If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than is in this newsletter.  We welcome you to join our group and can use the money, and greatly appreciate contributions, especially since our newsletters went from 8 to 40+ pages as we are in a time of information explosion and our dues do not cover these increased expenses.  There is much important information here, and information of a time sensitive nature as we are preparing for the November 8th Harmonic Concordance.  This is important for dowsers as dowsers crave the truth.  The best way to find the truth is through Higher Consciousness.  That's the best way to acheive everything worthwhile.  Participate in the September 22 Consciousness Raising and read the info below about the HC, Stargates, and, everything else.  Enjoy.  Thank you.  - Marilyn -
The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

TUESday, September 9, 2003 (See last page for information)
"Entities and Their Detection"
Spooks, Lost Souls, etc. What, Why, What to do
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
We must be out of the building by 9:59 pm
[No Dowsing Practice before this meeting.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages]
at  The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
Entrance on Dunvegan Street (the east side of the church)
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2003

September  9  RUTH  (@ Timothy Eaton Memorial Church)
September 20 - Trip to Warsaw Caves with Bruce Magill.  CURVE LAKE POWWOW
September 22nd - Consciousness Raising
October  16 - JOEY KORN  (@ Edwards Gardens)
[ October 18-19:  Workshop with Joey Korn ]
October 28 - Dinner with Allan Handlesman
October - Mary Hardy will be here - date: TBA (~ 10/22??)
November  12   ART MARTIN (@Edwards Gardens)
December  9 - 4th Annual Networking Social (@ Edwards Gardens)


1)  Please note that the DAY and LOCATIONS of some of our meetings are moving.


WHY:  Our first 2 years we met at Yonge & Lawrence.  This was an excellent location.
Then the church we met in needed our room.  So we had to move.
We moved to the 2nd Tuesday at Avenue Road and St. Clair
But we have to be out by 10 PM, which cuts our schmoozing time too short.
And its a little difficult for uptown people to get to (and great for downtown people)

We are trying some meetings at Edwards Gardens - we don't have to be out of there until later, however the dates we want are not (yet) always available.

Downtown TTC people say they don't like waiting for the bus at Edwards Gardens after the meeting.  If you have an idea as to how we can overcome this challenge, please let me know.   A solution requires creativity and working together.

If you have a location we could meet in, let me know --- as close to Yonge & Lawrence as possible, 2,500+ square feet, acoustics, good energy, parking, public transportation, affordable, flexible,.....

2)   It's almost time to Renew your membership in the Toronto Dowsers.  Your membership (including library privileges) expires September 30, 2003.  A membership application is included in this newsletter.  Please FILL IT IN and bring it FILLED IN WITH PAYMENT to one of the next two meetings.  Or mail it in.

Membership entitles you to:

Please note that renewal costs  $20.  New memberships cost $25 this year.

Also notice new categories.  They reflect areas of interest you have been talking about.  If you have an interest in the area, put a "1" in the space.   If you have experience, such as teaching it, having gone to workshops or read a goodly amount about an area, please put a "2" in the space.  You can put a "1" and a "2" in the space (and I expect those with a sense of humor might even put a "3").

One of the benefits of membership is a lower meeting rate.  If you would like to receive this, starting October 1, you must show your card each time you come to the meeting.  If not, you can pay the higher rate.   It has been taking too long for the registration people to check the listings for the names.  As we have close to 300 members, it takes too long to go through the listings --- even though the listings are alphabetized.

The *NEW* Toronto Dowsers Library

In the spring, we struggled with the library.  Helen Evans inaugurated the library October 2001 and did a terrific job setting up systems, inventory, cataloguing, making sure things ran smoothly helping as many people as possible in the short amount of time the library could be open during the meetings.   Helen's increased job responsibilities and the fact that she lives in Orangeville made it impossible for her give adequate attention to the library and she had to resign. It was with heavy regret that Helen was unable to attend the May meeting and leave the library.

When the call (of the wild) went out that a new librarian was needed, Mici Gold, who joined us this spring and lives in Toronto, answered.  Mici has the materials and is familiarizing herself with the inventory and the systems.  As this is a big responsibility, Mici is building a team to help during and away from meetings so that we can expand our services to you.   I asked Mici for a brief bio to share with you and what she sent was so exciting I froze:

"  I am a retired teacher of outdoor education with a background in botany, museum administration and library.  In my spare (ha!) time, I write science fiction poetry and have been published in Northern Frights 4, Transversions, and On Spec. I'm returning to University of Toronto this fall to begin a study of Classical Antiquity.  For over fifteen years, I've studied and practiced the stress relief methodology of Three In One Concepts ( www.theauthenticyou.com ), which uses muscle testing as a form of dowsing.  I also help to administer a literary award, the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic ( www.sunburstaward.org ), which presents an annual prize of $1,000.  My husband, three daughters, mother-in-law and I live in a big house in "North York". "
Okay, what's so exciting you probably ask.  Not only does Mici write some sci fi, but she helps organize science fiction conventions, AND!!!!  she KNOWS PERSONALLY several MAJOR Science Fiction Authors!   I have been reading science fiction steadily since I was 11 years old. You all share this same level of interest.  Yes?   We are lucky to have such a(nother) capable and multi talented librarian, n'est-ce pas?

If you are interested in volunteering to help out at the library, please let Mici or me know.  You don't have to attend every meeting, but when you do commit to help out at a meeting, you are expected to show up.  On time.

With regard to the NEW contents of the library:

        We have had an inventory of 250 items.  We now have about 350.   Because we had a limited inventory, you were restricted to borrowing 1 item at a time.  We will be experimenting with allowing you to take out 2 items at a time.


(Peter is our hard working treasurer and I have not yet presented the bills to him.  He does a good job of reminding me of fiscal responsibility but I was in Vermont and Peter was far away....)

When someone went to the ASD Convention this June, she spent over $1,000 US on new library materials.  Your dues, library and meeting fees do not cover this.   We rely on contributions for this.   Please make extra contributions to help cover these costs.  Soon.  Often.  A lot.  Thank you.

One of the tasks Mici will be overseeing will be the updating of the Library on the web.  We would also like to have reviews and abstracts written by you.  Interested?

Here are some of the themes and new books (there are also audio cassettes and video tapes):

Egypt, Alien Cosmology:  Gammill, William "The Gathering, Meetings in Higher Space";  Elisabeth Haich "Initiation"; Hornung, Erik "History of Ancient Egypt"; Marrs, Jim "Rule By Secrecy"; Picknett, Lynn "The Stargate Conspiracy"; Tompkins, Peter "Secrets of the Great Pyramid"

There are some complete books on  Sound Healing (one has a CD), Homeopathic Color Remedies, Improving your eyesight, both Bible Code Books,  Water books,  "The Sixth Sense of Children", "Healing for the Age of Enlightenment (which includes the Master Cleanse), books on Vibrational Medicine, Electropollution, Electrical Nutrition, Huna, Remote Viewing, Vivaxis, Mind Machines, Urine Therapy, Brain Respiration, Native animals, cassette sets on Native American traditions, etc.

Hours were spent selecting the books.  Each one had a reason.

Mici will do her best to set up consistent times to have the library open, both before and after the meeting.  Please let her work things out as she needs during the first meeting.   Again, let us know if you would like to volunteer to help out at the library.

Were you frustrated?::   In the spring, Helen Evans' responsibilities at work increased.  She was doing the work of 3 people and could not pay our library the attention she would have liked.  Sometimes she could not make a meeting.  So there you were, only about 9 opportunities to use the library and you wanted to take out an item this time and you couldn't.  When there is a situation you don't like, instead of complaining, you know the best thing to do is to take action.  But you can't, here.  You can't volunteer because you don't have the time to do so.  Complaining does no good in this kind of a situation.  What do you do?  You send energy.  Close your eyes, vacuum out your frustration, a big inhale, a big exhale and picture the library open, fully staffed with plentiful materials.   If enough of us did this during those frustrating times, everything would flow more smoothly.

I thank you for your patience for those times we were unable to serve you properly.

Do you like to:  Read?   Write?   Type?  Can you type quickly with accuracy?

1)  In order to bring more meaning and relevance of our library materials to more of you, we would like to have reviews, rather like the book reports we did when we attended school.  These could be reports on books, video or audio tapes.  It would be interesting to have reports done by different people on the same item, to see different tastes and perspectives.  Please let Mici or me know if you would like to participate in this.

2)  We have audio cassette tapes of talks whose whole or partial contents would provide good content for the newsletter.  We also have a transcribing machine.  When you use a transcribing machine you are listening to a tape through head phones, your hands are free to type and your feet operate pedals that stop and start the tape so you can listen and type at a comfortable speed.   It took 4 days to transcribe the tape from Mary Hardy's presentation.  You can comfortably finish most tapes within a week.  Please let me know if you would like to do this on an occasional basis, assuming we can exchange the machine fairly easily.  There are 4 tapes that need transcribing.

QUESTION #1:  What country has the highest number of Labyrinths?


We do not yet have all the details for some of these upcoming events and will not have them before the next newsletter. They will be posted on the web site and/or be sent out via email.  If you do not have this kind of access and are interested in these events, please connect with someone who is on the net.
BRUCE MAGILL, of Havelock Ontario (705) 778 7243 leads
THE TORONTO DOWSERS to  Warsaw Caves, near Peterborough
Meet:  10:30 a.m.
Bring your lunch, wear comfortable clothing and shoes
L Rods (if you have them) and your pendulum
If you like, bring a camera, note paper.

Our trip to the Peterborough Petroglyphs worked out so well, you wanted more.  Bruce told us about the Warsaw Caves and Serpent Mound, 2 more sacred sites in the area with special earth energies. Bruce agreed to take us to the Warsaw caves.  We are going Saturday, September 20th, as this coincides with the nearby Curve Lake Pow Wow.  This is about 30-40 kilometers and 20-30 minutes closer to us than the Petroglyphs.  It should not take more than 2 hours to get there from Toronto.

One of the areas of interest you especially appreciated at the Petroglyphs was when Bruce taught us and entertained us while we were having lunch.  We were over the moon. You are amazed at what he knows and what he comes up with.  Bruce loves to share with us.

To get in to the Park: $7.00 per vehicle, or $2 per adult if you walk in.
For Bruce: This is by donation to Bruce, a donation to him in honor and acknowledgment of what he offers us (see below for some of what he shared w us at the Petroglyphs).  You can give the money to Bruce, his wife Irene or to one of us who will be helping Bruce organize.
 Take the 401 East to 115/35.  Take 115 North to Hwy 7.  Go East (right)
 Go (about 7 KM)  to Highway 134.  Turn Left (North)
 Take 134 North about 6 KM  to a 4 way stop.
 Go Right (North) on to County Road 4
 Go in to, and through the town of Warsaw, following County Road 4
 About 2 KM from town you will see CAVES ROAD (small sign) on the right
 You will be going right --- right in to the area.
 Meet in the Parking area.
 If you come late: We have arranged to leave information with the gatehouse as to where we are in the area.  There are 7 caves. They said that if you come late, go towards the caves.  You will hear our group.

There is a Pow Wow in Curve Lake this weekend.  You might want to go to the Pow Wow after our expedition, or, stay over in the area and go to the Pow Wow on Sunday.

Call To Action --- to Raise Consciousness.   Please come to The Mound or do this wherever you are.

[NOTE ON on the High Park area: I was called by one of the Native Americans who attended our first Consciousness Raising in March on the Mound.   He said that there have been materials left in different areas of High Park, areas that have a spiritual significance and a power --- for satanic rituals.  They have been finding pieces of certain kinds of burned materials and pieces of objects used as fetishes.  Not on the Mound though.

I was listening to a David Icke interview on Coast to Coast in April.  He spoke about the dark rituals the dark forces use and why they use them.  What they do is they find someone who has the potential to be one of them, such as someone that they would call a lizard person.  This person does not know they have this potential.  What the rituals do is awaken the DNA in that person to the fact of this potentiality so they are aware and can join their group.  And most always do so.]

One day, a few hours between September 13 and 30:

Get Rid of Smog, Chemtrails, Pollution, Fuzzy Thinking
Clear Skies Over Toronto
Breathable Air

Toronto Dowsers!  We are doing it again.

When we were introduced to Raymon's techniques of changing energies, and started practicing and doing them and making changes for ourselves and community, it seemed this was the most beneficial contribution we could make to our society --- ever.

Then along came the Water Project and again we were given the opportunity to be instrumental in healing every single body of water on the planet.   How --- Why were we placed in the such a position of Import and Honor?   WE are making such a difference.  And again --- another realization, after hearing Mary Hardy --- understanding a responsibility of dowsers to maintain and protect the planetary grid, and acting on it.

This is "pretty big stuff".  And its real.

We have now been chosen for another honor in planetary healing:

Changing the Energetics of Toronto
  The Toronto Dowsers Energization SWAT Team  (TDEST)

Some of you may be familiar with chem trails and the devices used to disperse them to create clear skies, removing smog and pollution.  They are properly called "Chem Busters" and are commonly (altho improperly) called "Cloud Busters".

The Chem Busters and other devices like them also serve to break up, eliminate, reverse and transform non beneficial electro magnetic radiation.

(In what may be the first governmental acknowledgment of its kind, a public official from Cleveland, Ohio has referenced "chemtrails" in a bill put before US congress.  US Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) has submitted bill no. HR 2977 IH , which proposes a ban on the weaponization of space.  One of the weapons systems listed in the bill is "chemtrails".  The use of this term is significant because until now, all reported governmental inquiries into this issue have been  dismissed or denied.)

Wilhelm Reich, as you know, found an energy he called orgone energy and created orgone energy devices.  These devices collect negative energies.  But once you have these devices --- these accumulators --- what do you do with the energies?   How do you disperse them?

Don Croft took the orgone device and went to the next step where the negative (as in: non beneficial) energies become balanced out and they become positive.  He is using these devices to neutralize the non beneficial effects of chemtrails and other pollutants to our air and atmosphere.   Putting together many of these devices is not difficult, it is not expensive and Don has made the info easily available.  One of you built a chem buster last year and the skies above your home are clear.  The people making and using these devices have created a grass roots network encouraging everyone to make/buy/use these devices.  It's making a difference. The more negative energy the towers put out, the more positive energies the devices convert them to.

Not only are we contending with the physical pollution to our air, but there is also the purposeful energetic pollution that is negatively affecting our mental states such as HAARP devices, Woodpecker (that Sabina told us about at our November meeting) and the Tetra system, (the latter, predominant in Great Britain, causes ELF zombification due to massive release of calcium ions in the cerebral cortex and the nervous system.  These calcium ions also cause massive hormonal disturbances which lead to frenzied imbalances, emotional and physical states.)   The chembuster devices neutralize this energetic pollution. Our minds and emotions become clearer. If you are a negative person and live in an area that has been chembusted, you either change or you leave.

Last year, Raymon told us that the most important article he had ever come across is Dick Sutphen's The Battle for Your Mind Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today. These devices neutralize these attempts and even make you stronger ---- just like with Oriental martial arts ---- you use the energy of your opponent as he attacks you to defeat him.

Steve Baron has been in this network for almost the past year, making and distributing these devices.  They look like cupcakes.  Steve brought them to our Petroglyphs outing and our multiple "blind dowser testings" found that yes, they do neutralize detrimental energies.  The air above his home near the Lakeshore is now pretty good.   Steve would like to show us how to make them and/or make them available to us so we can properly distribute them.   "The [downtown core of the] City of Atlanta was done in two weeks."   Steve is organizing this project a workshop which will be at his home.  We will have free copies of the Sutphen article available for you at the workshop, and other resources and pictures about the technology being used to attempt to control people.

The workshop will take place some time between September 13 and 30.   Costs are minimal, to cover expenses plus a $10 donation for Steve's time.  If this interests you, and if you do not have email, please stay connected with someone in our group who receives our emails to find out about these details.  If you don't know anyone, let me know and someone will connect you.

Although we have known about these devices for some time, we just started getting involved in this network and are doing our best to gather as much information for you as possible.  Steve will be at the September meeting, near the Toronto Dowsers table, to answer questions and show the devices within the the time provided.  We all have a lot of questions.

What is needed is a team of dowsers who will do this --- who will dowse to determine the proper locations and placement.

You will learn more about making them and distributing them.   If you do not want to make them, but want to be part of this project in some way, stay in touch with us.

Our goal here in Toronto is to have 30-40 people distributing the devices.

One of the components of the devices is small single terminated quartz crystals.  We are looking for a good supply for the crystals.  Please let us know if you can help us with this.

The devices are based on Wilhelm Reich's orgone theory. Orgone, from the word "orgasm", is also known as life energy, ch'i or prana.  Unlike Reich's first devices which accumulated surrounding orgone, be it positive or negative, these new models are based on Don Croft's works and generate a pure energy, transmutating negative energies into positive ones, hence their name "orgone generators".

Nowadays major sources of negative orgone are chemtrail sprayings along with (purported) "cell phone" towers and telecom antennas. Computers, micro-waves, television receivers, electrical structures, diseases,  pollution and some people are also negative orgone sources.

The energy creations are not only positive orgone sources, they also activate around negative source to purify the negative orgone automatically.  This source of positive orgone is called orgonite. Orgonite is the main ingredient used to build these products. It is a polyester resin and metal matrix containing one or more crystal(s) and other energy catalysts.  Steve invited a bunch of us to his home where we learned how to make them.  It's as easy as making (cup)cakes.

When I asked Don Croft for a little more information he told me: "Orgone is what Reich called the energy that synergizes everything else. It's the medium of thought, emotion, perception.  It's the matrix of creation, really.  To think of isolating it is probably a fool's venture. We simply found a way to 'generate' it and certainly to transmute the unbalanced, harmful forms of the energy.  That's what orgonite does, basically.  The contrivances are made to perform certain functions within the larger process.  Any beneficial entity you're aware of or have heard about is included in this network and they all seem to indicate, to me, at least, that God is in charge of the show.  I see it as different levels of service.   Every entity serves God, even the Illuminati dung beetles who hate Him/Her with a burning, dirty passion."

"Don Croft is convinced that the presence of DOR, or Deadly Orgone energy, is necessary for these mind control towers to be effective. Don maintains that an orgone generating device called a Holy Handgrenade can transmute DOR into the more positive, life affirming form of orgone called "OR" by discoverer Wilhelm Reich. Don and his wife feel that removing the DOR component from the environment of an ELF tower, will mitigate the mind control function

Everywhere, ELF/microwave transmission towers are being erected. The antennae usually look like four slightly curved vertical plates about 2 feet in length and located in either 3 or 4 quadrants around the tower,  two thirds up from the ground. Just look around, you'll see them. And you'll also notice more of them going up once you begin to pay attention. No one is saying anything, but you're expected to presume that they're for cell phones. (Do you really think that we need that much 'cell phone' transmission capability, every few blocks? Do you realize how very little energy is used by genuine cell phone usage? Yet these towers are capable of putting out levels of power that exceed cell phone requirements by a wide margin) These mind control technologies have been in place for a long time. It's not an accident that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late1940's to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim realizing it. Reich worked on this project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952,  until he realized who the CIA was planning to use the mind control on -the American people. He was outraged that he was deceived and used for such a treasonous motive and swore never to cooperate with the CIA, FDA, etc. again. Reich was murdered in Federal prison in 1957, just a few weeks before he was due to be released, having been in prison for 2 years on a trumped up charge leading to a contempt of court citation. He was reported to have had a 'heart attack'. He was strong as an ox. He was murdered two weeks before his parole board hearing. His last book, written in prison, was found to be 'missing' after his death and never returned to his family."

For more information, try the following 3 sites:

(1)  www.cloud-busters.com
" This is a community of doers, people who get things done and take action to make their lives and the lives of others better. Many people in the past have commented that they have not felt anything from their Holy  Hand Grenade (a name for one of the devices), still other have stated that they feel nothing from their Cloud Busters. This is neither  here nor there in this conversation. The majority of people, close to 95%, who build or buy a Cloud Buster notice changes in their environment within about a week, even if they 'feel' nothing from it.

I hear reports of the sky returning to the colors people remembered from their youth. Neighbors stopping  to talk on nice evening, when they never had before. Children's behavioral problems resolved overnight.  Many people notice animals of all types coming closer to people's homes then before.   I am not making any of these claims; these are comments from others that they attribute to their Cloud Buster."

(2)  www.metatech.org/cloudbuster_&_orgone_generator.html
History of the Cloudbuster
"The Wilhelm Reich cloudbuster (CB) was well known for its ability to create rain. But a problem existed with its continued use, in that the deadly orgone energy that it absorbed could in fact hurt the operator if it was not correctly "drained off".  This "draining off" of deadly orgone energy was accomplished by 1)  Connecting the cloudbuster to a body of running water (difficult) or 2)  Connecting the cloudbuster output to an orgone accumulator.  However, the orgone accumulator would soon become saturated with the deadly orgone energy which in turn caused more problems for the operator.  So the cloudbuster, as good a technology as it is, has lain dormant for many years only  being used by such professional weather engineers as Trevor James Constable, among others."

2001 - The Cloudbuster Re-Invented
Don Croft,, alternative scientist, researcher, inventor.  By utilizing the research of Wilhelm Reich, assisted by his partner Carol, Don has created a cheap, portable and easy to build device that consistently destroys Chemtrails and heals the atmosphere. Unlike the original cloudbuster, the chembuster actually changes the deadly orgone energy to good orgone energy  and so does NOT become saturated or dangerous to the operator.

(3)  www.educate-yourself.org
This site has many different and informative articles on chemtrails, Don Croft, Mind Control, and other useful tidbits.

2 more links:

OCTOBER 16:  JOEY KORN speaks to the Toronto Dowsers

Last October when Joey was here, we all (Joey included of course) had such a good time that we decided that he would come back this October.  All the details are not in yet, because I've been too busy and too lazy (?) to stay on top of this and everything else.   If you go to: www.dowsers.info/toronto/JOEYK.htm  you can see what we did last year.  All the details will be in the next newsletter and posted on the web site.

If you do not have web access and are interested in the workshop, or a session with Joey, contact Marilyn: (416) 322-0363  9:30-9:30.

Joey will be deepening our understanding of his message to us:  that the most powerful form of healing is dowsing combined with prayer and how to use dowsing with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, some of its key principles, that it is real, not just a symbol and how detect it and apply these key principles in your life.

Joey will show you how various sacred geometry shapes are *in* your own Human Energy Pattern.  He'll also share what he sees as the 3-D version of the Tree of Life.  He calls the the Human Personality Matrix.  He'll explain how he see your own matrix joining in with the Universal Matrix.

In the workshop, you will also learn to dowse with just your hands and arms and dowse in your mind, detecting energies anywhere you can see. This is true deviceless dowsing.  When you become familiar with what a dowsing response feels like within your body, you can learn to dowse easily in your mind. You can then travel in time and space to explore the world of subtle  energies and make changes in those energies, creating beneficial energy environments anywhere in the world.

A 9-year-old boy taught Joey to dowse with just hands and arms, just minutes after he taught the boy how to dowse! This is very easy to learn, and it's the key to learning his advanced dowsing and energy work techniques.

When you imagine yourself in another place, whether it's just a few feet in front of you or anywhere in the world you've ever been before, you are actually sending your consciousness to that place. You can then dowse the energies there and you can change the energies to be beneficial to anyone in that place. The more vividly you can imagine yourself being there, the more accurately you will be able to explore the subtle energies and the more effectively you can change those  energies.

You'll then learn to:

If you're interested in setting up a Personal Session or a Spiritual Housecleaning and coaching service in your home during that week (October 14-20), contact Marilyn.

Joey will be available by appointment for one-hour personal sessions.  He will work with your personal Tree of Life (Human Energy Pattern) to help you analyze and resolve your most important life issues.  and willl give you "keys to resolution," insights into what you need to do to resolve your issues.  These are on a donation basis, in the US the suggested range is  $35-$100.

Joey will be available for one-on-one coaching in your home or office. He'll spend about 2 ½ hours with you, teaching you his methods of dowsing and energy work. You'll learn to detect various kinds of detrimental and beneficial subtle energies around you. You'll also learn to change any detrimental energies into beneficial energies, including the energies of underground streams and the harmful radiations from electrical appliances (EMFs). Joey will also explore your Tree of Life Pattern (which is imprinted on your bed) and your Human Energy Pattern to detect imbalances and will work with you to bring them into balance. He'll leave your house in an ideal energetic condition. 

Mary Hardy will return in mid to late October.
Mary would like to tell us about the preparation for the Harmonic Concordance (see below)
on November 8, 2003.
This is the time of another full lunar eclipse
The Astrological chart forms a perfect Star of David
Stargates are lining up.
Details will be posted on the website and sent via email

Tuesday, October 28
Dinner with Alan Handelsman

Alan, a dowsing teacher from Arizona and speaker at many dowsing conferences, was in Toronto last year as one of the speakers at the annual Energy Psychology Conference.  We wanted to meet him but did not have a chance to get him to speak to our group.  Instead, we took him out to dinner at a Chinese buffet.  We all had such a good time that we are planning the same thing this year.

This year the conference will be at a downtown hotel, at Bay by Dundas/Queen. Can anyone recommend a restaurant --- perhaps a Chinese buffet?  where our group can hang out and eat and hang out and eat for hours?  Last year we were at the restaurant from 6 until they starting putting chairs on the tables at 10.  Of course good energy, good food and good prices are considerations.

Art Martin, from California will be our November speaker.

Art speaks on the Healing Power of the Mind.  His system of Psychoneuroimmunolgy defines illness, disease, and emotional and mental malfunction as a breakdown in the immune and endocrine systems caused by negative sensory input, thoughts, feelings, perceptions and actions.  Then, Art shows that through techniques he has developed, we can change a person's mental/physical heath, wellness and outlook on life in minutes if they choose to do so.

December is our annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  Members are entitled to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  We also ask you to bring some food if you like.  In the past 3 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!  More details next month.


The Canadian Society of Questers
Invites you to their annual Dowsing Convention at
100 Mile House, British Columbia
September 26th through to the 28th, 2003
Alicja Aratyn will be one of the presenters
Contact: (604) 684-8166 or (604) 464-4703

The Consumer Health Organization of Canada is going through re organization and tough times as events beyond their control, such as george bush's vendatta against Saddam Hussein and the sars scam caused attendance at their annual health show to be lower than expected.  This is one of --- if not the --- most important organizations in Canada and many of you attend and are exhibitors at their show.  This year they took a heavy financial hit.  There are more details about this in a letter on their web site.

They have set up presentations that they think would be of interest to you, speakers who have been very well received.  Please consider attending:

MIRACLES OF RAW FOOD with Victoria Boutenko - Friday September 26 and Sunday September 28
PREVENTION OF CANCER with Frank Ludde -  Friday, October 10, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
For costs, location, check their website or call: (416) 490-0986

[Note: I met Frank Ludde about 5 years ago.  If I ever had a health problem I wanted help with on the physical level, he would be the first person I'd go to.  I wish that my father had gone to Frank.  He might still be alive today.]

PAT PREVOST has initiated and organized a new event:
A real community event for the local holistic community to meet the public & to network together
October 4, 2003 -  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Aurora Community Center, Yonge & Aurora Heights Drive, Aurora

$5.00 admission:
- "Goodie Bag" filled with coupons from York Region practitioners and vendors
- Door prize and free draws throughout the day
- Meet experienced practitioners with answers to your questions
- Purchase unique holistic products
- Lively informative talks and demonstrations
- Exhibitor contact information directory supplied

Live music by The Musical Rainbow - Sharon Russell, producer and performer of healing music

October 30 - November 1, 2003
Fifth Annual Energy Psychology Conference - Breakthroughs In Energy Psychology
Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre

Drs. David Feinstein, Eric Pearl, Gary Schwartz and William Tiller are featured speakers. David Feinstin will be moderating a panel on Research Models For Energy Psychology: Learning From The Discoveries of William Tiller and Gary Schwartz.

Jerry Pedgen will offer Light Language. Alan Handelsman will be giving a 2 hour muscle testing class.  Medical Intuition with Lori Wilson, Prayer Wheels, Psychological Intuitives, Judith Swack, Barbara Stone, Dale Schusterman, Judith Poole (who's also a dowser). Mo Wheeler and Sandra Sweetman - they're also dowsers.  Lesley Corvino, who has organized the workshops for Raymon in the Brantford area, will also offer a session.  This event is tremendous mind candy and it is filled with wisdom and knowledge.  Do check out the programme and make the sessions that interest you. If you do not have a computer and want to know more about it, ask one of us to print out info for you or call the number below.  Sharon Cass Toole organizes this conference and she and her husband came to our April 2003 meeting. 416-221-5639   sharon@meridianpsych.com

ANSWER #1:  Sweden.  Source:  Sig Lonegren
QUESTION #2:  Where were Swedish kings crowned?

Whenever I stretch further than what I think is our comfort zone, I always do a "test marketing" to elicit your opinion, as with David Icke, Mary Hardy, astrological aspects, etc.  You always surprise me by heartily embracing everything and wanting more.  So I have come to a conclusion.   I am the tame, conservative one.  You are the ones who are really out there.   So I'm reasonably confident that the subjects in this issue meet with your approval.  Your opinion is important.   If there is something you want to critique, I'm sure you can find a way to do so effectively with caring.  If not, wait until you can.

There are 3 more major sections that I prepared for this issue and had to take out because there is not enough room.  Its like a whole nother newsletter:

(1)  Pat Prevost offered us some astrological insights from New Millenium Being at her February 2003 presentation.  You liked it and it was included the March newsletter (Uranus in Pisces).  It was the 3rd most favorably commented on article in our newsletters.  So I wanted to include the next installment, Mars in Pisces, especially since many of you seem to be going through a lot of the craziness being discussed. Here are a few excerpts:

"This has been going on for over a month now.  You must have noticed something is different.  What happened to all those plans to get major things accomplished?  Can't find your car keys on a regular basis?  Can't remember exactly what you said when?  Don't feel quite so motivated and actually feel that it is possible to relax?  The significance of this 6 month time period is profound.  Mars in Pisces is sending us some very important information far beyond the mundane effects on our daily lives.

In addition, Uranus in Pisces is eager to wake us up with accidents or knock us on the head in other ways if we are too sleepy to get Mars' direct message.  Uranus is in Pisces for six years.  Uranus is conjunct Mars at the same time and degree in the sky on August 27th.)  Accidents have already started to happen, so be prudent.  I know two people who have broken an ankle and a foot.  Pretty obvious slow down messages.   The context for the astrological line up August 27th is Mars in Pisces.  How we relate to and handle this energy will determine our personal and collective futures.

Basically Mars in Pisces is telling us, "Hey guys, what you are doing is not working.  Wake up and try something else."  We are supposed to ask ourselves what are we going to do about our political and economic systems that create wars and inequality.  What can we do to alter our course?  What options are open to us?  How can we use the powerful energies available to our advantage and not destroy ourselves and each other.

Can anyone else relate to what one wrote after receiving the previous installment?:  "Could this be the reason I am suffering so much anxiety and unable to sleep as a result of the anxiety?  I feel like my world is changing and crumbling, I can't think straight, I am restless and exhausted at the same time.  I feel like I am going crazy.  I am having paranoid thoughts that are not based on reality.  I know I must sound crazy.  I sound crazy to myself!  But I am not crazy.  Just....lately.   If you have any words of wisdom I would appreciate it immensely."

My answer is Yes, Mars in Pisces and much more, which I set out below.  When I look at what is happening astrologically in the next few months, I realize that we need an operating manual to navigate us through these times.  Each planetary interaction individually could occupy our attention.  We have to handle a fireworks explosion of cosmic activity.  I strongly recommend a serious spiritual practice at this time.  A minimum of 1/2 to one hour of Kundalini yoga and meditation or martial arts practice is necessary to maintain sanity and to be able to profit from the powerful energies available at this time.

During this period we can experience breakdowns and breakthroughs, revelations, rebellions and revolutions in all areas of our lives - personal, social, scientific, political, spiritual and economic.

While Mars is in Pisces, the fight is off.   The game as usual is suspended.   We have a chance to change modes.  We can choose to break the old mold.  With the help of Uranus we can even jump out of the box.


 The energy of Planet Earth has gradually increased so that it vibrates at the speed of the heart chakra.  This means that we are dealing with high frequency energy, which is very different from what we have been used to.  We may feel like we can't handle the intensity and don't know what to do with the power.  But that is exactly what we have to learn - how to thrive in high frequency energies and how to productively use the power available to us at this time.  Denial is not an acceptable means to deal with overwhelm.  The price is pain and suffering and a closed heart.   We might buy time, but we also miss out on the gifts that are available to us.

It is essential to have guidelines for dealing with the Mars in Pisces energy.   The most basic thing we need to realize is that brute force, manipulation, schemes and ego-based will do not work.  Lay off of ego-driven action and authority trips. "Me-me I see only me" consciousness does not compute and will certainly get us into some kind of trouble.

Be prepared, our neuroses are going to be disrupted and our old habits disturbed.  Humbling yourselves can be very satisfying.  Letting go is quite a relief.  Surrendering our will to Divine Will feels even better.  Go in stages.

Mars is the god of willful desire and intentional assertion of force.  He is the testosterone-driven and adrenaline-charged god of war, primal desire and personified anger.  Mars in Pisces is asking us to examine how far can we be successful in imposing our will on each other and other nations?  How effective is brut force and aggressive energy?   Maybe we will reach the same conclusion that Napoleon did.  At the end of his years Napoleon was quoted as saying that what surprised him most in his life was how little was accomplished by force."

NEW MILLENNIUM BEING By Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.
The New Millennium Being is copyright 1999 - 2003 Gururattan Kaur Khalsa,Ph.D.

(2)  I wrote the June ASD convention, and took this out, too, to make room for other more time sensitive subjects.  The events of the ASD conventinon will be reported on next month.   As always, there were a lot of stimulating informative presentations.  Physicist, author and friend of the Toronto Dowsers, Charlie Storey spoke on how Physics proves that dowsing works.  We have 1 set of his books (on the Grand Unified Theory) for the new library and some for sale. Frank Jordan showed us ways to use the computer like abilities of our mind and levels of consciousness.

Peter Champoux had wonderful diagrams with commentary as to how the planetary ley lines, especially in New England, are connected.  When you have an energy line from one place to another --- these ley lines affect global politics.  "Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts is the center of the North American tectonic plate and the geologic center core of the planet.  This is why America has so much power today.  Until we resolve the karma of what Western culture did to a native people we can never become a fully integrated society."

Alicja Aratyn's 2 presentations were very well attended --- Alicja does not receive the attention she deserves in our newsletters because she is local and I am assuming you are contacting her on your own.

Here is yet another example of information that has been obscured to us:   Robert Gilbert, one of the finest teachers you will ever encounter on Sacred Geometry, asked us if we know why we are told to repeat some affirmations, etc. 3 times or even 7 times.  I've been told to do this, haven't you?  We hear it, it sounds good, we do it and it seems to work. These instructions that we have been given are not bad, however its nice to know why we do these things as we can work even more deeply with the affirmations if we understand the source.  He takes us back to the source. The source of why we do what we do, what makes the universe works and how.

I am not sure if I have recorded this accurately.  We can find out the complete concept, the purpose in including this tidbit is to give you an idea of the sense of his information:

When we say something 3 times, this connects with our astral body.  When we say it 7 times, we are making a connection with our etheric body.   Once imprints it on the mind, the other in our emotional network.

You will be hearing more about the above presenters and more, maybe even seeing some of them.  We have their audio tapes and some of the video tapes for the library.

Not a lot of our group went to the convention.  Our energy towards this convention seems to have shifted in March? April?  I offered them bottles of our ECH20 for their Water for Humanity project.  Due to their politics, this was turned down. Our forward momentum, where about 20 people were making plans to go to the convention, crashed abruptly.  Mary Hardy very kindly allowed me to use part of her sales table (in the marketplace area) for our Water Project.  When I had the time to be at the table, interest was excellent and 3 dozen or so people took ECH20 home with them.

I am now one of 20 Trustees on the ASD board.  The entire Friday of the Wed nite - Sun convention is spent in a trustees meeting.  I realized later on why I became a trustee.  Because if I didn't, in a few years I wouldn't have a convention I'd want to go to, the way it was going.   The new board and the new President are working well together and doing a great job.  They are actually doing things.  There is leadership.  With the old board, well, some of the things I heard about, saw and even experienced --- its not that they were not nice, or that they were nasty.  They were vicious.   Thankfully, that's pretty much gone.

Trying to manage 3 full time purposes at the same time: (1) attending the convention, networking, learning, selecting library materials and having fun  (2) talking about and distributing ECH20  and (3) being a trustee --- was a whirlwind.

(3)  Extracts from author, researcher William Henry --- who was at Mary Hardy's and offered THE most mindboggling provocative presentation.  He takes everything we thought we knew about the history of our cosmos and culture and turns it upside down, inside out, wrings it, throws it away and brings in an absolutely unimagined perspective.  Which is even more unsettling because it may be true.   Looking at his info at least, stretches the mind enough to pull us out of conventional thinking and reexamine how we believe things were and are.

He is an investigative mythologist who finds and interprets ancient stories which feature advanced technology for raising of spiritual vibration and increasing spiritual vision with a database of Egyptian, Sumerian and Holy Grail symbolism and mythology.  He shows the origins of how and why we are here and interprets our creation myths.  William is convinced we are on the threshold of a dramatic breakthrough in spirituality, astronomy and medicine that will enable us to fully connect Earth with heaven.  See the report in the next issue.

There is so much coming out now about information that has been hidden from us.  20 years ago we would have said this was nuts. There has been an explosion.  I give some newsletters names because they seem to have different themes.  The June newsletter was the "Water Issue".  This one I call the "Cosmic Issue".  There is a lot of astrology and "Cosmic" information.  So much that was hidden is coming out faster and faster, as was forecast, right in line with our movement in to the Aquarian Age. Our focus on water also connects us with the understanding that water represents the subconscious and the speed and volume with which it is pouring out of the urn of the Aquarian Water Bearer where nothing can remain hidden is increasing.  Our group is a catalyst and we are catalyzed.

WATER EVENTS - Some of our Water Stories, and, July 25th.

(1)  From our own Jill Jones -- March 31, 2003:
"As mentioned in our discussion today, I've had a case of acute weeping eczema on my hands for the months of January and February. My hands had swelled so much and the pressure was so great, that the skin started to split thus releasing the plasma that had accumulated below. I had so many cuts on the inside and outside of my hands, that  I could no longer pick up my children and was barely able to brush my teeth.

One night proved to be very  difficult ..... the itching and pain was so severe, that I couldn't sleep. An idea came to mind ... if Raymon's water is programmable, then I would ask it to heal my hands. This I did and then followed by pouring Raymon's water over my hands and within a few minutes, a thin 'glove like' film formed over my hands. It removed all burning and pain! The weeping stopped and the skin felt soft.  It was an immediate sense of relief!"

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

(2) Randy Burns is a dowser who lives in Winnipeg.  He goes to Costa Rica in the winter where he and his wife run the Pequeno Oasis B&B on the Pacific Coast.  Randy found our Water Project on the Internet around January, contacted me and we got him started with ECH20 so he, too, could develop a Water Project.  Randy, his wife, their friends and town are enjoying the success that ECH20 has brought them.  Read about it and consider paying them a visit this winter on the lush South-West Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  Situated within a 5 minute walk from the sandy beaches, in a cozy Spanish style house surrounded by the natural beauty of an 800 acre national park reserve and over 1800 acres of private nature reserves.  Surrounded by lush jungle, guests can see incredible wildlife right from the back balcony; White Faced monkeys, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and a host of other exotic birds - a true bird watchers paradise.   www.pequeno-oasis.com

From Randy:  June 8, 2003
"Hi Marilyn:
    Our group doesn’t meet that often and this is the first meeting since Raymon energized the water for me.  Before this meeting I had spread some of the info and ECH20 around to my close people and to the group co-ordinator Vickie. Vickie was very enthusiastic about the water project reading parts 1+2 from your website and some info on Raymon from his website.  She announced in our news email about the meeting and that I had something important to present to the group. The group is fairly spread out and for this meeting we had to drive an hour up into the mountain valley as most other people had to do the same.   Well surprise, we had the biggest turnout I have seen with over 20 people in attendance. I gave my talk and we had the packages of info and 4 gallons of ECH20 to distribute. We had a great response about this  from everyone and now the water is in different parts of our province.  A lot of these people are very well connected to others of the like mind and promised to pass the water on. We had a good discussion on the water's energy and that the main focus is to purify the waters of the world. We had a new young fellow there from the US west coast who had been brought up in a very small community back in the hills and had been taught holistic healing and plant medicine from his mother and grandmother who are of native decent so he was very enthusiatic and helped explain some of the energy aspects from his teachings.  It was great. Good positve energy. Most got it and some newcomers weren’t quite sure but had a gut feeling about this so were going to participate anyway.  So that’s whats been happening down here. My wife and Vickie also confirmed to people that they found that the water had a different taste and that they found it softer on their skin. I have put it into our water tank that feeds all the water to our house. So we bathe in it, cook with it,  etc.  I encouraged others to do the same and put it into big river pools and one was going to put it into their small community water tank.  So I think I can say we finally got it into motion down here.  Also Vickie will put this into a community magazine which services the foreigners in  this area. Thank you for your help.
Take care, Randy."

July 23, 2003
"Dear Marilyn:
Hi I am back in Winnipeg.

Last I wrote you was about my presentation to our group in Costa Rica. People I met in town the next week were carrying their eye dropper full of ECH20. This is a good sign.  Also I let our co-ordinator know about the World Water Project on July 25 and she published this in our news email and also said she would publish the event in the area news magazine that comes out every month. There was a lot of interest from the people I spoke with concerning this project.  One close friend was going to email her friends up in California about this project as she thought that they would be very much interested in the world project.  Your Toronto newsletter was also mentioned in the email news as a further information source for the ECH20.  People will be honouring the water  in the streams and rivers by their houses and also some will do the Pacific Ocean down by Dominical.  This all looks very positive.

I have talked to some of my fellow group members and after our meeting in  May they went out to their local rivers and poured in some of the ECH20 which all ends up in the Pacific. One lady put it in the river behind her house and this water further down stream is used for the municiple water for the city of over 100,000 people.  Others said they would put it into their local town water supplies.

On another note, we gave some ECH20 to Lidia, a Costa Rican friend living by the Panama border, and my wife told her that she  could put her own additional intention into the water as she was drinking it if she had certain things she required.  She had told my wife before this that her son needed a job badly. Two days later we were talking to another friend up where we are and she mentioned that she need a worker.  We phoned Lidia to tell her this and she was blown over because she was putting the intention of her son getting a job every time she was drinking this water (which happened to be frequent).  So now she is a firm believer.

That is all the news for now. I will keep you posted as to further developments in Costa Rica. I am up here in Winnipeg area until Oct./Nov. I also brought some ECH20 up here with me and start the Water Project from here. Hope all is well.
 Namaste, Randy"

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

2 Water Experiences from Marilyn Gang

   After the ASD Convention, in June, I went to Southern Vermont to visit the area where I used to live.  The "big town" is Brattleboro, Vermont, population ~15,000.  Brattleboro is on the Connecticut River, the border between Vermont and New Hampshire.

   On a hot muggy June 24, le jour de la fête de St. Jean-Baptiste (the Precursor of the light of the world), I walked to the middle of the green metal bridge connecting Vermont and New Hampshire and quietly thought / intended / focused /  words of blessing to the waters of the Connecticut River as I let fall a few drops of ECH20  in to the river 40 or so feet below.

   As I stood there, enjoying the sun on my face I could feel energy coming back at me, a kind of peace and a confirmation and a "thank you".  I had lived in / visited this area for the past 20 years.  This act gave me a new connection with this area and with the Connecticut River.  We were now partners.

... July 17, at the shore of Lake Huron in the town of Kincardine, Ontario, I took my bottle of ECH20, dropped a few drops in the water, with thoughts and words of water blessing.   I'd walk down the beach another hundred feet and did the same thing.  I repeated this 4 more times.  As I turned around and walked back away from the beach I felt a blast of  strong, positive warm energy hit my back.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

From Dev Khalsa:  Dev is the manager, and a therapist and teacher at Spectrum Healing Naturopathic Clinic in the Dupont & Dufferin area of Toronto with his wife Eileen. He has developed a new form of kinesiology, called Sacred Kinesiology, and with it teaches people how to become more attuned to their bodies.  Dev hosted Mary Hardy's February 12th Essential Oils presentation here.  He said he attended Raymon's talk at the Total Health Show in March on water and has been using these techniques at a river near his home.  His wife has remarked that the river is different.  Noxious weeds are gone.  The lily pads have returned.  " What we have noticed is that not just some, but ALL the noxious weeds, (amazing when I think of it) have disappeared from the river upstream from our dam where I have been throwing in my prayer-water. They have been replaced by water lilies."  If you scroll down on his site you will see Dr. Emoto's Lake Carapicuiba in Brazil (that's another water story --- and technique) in the background.

Since reading Dr. Emoto's suggestions about putting stickers on our water bottles, I am more aware of labels on bottles of products I buy and consume --- especially any kind of a liquid with a WARNING! symbol on it.  I wonder how --- if --- these symbols affect the contents.  What do you think?

July 25, 2003 was the World Wide "Thank Water Day" as initiated by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  We, and many individuals groups around Canada, the US and other parts of the world had a very simple ceremony where we simply went to a body of water, such as a pond, lake or river, stood by it, and with focused intention repeated:

" Water,  I  Love you
Water,  I  Thank you
Water,  I  Respect you "
Coordinating with the Toronto Dowsers was at least one group in the Syracuse area of New York State.  They were even mentioned in the newspaper!   And they mentioned the Toronto Dowsers, too!  As well as groups in Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia; Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin; Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Rumania, Spain, Uganda and Yugoslavia.  Dr. Emoto was in Israel and his organization was in Israel and in Japan.

We are still  compiling more results and stories.

40-50 people joined our group near Sunnyside Park on the shore of Lake Ontario.  Lynn Himmelman came by to lead us in chanting at the end of our ceremony.  Several people commented about her beautiful voice.  Malca Narrol, one of our Feng Shui experts said that energetically this location was well chosen.  It was also not too clean which is a good thing if you are looking for a spot to clean up.  We felt that energetically, it was just at the border where the heavy downtown core energy begins.  Here's a picture of half of our happy group:

Masaru Emoto chose July 25th because this is the "Day Out of Time".  Chris Evans and Vera Ketter drew our attention to this.  The Natural Calendar revolves around its 13 moon year, not like the Gregorian calendar which is a 12 month year.  We need to get back to the 13 moon calendar and re-establish our natural cycles and be in harmony with the earth and the moon.  July 25 does not fit in to the 13 moon calendar and so it is considered a "Day Out of Time".  This was chosen because this is a day where anything can happen.  To see more about it go to www.tortuga.com .  To see the glyph for July 25, scroll to the bottom of GLYPH.

The president of the Finger Lakes (NY) ASD chapter called me up to say that his group was at a park in Oswego New York, joining in the Water Ceremony.  This was a direct result of conversations we had at the ASD convention.

Now, for yet another super great connection, thanks to our Finger Lakes buddy:

If you are interested in Native history and Native rights (especially for the Iroquois Nation), activism, improving the soil, Peace, sacred geometry, trees and putting all these areas together in to one Wholistic understanding, then you definitely want to know more about David Yarrow and you must see his website:


David is a dowser (he used to dowse with the grand chief of the Iroquois Nations) who is actively working for water rights and to restore the rights of the peoples of the Iroquois Nation.  He focuses his activities around Lake Onondaga (one of the 5 Finger Lakes in New York State) ---   " Onondaga Lake was named "Salt Lake" by the first European explorers because its waters were brackish from mineral springs flowing into the lake.  Where the Carousel Center shopping mall sits today was the richest of these salt springs.

Salt was such a valuable economic resource, it was known as "white gold." New York State's first governor—George Clinton—wanted this salt, and in 1788 had The Salt Treaty written to get permission from Onondaga Nation extract salt from the springs at the foot of Onondaga Lake.  For nearly a century, Onondaga Lake supplied most of America's salt, and much of New York State's revenues.

"The Roman Empire paid its warriors in salt. Our modern word for wages—"salary"—comes from this payment in salt."

See David's article "Why Onondaga Lake is Sacred" as he talks about its geology, the Peacemaker creating peace among the Five Nations by "burying the hatchet" and planting the Tree of Peace, its geology, geography, (sacred) geometry (it was created with the PHI ratio --- and he explains the PHI ratio and gives examples of it), and geomancy. This is one of the most beautiful articles you will ever read about a lake or any other geographical body.

Here's an email from David Yarrow:
" Hello again Marilyn,

Your information about Raymon's charged water and the peacemaking mound sounds amazingly resonant with my own vision.  Attached is a proposal I drafted last year for Madis Senner (who is organizes the prayers for peace).  The site is at the northwest end of Onondaga Lake (opposite end from the city of Syracuse), and I am 90% certain it is an ancient earth mound -- a prehistoric ceremonial temple -- one of many in Onondaga Valley.

My notion is that people need a simple action to make their prayers physical: holding a container of water and mentally projecting their prayer for peace into that water.  Then pouring that water into the lake to blend their personal prayer energy into all the waters of the earth.

Madis is an older man who left a successful career selling securities on Wall Street and is now trying to realize his vision that Onondaga is a sacred lake, and if people will go there to pray for peace, it will spread throughout the world.  He is correct, and last August when we met, I agreed to assist him realize his vision.

My vision is that Onondaga is the pineal gland of America -- the master endocrine gland, perched at the tip of the spinal axis (appalachian-rocky mountain-andes).

The Great Lakes -- America's largest fresh water body -- are a whirlpool springing up out of the earth.  The lakes whirl to the north and west, and pool to the south and east.  The heart of this whirlpool is Detroit-Windsor.  there are five lakes.

The Finger (5) Lakes -- the southeast watershed entering lake Ontario -- is home of the 5 Nations Confederacy, symbolized by the white pine, with 5 needles in a bundle.  buried at onondaga nation is the indian whose face was on the indian head nickel -- the 5 cent piece.

Five is the basis for PHI, the golden mean or divine ratio: www.championtrees.org/

PHI creates the double PHI spiral, which is the geometry of a pine cone, and the geometry of the PINEal gland.  the sPINE is the serpent or reptile aspect of our physiology, where "S" is the snake letter.  when PINE trees (gymnosperms, or evergreens) where creating PINE cones, serpents appeared on earth to perfect the EGG for reproduction and storing DNA (memory) Remove the silent "e" from SPINE, it becomes SPIN -- the axis of those PHI spiral serpents coiling up our SPINE to feed the eagle crouched in our cranium: www.championtrees.org

I am six miles southeast of Albany, and the big environmental issue here is the cleanup of PCBs that GE dumped in in the Hudson river.   The US EPA ordered GE to pay for dredging to remove the PCBs, but GE continues to resist and fight.

Another piece of this matrix are the minerals -- especially trace elements (micronutients).  there is a way to fold and spin the minerals into water to create liquid crystal water -- fluid liquid with a stable structure.  This liquid crystal water is what is inside a cell membrane.  Liquid crystal water acts like a semiconductor to transmit and store energy.  I wrote two articles to reveal something about this concept of trace elements and "solid state biology":   FIREWATERSEAENERGY

Hence, the Salt lake, the Salt city, and Raymon is from Saltville.

We had about three dozen for our Onondaga Lake ceremony on July 25th.  I shared leadership with a Native American.  In a circle around a container of murky green lake water, each person stepped into the circle and spoke their heart and mind about water.  At the end, each person poured a bit of the water back into the lake.  We ended with a circle hug.

A newspaper photographer took many photos and interviewed several participants.

I have scheduled further water ceremonies on Sept. 6 and Sept. 27.  The 6th is our second prayers for Peace Day, so we will close that with a water ceremony.  The 27th I am talking to the Finger Lakes Dowsers chapter about why Onondaga Lake is sacred; we will end with a water ceremony."


For Heart's Sake  -  3 more pretty good ways to enhearten your heart

1)  Strauss Heart Drops:  This is an herbal formulation from a Canadian company that several of you use with excellent results.  Another point in their favor is that Health Canada has been trying to take them down by wasting their resources through bureaucratic entanglements, accusing them of labeling and advertising mistakes.  If you are curious about this I can refer you to some of our folks who use this.  They will send you a free stroke formula if you email them.

2)  David Rowland is a well known, highly respected and excellent nutritionist in Canada.  He even lives in Ontario.  David's publications are the basis for many nutritional courses.  One of his publications --- almost a booklet is called "The Nutritional Bypass".  It shows you how you can do chelation through nutritional means.  He has developed a line of products -- Vita Most -- that support this system.  They are available in a few stores and by MLM.  Sharon Plaskett, our hosts of the B&B in Millbrook, works with these products and will be glad you offer you more information.

3)  Doug Benjamin, at Mary Hardy's, says that heart problems are often due to a lack of sufficient calcium and magnesium.  They need to be balanced.  The heart does not work by the heart pumping the blood.  It's the other way around.  The heart works as the blood pumps the heart.  This is due to irritation by phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.  For some heart problems, people are deficient in calcium and/or magnesium.  (And if you do want to take a supplement, make sure you get the right form of these minerals.)

July 26:  Bruce Magill takes the Toronto Dowsers to the Peterborough Petroglyphs

The day after our Water Ceremony 40 of us drove to the Petroglyphs Provincial Park.  It was a beautiful drive through lake country.  Ralph Stutt, from Ottawa, from a dowsing email list joined us.  HI RALPHMartin Borner, from Costa Rica also made it to this event.  At the park we spent time in both of the buildings, the first was The Learning Place.  This was as far as some of us wanted to go, because of the breathtaking displays in that room.  Here is a picture of one of perhaps 30.  It was difficult to choose the best one, but because we had just had our water day the day before and because I am a woman, this seemed to be the most appropriate:

These Petroglyphs are Kinomagewapkong "The Teaching Rocks".  It is believed that 600-1,100 years ago, Algonkian speaking aboriginal people made the carvings on the rocks to use them as teaching tools to the generations that followed.  You are not allowed to take pictures in the Petroglyphs building and they do not sell pictures of the drawings. They feel that the way to take this home is in your heart and mind.  They have different concepts than western culture as to how and what ought to be remembered.

Several of us were very emotional in the Petroglyphs building.  We were quiet as we felt the presence of powerful heart touching energies.  Especially in one area.  The guide said that women would be most affected by that area as it taught a lot about birthing.  This is not food for the mind, it is not something I want to write about a lot.  This is something to feel, to experience; a place to be.  Just go there.  We were grateful for this opportunity.

Outside of the buildings, and while we were sitting at the picnic tables having our lunch, Bruce taught us. He said that all over the planet, are energy centers.  You can see them from a plane.  The go from 20-30 feet in diameter to 300 feet.  What makes them energy centers is a certain combination of energies in a certain way.

In the dead center is a dome (a column of water coming up).  Veins of water come off of the dome.   Bruce showed us the powerful energy center at the park.  We dowsed it.  In this center there are 5 veins of water coming off it. This is a closed system.  The vein goes out and back in to the center again.  The water is female energy.  2 or more overgrounds must intersect this dome.  The overgrounds are male energy.  The power of the power center is determined by the number of overgrounds that intersect it.  In Stonehenge there are 5.

In this power centre, there is also an aquastat.  This is an energy form (female, mental, emotional, spiritual in nature) that comes up out of the ground, does some zig zags and goes up to the sky.   You can learn to use an aquastat, too.

When you know about the power center, you find the doorway, which is about 3 feet wide.  When you find the doorway, the path to take you in to the center is usually the path that the sun follows in the sky.  When you find the path, put your dowsing rods down.  Walk the path in. Stand in the center.  You will be charged up physically, mentally and emotionally.  But do not do this more than 15-20 minutes / day or you will be hyper.  (If you were to stand for too long in the center of an aquastat, you would not care about anything.)

This power center is a very powerful one and is on the same ley line as Stonehenge.  The word ley really comes from the Middle English word "Lea" which means "Meadow".  The ley-line system exists as an independent circuitry with the capacity to affect consciousness. Ley lines are part of the Earth's energy system.

Here's another precious nugget that makes it wonderful to spend time with Brucie:  He said that when he is dowsing and has no more projects, he asks his rods to take him to a kind of energy he has never experienced.  And he explores it.

Bruce showed us something rather nifty that he does on dreary days.  He tells his rods:
"Is there a spot within 50 feet of here that will make ME laugh? (Yes.)  Take me to the spot."
Then he stands on the spot and laughs and laughs.  Several tried it, and laughed too.  You have to take you to a spot that make YOU laugh.  It could be different for different people.

And:  If you are experiencing an emotion you don't like ask "Is there a spot that will help me counteract this emotion?"   or whatever words work for you.

Bruce was asked:  Have you tried:  "Is there a spot that will bring me more money?"  But we didn't try it.

Use your imagination to find spots around your land, or when you go to a park or some place.  Find spots that will bring you what you desire.  Please let me know what you did and how this worked out for you.  You can have a lot of fun with this --- however, this can be an extremely valuable resource.  Use it.

Some of us stayed over at Sharon & Ralph Plaskett's B&B in nearby Millbrook. WOW!  Have you ever seen the movie "SOMEWHERE IN TIME" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour?  Similar time frame with regard to decor.  Great breakfast.  And a labyrinth.  And if you haven't seen that movie you absolutely MUST.  With a box of tissues.

This is the time to take steps to Prevent the Flu: Naturally
(some of this material is repeated from the March 2002 newsletter)

The Flu Season is approaching.   2 years ago, Carol Ann Kukulsky was kind enough to share with us the benefits of Oscillococcinum, which is made by Boiron. Boiron and Dolisos are 2 homeopathic companies that make this kind of  remedy.  This is the #1 Flu Preventive --- and Flu Cure --- used in France for over 65 years, the preventive remedy of choice prescribed by the the vast majority of medical doctors in France and one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies in the world.

The way to use it for prevention is to take 1 tubule per week for a month, preferably starting in the month of September.  Then you take one dose per month until the end of flu season.  This should be a sufficient flu preventive.  If you forget to do this and if you get the flu, get the product as soon as possible and start taking it as the instructions direct.

"The safest approach is homeopathy, as it is free from side effects, without drug interactions, and safe for both children and adults.  Studies have shown that for those who have not used this remedy prophalactically and experience sympoms that a 63% greater recovery by 48 hours is experienced when it is taken within the first 24 hours of symptom onset. Those not significantly better soon after that should see their health practitioner."

"Oscillo works safely with none of the side effects associated with the over-the-counter remedies -- even some herbals.  The primary benefit of Oscillococcinum is that it stimulates the body's own immune mechanisms," says Fabienne Pugnetti-Boiron, public relations manager at Boiron in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.  "Because of its safety, even pregnant women and children may take it."   "Oscillococcinum is the homeopathic chicken soup."

August 8-12 - Mary Hardy's Stargate Intelligence Conference

Mary Hardy, our February 2003 speaker, lives in Michigan and has an annual conference at her home.  She has had it for about 25 years.  Well versed speakers in esoteric areas come to her community as they know they will find an appreciative, informed, intelligent, eclectic and aware audience.  Having read about Les Fauves, the intimate circle of wild and crazy and mostly poverty striken French Impressionist artists, where fellows such as Pierre, Edgar, Edouard, Vincent and Toulouse et al used to gather together; or, circles that included F. Scott Fitzgerald and his cronies, it is not hard to imagine that those in Mary's intimate annual gathering of a couple of hundred souls will one day, too,  be famous.

Mary grew up in her home in her picturesque lakefront community. Everyone knows Mary and her conferences and they help out.  Women from the town prepare delicious meals that they sell at rock bottom prices.  There were about 40 tents on the lawn, close to the lake front.

Our own Daniel Kolos was there giving presentations on Egyptology.  But since Daniel lives in Toronto, I did not attend his sessions as I wanted to use the time there to attend those who I would not ordinarily see.   We hope we can convince Daniel to give a workshop or 2 in Toronto.

David Yeo, from London, Ontario was a speaker.  David spoke about pH.  You may have seen David at the Total Health Show. In March he spoke about the benefits of Coral Calcium.  The weekend after this one he co hosted the first Raw Foods Festival in Canada, in London.  Elizabeth Anne Knutton, one of our group, was there, too.  David was one of the excellent drummers at the evening festivities.  He walks his talk and looks superbly healthy.

Speaker Doug Benjamin is a brilliant man, who has deep knowledge about the body and favors the understanding that parasites are in large part responsible for most ill health (as does Hulda Clark).  Doug works with clients and dowses or muscle tests to see if they have parasites and which ones.  Part of his recommended treatment are parasite remedies, depending on the parasite, from Hanna Kroeger.   He says that the World Health Organization categorically states that fully one third of degenerative diseases come from Protozoa.   It is NOT malaria, West Nile, Meningitis, etc.  Those are the reactions to the protozoa.   But does anyone do anything about it?  Of course not.


In his teachings on Geobiology, Doug spoke about the Hartmann Grid.  And he said things that I contradict most of what I've read or heard about this grid.  Doug says that:

The lines (rays) are always 8.33"-9" in width.  That it depends on the moon at the time.
The distance between North / South lines is consistently 8 feet.
The distance between East / West lines is 6 feet 6 inches
There is little deviance in this.  It is consistent.
The lines are projected to us from the cosmos, down to earth.
Dogs like it, cats don't

These lines have been used, purposefully, with knowledge, in traditional cultures.  He spoke about their use in Native American, Tibetan and Chinese cultures.

How this has been used:  When a Long House was to be built, the chief would dowse the lines and place the first log on a N/S line.  From that point forward, the builders knew how to construct the building.  They would place the logs on the lines.

In Tibet, rooms are 6'6" x 8'.  Inside the rectangles is the "neutral zone".

The lines are lines of consciousness.  They have a profound relationship to the Golden Section: 1:1.618

Weather patterns affect the Hartmann Grid and the Hartmann Grid affects weather patterns.
You do not sleep on the lines or at the intersection because they resonate to the nervous systems.  N/S lines stimulate the Sympathetic (Acid based, Action oriented, Nerve energy, fast metabolism) nervous system.  E/W lines stimulate the Parasympathetic (Alkaline, inaction oriented, intuitive, digestive, slow metabolism) nervous system.  Our Sympathetic is active from 4 AM - 4 PM.  Our Parasympathetic is active from 4 PM - 4 AM.

Doug explained activities you want to avoid or do based on your use of these lines.  He showed us how to use a sacred cubit (that resonates harmonically to the wavelength of hydrogen) to create a Temple Space which will keep negative thoughts in and will amplify positive thoughts.

The temple system in Egypt is a map of the human body.  Every temple in Egypt is dedicated to a different organ.  Egyptian culture is 40,000 years old.  They inherited everything. (From ?)

This comes from Ken in NYC 8/13/2003:
"  This is so weird.  You have to try it.

However hard you try.

Try this....it's mind boggling!

While sitting at your desk make clockwise circles with your right foot.

While doing this, draw a number "6" in the air with your right hand.

What direction is your foot going now? "

Mary Hardy, John & Jan Mirehiel & the Harmonic Concordance

One of the main reasons we went to this conference was to find out about the Harmonic Concordance.  What is it?   Why is it important?  There are several aspects to this cosmic event.


John Mirehiel is a well known astrologer: www.astrosite.com  In 1998 he just happened (!) to uncover an astrological star chart, a planetary picture, that combines a Grand Sextile, or Star of David pattern, for November 8, 2003.  A total lunar eclipse will also take place.  (The Harmonic Concordance eclipse is the last total eclipse in a series that began in 1210, and 1208-1213 was when the Catholic Church exterminated the Cathars, who carried a very important heresy about the role of the Goddess in our lives.  The folks whose attention is focused on Matter, tend to believe that they can exterminate an Energy by exterminating the sect that embraces it.) The rare confluence of these two significant indications, along with more than ten other astrological factors, combine in this rare chart.  This horoscope was not for a person but it was a global one, for Mother Earth.  This has never been seen before and it is expected that it never will be seen again.

This chart foretells a moment in time during which we might change the world we see, as well as ourselves, if we so choose.

We know that at the moment of our birth that the planets in our solar system and the sun and the moon are in precise exact locations, relative to one another and to our galaxy that we can plot with charts and can describe in terms of reference that make sense to us.  For example, someone who is born on August 26 (a birthday for exceptionally wonderful people), would say that she is a Virgo.  That means when she was born that the Sun was in the constellation of Virgo.  Since Mercury "rules" Virgo, and is the planet of commucation, she would be better than most with regard to communication abilities.  Each planet is in a different constellation and in different degrees of measurement.  The planets of Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, etc., are each "in" a constellation.

The birth chart, with the planets in different positions and their relationship to each other, creates a magnetic influence on that person and they carry that influence, that "imprint" with them for their entire life and often think, feel and behave in ways that are in accord with the characteristics of the signs they were born under.  Some say that one of the effects of enlightenment is to "rise above one's astrology".

When the planets are in certain positions, they exert effects on people.  This is why we hear "Mercury retrograde" where it seems as if Mercury is "moving backwards" and as Mercury "rules" communications, people have poor communications during the 3 weeks Mercury is doing that dance.

During the HC, the 6 planetary bodies at the 6 points are: The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron.  At no other time between 1,000 BC and 3,000 AD do the heavens even come close to lining up in such a propitious formation.

Here's what this could mean to you and how you could/should use this:

This is a WINDOW IN TIME that has been awaited for millenia.  These planetary bodies are situated so that if you are aware, and focused, and willing and in alignment with the purpose, you can focus on these energies and use their power to give you a jet propelled boost to accelerate your spiritual, etc., growth and development much faster and further than you would without it.   It will greatly advance you on your path to Ascension, if that is what you so desire.  GREATLY!!!!!!!!! ... This is on a personal level. If enough people do this --- imagine the combined effect on our universe.  It is actually now a DUO-VERSE and will finally become a UNI-VERSE --- where we are singing one song, one verse, united.

Here are the planets as represented in the metaphor of astrology, where these qualities will increase within you:

The Sun: The primal energy; the cause for being; the basic will and vitality and inspires life: our creativity and conscious aim; that which expresses the best of who we are
The Moon: The archtypical feminne, the mother, the personal subconscious mind, memory and imagination
Jupiter: The King of the gods; benificence, good fortune and expansion; the pulbication of  ideals, the higher mind, wisdom and enthusiasm, generousity, optimism
Mars: Courage, desire, energy and willingness to act;stimulation of passion; spiritual warrior
Saturn: The physical bones of the Earth and our bodies; disciplinarian and the "tester" of our metal; limitations of the physical; endurance; perseverence, stability
Chiron: the crystal rainbow bridge between physicality and spirit, wounded healer, Christ consciousness, initiation

Other planetary bodies are also in extremely fortuitious positions.  Its almost as if the heavens have been waiting for... this.. moment.. in time.(The following chart is from Helen Adams, of Newcastle, NSW Australia.  The astrology is for an Australian location. "HI MARILYN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE HC 8/9TH NOV 2003.  I WOULD BE HAPPY FOR YOU TO USE THE STAR CHART, OR ANY PART OF MY ARTICLE, IN YOUR NEWSLETTER IF IT HELPS TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE COMING OF THE HC.  HELEN ADAMS" stargazers@Idl.com.au.


This is also the time of a full lunar eclipse that will last for 27 minutes.  Fred Espenak of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says this is an intense "transitional" eclipse of the brightest magnitude and that it is the very last total eclipse in a series they call the Saros Series series.

It is also in Taurus/Scorpio which provides a focal point for the potential alchemical transformation of physical reality as we know it.

Conscious Intent and Change

Like other previously announced spiritually significant times, the HC of 2003 will see a great many people at sacred sites, personally powerful locations joining in ceremony at one moment with a focused intent on a higher spiritual purpose. In this case, the larger puropose is the Ascension of Mother Earth and of her awakened inhabitants. We are all inter-connected through a shared field of consciousness.  The psychic impact of the repeated ceremonial and prayer activities at many sacred spots around the globe can not be denied.

We believe that  it opens an energetic "stargate" to the Ascension of Mother Earth, and to each of her inhabitants.   Many have called the attainment of this paradigm the Shift of Ages.  We also know that this gate has always been open, to those willing to step through it.  Although this chart depicts  a moment in our future, the energies embodied in it can also be used to show us how  to activate that moment right NOW.

[Much of the above information was taken from John & Jan Mirehiel from the information they gave me.  If you would like more information from them, check out their website.  Contact them, suggest to your friends that they attend their workshops, etc.]

Are you like me with this?  I had difficulty "getting" all of this.  But I knew it is very important. So I hung in there, kept reading, listening and asking questions and the clouds are clearing and big AH HA's are coming. Jim Buss made a good comparison for me.  He compared it to jazz.  Either you get it, or you don't.  And if you hang in there long enough because you feel its special, you will get it.


This year’s conference at Mary's was called STARGATE INTELLIGENCE.  The ancient people, the Mayan calendar, Native American elders, all seem to have recorded this date in time. According to the elders, all the Stargates (we don't have a number for that) will be lined up and activated on the planet in the coming event.  If 144,000 greet the dawn in peace and love, the planet will move into a higher dimension.

Jose Arguelles found a prophecy in the Mayan codexes that if, in 1987, if 144,000 people could come together on August 17, 18 and 19 of 1987, (Harmonic Convergence) and greet the dawn in peace, harmony, prayer, meditation and love, that ALL of the dire predictions of mass death and destruction in the coming age could be reduced by a factor of ten. Millions around the world heard the call and responded.  Our goal is, once again, to get 144,000 to greet the dawn in peace, brotherhood and harmony on Nov. 8th, 9th and 10th with the grand finale being the 11/11/2003 Stargate activation.

A Stargate has physical aspects, but it is not physical from our concept of physicality.  Because of the way we see physicality, this is more energetic.  It is (like) a wormhole.  Those who are ready --- which means those who have prepared themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and whose vibrations are in harmony and trust and believe --- can pass through a stargate.  Here is a great link from William Henry to a pictorial concept of a Stargate Tara.  It moves!

Do you remember using a Kaleidoscope?  This feels like a Kaleidoscope --- looking at a bunch of little colored stones, turning and moving it, tweaking it until it aligns up perfectly in a perfect pattern.  You get the perfect, precisely lined up pattern it looks good and "feels" good.  Like tweaking a radio dial to tune in a station (you are achieving harmony, receiving good vibrations).  You have the harmony and are complete and can move to a higher level.

You have a gate, an opening, where you can pass in to higher consciousness, and some can physically pass in to another dimension.  As they will be lined up at this auspicious moment, you can pass through several layers of consciousness at one time.  If you are ready.  If you have done the work, gotten rid of the baggage.   Just like certain ceremonies in certain cultures where you purify yourself first such as with fasting and bathing and sweating.

What is a Stargate?

Mary Hardy says "Stargates are portals that elevate the consciousness".  According to the Mayan Indians and other elders on the planet the Stargates willline up and create an event called the Harmonic Concordance. Those interested in seeing the consciousness raised on the planet should prepare people for this event.

Stargates are portals that activate the mind to a higher frequency.  We greet the dawn because, as the sun hits Mother Earth's grid, it will stimulate your electromagnetic field."  On the Harmonic Concordance, all the Stargate portals will be open and will allow you to raise the frequency within your whole electromagnetic field. When 144,000 of us do this, we can control the consciousness on this planet and turn it to love.

Mary goes on to tell us that "Few realize that by activating the higher consciousness we could begin to see the blessings that using this technology would give to humanity. But first, we must raise our consciousness. Transformation is crossing the illusion of the third dimension and filling your aura with the bright colors of creation.  It is transcending time, space, matter and energy, so that the emotions can be controlled and one can reach a higher consciousness.  Activating the amygdala gland through smell is the easiest way to achieve this. That is why the oils are important. [This is why Mary uses and recommends Young Living Essential Oils.] Like the Mayan Indians, one can enter the frontal lobe. From the time of birth, Mayan babies foreheads would be pushed in so that the amygdala and the frontal lobes would connect. ... By accessing the frontal lobes, one can fill their aura with the colors of the rainbow...."  (There is a lot more to this article and much of this was reported on in our  March 2003 newsletter .)

 What is a Stargate?   (from Chandara at: www.earthlinkmission.org):

" A Stargate is an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space-time continuum. Put most simply, it is a sub-space vortex through which energy may pass. This passage of energy is most unrestricted during a solstice or equinox, when the position of the planet is such as to allow an optimal amount of energy through to Earth.

During a Stargate, cosmic energy is brought into the Earth through a meditation and conscious intention; participants virtually act as "conductors", by connecting their physical bodies and conscious mind to the energies coming to the planet. New and enlightening information may be brought to the Earth this way. During a Stargate important "earth work" may also be performed, such as the alignment of the Earth's Etheric Energy Grids.

The Stargate alignments are particularly crucial at this time, as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we continue to move through the photon belt. Stargates allow high vibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth with ease and grace, and in doing so allow the energies to fully integrate into the etheric grid structures of the Earth.

The times at which these entry vortexes are opened (once every 3 months on the equinoxes and solstices, and other times as called for) are times of sacred significance and astrological alignment in Earth's current history.

Meditating at these times, using the connections of group consciousness, a coordinated group consciousness comes to be connected singly and individually. This consciousness comprises thousands of points of light on the planetary surface of the physical Earth. As each individual makes their own connection in the manner which is perfect for them, linkages are created to the Group Consciousness (or Unity Consciousness) which becomes formed as a result of everyone performing this meditation simultaneously. This Consciousness linkage permits the intense subatomic etheric energy of the Stargate, to enter the Earth's "etheric atmosphere", permeate through the multiple layers of the Earth's etheric energy field, flow into the Christ Consciousness grid, pass through the consciousness of the individual participants and ground into the etheric Crystalline Core of the Earth herself. In this way, the intense beam of etheric photon energies is dissipated, allowing the Earth to harmonize and balance this shift with ease and grace.

Through the Stargates, we, the inhabitants of the physical Earth plane, are able to assist in shifting the "reality" of catastrophic Earth changes which are characteristic of "doom and gloom" predictions. The shift in reality occurs when the Group Consciousness facilitates a balanced dispersion of the high, intense energies, which might have otherwise caused the Earth to "rock and roll". This "rock and roll" effect would have been the result, in part, of the incompatible absorption of the incoming  energies, into the physical layers of the Earth.

These shifts can only occur when they are in total and complete, harmonious alignment, as transmitted to us by Source and those beings whose mission it is to assist Earth through this process, with the Greater Ascension Plan of Source. Actually, these shifts are only to realign an imbalance which already existed in the Earth. We are asked only to realign things back to the original balance point of perfection, irrespective of whether it is the Planet, a Human, or an Energy on the surface of the Earth.

It is the BALANCE POINT, the point of Zero Polarity or the Null Zone, that we aim to restore. It is the connection to Source, in perfection that we seek, for we are all messengers of the Light, the vehicles of Source's plan and intimately connected to each  other as ONE …

Sometimes higher Guidance uses this meditation as an opportunity to send messages or to release key frequency "codes" that one has carried within the physical body or subconscious mind for eons of time.  When performed in groups, this power of meditation becomes exponential. When used to align a Stargate energy opening, the global consciousness becomes ONE thought, ONE mind, ONE heart, ONE connection, at a Single Synchronized Moment in Time - to Align, Center and Balance all who are connected, and the entire planet as well."

More good links:

Harmonic Concordance Rituals - alone, with groups or with crystals
A beautiful chart - From Australia, and, an explanation
From Sean David Morton

What to do:

We ask: "What do we do" between now and 8 November and on 8 November.  The more appropriate question is, "Who does one *be*."  And that difference is not quibbling over words, it's an integral part of the shift.  Between now and November 8th, work on yourself, to cleanse, get rid of baggage.  Meditate.  Chant.  Tone.  Bring yourself in to Harmony.  Feel as if you are already there at the moment of alignment, in perfect harmony.  Carry that awareness with you.  More info on what to do for this will be in next month's newsletter.  And:
November 8, 2003  --- before Dawn.  All who want to --- Gather at the Mound, High Park.

Bringing forth more "history"
The morning of August 12, 2003, 60 years after the Philadelphia Experiment, still at Mary Hardy's, we had a meditation.  40 of us started out in the lake symbolically cleansing and grounding ourselves, then we walked to Mary's pyramid, went in to the entrance tunnel and climbed up to the Queen's Chamber where we sat for a meditation.

Something else that we thought was a certain way --- a comfortable known sweet part of our history, a fixture, and is totally not so:

The music of "Greensleeves" was played as we were walking in to the pyramid.  Remember that song?  I used to play it on the piano and sing:  "Alas, my love, you do me wrong, to cast me off discourtesously.  For I have loved, ... ".   Like everyone else, I thought it was an English folks song.

Well, this English folk song supposedly began as a fertility song meant to be sung on Midsummer called "Dalen Gwyer" or Green Leaves.   Then,  "Greensleeves," the tune to which "What Child Is This?" is sung, has a long history. It was apparently first licensed or registered in 1580 to a Richard Jones (with a set of lyrics that were not in the least religious, nor even very respectable), but it is probably older still. Some theories have it that Henry VIII wrote the song. In any event, Henry’s daughter Queen Elizabeth I is said to have danced to it; Shakespeare mentioned it by name twice in The Merry Wives of Windsor; traitors were hanged as hired bands of musicians played its strains in lugubrious tempo.

We accept that "information" as "information", believing --- knowing --- that the origins of songs might be obscure and things change over time.  Wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.  As we have become aware of the meaning of the child's play tune "Ring Around a Rosie" and the meaning of the enchanting song "Alouette", Greensleeves has a totally different history.  Like so many other things, like the skull and bones flag, it has been covered up and turned around.

Mary tells us that the music of Greensleeves was used to move the stones to build the pyramids.  During the rituals, the music would be played, the "builders" (initiated priests) would spin their chakras clockwise, then counterclockwise and a visible green energy would flow down their arms (or on their sleeves, if they wore robes), which they would use to levitate stones in to the places they needed to be. Mary Magdalene used the energy of this music to heal.  The builder of the Coral Castle in Florida used the energy this music produced to build his castle, with primitive tools, by himself.

Why does this make sense?  Because its one of the very few very old tunes that has stayed around and is popular and known by everyone.  Therefore the melody has power.  To take away the wisdom and power of its real meaning, the meaning has been changed to something very different.

Why do we care?  How does this relate to us? ::  We are interested in earth energies.  Our group has shown that as individuals we are interested in ways to make this a better place to live .

Another speaker gave information which helped explain the physiological reasons as to why breatharians can live without physical food and how it is that children are born with malformed limbs.  Another speaker gave the scientific explanation as to why Paramahansa Yogananada, who died in 1952 --- why his body has never decomposed at all.  Oops!  No, wait!  That was Robert Gilbert.

We got out of the mental in the evenings.  One night was belly dancing.  Another night was fire walking.  (The Fire Walking was set up by Art Jackson, husband of Starr Fuentes, creator of "Light Language").  Congratulations to Bill Colclough and Carmen Aradi for completing your firewalk with confidence and style.  We knew you could do it!   I wanted to do it too, and I did.  Despite the fear.  Bill and Carmen did it several times.

What I don't understand:  About 3 people must have firewalked about 20 times each.  They were dancing, yes! on the coals.  I counted --- 30 seconds they stood there.  Of course their feet were always moving.  But they were dancing on the hot coals!  How is this possible?   Again and again.  2 and 3 people, dancing together this way.  (Art said he attended a seminar --- an expensive one --- on transcendental activities --- where they actually walked on water.)

The night of the firewalk was a beautiful one.  Clear skies, full moon over the water.  The lakefront was about 50 feet from the firepit.  One of those sharply etched evenings that you hold in your mind as it is happening.  Holding in the mental movies of the fire pit, the torches, pounding drums, happy faces, high energy.

About this long weekend:  It wasn't just the information.  It was a time of aware people coming together as a family, without ego, without greed, as a cohesive unit.  It was a feeling of family.  Of the 10 of us who went, 7 of us had never been before and we often just touched one another, in childlike wonder of this awesome experience that we were part of.  It was absolutely the best event of its kind that I have ever been to.

"We are the origins of war. Not history's forces nor the times, not justice nor the lack of it, nor causes, nor religions, nor ideas, kinds of government, nor any other thing. We are the killers. We breed wars. We carry it like syphilis inside dead bodies, rotting field and stream. Because the living ones are rotten. Oh God, can't we love one another just a little? That's how peace begins. We have so much to love each other for.   We have such possibilities.   We could change the world."

         -- Kathryn Hepburn, playing Eleanor of Aquitaine in the film "The Lion in Winter"

A year ago, in the newsletter, really Wacky Weather was reported around the planet the week of August 16.  Remember?  Horrendous floods in Germany, Austria, China.  Tremendous drought in the 48 contiguous states.

What do we have this year?  Rewinding a few days:

Thursday night, August 7, 2003.  Where were you?  If you were not in Mississauga the night was hot but the skies weren't even cloudy.  And then we hear of a sudden torrential downpour at Eglinton and Erin Mills that flooded homes and business and children were even swept off the sidewalk.

Friday, August 8:  Driving from Toronto to western Michigan:  every so often there was a powerful torrential downpour.  In and out of clouds, clear skies, black skies.   When I asked Mary Hardy about it she said it seems as if there is a war going on.

Friday, August 22:  The papers have been reporting unbearable heat in France.  40 degrees Centigrade.  First 300, then 1,000, then 3,000, yesterday 5,000 and today 10,000 people, mostly elderly died, alone, in their homes due to heat.  Just in France.  Which is 4/5 the size of Texas and with a population twice that of Canada.  Can you imagine what's happening?  I can't.  Freaky.

Back to August 12th.  Repairing the rip in time.  Think that's the end of it?  Guess not.

(Coincidence???  Al Bielek is one of the "Montauk Boys", one of the principals in the Philadelphia Experiment and in the Montauk Project.  He had a heart attack just a few days before August 12 --- which was the 60th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment: every 20 years, "something happens".)

Right after August 12 we had a WAKE UP call. 4:14 PM on August 14, 2003.  This was the real WAKE UP call.  We are in it.  Remember the blackout?  Yes, we can continue to stay asleep, but each successive WAKE UP call will hurt more than the one before --- until, unless we WAKE UP!

As you may imagine, I've been sent reports as to why this has happened from all over the place.  Not one report or individual said that this took place due to natural causes or because of an accident or failure to the system.  Each report said that it is purposeful.  Most of them pointed to purposes of manipulation to the populace.

One, whose history seems to be coming more to the front, is NES*ARA related.  NES*ARA --- if it is what it is supposed to be ---- is something that is so powerful and threatening that powerful groups have been creating major calamities so that this legislation can not be put in to action.

It started in the US in the 70's when farm mortgages were being foreclosed.  An accountant started to research these proceedings and thought they were illegal.  The US Supreme Court decided that his lawsuit was valid and that Savings and Loan associations and other financial institutions had done things illegally.

In early 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on charges by the Farmers’ Union that banks in the U.S. were fraudulently foreclosing on farm mortgages and that the U.S. government was in collusion with these banks. The testimony and proof brought into court by a retired CIA agent led to further evidence and proof that the Farmers’ Union claims were legitimate. It also led to evidence the income tax amendment was never properly ratified by the required number of states and therefore, income taxes were unlawful. And Canada will be affected.

To implement the required reformations, the Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur in agreements called “Accords” with the U.S. government, with the Federal Reserve Bank owners, with the International Monetary Fund, with the World Bank, and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone.  Because the process of using Accords to implement the reformations did not work, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a law named the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NES*ARA) which was passed secretly on March 9, 2000.

In the US, this is The “National Economic Security And Reformation Act” – NES*ARA - which provides for:
1) Forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds;
2) Creates U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;
3) Restores Constitutional Law;
4) Requires resignations of Bush and Cheney to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NES*ARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections;
5) Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly and ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately;
6) Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government, and many more improvements.

The reason that the this power outage was to have occurred: TPTB, to their dislike, disovered that once again NES*ARA was to be announced soon, so, they created another distaction by focusing world attention and manufacutred yet another "emergency", which would also extract money from the U.S. government to “fix” the power grid, trying to convince people that this is necessary, siphoning off money which is needed to restore balance in NES*ARA.

Is this for real?  Was it really passed by the World Court and in a US Executive Order?
Is this a scam?
Are we allowing ourselves to be fooled because we think we want it?
The provisions sound too good to be true.  If it does become enacted does not mean that everything will be hunky dory and that the "bad guys" will go away.
Let's dig, and keep digging.
And yes, people in Congress can keep big secrets.  When you are threatened enough, you keep quiet.

This really did happen:

"Woman triumphs over IRS in million-dollar tax case.
Federal jury acquits FedEx pilot who questioned legality of levy"

August 11, 2003
A federal jury in Memphis has acquitted a woman charged by the Internal Revenue Service of conspiring to evade nearly $1 million in taxes.

Jurors on Friday declared FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin, 58, not guilty of evading $920,000 in taxes.

Kuglin was charged with six counts of tax evasion, for which she could have received up to 30 years in prison had she been convicted. Government prosecutors claimed she filed false W-4 forms for the years 1996 through 2001.

A FedEx pilot for nearly 18 years, Kuglin said she had paid taxes like most other wage earners until about a decade ago, when the paper said she began to question the tax code.

She said she researched legal documents, court cases and the tax code itself, but claimed she could not find a specific section that stated she is liable to pay taxes. Rather, she found a series of contradictions, she told the Appeal.

Defense attorney Larry Becraft of Huntsville, Ala., said Kuglin decided mandatory payment of income taxes "did not apply to her." Following Friday's verdict, he declared the federal tax code "at best is a walking due-process violation."

Barbara Snodgrass, one of the jurors, told the paper the panel chose to acquit Kuglin because "we all felt that the prosecution didn't prove its case."

Vernice Kuglin began studying the IRS Code some years ago, and was simply unable to find anywhere in the code that she was required to pay federal income taxes.  Back in 1995, Kuglin wrote letters in good faith to the IRS, asking them to show her where the Tax Code requires individual citizens to pay federal income taxes. The IRS never answered a single one of her letters!

As she studied the facts, laws and related documents more, Kuglin became convinced that, regardless of the IRS' failure to respond one way or the other, she was exempt from paying federal income taxes. So, Kuglin filled out W-4 forms showing 99 exemptions, and turned them in to her employer.  Doing that meant Kuglin got to take home almost all of her paycheck each payday,instead of what was left after the feds ravaged it.

The IRS went after Kuglin for six counts of tax evasion on $920,000.00 income, and for filing "false" W-4 forms, charges that could have put the 58 year-old Kuglin in federal prison for up to 30 years and cost her 1.5 million in fines.

Apparently, things didn't go quite the way federal prosecutor Joe Murphy thought they would. In fact, after the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all counts, Murphy is reported to have demanded that the judge order  Kuglin to file her forms, pay her taxes and "obey the law".  The judge reportedly replied, "Sir, I don't work for the IRS."

A highly trained and educated federal prosecutor in Memphis was unable to convince 12 American citizens that Vernice Kuglin was required to pay federal income taxes.  He was clearly unable to produce a single section of the Tax Code to that end, and the jury was unanimous in clearing Kuglin of all charges  against her.  If the foregoing was not so, Kuglin would have been convicted.

Jurors tend not to be very sympathetic with tax scofflaws, since each one of them is also a taxpayer and they understandably feel resentment towards anyone not paying "their fair share".  So in order for this federal jury to completely vindicate Kuglin, the government's failure to prove their case against her had to have been clear and unequivocal!

Thanks to the IRS' arrogance, and Kuglin's refusal to plead to lesser charges, Kuglin accomplished what tax protesters had been denied all along:  To force the IRS into a public debate and to answer the question of whether or not the Tax Code requires an individual to pay personal income taxes.  Kuglin and her two attorneys, Larry Becraft and Robert Bernhoft, have forced the IRS to show its hand, and 12 judges hearing that debate ruled the answer to be "NO".

"The Brothers are here to help us understand the way back to the Father.  We have reached a point in our evolution where we can enter space and leave the physical.  Only those individuals that can overcome their fear and stupidity will find their way home to the Father" --- Mary Hardy, "Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man", page 151.

One of the most acclaimed books about money.  And in the Toronto Public Library:
The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin

" Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians' secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A dry and boring subject? Just wait! You'll be hooked in five minutes. Reads like a detective story — which it really is. But it's all true. This book is about the most blatant scam of all history. It's all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity."

"A superb analysis deserving serious attention by all Americans. Be prepared for one heck of a journey through time and mind."  Ron Paul, US Congressman, Member, House Banking Committee

August 17-18 : Sacred Geometry Weekend Workshop with Thomas Morton

Several of us met Thomas Morton June 2002 at the ASD Convention.  He had an eye catching display with a Sacred Geometry Screen Saver he created for PCs.  Since that time, Walter Huszczo wanted to invite Thomas to his farm in Burford (near Brantford) to help with the creation of a Medicine Wheel and so Walter hosted a workshop.

Thomas talked about the inner and outer cores of the planet, vortexes, and pyramids as antennae to the grid, where the pyramids are tuned to certain frequencies so that they oscillate that area at that frequency.  In the pyramid the King's chamber works on Spiritual energy, the Queen's chamber works on mental energy and the catacombs work on physical energy.  Children's schools are often held in the Queen's chamber to as mental acuity is sharper there.

You begin your Medicine Wheel with the placement of the Center Stone on top of an upshoot.  Just imagine a clockwise spiral going in to the earth.  As you keep following it down, it then turns upwards.  As you are following it, it is clockwise but from the top side it looks counter clockwise.  You find that upshoot and place the Center Stone on that upshoot --- dowsing for its proper orientation  --- with ceremony and intent and thanks.  Let it set awhile before the next step.

As you are creating a Medicine Wheel, creating the spokes, the energy of what is above is attracted to the wheel and reinforces the energies.  It's "its own" energy and therefore it is attracted to itself.  Every stone is put in exactly where it is supposed to be and is tuned to exactly where it needs to be.  You see the direction it needs to be tuned/turned to.  Once you re awaken this energy within themselves, you feel differently about the planet and see the planet in its own intelligence.

Medicine Wheels are good for farms.  It strengthens what is growing, as insects attack weak auras.  Color, sound, magnetic energies are all the same and the healing vortex created by the wheel sends out colors or other healing energies as needed.

The wheel is a transmitter --- an amplifier and sends out whatever is being sent out from the center.  Say you want more of a mineral in your soil.  Put the mineral on the center stone and it will send the energy, radiating it out, along the spokes and out again, higher intelligence sending it to where it needs to go to in the amounts that are needed.  When you build the wheel, the center is magnetic energy and as the wheel is being created, within 24-48 hours the energies get pulled to the center stone which creates an intersection and this is what creates the vortex.  This is a map, a picture that resonates, made out of stone.  A harmonic within itself is created, based on the triangulation that occurs.  Once you leave a wheel in place, untouched, for 21 days, the energy stays there.

Walter had been gathering stones for some time for the Medicine Wheel.  After we learned about what and why we went in to the field and started building the spokes of the wheel.  In groups of 2, using rods, we would dowse to be taken to the stone that needed to be moved, would go to the stone, pick it up and ask where it needed to go to, brought it to the right location, asked which side needed to be up and which direction to place it in.  Some stones were moved several times as we fine tuned the configuration.  We could feel it taking shape.

If you would like Thomas to help you build your own stone Medicine Wheel, contact him at: thomas@spiritlight.org



1)  May 2003 The Boston ASD Chapter created a Medicine Wheel.  Here is an excellent book that they used for a resource:

"Dancing with the Wheel": The Medicine Wheel Workbook. by Sun Bear, Wabun Wind, and Crysalis Mulligan. New York: Prentice Hall Press, 1991.

"Dancing with the Wheel is a workbook for spiritual growth, using the Native American Medicine Wheel as a guide and outline. The Wheel relates to the wheel of the year, the seasons and the relationship between all aspects of the natural world. In addition to building a personal Medicine Wheel, using various stones and found objects, the seeker performs visualizations and ceremonies to become closer to nature and spirit.

In addition to mental exercises, there are a number of crafts designed to assist in the personal growth process. One can build a private Medicine Wheel in order to aid in meditation, and there are a variety of methods and types that the individual can choose from. The seeker can also create bundles, wands and masks designed to enhance the experience of working with this particular method of study.

This book diagrams the symbolism of the medicine wheel symbol more completely than anything else I've seen. It shows not only how to construct and use the wheel in ceremony, but also provides a complete astrology and psychology to accompany the participants experience. Animals, plants, stones and colors become tools to interpret our lives. Ceremonies for healing and insight ground the symbol in experience. This Sun Bear book is the most enjoyable of his works to use."

2)  Steve Davis, of Oregon, is someone I've been in touch with for a couple of years.  At his home above the Pacific Ocean, Steve creates Medicine Wheels.  If you click on this link you will see what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful stone wheel.  Look at those colors!  At Walter's, a question asked was if the stone wheel had to be big.  As you can see, it does not.

Here is some talk from Steve and on surviving ancient stone wheel solstice sites:

Just think about the even older ones that are gone now, perhaps some of them now under the oceans.

A good time to build your stone medicine wheel: on either the Summer Solstice or the Winter Solstice. The stone medicine wheel can mark the solar year, and focus all energies. It is more ancient than all known cultures.

How and why was Stonehenge built? How were the large stones quarried, moved, and placed?
What about the other stone circles, at Ring o' Brodgar, the Standing Stones of Stennis, and other ancient stone circles? How were they built and why? www.orkneyjar.com/history/brodgar/building.htm

How and why did Edward Leedskalnin build his Coral Castle in Florida?

3)  Click and scroll to see a most stunning labyrinth created by our own Margherita "Crystal Lotus" Vondrak.

ANSWER #2:  On the mounds.  Source:  Sig Lonegren

Speaking of Books:
Here are some Classic Science Fiction books written years ago which don't seem to be so fictional any longer:

Psychic children of tomorrow are here today:  Anne McCaffrey, one of the most prolific Science Fiction writers ever wrote "To Ride Pegasus" (1973).   The first in the Pegasus series, they find "talented" children, i.e., children who have different kinds of psychic abilities, how people are afraid of them, and how the human race starts to change and what happens to society, beliefs, fears, customs.  An excellent story, for adults or young people over 12, you will feel that the author has an open doorway to see the future.

Women, Keepers of the Grids:  Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of "The Mists of Avalon",  is another doyenne of Science Fiction Literature.  She died a few years ago.  2 of her titles include "The Shadow Matrix" (1998) and "Forbidden Tower" (1977) (yes, some titles are kind of corny).  It takes place on an earth like planet,  without technology and machines.   They communicate over large distances through certain women priestesses who have "the sight" and can deal with the power of the Crystal Matrices.  These books came to mind after listening to Mary Hardy, who takes care of the grids, and,  talking with our powerful women who use crystals.

The above books are available in the Toronto Public Library.

(Please note:  2 of the "new" videos we have in our library:  "Stargate" and "Star Trek, the Wrath of Khan".  Because there are messages in these movies that I hope will be of interest to you.  And also because they cost $5 for both of them in the flea market. Interesting:: I bought Stargate in June, before Mary's conference...  Lara Croft, Tomb Raider (part 1), altho a pretty hokey movie at times, is also prophetic (we don't have it -- yet -- in our library).  As I was watching it --- borrowed from the Toronto Public Library --- it seemed to call up the images of our future Harmonic Concordance.  Wonder what Lara Croft, part 2 is all about.  Hope its a better move than Part 1.)


KABALLAH:     When we were at Lake Ontario for our water ceremony, Malca showed me a small card she had for a water meditation from the Kaballah Centre.  (Their headquarters are in LA.  There are branches all over the world.)

    I visited the Kaballah Centre (in Toronto) to get the card for myself.  You have to buy the whole set ($18 USD).  Each card has a different name with a different concept and meditation.   Each card represents one of the 72 names of God ---- as it is believed according to the Kabbalah.  I got the cards and the poster.  I like it.  It feels right, connecting with these letters and symbols.

  "  The 72 names of God are not names in the ordinary sense. They offer connection to the infinite spiritual current that flows through the world.

    By connecting to these sources of spiritual power, you acquire protection from any and all forms of negativity and danger. You remove the blockages that separate you from total joy and fulfillment. You open the pathways to transformation, for yourself and for the entire world."

   These symbols are available to you as a screen saver, you can download, for free.  It's easy to do, and it works.  It passed my virus checking program.

  go to:   www.72.com  I don't know if it also works for MACs.

TIBETAN PRAYER WHEELS:   Interesting synergies --- 3 days after finding the Kaballah info, a notice was sent on a dowsers email list that someone from Minnesota will send out prayer wheels to those of us who are interested.  Mine is in the mail and I will show it to you when it shows up.  Then I found Prayer Wheel Screen Savers (for your computer):

 The first 2 sites will set you up with a screen saver prayer wheel!  :


Creating Healing Energy Fields
A Subtle Energy Generator concept inspired byTibetan Hand Prayer Wheel Technology

" The energy dynamic of a hand held prayer wheel when used with a pendulum that spins with the cylinder but perpendicular (off 90 degrees) from the handle is very insightful. I am now departing from the spiritual aspect of the prayer wheel, which is immeasurable, and moving towards an energy awareness of an object connected by a cord to a handle and spinning perpendicular to it. This dynamic creates an energy field with a signature reflective of the spinning object attached to the cord. A subtle magnetic field is created around this device and also travels down the handle into the hand of the person spinning it.

Here are two key insights:

A subtle energy field can be easily created by putting together a device as described above and spun in a clock wise direction. Believe it or not, as a simple prototype, I  put one together using tinker toys, a cord and several wraps of copper wire as the spinning object tied to the cord.  The energy field will primarily take on the characteristics of whatever is being spun around the fixed shaft, and to a lesser degree, the other materials used in its construction. If one uses silver as the object being spun then the field it will take on the energy signature of silver. If one uses a healing stone, the field will take up the energy signature of the stone. Materials such as wood and bamboo appear to have a more neutral affect on the subtle energy and offer an easy pathway for the healing energy to flow to the practitioner. However, glass, certain ceramics, and plastics such as acrylic may also work in the same way."

A different kind of S.A.R.S.  Alcohol.  Taxes

At Walter's Medicine Wheel workshop, I expressed a wish for a tall cold one as we were out in the hot sun for some time and Klaus Stalchuss asked me if I had a touch of S.A.R.S.  Yes, I guess I did.  This was a touch of Sudden Alcoholic Requirement Syndrome.  But I had to wait for the cold beer.   I just started drinking beer this past October and so far only like 3 kinds: Sleeman's Cream Ale, Corona and Asahi.  (Well, it worked for Ronald Reagen and jelly beans, why not for me and beer? :)  )   It's a lot of work to test all the brands of beer!   The only beer available was one I had tried before and had not liked:  Old Milwaukee.   However, when its the only one available...  Such a surprise.  It was quite good!   When I commented on it I was told:  "I buy whatever brand is on sale and I energize it."

A couple of years ago I was using our techniques on wine:  transforming the non beneficial energies in it to beneficial ones and improving the taste so it would taste delicious to me.   It works.  Do keep this in mind:  Yes, you need practice on this, so I encourage you to practice a lot.

Speaking of alcoholic beverages --- on the way back from the US I stopped at the duty free store, to buy a bottle of something because --- of course --- the bottle that it comes in is a beautiful shade of blue and can later be used for color healing --- fill it with water, let it sit in the sun and become infused with the energy of blue tinted sunlight --- once the alcohol is emptied.  The product cost $16 CDN.  Checking at the LCBO, the price for the same bottle was $33 CDN.

Then, to take it to another level --- did you know that if you have an alcoholic beverage in a restaurant or a bar that an extra 10% in tax is added on to your bill?  That makes a total of 25% in taxes for a product whose whose cost already is over half tax.  It boggles.

Why, in the last 2 years have they built many many big new gorgeous LCBO stores on prime real estate with lots of floor space and free parking (in many locations)?   Why are these the priorities of our province?   Have you seen how offices for provincial services have been eliminated, condensed, moved in to other buildings?


For some time we've been discussing Light and Sound, their importance and how they relate to our activities.

Sound --- as in music and voice  and Light --- as in color --- are 2 of the most complete methods we have for healing.  Why?  Vibrations.  They are much lighter, vibrationally, then the dense particles of physical substances such as drugs --- or even at times --- herbs.  Not just "lighter", but easier to move from one level to another as the differences between one shade of color and another is so subtle.  Its as if one were to compare the differences in the distance between the step of a person and the step of an ant.  You can get more precision and more levels of differentiation with the latter.  And this can make all the difference when it comes to healing.  Homeopathic remedies are similar in this respect.

Eckankar "Religion of the Light and Sound of God" teaches simple spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God.   In Eckankar, the Hu chant is an integral part of their practice.  Hu is thought by some to be "higher" than the Om chant and is used by some Tibetans.  It's lovely to Hu and its lovely to Om.  I got a Hu tape from the Eck Centre here in Toronto years ago.  They still may have them for sale.

(At the top of every newsletter is written: "This kind of energy is caught, not taught".  I learned this from a former Eck Master in who I studied under from 1991-1994. He was not teaching Eck (proper).  He was teaching Light and Sound Healings.  Have you ever met anyone in Toronto who does chakra tunings using Tuning Forks?  This is the man who started that and I brought him to Toronto.  After 2 years it seemed to most of us as if there was a noticeable diminishing of integrity, and I and others left him.  I hope he has changed for the better.  His teachings were excellent.)

The Egyptians have been producing Son et Lumière spectacles for decades, to help explain the history of the pyramids. They use poetry, vocals, magic of water, jets of water, coloured and changing, fog, walls of water.  Fountains, Screens, Pyrotechnics, Laser, Projected images. Image evoke, suggest, enrich, inform.  Inflatable structures, Water screens, Voices, music, sound effects create one's sound environment, favourable with the emotions. Colors, intensities, movements, animations take part in the transformational magic of a place.

How do we choose which we need?  By Dowsing for it.

In the June 2003 newsletter, Masaru Emoto's May 10th Toronto presentation was reviewed, where he talked about 2 symphonies that have been found useful for healing, one for the joints and one for the Lymph system.

There is a new system that has made great strides with regard to improving the health of Autistic Children.  Some of the children, after a few treatments, can speak.  Here is one report from Eric, a 23 year old young man who has always been autistic and has not been able to speak.   He speaks to John, another autistic young man about music that helps his brain:

" Hi this is Eric. Thank you for your letter. Hi John try to come out of you shell it is not so bad out here. People are willing to help us. I remember when I was 11 years old and I started to type on a computer at school. My parapro would hold my left wrist and I could tell her my thoughts by typing. I bet you can read and spell too. No one thought I could, but I could. John ask you mom to buy you an Enya and Kenny G CD. Enya has a great voice for healing our brains and relaxing us. Well get some good rest tonight and try to get the CDs. you will see how much better you feel when you listen to the music."

We have the information from Masaru Emoto.  We are learning about Mozart's music and the music of other Classical Masters --- most, such as Hadyn and Beethoven, who have been great spiritual beings and whose music represents as close as possible in our understanding what they were hearing as they were listening to the heavenly spheres.   Who else?  I choose the music of Elvis and Frank Sinatra, some Beatle songs and some of Shania Twaine.   What, specifically, is it about their music?   Sharon Russell, of Toronto, has received grants from the National Research Council of Canada with Brock University because her music helps the brain.  Listen, and, learn, and share with us.

PLEASE:  Ask your dowsing system if listening to music would be beneficial for you.  If you get a yes, using the per cent chart, ask what per centile.  If it is over 80%, ask if one or more particular pieces or composers would be most beneficial for you.  "Chunk it down" through various categories, such as Classical, Pop, Jazz, Show tunes, New Age, Other (I am pretty sure you will NOT get beneficial readings should you try Country Western or Rap or Heavy Metal.  They send out deleterious vibrations to the body, mind, heart and soul.)  Find a composer, artist and song.   You can use the Alphabet System for dowsing, i.e., using the Alphabet chart dowse for the first letter, the second letter, etc., to spell out the name of the Artist and/or Title.   If your answer is a symphony, dowse for the the orchestra producing the symphony.  Maybe you need to listen to a note.  Find out.  Dowse for it.

Mikki Fox, of Richmond Hill, is one of our members who has been successfully using color therapy in her practice, for years.  She has been generous to us in sharing her time and talents.

We have been talking about color therapy and now have more books for the library on color therapy.

Practically every single scientist, therapist, doctor, researcher, etc., on color therapy has started from the same place.   You can, too.  Its inexpensive and not too complicated.  And thorough.

    Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966)

  He developed color therapy and wrote "the bible", Principles of Light and Color.  Virtually every color therapist whose information you will find began with Dinshah.  He was also told to shut down by the FDA, and, when he didn't he was thrown in jail and his work deliberately destroyed.   Like Reich.  And Tesla.  And Reams.  And Ed McCabe.  Kurt Donsbach.  And a whole bunch of other brilliant researchers who wanted to improve our lives and found out startling new methodologies using very simple and inexpensive methods that work.

 Dinshah's oh so simple system:  You take a colored gel.  You put the gel in front of a light so what you now see is a colored light.   You take off your clothing, lie on a table for an hour under this light.  That is one treatment.

  How do you choose which color is needed?  You dowse for it.

  A colored gel is a piece of semi transparent flexible colored plastic.  You slide it on to the covering of a theatre light that has the holders for the gels.  That's one way that theaters throw colored lights on to a stage.

When you look at paint chips, and you see the oh so subtle gradations from one tint to the next --- that's an advantage of color therapy.  Also, to get a sense of this, if you know HTML computer programming --- play with the Color codes and see how subtle it is to go from one shade to the next.

   I found Dinshah's system (from the Dinshah Health Society in Malaga, New Jersey) a couple of years ago. Arthur Clark was interested so I loaned him all the information I purchased and Arthur bought the system and started using it.   He's been fairly successful with it and will answer your questions on it if he can.  The gels and lights come from Texas.  This is fairly standard theater stuff.  I would like to find a supplier here in Toronto who would like to handle it but have not spent the telephone time sourcing it here.  Who would like to do this?

   Someone else has my Dinshah materials.  When she gets finished with it 2 more people have asked for it and will get it. This is from my own personal library (we don't dare buy any more materials yet until we fill up our coffers again).   Those who took Jerry Pegden's Light Language course are interested in Dinshah.

   I would like to see more people using this system and other color therapy systems.  It's effective, non invasive, no chemicals, inexpensive, feels good and is fun.  Perhaps we can start a subgroup?

   I will ask Arthur if he will be so kind to bring in some of the system to the December meeting.  okay?

I hope some one or more (else) will take action, take the lead to DO SOMETHING
If you would like to do something more --- to "just go", pour in some ECH20, talk with people:
Sunday, September 14  1-4 PM  --- Don Valley Brick Works

The Don Watershed Regeneration Council and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) are marking the 10 year anniversary of their special rejuvenation project of The DON RIVER.

With speeches, stories and other glass tipping events, the celebration goes Sept. 14, at the Don Valley Brick Works, 550 Bayview Ave. from 1-4 p.m. The celebration is open to the public.

David Crombie, honorary director of The Conservation Foundation is guest speaker and writer and journalist Mike Filey will be on hand to tell stories of both the city and the watershed’s past.

The Don River watershed flows from the Oak Ridges Moraine through the GTA —  including Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham, continuing down through the heart of Toronto before emptying into Lake Ontario.

The Don Watershed Regeneration Council is a watershed-wide advisory committee comprised of agency representatives, the general public and environmental groups.

The Don Watershed Task Force, which subsequently became the Don Watershed Regeneration Council, was formed 10 years ago to work with other interest groups, businesses, municipalities and government agencies to restore the health of one of Canada’s most degraded urban rivers.

Huh?  WHAT are we doing?  Is this Dowsing?  What is Dowsing?

When we started our group, we pictured learning more about dowsing for health, such as finding out what organs or systems might not be in balance and to dowse the best methods, times, etc., to balance the problems; finding wells, treasure; finding out more about geopathic stress, the Curry and Hartmann grids, how they affect us and what to do about them; finding homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, what's wrong with our pets.

Along comes Mary Hardy and we find out more about the earth grid, that it is being adversely affected and what we can do about it.   We learn about Native American practices.   We are healing the bodies of water on this planet.  We are looking at Stargates and Mayan Portals, Egyptology, the Kabballah. Sacred Geometry, Labyrinths, Medicine Wheels, Huna.  Different areas may interest different people, but how do they relate to Dowsing?

Traditional classical dowsers use dowsing to find water.  And to find gas, oil, treasure and lost objects pets and people. That is, in North America.  Robert Gilbert tells us that French dowsers are re-discovering Egyptian dowsing.  The US & Canada do informational dowsing.  They do vibrational or spiritual dowsing.  It seems as if the work that attracts our group is more Egyptian than Western.

I took the Silva Method course many years ago.  Like most people, I took it to help me achieve the things I wanted in life such as material things, career, change some habits.   It wasn't too long before I realized that this was the "hook".   What it was really about was spiritual change and we found that the way to do that is through awareness in raising one's consciousness.

Dowsing is not "just" about finding things.  It is much more profound, if you allow it, if you allow your subconscious to communicate with your psyche.  Dowsing to find water is using a dowsing skill to find a commodity.  Water is much more than a commodity, just as a cow is much more than something to munch on.

Water is more than a carrier for our coffee or a cleaner for our cutlery or something nice to bathe in.  It is the lifeblood of our planet, it has a spirit it has memory, it is alive.  Dowsers find water.  Water is an earth energy, the easiest earth energy to detect.  Earth energies are the easiest to detect.  That one reason why beginning dowsers start out by finding veins of water.

We are re-learning about the earth energies.  The Native Americans revered the earth and her being and gifts.  We are finally learning the real history of our planet and how to take care of her.   The ancient cultures were more knowledgeable than we are about true knowledge.

Dowsing and Dowsers tune in to vibrations.  We tune in to vibrations with our tools and skill and beings.  And then, when appropriate, we may carefully and respectfully change the vibration to a condition that is more beneficial for the cosmos.

A couple of years ago some of you were coming to me asking me to include information on groups and entities as as Kryon, Michael, etc.  I declined as I felt that too few of our people were interested in it and it might be too way out for too many.  This has changed.

People we know are now talking freely about the Pleidians, Urantia, the Andromedans, Unarius, Chanellings from Tobias, Michael, the Transcenders, Kyron, St. Germain, Ishayas, etc.  We have become comfortable with this --- in such a very short time.  Every native culture has a creation myth.  They are all quite similar.

When I first read Sheldan Nidle's "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" a mere 8 years ago, it was the first time I allowed myself to consider that the burning bush Moses spoke with might really be an intergalactic vessel.  It's all coming out.  Swami Sri-Yukteswar (1855-1936), known for his uncommon understanding of the nature of consciousness, and Paramahansa Yogananda's teacher, said we have been asleep for thousands of years.  Nothing we learned was true.

*        *        *        *        *

 Locks & Keys, Shape & Form
Enzymes to atoms to sperm to tinker toys to Sacred Geometry

In a nutrition class, we learned about Enzymes and Enzyme Receptors and Enzyme Receptor Sites. An enzyme is travelling around, looking for its receptor site.  When it finds its site, it "lands", locks on, locks in and begins working.  How does it recognize its receptor site?  Mostly By shape.  It's the form, the structure. Understanding this one tiny but crucial concept can give one a key to understanding more about the working of our physical universe.

If the enzyme or the receptor (site) are damaged, it may lock on but the process may not be as effective, complete and powerful as if both parts were whole.   An enzyme is required for every single chemical activity.  There are thousands of enzymes in our bodies, perhaps a hundred are digestive enzymes.  There are similar and different enzymes in the animal and plant world.  Enzyme activity is required for life.  Processed food that has a longer than usual shelf life can do so because the enzymes to break it down are destroyed.  Enzymes mean Life Energy.  When we eat processed food we get less life energy.  Synthetic supplements can not totally create the entire complex of natural foods.  Quite often when we have an illness its because an enzyme is damaged, missing or insufficient.

You can eat a large amount of non nutritious 'food' and still be hungry.  Because what your body craves is nutrition, not bulk.  The molecular structure of non nutritious foodstuffs does not have the right form and so there is not the right fit in to the right place to keep the system optimal.

Atoms, in part, recognize other atoms to form molecules. Shape is important for the recognition.  Another question that we don't have the information for yet is where does the intelligence come from to direct them to go ahead and do this and how do they know which atoms (or other smaller particles) to connect with?

Recognizing shape and form is the basis of the foundation of the structure of our physical universe.

The most obvious and miraculous example of this activity is the act of sexual union of most life forms to create life.  Penis fits in to vagina, stamen fits in to pistil, sperm fits in to egg.

With everything we have made we copy the natural world.  Much of this involves the lock and key concept.  This is how builders make strong structures, and why the manufacturing do it yourself industry is so successful.  Look up for a moment, look around you and see what is in your home that has been built based on the lock and key and manufacturing principles.  Plug in to socket.  Transmissions.  Gears.  Nuts and bolts. Pistons and cylinders.  Tinker Toys.  Bottle tops.  Bulbs in to sockets.  The right battery.  Tongue and groove.  Furniture. Carpentry. Male and female connectors.  Fit and precision.  Press a button and interconnected parts start connecting and moving.

Isn't there such a feeling of satisfaction and completeness when the right part fits in to the right slot?  This feeling is similar to the feeling when you "get a good hit" when you are dowsing.  When it feels right.  The vibrations and harmonics are in place.  They all come together.  Form. Structure. Vibrations. Harmony. Flow. The right note.  It's all music.

To change the course of the Universe, to ensure that the world goes to the Light, not to the Dark, in "Lara Croft, Tomb Raiders", Lara --- the one who had been groomed and awaited for generations -- had to wait for the precise moment in millenia to be at the precise spot to put the precise jewel in to the right position.   Timing.  Placement.  Position.  Fit.  Tuning.

When you work with Sacred Geometry this too of course is form.  Circle. Angle. Line.  A 5 pointed star or a 6 pointed star.  You are using --- you are building on the physical or the mental level --- geometric shapes with awareness and intent for a special purpose.  You place the shape in a specific place for a specific purpose.  Add color and you can move in to Light Language.  The basis of written language is forms in nature that have been recognized, that are in our DNA.

As Doug Benjamin writes "The scribes of pre-dynastic Egypt (10,500 BC) record four standards of measure. These four cubits identify the primary oscillations of the global grid. Number underlies form and guides sound. Numbers and harmonious proportions set the limits to the formative hand of nature. From the Microcosm to the Macrocosm we find that number expresses itself in form by simply regulating the harmonic stucture of a molecular activity."

We can change all this in an instant, and we will, when we move beyond the restrictions we have created for ourselves in our physical universe.  We do not have to go through physical death and end our physical existense.  This was one of the purposes of the never ending Mr. Smiths in Matrix II.  For the moment, we have decided to continue with these restrictions.

Right now we are still mostly in the physical universe.  We are making note about the importance of form, shape, position, timing.  As dowsers, we find out what it is, what is most beneficial for the universe.  We find out the truth, shine the light to uncover the darkness, properly set up, protect and maintain The Grid, our earth, our Cosmos so we can pass through the Stargate in to our next step.

The Dowser's Prayer
Lord, guide my hands, enhance my sensitivity, and bless my purpose, that I may be an instrument of Your power and glory in locating what is searched for.

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

 "Once the mind has been stretched by a new idea, it will never again return to its original size." -- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841-1935) US Supreme Court Justice

"No great advance has ever been made in science, politics, or religion, without controversy." -- Lyman Beecher (1775-1863) Source: Life Thoughts, 1858

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest." -- Elie Wiesel (1928- ) Writer, Nobel Peace Prize winner 1986

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind." -- Jim Morrison (1943-1971) Musician

 "The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory."  --Paul Fix

THE    Tuesday, September 9 th, 2003  MEETING FEATURES:
will speak on: "Entities and Their Detection"
Spooks, Lost Souls, etc. What, Why, What to do

PREPARATION:   If you have spooks, please bring them to this meeting.

When I walked in to Ruth's home to meet with her about her presentation on August 19 it was the first time we met.  Whenever I find presenters for our group it is because I see them and somewhere down the line know they will be good for the group.  With Ruth, it was different.  Pat Kulyski and Lynn Reeves told me about her with glowing recommendations.  Although it took a year, something kept saying "Ruth.  September."  So we talked, set it up and then I got to really find out what she does and who Ruth is.

Something really bad happened.   1 hour before I was to leave for my meeting with Ruth, one of you called me.  You told me about one of our other members, a totally sweet, soft, loving, giving woman.   This past Sunday, her 16 year old granddaughter killed herself.  Crud.  Can you imagine a more horrible situation?  No, not really.  We talk, I hang up and leave, wondering how I'm driving to meet Ruth, totally ungrounded.

5 minutes after I enter Ruth's home, I'm crying, knowing its okay to be this way with Ruth.   And I begin to understand more about the work Ruth does in helping Lost Souls and Spooks and other entities, understanding what they are, the differences and helping them to go to where they belong.  A short while later, this Lost Soul had crossed over.  I was the carrier to bring her to Ruth so she could facilitate the transition.

Ruth has been interviewed on television and on radio, such as CFRB and in numerous newspaper articles for her work.  Here is a quote from the August 17, 2002 Globe and Mail:  "I don't swing bloody chickens or burn incense," says Ruth, who is known as a "gatekeeper" in spiritual circles. "What I do is still taboo, but I look upon ghost cleaning as a service. People don't need to suffer unnecessarily. People move because they have ghosts. Or they have trouble selling their houses."  "Happy people do not become ghosts. Ghosts are clumsy leftover pieces of energetic baggage. I tell them it's time to go. It's an issuance of grace."

In the "old days", Ruth would have been known as an Adept.  What she does, is she --- transmutates --- different kinds of entities.  She'll tell us about that.  She converts the energies of non beneficial frequencies so that they do not return.  She guarantees her work.  "I've been forged by Angels and Avatars."

"Remember the Gentle Giant (John Coffey) character in The Green Mile (with Tom Hanks)?  That's what I do.  He did it with body energy.  I do it with spirit energy."

"Spooks" have an electro magnetic signature.  It's wonky.  Dowsing rods react to it.  Ruth will tell us more about this, what to do and what not to do, especially if we are dealing with a strongly negative soul.   The really bad ones mutilate pets, sexually molest their victims.  The vast majority are male.  This is a reason why the prisons are full.  The less harmful drop marbles on the floor above you, create appliance, computer problems, etc.

I asked her about Ghost Hunters, who recently appeared on dowsing email lists.  She said "Ghost hunting is about voyeurism. It's like poking a wounded animal, it's dangerous."

Too many people find out about arcane energies and start dabbling, because these areas are so fascinating but do not realize how dangerous this could be if you are insufficiently armed and prepared.  Ruth asked me to pass on a WARNING to you:  "When you put your hands on someone who has an implant, the aliens see you.  They may or may not approach you."

We have asked you to bring your spooks because Ruth will help them get to where they need to be.  She will also talk about the coming shift, helping Lightworkers, beneficial and non beneficial non Earth beings.

Ruth had asked to speak to us to educate us.  She doesn't have a book or products to sell.  She does take occasional clients, and, a session with her is dear as she does not have much time to offer her services.  If you would like a session with her, please be very clear in your mind and heart that you need this.  She does not work on people who go from one therapist to the next, looking for someone to fix them; she works with people who need help so they can continue to help themselves and help others.

Ruth has an engaging speaking manner.  She is crisp, clear, no nonsense and "the real deal".  You will be enthralled, entertained and will find out information you need to protect yourself and help your family and friends.

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