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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, September 13th,  2005 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Ursula Fugger,
President of Astrology Toronto, Inc.
"Astrology, Dowsing, and the Art of Divination
 and Sacred Time or What was that Question you asked?"
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS - 2005
SEPTEMBER 13th: - Ursula Fugger, President of Astrology Toronto, will speak on:
"Astrology and Dowsing;  Dowsing and Astrology"
SEPTEMBER 22nd: - Call to Action - Consciousness Raising
OCTOBER 11th:  "Electrical Toxicity" --- What it is, How to Detect it, Correct it, with Magda Havas
NOVEMBER 8th:   Stay tuned for a panoply of choices from world renowned Dowser and more: Sandee Mac! (workshops too)
DECEMBER 13th - The Toronto Dowsers SIXTH Annual Networking Social

September 9-11   -  21st  Annual Vegetarian Food Fair
Queens Quay West;  Fri  4-9;   Sat  11-8;      Su  11-6

September 23rd - 25th - Canadian Society of Questers (CSQ)
The Canadian Society of Questers Invites you to our Dowsing Convention at The Lodge Conference and Retreat Centre 100 Mile House, British Columbia
"Going Exponential --- Questing in a Changing World"
Keynote Speaker "Will Thomas"

Buddha Relics (1)     Buddha Relics (2)
(for more information, see "UPCOMING", below)
September 16th-18thHamilton / Burlington
Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West
September 24th & 25th  Toronto
Parkdale Collegiate Institute, 209 Jameson Avenue

September 25th -Exopolitics Toronto:  Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Directions
Sunday September 25th:  9:30 -  3:45;  Convocation Hall - University of Toronto

November 9 - 16 -  Seventh Annual Energy Psychology Conference

November 18-21 ‘  OBA (Ontario Beekeeper’s Association) CONVENTION and  INTENSIVE APITHERAPY COURSE
WHAT IS APITHERAPY? Apitherapy is the therapeutic use of Bee Products to prevent, heal or recover  from a variety of diseases/conditions. “The Art and Science of treatment & Holistic Healing through the honeybee and her products for the benefit of Mankind and the animal kingdom.”

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The 3 Best Days This Summer,  and,   Birthday Wisdom
THE TORONTO DOWSERS WALTER HUSZCZO LIBRARY . . . .  Books . . . . James Rollins  2005  "Map of Bones"....Adam's "Dreamhealer

CHANGE OF SEASONS --- CLEANSE. . . Prevent the Flu . . . BREATHING TIP --- From Anna Coy --- Wild Divine . . .COPD and your Lungs  --- Especially Women . .  (1)  Your own Homeopathic Chemtrail Remedy . . . Johanna Budwig and Budwig Cream . . . .  Why Einstein Was a Genius? . . .Zinc and Your Energy --- From Dr. Wright . . .TEN BEST EXERCISES

UPCOMING . . . .
SEPTEMBER 13:   Ursula Fugger:  Astrology and Dowsing . . . .September 16th-18th, 24,25 BUDDHA RELICS tour. . . SEPTEMBER 22, 8 PM:   GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION . . .OCTOBER 11th:  MAGDA HAVAS . . . .NOV.8Sandee Mac . . .November 9 - 16 -  Seventh Annual Energy Psychology Conference . . .DECEMBER 13th --- The SIXTH Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

April 12th --- David Yarrow . .  Dr. Masaru Emoto --- May 7, 8. . . May 10th  --- Dr. Robert Gilbert . . .June 13-20, The 45th ASD Convention, Vermont . . . The Moon Maiden Stone Circle July 6-10, 15... Thank Water Day July 25, 2005   7:25  PM . . .

Bees . . . Internauttes . . . Members Interests
Tuesday, September 13th 2005MEETING FEATURES: Ursula Fugger: Astrology & Dowsing


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP:   Annual Membership Dues almost Due:   Our membership year goes from October 1st to September 30th.   All memberships expire at the end of September and need to be renewed.   A renewal form is enclosed with this mailing, or, it can be found at: RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP.
You will notice that our fees have increased by $5 this year.  Since we started, September 2000, dues were $20 a year.  A year or 2 ago we increased new memberships to $25.   Now:  Renewals cost  $25  and new memberships cost $30.   We have been doing pretty good, keeping our fees low.   You are aware that printing costs for the newsletter rose by 50% 2 years ago and postage rises every year.   For the value you receive, the dues are nominal.

Please DO make extra contributions when you renew your membership.  It makes a big difference to all of us, helps purchase library books, equipment, etc., and helps those attend events who are not so financially fortunate.

If you join / renew by October 31st, you receive a guest pass to bring in a new person to a meeting at no charge.  Please note:  this does NOT mean it can be used for someone who has been to a meeting before, or, whose membership expired.

Renewals will be honored until December 31st.  After that time, its considered a new membership.  You can mail in your memberships, or bring them in to a meeting.

THIS NEWSLETTER AND NEWSLETTERS IN GENERAL:   Your dues cover the costs for (printing and mailing) newsletters.   And they also go towards library purchases, equipment, speaker costs (our speakers aren't paid but sometimes there are costs),  technology expenses, office supplies, etc.

There is really no set number of newsletters per annum.  We usually have a newsletter before each meeting.  Our last meeting was in May and that was our last newsletter.   I'd hoped to get out a newsletter during the summer but there was too much going on.  So this one is longer, includes the meeting notes for the April (David Yarrow)  and May 2005 (Robert Gilbert)  presentations which you had not yet received and the items usually in your summer issue.

You were very generous in your extra contributions this May and June to Charles Hubbard, Ivan McBeth and David Yarrow ---- contributions I had asked you for to these speakers who only had their basic travel and living expenses covered when they came here to speak to us.   It's not just that --- with the lifestyle they have chosen, so they can more fully concentrate on their area of expertise, they pay less attention to taking care of their material needs and genuinely need some help with obtaining what we consider to be basic necessities of living.   We benefit by their attentiveness to their expertise, we recognize this, and give them a little more for their expenses.

The donations for each averaged about $125.   It's not just the money, its the thoughtfulness and the acknowledgment and the fact that we remember them and think so highly of them.   I gave Charles and David the money at the ASD convention.   It made an important difference to them, just to let them know how much we care about them.  I gave Ivan the money at Jan and Pete's Stone Circle Building Workshop.

Charles Hubbard was very grateful for your gifts and cards and asked me to pass along his profound thanks to you, for your kindness.   David Yarrow was moved, too, by your contributions.  He was gratified by the recognition which it seems, he does not receive in his home town.   Then at Jan and Pete's Stone Circle Building workshop with Ivan in July, Ivan received his gift.  Ivan, too, was grateful for our contribution to his well being and recognition of his service.

I am proud of you and grateful to you that you were so kind to these deserving people who showed us so much of what we love.  Thank you so very very much.

Managed to snag an hour of David Slater's time for David Yarrow at the ASD.   You may remember David Yarrow's story about how he was electrocuted about 15 years ago when he touched the wrong wire and his body has not been the same since.   It is obvious when you see him move, and he told us his story when he was here in April.   DY is in constant discomfort and his body is rather fragile.

DAS suggested some remedies for DY --- that could help clear out the damage in the nervous system done by the electricity, improve the nervous system and help the wasted muscles.   These remedies, in the course of a year, would cost about $540 USD.   I told David the Toronto Dowsers would take care of the remedies for him.  I paid for one batch  $80 USD and can not personally afford to do the whole thing. Will you help?   Please send your contributions to me, directly, or put them in an envelope, marked for DAVID YARROW at a meeting and hand it in to the Registration folks.  Thank you.

One more thing about DAS' remedies ---- The week before I was leaving for the ASD, a small piece of tooth broke off.  I was hoping the dentist could rebuild it but he said there is a big cavity, and decay which is too close to the root, so it will be time for that dreaded  Root Canal!  Instead, I am taking remedies for this, to get rid of the decay and some other things.   Will let you know in a few months how its going.  Already the sensitivity is less.

Speaking of David Slater --- Since several of us use his remedies, you might be interested to know  some recent news:   "HEALERS WHO SHARE" remedies are now able to pass through all airport X-Ray scanners and security systems without damage to the contents..

The Canadian remedies are now a "Water Only" Solution.  Also,  Alcohol and Grapefruit seed extract additives have been eliminated.   They are currently available in the US on a special order basis only and for a slight extra fee.  The US will go to the "Water Only" formula completely by January 2006, at their regular pricing.

Kathie and Shari Bridge:  905 278 8574 and Helga Reimer 905 737 6605 are TD members and practitioners w HWS.

Within a short time after the sarsscam hit Toronto, Spring 2003, our city and many of its activities took a financial nose dive.   The Holistic field suffered, too.  Another factor is the increasing number of  holistic practitioners and activities within this industry --- its no longer just a "field", it has grown to an "industry".

When I realized this, I started planning workshops that were less expensive --- except for Robert Gilbert's workshop, which had been worked towards for years and is an exception.  And yes, we are still planning on having him back here again next spring and no we are not yet accepting registrations (had 3 requests so far).

So you know how to budget for your Dowsing Dollars, we are planning a series of small workshops November 2005 when Sandee Mac (see below)  is here, then a workshop in January or February (to be announced in the fall) and in April or May when Robert Gilbert returns.

Make room on your calendar for workshops with Sandee Mac:  November 9-13.
DO YOU CREATE WITH FABRIC?  At our monthly meetings, you have seen the different tables we have.  We have tables for the library, for our food, a Toronto Dowsers sales table, Networking table, tables for the speakers --- whatever comes up.  It could be nice if we had attractive table coverings for some of the tables.    Do you have a suitable piece of fabric with a pattern that is appropriate for our group you would like to donate to us?    Or, do you do fabric art and would you like to make something?  Our tables are rectangles, some are 6' long, some are 8' long.  What we could use needs to be wrinkle free and easy to clean if there are spills.   It must also not overpower the objects on the tables, which need to be prominently displayed.  If you would like to do something along these lines --- if you have ideas or want ideas, please do contact me.  It could involve sewing or fabric painting, etc.

HOLISTIC COMMUNITY:  More outcry in the City of Toronto about Holistic Centres and the bylaw.   Few realize it is not about protecting Holistic Practitioners or the public.  It is about getting money for registration, restricting practitioners, allowing the government to be your silent partner and forcing holistic practitioners in to the rigid medical model --- without the benefits, etc.   When we were going through this dance in 1999, I wrote an article which was published in Vitality Magazine about what's really behind it.    The law has changed, however you can read that article at:  HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER BYLAW

HEATHER JOY SKELTON:   Many of us knew Heather and her numerous contributions to the lives, well being of others and to our Holistic Community.  She lost a long battle with cervical cancer July 23, 2005.   She was a co-founder of the Omega Centre, which was for some time the largest New Age bookstore in Toronto.  Heather's main focus was to help holistic and spiritually oriented  people improve their relationship with money.   She coached people who wanted to make changes in their lives.   I met Heather for the first time about 10 years ago at the Green River Church as she was pursuing her goals in helping others.   She cared about others, she was cared about and she is missed.

The Omega Centre:   Ironically, the Omega Centre, a very important landmark in our community, the largest New Age bookstore, closed its doors in June.

NEAT GROKKING:   Angela Adams-Viola has been a member of our group since we started.  She has also taught some dowsing classes.  Angela and her family recently moved to Manitoba and are raising sheep (they will be back here frequently) but while they were still in Toronto, Angela met Annie Van Alten, one of our Bee Keepers (we have a few.  Annie's family own's Dutchman's Gold --- bee products).  They became friendly and Angela's husband Joe did the renovations for Annie's store.  Angela did the Feng Shui.  The place -- floor, walls, cupboards, artwork --  looks and feels fabulous. Angela's home schooled daughter, Sierra is raising a sheep for her 4H project.

This is a main activity within the Toronto Dowsers --- making excellent connections.  And taking good care of them.

DEBBIE'S TRAINED TROUT:  My friend Debbie built a pond on her property, about 100' across.  Before we went swimming there this summer, she said "Wait a minute.  I have to feed them."   She put the cup in the feed bag and threw it on the surface of the pond.  Within 3 seconds, about 10 large trout whizzed from all directions to where the food was, popping up to and out of the water for the food.   Debbie put the trout in about 6 years ago when she built the pond.  She said they will come to feed if her dog is nearby, but not if any other dogs are nearby.

OUR SPEAKERS:   Last year, our September, October and November speakers were male (they still are!).   This year, our September, October and November speakers are female.   Anyone know why?


Where did you go?  What town, country --- hemisphere --- did you visit?  Read a super book?  Hitchhike out West?   Go on a dig?   Host foreign students?  Buy some land?   Take a great workshop?  Move?  to where?  What event would you like to share with us?   Please  email, snail mail or call it in for the October 2005 newsletter....

Did anyone:   Create the Energy Garden described in the May issue?  Attend the summer  events highlighted in our Summer Events and May issue such as the ones at the Learning Annex?   KingView?   Farmers Markets?  David Yarrow's Peace Festival?   Lily Dale?   Please let me know --- if you did --- if you liked them --- they will be repeated next summer.  If not, then not.

And --- What are the summer fairs that happen in and around Toronto --- that we can list for next year.  I always find out about them the week after they took place....  Like the Hillside Festival.  And the Wind and Water one....  Next  year, would like to know BEFORE they take place...

Speaking Of .....  Summer Vacation:   AUTHOR!   AUTHOR!
Near Death On Nantucket
 by  Peter Clayton
About the Book

Cyndy Vorester’s whole life as Nantucket’s resident astronomer changes when her violent car crash results in a Near Death Experience. As a scientist, Cyndy is confused and frightened to discover she has been transformed into a whole new person. Somehow she has become a “Chosen One”—a healer and mystic. Cyndy’s transformation plunges her into a life and death struggle with Maaiken Starbroke, the imperious pastor of the local church, a man world-famous for his ability to heal any disease. Bent on protecting his power and the secret behind it, Starbroke is determined—dead-set—not to allow another healer on his island. But they are not alone. Two men, one an archeologist of dubious morals, the other a giant of a man with a mystical past, come to Nantucket to try to find out the secret power behind Starbroke's healing. Both men are caught up in the growing violence that erupts on the island. As Cyndy fights for her life, the secret behind the healing is revealed.

Peter Clayton, one of the original founders of the Toronto Dowsers had his first book published this summer.   The components in the mystery come from real life:  Peter is intimately familiar with the more mystically seeming aspects of the book, he has spent much time on Nantucket and one of his sons is an astronomer.   Many of the components that need to come together to get a book published, such as finding an agent and a publisher seemed to be heaven sent.   Just what one would expect from a fine dowser.  C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S   PETER!
The 3 Best Days This Summer,  and,   Birthday Wisdom
June 5th, July 25th  and August 6th were 3 of the best days (so far) this summer.  Because the energies of the activities of those days were suffused with motes of open hearted loving energy.   How did this happen?   You shared those days with me.  They were Toronto Dowsers activities.   June 5th --- there was a last minute Sunday Brunch at the Granite Brewery --- GORgeous weather out on that loverly patio . . .    July 25th we were at Lake Ontario for Thank Water Day . . .  August 6th  Annie Van Alten sponsored a Field Day for us at her home in Carlisle.   Each time was so special, we didn't want to leave.

I was told that Les Kato's Corn Roast August 14th at his farm in Vanessa also had folks in that special luminous bubble --- due not only to Sharon and Les' Labyrinth, but the folks who showed up --- and the blessed absence of those who did not return this year.

A few other times:  Remember our first time at the Mound?   100 people at the top of the hill, at night, the middle of High Park, with a Bonfire?   Another time, it was a chilly night, 6 of us where there, we held hands in a circle and were OMmming.   It started to rain.   We didn't want to stop.  We stayed.  Another time, when we took Alan and Anita Handelsman to the Mandarin, the restaurant closed, but you wouldn't leave.  I tried to push you out 5 times.  It was pretty funny.  We have several meetings like that, too.   I turn off the lights --- but you have your own light.  And remain.  Despite my exhortations.  Because the energy is so sublime.  I don't blame you.  And I'm looking forward to seeing you again.  I hope the feeling is mutual.

BIRTHDAY WISDOM:   Am clearing the decks to have a fine birthday next week.  I remember a great thing I did for myself last year:   Last year, it occurred on one of those extremely strange energy days.  The weather was like thick pea soup.  Traffic and machinery problems abounded.  It was also 2/3 in to Mercury Retrograde.  Despite the weather, I woke, thinking  Today is My Birthday.  I Am Going to Have a Good Day and Be Happy and Feel Good About Myself and Enjoy Myself  No Matter What.   I just kept on thinking that and, you know what?  I had a great day, despite the many small annoying things that transpired which I knew were not due to me, but was one of those big energetic blips.

When Raymon Grace sends emails, he almost always puts at the bottom:  Have a WONDERFUL Day.  and "I wish you much happiness".   This is not just to me.  And, its not just words.  I can feel the energy behind this and know that Raymon means this 1000%.   This reminder, this wish is a precious gift.  So why do we waste/ignore it?   So why don't I / we follow that good advice?

If I asked you to write down 10 things you don't like about yourself in the next 5 minutes, you'd probably double that list in half the time.  If I asked you to write down 10 things you really like about yourself in 5 minutes you'd sit there for an hour, with not more than 3.  Why is this?

I was very intent on my birthday message to myself.  Having it during a birthday time seemed to give my determination more "validity" as if I had a perfect right to have things go well.   So I give myself these good intentions  more often now, just by --- well, focus and intent of course!   I like this habit!   Would you be interested in doing it too?   How about once?  Create your own justification, and DO IT!

Our marvelous precious library continues to grow.   I thought I would acquire very few items for the library this summer, but books were jumping off the shelves at me demanding to be taken back to you.  So I bowed to this higher power.  Here I am, in the town for one of my secret stashes --- Brattleboro, Vermont, in the second hand bookstores where already I'm a favorite customer --- not only do the books cost less than retail to begin with, but the owners  throw in a few for free and give a further 20% discount.  Many wonderful and out of print volumes.

The money the library takes in (book borrowing costs, "fines") pays for about 1/3 cost of our new items.

The library listing has been updated, on our web site, by author, at: www.dowsers.info/toronto/library.htm

Mici (Mici Gold, our librarian) has been toting about 10 bankers books stuffed with books to the meetings.  In the past several months, she has received help, and, we would like to ensure help continues.   Some meetings she could not attend and we had no library!    I acquired ... well maybe I'll have the courage to tell you next month ... she will need more boxes and more help.

If you would like to help:  Bring books to and from the meeting (Mici lives by Bathurst & Shepard) --- please contact her, contact me or speak to her at a meeting.  We also like help AT the meetings to handle customers.

Last year you asked for books on Angels.  I did not find a lot last year, but I did this year.  So we have more books on Angels,  Dowsing, Native Americans, Rudoph Steiner, Huna, Tibet, Communicating with Animals, Shamanism, Astrology and more.  Mary Hardy donated books as well and I have the whole Lobsang Rampa series.

This year we will have 20-30 books per month introduced in to the library.  It takes too long for Mici to enter all the information per book in to the ACCESS database for her to enter all the info for the new items in one month.   At meetings the new books will be displayed in a special section at the library tables.

OVERDUE items:  As I type this it is August 15th.  Mici and I could not get together to go over "library stuff" until last week.   About 20 people are seriously overdue.   I suggested to Mici that we double Overdue fines if people are more than a month overdue.   She said no so you're in luck.   If this becomes a chronic problem, something will have to be done.

An item can be borrowed until the next meeting.   We currently charge:   $2 for books and audiotapes loan,   $3 for a VCR loan,  $3 for each late item per month.

If you can not get to a meeting in time to return an item, you can send it to / drop it off to Mici or to me.

1)  If you like fast paced adventure novels that combine our areas of interest, then  James Rollins  2005  "Map of Bones" 400 page mystery is perfect.  Its an ancient technology modern adventure novel and the Toronto Public Library has 34 copies.  We hope to have a copy for our library soon, too.

Although it may seem like a combination Clive Cussler and Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, the author started researching and writing years before the DaVinci Code came out.

He has detailed explanations about the Vesica Pisces, White Gold, the bones of the Magi, aspects of the Vatican, Egyptian symbols, Masonic and Templar iconography, sacred geometry, labyrinths and more --- nicely mixed in with the plot.

2)   If you haven't read Adam's "Dreamhealer - His name is Adam" --- you have to do so now.   This book was mentioned in our June 2003 newsletter, when Maggie Robertson brought it to our attention at the Dunkin Dowsers Kaffee Klatch.  Since then, some of you have attended his workshops and/or read his book.  Get to it!  And, we did purchase "Dreamhealer 2" for our library.  Adam's first book is not in our possession --- yet.

 I wanted to include passages for you on every other page.  It was too much.  So you have to read the whole thing yourself.  You'll learn a lot.  Here is a small passage to give you an idea of his concepts:  "The following words from the Vedas of ancient India are apparently over 7000 years old.... It is interesting to me how they match my visualization of the universal energy system, or field of quantum information.

Indra's Net
There is an endless net of threads througout
the universe
The horizontal threads are in space.
The vertical threads are in time.
At every crossing of threads there is an individual.
And every individual is a crystal bead.
The great light of absolute being illuminates and
penetrates every crystal being.
And every crystal being reflects not only the light from
every other crystal in the net.
But also every reflection of every re-flection throughout the universe.
A person who is intuitive and energetically powerful can access this field and query it to find any information ever available.  When an intuitive individual connets to antoher person, the information is received instantaneously because of this interconnectedness.  Indra's Net puts this complex concept into very simple and timeless words."

He speaks about using holograms and colors for healing.   As do we.  Read the book.  Please.

Adam is a very gifted now 19 year old psychic with superior healing abilities.  He lives in the Vancouver area.  Read a July 2005 article in the Toronto Star:  ADAM TORONTO STAR

3)  February 2004 speaker Jill Hewlett is prominently featured in the beginning of Robin Sharma's 2003 book "The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO", a story showing you how to re create your life..   Robin wrote a beautiful dedication to Jill:    "To Jill Hewlett, I thank you for the magnificent growth you have inspired me to experience, and for the wonderful things you have taught me.  I am grateful for your extraordinary support of me, my mission to make a difference in the world and for all of your love.  You have blessed my life."   Robin also wrote "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari."   Jill spoke to us on Brain Gym and Dowsing,   She hosts a weekly TV Show on ACI (Aurora Cable), "The Body, Mind, Spirit in Motion" Wed: 6:30pm, Thurs: 8pm, and Fri: 9pm and has interviewed over 400 guests, including Joey Korn, in October 2003!   With all this experience and exposure, Jill has developed her stature and is in demand for the help she gives to others.  Her focus is on  Speaking and Facilitating Personal and Professional Growth for groups and individuals and the monthly Wholistic Networking Groups and Women's Circle she sponsors.   She continues to teach Brain Gym and uses it as a tool within the bigger picture. Jill continues to attract and  inspire people wherever she goes.

4)   Dr. Robert Gilbert's books "Egyptian and European Energywork" are available for sale at the Toronto Dowsers table at meetings.   Books by Ellie Drew and new items from William Henry will be available there, too.

*                    *                *                    *                    *
From Joe Smith, about the intelligence of animals:
"Marta (Joe's wife) found an article about a dog that kept wanting to lick her owner on her leg.   The.2 year old dog wanted  to lick a spot on her thigh. This lady was pregnant at the time. The dog would even scratch at it if he could. There was a small mole there and so the lady went to the doctor to have it checked. Turned out to be bad stuff. melanoma of the skin. They did remove it and the surrounding tissue. So if you pet is trying to tell you something , LISTEN. it might save your life."


 Cleansing / Fasting is good for our bodies, emotions, brain and spirit.   As it cleans out the debris / toxins from our cells, it also works on cleaning out toxic emotions, particularly Anger --- from the Liver and  Fear --- from the kidneys.    The lungs hold Grief.   (If you experience a traumatic loss, it is possible a respiratory imbalance will be experienced within the following year.)  Cleansing also gives our digestive system a rest.   Renowned health guru, Bernard Jensen said "Death begins in the colon."

Christopher Evans recently pointed out to me that the slogan "There's a little McDonald's in every one" contains a lot more truth than we realize.   Autopsy statistics claim that 5-15 pounds of dried fecal matter is found on the intenstines.  This fecal matter can be a significant factor in midriff bulge.  Colon cleansing, and cleansing through properly consuming fluids, etc., can remove much of this buildup, make you healthier, you feel better, look better and it can prevent colon, intestinal, etc., problems later on.

(14  years ago I lost 40 pounds in 3 months.  The little pot belly I was developing just melted away.  I was not trying to lose weight.  I just changed my diet from standard food to fresh and raw, following Harvey Diamon's "Fit For Life"..  Overnight.  This was not a smart thing to do, since a proper transition time is necessary.  And also not smart to begin in a cold Northern climate in January.  Harvey Diamond lived in warm California.  I didn't.   I was gaunt and lethargic.  Went back to cooked and flesh food --- gradually --- 7 years later.  I'd like to eat more fresh and raw but currently do not have the discipline or committment to do so.  I know for experience how fruits and vegetables are cleansing.  For them to be building as well, you have to be educated and eat the right way.)

If you go for colonics, you and your colon therapist first need to ensure that you have no physical, etc., obstruction in and around the bowel.  Internal Salt Water Bathing is another technique to cleanse the digestive tract, practiced often by those who follow yogic methods. (See APR2005 newsletter).

I recommend we do a cleanse one day a week, and three days a month and 10-14 days twice a year.  Few people can, or want to do it.  I don't do it.  But that's the ideal.   The twice a year time is during change of seasons, which is coming up soon (and a hoped for relief from the heat).

Even religions recognize the importance of Cleansing and during the change of seasons, although their methods as shown to us in the 20th century are not quite as health producing as they could be.   It sure seems as if the meaning and practice of these observances have been radically altered.  Jews have a one day fast, Yom Kippur, in early fall.   Christians used to forego meat on Fridays and give up a favorite food during Lent.  This takes place in the spring.  Muslims fast for a month, Ramadan, in the fall, where they ingest no food or water from sunup to sunset.    This year it is about a week before the Jewish Yom Kippur.   Natives of many cultures go on long fasts as part of vision quests.

Most of us do what we call the "Lemon Ade Cleanse", from Stanley Burroughs "The Master Cleanse".   This is a combination:  Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper.   That's all you consume for about 10 days.  I'm not putting the proportions in this newsletter because its important you read all the instructions for yourself, including why you do this and what you do before and after.

Of crucial importance in every cleanse is ensuring that you poop daily, otherwise there is no sense in doing it.  If you are not pooping during the cleanse, there are suggestions on how to help this along.  The pooping gets rid of the stuff you want to get rid of, otherwise you autointoxicate.

You also want to do about 2 days of a "pre cleanse" and 2 days of a "post cleanse".    Please ensure that you do use real maple syrup, real lemons and high octane cayenne pepper.   You can get the cayenne from our friends at  Herbie's Herbs, on Queen off Bathurst.

Lemon is one of our magical foods, with magical properties, not yet understood by today's science.    Dr. Carey Reams --- still unmatched in his discoveries, touted the importance of lemon, its energy, its spin, their Cationic and Aniotic properties.   One of the best health habits you can get have, is to have fresh lemon juice in water first thing in the morning.    It helps the liver.

A good cleanse to do for 1 or 2 days in the fall, is an Apple Cleanse.   Eat only Organic Apples.  Drink only water, Herbal teas, organic Apple Juice.  That cleanse is definitely a Prime Pooper!  And pectin in apples is a good lead remover.

Please connect this article with some of the statements included here, in another section, below, from Masaru Emoto's talk --- about the amount of water in the cells.   You want a higher content of water in your cells --- not debris --- so there will be a better exchange of nutrients, and your skin is and looks healthier.

A   PS: from the above, about eating/drinking --- or not --- before you sleep, in the morning
Water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning helps cleanse the debris that accumulates while you sleep, and cleans the liver.  The liver is the organ that cleans the junk from the body, including pollutants.  In our industrial age, it is severely overworked.

Are you having trouble sleeping?  Falling asleep, staying asleep?   Minerals (especially calcium and its co-workers) taken at bedtime help with a deep and relaxed sleep and build the body at night.    Psyllium husks --- the "intestinal broom"  --- clean the digestive tract.   Some carbs contain the amino acid Tryptophan which promotes good sleep -- as in warm milk and cookies.   Some people  have hormonal imbalances and a good homeopathic hormonal balancer can do wonders.   Imbalances with brain chemistry and digestive processes, and that we are not getting proper nutrition to rebuild --- all this while we sleep, or try to --- are factors which contribute significantly to sleep problems.  Take care of these, you'll wake up refreshed, calm, clear and happy, with more and better energy in the morning.

Remember:  Death Attracts Death.   Life Attracts Life.   If you take care of yourself properly at night, you'll want healthful life giving food and drink in the morning.   And continue the cycle.

This is the time to take steps to Prevent the Flu with:
The #1 Flu Preventive --- and Flu Cure --- used in France for over 65 years ---
Prescribed by Medical Doctors
A simple, low dosage Homeopathic Remedy
(this information is provided every fall.)
The Flu Season is approaching.   4 years ago, Carol Ann Kukulsky was kind enough to share with us the benefits of Oscillococcinum, which is made by Boiron. Dolisos is another company that makes fine homeopathic remedies.  Oscillo is the #1 Flu Preventive --- and Flu Cure --- used in France for over 65 years, the preventive remedy of choice prescribed by the the vast majority of medical doctors in France and one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies in the world.  (I.e.,  NO vaccinations)

The way to use it for prevention is:
     >  Take 1 tubule per week for a month, preferably starting in the month of September.  Start today!
     >  Then you take one dose per month until the end of flu season.
This should be a sufficient flu preventive.  If you forget to do this and if you get the flu, get the product as soon as possible and start taking it as the instructions direct.  If you do get the flu, it is likely it will not be a severe as it could have been.

"The safest approach is homeopathy, as it is free from side effects, without drug interactions, and safe for both children and adults.  Studies have shown that for those who have not used this remedy prophalactically and experience symptoms that a 63% greater recovery by 48 hours is experienced when it is taken within the first 24 hours of symptom onset. Those not significantly better soon after that should see their health practitioner." Oscillo is made from the liver of a duck.  Because of the nature of homeopathic remedies, a single liver is sufficient for the entire supply of Oscillo for North America.

"Oscillo works safely with none of the side effects associated with the over-the-counter remedies -- even some herbals.  The primary benefit of Oscillococcinum is that it stimulates the body's own immune mechanisms," says Fabienne Pugnetti-Boiron, public relations manager at Boiron in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.  "Because of its safety, even pregnant women and children may take it."   "Oscillococcinum is the homeopathic chicken soup."

SEE:  Toronto Star,  Aug. 22, 2005:  "Consumers stockpiling avian flu drug"

"North American sales of the drug oseltamivir have more than tripled in recent months, a trend public health experts see as evidence individuals are stockpiling the once little-used antiviral as a hedge against a possible flu pandemic. A leading advocate for pandemic preparedness is concerned public demand could soon outstrip the limited global supply"  Nice fear mongering and  excuse for forced vaccinations, yes?
BREATHING TIP --- From Anna Coy --- Wild Divine:
How often do you access what you are energetically inhaling and exhaling? Your breathing has more influence on the world around you than you know. The best way to offset taking in other people’s energy is to breathe. This month, focus on inhaling from the life-force, and exhaling or emanating a loving energy to your family, friends and co-workers.
COPD and your Lungs  --- Especially Women
In 3 newsletter issues in this past year, extensive articles on RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS and that "weird flu" that doesn't go away  --- have been included.

Last month, there was a segment on CFRB radio about COPD --- and how it is now the 4th highest cause of death among women.

You know:::  "THE COUGH"??   'Everyone'  (sic) seems to be coughing.  Its like a 1950's science fiction movie.

"What is COPD? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – is what COPD stands for – is a disease that makes it difficult to move air into and out of the lungs. It is a disease that causes the airways of the lungs to be inflamed and become "obstructed" or blocked. Drawing a breath can be a difficult, frightening struggle.

COPD includes two major breathing diseases:   1. chronic bronchitis    2. emphysema

What causes COPD? COPD is caused by cigarette smoking, occupational exposure to dusts, and  possibly(??) outdoor air pollution."

We know this comes from the chemtrails.  Here are suggestions of how to deal with the Chemtrails:

(1)  Your own Homeopathic Chemtrail Remedy

When Hugh Magill was doing emotional trauma release work, he and his colleagues discovered that they could very easily make their own personal, individually tailored homeopathic remedy as a preventive or amelioration for the problems caused by Chemtrails.  He shared this with us:

You now have your homeopathic chemtrail remedy.  You can take a few drops several times a day, as you would any other homeopathic remedy.

(2)   Should you notice chemtrails in the sky, use your dowsing techniques to scramble their energies and transform them to 5th Dimensional energies.

(3)   Use the Water Prayer (below), Page ____  or the 5th Dimensional Freedom Project to bless the water droplets in the Chemtrails and make them beneficial.

Johanna Budwig and Budwig Cream

  A very simple and tasty combination, "Budwig Cream" is one of the helpers known to reduce the symptoms of some forms of cancer.

This was developed by Johanna Budwig, a great scientist who held a double doctorate in medicine and pharmaceutical chemistry and nominated 6 times for the Nobel Prize.   Because she developed something --- and published!  --- that challenged the margarine industry, she lost her job, her laboratory, publishing privileges and was involved in court cases.

She found that cancer patients had deficiencies in their blood caused by the ingestion of trans fatty acids in shorteneing and margarine made from hydrogenated oils.  Lipoproteins and Phospholipids were not present.   Eliminating trans fatty acids and replacing them with certain essential oils, such as Omega 3, combining it with a milk protein, would reverse the cancerous condition over a period of 3 months.

Many in our area know about this "Budwig Cream".   She suggested one use Flax Seed Oil and Quark.  Since Quark had not been available in our stores, Cottage Cheese was used.   I am seeing Quark for sale in stores, including stores like Loblaws, these past few months.

Alive Magazine (May 2004) offers this explanation for why Budwig Cream works: "The sun's energy, captured in fresh flax oil as photons, in combination with the electrons of sulphur in milk protein, provides the life energy and healing power to correct the blood disorders.  With this treatment, Dr. Budwig saw her patients' tumors shrink, and liver dysfunction, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes alleviated.

Dr. Budwig died May 19, 2003 at the age of 91.  You can find her recipe for Budwig Cream at Alive's site.

(For Non Canadians:  Alive Magazine, focusing on health and wellness,  is available, for free,  across Canada at many health food stores.  "Alive is committed to providing readers with well-researched information about all aspects of natural health, including disease prevention, longevity and vitality. Editorial content is not driven by political or capitalistic influences."  Yes, they do have excellent articles.)

Why Einstein Was a Genius?

Einstein even said himself that one of the keys to his intelligence was in his ability to visualize the problems he was working on and then translate those visual images into the abstract language of mathematics. In fact, one of the most famous examples is his special theory of relativity, which, as the story goes, he developed out of day dreams of what it would be like to ride through the universe on a beam of light.

These scientists counted the number of neurons (nerve cells) and glial cells in four areas of Einstein’s brain: area 9 of the cerebral cortex on the right and left hemisphere and area 39 of the cerebral cortex on the right and left hemisphere. Area 9 is located in the frontal lobe (prefrontal cortex) and is thought to be important for planning behavior, attention and memory. Area 39 is located in the parietal lobe and is part of the "association cortex." Area 39 is thought to be involved with language and several other complex functions. The ratios of neurons to glial cells in Einstein’s brain were compared to those from the brains of 11 men who died at the average age of 64.

A group of scientists joined together to look for the genes that are responsible for intelligence. They began by looking on the long arm of Chromosome 6, a specific chromosome that was mapped completely by the Human Genome Project. They selected a group of individuals with high IQ's and compared them to people with average IQ's. In order to compare the two groups they looked at the differences between 37 different genes on the long arm of Chromosome 6.

They found that one gene on Chromosome 6, IGF2R, showed a difference between the two groups. This gene has at least seven different alleles and two of these alleles were more frequently obtained. Allele 5 was more common in extremely high IQ groups (46% had at least one IGF2R Allele 5) than in the average IQ group (only 23% had at least Allele 5). Although the findings may seem trivial to those of us not in the research world, it shows clear differences between individuals with higher and average intelligence. More research will allow scientists to pinpoint exactly which gene or set of genes is responsible for intelligence.

List of regions in the human brain  BRAIN  or:  tinyurl.com/cfchz

The premotor cortex is also known as the agranular cortex of Brodmann's area 6. Brodman's areas are 47 different brain regions located on a map of the brain created by the German anatomist, Korbinian Brodman.

    Mind Body exercises shift, or rebalance, significant quantities of energy to the brain and endocrine systems, enabling the brain and body to use that energy better.  Mind body exercises, such as meditative yogic exercises are designed to channel blood flow directly to the brian, making these exercises, some state, even better brain circulation enhancers than cardiovascular exercise.

Use the above section as a springboard, to detect and enhance areas of your brain that you believe you would like to see improved.  E.g., if you would like more Einsteinian-like intelligence, dowse to see if you can enhance that area of your brain, using dowsing or other means, and if could enhance your intelligence.  Then do so.   Dowse to determine if the number of glial cells makes a positive difference for you, and if so, if you can improve on what you have, using dowsing.  It is possible that you can not create more glial cells on a physical level, but on an energetic level and it will have the same effect as on a physical level.

Determine if the genes that you believe will help you are "turned on"  or  "turned off".  If they are not in the condition you would like them to be, change it.

Do you remember the article several months back on the COMMAND CENTRE?    It is absolutely the most important dowsing technique to improve physical health that I have ever found.   I hope you use that one, and the information in this article as well.

You have been provided with information about the workings of your brain.  Please use it.  And let us know what your results are.

Zinc and Your Energy --- From Dr. Wright

However you choose to stay active, whether you're walking, going for a run, taking a bike ride, or working in your garden, some new research that says you can increase your energy level with zinc.

According to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture study, zinc increases performance by helping the body get rid of carbon dioxide,  which rises during exercise. The study involved 14 active men in their 20s and 30s who were placed on a low-zinc diet of just 3.5 mg. a day.

After nine weeks the men in the study were asked to perform two types of exercise tests on a stationary bicycle. During one of the tests -- a 45 minute endurance ride -- four of the men had to stop. Blood tests revealed that they weren't getting the full effects of an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase. This is the enzyme that helps expel carbon dioxide from the body.

After six weeks, the men were given a high-zinc diet along with a 15 mg. zinc supplement and were asked to repeat the exercise tests. Their performance improved dramatically.

Past studies have associated low zinc levels with poor muscle strength, fatigue, and a lack of speed during exercise. So if you want to boost your own performance, try adding more zinc-rich foods, like red meat, oysters, and beans to your diet or consider taking a zinc supplement. Dr. Wright usually recommends 25 to 30 milligrams of zinc (picolinate or citrate). Just make sure to balance it with copper. Long-term zinc use can lead to copper depletion, so if you decide to
take it monitor your copper levels, too.

Update on Codex:
Dr. Wright has an excellent article on what's what with CODEX:  CLICK ON CODEX



SEPTEMBER 13:   Ursula Fugger:  Astrology and Dowsing

Ursula Fugger, President of Astrology Toronto, shall give us a presentation on Astrology and Dowsig.  As there are different areas within Dowsing, there are different areas within Astrology.  Ursula will start us off with the area in Astrology that is most like Dowsing --- which is Horary Astrology.  She will explain this to us and use this as the bridge to take us to what we are generally most interested in, which is Natal Astrology --- and how we can use Dowsing to interpret our Birth (Natal) Astrological charts.

Franco Minatel is a member of the Toronto Dowsers and Astrology Toronto.  You may remember Franco and his fine guitar playing at our December Social.   Franco also prepared the Chart of Interests for us at the end of this issue.   Franco will also attend the meeting and will be glad to entertain your questions.  I understand he will be easy to spot.

Franco took a look at the chart of the Toronto Dowsers, after I provided him with "our birth time" and worked out an intrepretation.  He will go more in to detailed description  at a later time, but for now, here are some snippets of the Toronto Dowsers Astrology that he provided us with:

As far as transits go, Pluto (transformation, power, occult knowledge) will be playing a big part in our chart in the coming years.  At the same time, Neptune will bring its ideals and visions to us such that we will be even easier to communicate our message to others.  This will be a highly creative period for the Dowsers.

The big hit of Pluto will come January 2009 after it crosses into Capricorn.  On a global note when Pluto enters the sign of Capricorn, it will wreak havoc on the status quo and the world order for a while, as Pluto will be in Capricorn for up to 20 years.  In the Dowsers chart it will hit the Mid-Heaven.  This is the leader or life of the organisation so there will be a MAJOR transition for the organisation.  Since at the same time Pluto (power and transformation) would have just finished a favourable aspect with Mars, the chart ruler or us, could it be the Dowsers will find themselves with the power to make changes to the global status quo and establish themselves a true force to be to bring about change to the world? *!*

*        *        *        *        *

September 16th-18th  Hamilton / Burlington, |  September 24th & 25th  Toronto
Toronto Dowser Paul Newton is sponsoring the Toronto areaq visit for the BUDDHA RELICS tour.
Buddha Relics (1)     Buddha Relics (2)

Kyabje Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of the Maitreya Project writes:  "These relics of the Buddha are manifestations of the Buddha himself. In the past, sentient beings had pure karma so they were able to see Buddha in the actual historical form of the Buddha. In these degenerate times, we are unable to see the Buddha in that aspect, to collect merit, make offerings and receive teachings directly, because of the degeneration and impurity of the mind. The only karma we have is to see the Buddha in the form of relics, so that is how the Buddha still guides us. Buddha manifests in the form of relics so that we can develop devotion, purify our negative karma and collect extensive merit, and in this way he brings us sentient beings to enlightenment."

"These relics are from masters (the Buddhas) who have devoted their entire lifetime to spiritual practices that are dedicated to the welfare of all. Every part of their body and relics carries positive energy to inspire goodness and reduce negativity."

*        *        *        *        *


The Toronto Dowsers has participated in this event the 22nd of September, December and March.  March 22nd, 2003 was our first visit to The Mound.  This history, story and feedback was written up in the May 2003 Toronto Dowsers newsletter.  If you can, return to The Mound that evening.  The Summer Solstice on the Mound?  Sounds pretty powerful!  Or JUST DO IT wherever you are.
Thursday September 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, please join in the global network to raise the energy and consciousness of the Earth.  All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, tai chi, drumming, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present, and future of our planet. For a minute, an hour or as long as you wish, please direct your thoughts and energy to this effort.  Our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  Please share this message with everyone you know.  Thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.

Four times a year, at 8 p.m. EST on the 22nd of  March, June, September and December, light workers around the globe are invited to join together again.  Again, our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  These four dates tie in with the seasonal solstices, and will keep the healing energy “set in motion” all year long.

This series of events was catalyzed by a friend of Raymon Grace.  We are reminded that everyone has the divine power to heal and affect positive change.  But too rarely do we accept the responsibility to direct our energies to healing the planet.  Here's our chance to make a meaningful contribution.

Raymon Grace started this for us and for the world.  He sent these words to us this year:

"Raising the consciousness:

If  positive changes are going to take place, the consciousness of humanity needs to raise.  This has to be done by those who have the ability to do it.  According to Dr. David Hawkins, 85% of humanity is below the consciousness level capable of making change.  This leaves 15% of us to do it.  The fact that you are reading this, indicates that you are among that 15%.  You have a choice.   Do nothing, or DO SOMETHING!   The choice you make will influence your life and the lives of your descendants.  Let us again raise the energy of the earth and the Consciousness of Humanity at 8 PM on December 22, March 22, June 22, September 22.  Thank you.   Raymon Grace."

      Some of you might want to go to the mound.  This is good.   If you can get there, go.   The first time we were at the Mound was March 22, 2003.    While you think you may be doing something good for the world, you are really also doing something exquisite for yourself.   Being on the Mound for the Call to Action changes a person.....   It brings together all the people who are there at that time for that purpose.   Always.

      Be extra grateful for those family and friend connections that you like and nourish you.   Tell them so.   For those you find less than ideal, move even just 10% in finding forgiveness --- with each relationship.   Or focus on one thing you like about that person.    There will come a time when we won't have those things (or people) we have been complaining about ---- and will yearn mightily to have them in our lives again.    Even traffic jams.    Practice gratitude every day and every way you can.  Make up some new ones.


Do you remember our December 2004 and January 2005 newsletters that featured articles on the dangers of cell phones and an alert about increased deaths from brain tumors, brain cancer?   Those were included because of the death of my cousin from rapid brain cancer -- and the awareness that the numbers are increasing alarmingly.

Earlier, our  JUNE 2003  newsletter had an article on Electro Magnetic field levels for power lines and the impact on health (Electrohypersensitivity)..  Search for:  "Shocking".   This article was written by Magda Havas, our October speaker.

Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and does research on environmental pollutants currently researches the biological effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation and is the only person in North America to teach a university level course on this subject.

Typical Electro-magnetic-field levels for power transmission lines are in milliGauss - mG.    What the levels mean to your health:

  •  2 mG: level at which electromagnetic waves have been linked to childhood leukemia
  •  12 mG: level at which electromagnetic waves have been associated with increased growth of human breast cancer cells in vitro
  •  16 mG: level at which electromagnetic waves have been associated with increased risk of spontaneous abortions
  •  20 to 150 mG: level at which electromagnetic waves have been associated with chromosomal aberrations in lymph nodes
  • In Toronto, the Mean magnetic field level at downtown intersectionsis: 19.5 mG, such as:  Typical magnetic field level of low-voltage distribution lines : 30 mG (milliGauss)
     Typical magnetic field level of high-voltage transmission lines: 60 to 90 mG
     Typical magnetic field level of a television set: 20 mG
     Typical magnetic field level of a hair dryer: 70 mG
     Typical magnetic field level at the edge of Hydro One transmission line rights-of-way: 50 mG
     At this time, Canadian government guidelines are not necessary because scientific evidence is not strong enough to conclude that typical exposures to electromagnetic fields cause health problems.

     Electromagnetic fields are a "possible human carcinogen." In populations exposed to average magnetic fields in excess of 3 to 4 mG, twice as many children might develop leukemia compared to a population with lower exposures.

    "There will always be individual studies claiming that there are health effects or that there aren't. There's a possibility of there being something there. But there's a huge amount of noise in the data. We are certainly concerned about our workers. But we feel pretty comfortable with where things are at." -  Roger Glass, Hydro One, manager of health and safety

    What   Magda Havas says:    "There are significant health concerns. The results we found on street corners (throughout the province) are higher than most electrical occupations. We should start doing things to minimize our exposure now.   A lot has been said about the danger of cell phones, but according to a new study, it's nothing compared to the way we're bathed in electromagnetic fields by the wiring on our city streets. When are governments going to start taking this science seriously?"

    There was a series of articles --- finally --- in the Toronto Star the week of July 12, 2005 about the possible dangers of cell phones, admitting there is a need for more research.  This was the first public admission in mass media.   A short six months earlier, they were still denying this.
    Kitchener Record, July 25:   Cellphone company sets sights on pre-teens;
    Toronto Star: July 26:    Cellphone use by children up 140% since 2001
    Toronto Star, August 9:    Rogers launches cellphone for kids;
    Robert Cribb and Tyler Hamilton. Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.: Jul 26, 2005. pg. D.01
    Join us as Magda explains the issues, and we learn about the use of dowsing for detection and correction of this problem.

    NOVEMBER 8th
    Sandee Mac,  from Texas:   Inka Shaman, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Feng Shui  (Black Hat), Certified Trainer, NLP --- and of course --- a superb and intuitive dowser,  nationally known as a leader in the field of personal growth and spiritual development,  is our November speaker.

    When the Toronto Dowsers first started, in 2000, there were 3 speakers I wanted to bring to Toronto:  Raymon Grace, Joey Korn and Sandee Mac.  We are now ready for Sandee.

    I first met Sandee in 2000 when Raymon Grace introduced us.    Sandee taught me this technique to improve focus:
    November 9 - 16 -  Seventh Annual Energy Psychology Conference
    This takes place at the Mariott at the Eaton Centre.  Jerry Wesch, PhD,  J.J. Hurtak, PhD & Desiree Hurtak, MS.Sc, Bruno Cortis, MD and William Tiller, PhD are some of the speakers.

    Toronto Dowser Arlene Anisman, BA,MEd. will be speaking as well, November 10th on:  Essential Oils and Energy Psychology: Working Together to Release Trauma:

    "Learn the age-old application of essential oils and how these oils may be used within an Energy Psychology framework to overcome emotional/psychological distress and release trauma.  This workshop will present a brief explanation of what therapeutic-grade essential oils are and how they actually work on the DNA and memory to address various psychological aspects of healing. Essential oils are the quickest way to reach the subconscious as they trigger the emotions and memories that are stored in the limbic system of the brain.  Scent travels more quickly to the brain than any other sense.  The presenter will demonstrate how to diagnose, for which oil, and how to add the oil in treating individual psychological problems.  A short daily routine will be taught that can be used by both clients and therapists."

    DECEMBER 13th --- The SIXTH Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social


    WHAT   WAS

    Our April 12th 2005 Speaker --- David Yarrow
    WEBSITE:   www.ChampionTrees.org

    We see David in a fragile physical condition.   His body had been damaged, and is recuperating, slowly, but his spirit has the strength and drive of 10,000 warriors.  About 17 years ago he was electrocuted when he touched the wrong wire while doing repairs on a farm.   He died and came back, and, his back was broken.    David's mission is to inform the world about the unique spiritual qualities of the Onondaga Lake area.

    Onondaga Lake is in the Finger Lakes, New York region, near Syracuse.   It is approximately 240 miles from Toronto.

    We have had several articles about David, the first in our SEP2003 newsletter, again NOV2004   When David Yarrow came to speak to us this April, from New York,  he said "it feels brighter and lighter this side of the Lake [Ontario].

    On Language:   The most dangerous language on Earth is:  Latin.  Historically, Latin has been the language of: doctors, lawyers, priests

    English has Celtic origins, it is comprised of 26 letters, i.e.,  2 x 13.  13 moons, that is.

    The English language is a secret code.   There is another level of meaning to it.
    The first 13 letters   (A-L)  have male energies, the second 13  (M-Z) have feminine energies

    When David starts with us, he asks us if we are ready to enter... Sacred Space...

    David is a dowser (he used to dowse with the grand chief of the Iroquois Nations) and is actively working for water rights and to restore the rights of the peoples of the Iroquois Nation.  He focuses his activities around Lake Onondaga (one of the 5 Finger Lakes in New York State) ---   " Onondaga Lake was named "Salt Lake" by the first European explorers because its waters were brackish from mineral springs flowing into the lake.  Where the Carousel Center shopping mall sits today was the richest of these salt springs.

    Salt was such a valuable economic resource, it was known as "white gold." New York State's first governor—George Clinton—wanted this salt, and in 1788 had The Salt Treaty written to get permission from Onondaga Nation extract salt from the springs at the foot of Onondaga Lake.  For nearly a century, Onondaga Lake supplied most of America's salt, and much of New York State's revenues.

    "The Roman Empire paid its warriors in salt. Our modern word for wages—"salary"—comes from this payment in salt."

    See David's article "Why Onondaga Lake is Sacred" as he talks about its geology, the Peacemaker creating peace among the Five Nations by "burying the hatchet" and planting the Tree of Peace, its geology, geography, (sacred) geometry (it was created with the PHI -- Golden Mean -- ratio --- and he explains PHI and gives examples of it), and geomancy. This is one of the most beautiful articles you will ever read about a lake or any other geographical body.

    "My vision is that Onondaga is the pineal gland of America -- the master endocrine gland, perched at the tip of the spinal axis (appalachian-rocky mountain-andes)."  Onondaga Lake is one of the most sacred places in North America.

    A lot of what David showed us, through his spectacular and professionally prepared Power Point Presentation, are the way the energetics are set up on the earth, more specifically in North America and focussed on the Great Lakes / Finger Lakes area, what it means, how things are set up.   He described the organizational structure of Gaia in our area, the interrelationships and interdependencies of structures, the symbols and significance of the energies and their deeper meanings.

    Just as we are aware of relationships within the human body, such as how the respiratory and circulatory systems nourish one another with blood and oxygen and take away waste from each other, as sunlight on our skin and eyeballs brings Vitamin D and electricity to the body, as the left side of the brain runs the right side of our body and vice versa, David brought these relationships within Gaia to life for us, showing us that Gaia is a body, is alive, awake, aware and her parts are interconnected with a Divine Purpose.   David explained the geographical systems and the meaning of their energetic connections

    The Great Lakes, is all about fire and water.   Fire goes up to heaven, Water goes down and collects in the hollow places.

    Two N/S mountain ranges are especially meaningful:

  • The Sangre de Cristos Mountains, running from Colorado to New Mexico, representing "Red" and "Fire", the 4 corners
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains, running from Southern Pennsylvania to Northern Georgia (also running through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina), representing "Blue"  Water, and the 5 Great Lakes.
  • The "Path of the Green Dragon", which is around Detroit, connects with the "Hook" -- which is Cape Cod.   It connects the ocean to the center of the vortex.
    We are in the Water Center.
    The Great Lakes are a whirlpool.  Water is whirling up to the surface.
    The whirl pools to the South and to the East, forming Lake Erie, Michigan and Ontario.   This is Great Lakes geometry.  The Finger Lakes are at the other end of this whirlpool.  There are 5 ways for the water to flow out.

    Onondaga is the 1st of the Finger Lakes.  It is the first of the feminine vowel sounds.
    There is an important energetic link between Onondaga and Ontario.
    We speak a secret code --- the energy of the landscape as a living anatomy.

    In Syracuse, different businesses continually dump pollutants in to Onondaga Lake.   ("The Salt Lake").  There are 6 layers of salt --- ancient layers, that go a half mile deep.   Geology becomes Biology, through:  Salt.   The Solution (ha ha) --- is water.   We take the geometry of rigid crystal form and turn it inside out.   The Physical world is the:  Phy - Sical  world.

    If we want to make life, we need to put minerals in water and we get this reaction going on.

    Onondaga is unique.  All roads lead to Onondaga.  The Finger Lakes is the Gateway to the Great Lakes.

    In 1988, David's life changed when he became a Folk Hero.  He halted construction of a new Pyramid shopping mall, warning it would be built on a site with hazardous wastes and Kaneenda, an ancient Onondaga Indian village buried beneath it. He also learns this is "the place of beginning" of the 1788 Salt Treaty between Onondaga Nation and the State of New York, and discovers a geomantic dragon coiled around Onondaga Lake and Syracuse, the Salt City, where Earth's crystal castle attunes to geomagnetic grid harmonics.    You can read his book which contains these stories, "The Dragon and the Ice Castle, Rediscovery of Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes", online.

    December 21, 2003, David found his last piece of information at Onondaga, "The Signature of the Mother".

    The 2nd sacred spot he found in the area is an earth Mound --- Long Branch Park, which appears to be not naturally made.   3 ley lines are at the top of this mound.

    Ley lines are the ways the earth communicates and connects us all together.
    We use "short wave" energy.  The earth uses "long wave" energy.
    A wave reflected back becomes a circle.
    The earth exists as a spinning heart of very long waves
    Gaia uses ELF to communicate with every living thing on the earth...  and humans are messing up this communication...
    David has an excellent explanation of ley lines, the best I have seen.  You can find it by clicking on his site at:  SaltCityChakras, go about 2/3 of the way down to "Enter the Dowser", and you find the link for LEY LINES in that 3rd paragraph.   This might be a bit of a  labyrinthic scavenger hunt, but it IS worth it....  (Some of his description is at the end of this section)

    Where does Water come from?
    Water is the Gift of the Mother (This offers some clue as to why the Celtic church has always been at odds with the Roman Church).

    Sacred Geometry and its connections to Life
    The Vesica Pisces --- a form which is found in Onondaga Lake --- is the shape of how nature stores memory in a container (hyper space).  Memory is not stored in any one place.  It is stored in --- another space.

    Plants learned to make seeds to store their instructions.
    Animals learned to make eggs to store their instructions.

    Phi --- The Golden Mean:  The Parthenon and the Great Pyramid have been laid out in Phi Proportions.  The Nautilus Shell -- grows like -- the Fibonacci Series.... The Divine Ratio is Divine and in 5 sided pentagonal symmetry -- the symbol for Man.

    5 answers how to put soul in to a Body.  How to put Spirit in to Flesh.  Embodiment.  It is the geometry of Virus particles, of crystalline protein that encircles DNA.  It is the crystalline shape that nature uses to preserve DNA.   This is one of the secrets of exploding a nuclear warhead.  DNA is made by a ratcheting dodecahedron.

    Everything dances to geometry.  One place we find this is in a pine cone.  Pine cones are the reproductive organs of trees.   . ..

    The reptile encoded in to your physiology becomes the spine.

    Wampum:  What it really is:  Medicine
    The Story of Burying the Hatchet:  How to form social order and a government so that peace will prevail; to consider that peace will continue 7 generations in to the future.  And Seven Generations after that.  And so on and so forth.

    David would like us to come away with:

  • Onondaga is where the Peacemaker planted the Tree of Peace.
  • This is the place of North America's Oldest Democracy.
  • Salt Spring ==>  Salt City  ===>   Salt Industry
  • He has shown us the Sacred Anatomy, Seven Chakras and Salt City Chakras
  • The heart of the city's life and culture is strung out in that alignment.
  • The extraordinary location has the configuration exhibiting:  Sacred Geometry, Sacred Anatomy, Sacred Time.
  • This is the Place of the Mother, with the Signature of the Mother. She is the One who is changing things
  • Recommended Reading:
    "The White Roots of Peace"  by Paul Wallace
    "Wilderness Messiah"  by Thomas Henry
    "Return of the Bird Tribes"  by Ken Carey
    "Manual For the Peacemaker"  by  Jean Houston

    From David's on line web description of Ley Lines:

    The term "ley line" has been used nearly a century, but its meaning has changed and is still in dispute. Originally, ley line referred to an alignment of prehistoric megalithic sites in Britain. In the last century, the meaning of the term has mutated—some say mutilated—to refer to other phenomena.

    Today, most often, a ley line is a dowsable channel of earth energy. In particular, ley line refers to long wave, extremely low frequency beams of earth energy that connect regional points of power, usually tens—even hundreds—of miles apart. In its most fully evolved definition, a "ley line" is an energy channel in the nervous system of the Earth—a single synaptic link in the mind field of Gaia.

    Enter the Dowsers
    Dowsers discovered they can detect beams of earth energy running along some—but not all—of Watkins' alignments. Gradually, the term "ley line" was borrowed to refer to the earth energy, apart from any alignment. This dual use created confusion, since often an alignment had no dowsable energy, and many dowsers' energy channels are not on an alignment.

    Eventually, the term ley line was hijacked by dowsers to refer to earth energies. Ley hunters in the tradition of Watkins objected to this perversion of meaning, and tried to resist this redefinition of Watkins word. However, dowsing grew popular and spread, captured public imagination, and eclipsed other uses of the term. But since dowsers use ley line to label many different kinds of earth energy, confusion grew by leaps and bounds.

    Dowsing isn't science, has no scientific standards, no uniform terminology, no measurement protocols. Further, dowsers detect many types of earth energy, with and without an ancient site alignment. This annoys the dickens out of left-brain, discipline freaks. Without standard definition or uniform terms, word meanings become blurred and imprecise.

    Some dowsers created "energy ley" to distinguish earth energy channels from Watkins' archaeological alignments. A few dowsers called them "dragon paths," which aroused even deeper controversies. This confusion and ill will continues right up to today.

    Dowsers vary in their technique, but most detect these energy channels as three parallel lines running along the ground. The three parallel lines are the two edges plus the middle of a wide pathway, which may be anywhere from four to forty feet wide. These energy channels are not perfectly straight, but curve and bend slightly. And they are three dimensional, with not only width and length, but height.

    An individual energy channel can be wider or narrower, depending on the terrain, time of day, phase of the moon, or other unknown influences. A few dowsers find these energy channels shrink and nearly vanish during solar and lunar eclipses, suggesting a link to Earth's magnetic field. Some dowsers believe these earth energy channels are perhaps akin to a single strand of geomagnetic flux.

    Dowsers detect a variety of earth energy fields. Some seem to benefit humans; others are clearly detrimental or harmful (see Asleep with a Vampire). While some dowsers use the term "energy ley" indiscriminately to label any kind of earth energy, the strict definition is intended to identify a special class of long distance lines linking significant power spots.

    A World-Wide Web
    The emerging concept underlying ley lines is that the Earth not only has a physical, geological body of crystalline bedrock and molten magma, but also an electromagnetic anatomy. Earth's energy body is an orderly geometry that locks the planet's physical components together—especially atmosphere and oceans—and links them to the geomagnetic field, and thus assure a stable, sheltered environment for life to exist and persist.

    The idea is that Earth began as an energy field that attracted and gathered physical matter, which then condensed and organized into the solid body of the planet. The energy field provided the power needed to pull interstellar dust and gas into a clump. The energy field also provided the pattern to distribute that matter into orderly geometry, similar to how magnets attract iron powder to arrange itself and reveal the invisible pattern of the magnetic flux field.

    Earth's energy field has a specific geometry with a definite shape, much the way minerals in bedrock are arranged in orderly crystalline shapes. Even as crystals have edges, vertexes and faces, Earth's energy field has an orderly, uniform structure. One difference is while crystals have a fixed structure, the energy field is in constant motion—a flowing field of flux with a stable shape, but whose elements are in constant changing motion.

    In this view of Earth-as-energy-grid, the planet is embedded in a nest of standing waves. These interlocking waves are low frequency and long wave, on the order of tens to hundreds of miles in length. By comparison, radio, TV and cellphones use high frequency signals that are short waves, on the order of meters down to millimeters in length. The longest wave in Earth's energy grid is twice the diameter of the planet—about 8000 miles.

    These long waves bend, fold and reflect back on themselves to form a standing wave with coherent shape. Instead of traveling waves radiating ever outwards, Earth's energy field spins back on itself to weave the waves around each other into a stable form.

    Various models are proposed to describe Earth's subtle energy fields. Most are very similar, and able to predict the planet's geophysical features, such as tectonic plates, mountain ranges, ocean ridges, watersheds, bedrock faults, and volcanic spots. These global grid models also effectively predict anthropogenic features such as major cities, transportation routes, holy sites, and cultural centers.

    These theories of global grids are unproven and controversial, although a great deal of empirical data from geology, astrophysics and archaeology supports the claims.

    A contrasting analogy to understand this waveshape concept is our modern telecommunications grid. Our modern communications technology uses high frequency, shortwave microwaves to transmit information between distant points.

    Dr. Masaru Emoto --- May 7, 8.   Toronto, Ontario
    [NOTE:  What might be considered the  most important concepts from his visit here, can be found at the end of this article.]

    Dr. Emoto was here May 2003, sponsored by Starlight Events.   A writeup of that lecture, with illustrations, can be found at:  Dr. Emoto May 2003

    For the 2nd time, Starlight Events brought Dr. Masaru Emoto to Toronto.   This time it was a full house at the OISE auditorium, sold out more than 2 weeks prior to the event.   The last time he was here, it was at the beginning of the sarsscam when many bought the story and were afraid to travel.   This year, many Toronto Dowsers were in the audience, at least:  Ron D, Maie Liiv, Pat Prevost, Debbie Purvis, Ann Burns, Roland Loo, Ingrid Cyrns, David Yeo, Robert L, Malca Narrol, Jane Damude-Empey, Lynn Simpson, Nancy Henderson, Helga Riemer, and more of you!

    For 50 years, Dr. Emoto had a nightmare once a week for fifty years.   He was born with memories of his past life.  His nightmares stopped at the age of 55, when, June 1999, he published "Messages From Water", now published in 25 languages.   He has noticed that he was spurred by females to do this, and female publishers.  And that there were more women in his audience than men.

    The amount of  the ratio of water in a human body:

    Fertile Egg
    Over 65 years
    Dying... death
     50% and lower

    If the amount of water in a human body goes below 50%, death occurs.
    Dr. Emoto asks us if we know Why this is so.   His answer is:  Because:
    Only water carries Vibration.  Vibration is... information... is... energy

    [NOTE: Years ago, observing 3 women, a grandmother, a mother and a baby girl on the "F" train one afternoon, I was wondering why the mother's skin was not as smooth as the baby's and why the grandmother's was less smooth still --- it was wrinkled.  The obvious answer came:  WATER.   Just like turning a plum in to a prune, there is less water in the skin of the grandmother than in the baby.  But why does this happen?

    The next clue came about 20 years later when Tracy McBurney (our September 11, 2001 speaker) was teaching our nutritional course at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  She said that the cells of a mature adult hold half the water content of a young person.    So --- the next question is --- What is it that creates less water in the cells?  An obvious answer is that the cells get stuffed up with toxins and pollutants.  It seems impossible to completely -- or even adequately -- clean out this debris.

    The clearest skin that I have seen in adults comes from those who follow a fresh and raw diet --- while they are on it --- sometimes they stop and their skin is less smooth.   Fresh and raw, and --- practice yoga.

    Do you have any answers for this?   How can we further cleanse the cells?   Yes, smoking commercial cigarettes, drinking alcohol, stale coffee and too much sun do dry out the skin.   The biggest one is:  Stress.]

    In order to create the world
    The creator created vibration.
    In the beginning, was, the Word

    Dr. Emoto  found that:
    Water Crystals are (the) Manifestations of Vibration
    Vibration = Energy = Life
    No Vibration = No Life

    Earth is the same as the Human Body.
    We hav 5 major organs.
    The earth has 5 major continents.

    There are 12 notes on the piano.  [We]  The notes will note harmonize if played independently of one another.  They must be played with one another to create harmony.   There must be that 13th "experience" in sound that has the ability to resonate with all 12 notes.

    This 13th sound is nothing other than God, and, therefore ---- ourselves.   Therefore, We are the Children of God.

    Humanity has forgotten the original intentions of the creator and is so doing things very opposite from those intentions.  This is what is creating the problem(s).

    The meaning of the character for "blasphemy" in Japanese is:   (1)  Violate   (2)  Selling water

    Words are "HADO" (Vibration)

    Hado.net - Welcome to the World of Water
    He made connectoins for us between Heart, Love, Gratitude, Fire, Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Active (Sending) energy and Passive (Receiving) energy.  And that Love + Thanks = Immunity.   The earth is short of Immunity.   Let us send our love and thanks to Planet Earth --- and fill it up, once again, with Immunity.

    From Dr. Emoto's   HADO site:

    His "theory of Hado postulates that, since all phenomena is at heart resonating energy, by changing the vibration we changed the substance.  Conventional science in general still does not support this notion.  Yet quantum physics and in particular the 'observer effect' (of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) clearly suggest we do alter our environment."

    His "Law of Hado Energy is that:  The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter.  The smallest unit of energy.  Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.   Hado in a person or a place is lowered when a person's consciousness itself is polluted by doubt or by prejudice."

    "People are skeptical of intangible things.   However,  Thoughts and feelings affect Physical Reality.   By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting in to the same water samples,  the water appears to change its expression."

    The day after his Toronto presentation (Mother's Day), I was invited to a private water ceremony near Cherry Beach  led by Dr. Emoto and a Native American group from the Maritimes.   There were 4  pieces of information that stood out for me that weekend, the first two were from his presentation, the latter two from conversation at the ceremony.

    (1)   The population seems to grow by about 700,000 people every year from  1 A.D.  to  1900  A.D.

    Year 1 A.D.
    1900 A.D.
    2000 A.D.

    This  "Energy Wave" created from all the people, in 1900 and then how it changed gradually to the one in 2000 and onwards, may explain some things:

    Such as --- why are we feeling so frazzled.   The population energy wave went from  gentle to frenetic.  Vibration created heat.  Energy is vibration.
    (2)   E = mc2   ----  and ----  Consciousness:

    Generally speaking:   E = mc2   ---- where  E = Energy,  m = Mass      and      c = Speed of Light
    Dr. Emoto has rewritten the variables so     E = Energy,  m = # of people  and  c = Consciousness

    Right now, there are 6 Billion people and Consciousness is 3%.   97% are still asleep.
    So:   E =  6 B x (3 x 3) =  54,000,000,000

    When Consciousness is at 100%:  E = 6 B x (1002) =  6,000,000,000,000 !!!!  That's SIXTY  TRILLION!
    There are 60 TRILLION CELLS in the Human Body!
    Therefore, we are striving for consciousness for all the cells in our body!   (Note:  This is similar to what Dr. George Merkl had been working on, before his 'death' --- that each cell in the body is conscious and can communicate with every other cell.)

    (3)   Dowsers . . .   should go in to the lakes . . .  and utilize the lines on the energy grids.

    (4)   Bad energy to good  energy  . . .  Destroying  PCBs and Dioxins . . .   Bad energy 'food'
    They put a wave of 200,000 Hz in to the lake.
    PCBs, Dioxins et al  do not like this frequency
    Small bubbles formed.  The PCBs and containments would go up in to the air in the bubbles.
    The bubbles would explode, they are dispersed and they fall to the ground, as individual elements!

    When 300 people gathered by Lake Biwa in Japan for the first time, July 25, 1999 --- it was as if a wave of 300,000 Hz went up in to the universe and dispersed the PCBs!

    Bad energies that were not from Japan were coming in to Japan.  They were feeding on the PCBs and Dioxins
    Getting rid of the PCBs and Dioxins also got rid of the Bad energies.
    PCBs and Dioxins are FOOD for Non Beneficial Energies!  Get rid of those and the Energies starve!

    Dr. Emoto is teaching a 3 day course.  The first Hado Instructor School in the United States was held in Torrance, California from June 10th to the 12th. As the participants gathered in the room where the class was to be held, the room buzzed with excitement as they displayed their beaming smile and took their nametags and looked for their seats to nestle in for the next 3 days.   See:  HADO COURSE   We hope to have this course in Toronto some time within the next few years.

    Three women in the Golden Horseshoe took the course as well as a Toronto Dowser who lives in California.

    For a different, more comprehensive web site on Dr. Emoto's work, see: Dr. Emoto

    Our May 10th Speaker --- Dr. Robert Gilbert
    WEBSITE:   www.vesica.org

    Dr. Gilbert's presentation and weekend workshop to our group, May 2004 was widely appreciated.  So we invited him back this year for a presentation followed by a 7 day intensive training in BioGeometry Foundations.   First --- about the 7 day Training:   It was one of --- if not the best --- workshops many of us had ever attended with regard to education, presentation, content, meaning, value, and the effect it has already had and will have on our lives.  He showed us how to use dowsing in a totally different way --- in the Egyptian and French manner.  The meaning of the 3 spiritual energies, how to detect them and when they are not around, how to put them in to our possessions, homes, surroundings, etc.    Our workshop was slightly oversubscribed, at 54 attendees, and everything worked out -- well, it was indeed withoutadoubt:  FABULOUS!

    A comment about the manner the workshop information was offered:   For those of you who have heard Robert speak before, you know he offers a lot of information at a rapid clip and some were hesitant about spending 7 days learning from him --- we didn't know if we could handle it..   Robert spoke this way in the workshop as well.  However, it was not too fast for us nor were our brains stuffed or overloaded.  Even during the final hour of the seventh day, we were still on the edge of our seats, eager, grateful, happy and definitely wanting more.  We were not bored, we were not mentally tired, our minds stayed on track.   It's obvious that Robert uses the tools he teaches, to enable us to ingest, understand, assimilate and utilize the information.   Every day was a big Thank-A-Thon.  We were thanking Robert, he was thanking us.   And the group itself was --- MAH-VA-LOUS!

    One of the more revealing explanations of the course, was the Robert explained what was taking place with regards to the drawings in the Caves of Lascaux. The cave drawings in the Lascaux cave originate from the prehistoric era — 15,000 to 13,000 BCE.  There are drawings on the walls that have been described as Dowsing Tools.  This is supposed to represent the earliest know artifacts on dowsing.  Since the time of their  discoverery,  1963, they have been a source of wonderment and controversy.   Hardly anyone understand the purpose of these dowsing-like drawings.  Robert understands it and clearly explained how these drawings are used to help hunters have a better hunt --- and in doing so he allows us how we might perform similar tasks.

    It is likely that Dr. Gilbert will be returning in the spring --- in April or May and either repeat this workshop and/or offer an additional workshop.  Plans will be finalized, and you will be able to register, early 2006.  If at the very least you:   Are an architect or do any kind of design work, if you work with gardening or farming, or do feng shui, if you work with color, etc. ---- I strongly urge you to take this course

    He was accompanied by his colleague and friend, Craig Siska.  Craig not only knows Robert's work, he is also a speaker on BioDynamics.  Robert's wife, Elizabeth Gilbert also came to assist with the workshop and offer us instruction in Eurythmy.   (Eurythmy is an art of the Etheric which makes visiable the forces of creation present in Word and Music. Elizabeth is particularly passionate about bringing Sacred Geometry and the Spiritual Mysteries alive through movement.)

    Dr. Gilbert's books "Egyptian and European Energywork" are available for sale at the Toronto Dowsers table at meetings.

    *            *            *            *            *

    (Following are some notes from his presentation.  Please note that this is barely a thumbnail sketch of the richness of the information Dr. Gilbert imparted to us.)

         This presentation was one of our best attended meetings:  There were 175 people at this meeting.   (We see 90-150 people at the meetings, averaging 130).

        "BioGeometry is... The Science of Energy." This Egyptian Inner Temple Science  is Nature's own design language of shape, color, angle where the language is qualitative.   Very precise methods are used to detect and differentiate different qualities.

    Egyptians dowse using a string on a pendulum which is like a musical string.  It detects energies based on the relationshp between the length of the cord and the energies detected or created.  It resonates with a specific quality at a specific length..

    All the temples in Egypt are bult on specific power spots.  They can tie these structures in to the grids to transfer energy and transmute negative energies.

    One of the early Christian saints, Saint Liudger (8th century), used Egyptian temple science.

    Negative Green is a spiritual carrier wave that can penetrate solid matter.  It transmits energy from one place to another.

    The ancients used pyramid energy.  Today, we use "dome" energy.  The ancients knew how to test and to get rid of detrimental energies and amplify beneficial ones.  Specific shapes, forms, can radiate specific energies.

    There is an enormous "fog".  Cell phones, microwaves, affect us on a cellular as well as a spiritual level.

    Energy . . . .  Shape . . .   Function:    Energy goes in to a Shape.  The Shape creates Function.  Geometry is a movement of energy.

    Resonance:  We [human beings] are meant to go in to resonance with the harmonic of gold.   You can have multiple objects sharing energy and vibration.  The creation of energetic links of anything that shares these qualities is because they have the same energy signature.  Things that have similar shapes go in to resonance with one another.

    Harmonics:  We can create links to the spiritual world by understanding the science of Harmonics.

    The Hidden Key to Energy Balance...  The 3 Divine Energies:  BG3 (BG3 = BioGeometry 3, the 3 Spiritual energies):

      1)  Negative Green:  Is a Spiritual carrier wave connecting spirit and matter
      2)  Higher Harmonic of UltraViolet:  The Spiritual Light of Angelic Foces and Revitalization
      3) The Golden Radiance  (The Higher Harmonic of Gold)
    The tombs of the Coptic Christian saints were filled with this spiritual quality.

    There is, too, a geometry of the planets.  Using this informatin for energetic or geometrical alchemy, we learn that we can transform detrimental energies to beneficial ones.   You can give BG3 energies to any material.

    There are energies within the human heart that resonate with the BG3 energies.

    Earth Energy lines:
    The Earth Energy ines have become more toxic within the last 100 years and again within the last 25 years.  The Grids are the system to send along earth's energy and they are also communication grids for and within the earth.   It is helpful if we work on transmuting these toxic energies to a "Grid of Gold".

    The Grids can conduct energy and consciousness.   The Temple Builders kept the grids out of the temples so that people who could work with the grids would not be able to access the information of what goes in in the temples.

    These energies can help to do:  Design Architecture --- Egyptian Feng Shui --- Color or Object Placement.

    We use this knowledge for the energy of design with, among other things:  Place.  Rotation.

    When a server places a plate of food in front of you, might you move the plate up or down a bit? rotate the plate?  Because it "feels" better?  If so, what you are doing is putting it in the best location and angle for it to create these more harmonious BG3 energies.

    Do you know anyone who has what we call A Green Thumb?  A White Thumb?  (It seems those with green thumbs can grow anything;  those with white thumbs ar superior bakers)  If  your efforts do not seem to yield as good results as theirs,  BG3s might be a factor in this.

    When they are planting, they might put a seed or seedling in the ground in a certain way.  When they plant a tree, they might rotate it in the hole in a certain way.  A baker might position batter in the oven a certain way or stir a mixture in a way that "feels right".

    Geometrical Resonance for Healing:  Energ circulates in specific patterns in the organs.  There are multiple patterns for each organ.  We call them BioSignatures.  The movement of the pattern created energy.  The energy creates Shape.  The shape creates Function.   It is like internal Chi Gung for the organs!

    When we use the BioSignatures for this purpose, we can detect where there is an energetic imbalance.  Then, we detect the correct biosignature for the imbalance and use it to correct that imbalance.

     A specific BioSignature can have a tremendous effect on the human body.  It is a movement of energy that when it moves in to the human energy system --- it has a specific effect.

    We can effect living energy systems with pure geometry.  The BG3 energies do not attack any illness, rather, they balance energy functions within the body.

    Every color has one  place in the whole place that emanates BG3.  What you want to do is to find that place (we did this in the course).  Robert told us about the work that was done with chickens using proper color placement.   They determined which colors were to go in which locations and placed the designated large  color placards in the designated places in the chicken barn.  The result was that the chickens were larger, more productive and tested as healthier.   Not only could they see the chickens were healthier, it was also determined that there was more BG3 energy in the chickens and that their meat and eggs were healthier. The proper energy was determined, in the proper shape and this functioned to create better results with the chickens.  Energy . . .  Shape . . . Function.

    Since irradiation (of food) has a horrible effect on resonance  ---- put BG3 energies in to irradiated substances.

    I am very aware that I do not love much,
    the way is not to try to love more,
    so much as to spend more time
    in trying to open myself
    to receive the love of God
    - Damaaris Parker-Rhodes, 1985

    June 13-20, The 45th ASD Convention, Vermont
      The ASD was of course, a busy event.   I  think it was the busiest  10  days for me so far --- ever.    A lot of good people, people with big hearts, and also some with mean intent.    The Convention Committee did an excellent job in spite of the obstacles the former executive board,  ----  tried to place in their way.     I think I recorded the sessions at the convention.   That, and our sales table and the politics kept me plenty busy.  Did not go to as many sessions as I would have liked to.    We have a lot of rebuilding to do.

         If you've been following the occasional ASD reportings in this newsletter, you know that every 2 years the members elect a Board of (about 20) Trustees and the Trustees elect the officers.  In the previous administration (June 2003-June 2005) we (I was a Trustee) elected 3 officers who --- well, we got snookered.  How could dowsers get fooled? one might ask.  Yup.  We're still asking.  The 4th officer, who was not part of their cabal --- was later on rudely shoved out of office and one of their mind controlled pod was brought in to replace him.

        That president hijacked the organization and the process and did whatever he wanted to do regardless of legality, morality, ethics or integrity.   It is similar to what is happening in the US, where there is a quasi legally elected president and administration but whose people are pretty good --- and the administration is spending resources on inappropriate and boneheaded projects, destroying the infrastructure and looting the treasury.  That's what's been going on at the ASD for the last 2 years.  See:  ASDBored for more background.

        So this administration started rewriting its rules, one of which are officer election proceedures, so it could continue to control the elections as well as the organization.    There was a process for the Nominating Committee to select new trustees.  They worked extremely hard, to get good candidates in this beleaguered but bighearted organization and did a fine job and found good people, who were elected. (Not all the new trustees were well intentioned.  A majority were.)  Best of all --- the current president was not re elected as a trustee, so he could not of course be an officer!   The cabal  had mandated that officer elections must take place before their first meeting --- which also happens to be before the candidates could meet one another.    The newly elected trustees did not want this.  Usually elections take place at the convention, where members and trustees meet one another.  Before this time, they did not know one another and would not know for whom they are voting.  The incumbents knew one another.

        What took place was that the new trustees contacted one another by email and phone and put a slate together.  Their slate won the election!   They won all 4 places!   The attempted manipulation by  the previous admin backfired tremendously  and they were tossed out of office.  This experience has taught me to believe in and trust the higher powers to take care of things.  They devised a solution way more elegant than anything I could have conceived of.   So now we have a group of officers who are moral and ethical.   They have a tough job ahead of them since the previous administration was pretty destructive.  Cleaning up after them is like cleaning up the European cities after the bombings in World War II.  There is a lot of rebuilding to do and they were not left with enough resources.   And there's no Marshall Plan to help them out.   There's also a lot of money missing.

         WHY?   These doings seem ludicrous (yes, they are).   WHY?  Why would 6 or so fairly intelligent people spend the better part of 2 years trying to tear down and take over this organization?    What's in it for them?    There's not a lot of money in the treasury (any longer) and there are no huge tangible assets.   It's not a huge group (any longer).   Membership has gone from just over 5,000 to under 4,000.   Nice size, but not enough for power mongers.

         Could it be their tax deductible status as a charity group?    Could it be related to one of our favorite dowser's  sayings: "Dowsers are Among the Most Powerful People on the Planet ...Their problem is, they just don't know it."?     Could it be that many of those involved are (ex???) US Military "Intelligence"? or have such connections?  In this Aquarian Age that we are in,  nothing can be hidden any longer.  Everything is being poured out.   The water is being poured out of the urn.  Faster and faster.  And we are dowsers.  We may not have the answers today, but we will, in the proper moment.

        One of the many problems was support for the 2005 Convention.  The Convention Committee makes all the plans regarding dates, location, speakers, exhibit hall, activities, lodging, etc.   The head office does all the support work such as printing and mailing registration information and taking care of registrations.

        This previous administration virtually ignored the convention --- the biggest event of its year.  They invented time and resource consuming activities during the time they should have been preparing for the convention.  It also did not help that the head office staff turned over 3 times in 14 months and the staff there did not have enough time to know what to do.   Registration materials were sent out over a month late.

        The previous administration focussed on frivolous distractions such as trustee bylaws, obtaining grants and marketing managers --- all which came to nothing (which it was designed to do --- waste time, energy, attention and resources) rather than building membership, members, chapters, publications (2 of the 4 editors quit), convention support, etc.   When they left office they took everything with them, like the British did when they turned Palestine over to the Israelis --- they left the Israelis with nothing.   The new administration is still looking for information, assets,  that should rightfully be there.

         The enforcers of the previous administration attempted to extort funds from the new administration to record the speakers  for the convention.  Other lackeys in responsible positions were enabling them in this conspiracy through suave but empty assurances that everything is okay.  This plot was blocked and at the last minute a backup arrangement -- good but not perfect -- was put in to place.

         Due to the lack of support, lack or registration materials, a head office and support staff which was not 100% informed, trained or cooperative and pitiful administration, attendance figures at the 2005 convention were lower than they should have been.    Despite all the difficulty, the convention committee did an excellent job, the sessions were pretty good and the attendees had a wonderful time, as always.

        Let us hope and intend that this current well intentioned administration (2005-2007) and its committees can build up from a new place.

    *            *            *            *            *            *

    There's another sad wrinkle to this sad saga.   I'm including it in our newsletter because this newsletter is the only place this information is made available:

    Just prior to the ASD officer's elections, Ralph Squire had been circulating emails warning of talk of dissatisfaction from ASD members in the more western US states and that he heard rumors that members might pull out if things got any worse.   He also said he was hearing rumors about a group out west that might start a group in opposition to the ASD --- if  the slate of officers that Ralph supported --- were not elected.

    If it were not so serious this would be totally hilarious.  As it is, its only mildly hilarious.    Now I know why stereotypes are so lasting and popular.  Because they are so darned true!   If Ralph were an animal, he'd be an Ostrich.

    Ralph runs the Mother Lode Chapter in California.  He's an octogenarian and spelunker.  He seems to have some good ideas in the way he runs and organizes his chapter.   He is also the recent past treasurer of ASD --- which could be debated because his position as treasurer is pretty illegal.   The cabal illegally threw out the elected treasurer and put Ralph in --- even tho those who supported him this time refused to support him the first time because his hearing is so poor.  Two years ago, this treasurer of the ASD told me "None of my personal businesses have ever succeeded financially."

    Now --- all those rumors Ralph had been hearing and reporting on?  Guess what?!   Guess where they came from?!  RALPH!   He started them all!  Fancy that!

    Two years earlier, when the Cabal thought I was one of them (I was in agreement with them as to what we were opposed to --- but I did not know what this group stood for),  Ralph and his buddies told me that if their guy were not elected --- then they, and people out west, were going to start a group out west that would oppose the ASD.   If they did, they hoped I would join them.  Their guy won (I even helped to elect him) and thus began the debacle.

    Same strategy, this time Ralph's group lost, and they started their group.   A day after they lost the election.  All the pieces were in place.  They had been in place for some time.

    Now here comes the sad part:   May 3, 2 days after they lost the election, an email is circulated from one of the most well respected and well known figures in Dowsing.   He said that  "it is not an organization formed out of hate or revenge, rather it is an organization to fill a gap and to create a sharing among people of like
    interests.  ....  The organization ....  is a web based organization with a web-based e-quarterly Journal.  It will focus on the many aspects ....  from healing and dowsing to research and experiences, ....  we hope by reciprocally linking to other supporting organizations (like ORI, ASD, etc), we can create a community of sharing of ideas."

    This strategem did not spring up all of a sudden.   This was one of their strategies they had in place for some time.  And ---- they had been controlling the ASD for two years.  Why didn't they offer these wonderful articles --- to the editors of the ASD Quarterly Digest?  They would have loved them!

    Who is sending out this sad "news"?  The Santa Claus of the Dowsing world:  Walt Woods, author of "Letter To Robin".   "The whole world seems to have changed again!  Sunday night Ralph Squire sent out an email that a new organization is forming and that Walt Woods had volunteered to coordinate it!  That was the first we heard of it, but as fate would have it, Walt accepted the challenge."  This email was sent to dozens of people.  No one who I've spoken to believes the cheery statements Walt made.

    The people Walt said are going to run this organization --- are those responsible for the problems within ASD, one of them  has been called "The most Dangerous..." or "The most hated person in the ASD".    These are his new partners, those who have been vilified for sabotage, for treason, etc. for the last 2 years.  It's like going in to partnership with Michael Milliken or Al Capone.

    I spoke to 2 long time long time dowsers --- also well respected award winning contributors --- who have known Walt and his work for over 20 years and looked up to him as a mentor.  They are despondent over Walt's activities.   So am I.   I talk about Walt at the dowsing classes I teach.   I make "Letter to Robin" available.   His charts are on our Daily Dowsing Vitamin cards.   And highly prized.   I took his 2 day workshop last year and learned so much and loved it and wanted to learn more from this sage.

    At the annual ASD membership meeting, in the main auditorium, where Walt's pronouncements were always greeted with applause, he tried to explain that this new group is a good thing, but he was met with stony faces and derisive hoots.   The President took away the microphone from him because it was obvious that Walt was going to be deluged with angry comments and questions.

    Did you read the article in our May2005 newsletter about Disinformation?    That's what we can expect from this new organization.  And... oh yes.  Ads.  Plenty of advertisements --- to sell --- because these folks were not allowed to advertise their shlock in the ASD Quarterly Digest, a scholarly publication.

    We've all been duped in our lives.  We've supported the wrong side, we've been taken advantage of monetarily, we've been disappointeded, perhaps even betrayed,  by someone close to us.   Some of the tough things about growing up and learning lessons that are supposed to be good for us and character building.

    We are hoping that it Walt's  personal  loyalty to his friends are what has caused him to be duped this way and used for his name and reputation and taken advantage of.    We hope that it won't take too long for him to see through the machinations and perfidy of his partners --- although from experience we (me too) know that they are very very very good at flattering those they want to use.

    Why can't Walt and others see what's going on?  These are supposed to be powerful dowsers.   This is a kind of discernment that not everyone possesses.  For a partial answer  see the 8 Veils article that begins:

    From the December 2001 Idaho Observer:
    Slavery and the eight veils
    by Don Harkins

    Over the last several years I have evolved and discarded several theories in an attempt to explain why it is that most people cannot see truth -- even when it smacks them in the face. Those of us who can see “the conspiracy” have participated in countless conversations amongst ourselves that address the frustration of most peoples' inability to comprehend the extremely well-documented arguments which we use to describe the process of our collective enslavement and exploitation. The most common explanation to be arrived at is that most people just “don't want to see” what is really going on.

    Extremely evil men and women who make up the world's power-elite have cleverly cultivated a virtual pasture so grass green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing long enough to notice the brightly colored tags stapled to their ears.

    Finally, I understand why. [SNIP.  CONTINUED IN THE ABOVE LINK]

    [NOTE:   The 8 Veils article is the best article I have ever read and I recommend it highly.  Don Harkins has given me permission to use it as I see fit.  He says its still the best article he ever wrote. - mg]
    Walt!   We all hope you and Mardi return to us --- eyes wide open, aware, wiser and on the side of the angels.  It took me 6 months to see the true intentions of these folks.  I hope you learn faster and less painfully  than I did.  We long to welcome you two back home.
    *            *            *            *            *            *

    Back to the Convention, and the [non] membership meeting, chaired by then Vice President MaryMarie Satterlee.   The previous (then current) President could not bother to attend the convention.  He sent word ahead that he would be sick.  He made a miraculous recovery from his mysterious illness shortly after the convention was over.  He apparently was well enough to be on the telephone to his cohort at the convention, telling them what to do.

    This was the 2nd membership meeting (the 1st one was a year ago) where the members were given no time to ask questions and bring up new business.  In fact, MaryMarie abruptly adjourned the meeting.  So abruptly -- because the several hundred members in attendance had issues that they wanted to raise and wanted answers, because they've been too long ignored.   Furor erupted in that room for about a half hour, concerned and active members having been disgusted with the lack of useful data presented in Ralph Squire's "modified"  Treasurer's Report, his inability to produce concrete numbers for the financials, and, although he said he is in charge of Membership as well, he did not know any membership figures.   MaryMarie ignored the very obvious wishes of the members as she proudly proclaimed that according to the rules she had every right to adjourn the meeting.  (She didn't, but that's another story.)

    She was also on a different page in at least one other area.   Although there was an agenda, which is supposed to be adhered to, more than one person saw that MaryMarie was reading from, and conducting the meeting, from a totally different [written] agenda.   And, one of the uncooperative trustees, who used to write ASD minutes as if they were to be published in Pravda, was whispering to her to close the meeting, and quickly.

    We wanted to ask Ralph about a message he circulated to:  trustees, chapter chairs, speakers and heads of organizations right after losing the election that appears to be in violation of his responsibilities as a trustee, an officer and even a member of the ASD.   This message shows his intention to damage the proper conduct of ASD business and to encourage and engage in conspiracy with others to do so.

           "As a reminder, we had agreed to all stay as members of the new Board (rather than resigning enmass), do a lot of smiling, but not get too involved, at this time.  I plan to attend the convention in VT, present a Treasurer’s Report (somewhat modified), but not sit in on the Sunday Retreat.  If we stick together, then with our 9 votes we can keep the others on their toes.  If aat any time an insufficient number of them show up at a meeting we can out vote them."

    The complete message, the list of cronies he believes are engaged with him, can be read at: RALPHLET

    Ralph, you and your accomplices had it your way for 2 years and you blew it.  You had everything you wanted, you took everything that wasn't nailed down , you did a rotten job, you and your group, although you were elected, you received the lowest number of votes.   In an open trustees meeting, a majority wanted you removed  from your position immediately (but there was no procedure to do so) for malfeasance, etc.   There is no confidence in you.   Show a modicum of decency and get out.  Now.   You have shown, you have written that you will effort in opposition to the Executive Board.   Resign.   Now.

    It could be helpful to the ASD Administration if members were to contact their Executive Board and trustees to ask them questions, to find out what's going on on all levels and tell them what they would like done.

    A deficiency in ASD governing regulations is that there is no facility in place for accountability of trustees and officers.  If someone does a poor job --- if they do a terrible job --- there is no procedure in place for penalty or discipline or removal from office.    The previous Caligula's Cabal knows the rules.  Rules, bylaws, procedures, etc. are beneficial when used justly by just people.   They are used as weapons, obstacles and obfuscations when used by those engaged in deception and subterfuge.

    The ASD Preamble to the ByLaws, and their Code of Ethics --- 2 beautiful documents created by founders who could not conceive of the level of evil that has invaded and pervaded their beloved organization, can be found at:   www.dowsers.org.

    Next year I hope to report about the content of the sessions and the workshops and the speakers we met and new information.

    Dear Toronto Dowsers:  Thank you for allowing me to post this information here.   The ASD membership, and most of the dowsing world, has been kept in the dark about what was taking place administratively.   They saw their  proud group deteriorating and did not know what was going on, or who was doing what.  We have many ASD members within our group --- their number is growing thanks to the damage caused by the previous administration and many more read our newsletter on the web.   This is the only place this information is presented.

    I just finished my term as ASD trustee within that previous administration.  I have been on the governing boards of 2 dowsing organizations and both have been experiencing these kinds of problems, where a noxious element gets in and, working behind the scenes, it grows.  Like cancer.  Which is one of the big reasons why our group is run the way it is.   It has been known for some time that dowsing groups have been under attack by detrimental energies for years.

    The ASD is responsible for our start the way we did, and many of our speakers come from that organization.  A healthy ASD will make a better Toronto Dowsers.

    Writing this article created a lot of sweat.  I had to say things about some people here who I genuinely like, the problem is they have been unduly influenced by some sort of maliciousness and are being used.   They are not bad people, on the contrary, they have accomplished high achievements for dowsers and are being used because of their reputation.

    If you have any corrections, additions  or updates for this article please send them to me at your earliest convenience for inclusion in a following issue.

    I think a good joke could be useful right about now:
    A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service.

    Following  the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

    At  that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter. When all eyes stared  at him, he said, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral...I'm a gynecologist."

    The proctologist fainted.

    The Moon Maiden Stone Circle
    by Ivan McBeth
    at Jan & Pete's --- July 6-10, 15, 2005
    Ivan McBeth, from England, Stone Circle Builder, Druid Extraordinare and our October 2004 speaker,  travelled from England to our area in July to fulfill the agreement he made in October to lead a Stone Circle Building Workshop at the home of Jan and Pete Coles, near Guelph.   This is the first stone circle he has built in Canada.

    The site was prepared, the stones and circle construction materials --- totally lo tech and all by hand, no machine --- were waiting for us...  Also waiting for us from sunup to sunset was that broiling relentless huge yellow sun.

    We struggled at times, but always with passion, committment and dedication to bring in to form something that we knew was bigger than we were, that was bigger than anything we could imagine.

    The site was clear, the stones, chosen weeks earlier by Jan and Pete and originally from the French River, in Northern Ontario, were waiting patiently.  The French River area is one of the best examples of a glaciated Canadian Shield river environment.   Our tools were trees that we used as rollers, wooden planks and blocks that we used as guides for the rollers as well as supports, shovels for digging holes, a pry bar for loosening boulders and levering the stones, a spade to line up the stones, a wheelbarrow to carry dirt or tools.

    Ivan, Jan, Pete, Donna, Steve, Meghan, Ann, Diana and Marilyn were the bigger people on the crew.   Ruby Tuesday and Ben were the younger generation, with Ben's twin Xaniel as the vigilant firekeeper.  Everyone worked, to the best of their ability.

    Ivan, mentoring Jan, determined the names for the stones and their purpose, their connections to the Sun and the Stars.   Using simple tools Ivan determined the placement of each stone.

    By levering the stones, a few inches at a time, we raised them on wooden platforms that we built  in each place for each stone, until they were high enough to get the rolling assembly underneath, would oh so carefully lever the stone on to the rolling assembly, roll it to the next location, create a new platform, dig a hole and manoeuver the stone in to the hole, ensuring that its positioning was perfect to the centimeter.  Each of these steps could take an hour or more.   Using these methods, we were able to emplace 2 or 3 stones per day.

    The heat was brutal.  Most days it was 32  C  (90F)  accompanied by high humidity.  No clouds.  We were drinking water constantly.   Diana, our alert Safety Officer, never lost her concentration and her watchfulness and caution saved us from many an injury.  Because it was so hot, some days we could only work with 2 stones and the circle took an additional day to complete than initially planned.    Ivan came with a severe head cold which was passed on to Marilyn and to Pete.  Although some were feeling lousy, we all knew completing this --- and doing it the proper and right way was a mission we had to do, wanted to do and would do.

    When Ivan came to speak to our group, October 2004, he told us about a ritual dance, "The Dance of Life" he learned from D'Hyani Wahoo, a respected Cherokee.   A dance he would do every day and it was energizing, as well as accompanied by singing.  He taught this to us and we would begin our morning, together, in a circle with this dance.

    He had also told us that in building other stone circles, they would talk to each stone, greet it, honor it, offer it respect and ask it to come in to its selected position in the circle with ease and safety.   He said that sometimes they would forget this and they were unable to budge the stone.   When they remembered, it was almost as if the stone would then jump in to proper position.

    We did the same thing.  Sometimes when the stone was not moving, Diana would remind us that we needed to connect and communicate with the stone.  We did, and it was much lighter and moved effortlessly.

    Before each stone was placed in to its hole, we had a brief ceremony.  Each stone had a purpose.  For example the North Stone is usually black or white so it can point to the North Star -- true North rather than Magnetic North.  Our North Stone is black and white.  It is to keep us on course so it will help all those who ask and who were building the circle to stay on track and not lose their way.   Each one would place in the hole items which we felt symbolized its purpose it a personally meaningful way, with a blessing.

    This circle  is called the "Moon Maiden Stone Circle",  named for Jan's company:  "Moon Maiden Healing Arts".  The Moon Maiden is the healer in Native Indian tribes.

    Working this way, together, being so close for so long under conditions that were more strenuous than most of us were used to, brought out personal issues for some of us that needed facing.   The kindness of the others made it easier to get through them.

    By Day 2 we were functioning as a team.   We knew not to begin any step until Ivan gave the go ahead, after he checked with Diana for safety reasons.  We didn't need to do a lot of talking and we were working more and more smoothly as a unit, appreciating one another's abilities, making up when possible for each other's weaknesses.  There was no resentment, no envy, no ego or power plays.

    Jan and Donna were amazing.  Not only did they do most of the hole digging, but they also did 90% of the work for meal preparation --- this was 3 meals a day, making food, preparing the table, washing the dishes and offering occasional snacks.  The Stone Circle Workshop started a few days after Jan returned from a trip to California to learn advanced Cranio Sacral techniques.

    The hole that was dug for the stones was about 1/3 the height of the entire stone.  Each stone weighed about a half ton and when it was upright and dug in stood about 5' tall.

    I wasn't there for the placement of the final 2 stones.  It was held a few days later and I was in bed, recuperating.  Jan and Pete said that night they had a celebration for those present. to awaken and welcome the circle.  "It was a simple, yet beautiful and very profound ceremony," says Jan.  "We welcomed the stones and all that they bring.  The participants acknowledged all the attributes that they saw in the circle.  We celebrated with singing and music and story telling.  Steve played his guitar and Diana played her flute.  Then we had a taste of mead!"

    I returned a month after its inauguration  under a full August moon.   A dinner party was planned for that evening, family and friends were invited.  Even guests who were not familiar with our kind of activities commented that they felt the spirituality, that being in the center of this circle held the vibration and feeling of being in a holy place.

    Looking back a month later, Jan tells us:   "It was a very magical experience that altered my life.  It was amazing to watch the shifts within myself physically, emotionally and spiritually that evolved over the six days and are continuing to evolve, to feel the shift in my strength and how using my body physically felt good, to see myself in group dynamics and my spiritual connection to God, Goddess, the Earth and Nature was deepened and strengthened.  I felt as though I was standing on plates of stone that were shifting and settling so that changed everything in my body."

    Pete comments that he has more calm in his life.  He looks at issues differently.  He doesn't get as angry or as upset as he used to.  Pete thinks the building and completing of the Stone Circle was "the most amazing miracle of group dynamics, determination and magic".

    Although this was too strenuous for me due to the weather, strength required and condition I was in and it took me 2 weeks to recover, I am glad and proud to have been permitted to partake in this creating.  I hope I can participate in another one, now that I understand things better.  I'll have more appreciation of each moment.

    Each one of us is now an apprentice Druid in The Megalithic Order of Druids (MODs).  Ivan has declared that  "Anyone helping to build a stone circle is automatically an apprentice Druid in the Megalithic Order of Druids. Over time, depending on experience, the apprentice will become a full Druid with full ceremony and honours."

    Stay tuned to this newsletter for another installment, the next time from Ivan McBeth after he sends us his Moon Maiden Stone Circle Story.  And stay tuned for information about Ivan's first book --- an astonishing autobiography which we hope to have for you soon --- which was published and released at the same time we started the Circle.  The birth of 2 awe inspiring events, both coming to us from Ivan McBeth.

    Thank you, Jan.  Thank you, Pete.  Thank you, Ivan.  Thank you, Every One.

        If anyone gets the Halton Compass newspaper, there is a lovely article, and pictures, in the July 15th issue.

    The TORONTO DOWSERS Participates in The:

    July 25, 2005   7:25  PM
    This was our third year, participating in Dr. Emoto's Thank Water Project.   At 7:25 (am and/or pm) on 7/25 (July 25th)  --- "Thank Water Day" is observed.  We joined this project the first year it became international, in 2003.   On that date, in 1999, Dr. Emoto and 300 other people stood around Lake Biwa, Japan's largest freshwater lake, and with conscious intent, gave it thanks, love and respect.

    Six months later, this once beautiful but now smelly weed choked lake, was noticeably cleaner with regard to stench and weeds.

    Every year after that, Dr. Emoto observed Thank Water Day on July 25th, the Mayan Calendar's "Day Out of Time", a day used for community awareness, fun and togetherness.

    We found a spot on Lake Ontario, just east of   Palais Royal, where we perform this short but heart warming ceremony and pour in ECH20..

    The first year, this area was pretty scuzzy.  Last year and again this year the water has been much cleaner.  In fact, one of our group even drank some.

    We have a sample, now, of the water, that we will be bringing to meetings so we can focus positive intent on to it, to use it as a Witness for the lake.   Our thanks to Ann Elizabeth Knutton, for giving us this idea!

    In the Spring 2005 issue of the ASD Quarterly Digest,  a prayer for water was printed at the end of an article I wrote on an update on the Water Project.  This prayer had been developed by 2 ASD members.  I apologize that I don't have their names available as this issue goes to print and will correct that for our next issue.  It is clear that Raymon Grace's techniques for clearing and raising energy when they developed this.  In fact, they recently ordered a bottle of  ECH20.  We included this prayer in our Thank Water Day Ceremony:

    The Water Prayer
    I call on the divine powers of nature, our guides and angels to bless this water and provide it with the proper frequencies to remove unnatural impurities and energies; to remove the detrimental and unneeded organisms, miasms, prions and toxins in our bodies; to balance our chakras, energy patterns and meridians; to gently cleanse all waste material from our cells and bodies; and to draw us closer to our highest potential as loving spiritual beings while raising our level of consciousness continuously and bestowing health and comfort to our physical bodies.  Let each drop bless and charge every other drop it contacts, on and on.  I call on this program to be installed continuously for now and into the future for as long as is appropriate for each individual.  In deep gratitude, amen.


    A reporter and a photojournalist from the Globe and Mail joined us for our Thank Water Day Ceremony.   Their article appeared in the Saturday, August 13, 2005 edition, Page M3.   The online edition does not have the photo.   You can see this article in the Globe and Mail site:  TD Globe,  or  you can go to our site:  TD Water Day

    This   Bee   A   Coincidence 

    When I hear the same subject mentioned thrice, sometimes even twice, I know there is meaning to it and to pay attention and look at it more closely.  Don't you?  In the past few months, a subject I seldom gave much thought to has come up FIVE!!! times.   Since each time this was connected with a dowsing related activity, it seemed appropriate to share it with you.  The subject is:  BEES !

    The first time was during Charles Hubbard's March presentation.  As a refresher:  " Bees love the energy lines.   If you set a hive on an energy line, you will get more, better, more nutritious honey.  Also, Varroa mites, which decimate bees and bee hives,  hate these lines.  You don't need chemicals.  (I was sitting next to a beekeeper as Charles was talking.  Right after he said this, the beekeeper passed me a note:  "Hives are subject to mites and so everyone sprays against them to kill the mites.  Charles, with his energy lines, creates more honey and no mites!  Therefore, the honey is more "organic".  This is so cool!")"

    Then:  Annie Van Alten called me up to let me know about the Ontario Beekeepers' Association conference this November and the Apitherapy Workshop she is sponsoring.

    This summer I met Marna Ehrech, a new trustee and the new Secretary for the ASD.  Marna was talking about her Dad.  Dad, Charles Mraz, was a world renowned beekeeper and in my conversation with Annie, she had mentioned his name and inventions as being important to Apitherapy!

    Fourth -- at Mary Hardy's annual summer conference, one of the topics was the Importance of Bees.

    Fifth --- When Ursula Fugger, our September speaker and I met to review her presentation, she was talking about bees.  Ursula said she "tickles" bees...

     Between  #2 and #3 --- saw a new book in the ASD bookstore on Bees:  "The Shamanic Way of the Bee" - 'Ancient Wisdom and Healig Practices of the Bee Masters, by Simon Buxton.  Bee shamanism may well be the most ancient and enigmatic form of shamanism, existing throughout the world wherever the honeybee is found.  Its medicinal tools---such as honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly---are now in common use and even the origins o Chinese acupunture may be trace to the ancient practice of applying bee stings to the body's meridians.'  The author, a beekeeper,  is on the British faculty for Dr. Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies.   A copy of this book has been purchased for our library.

    If you, too, hear about bees more than once, something's happening????  Have you heard?

    If this "twigs" you, if you are interested in Bees, or Apitherapy, you might be interested in finding out about or taking the Apitherapy course in November.

    From:  Annie Van Alten  905-689-6371    AVanAlten "at" execulink.com :  "As you know, I am in the process of organizing an , "Intensive Apitherapy Course - Level 1" , to be held in conjunction with our Provincial, 'Ontario Beekeeper's Association' (OBA) 's 'Annual Convention. This year it will be held at the Delta Hotel, in west Toronto (Mississauga), Ontario - Canada. The dates for the Convention are November 18-19, 2005 with the 'Api-Course' to follow on Nov. 19 (eve)- Nov. 21, 2005.  The course can be taken independent of attending Convention.

    WHO takes the course:  Beekeepers & Assistants, Practicing Apitherapist, Patients,  Health Practitioners, etc.

    WHAT IS APITHERAPY?    This cutting-edge therapy utilizes the medicinal application of  the products of the honey bee,  including honey and propolis, (which have antiseptic and antibacterial properties), bee pollen (high in vitamins and minerals), royal jelly (energizer),  but particularly  honeybee venom from honeybee stings (to reduce pain and inflammation in chronic illnesses).   This treats a multitude of bodily ailments, from cancer to multiple sclerosis.

    Apitherapy comes from the Latin words apis, which means bee, and therapeuticus, which means to cure or treat.  Bees are placed on trigger points associated with the health complaint and the venom injected is said to stimulate the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, a hormone with anti-inflammatory properties. Proponents claim bee venom has been used successfully for thousands of years. Apitherapy allegedly unleashes the body's healing power.

    According to one theory, the energetics of bees and their venom is key to the method.   China is conducting new experiments, but the American medical community still considers it quackery and has no controlled scientific studies underway.     Beekeepers have noted anecdotally that bee stings help arthritis, and other inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Recently there has been more interest in studying bee venom for other autoimmune diseases.

    Throughout history civilizations have revered the little honey bee. The ancient Egyptians were probably the first to realise the ability of Honey, Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly to cure many ailments. The Greeks and Romans used bee products frequently for medicinal purposes and were the first to use bee venom as a therapy. Galen (130-200 AD) used honey and venom to cure baldness!

    Apitherapy works by promoting healthy cell and tissue growth, improving circulation, reducing inflammation and by encouraging an active immune response.

    There are over 500 diseases and/or conditions which may be prevented or treated through the use of apitherapy. A small sample of them is shown at  BEES!!!

    For all you Internauttes

      Nancy Bodenstein, Music Teacher told me to go to:  www.advancedbrain.com    She said she has excellent  --- absolutely positively miraculous ---  results with their programs for young children with hearing problems, autism, ADD,  etc.

      Astronomy [Internet] Radio Program:  "It's Over Your Head":  www.celestialnorth.org   "It's Over Your Head" is Celestial North's weekly radio program covering all things astronomical. The show airs during radio prime-time each Wednesday morning at 7:20AM, and again at 10:30AM Saturday mornings. Each episode is 5-1/2 minutes in length.

    Audio (mp3), or text (pdf).    Listen to nearly 12 hours of online audio on a wide variety of space/astronomy topics!   Read online transcripts covering more than 180 subjects!   Make sure you go to this link, too:  Quantum Universe Report

      Speaking of Space:   Have you ever listened to the "Spaceman" (Gary Bell) live on  Toronto's 640 AM radio ---- 9 pm - 1 am  Saturday nights?    If anyone does --- or if you will start, I would like to know your opinion.  You can also listen LIVE, by Internet, through: www.mojoradio.com/

      More on radio:  Driving home from a full moon nighttime visit to the Moon Maiden Stone Circle,  Sex With Sue was on the radio.  She said that surveys and statsitics proved that the average time for Canadians to be having sex is 10:34  pm.   I looked at the clock.  It was 11:56 pm.  Darn it!  Missed it again!

      She also went through the 5 reasons for good relationships, A Good Sense of Humor being one of them.  So why did Jerry Seinfeld have so much trouble finding one?

      City of Toronto:  Tree Advocacy Planting Program   or call 416-392-5323 (LEAF).   "City Council approved a Tree Advocacy Planting Program for Toronto in 2000. The program seeks to leave a legacy of trees for future generations by initiating tree planting along City streets, arterial roads, neighbourhood parks and in ravines. Since its inception, the Tree Advocacy Planting Program has planted over 300,000 trees at over 250 locations across the City."  Find out from this site how you can contribute.  As a result of the hands efforts from tree planters, almost 5,000 trees were planted April 30th, their last tree planting day.

      Some fun:  thru  email-software.org    EMAIL ACRONYMS   |  EMAIL EMOTICONS

      A Change of Heart Changes Everything Newsletter is now available online, from the folks at HeartMath.  "I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to visit the Institute of HeartMath's new  www.heartmath.org/ website. We have tried to incorporate as much of your input as possible in the new layout and design."  Go to the new Free Services section and you will find a complete set of our archived newsletters. (New newsletters will be posted six months after they are first sent to IHM members.) You'll be able to keep track of all the major research studies and education initiatives. Each newsletter also includes new "math", stories, products, and some useful tips on reducing stress and enhancing your personal performance.


      Take a look at this non-commercial, natural  healing website. www.doctoryourself.com

      Subject: EFT—The Basic Recipe in a nutshell.   /www.bradyates.net/

      How about this story? THE ROPE

      Beautiful:  The Birth of a Hummingbird:  Hummingbird

      STRESS PICTURES  from weirdave.com     The pictures attached are used to test the level of stress a person can handle. The slower the pictures move, the better your ability of handling stress. Allegedly criminals were tested to see them spinning around madly; however, senior citizens and kids see them standing still.   None of these images are animated - they are perfectly still.   Click on them to enlarge them  (Thanks, Roland!)

    The Toronto Dowsers Surveys Its Members
    On the Toronto Dowsers application for membership, we have different AREAS OF INTEREST  for you to check, to let us know which areas within dowsing interest you, so we can bring speakers and sponsor workshops whose areas of specialization you prefer.  You can see our application at: TD MEMBERSHIP

    We had 235 applications by the end of December.  Franco Minatel went through the applications for us to tally the areas of interest and created the chart, below.

       "Interest" means those who are interested in learning more about the area.
       "Experience" means those who have sufficient experience within the area.

    As this chart is in black and white in the printed version (in color on the web), I made markings on the chart that represent the Color Code Keys, showing the numbers interested in each area.

    This clearly shows that areas of Healing, particularly within our own:  Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies elicit the most interest as well as experience of our members.   Locating (gas, oil, minerals, treasure, water) --- the foundation and maintstay of dowsing, for thousands of years, received surprisingly low interest.

    Please note that this is probably not typical of most dowsing groups --- if there even is such a thing, i.e., typical interests.   Our group is in a city.   Most of us will probably never have to find or dig a water well.

    Another reason is the person who started the group --- in our case:  Me.   These are the areas that interest me, too, the most and I guess I attracted like minded people.

    I have been observing and personally researching and experimenting with group dynamics since I was 19.   No matter what the size of an organization, if it be 3 people or 1,000, the attitude and much of the energy of the members or employees reflects attitutudes of the person at the top.  Which is WHY, overall, Toronto Dowsers  may be excellent in and interested in :  Networking, finding answers, doing the right thing, helping people, health, food, shopping and books!

    Another thing I have found about dowsers:  Most Dowsers are "helper type" people --- more giving than taking (to find out more about this read Daniel Quinn's excellent Novel:  Ishmael  where he uses the terms:  "leavers" and "takers")

          THANK YOU, FRANCO!   GREAT  JOB!  And thank you TD'ers for letting us know what you like!

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    The May 2005 issue had an article about overwhelming "stuff" in my living quarters.   It seems a lot of us know we have too much stuff and this has become problematic.  Received several "me too" emails and phone calls on that article.  And many, too have been doing cleaning out this summer.

    THE   Tuesday, September 13th 2005  MEETING FEATURES::

    Ursula Fugger,
    President of Astrology Toronto Inc.
    "Astrology, Dowsing and the Art of Divination and Sacred Time or What was that Question you asked?"

    Many people who know the rudiments of Astrology and realize its value as a tool for assessment and for seeing a probable path for themselves, friends, family, business, countries, etc., can not find the time to learn enough of its intricacies to get to its important nuances.   Tonight's presentation can help you use your skill --- Dowsing --- to augment whatever knowledge of Astrology you already have.

    This presentation shall show you:
             Horary Astrology What it is and why it is  The Astrological Dowsing Tool  . .
    As the Stepping Stone to use Dowsing to Interpret your Natal (Birth) Chart and . . .
             The similarities and differences particular to the use of asking questions within the notion of Sacred Time

    She will provide us with:

  • A brief  overview of Astrology - Where did it come from?
  • Show how Horary astrology and dowsing are related through the notion of  a sacred time and right question of the moment
  • A quick overview of: Planets, Signs,  Houses and aspects as they pertain to Divination of a question.



    Any person who has had an explanation of their Natal horoscope can see the value of it as a tool for personal guidance.   However, one may seldom realize that there are many branches to the tree called Astrology.   Tonight's presentation will be about a branch called Horary Astrology.  It is the astrological method most like dowsing as it answers a specific question by examining the moment of the question.  As a Dowser, you already know the importance of asking accurate questions.  With this branch of Astrology Ursula will take it a step further, to show and explain with handouts, visuals and personal stories some of the techniques she uses in her practice.

    Horary is very ancient branch of Astrology.   It deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers.   The basis of the horary chart is the time your question is put to the astrologer, and from this a map of the sky is erected.   Personal details, such as your date, place and time of birth, are not needed.

    Horary astrology is different in another way. The chart that is calculated is for that question only and will show the background of the question (what led up to the question) what is going on at the present time and how the future could turn out if you let nature run it's course.   If the chart shows potential problems we can choose not to continue or choose to do something in a different way which can give us a different outcome.

    "Horary is my left hand, my Natal Chart is my right hand.   And they are attached  to the same body.  Dowsing is the bridge that joins them.    A chart is a pattern of energy.    Its a mandala."

    Using the Horary as a bridge to the Natal (birth chart)  she will show you:  "What your houses, etc.,  of the Birth (Natal) chart mean and how to divine their meaning through dowsing.

    Using concrete examples Ursula will show you Personal techniques and share personal stories how to utilize both of these arts so they complement and enhance one another.

    Ursula is excellent when it comes to finding lost objects, lost people.  She uses Astrology, then confirms it with Dowsing.  She will tell and show us how she does this.


    Ursula Fugger has been studying astrology since 1979.  Locally she has been under the tutelage of Joan Gibbins, Janet Markham, Ron Bippus, Robin Armstrong and Gerald Barron, to name a few. Ursula also teaches under the auspices of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) Level 1, 2 and 3 courses.  Also a member of International Society of Astrological Research, (ISAR) and a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. (AA).  Ursula has been with the Toronto Dowsers since 2003 and has found may ways to incorporate the art of  dowsing into her practice.  She is current President of Astrology Toronto Inc. (ATI), the premiere astrology organization in Canada, and manages to maintains a thriving astrological practice in the east end of Toronto. Contact her at urfugger "at" hotmail.com or 416 469 2840.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2005 by Marilyn Gang