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  The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, October 18th,  2011
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Paul Rademacher
Executive Director, The Monroe Institute
"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Perceptions"
354  St. Clair Avenue West
(50 feet from the St. Clair WEST  TTC  Station)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
Please do NOT Bring Food and YES we will socialize and have refreshments after the presentation.
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
       $10 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
       $15 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
$30 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
$35 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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Details for our latest activities can be found at: MEETINGS
(monthly meeting) OCTOBER 18, 2011: Paul Rademacher
Executive Director of the Monroe Institute
(workshop) Wednesday, OCTOBER 19, 2011: Paul Rademacher
Exploring Consciousness through Personal Experience,
A Monroe Institute Workshop
Saturday, OCTOBER 22, 2011: Dr. Ibrahim Karim
Dr. Ibrahim Karim speaks at the Energy Psychology Conference, Toronto
(monthly meeting) NOVEMBER 15, 2011: John Butler
"A Clairvoyant's Guide to Physical and Mental Health"
(workshop) Saturday, NOVEMBER 19, 2011: John Butler
"A Clairvoyant's Guide to the Human Energy System"
November 25, 26, 27, 2011: Whole Life Expo
(Special Event: monthly meeting) DECEMBER 13, 2011



MEMBERSHIP  AND  RENEWAL:   Our membership year goes from:  October 1 to September 30.   If you have not renewed your membership yet, please fill in the form and send it with your payment, today, to the address provided.  Or bring it with you to the meeting and give it to the folks at registration.  Members receive discounts at meetings, discounts at events, a fascinating comprehensive newsletter prior to each meeting, discounts with member vendors and whatever else we can think of.
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LOCATION:   As you know, we moved from the Latvian Centre to a location by Bathurst / Glencairn (near Lawrence).   2 weeks before our September meeting, a pipe burst on their lower level, which flooded all their meeting rooms.   They are rapidly repairing but not in time for our September and October meetings.  The September meeting was held at Estonian House, on Broadview, just north of the Danforth.  Our October 18 meeting shall take place at the Holy Rosary Church, on St. Clair Avenue West, next to the Loblaw's near Bathurst Street.   Our November 15 meeting shall take place at one of those 2 locations.  Let us know which one you prefer.   We will see what happens in 2012.
October 18 meeting:   Holy Rosary Church
354  St. Clair Avenue West - Parish Hall
(50 feet from the St. Clair WEST  TTC  Station)
Driveway is narrow and hard to see.
Driveway to the Parking Lot:  Exactly inbetween the church building and Loblaw's
The Parking lot is in the back.  They also open the fence in the back to the school parking lot which we can use.
MEETINGS -- Timing.  Scheduling:
(1)   We started out meeting the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  It looks like we have several meetings on the THIRD Tuesday (Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov 15).  This is not just due to speaker preference, but for Sept and Oct, the 2nd Tuesday is too close to Labor Day and Thanksgiving, so we moved it to the 3rd Tuesday.
(2)    Oh My!  --- Last year:  December, January, February ...  We had .. the threat of.. or actually .. SNOW!  Just a little, but still:  SNOW!   As little or as much as 2" of snow --- or the threat of it -- can slow down an already sluggish Toronto.
        Our December 2010 Social was just fabulous.  And so poorly attended.  One person spent 4 hours! in the car coming from Oakville -- usually a 40 minute drive -- before she turned around.  There was a little bit of snow that evening.  It is truly heartbreaking to put all that effort and enthusiasm and excited anticipation into an event like this and have it dampened by snow.  Thank you so very very much to the exhibitors and attendees --- many from afar --- who did show up.
      THEREFORE!   The format for:  our December, January, February meetings might change a bit.  Please do stay tuned.

ONE FREE MEETING COUPON:   If you join/renew prior to October 31, you receive a coupon that entitles you to bring for free --- NOT yourself, NOT someone who has been to a meeting previously, BUT someone who has never been to one of our meetings previously, THAT IS VALID UNTIL THE END OF THE CURRENT MEETING YEAR.

READ  THIS!:   In spite of our best efforts at giving crystal clear instructions:
One Contest ... and ...  One:  Can you Answer this?

           Can you --- Answer this?   3   Questions:

1:  Art Bell* -- WHO is he related to? (probably a cousin)
2:  What company sponsors many of the AGRICULTURAL programs at the The University of Guelph's Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE) is Canada’s leading food education and research institution!
3:  Superman -- What legend, largely accepted as our history, is this related to?  Connect the 2 stories
* Art Bell is the original host of the CoasttoCoast radio show, listened to nightly by millions, from 10 pm - 1 am PST.

          A Margaret Ball Dowsing Contest ! - For folks both near and FAR!

Contest Question:   "What is the location of the computer used by Margaret Ball's daughter Gail?"
Contest Rules:
1.  The three people -- Who come closest to the correct answer AND at the October 18, 2011 Toronto Dowsers meeting are the winners.
2.  You must be present at the meeting to win.  You must be a member of the Toronto Dowsers.  Write down your answer, hand it in, with your name on it too, to the registration folks when you come in, before the meeting begins.
Contest Prize:   An individualized personalized energy flower gem preparation, prepared especially for you by Margaret.  She will need your witness to do this.  You can pick it up from her or she will mail it to you.
      IF  NOT  in Toronto! --- If you do NOT reside in either postal code "M" or "L" you are eligible for this:  One additional prize will be made available if you get the EXACT location.   Contact Marilyn for this by October 26th.  The winner must provide a witness and your prize will be mailed to you.

      Most dowsers in North America know of Margaret Ball and we are so lucky that Margaret lives in Toronto, is a member of our group and has even spoken to us two times!  A happy and healthy octogenarian, Margaret is an expert dowser and teacher.   A former clothing designer, she remains highly color oriented and that inclination combined with her vibrational awareness -- insofar she practices radionics and is an accomplished astrologer and uses both in her dowsing --- it is her discovery that sparked the creation of our The Sendwich™ 3 years ago (and which Marilyn has marketed  poorly).  Margaret demonstrates her fine dowsing skill and ability as she helps her clients find answers to their questions, especially when it comes to making important life decisions.


Tracy McBurney - Our September 20, 2011 Speaker

Below is an overview of Tracy McBurney's September 20th presentation to the Toronto Dowsers.  It is not at all comprehensive.  It touches on a few of the highlights.  To say that this little writeup is a review is comparable to saying that the movie "Gone With The Wind" is about The Civil War.  Each of us learned new and important information.  If you were there, you were blessed lucky.

Tracy McBurney, Nutritionist Extraordinaire, teacher, dowser, health practitioner and more spoke to the Toronto Dowsers September 20th.  This was a 10 year anniversary for both of us.  The last time Tracy spoke to us was the evening of September 11, 2001, when she taught us, nourished us, loved us and we loved her back.

Like all of us dealing with subtle energies, Tracy's achievements have grown considerably and in addition to the physical she focuses more on the spiritual and emotional causes and connections with illness and our lives –-- and finds answers no one else does.  Because she is very astute when it comes to connecting the dots.

Her presentation this evening brought us to a new understanding as to the role of the Heart.  She shared with us resources she finds beneficial, and started out speaking about something else she is expert in:

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:
The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

   William Henry and The Heart:

   William Henry's (see below) 2006 book, "Mary Magdalene" also addresses other roles for the heart, that tie in with Tracy's teaching:
        " .. I believe the bible is describing the functioning of our mystic anatomy, particularly that of the heart.
       What is required to overcome sin is belief and love. Both develop in the heart, and the heart is the House of Eternal knowledge, as the Prophet Mohammed said 'Consult your heart and hear the secret ordnance of God, discovered by the inward knowledge of the heart which is faith and divinity..' "
      "Astounding new medical research has discovered an independent wisdom inherent to the heart that is not governed by other systems of the body. The heart has neural cells similar to those found in the brain pointing to an innate logic to the heart. The heart is ‘autogenic', it has its own intelligence (gennii, genius)..."
      "Heart Intelligence" is a phrase used to describe numerous attributes of the electrical an magnetic energy waves radiating from the heart that influence functions and systems, including the brain." ... then he connects this to the Golden Mean.
Tracy's  Fall  Teaching   Schedule
October  26, 2:30 - 5:30:  Introduction to Muscle Testing - $60 + HST
November 15, 6:30 - 9:30:  Introduction to Muscle Testing- $60 + HST
November 22, 2:30 - 5: 30: Release Allergies in Minutes - $99 + HST
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? , 6:30 - 9:30: Release Allergies in Minutes - $99 + HST
November 29, 6:30 - 9:30:  Discovering Essential Oils - $30 + HST
December 7, 2:30 - 5:30:  Discovering Essential Oils - $30 + HST

   All classes will take place at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, 18 Wynford Drive 
Contact:  Tracy McBurney (416) 690 - 1243  tracymcburney@sympatico.ca



October 18 meeting speaker: 
Paul Rademacher 
Executive Director
Monroe Institute, Virginia 
“Ordinary People, Extraordinary Perceptions”
Paul Rademacher is the Executive Director of The Monroe Institute monroeinstitute.org , in Faber Virginia, known for its pioneering work in the exploration of human consciousness. Using a patented auditory technology, The Institute conducts intensive 6 day and weekend programs that help participants to experience profound states of relaxation and expanded awareness.

In his October 18 presentation to the Toronto Dowsers, Paul Rademacher will discuss his own journey of self-discovery and the Monroe Institute's history, methods and technology. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the extraordinary potential of human perception and consciousness. A short demonstration of the Monroe Institute's audio technology will be included as part of the program and will be followed by a time of Q and A.

A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe: Travel Tips for the Spiritually Perplexed
Paul Rademacher - The Path Documentary - Interview - YouTube
The Trip for Life: The Monroe Institute Part I    Feb 2011 - 21 min
Interviews with the executive director, Paul Rademacher, and the president, Skip Atwater. In this episode ... briefly ... the practice of meditation in many global cultures, before excerpting roughly a third of the fascinating and wide ranging conversation with Mr. Rademacher. If you are interested in meditation, meditation enhancement technologies such as binaural beats, or if you just believe that the human race needs to learn how to relax and adapt to change, then this episode of TTFL is for you!

About Programs at The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute programs are not predicated on any particular belief system or doctrine. The only philosophical point you are asked to consider as a serious possibility is that you are more than your physical body.

If you are unfamiliar with our audio support process, it is suggested that you listen to . . . or download and then listen to . . . the introductory exercise linked here before attending the Gateway Voyage.  Be sure and follow the "How to Listen" instructions provided.

Many who attend programs develop a different overview, a changed perspective from which life's experiences seem to take on a new significance. Our programs consist of a carefully sequenced series of learning exercises designed to provide positive experiences. Step-by-step, the participant learns methods to move comfortably along a continuum of consciousness, shifting between one phase (or focus of consciousness) and another. Experiencing these phase-shifts to visit and integrate non-physical energy systems is a key element in all the programs.

Tuition for on-campus programs, $1,995 for six-day programs and $650 for three-day workshops, includes experiential training with qualified facilitators, lodging, all meals and snacks, evening educational programs and guest speakers, the use of fitness and recreation areas, an optional morning exercise program, and free transportation to and from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Travel Cost Leveraging:
In this age of rising fuel prices and increased travel expenses, you can leverage the cost of program attendance by availing yourself of our Savings Offers. The $100 or more that you save will more than offset today’s increased fuel prices and your travel expenses.

The Gateway Voyage, is the prerequisite for a collection of graduate programs that are listed on Our Program List .

Some people come to the Gateway Voyage to learn about out-of-body experiences or just so they can attend graduate programs. Others come only to take the Gateway Voyage and yet, having experienced the Gateway Voyage, return. Why is this?

A recent independent longitudinal study reported that those who have attended multiple graduate programs have a higher degree of self-efficacy and life satisfaction than the norm and have achieved a state of ego development called self-transforming. Graduate program participants recognize the limitations in any perspective and are more willing to consciously and intentionally grow beyond their own boundaries rather than merely having it happen to them as a function of circumstances.

In the study, graduate program alumni reported an increase in the depth of self-awareness, a degree of experience with inner exploration, personal healing, and trust in a higher self. This is why so many Gateway Voyage graduates choose to return to TMI. They are more highly motivated by curiosity and self-discovery which was seeded by their Gateway Voyage experience and now fuels further exploration and transformation as a way of making meaning and finding joy in their lives.

    The Monroe Institute (TMI) is a nonprofit education and research organization devoted to the exploration of human consciousness, based in Faber, Virginia, United States.  Upwards of 20,000 people are estimated to have attended TMI’s residential Gateway program during its first thirty years, with consumers of the audio industry founded on its research running into millions.

      TMI was founded by Robert Monroe after he started having what he called "out of body experiences", now also commonly referred to as OBEs.   It comprises several buildings on 300 acres  of land south of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.  One of its activities includes teaching various techniques, based on audio-guidance processes, in order to expand consciousness and explore areas of consciousness not normally available in the waking state.

    Gateway Voyage:       The Institute runs a Gateway Voyage program, a training course that uses binaural soundtracks to facilitate exploration and replication of specific altered states of consciousness known as Focus levels. Gateway Voyage is a six-day intensive of exercises using custom-designed sound booths, talks, and group interaction.

*            *            *            *            *

    Workshop:  Wednesday, October 19:
    "Exploring Consciousness through Personal Experience"
This workshop, which was announced at the September 20th meeting is limited to 20 attendees
Registration will be available only to Toronto Dowsers members only until October 14.
Interest in the workshop was intense and it is likely it will be filled soon.
If you are interested in the workshop, contact Marilyn.

     This one-day adventure into expanded states of awareness facilitates profound relaxation, deep contemplation, increased intuition, and communication with the higher self and with related energies. Important personal revelations are commonplace. Specifically designed exercises with the Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance technology form the core of the workshop, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.
    Participants should wear loose clothing and bring any items that will help them feel relaxed and comfortable while lying down, such as pillows and blankets. Wireless headphones will be provided.

  John Butler
The best and most accurate Clairvoyant east of the Mississippi
AND!  A remarkable Dowser
(John and I have been talking about him coming to speak to us for the last 7 years.)

November 15:   Monthly Meeting
A Clairvoyants Guide to Physical and Mental Health

      The following is but a small segment of what John will speak about.  Additional topics shall be included in the next issue:
      At the November meeting, John will be sharing dozens of tips, techniques, and methods on rebuilding one's physical and mental health.  A large variety of topics will be covered.  John gives clairvoyant readings and clearing sessions on peoples' energies energy machines.  There will be no pie in the sky textbook theories given at the lecture.  Everything that shall be offered is based on years of experience working with hundreds of people.
      He will speak on:  "Why peoples dowsing accuracy is off and how to improve their accuracy by 30% or more.  Tricks or techniques on how to improve your accuracy and why accuracy is off."

     John Butler has been a friend for about a decade.  He is one of the most astonishingly uncommon people I have ever met.  Ever.   You MUST attend his talk.  His skills and talents are numerous and numinous.  It is nothing less than jaw dropping to listen to him describe how energy is working in someone --- because he can see it happening, like a human GDV or Kirlian device -- as something is happening such as a person is being worked on energetically, or, physically.  This is not the kind of a talk you want to read about, you want to be there.

November 19:   Workshop
A Clairvoyant's Guide to the Human Energy Systems
      John will be giving his popular workshop where he will speak about our 12 subtle energy bodies, our 24 major chakras, the many different types of DNA and minds we all have, and many more topics.  Some causes to disruptions in these energy systems will be covered.  You will learn that you are powerful, incredible beings of light and energy, and having just one chakra open can change a person's whole life forever.
     Additional content to this workshop shall be included in the next issue.
     Costs, location:  TBA.   If you are INTERESTED in attending this workshop (no commitment) contact Marilyn.  When the details are available you will be contacted and can make your decision at that time.

John Butler is a Master Dowser and Professional Clairvoyant.  He is able to perceive the energies outside and inside people.  His popular lectures and workshops have been given all over the US including the New England School of Acupuncture and the Emperors College of Acupuncture in Los Angeles.   Clients all over from North America, including Hollywood people in all positions,  come to see him.


      An  AZtounding  AmaZing
               ZoundZ  Bath

     We are almost at the deepest darkest coldest most still most intimate time of our year.  The time when we are supposed to be quiet, reflective.  still.  The world outside has whipped itself into an erratic unfocused hopped up frenzy.  For quite some time this has not been a religious time of the year but a commercial time of the year.  You are no longer part of that.  You are here, reconnecting with the natural cycle, relaxed, in a softly lit vibrationally conducive room, among and connecting with dozens of your buddies, as you lie on your mat or cushions, floating, as sound and frequencies wash over, under and through you, cleansing on many levels, leaving you reinvigorated, recharged, renewed, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.
    All of our combined energies focused on being in, of and toward the light with one goal making one song, one note, together, united, our one UniVerse.

    Vibrationally conveyed to us by Internationally acclaimed award winning musician and composer Michael Moon!

Hotel Novotel Toronto Centre,   45 The Esplanade
Special Price for Toronto Dowsers members:
$30 (this is the fee for conference attendees)
Non Members: $40


Dawn James joined the Toronto Dowsers within the last 2 years.  She was recommended by us to speak at the ASD 2011 convention and received high praise there and many thanks for her presentation and workshop.  Dawn presents and writes about a subject dear and familiar to us -- vibrations, and raising them.  People at all levels will benefit from what she shares, and her work is especially helpful for those who are new to these concepts.  If you are having challenges explaining our concepts to someone dear to you, sharing her work with that person is an excellent and understandable means to that end.
Dawn James is a former corporate executive, became a writer, speaker and holistic practitioner following a near death experience in 2003. When she returned to the physical world, she was gifted with knowledge about spirituality, vibrational frequency, higher consciousness and the ability to facilitate healing within herself and others. She realized that she needed to live consciously and make better choices for her health and well being and utilize the spiritual gifts she had received. As a result she is sharing her knowledge and passion for living with less stress, better health and more harmony through her new book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life as well as teleseminars, workshops and lectures held across North America. 

Vibrational Food for Vibrational Beings
What They did not teach you in Health Class
by Dawn James

I used to think food could be classified into only three categories: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. But I was wrong. Another classification is vibrational frequency — a measurement of the electrical energy that is present in all natural living things. Food can help or hinder our health, depending on its vibrational frequency. Food can also assist the body in moving energy effectively and efficiently -- provided we eat the right types of foods.

Like food, we also have vibrational frequencies. In fact, each organ has its own optimal frequency range that correlates with good health and vibrancy. These frequencies, however, can be positively or adversely affected by a number of factors, including our nutrition and the vibrational frequencies of the foods we consume.

Vibrational Frequency of Food

All foods in their natural state have vibrational frequency, a measurement of energy related to bioelectricity (and indirectly related to prana, or "vital energy"). The vibrational frequency of foods is typically measured in hertz (one hertz is one cycle per second of energy flow that is constant between two points). The table below illustrates the vibration levels of canned and processed foods and certain unprocessed foods.Dawn James is a vibrational healer, international speaker, member of the Toronto Dowsers and author of the book "Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace" . The book is also on Amazon.com, Amazon.uk, Barnes and Noble, and independent bookstores in North America, Australia, UK and the Caribbean. Autographed copies are available from her website www.raiseyourvibration.ca

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:
The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

DAWN  JAMES  -  October, November 2011
 Oct 13 
 Northumberland region 
Crystal Sound Healing Circle
Oct 15
 Author workshop- How to promote your book and yourself 
Oct 16
Richmond Hill
The Rising Sun Healing Arts Centre 
WORKSHOP: Honor YourSelf - Strengthen Your Inner Wisdom In this workshop, you will be guided to e
Oct 18
The Purple Door 
WORKSHOP: Honor YourSelf - Strengthen Your Inner Wisdom In this workshop, you will be guided to 
Oct 20
Sharonville Convention Center
Victory of Light Expo
Oct 22
Toronto (FREE)
Alternative Thinking 
How to Raise Your Vibration and Why
Oct 23
Aurora Cultural Centre 
PASSPORT TO WELLNESS Passport to Wellness event will be held at the Aurora Cultural Centre.
Oct 29
Durham Region
Crystal Sound Healing Circle
 Nov 19 
Tranquil Garden
HEART OF THE LOTUS - 1 day retreat
 Nov 25
 - 27
Convention Centre
Whole Life Expo

*        *        *        *        *        *

Productive Insomnia

      Are there times when you wake up and your mind won't let you fall back to sleep?  Or can't get to sleep in the first place because of a racing mind?   I experience that every so often and have devised 2 methods to get back to sleep that work for me, either one works 100% of the time.   They are so helpful and feel so good that some times I wish I would stay awake just a little longer.

    (1)   This started one night when I was lying there for quite some time and not able to return to sleep.  I figured that while I was lying there I might as well do something useful.  You must know, by now, about Joey Korn's Blessing methods.  I do this frequently, anyway, several times a day when the appropriate situation arises.  These nights I first do a blessing for myself, usually related to accomplishing something beneficial the following day.  Either silently or out loud. Then I start doing blessings for every person I can think of who could use one, usually someone I know or know of who is having big difficulties.  There is surely no lack of people in this world who could use help.  I'm usually asleep by the 4th or 5th blessing.
    (2)   You know how you feel so immensely joyous and ecstatic when, e.g.,  you see truly happy little kids and your heart is kvelling with happiness?  Same thing.  This next one feels so fabulous I often wish it would continue.  Perhaps you remember an article in our newsletter about 3 years ago about feeling love for parts of your body?  The article came out of a conversation I had at the Energy Psychology Conference with well known Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist Lee Pulos.   Lee told me he cured the cancer he had this way.  I said I did it cause it seemed like a good thing to do and it felt good.

      As I am lying there, I focus on which part of my body could use help the most in that moment.  Is there a tickle in my throat?   A tooth ache?  A queasy tummy?  Whichever one I decide on --- I do not send (because that is not possible), what I do is, I focus on, and  -- I  feel love -- for that body part.  I might feel how very very much I love my lungs and am grateful for them.  Or my teeth.  Or toes.   Wherever, whatever.  Gosh, it feel FABULOUS!   Then I'm asleep in 3-10 minutes.

     Try these, okay?  And let me know how they work for you, okay?  Thanks!

*        *        *        *        *        *

Fall:  Do An Apple Fast

      Okay.  It's fall.  October.  Apple time.  Do an Apple fast.  From the time you get up until the time you go to sleep, the only solid food you consume is apples.  Preferably organic, of course.   The only solid food you consume is apples.  Fresh.   Whole or sliced or mashed or smashed.  Whatever form.  Just apples.   You drink:  water and/or  herbal teas and/or real apple juice or apple cider.   Can it get any easier?
      You can do this for one, two or three days.  If you get bored, change the form, i.e., slices to mashed.

     Apple health:

  • The pectin in apples:  chelates lead from tissues,  supplies galacturonic acid to the body which lowers the body's need for insulin and may help in the management of diabetes, reduces the risk of colon cancer and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract and  lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol.
  • Boron as well as Phloridzin that is found only in apples may increase bone density.
  • Quercetin in apples may protect brain cells from the kind of free radical damage that may lead to Alzheimer's disease.
  • Apple cider vinegar can help prevent the formation of kidney stone;  help prevent emotional upsets, tension and headaches.
  •     More fall fruits:  Pomegranates - great for the Heart.  Persimmons.

    *        *        *        *        *        *

    From A Cardiac Specialist

    Drinking  water at certain time
    Maximizes it's effectiveness on the body:

    2 glasses of water after waking up: 
    Helps activate internal organs

    1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal: 
    Helps digestion

    1 glass of water before  taking a bath:
    Helps lower blood pressure

    1 glass of water before going to bed:
    Avoids stroke or heart attack

    *        *        *        *        *        *

    The "Green Finger"

          Oxford scholar David Price Francis, EnergyWorlds.com , our September 2010 speaker, brought to us the information about "the Green Finger".  Each one of our fingers can emit a different color which corresponds to a particular vibration (as well as to a planet).   That is, we can do this and direct this with conscious intent.
          Like any muscle, the more often you use it, the stronger it becomes.
         The vibrational frequency that can be consciously directed from the pinky finger corresponds with GREEN which is a healing energy.
         The way you can use this, for example, is -- say you are driving a car.   You have been experiencing symptoms of a cold or a sore throat.  Simply point your pinky finger at your throat while consciously intending "green".   You should notice an abatement of symptoms.  If you do not notice this at first, you will notice it the more often you do this because it strengthens with use.
         This technique has been shared previously with many Toronto Dowsers and they report that they have been using this with enjoyable success.  So, don't just try it, DO IT!

    David returns to Toronto  November 2011.   See you soon, David!

    Answers  to  "3"  from   the   Top
    1.  Would you believe:  Warren  Buffet ?  (yes!)
    2.  Monsanto --- This is why many of the more Organic programs get canceled
    3.  The story of Moses:   As infants, the home of Moses and the home of Superman was no longer safe.  So Moses' mother and Superman's parents, put their darling beloved baby boy in a basket/capsule, tucked a blanket around him, put one identifying item in with him and sent their baby down the River.  The baby arrived safe.  Moses made it safely to shore and was discovered and adopted by a good woman.  Superman made it to earth, safely landed in a field and was adopted by a good couple.  Each grew up in a loving home, each developed super abilities and went on to dedicate their life to helping people and became heroes.


    "G" Forces
    Revisiting:   William Henry and Charles Hubbard and "THE  G"

    Do you remember when Investigative Mythologist William Henry spoke to us September 2004 followed a half year later by expert BioDynamics farmer and Master Dowser Charles Hubbard?   Totally different topics.  3 years ago I saw Charles again, making a video for the Toronto Dowsers to show his newest uncoveries at which time Charles introduced the "G" shape to us, that we can use to create beneficial energies by placing it in different areas..   At our 2010 December social Toronto Dowser John Zychowicz demonstrated to us that this "G"  emits BG3!

         I was looking through William Henry's 2006 book "Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator" and came across another reference for the "G":
         "Interestingly, for thousands of years the clockwise spiral ideogram  has been strongly associated with water, power and outgoing energy. ...

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    Libya / Qadaffi / Hurricane Irene

           The Epoch Times, Sept 19:  "Gadhafi Forces Capture Foreign Mercenaries: Spokesperson.  A spokesperson for pro-Moammar Gadhafi forces said on Monday that loyalists have captured 17 mercenaries, including some from the U.K. and France, according to media reports.
          “A group was captured in Bani Walid consisting of 17 mercenaries. They are technical experts and they include consultative officers.”

          Susan  Lindauer, journalist and former US Congressional aide, former CIA asset.  She covered Libya at the UN during the Lockerbie trials.  Her cousin is Andrew Card, former United States Cabinet member, and head of President George W. Bush's White House Iraq Group, served the White House Chief of Staff under George W. Bush.  She does not seem to share her cousin's political views.  When interviewed recently about the events in Libya Susan  Lindauer reports:
         "What I see us doing is creating more terrorists thru our policies in Libya and in Yemen.  We are firing up Islamic fundamentalists.  Our actions are not proactive they are not problem solving we are making things worse.   The US is pulling troops out of Afghanistan so we can go into Libya.  As a former CIA asset I have extremely good ties and knowledge and depth of  resources inside Libya today.  What I am finding is video documentation that NATO rebels are actually the same Al Qaeda  fighters who we have been dealing with in Iraq and in Afghanistan who have come home to Libya.
         "I was directly involved in the 1990's operation to get terrorists out of Libya.  I can assure you that all terrorists were removed from Libya around 1998, 1999.  Since then, Qadaffi was the 1st government to inform Interpol about Osama Bin Laden.  Qadaffi is hated by Islamic fundamentalists because he is a socialist Muslim and he has a very different agenda that is not Sharia.  Qadaffi  has a very strong agenda on women's rights.  Women have the right to education, hold property, divorce, hold jobs, have income ... He is a moderate.  He is not involved in any terrorism at all.
         "I am so disappointed in Obama, that he is shifting resources to finance Al Q rebels and to provide US enforcement of the Al Q presence in Libya.

        She is viewed as a troublemaker, a Cassandra.  She warned officials about the coming MidEast conflagrations and was ignored.  She was held in federal correctional facility six months for psychiatric evaluation after bogus espionage charges were dropped.  She had told Bush officials, including her cousin, that  Iraq was no threat according to her intelligence sources, but became a target herself. 
        She wrote "Extreme Prejudice".  Review:  Ms. Lindauer's story is credible, easily verifiable & conveys in explicit detail just how far the 'Powers that Be' will go in perpetrating a lie to achieve their goals. This book blows the doors off any conceived idea that our Politicians are 'For the People.' A MUST READ for anyone that dares step out of the box & wants a good dose of American Political Reality.  (written by Michael Badnarik constitutionpreservation.orgwho is dedicating his life to "Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!" by presenting a highly acclaimed class on the Constitution and Bill of Rights anywhere he can accumulate a sufficient level of interest and rekindle in Americans the passionate love of Liberty he learned as a boy.

          Also favorably reviewed by Susan Signoracci, from Columbus, Ohio.  Joined the police department in 1991 at age forty-four and remained a police officer for 16 years. For three years she was a detective in the Juvenile Abuse Bureau and it is during that time that she wrote her book 'Moral Cowards.', the true story about the rise in power of a tyrant within policing, a woman police officer who battles political corruption in a big city police department;  the system deals with family conflicts from the badge and baton side of the equation;  about organizations which are supposed to protect children. Children Services and Child Protection Services ... and how these federally-funded organizations are now telling local police they must bring charges against innocent parents!. This book is a shocking inside exclusive of just how the hierarchy of a police department works.  She received her B.A. in Political Science in 2001. She combined her first-hand knowledge of how politics works within a government agency like policing with the information she learned in college and came away with an even stronger sense of what Right is and why it is not working.

    Three dozen growers lost 2-million-dollars worth of vegetables to the flooding.
    Vermont vegetable growers face an early end of the growing season thanks to Irene

        George Honingford of South Royalton says the one thing I've been very impressed by is the spirit of people - the generosity of people. At the farmers' market, they're buying five-pound bags of potatoes and giving me a $100 check. And that's hard. That's hard. It's hard to accept that. It kills me, but at the same time, that's what they can do."
        Honingford grows eight to nine acres of vegetables and also cuts 65 acres of hay along the banks of the White River.
        Several feet of water flooded his fields. As it reached his greenhouses, Honingford slashed the plastic to allow water to run through, so the frames weren't washed away.
        One thousand pounds of onions washed downstream. The next day, Honingford retrieved the remaining 4,000 pounds from his greenhouse.
    Pictured here on the right:  That river used to be his fields.
        Then the county extension agent said the onions were contaminated by the floodwater and none could be sold.

        "I offered to test everything. I'd pay for the test. They could come tissue sample. I'd pay the entire cost. And what I needed was a clean bill of health."

          But the FDA has ruled that all produce touched by floodwaters must be destroyed because it might be contaminated. So Honingford disposed of his onions with a manure spreader, and then tilled them all under. He did the same with his sweet potatoes. "I kept stuff, I've got it. I've got sweet potatoes up in my greenhouse. I'm going to eat them, I'm going to feed them to my family. But I'm not going to feed them to the public. I can't even give them to the public."
         In the end, Honingford lost $40,000 worth of greens, popcorn, onions and sweet potatoes. Some potatoes that were safe in the barn have been sold.

          Harvest time is when many farmers earn their income, so many of them are dealing with their financial losses now.
          The flooded soil needs to rest before being planted again. That will give time for contaminants such as heavy metals and fuel oil to leach out.
        For organic farmers, potential contamination is a big concern.
         Vegetable growers are also dealing with lot of silt and sand left behind by floodwaters. Many farms are along rivers because silt can be good for crops. But sand lacks nutrients and some of that has to be removed, tilled in and amended with compost and cover crops.
         Loan programs and relief funds have been set up for farmers, but many say these programs probably won't cover all the losses.
         There's no doubt this will be a time of economic stress for small, newer farmers.  Consumers need do what they can support them.

    As October has ALWAYS been JOEY KORN month,
    We continue to honor, appreciate and bless our friend JOEY KORN!
     Joey Korn - DOWSERS.COM
    New Offerings 
     Our Friend and One of the Best Dowsers on the Planet
    Joey Korn, internationally renowned Dowser, speaker, teacher, author,  from Sugar Creek (near Augusta),  Georgia, is one of the best dowsers on the planet, a fabulous teacher and a good friend to all of us.   Joey's research, perspicacity, experimentations, numerous mystical experiences and fine intuition leading to proven conclusions have brought him to the forefront where he has changed dowsing in the western world, the way we understand it,  learn it and use it.  The Toronto Dowers has been quite fortunate in that we have had the pleasure of  a visit from Joey three times, so far.

    Here is one crucial yet simple example:   Dowsers dowsing would speak in terms of "positive" and "negative".   Thanks to Joey, we now use the terms "beneficial" or "non detrimental" instead of "positive" and "detrimental" in lieu of "negative".  Why?  Because our world of polarity needs both positive and negative energies so that everything that is physical can exist.  Because we do need "negative", then, negative in a way, almost becomes "positive".   Using "beneficial" and "detrimental" is accurate --- which is what dowsing needs to be.  When you think about it, it is obvious.  Joey was the one who pointed this out to us.

    Walter Russell
    Walter Russell was one of the greatest geniuses ever to walk the planet. Even though he died in the 60's, Walter Russell greatly changed the world we live in today.  Walter Russell felt it was his Life Purpose to be an example to mankind that we all have genius inherent within us. And he did just that.  Walter Russell understood cause -- the "why" of things.   Walter Russell went into "full illumination" for 39 days and nights in 1921.  In that time he "saw" and understood how the universe was created. About 30,000 words came through him during that time, which he considered to be Divine revelation.  (And so does Joey.)
    NOTE:  The Toronto Dowsers has copies of Walter Russell's biography "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe"  for sale.  $10.  (I feel this is one of the most important books I have ever read.  Ever. - mg)

    New Walter Russell Biography to be Published:   "We are planning to publish a new definitive biography of Walter Russell, to be released next spring or possibly this fall. The book, 'A Worthy Messenger: the Life’s Work of Walter Russell', tells the captivating life story of Russell.  As a teenager in the 1950’s, the author, Charles Hardy and his parents, spent several summers with Dr. Russell. Charles told us his time with Dr. Russell was life changing.  He made a decision about fifty years ago that, one day, he would write a book about Dr. Russell. Charles has painstakingly researched and documented Russell’s life and reveals much that even the most avid Russell enthusiasts don’t know.  My wife Jill and I are honored to be publishing it, under Sugarcreek Press.

    "I feel it's part of my purpose on Earth to disseminate the teachings of this incredible man. Walter Russell truly was "the man who tapped the Secrets of the Universe."" - Joey Korn

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    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.
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    This is a big article.  Because it is a humongous story.  It is very very VERY good or it is very very VERY bad.  For all of us.  As yet, I remain undecided.  Hopeful, cynical, suspicious, cautious, undecided.  The Wall Street protest slogans are the words one yearns to hear, that we yearn to believe.  Is what they are saying really so? I do not know if what they SAY is what they mean or if this is another layer of deception.  I am still researching this movement and hope you will do the same and share your intel with me.  This could become larger than the Viet Nam protests, more significant, therefore it and absolutely necessitates our scrutiny.  ESPECIALLY the scrutiny of people such as Dowsers, who question, discern and dowse.  Please.  Do.  So.   Read all the sides, then ponder, do you believe either side?  Or somewhere in between?
    Deliverance or Slavery?
    The answer to our prayers or our worst nightmare?

    DAYS   OF   RAGE.
    Bring down Wall Street!
    Demolish the Federal Reserve

        The words above:  Would that be Your message?
        These resounding cries commence the revolutionary brush fire that has been sweeping all over North America for just under three weeks.  Its sympathetic resonance with yearning hearts has speedily drawn in adherents.  It has captured us, our minds, hearts, imagination.  Because the human spirit yearns to be free and America has lost her way.

        September 17, 2011, over 20,000 protesters were to have occupied Wall Street, camping out in nearby Zuccotti Park.  Until?  Until they no longer need to be there.   It seems as if about 5,000 showed up.

       What happened?  Demonstrations.  Lots of them.  ALL of them - Peaceful.
       WOW!  SUPER!  GREAT!  FINALLY!  I want to jump in and join them Right Now!
       You see this, hear this and cry Hosanna!  Hallelujah!  I'm running off to join the Revolution!  (I did, at first.)
       WHY are they there?  It is not clear what the goal is, but the grievances follow.

         Details continue.  But before you get too lulled and comfortable,
         Look at some compelling and imperative considerations.
         You people are so easy.  So gullible.  So foolish, so willing to suspend discernment when you see a pretty package and give your everything over to the Candyman.
         This has happened before, 'to us'.  We still haven't learned from history because few bother to find out.  And the last time was only 40 years ago.
  • WHO  is  behind this?  Any one person?  Any group?
  • WHAT  are their goals?
  • Would  YOU  call it  Days of "Rage"?  Do You like that message?
  • WHAT  happens if 'they' succeed in "bringing down Wall Street"?
  • What follows?   Is there a plan?
  • (WHO   are  "they"?)
  • After all, if you succeed in demolishing a system that serves a purpose, however dysfunctional, you must be prepared to offer a working replacement.  Yes?
  • There are several reports that state with certainty that megabillionaire monster planetary Machiavellian manipulator George Soros is behind this, to help support his supposed agenda to bring down the US economy.  And more such reports are leaking out.
       Before you get too comfortable and interested in the details, CAVEATs, PLEASE
       Everyone has heard the complaints.  But nowhere is there a plan that would describe what things would look like if the complaints were answered.  What would people do?  Where would they go?  Who, which companies would go, stay, change?    Would I then be the person in charge?  Would you be?   No?  Then WHO?

                         Do Consider the following::

    WHO started this?  What person or organization is behind this?  Anonymous?  Grassroots?  A real rich dude with his own  agenda which is not the same as yours'?   Maybe, maybe not.  Research behind the curtain.

    HISTORY:   Around 1776 Americans did the same thing.  King George was a tyrant.  So folks got rid of his rule and formed their own organization.  Guess what.  We are back at the beginning again.  Just as abused children often become abusers themselves, those who were oppressed DID get rid of the oppressor and became oppressors themselves.  It's the same exact model.  You become who you fight.  Which is a reason why you do not use fighting as your method of liberation.  Women become their mothers and men become their fathers.  In spite of, at times, their best efforts not to.   If we succeed in getting rid of tyranny, even as we start peacefully, will we, or the next generation(s) become the tyrants?   This happens.  All.  The.  Time.

    HISTORY:   1930's US and Canada:  Same as the Viet Nam protests.   But with former World War I veterans, when MacArthur and Patton fired on the vets when they protested!  See background, below.

    HISTORY:  Remember Viet Nam?  American boys joined the armed forces because they were drafted, or, they joined because they believed what they were told and sold in that doing so they would help to make the world safe for democracy and they wanted to do that.  They were patriotic.  Many became dead patriots.  Because they were all told a pack of lies.  They were not making the world a better place, they were helping the drug sources of the CIA and the pockets of munitions manufacturers.  Joining the armed forces was the worst thing they could do.  Well intentioned, poor in practice.  This tremendously weakened the U.S., the hearts of the young, leading to disillusionment. We have still not yet recovered from it.
         If we are being lied to again, if we are being had, this will be a devastating blow to the hearts of the young.


      HISTORY:    Fondly reminiscent of the 60's protests?  How about the once peaceful 60's SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) which then split, because one faction thought the protest tactics were too peaceful and they wanted action.  They called themselves the Weathermen, this new organization took its name from a line in Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" --- "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" --- and within months had set off bombs at the National Guard headquarters and set in motion plans to bomb targets across the country that it considered emblematic of the worldwide violence sanctioned by the U.S. government.

           The Days of Rage demonstrations were a series of direct actions taken over a course of three days in October 1969 in Chicago organized by the Weatherman faction of the Students for a Democratic Society. The group planned the October 8–11 event as a "National Action" built around John Jacobs' slogan, "bring the war home." The National Action grew out of a resolution  introduced at the October 1968 SDS National Council meeting in Boulder, Colorado. The resolution, titled "The Elections Don't Mean Shit --- Vote Where the Power Is --- Our Power Is In The Street" and adopted by the council, was prompted by the success of the Democratic National Convention protests in August 1968.
         October 1969 hundreds of young people, clad in football helmets and wielding lead pipes, marched through an upscale Chicago shopping district, pummeling parked cars and smashing shop windows in their path.
         This was the first demonstration of the Weather Underground's "Days of Rage." Outraged by the Vietnam War and racism in America, the organization waged a low-level war against the U.S. government through much of the 1970s, bombing the Capitol building, breaking Timothy Leary out of prison, and evading one of the largest FBI manhunts in history.  Troubled times and, revolutionary times.
          Fueled by righteous anger, these white, middle-class students were also widely criticized for their controversial --- some say misguided --- politics. As former SDS president Todd Gitlin says: ''Like Bonnie and Clyde, many of them were attractive personally. They were into youth, exuberance, sex, drugs. They wanted action." Ultimately, the Weathermen's carefully organized, clandestine network managed to successfully dodge the FBI for years, although the group's members would eventually reemerge to life in a country that was dramatically different than the one they had hoped their efforts would inspire.

      It is not so much what these protests are now.  It is what they will grow and develop into. Again, look at history.

      Protests are created, trumped up distractions.  What the police are doing is finding out who the people are who involve themselves in these protests, the people who speak out.  Then, when the real s*it comes down the road, they know who to interview  for "preventive detention".   They have the youtube videos, which they will use against the protesters along with Biometrics.

    Both sides:  Protesters and Police HAVE BEEN USED! -- If the protesters are being used, so are the police.  The vast majority of police think they are doing the right thing and do not like having to arrest their neighbors, they really don't.  Yes, there are a few who go for the brutality, but very very very few.
       The protesters know they are doing what needs to be done.
       The police know they are doing what needs to be done.
       They are both being used.
       Neither side knows it.
       Watching the videos of police brutality made me cry.  For both sides.

    I do not want to bring down Wall Street, at least not all of a sudden, to you?  If I am mistaken, please tell me.  We still need markets.  We still need to buy food.   What will there be instead?  I have read the Declaration of what they do not want but what do they want things to look like when they are done?

       3  Web pages that researched the Soros connection:
    Canada Free Press, July 18, 2011  :   Led by the radical Service Employees International Union (SEIU), left-wing unions and activist groups have been planning to launch a national campaign of economic strong-arming and sabotage. Their plan envisions mortgage and student loan strikes and bank boycotts. Also contemplated are acts of harassment and intimidation directed against bank officials, corporate heads and public officials deemed to be enemies of the people.

    If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:
    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.
          "In an article yesterday about this weekend’s U.S. Day of Rage or Occupy Wall Street, I asked several questions including, is George Soros involved and what is this about? The website says this is all about banking and the financial forces that shape our country, but is there more? Seems there is. Is George Soros behind this protest? I have some new information on that. I'm reading everywhere on the Internet that Wade Rathke, co-founder of ACORN and SEIU,  announced the Day of Rage on March 25, 2011. I don’t doubt that is true, but haven’t been able to find anything other than someone else quote him – nothing linking to the actual quote.
          George Soros was found to be connected to U.S. Day of Rage through The Ruckus Society on the U.S. Day of Rage website. The Ruckus Society receives funding from the Tides Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute provides grants to Tides, including a mere $4.2 Million in 2008, the last year figures are available. Several paragraphs down you’ll find more on the hopes for a Robin Hood tax, and rewriting our U.S. Constitution, among other little Marxist dreams, including violence since “fiscal reform” probably won’t do the job.

         THIS  IS  WHAT   IT   IS  ABOUT

         To cease  the corruption, greed, abuse of power and position that has run rampant throughout America for too long, the corruption where 1% of the population has  more than the other 99% and to remedy its destructive effects.  WHO will do this?  We, the people are pushing this change.   By demonstrations.  By peaceful non violent demonstrations and similar methods.  It was determined that September 17, 2011, peaceful protesters would go to Zuccotti  Park, in Manhattan, New York City, right near Wall Street and make their voices heard.  They would camp there until they were heard.  And so they did.   Almost 3 weeks later, they are still camped in that parked.

         Those who are protesting are educated and articulate, and have excellent communication skills.  The plans and the reality were instantly sent around internet and social media outlets.  Mainstream media has ignored them for the first 10 days or so and still tries to ignore them, which is why you may just be hearing about it.  But it is very very VERY BIG!  If you are not on Internet --- this whole event could not have been orchestrated the way it has been without Internet.

        Members of the NYPD (New York City Police Department) in many instances, have been rather savage.  Unnecessarily so.  They make the Toronto cops during the June 2010 G20 protests look like amateurs.  Even though they have been videod constantly, and  by several video cameras at any one time.

    OCTOBER  15, 2011
    The photo at the left is Toronto

    Some of the other locations for October 15... up to the "G's"... AFRICA ARGENTINA AUSTRIA BELGIUM BRAZIL Salvador: Curitiba: Bauru: São Paulo: Natal: Porto Alegre: Passo Fundo: Florianópolis: Tubarão: Londrina Novo Friburgo PelotasGrande ABC Sorocaba Belo Horizonte Brasilia Goiânia CANADA Vancouver: CZECH REPUBLIC CHILE Santiago De Chile: CROATIA DENMARK Copenhagen: FINLAND Helsinki: FRANCE GERMANY Berlin: Bremen: Dusseldorf: Leipzig: Magdeburg: GREECE 

    This document was accepted by the NYC General Assembly September 29, 2011:
    As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

    As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

    They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.

  • They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.
  • They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.
  • They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.
  • They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.
  • They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.
  • They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.
  • They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.
  • They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.
  • They have sold our privacy as a commodity.
  • They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press. They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
  • They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.
  • They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.
  • They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.
  • They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.
  • They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.
  • They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.
  • They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.
  • They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad. They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.
  • They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.

  • To the people of the world,
    We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power.
    Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.
    To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.
    Join us and make your voices heard!
    Start today with acknowledgement and celebration of this great movement in 66 cities in the United States, who will join us in the coming weeks!
    All of us here are making history, writing history together!

    They want the protests, and the movement, to be spread throughout the U.S.A.
    Okay, the situation is dire.  But what solution(s) do they seek?  What are the goals?

    CRUEL  DECEIVER:  October 1st, a Facebook posting from Robert Ward Reilly, a Marine, about helping the protesters, went viral.  Thousands knew about it within a few hours and rejoiced exclaiming "The Marines are coming!!!"
        "I'm heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform.  I want to send the following message to Wall Street and Congress:    I didn't fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it's Congress' turn.   My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let's see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets.   I apologize now for typos and errors. Typing this on iPhone whilst heading to NYC. We can organize once we're there. That's what we do best. If you see someone in uniform, gather together. A formation will be held tonight at 10PM.  We all took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this country. That's what we will be doing."

       Except!!!  Ward Reilly was never in Vietnam and he is not a combat veteran.  He was in peaceful Germany during his entire army tour. Robert Ward Reilly left the military as a corporal after three years in the drawn-down military after a stint on the desertion roster.  He is a carpetbagger.

    You see, this is the whole thing.  It does not take much.  Do not accept everything just because someone mouths pretty words.  If you want to buy a house or a car and it looks beautiful from the outside, don't you want to examine the structure, the foundation, the condition of the wiring, the plumbing, the history?  Doesn't this deserve similar scrutiny?  You want more than a pretty paint and plaster job, don't you?  Just open the door and look in.  Part the curtain -- even slightly, and look behind the scenes.  We all yearn to believe because they are telling us what we want to hear.  But is it so?  Is it all true? Partially true?  Not at all?  Right now, I don't know.

    The Meaning behind September 17 - The  History
         September 17, 1787, forty-two of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention held their final meeting. Only one item of business occupied the agenda that day, to sign the Constitution of the United States of America.
          Since May 25, 1787, the 55 delegates had gathered almost daily in the State House (Independence Hall) in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation. By the mid June, it became apparent to the delegates that to merely amend the Articles of Confederation would not be sufficient. Instead, they would write an entirely new document designed to clearly define and separate the powers of the central government, the powers of the states, the rights of the people and how the representatives of the people should be elected.
          After being signed in September of 1787, Congress sent printed copies of the Constitution to the state legislatures for ratification. In the months that followed, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay would write the Federalist Papers in support, while  Patrick Henry, Elbridge Gerry, and George Mason would organize the opposition to the new Constitution. By June 21, 1788, nine states had approved the Constitution, finally forming "a more perfect Union."
          The Constitution signed in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787 represents perhaps the greatest expression of statesmanship and compromise ever written. In just four hand-written pages, the Constitution gives us no less than the owners' manual to one of the greatest forms of government the world has ever known.
    CoasttoCoast, Steve Quayle, Howard Bloom
          I have been in touch with the behind the scenes folks from CoasttoCoast, asking them when are they going to talk about this issue in depth (their colleague, Alex Jones, of  Infowars at first was rather encouraging about these protests, then he started realizing the George Soros connection and started to amend his earlier enthusiasm.)  Their reply was totally non committal -- they seem to be waiting for more action and reaction.

           Steve Quayle, one of their foremost current events investigative reporters stated:
       "This is the orchestrated take down of the western financial world.  It is going according to plan.  Never in the history of the United States have so few controlled so much of the nation's wealth at the expense of so many.  What we are seeing is the Hegelian Dialectic in place.  What has happened is that a problem has been created, the banking cartel has plundered the middle class.  What you are seeing now is that people are realizing is that without jobs, homes are irrelevant and without jobs it becomes pretty hard to feed your family.
         "What we are seeing right now is the Illuminati's plan in full motion, almost on cue, to generate a massive massive wave of civil disobedience throughout the country.
          "This is exactly what you, George Noory, and I spoke about about 5 or 7 years ago, about will we have civil war.  You, George said "I hope not" and I said "I pray not, but I think we are going to have it."  What has happened is that we used to be a cohesive country, we used to be Americans first.  Our country of origin was secondary.  Now we have so much divisiveness.  You know the saying that a house divided against itself can not stand.
           "Roseanne Barr  – you probably saw this on the Drudge Report, saying that ‘Bankers should be beheaded.'  Although it is a very poor statement, there is something to it in that it has been reported that many Wall Street bankers are pouring champagne out of their windows.  [Yes, videos clearly showed that  balconies of  Wall Street firms were  lined with very well groomed business people talking and laughing and drinking champagne out of champagne flutes as the protesters were marching below.]  It is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette who said let them eat cake and got guillotined.  It is the contempt. The biggest hypocritical Congress in the history of the United States, people claiming to be on the side of the poor, and they are knocking down $10 million vacations ... the people in the White House have taken more vacations so far than all the previous 10 presidents put together!

    *                *                *                *                *

    Howard Bloom comments:   Behavioral contagion.  We are very monkey see monkey do.
    OWS is catching on at increasing speed.
    Because of meaning deprivation.  Idealization deprivation.
    What really motivates people is not money, it is idealism.  It is the feeling that they are participating in something that is much bigger than they themselves are.

         All these things are catching on because there is a rational desire for people to do something that will transcend themselves.  Something that is really meaningful.  Something that will change the world.  And at the same time there is a radical discontent to do something that will change the financial trouble that we have been in since September 2008.

         In the minds of these protesters are the events in Egypt, Greece, Spain.  It is spreading because these protesters do not have jobs.  10% of people do not have jobs.  That is a lot of people.

          There are some sicknesses in our society.  The fact that 1% of the people control 42% of the wealth is bothering people a lot and showing up in the form of slogans.  "We are the 99% of people" ... who are being passed over.  The top 10% control 93% of the wealth.  The people who own the big companies have been emptying the companies out in order to increase quarterly profits.  They have been moving entire factories.  They used to move them to Mexico.  Now they do not bother to move them to Mexico.  They go to places like China.   India.

    We have seen a bunch of people who we used to idolize CEOs.  Those of us who think that the private market is the solution to all problems, see that they are there to maximize short term profit.  But to maximize short term profit and empty out your own country?  And kill jobs in your own country?  Many people are feeling that that kind of activity is criminal.   Hundreds and hundreds.  It adds up.  Entire industries.  We knew this back in the 1970's and the 1980's.

    We watched while the Japanese, had a concerted program and worked very closely with a Japanese government entity, called METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).  It was their finance agency agenda, to empty out entire segments of the American economy.  To take over the electronics industry and to do their best to take over the auto industry.  We have forgotten the lessons of that time and the forms of economic war in which private and public have to participate in it together and team up.   Now we are watching the Chinese try to do the same thing to us.

    We no longer develop competitive industry. We tried it with saving GM.  It worked.   That particular bet on behalf of government was a good one.  It was tried again, Obama tried it – with Solaran (?).  That one did not work.  That can happen when you invest.   One of the most important entrepreneurs America every had was Thomas Alva Edison who single handedly created electrical gizmos.  He said that you need 1,000 failures to have one success.  They are part of the climb towards success, not failures.  We have to know that.  We have lost our pioneering spirit, our entrepreneurial spirit, our spirit that sometimes you lose with risks.  We need to get that spirit back.  So do unions.  Government started to break them, starting with Reagan and the Air Controllers strike.

    Unions have been cutting into the efficiency of American workers and cutting down our ability to out produce people in other countries..  The work rules were staggering.  They were featherbedding.  Those union rules have to go.  Unions have to know that they are part of the movement to make America great, to outclass China, to outclass Japan, India and Germany – who is one of the greatest exporting nations.  We are up against stiff competition and to be there everyone has to participate.

    Meanwhile, these protests are tapping into something that we can all feel.  Everyone knows that something has to give.  They are giving an outlet right now for that feeling.  They do not care what you are upset about, as long as you bring your upset to these public centers.

    Another point, by coming to these centers and expressing your discontent, you can get people to change things.  And it is going to grow.  I can feel that.  Absolutely.  There has been tension, on behalf of law enforcement.  The protesters are hoping that the police will kick in and help them, just as the military did in Tahir Square.  They are hoping that when the police put protesters on buses that the bus drivers will refuse to drive.

    We all feel this discontent.  The political parties are not doing the job for us.  Obama said he was going to clean things out, that he was going to clean out a government owned and run by the lobbyists.  He gave up almost instantly, saw you couldn't run government without it.  Our government has been bought.   If he who gets the largest pot of money is he who wins the presidency, what does it say about your power?  Or the power of any voter?

         The Western system is based on 3 opposing entities.  One is business, one is government and the 3rd is the protest industry which got started in the 1760's in Britain.  In 1773, the first major protest in the US, the Boston Tea Party.  1776 was the first establishment of a government, based entirely on a protest movement.  1848, Henry David Thoreau wrote a book on civil disobedience, there was an anti war movement.

    We have had protest movements for a long time.  They have been very helpful.  They have helped us to critique ourselves, in a self correcting system.  Things periodically get out of whack, the protest movements have to take to the streets and we have to sit back and listen seriously. I think people are going to listen, because we can feel it in our bones.  Every city has people in it who feel radically discontented with things.  One of the great things about protests is you do not have to be too focused on solutions.  All you have to do is to know that there is a problem.

    Right now Americans know there is a problem and that it needs to be articulated in a public space so that politicians stop running around like madmen. ...  It is a bunch of idealistic (young) people.  The spontaneity, of people just showing up, because they are radically discontented — is for real.  It is being achieved because the country needs a form of self expression about these issues.

    JP Morgan:  JP Morgan Lobbying for Support?  (October 1, 2011):    JP Morgan recently donated the largest gift in their history of $4.6 million to the NYPD.   New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing "profound gratitude" for the company's donation.
         JP Morgan owns $79 TRILLION in derivatives.
         In 1893, bankster JP Morgan funded Tesla's free energy device. When Morgan found out that there was no way of charging people for it, he suppressed this technology. Shortly afterwards, Morgan became one of the founding fathers of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. The corruption between JP Morgan, the individual and JP Morgan, the corporation, is undivided.
          This is the latest news headline: Mayor Bloomberg Claims ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Are Targeting Bankers Who ‘Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet’ Struggling? What about the 300+ million Americans who are "struggling"? What about the numerous "struggling" people who had their homes foreclosed by the banksters? What about the record number of "struggling" unemployed Americans who cannot find a job in this recession? How dare he...
          Civil Right Attorney Sam Cohen is also siding with the Occupy Wall Street movement, adding, "We believe that the NYPD has been applying law incorrectly in a deliberate attempt to disrupt the occupation."
    *            *            *            *            *
    The following comment was written by our Oli Ullman who was born in Czech Republic and remembers when they were occupied by Russians and when their revolution came.

    "I'm focusing on feeling how peoples' hearts are awakening, how we start questioning a justice which is not  justice and I can FEEL that THIS is the time when people are finding their own power and deciding what they want for their future.  This is Very Exciting!  Standing up for freedom is actually very contagious,  it is a catalyst for masses to awaken, a catalyst for the Spirit.   Now it is as large as is the entire Universe is in support of our new Earth Co-Creation.   I truly see it that from a higher perspective it does not matter who is behind it but how it all works, together,  as a catalyst for many to reach inside themselves, to start feeling who they truly are.  This is the time..  this is the time.   We each  play a role, a valuable one  in the Co-Creation of a new existence on Earth.  My role is to hold a higher perspective, to find joy, certainty, guidance and a positive view in order to manifest even more positive results out of the 3D duality.  Blessings to Humanity and to Earth, and to the EXITING times we are living in!"

    BEHIND  THE  CURTAIN:   The George Soros connections
    George Soros is a Hungarian born currency speculator and multi-billion dollar stock market wheeler-dealer who has been convicted of insider trading in France. Accused in court by the Dr. Rath Foundation of having funded the ARV drug promoting Treatment Action Campaign to the tune of 1.4 million South African Rand, Soros has invested heavily in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors over the years, buying large holdings in companies such as Pfizer, Merck and Monsanto.

    Multi Billionaire philanthropist George Soros made more than $1 billion by currency speculation when the pound was ejected from the Exchange Rate Mechanism on Black Wednesday in 1992.  ... A secretive group of Wall Street hedge fund bosses, including George Soros  are said to be behind a plot to cash in on the decline of the euro.

    It is believed that Soros is directly behind the Days of Rage.  The Days of Rage is intended to counteract the Tea Party and to keep the Obama in power as they would love to be able to trigger martial law thus keeping Obama in power, but they don't have the numbers to do so.  Days of Rage is comprised of communists, socialists and anarchists who actively seek to destroy the US which would directly benefit the ruling elite who seek to destroy it so that they can force us into the CFR's long planned NAU Dictatorship with Canada and Mexico

    Soros Admits To Delusions “Of Grandeur” And Said That His “Goal Is To Become The Conscience Of The World.”  “He [Soros] admits to what some call ‘messianic’ ideals: ‘I have had these illusions, or perhaps delusions, of grandeur and they have driven me.’  He has also said that his ‘goal is to become the conscience of the world.’”  (Anthony Gottlieb, “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?” The New York Times, 3/3/02)

    It does seem peculiar that George Soros, who rarely offers public commentary on ordinary events, on October 3 is said to have declared that he is in sympathy with the protesters.  Why was it necessary for him to do so and for this to be reported?

    The Wikimedia Foundation, of which Wikipedia is a project, is directly dependent upon support from super wealthy benefactors with connections to the pharmaceutical investment business. One of the most notable of the Wikimedia Foundation’s supporters is the so-called “Open Society Institute”, founded by the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, George Soros.

    Melissa Hagemann, Senior Program Manager of the Soros Open Society Institute’s Information Program, currently sits on the advisory board of the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia. Hagemann has also worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – an organization that, like Soros, has previously invested heavily in the drug industry and, according to the Los Angeles Times, reaps vast financial gains every year from investments that contravene its claims to good works.

    Ethan Zuckerman, a member of the Wikimedia advisory board since its formation in January 2007, simultaneously sits on a funding board for the Information Program of the Soros Open Society Institute.

    The  FDA Commissioner is Margaret Hamburg who is the daughter of the President of the American Eugenics Society

    The FDA's created the framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regulations for the US, Canada, and Mexico through their Trilateral Cooperation Charter,  Will martial law flow from the socialists planned rioting in all 50 states plus their planned "occupation" of Wall Street in New York City?  An outrageous realization about this planned mass upheaval against capitalism is that government grants are being used still to fund ACORN which has splintered into numerous state chapters.

     1930's  Canadian and US HISTORY:
    1930's: CANADA:   The On-to-Ottawa Trek was a long journey where thousands of people had unemployed men protesting the dismal conditions in federal relief camps scattered in remote areas across Western Canada. The men lived and worked in these camps at a rate of twenty cents per day before walking out on strike in April 1935. After a two-month protest in Vancouver, British Columbia, camp strikers voted to travel east to Ottawa and bring their grievances to the federal government. The Great Depression crippled the Canadian economy and left one in nine citizens on relief.
          Three large vans were parked on the sides of the square concealing RCMP riot squads. Regina police were standing by in a nearby garage. At 8:17 p.m. a whistle was blown and the police charged the crowd, setting off hours of hand-to-hand fighting throughout the city's centre. The attack caught the people off guard before their anger took over. They fought back with sticks, stones, and anything at hand. Mounted RCMP officers then charged into the crowd and attacked with clubs. Driven from the Square, the battle continued in the surrounding streets for four hours.
           Police fired revolvers above and into groups of people. Tear gas bombs were thrown at any groups that gathered together. Plate glass windows in stores and offices were smashed, but with one exception, these stores were not looted. People covered their faces with wet handkerchiefs to counter the effects of the tear gas and barricaded streets with cars.
          When it was over, 120 Trekkers and citizens had been arrested.  Hundreds of injured local residents and Trekkers were taken to hospitals or private homes. Those taken to hospital were also arrested. Property damage was considerable. The police claimed 39 injuries in addition to the dead police officer, but denied that any protesters had been killed in the melee; the hospital records were subsequently altered to conceal the actual cause of death.

           POLITICAL EFFECTS:  The events helped to discredit Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett's Conservative government, and in the 1935 federal election, his party went from holding 134 seats to just 39. It also increased the notoriety of the Communist Party of Canada, which was behind the organization of the Trek. After the Trek, the government provided free transportation as a peace sign back to the camps. Although the Trek did not reach Ottawa, its political reverberations certainly did. Several demands of the Trekkers were eventually met, and the public support that galvanized behind the Trek set the tone for the social reforms and welfare provisions of the postwar era.

    1930's US:   The Bonus Army was the popular name of an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers — 17,000 World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups — who gathered in Washington, D.C., in the spring and summer of 1932 to demand immediate cash-payment redemption of their service certificates. Its organizers called it the Bonus Expeditionary Force to echo the name of World War I's American Expeditionary Force, while the media called it the Bonus March.
           Many of the war veterans had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression. The World War Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924 had awarded them bonuses in the form of certificates they could not redeem until 1945. Each service certificate, issued to a qualified veteran soldier, bore a face value equal to the soldier's promised payment plus compound interest. The principal demand of the Bonus Army was the immediate cash payment of their certificates.
           U.S. Attorney General William D. Mitchell ordered the veterans removed from all government property. Washington police met with resistance, shots were fired and two veterans were wounded and later died. President Herbert Hoover then ordered the army to clear the veterans' campsite. Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur commanded the infantry and cavalry supported by six tanks. The Bonus Army marchers with their wives and children were driven out, and their shelters and belongings burned.
         When told of the shootings, President Hoover ordered the army to evict the Bonus Army from Washington.
         Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch. The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered the cavalry to charge them -- an action which prompted the spectators to yell, "Shame! Shame!"
         After the cavalry charged, the infantry, with fixed bayonets and adamsite gas, an arsenical vomiting agent, entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling the Bonus March was a Communist attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Fifty-five veterans were injured and 135 arrested. A veteran's wife miscarried. When 12-week-old Bernard Myers died in the hospital after being caught in the tear gas attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis, while a hospital spokesman said the tear gas "didn't do it any good."
          During the military operation, Major Dwight D. Eisenhower, later President of the United States, served as one of MacArthur's junior aides. Believing it wrong for the Army's highest ranking officer to lead an action against fellow American war veterans, he strongly advised MacArthur against taking any public role: "I told that dumb son-of-a-bitch not to go down there," he said later. "I told him it was no place for the Chief of Staff." Despite his misgivings, Eisenhower later wrote the Army's official incident report which endorsed MacArthur's conduct.

    Possible Outcomes

          DEFEAT:       VICTORY:
    We will know a lot more by next month.
    Let us literally hope and pray for the best.
    Thank you and God Bless.

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