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  The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, October 19,  2010
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Alan Reed
"The Ancient Science of Geomantics, Magnetism, Geology, Cymatics and the Divine Order"
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments after the presentation.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):  NEW PRICING!
        $10 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
        $15 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers

          $30 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $35 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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(monthly meeting) OCTOBER 19, 2010:Alan Reed
(monthly meeting) NOVEMBER 16, 2010:Geoffrey Morell
"Diagnosis Through Dowsing"
(workshop) NOVEMBER 20, 2010:Geoffrey Morell
"You Can Be A Healer"
(monthly meeting) FEBRUARY 8, 2011:Yannick Van Doorne
(monthly meeting +++) ~MAY 9 - 19, 2011: Dr. Robert J. Gilbert


TORONTO LIBRARY ITEMS:   Please return all library items so we can complete our inventory and reorganization. Most unfortunately, the library will not be available at meetings until this is done and more organized.  There are several hundred items we would like to get into the inventory, so your help in getting this valuable resource organized and catalogue is immensely appreciated.  Thank you.

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THEMES:   As we have seen previously, newsletters often develop themes as they write themselves.  This isue, like Cymatics, a theme began to take shape as it was developing itself.  No, not one this time, but TWO separate but naturally related linkages!
(1)   A Slice of Ancient Earth History, which ought to appeal to the Earth Mystery Magicians and Geomancers within each one of us:  Over 12,000 years ago Gobekli Tepe  -*-  Druidry    -*-   David Price Francis sharing ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan and Mayan practices  -*-   Alan Reed and his Druidic, etc., uncoveries.
(2)   Vibrations and Subtle Energies:    From moving the Cotton Ball with your mind to EMF vibrations to David Price Francis and his revelations of the Energy Worlds to a peek at Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater to Vibrational Energy clearing tools to EMP pulses (HUGEly Vibrational!) and their effect  and Joey Korn's energy imprinting, all of these, and more, increase our awareness as to what ARE the Energy Worlds, how do they work, how can we be in balance and harmony with them and how can we change things to better create balance and harmony -- within and with all vibrations, including thoughts and feelings,  which create our physicality.


     Toronto Dowsers Volunteers receive many benefits.  What are they?   You have to be one to find out.   People volunteer because they know it is the right thing to do, not in expectation of reward.   Then the benefits come, as needed.   Most of the volunteers have become my friends, so I have lucked out that way, too.
     Sometimes we have an annual party.  Sometimes, at a September meeting, volunteers receive gifts that recognize them and symbolize our appreciation.
     We could not do what we do this month after month for the past 10 years without a caring, dedicated, cooperative group of volunteers.

     At this September 2010 meeting, appreciative, grateful and WARM thoughts of them, thoughts filled with Joy, Kindness, Peace and Music!, because of who they are and what they share with us ---  soft and cuddly fleece Word on Word Comfort blankets, with words or phrases re-affirming their theme, 50" x 60", were handed out to each of our volunteers who was there that evening.

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

      Unfortunately for us, within the past 3 years we lost half our contingent due to relocation and family obligations.
      HELP.   PLEASE.
      So we need more.  For people to help out at meetings and also behind the scenes such as promotion, computer programming.  Please call or email.  People to help at the meeting with: Registration, Library, Sales Table, Food.
     Also needed:
      *  A very good programmer to work on a database project, someone in Toronto.
      *  Someone to help with promotion.  You do not need to live in Toronto -- in fact you don't even need to be in Canada!  However you do need to be a good Internaut.
      *  Someone willing to be the go between to help arrange rides, to and from meetings.  Web connected. You don't have to live in Toronto, but you do need to have a sense of the GTA, at least the major intersections and traffic flow.  You might get 10 requests/month.

Tools and Toys and Books and Such

SPEAKING ABOUT BOOKS ... and MORE  . . . (this part is continued from the article below)

Warned by Tesla   .... Walter Cronkite: "The Leonardo da Vinci of our time."

      One of the books everyone must read:  "The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of the Universe -- The Life Story of Walter Russell", by Glenn Clark.  Short yet captivating.  It describes a complicated man of complex science yet it is a clear, uncompliated and engrossing story for the reader.
      Walter Russell (1871–1963), a veritable genius, was an American polymath, with achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture,  philosophy, music, ice skating; as an illustrator,  business practices advisor, natural scientist, philosopher and author and had his unified theory in physics and cosmogony.  He had left formal schooling at the age of nine to help support his family.
        He presented theories on the "fundamental principles of energy dynamics," the nature of matter and the progression of the evolution of matter, and the depiction of the universe as a continuously changing, creating effort sustained by the systematic work effort of the energy of light.
        Russell portrayed the principles of universal law in a way which conflicted with many mainstream theorists including the principles of Isaac Newton.  His view of the periodic table of elements has not yet been accepted even today however it did bring him to the prediction of the existence of plutonium and the two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, known in theory but as yet undiscovered in nature, (as well as elements which are still undiscovered in nature).
        All knowledge exists as Cause.  It is limited to Light of Mind and the electric wave of motion which records God's thinking in matter."  Nikola Tesla advised Dr. Russell to lock all the new knowledge in the Smithsonian for one thousand years or so, or until man is ready for it.
        Walter Russell -- Knew and used universal law, tapped the secrets of the universe, discussed the nature of developing the genius inherent within, and revealed his personal "Five Laws of Success" and was an inspiration to others.
Dowsing Tools -- Pendulums, L Rods:  These tools have been especially chosen for their sensitivity.
       PENDULUMS:   2 of the 3 best pendulums, and ones that we previously offered, seem to be Joe Smith's Dancing Pendulum and the Maurey Pendulum.  Due to Joe's long illness and subsequent death, the former have been in short supply.   The Maurey Pendulum, for quite some time, has been out of production.  Once again they are in production and for sale.  We were supposed to have some available for the September meeting but the order did not come in.  Hopefully we'll have some for October.
       LRODS:  We usually have the brass 12" L Rods with a swivel sleeve.  And, we can expect to have the super sensitive portable "Bob Slack" rods with an extra 'antenna' and a Pouch.

    Due to the high interest expressed, and the favorable feedback regarding the efficacy of the SafeSpace Environmental Tools which Dr. Robert J. Gilbert presented to us May 2009 and May 2010, and because several people said they would like to obtain them, we have decided to carry some of them.

    A very light explanation as to how they work is stated below, followed by brief descriptions of the items we would like to carry on a regular basis.

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

On Display at our September 21 meeting:
(1)  The Cotton Ball in a Jar - $100 Reward

       When our esteemed and beloved Walter Huszczo was with us, because of Walter's consuming interest in mental abilities, I brought out the Cotton Ball in a Jar.

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

(2)  EMF  Shielding  Screen

        As a result of Barrie Trower's August 24 talk on WiFi, EMFs, Microwaves, etc., here in Toronto and the material that he suggested we use to create a screen of sorts which would repel microwave emanations, I went to Home Depot, bought the item and made a sample screen.   This measured 8 1/2" x 11".   It was displayed on the table, vertically with the instructions that if you have a cell phone, turn it on, dowse the emanations.   Then place your cell phone behind the screen dowse the emanations again.
        Two people did this and said that the screen works.  However, I was told this.  More testers and input is required.

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.


Toronto Dowsers meeting:  October  19, 2010
"The Ancient Science of Geomantics, Magnetism, Geology, Cymatics and the Divine Order"
"Be the Core - The Liquid Centre to the Planet and the Grand Cauldron of Creation."

Alan Reed speaks of the planet, what is in it, on it and above it,  the purpose and functions of the mineral world and their energy, remineralizing the soil, enhancing the energetics of and through the proper placement of rocks,  Life is energy, Energy comes from the sun,  Alan speaks to us in a stream of consciousness fashion.  His connection with how the earth breathes and lives and his thorough knowledge of the work of Carey Reams also give him a good understanding as to how the body works, especially with regard to minerals.  Listening to Alan is always an educationally enlightening and entertaining fortunate experience.  You are in the presence of a true master.  Alan Reed consults on clearing, balancing and building up the energy on your property, has products for remineralizing the soil, has additives for paints to render them non toxic.

Toronto Dowsers meeting:   November 16
"Diagnosis Through Dowsing"
Geoffrey Morell is a member of the New Zealand Charter of Practitioners and the author of The Healer: The Clendinning Technique. He is also one of the founders of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which provides practical advice on nutrition and cooking and  serves on its Board of Directors..   A rich lifetime of experiences, travel, living and healing, Geoffrey has amassed oodles of healing hints from many cultures, which he shares freely.
Our November 2010 speaker, 84-year-young Geoffrey Morell is not only an accomplished energy healer,  he is also an expert dowser.

A practicing naturopath, Mr. Morell has specialized in the field commonly called magnetic, intuitive, spiritual or psychic healing.

As a medical intuitive and spiritual healer he developed a technique to cleanse the aura of negativity and pinpoint the region of disharmony in the physical body.   He works to balance the entire human system and then  calls on one's connection to the great healing energy of the universe to set the patient on the way to good health.

Clients can feel like they are walking on air afterwards.   He can work at a distance with a photo and birth date. Healing can take place as long as subject is receptive, not persuaded.

Geoffrey says with assurance that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and others. He’d love to see more and more people developing their natural skills in energy healing. In order to be a healer you will have to abolish three things according to Geoffrey:  Ego, Jealousy,  Hatred.

He also would love to see all children entering school taught the following qualities: responsibility, reliability, respect, restitution and recreation. And by recreation he doesn’t mean sitting by a play station or computer playing games. He means healthy outdoor pursuits in contact with other people.

With continued government pressure on herbs, vitamins and non-toxic healing modalities, it behooves everyone concerned about health to learn the techniques of energy healing, as this may be the only modality available in the future. Fortunately, everyone has the capacity to be a healer.

*            *            *            *            *

Consultations, Workshop with:  GEOFFREY  MORELL
November 18-19,  November 20
"You Can Be A Healer"

INDIVIDUAL  CONSULTATIONS:   Following the presentation,  Geoffrey will be available for individual consultations:   November 18 and 19.    If you would like to make an appointment with Geoffrey for this, please contact Marilyn.  Location:  Bathurst / Lawrence area.

WORKSHOP:   The workshop "You Can Be A Healer" shall take place Saturday, November 20,  in the Bathurst/Lawrence area so we can learn and practice these techniques in greater depth.

Using the Clendinning Technique, it is possible to cleanse the aura of negativity and pinpoint the region of disharmony in the physical body.   This serves to balance the entire human system and calls on one's connection to the great healing energy of the universe to set the individual on the way to good health.

A massage table is needed for every 2 people.  If you have a table, please bring one.  You can use a  table at the location, AT YOUR OWN RISK.  It is suggested you bring padding for the table such as blankets.

Saturday, November 20, 2010
10 am - 6 pm
Barbara Frum Library, 2nd Floor
20 Covington Avenue (1 street North of Lawrence, slightly west of Bathurst)
Toronto Dowsers members, before November 20:   $100
Toronto Dowers members, at the door:  $125
Non members:  $140
Pre Registration:  through Marilyn
When you see people walking out of a classroom with a look of awed reverence on their faces, you know they have just come from a presentation by Geoffrey Morell, or perhaps have had a session with him.  Originally from New Zealand, a naturopath and a well respected, cared about and renowned Dowser, Geoffrey has specialized in the areas working with magnetic, intuitive, spiritual or psychic healing. He has developed the “Clendinning Technique” which is what he shall be teaching.  You may have seen Geoffrey at conferences in the Toronto area.  He always has a long waiting list of people eager to have a session with him.


        For the last 10 Decembers, we have had the Toronto Dowsers December Networking Social.  Are we having a social this year?  Perhaps.  Maybe, maybe not. A Humongous!Colossal!Gargantuan!Prodigious!!!   amount of time and extraordinary and beautiful energy, and material outlays as well, thought, displays, caring and more,  by the exhibitors, volunteers and by Marilyn  is required to bring these events to fruition.
       The December 2009 event was more gorgeous and buzzing than usual.  Fabulous displays, food, ambiance.   And what happened.  The weather report predicted snow.  Yes, we did have some snow.  It started about 11:00 p.m. and it might have totaled one complete inch.
        The prospect of SNOW!  in Canada no less!  in December!  struck fear in the hearts of our members resulting in a not poor, but not so wonderful attendance.

        2010 is really --- up to you.
        If you have a suggestion, please contact me.  A Hanukkah party, maybe?  nu?  Thank you.

FEBRUARY 8, 2011
Yannick Van Doorne,   Magnetoculture
 electrocultureandmagnetoculture.com  |  musicforyourplants.com/

UPCOMING,  OF  INTEREST:  by Toronto Dowsers members

Tong Ren East

Nicola Lomangino, TCM, one of Canada's 2 Tong Ren teachers (the other one is in BC), shall be teaching a Tong Ren class October 23 & 24.   The lower photo  shows some very happy Toronto Dowsers at an acupuncture workshop at Nick's a few years ago.

    Instead of putting acupuncture needles in a body (human or animal), one taps on an acupuncture model doll with a special hammer on acupuncture or other points.  Yes, you can, and do, learn this in a weekend seminar.  And yes, the results are very similar to those of acupuncture.

     Tong Ren has become much more powerful than even when we learned it a few years ago because of the growing number of practitioners, creating an even larger collective unconscious containing and  broadcasting the healing energies.
     What is taking place is -- Stuck, blocked energies, a major cause of illness and imbalance, become unstuck.  The energy flows.  Nourishment and oxygen get to where they need to go.  Healing and relief from pain occur.

    The Dana Farber Cancer Center in Massachusetts has reported quite credible results with this marvelous form of healing.

    Tong Ren was started by Tom Tam, who currently resides in the Boston area.  Try it!  You WILL like it!

Tong Ren West: Vancouver

Rick Kuethe, from the Boston area and one of THE best Tong Ren practitioners is coming to Nanaimo, BC to present 2 workshops on the weekend of Sat Nov 6 and Sun Nov 7, 2010.

Workshop #1 - Basics & Beyond: Anatomy for Tong Ren Healing - Sat Nov 6th: 10am-5:30pm
Workshop #2 - Tong Ren for Cancer - Sun Nov 7th: 10am-5:30pm

Tong Ren “Guinea Pig” Healing Session For all Cancers/Serious Health Conditions - open to the General Public - Sun Nov 7th from 4:30pm-5:30pm
     Would you like to experience a Tong Ren Healing Session?
    Do you have Cancer or any other chronic or debilitating health condition?
    Everyone is welcome to attend - come sit in the room while the treatments for selected attendees are taking place - everyone gets the benefit of Tong Ren Healing just by being present!
    If you know someone with a serious diagnosis - please encourage them to attend.
    Session is free or by donation.  Seating is very limited – so please confirm in advance.

To register or get more information for the workshops or to confirm your seating for the Tong Ren GP Healing class,  contact Pat McLeod at 250-756-4721 or email p89_mcleod@hotmail.com

*            *            *            *            *

Larry Dossey, MD and Christine Page, MD are keynote speakers
Toronto Dowsers members can receive a $50 Discount to this excellent event
See  Brochure  included with Newsletter mailing.
*            *            *            *            *
UPCOMING,  OF  INTEREST: in the Neighborhood
Love to Chant?
To all lovers of chanting and those who are curious, here are the dates for THE JOY OF CHANTING - Divine Nourishment for the Heart & Soul:
FRIDAYS, 6:30-8pm, $10:   October 8,  * November 12, * December 10
You are invited to stay afterward for tea and socializing.
Bring a healthy snack to share with the group.
Please RSVP by calling 416-469-2033.  or go to: http://lynn.sites.toronto.com/
Location:  Right near the Big Carrot
    The evening consists mainly of call-and-response chants, mostly in Sanskrit, occasionally in English, interspersed with some quiet meditative interludes, spiritual readings, and spontaneous sharing related to the content of the readings.
    No previous experience is needed. This is a spiritual practice, not a performance.  The benefits are many including entering into a heightened expression of joy, peace, relaxation, heart-opening, and a feeling of deep connection with others.
    The chants will be led by Shakuntala Lynn, playing the harmonium.  You are invited to join in with rhythm instruments provided on site, or to bring your own instrument(s).  Joining in in this way is optional.

November 22, 2010:  Toronto:    The Book Launch for :

"Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family", by Dr. Devra Davis. The much-anticipated, explosive expose of how cell phone use damages brain cells, especially in children, by one of the world's foremost scientific experts in the field. ...  The relationship between  length of use of cell phones and risks of brain cancers.  (The cell phone industry pulled strings to try to keep independent scientists from being published.)


Dr. Devra Davis presents an array of recent and long suppressed research in this timely bombshell. Cell phone radiation is a national emergency. Stunningly, the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain's defenses, and reduce sperm count while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer. The growing brains of children make them especially vulnerable. And half of the world's four billion cell phone used by people under twenty

Davis, the founding director of the toxicology and environmental studies board at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, takes readers through the dark side of this trillion-dollar industry. She pulls back the curtain on the potential dangers, reveals the industry’s efforts to suppress research, and outlines what cell phone users can do now to protect themselves and their families.  Health experts have long been frozen out of policy-making decisions about cell phones; federal regulatory standards are set by the cell phone industry itself. Cell phone manufacturers have borrowed the playbook of the tobacco industry. One secret memo reveals their war plan against reports of cell phone dangers.

We can make safer cell phones now. Why would we put our children at risk of a devastating epidemic of brain illness in the years to come?

Dr. Davis holds a B.S. in physiological psychology and a M.A. in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, 1967. She completed a Ph.D. in science studies at the University of Chicago as a Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1972  and a M.P.H. in epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University as a Senior National Cancer Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1982.  She has also authored more than 190 publications in books and journals ranging from the Lancet and Journal of the American Medical Association to Scientific American and the New York Times and blogs in Freakonomics for the New York Times, Huffington Post and elsewhere.  Dr. Davis is currently a visiting lecturer at Georgetown, Harvard, and other universities, and was Founding Director, Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and Professor of Epidemiology at the Graduate School of Public Health (2004-2009).  The Secret History of the War on Cancer  was a top pick by Newsweek, is forming the basis for national cancer policy revisions by the South African Cancer Society, and is being used at major schools of public health, including Harvard, Emory, and Tulane University.   Dr. Davis also was the founding director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences and Scholar in Residence, 1983-1993.   President Clinton appointed the Honorable Dr. Davis to the newly established Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, (1994-99) an independent executive branch agency that investigates, prevents, and mitigates chemical accidents. As the former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services, she has counseled leading officials in the United States, United Nations, European Environment Agency, Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization, and World Bank and served as a member of the Board of Scientific Counselors of the U.S. National Toxicology Program, 1983-86.  She also served as a Lead Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—the group awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with the Honorable Al Gore.   Honored for her research and public policy work by various national and international groups, she has been a Fellow of both the American Colleges of Toxicology and of Epidemiology.  She was honored by the Betty Ford Comprehensive Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society with the Breast Cancer Awareness Award, commended by the Director of the National Cancer Institute for Outstanding Service, and appointed a Global Environmental advisor to Newsweek Magazine.   The recipient of a Women's Leadership Exchange Compass Award, presented by OPEN:  The Small Business Network from American Express, for breaking the paradigms of how women are perceived, Dr. Davis received the first Lisa Zhang Environmental Award from the United Nations in July 2008.  In June 2009, Dr. Davis was honored with the Artemis Award presented by the Euro-American Women's Council and the Greek Foreign Ministry in recognition of her outstanding contributions to science and public health policy.  She occasionally discusses avoidable environmental health hazards  on national and local programming with NPR, Fox News, CNN, ABC, PBS, BBC.

Alan Reed,   A Natural Treasure, Our October 19, 2010 Speaker

The following article are some of the notes from Alan Reed's previous presentation to the Toronto Dowsers, November 13, 2001 included here to give you an idea of a smidgen of his body of knowledge.  He certainly has added to it since that time. Alan could probably speak for over a hundred hours - 200? 300? or more, each nugget different than any other.  Alan Reed should be -- is -- a national, rather, a natural -- Treasure.  Sometimes it seems as if he is a reincarnation of Pan.

We are honored to have as our October 2010 guest speaker, an authentic steward of the land, Canada's Best Kept Secret, "The Dalai Lama of the Rock and Mineral World --- Geomancer, Druid, Alan Reed!  Alan, who totally understands the purpose and functions of the mineral world and their energy, spiritually and physically, and knows how to remineralize the soil and enhance the energetics of and through the proper placement of rocks, is a man who is here before his time.  Wouldn't you love to pick the brain of, say, Albert Einstein in 1890 or so?  That's how lucky we are to have "our" Al(an).   I hope we nurture and properly utilize this treasure in our midst.

    Alan Reed is synonymous with Geomantics. Geomantics is the applied science of Geomancy (study of earth energies) combined with Ecomancy (the study of ecology).  Geomantics is a unified code of science based on geometry within the mineral kingdom and ecological observation. Geomantics includes a method of balancing an area's subtle natural energy by attuning to Earth's natural patterns of psychic & geological contours.]

"Alan Reed knows more about rocks than probably anyone else on the planet",  Gary Skillen told us in 2001.   Alan discourses about rocks and stones and their essential importance to us for our planet our human lives and as dowsers.   Alan does make you believe, he makes you feel  that the rocks are alive and evolving and we have evolved from the rocks and so our bodies yearn to hear the earth.

  • -  When you plant stones on certain locations on the earth (as Alan has done on his property and on the properties he consults for),  this increases the energy field, as in Stonehenge, where the chi has been built up, creating an energy wave called congruence.
  • -  Trees are indicative of our energies.  On his land, because of what he has done, the trees stay greener longer which means they eats pollution for a longer time, adds to the biomass of the planet, more energy is made, more energy is returned.  The biomass holds the planet together.  We have disrupted this flow.   We can change this.
  • -  Rocks sweat at night, they build up natural condensation.  Rocks properly placed on land will help relieve drought stress.
  • - Our circadian rhythms are off because of the heavy use of salts.  They increase vibration.
  • - We send and receive energy from the heavens.  The sun is magnetic.  Alan has builds cairns where target waves create energy waves both vertically and horizontally.
  • - The chemicals we have added to the earth have shortened the biological clocks of men and women.   We have cut ourselves off from the pulse of the earth, damaged our fertility.
  • - While our vibrations increase, we are losing the magnetism which holds us in this space.  This leads to an increase in  neuroses.
  • Alan learned dowsing as a child from Campbell Lyon, a British Secret Service officer who found German subs through dowsing.  He was  involved in geology from a prospecting viewpoint for 20 years which gave him a greater awareness of the mineral kingdom and he sees that these natural phenomena are now being used in technology.

    An experienced and respected Geomancer, Alan balances earth energies (Earth Acupuncture) and he also knows minerals so he has minerals available that re-mineralize the soil.  He gets them from all over the planet.  He has balanced the home of the Bronfman's in Montreal, the Schads, the Molson's family summer home, doctors clinics, etc.  He has a paint additive that is sold through Northern Lights and is currently in demand by hi tech companies who are beginning to understand the importance of  energetically beneficial working environments.

    To balance the harmonics, Alan uses dowsing to determine areas of disturbance and then to pinpoint areas for placement.  The transducers and condensers that he uses are made of smart materials where they insulate, store and transmit the proper energies.

    Alan helps people remineralize their soil, through rocks, minerals, mineral "dusts" that he has put together, obtaining these substances from all over the planet. What they do is they activate the microorganisms and bacteria in the soil.  This is who --- want you want to feed --- the invisible workers that we talked about previously.  The most important components of our lives are the invisible ones.

    To balance earth energies, Alan has developed a mix of crystals that act as condensers and transducers. When these are properly placed on the land, the energy no longer shoots out --- rather, it remains within the earth and energizes the earth.  This is what the ancients knew. They knew where to stick pieces of crystals to energize areas of the earth.

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    Druidry:  Now a Recognized Religion.  (October 2, 2010)
            In the UK, the pagan practice of Druidry has been recognized as being a religion by the Charities Commission.  Applied for by the Druid Network, they now receive charitable status and valuable tax breaks.   The decision to allow this stated that the organization's work in promoting Druidry was to the public benefit.
            The Druid Network describes its practice as building a "harmonious relationship with deities, ancestors, spirits of the land, animals, trees, rocks, rivers and humanity, both through ritual activity and through everyday actions."
            The original Druids were the priestly caste of the pre-Christian tribes of Britain, Ireland and Gaul (modern France).
            The Charities Commission has decided that Druidry represents a coherent set of religious practices after a four-year inquiry.

        The Druid Network says the recognition came after a "long hard struggle" and thanks its followers for their support towards making it happen.
        Druids at Stonehenge Druidry is flourishing more now than at any time since the arrival of Christianity to Britain
        Druidry is to become the first pagan practice to be given official recognition as a religion.
        The Charity Commission has accepted that druids' worship of natural spirits could be seen as religious activity.
         After a four-year inquiry, the Charity Commission decided that druidry offered coherent practices for the worship of a supreme being, and provided a beneficial moral framework. The commission says the network's work in promoting druidry as a religion is in the public interest.
        The move comes thousands of years after the first druids worshipped in Britain.
        Druidry was one the first known spiritual practices in Britain, and druids existed in Celtic societies elsewhere in Europe as well.
        Phil Ryder, chairman of the trustees of the Druid Network told the BBC: "It's nice to have that official recognition. We applied because we were legally obliged to do so. It makes administrative tasks a lot easier for the organization."

           BBC religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott says that with concern for the environment growing and the influence of mainstream faiths waning, druidry is flourishing more now than at any time since the arrival of Christianity.
          Druidry's followers are not restricted to one god or creator, but worship the spirit they believe inhabits the earth and forces of nature such as thunder.
          Druids also worship the spirits of places, such as mountains and rivers, with rituals focused particularly on the turning of the seasons.
         The decision will also mean that druidry will have the status of a genuine faith.
         Senior druid King Arthur Pendragon Battle Chieftain of the Council of British Druid Orders, told the BBC News website the organization had had to "jump through hoops" to meet the commission's requirements.

    ("Spaceman", Gary Bell, stated on his 640 AM radio show October 2:  "The Druids are the ones who are really running this world.  The Sun Worshippers.")

    Toronto Dowsers:   Apprentice Druids
          October 2004 and September 2006, our monthly meeting speaker was Ivan McBeth, an honest to goodness real live Druid.   One of Ivan's specialties is, the building of Stone Circles, especially by hand, i.e., machines are not used to move the stones, they are moved by hand.
          July 2005, Jan and Pete Coles engaged Ivan, a crew of Toronto Dowsers and assorted family members -- kids too!!   And we all happily, albeit very hotly, built a Stone Circle --- The Moon Maiden Stone Circle -- on their property north of Acton.
          Whilst the work was being done, it was one of the hottest summers, and the hottest time of the summer.
           Ivan declared each participant to be an apprentice Druid in The Megalithic Order of Druids (MODs). You can read the article at: dowsers.info/toronto/stoncirc.htm

    Earlier Than Stonehenge:   Gobekli Tepe
         12,000-year-old circles of limestone columns weighing from 7 to 15 tons or more  40 standing T-shaped columns  -- older than Egypt, Sumeria and Stonehenge, have so far been uncovered in four circles 98 feet (30 meters) in diameter in Turkey, near the Syrian border.   To date, no metal tools have been found since meticulous digging and dating began in 1994.   Only 5% of the temple complex in repeating circles has been uncovered.
         Ground-penetrating radar surveys indicate there might be at least 250 more standing stones in eighteen still-buried circles. Finely honed reliefs and some 3-dimensional sculptures on the limestone columns depict boars, foxes, lions, birds, snakes, scorpions, vultures, reptiles, humans and other odd figures and symbols.
         Adding to the mystery of who built Gobekli Tepe? And why? is the revelation that 10,800 years ago, the entire Gobekli site was buried. How long would that have taken? Did the makers have knowledge of impending danger? The effort needed to erect the many large stone circles 12,000 years ago and then fifteen hundred years later have the entire temple site buried is incomprehensible, from our P.O.V., of course.

        "... this architecture, uses sacred geometry.   Its frozen music.  That which does not utilize the Sacred geometry, its like the difference between a symphony and gangsta rap." - John Anthony West

    The Mentality
          When people go to religious services, ALL! religious services,  week after week, they are told the same things, week after week, year after year, century after century.
         The message is consistent.  It's pretty much:
            Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
          Love yourself.
          Forgiveness, Patience, Tolerance, Compassion, Surrender, Giving, Gratitude, Acceptance, Trust.

    That's it.  18 words.  18 is a magic number.  Chai.  Composed of Hebrew alphabet symbols Chet and Yod.  It means "living".  The Chai symbol is often worn by Jews as a medallion around the neck.   It's related to: l'Chaim!  To Life!   Chai is pronounced the way it is spelled BUT!  The "CH" sound is not like "ch" as in "church" but has a somewhat guttural back of throat sound, as if you were going to... um...  Expectorate.

           In the Gematria, which is somewhat like the Jewish sacred geometry, or numerology, the letters of Chai add up to 18.   For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism, and many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result, which is called "giving chai".
          Its those 18 words that billions of people have been hearing over and over again for thousands of years.

         And we still have not yet gotten it right.   Why is this repeated, beyond Ad nauseam?  Because, again  –  we still have not -- yet -– gotten it right.   We hear it, we agree, 5 minutes later we forget all about it.   Why?  I do not know.   This was one of the questions I had written down for David Price Francis, but it did not feel as if it was the right time to ask him.

         But that is the message.  And that is our lesson.  For each one of us, individually, and, collectively.

    Islamization ... of America ... of Europe:  Payback
           I frequently receive emails from folks that are meant to scare, about the Islamization of Europe.  Of America.  This one:  downloads.cbn.com/cbnnewsplayer/cbnplayer.swf?aid=17933   was received last week, from "an energy healer"!!!  which depicts how Muslims, their prayers and culture, are taking over France and how the government allows them to do what the French Christians are not allowed to do.  And more.
           I read stories and see clips as to the growing birth rate and population of Muslims is taking over very traditional Christian strongholds, so that one building will soon be called "The Mosque of  Notre Dame".
           No, I am not supporting this movement and am not in favor of it and am not discounting the possibility that this could grow.   That is not the point I'm making here.

          I do not suppose that the Arawaks, as one example, the West Indian natives who Christopher Columbus encountered when he first landed in the Americas and described them as a "peaceful primitive people" were exactly thrilled when the Europeans took over and murdered all of them so they could take their land.   Murdered.  Killed.  Exterminated.  Genocide.
          I do not suppose the native Indian tribes, who lived in North, Central and South America relatively peaceably for a long time, were exactly thrilled when, after they welcomed them and helped them --- that the Europeans threw them off their own land, brought disease, drunkenness and death and broke every single treaty they had with them.  Again:  The United States government broke every single treaty made with the Indians.

         What's going on with the Muslims and the West?   The Crusades have never been settled, have not been "won" (if such a thing is possible) by either side.   They are still being fought.   Actually, it goes back much further.
         The descendants of Abraham are still fighting over their inheritance.  It is all, yes, ALL about the dispute over the  inheritance of Isaac vs. Ishmael.

    [There is one more confrontation, too, an earlier one, in our history, one which has never been reconciled.   This is the one from which all struggles between every human being stems from:  the one where Cain slew Abel.   That's the one every family, every sibling keeps replaying over and over again.]
       It is the SAME MENTALITY whereby
        The Europeans, with a sense of entitlement, forcibly took over the land of the Indians, lied, betrayed, and killed them.
        Then, with a sense of entitlement, they stole people from Africa, enslaved them and brought them to the Americas.
        Groups from different cultures would come to an area.  The new ones were always vilified by the more established ones.  Then they would become establish and would vilify and try to eject the next ones.  This happened with:  Irish, Italians, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexicans and so on.
        Now, its the Muslims.

        Do you imagine that it may be possible that this might be a little bit of payback, to those of European extraction -- who still carry the DNA and the group energy -- for what was done -- and not apologized for -- to the Indians and the Africans?

        It is not "just" that we need to:  Have a cessation of chemtrails, a cessation of water fluoridation, of mercury fillings, to stop the forced pasteurization of milk, the proliferation of WiFi and current harmful cell phone technology, "swine fly" vaccination, to stop factory farming, irradiation of herbs and raw almonds et al,  MSG, aspartame, shariya, female genital mutilation and a whole host of other insane and horrendous practices.
         ALL!   ALL of the preceding and everything like it they are all  performed by the same person, by the same people.  It's not one practice or two or three.  It is a MENTALITY.   It is that they --- many of the participants --- are --- often --- not aware of what they are doing.  It is the consciousness that needs raising.

    My Recent Horrifying Experience
              A few weeks ago I met with a close family member, someone I had not seen in about 4 months.  He is a good, kind, caring,  intelligent and educated individual, astute and successful within the business world.   He and his children donate generously to World Wildlife Fund.   Our conversation became focused on the stock market.  During this conversation, one of the pieces of information that he told me, in total innocence, just as if he were telling me about a good restaurant he went to, he told me he ... invests... in.  Monsanto.
             I was stunned.  "HOW COULD YOU?"  I shrieked!  "They are EVIL!"  "Nonsense", he replied, calmly, "It's just like Stem Cell Research."
             If an educated intelligent person in my family could believe this and behave this way, how can I... how can I...  I don't know what to do.

    PS:  Me & The Muslims: More than slightly ironic that from this nice little Jewish girl from Queens:
    (1) The most intense spiritual feelings I'd ever experienced in a religious building took place in a mosque.
    (2) The people who have treated me with the most kindness, as a group, if they knew my religion or not, were/are Muslims.  A fanatic from any belief is a neither balanced nor harmonious.  I'm not talking about fanatics.

    Fiction As Reality - II

           Because Dowsers are so perceptive, and,
           Because many of you commented on the January 2009 article "Fiction As Reality", and how it affected you, we continue to  observe the ways as to (what we call) Fiction is often a commentary on society and/or current events.   At that time it was the work of 2 well known excellent novelists and they synergy as to how their complementary novels came out at the same time, first: David Baldacci's mystery "The Whole Truth",  April 22, 2008, dealing with Perception Management, followed by the June 2008 mystery by Jeffrey Deaver "The Broken Window" where he deals with Data Mining.   2 practices  that everyone is, unfortunately, subjected to by advertising, marketing, media, industry and of course:  government.
          David Baldacci used to research CIA, etc., programs.   Now they come to him for advice.

          Since the sixth grade  I have been a prolific and constant reader of science fiction novels.   I suppose many of you are similar in this way and recognize that what used to be considered fiction is more like non fiction.
          In Science Fiction, it is absolutely fascinating as to how sci fi themes have changed and keep evolving.   This does NOT NOT NOT include vampires, etc., and fantasy --- which should NOT! be part of the genre!!
          Initially Sci Fi writers involved the aliens from another planet or star system who made war on earthlings and the earthlings defeated the aliens; the many light years it took to go between earth and wherever, as travel was in linear time.   Later on, humans and some of the aliens were allies and warred against yet other aliens.   Then came:  Hyperspace, jumps, portals, wormholes, folding space, etc., were used to travel beyond the limitations of  linear time.  Then there were the robot series.  What I really enjoyed was when sci fi writers started to write about the use of mental faculties and consciousness.  The dystopian novels such as those by William Gibson, esp. "Neuromancer" (the scariest book ever!), I find disturbing.

    (1)     Which brings us to 2010.   I was very surprised when a third of the way through this 2010 novel, by an author who we all know to have had personal extraterrestrial experiences.  Here  for the first time: a mention of  ORME!!! and how it becomes a central theme in the book.
           Whitley Strieber's "Beyond 2012, The Omega Point"  (June 22, 2010)
    takes place in 2020.   This is 8 years after "the event" which began just after December 21, 2012 and changed the earth.   Here is how the ORME theme started,  page 121:
        "What do you know about the flashes?"
        "They're making an ORME, and that's pretty damn disturbing."
        "An ORME?"
        "An orbitally rearranged monatomic element. Gold, would be my guess.  The legendary philosopher's stone."

       p. 180:    "It was the alchemical colors that revealed the lamp's true purpose to me. The master who created them understood the uses of light frequencies, and when I close my eyes and let the colors wash across my forehead, I am able to see brilliant images of the future. In other words, the legend of the crystal ball or the magic lantern is about lamps like this.
          Accelerating vision into future-- perhaps bodies, too --- need have nothing to do with arcane contraptions like supercolliders. It has to do with changing the temporal frequency of the body and that can be done with light."

          After he was injected:      p. 200:        "Then it hit his brain in an explosion of darting sparks, each of which seemed filled with information, and in the next instant he saw beyond words, beyond thought, beyond language itself, into the pure wordless mathematics of hyperspace.

           p. 206:     "... David knew that this new light would affect the human brain profoundly. Seratonin, dopamine --- all the neurotransmitters ---- were light dependent, and this radically different wavelength -- violet --- would have the effect of intensifying and changing not only colors, but also the mind and heart. Colors you could see, but what it might be doing to brain chemistry he could scarcely imagine."

           p. 243:     "He could not change the portal in such a way that it would let someone with the mark through, because that mark identified them as being below the human level, lacking higher morality, compassion and judgment. This is why it was called the mark of the beast. It meant, simply, that your life had left you more animal than human."

          p. 284:     "The immeasurably conscious presence that is the ascended wing of mankind was never wrong, and could not be wrong. These were the ones who would put their shoulders to their task, and create the foundation of a new and better world, that would emerge out of the compassion that was common to all of their hearts, and it would be better than the old world, because in it there would be no more souls devoted to greed and all its cruelties. The last phrase of history had been designed to cause them to reveal themselves, so that they could be removed forever."

          Strieber acknowledges:  Robert Bauval, Michael Cremo, Laurence Gardner, Graham Hancock, William Henry, Rand Flem-Ath, Andrew Collins, Robert Allen Bartlett, Joseph T. Farrell, David Hudson, Robert Cox --- for their research into lost human history and/or explorations of the mysteries and path of alchemy.

          The Gold, to be ingested, is an integral part of what needs to happen to and for the protagonists in this book, and, what happens to humanity as a result of some taking it.   Do you think this might presage more novels that make use of this theme, and then into reality?  Let's hope so.

    (2)      Then,  "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen.  26 Mar 2009.  Life on earth was changed instantly here, too.  By an EMP delivered by North Korea to North America.   2 powerful "novels" that came out around the same time, both illustrating how life as we know it is changed, instantly.  Hmmm.
            Forstchen, who resides near Asheville, NC and authored more than 40 books, received his doctorate from Purdue University with specializations in Military History, the American Civil War and the History of Technology.  His book immediately reached the New York Times best seller list where it remained for six weeks. Based upon several years of intensive research and interviews, it examines what might happen in a “typical” American town in the wake of an attack on the United States with “electro-magnetic pulse” (EMP) weapons.  It was cited on the floor of Congress and before the House Armed Services Committee which was then tasked to evaluate EMP weapons, as a realistic portrayal of the potential damage rendered by an EMP attack on the continental United States.
               If this doesn't encourage you to stock up on flashlights, batteries, water, blankets, matches, etc., nothing will.

    (3)      Nancy Kress. "Steal Across The Sky"  16 Feb 2009, takes place in 2020
           The aliens appeared one day, built a base on the moon, and put an ad on the internet:  "We are an alien race you may call the Atoners. Ten thousand years ago we wronged humanity profoundly. We cannot undo what has been done, but we wish humanity to understand it. Therefore we request twenty-one volunteers to visit seven planets to Witness for us."   They kidnapped human beings and established colonies on 14 other planets. Now they are asking for 21 human Witnesses to  uncover the nature of their crime.  The knowledge that they bring back changes civilization dramatically.   They changed human DNA --- for the humans who remained on the Earth! but not on the 14 other planets! in a profound way, one which totally changed the course of humanity.

    (4)     Jeffrey Deaver  -- is back again in "The Burning Wire" 4 Jun 2010 (He is the author of  "The Burning Window", dealing with Data Mining, in 2008).  So what is the theme this time around?
           ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ONE???  "The weapon is invisible and omnipresent.  Without it, modern society grinds to a halt.  It is electricity...."

         Page 206:  "... My story is typical of many.  I was a lineman and later a troubleman for many years for several power companies in direct contact with lines carrying over one hundred thousand volts.  It was the electromagnetic fields created by the transmission lines, that are uninsulated, that led to my leukemia, I am convinced.  In addition it has been proven that power lines attract aerosol particles that lead to lung cancer among others, but this is something that the media doesn't talk about.

         We need to make the power companies but more important the public aware of these dangers. Because the companies won't do anything voluntarily, why should they? ..."

          Page 275:  "  Then he was meditating on something else entirely: two men in the 1950s, the chemists Stanley Miller and Harold Urey*, at the University of Chicago. They devised a very interesting experiment. In their lab they created their version of the primordial soup and atmosphere that had created the earth billions of years ago. Into this mix of hydrogen, ammonia and methane, they fired sparks mimicking the lightning that blanketed the earth back then.
         ...  A few days later they followed something thrilling: In the test tubes were traces of amino acids, the so-called building blocks of life.
         They had discovered evidence suggesting that life had begun on earth all because of a spark of electricity."
        [*NOTE:  This IS!!!! considered to be the classic experiment on the origin of life.]   Harold Clayton Urey (April 29, 1893 – January 5, 1981) was an American physical chemist whose pioneering work on isotopes earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1934. He played a significant role in the development of the atom bomb, but may be most prominent for his contribution to theories on the development of organic life from non-living matter.

    SPEAKING ABOUT BOOKS:  ALL of Annie Besants and CW Leadbetter's books!!!:
           Heather Birchall sends me neat internet links.   One led me to:  thefreedictionary.com  which I now check daily because I like their daily vocabulary quizzes.   A sidebar had a teaching on Annie Besant (1847-1933).  Annie Besant was one of the primary movers in Theosophy which was founded in 1875 by a Mme. Blavatsky (1831-1891), who was born in Russia, emigrated to New York City where she impressed people with her supposed psychic and mediumship abilities.
           Annie Besant became the president of the Theosophical Society.  She also was active in the struggles for women's rights, humanitarian causes, the mysteries and occult teachings, In 1902 she established the International Order of Co-Freemasonry in England and over the next few years established lodges in many parts of the British Empire.
           She fought for Home Rule in India and connected with Mohandas K. Gandhi.  She became a close co worker with clairvoyant theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater (who wrote one of the most accurate book ever on "Chakras").   Together they "discovered" Jiddu Krishnamurti and brought him to the attention of the world.
    If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:
    The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

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    Head Colds

          This diarization is included because I'm hearing about respiratory infections that do not seem to want to go away, therefore require better intervention on our part, with natural means.  Please do benefit from what I learned through my discomfort.  A couple of weeks ago I got a head cold.  Yes, I am an expert on head colds.  I thought this was going to be a minor one.  It was not very uncomfortable but it did stay around for a week.
       Day One --- Plenty of Tea and Vitamin C.  This was not that much help!
       Day Two:  Added Cayenne pepper and Oil of Oregano.  Better but not perfect.
       Day Three:  MMS, Neti Pot, The Dials -- getting better.

    Remember -- Echineccea is very good, but not much help at the onset of a cold.  You need to start taking it NOW, a little bit, regularly, to BUILD UP your immune system.  This is very good to take for about 3 weeks at the beginning of the autumnal equinox.

    This is the listing of what I developed that you can do when the cold strikes. Perhaps dowse as to what is best for you at that time:

    Before Bedtime:  MMS
    The rest of the time:
    Vitamin C
    Oil of Oregano
    Cayenne Pepper
    Ginger,  Ginger tea
    Make a Chai tea:  Simmer for ~20 minutes:
          Fresh grated Ginger, Cardamom pods,  Cinnamon stick, Whole Cloves...
          Strain.  Serve with honey
    Gargle with warm Salt Water
    Colloidal Silver
    Use the Neti Pot
    Essential Oils   (such as  Young Living)
    Thieves (Oil) Blend  (mixture of Cinnamon, Rosemary, more)
    Thunder Potion:
        In a Saucepan, boil water. Turn off heat.  Add:
             2 drops eucalyptus oil
             7 drops peppermint
             7 drops anise / fennel
             5 drops tea tree oil
        Head over pot.   Towel over head.   Breathe.
    Dimensional Design:   Dials.    Laser with Silver Tip.
          This is THE time of the year to build up your immune system, no matter what climate you live in.  As different substances have different frequencies, each one which could affect your system in a different and beneficial way, it is a good idea to take several substances, a small amount of one or two daily.
           Have the following items on hand and take a small amount of one or two of them daily.  Ensure first that they are harmonious with your system:
    Echineccea   *   Cayenne Pepper   *   Garlic   *   Turmeric  *    Ginger
    Any other suggestions while we are on this topic?


          One of the space clearing techniques that David Price Francis demonstrated used essential oils.  He put a few drops of one -- or two -- oils in a spray bottle containing water and spritzed the air.
           This is something I started using, too, after noticing that at many of the workshops I attended, when we'd start to experience that sleepy time about a half hour after lunch, I'd get a fabulous whiff of peppermint because someone, somewhere in the room, was using it.
           So at home I started to put some drops of peppermint oil, or lavendar oil, in a spray bottle, depending on what was needed, and spritz the room.
           While any of these essential oils can be diffused do also use a spray bottle as it can enable you to get into any nooks and crannies or focus more in a particular spot should you sense that location needs a bit extra.
            In a spray bottle filled with water, use any of the oils suggested below, single, or try any of these blends.   How many drops?  I'm not sure yet.  Experiment.  Or, make up your own blend mixtures.  Some ideas:

    * Purifying / Strengthening – mix into spray bottle Grapefruit, Rosemary and Tea Tree.
    * Energizing / Harmonizing – mix into spray bottle Lavender, Geranium, and Bergamot.
    * Revitalizing / Invigorating – mix into spray bottle Clary Sage, Lavender, and Peppermint.
    * Balancing / Spiritual – mix into spray bottle Sacred Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Frankincense
    * Calming – mix into spray bottle Lavender, Chamomile, Orange and Sandalwood.

         My good buddies in Vermont make this and whenever I'm there, I consume lots of it.  They finally told me how to make it, I could not believe how simple it is to make.

       Use:  A mug, garlic press,  8-12 garlic cloves, just under 1 cup good quality olive oil
       Press about 8-12 cloves, covering about an inch of the bottom of the mug.
       Add the olive oil.  To about 1/2 inch from the top of the mug
       Put it in the oven --- this is the tricky part --- at  ~200 degrees F --- it must NOT boil.
       (It is being heated, to soften slightly and to release the oils, NOT to cook.)
       Leave it there for an hour.

       Le voilà!  Garlic Oil!  Refrigerate, covered.
       The first time I made it, that evening, I lightly steamed kale, made baked potatoes and put the garlic oil on it.  WOW!   It's great on Bar B Q'd fish.  Pasta.  All vegetables.
        It lasts a long time in the fridge
       You can put it in bottles with a sprig of dill, etc. and give it to friends.
       Yum!  Have FUN with your YUMS!

      "Women  are  Angels. 
      And when someone breaks our wings,
      We simply continue to fly on a broomstick . . . 
      We're flexible like that. "

    Thank you, Heather!

    When Marilyn Went To Jail
         "Come ON Dad!"   Silence.   "Pleeeze, Dad?"   More Silence.    "Come On, Dad, just this next week, I have the whole week off from school!  I'm CURious!  I JUST want to SEE what it's LIKE!?  So how about a weekend instead?"   Total Silence.
         It's probable that each of us was a little... somewhat... unusual when we were growing up.  Which is why we have the fine, questioning minds we do today.
         The recollection of the conversation, above, was one that was oft repeated between my father and I, before every school vacation from the time I was about 16 until about 20, which was when I got my wish.
         What I was asking was, for my father to put me in jail.
         Growing up in NYC, my dad was with the NYPD.  I did not doubt that he had arrested people, but like all his brothers who observe the blue wall of silence a lot more assiduously than priests observe celibacy, he never spoke about it at home.
          I was genuinely curious, so curious I had an intense desire to have a personal experience.  He always ignored my entreaties.  Until one day.

          "Come on.  Get your coat."  he said one day.  "Where are we going?"  I asked.  "For a ride."  Dad was a man of very few words.  We got in the car, drove out of the driveway and within 10 minutes, pulled up in front of our destination, the local police  precient.   I can still see that building, built with big blocks of off white stone, covered in ivy, in my mind's eye.  It looked like a university building, but one with very sturdy doors and windows.  I suspected, but still didn't know what the gig was.
          We went inside, he waved at the desk sergeant, I followed him down a corridor, down some stairs, to: Yippee!  the Cells!  Jail Cells!   They were empty.  They each held a cot made up army style.  The doors were open.  We walked over to one, Dad told me to go inside.  I did.  Then,  My Father!  My very own Father!  Slid and SLAMMED SHUT!  the door to the jail cell on ME!  His dahling dotter!  Woe betide unto me!  He walked out and I was alone in that cell, alone there, in the cells.  It did NOT feel very good.

          I sat there.  And sat there and sat there.  For all about 10 minutes.   "DAD!  DAD!   I'm done!"  No answer.   After about another 10 minutes, Dad re appeared, threw me a quick glance, slowly opened the gate and let me out.  I told him how creepy it was, and what an awful sound the door made when it closed.  He explained that they -- literally -- built a sound of desperation -- into the doors for when they were closed.  I could believe it.
         Yes, I did, or I thought I did -- want to stay in there longer but the feelings that came up were so bereft and grief stricken I could not tolerate it.  I was so glad to go home, so grateful that I could and we did and that I had what I had.  Thanks, Dad.  Another great lesson from another great teacher.

    Do you ever think about jails, prisons?
    The people in them?  What it means to you, to us?
    This article has 2 purposes:
       (1)  Awareness of the Energetic Effects:  Detrimental to all Living Beings
       (2)  The true cost(s) of the prison system
    Yes, I have always wondered about prisons.
    It must be from so many past life experiences in prisons.  You were probably there, too.   All of us who spoke out in the past -- we could not help it -- against injustice -- were imprisoned, often tortured, hung, beheaded, etc.  Sometimes deserved, more often not, by those standards or ours' today.  This only serves to create an immense traumatic sense of outrage and betrayal, one that we carry and bring with us, imprinted in our neurology from lifetime to lifetime.

    Do you ever wonder about the costs involved?  To humanity?  Financial?  It is probable that with all the other worries and concerns people have, we are just glad that "it" is being taken care of, we do "not have to concern ourselves with the problem", we don't even have to look at it.  Thank goodness it is taken care of!!, yes?

    Plus!  WE!  yes,  WE!  have have greater comprehension because of what we do, who we are which means greater responsibility:  You understand what the prison building itself does to the land it is on, yes?  And the energetics it creates in a community, and so on?   Just because it may not be on our street does not mean it does not affect us.
           2 years after I moved to Toronto, driving past a major intersection, I experienced a wave of dark gloom and despair.  Later I found out why.  This was the corner of Broadview and Gerrard.  Yup.  The Don Jail.   Ditto for Keele and St. Clair.  The Stockyards.  This energy does not stay in one place.  Like perfume or like methane, it permeates.

    Do you know that:
    The United States has the highest rate of incarceration of any country -- on the entire planet?!!
    The U.S. incarceration rate on December 31, 2008 was 754 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents, or 0.75%.   The USA also has the highest total documented prison and jail population in the world.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics:    "In 2008, over 7.3 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at year-end — 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 31 adults."

    2,304,115 were incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails in 2008.    In addition, according to a December 2009 BJS report, there were 92,854 held in juvenile facilities as of the 2006 Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement, conducted by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

           The purpose for including in this publication the statistics and figures recorded here is solely so that we have some awareness regarding an untoward situation, one that causes great harm to individuals, society and humanity.  Hopefully this article can move the situation even .001% towards some sort of amelioration.
           The financial costs here are solely the costs to warehouse prisoners.  It does not include court costs or all kinds of costs borne by their immediate or extended families, the costs of police and so on.
            Costs from different reports are different.  They seem to range from $22,000 per year to $250,000 per year to house a prisoner.  Either extreme, or the middle --- whatever --- still make a huge expense.  One we prefer not to see, as long as "the problem" is taken care of and we don't have to deal with it.   I do not have an answer.  I'm just raising the question.

     Aug 19, 2010 11:07 am  BOSTON (WBZ) :  Curious About Markoff's Prison Costs:   If he had been convicted, accused Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff faced a long prison sentence… at the taxpayers' expense.   How much money will be saved by not continuing to house him?   On average, it costs the state about $46,000 a year to keep someone in prison.  Markoff was young, only 24, so if he spent 40 years in jail, that's nearly $2 million at today's cost.

        Every day in the United States 200 new jail cells are constructed.
        Prisons cost taxpayers more than $32 billion a year. Every year that an inmate spends in prison costs $22,000. An individual sentenced to five years for a $300 theft costs the public more than $100,000. The cost of a life term averages $1.5 million.
        Over the course of the last 20 years, the amount of money spent on prisons was increased by 570% while that spent on elementary and secondary education was increased by only 33%.

    Canada : The Costs of Incarceration:  prisonjustice.ca
        * Correctional services expenditures totaled almost $3 billion in 2005/6, up 2% from the previous year.
        * Custodial services (prisons) accounted for the largest proportion (71%) of the expenditures, followed by community supervision services (14%), headquarters and central services (14%), and National Parole Board and provincial parole boards (2%).
        * This figure does not include policing or court costs which bring the total expenditures up to more than $10 billion for the year. Cost of incarcerating a Federal prisoner (2004/5): $259.05 per prisoner/per day
        * Cost of incarcerating a Federal female prisoner (2004/5): $150,000-$250,000 per prisoner/per year
        * Cost of incarcerating a Federal male prisoner (2004/5): $87,665 per prisoner/per year
        * Cost of incarcerating a provincial prisoner (2004/5): $141.78: per prisoner/per day
        * The cost of alternatives such as probation, bail supervision and community supervision range from $5-$25/day.

    CBC news:  Doing the crime and doing the time By Ira Basen, CBC.ca Reality Check Team:    The Conservative plan to increase mandatory minimum sentences by as much as six years will also add to significant increases in the cost of administering the federal criminal justice system. It costs Corrections Canada $110,223 to keep a male inmate in a maximum security institution for a year ($150,867 for a woman). Medium- and minimum security inmates cost more than $70,000 a year.

    Earth Changes --- by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media,  Statement, September 7th
    I first found out about Earth Changes around 1992, started following the predictions of Gordon Michael Scallion and fully expected that both Florida and California would fall off into the sea 1997-1998.  Many people still think big physical earth changes will be taking place, fairly soon, many people think these people are more than a little bonkers.  Mitch Battros is one of the primary researchers who believes big things are a comin down the road, Gertie, so go get your girdle!

    What is occurring is not imminent, but it is factual and the time table is anybody's guess. As most of you know we have been in Seattle since 1987 and began Earth Changes TV in April of 1995. Later we updated our name to encompass all forms of media of which now we are 'Earth Changes Media'.

    It was my personal decision, with the consultation of family and friends, to move from what I now to be an unsafe place to live or work. The US Northwest is known for its earthquake and volcano history. It is my belief the Northwest is in the cyclical period of very active earth changes activity. Scientific data has been expressed the Cascadia Subduction Zone is due (some have said over-due) to erupt. When this occurs, it is most likely to produce an earthquake of 9.0 mag. or larger. As a result of such intense activity, I speculate it will have a triggering effect lighting up two or more volcanoes along what is known as the Cascade Range which houses some 24 volcanoes.

    Magnetic Pole Shift
    The news presented to you in reference with a compressed time-period regarding magnetic pole shifts, is the latest data which set my thoughts in motion. The pieces of this puzzle is coming together so fast, the science community is abuzz with the complication of shifting paradigms changing many known theories and formulas. In other words, the science community is back to a "we are all just kinda guessing" mantra. In many ways I find this refreshing and affirming which in my opinion gives great credence to our ancestors. On the other hand, it does indicate we are on the path which outlines great change - both externally and internally.

    When and Where Should I Move?
    Many of you will not like my answer. I get this question about 25 times a week. My answer is still the same and was the final thought to our decision to move away from the Northwest. The answer to this important and pressing question is: "It is not as important to "where" you move - as it is to "whom" you surround yourself with." This is why we are now in Texas, and I am surrounded by immediate and extended family. I am also networking with like minded people who take this period we are experiencing - in a serious but prudent manner. This is to say, no one is running down the street with their hair on fire yelling "the end is near". No; it is a well grounded thoughtful group who know the importance of "community".

    Each of us will need to make a personal choice(s) as we journey though a well described path laid out by our ancestors. It is most important to follow "your" truth, not mine or anyone else - especially those who portray the "I have the secret vision of the future that no one else has". Perhaps the bibles, as well as several ancient text writings say it best: "In the last days (no, not the end of the world, but the end of this cycle) there will be false prophets who come forth telling of their knowledge of things to come". I think I will have to side with the scientists on this one in their recent mantra of: "we're all just kind of guessing". My intention of what I present to you - is a well educated guess of what is now and to come. But in the end, it can only be your measure of discernment which will lead you to where you are supposed to be.   - Thanks, Puck!



      Tablets:  While tablets have been around for awhile, an all new all everything tablet is being introduced.  A similar comparison would be a standard cell phone of, say 6 years ago, comparing it with an IPhone.   Apple's  owns the space when they kicked things off with the "IBook", now the RIM Blackberry Playbook is coming out.  The Google Android should be out soon, then items by Lenovo, Samsung, Dell and Microsoft who is working with HP

       WebCam:  Microsoft introduced the Lifecam 1080 p which has much improved, ultra high resolution so you can have HiDef video chats!  Around $120

      3D:  Want to see 3D at home?  You need 5 things:  A  3D TV,  3D glasses, a 3D enabled BlueRay disc player, a HiSpeed Cable (HDMI1.4), and, Content.
    Wow!  Stop!  Breaking news!  As I am, literally, typing this info, I hear a new report:  Toshiba just announced "it will manufacture the first-ever glasses-free 3D television.  Current 3D models require viewers to wear glasses that act like filters, dispersing separate images to both eyes to create the illusion of depth.  The screens on Toshiba's new models will use processing technology that will create depth-filled images from any angle."   Available around December 2010, around $1,200.

      Farenheit 451 as realityMarc Saltzman, on TechTalk September 26 spoke about Samsung's new television features that are coming down the pike.  It sounded just like the televisions in Farenheit 451 -- the original movie.

    Brain Games - SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED/www.lumosity.com/
        * Shown to improve memory and attention
        * Detailed feedback and improvement tracking
        * Fun and easy: full workout in less than 10 minutes/day
        * Start your training today

    A conversation between Bill and Jim:  "Bill !  I suggest you experiment a little with coconut oil.  I am a recent convert and I think it is very good. Rub some on your face each day and I bet, after a week you will be missing quite a few wrinkles. Not that we rugged outdoor types care about such things, but there are women who, because they don't know any better, use fairly useless face creams. If you can suggest what it might have done for you - that is helpful to them.
           It is a soft or powerful medicinal oil, depending on how much you use each day. It is a strong anti-candida and anti-cancer oil as well It may be the best cooking oil of all. It never goes rancid, and one other interesting facet of it is that at room temperature it remains solid, but turns into a liquid if you put a spoonful onto a warm plate [or rub it on your face]. Truly, it is worth climbing trees for..ha ha. Jim"
           "Thanks, Jim. My wife and I have been trying it for about a month now -- morning and evening. My face still looks about as weather-beaten as it always has. My wife's, however, has noticeably fewer wrinkles. She has abandoned her plans for Botox and her other face creams for this great and inexpensive wrinkle cream. I suggest you give it a try, folks."  - Bill
     Rick:  "If they weren't so afraid of the people, they would not be trying to hard to hide what they are doing."


     WHAT YOU DO:  Note the Birth Days of your friends, below.
    Using  Mary Stinson's October 10th birthday as an example:
    As you are -- transitioning from the sleep state -- that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:

    "Today is  Mary's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Mary with the same. THANK YOU!  AMEN!"

    [ of course repeat this anytime during that day And really lock it in! ]
    Our thoughts are programs.  We can, and do, program and reprogram ourselves.

    DO:   Say, Repeat:   Intentions, Blessings, Affirmations For Yourself  For your families, friends and neighbors  For those who have passed over   With   OOMPH!  *  Determination!  *  Confidence!  *  Passion!  and of course:   100% Belief
    THANK YOU JOEY  KORN: www.Dowsers.com For giving us the blessing, and much valuable guidance

    If you would like your Birthday added to our Birthday Brigade email: mgang@dowsers.info  -- and thank you for giving us the opportunity to exercise our intention muscles!

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    The Tuesday, October 19, 2010 meeting features:
    Alan Reed
    "The Cosmic Serpent - The Ancient Science of Geomantics, Magnetism, Geology, Cymatics and the Divine Order"
    Naturalist, Diviner, Prospector, Practising Druid and Lover of  Nature.   Since he was a young boy Alan Reed roamed the Scarborough bluffs and spent his youth exploring the forests and the Canadian Shield.    Nature revealed her secrets to him  and the stones rang out with their song - unraveling the complexity and interconnectedness of all relationships.

    During many years of gentlemen farming,  the animals revealed our own inherent nature to him.  Observing the wonders of the natural order, and the seasonal precessions, the effects of the moon and its fraternal celestial beings, the knowledge as to how our ancestors understood this relationship. utilized it's power and communicated itself to him.

    An extraordinarily naturally gifted dowser and intuitive, a born geomancer, a practicing Druid,  Alchemist, a phenomenon all by himself when it comes to his wisdom of the earth, well known and always appreciated by everyone, Canada's Best Kept Secret, the Dalai Lama of the Rock and Mineral world --- Alan Reed!

    During his lecture he will touch on those relationships and how you can maximize your contribution to the future and how you can pick up your background terrestrial vibe with geology -- one that fits the form to the frequency and produces light as a byproduct.

    Alan is one of those exceptional, incomparable, unconventional individuals who have an understanding of the worlds that are neither visible to our eyes nor to our instruments, he understands and conveys.  A Johnny Appleseed, John Muir, Rachel Carson, John James Audubon and Pan, rolled into one.  You will never find his information in any book, and, you definitely want to know it.

    Come out and enjoy an insightful evening of fact and storytelling that blend the past with the present to create the future.

    A tale of the Wave and the Grail
       Ordained by Nature
          Initiated by the Thunder a devoted Discoverer of Wonder to the Sacredness of the Natural World

    "Alan Reed knows more about rocks than probably anyone else on the planet",  Gary Skillen, 2001
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