into customers
  •         See you then, Paul Tobey "

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