The Toronto Dowsers Water Project
Healing the Waters of the Planet
Using Water for Health and Happiness
inspired by  our friend, Raymon Grace, November 26, 2002
CHECK OUT   "The Water Project"  at: www.dowsers.info/toronto/water.htm
   Thank you so much for  your faith, your belief, your interest and support.   You helped bring to the world the awareness of now only what water can do but equally important -- what YOU can do.

We are no longer mailing out bottles of  ECH20.
That phase has ended.   

For the next phase, return here in a couple of weeks by which time this page shall be updated.   Your own intent and confidence can do wonders.

This is sponsored by the Toronto Dowsers, one of the largest and fastest growing dowsing groups in North America.  We began September 2000.   We have activities, projects, videos and live, energetic detailed monthly newsletters that are available to you online.   You can access the TORONTO DOWSERS link from: www.TorontoDowsers.com

Pour a couple of drops of this water in to a swimming pool, in to a lake, river or ocean, with Intention.  Pour a little down your toilet.

Drop a couple of drops of  ECH20 in to a larger water jug.  Use it for whatever you want.

Drop a couple drops in to a dropper bottle with water one you would carry around with you.  Drop a couple drops of  ECH20 in to whatever you want.  Intend.

You can use it "as is", however it will have a stronger effect if, as you use it you "INTEND" say, that it bring you health, longevity, etc. whatever you desire.  You can make "Medicine Water" to heal non beneficial emotional patterns, achieve what you want in life, as we learned through Larry & Raymon.

When your bottle has 1" of water left, add more water to the bottle.

Please see that this water is distributed to people who travel to different places, so that even a few drops of this water be poured in to the different waters around our Planet!  Again, with Intention.