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The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, September 11th,  2007 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Dr Jeff Levin,DNM, B. Arch., B.Sc. (Nutrition) RNC
"Identifying and Healing the energies of the earth and the human body."
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $8 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $12 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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September 11 (meeting)
Jeff Levin
September 18
Dr. Ibrahim Karim
October 9 (meeting)
October 13
Phil Gruber
November 20
Dr. Cass Ingram

Details for our latest activities can be found at: MEETINGS
SEPTEMBER 11, 2007 Meeting: DR. Jeff Levin
"Back to a Future for Mankind: Ancient Egypt and Solutions to the Modern Environmental Crisis"
MEMBERS:  $12      NON  MEMBERS:   $15
September 22, 2006   8:00 PM:  Call to Action:  Raising Consciousness
OCTOBER 9, 2007 Meeting: JANOSH
"The Art of Creation"
[There are many more events described within this newsletter.  The above events are those sponsored by the Toronto Dowsers.  Read within to learn about events of interest to our community, by or for members.]



Hope y'all had a great summer --- restful and active, healthful and peaceful, that you were able to enjoy the weather, friends, family, travels, the outdoors, nature.   It just whizzed by, this 2007, faster than ever before.

We have a very exciting fall lined up and good probabilities for 2008

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Memberships RECEIVED by October 31st --- receive a free guest pass, for meetings only.  Value $12.

We usually have DOWSING PRACTICE at the beginning of our meetings.  This month, instead of the Dowsing Practice, Nick Lomangino, D.TCM, one of Canada's 2 Tong Ren instructor practitioners,  will be offering a (mini) Guinea Pig class.

You may recall a fair amount of info on Tong Ren in our May and June newsletters.   A Guinea Pig class is --- well, Tom Tam, the creator of Tong Ren --- that is the name he uses for a "class" that is set up for an hour, people come for a healing or to be worked on by folks doing Tong Ren.

It does not take long.  Those who come to the class sit in chairs, the practitioner asks each person what they would like worked on, and does so.  It could take 30 seconds, it could take 5 minutes.  With Tong Ren, instead of putting acupuncture needles into the body, the practitioner instead taps on an acupuncture model doll, on the appropriate acupuncture points.   ITS AMAZING!

Do  NOT!!!!!!!!!  Walk around the Hall

Nick will be bringing Tong Ren supplies for sale --- at the END of our evening.
If you are doing Tong Ren, bring your doll, etc., to "back" Nick up.

17 people took the Tong Ren workshop in June in Mississauga.

In July, I went to one of Tom Tam's Tong Ren Guinea Pig classes in the Boston area.   He took care of 80 people in that one hour.  Did a darn good job!

REFRESHMENTS!  YES!   OF COURSE!  PLEASE DO BRING munchies, finger food for us to share pot luck style at the end of the presentation.

DO YOU HAVE A HARVEST?   If you have fresh grown produce from your Garden or Farm that you can spare and would like to bring for folks without a garden to take home, please do bring it in.  Yes!  ZUCCHINI is quite welcome!   And TOMATOES!  and MORE!

SEPTEMBER,  time for:

   Fall cleanse
   FLU prevention:   Each September we are reminded to take Oscillococcinum, one dose a week each week in September, then one dose in October, one in November, one in December.   Taking this homeopathic remedy this way is a flu preventive measure, and widely recommended throughout France, by medical doctors.   This has been reported on, in depth, in previous years in our newsletters.  This year, this paragraph ought to be sufficient.
    Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Ramadan, Forgiveness, Atonement, Spiritual Cleansing.  Autumn Equinox.

THIS ISSUE:   SOUNDS GREAT!:   Although SOUND THERAPies are growing all over the place, we haven't had so much one one newsletter issue since the May 2004 one.  Then ELLIE DREW told us what Homer Hefty told her when she spoke to him 2 weeks after he passed over:  SOUND!  SOUND SOUND SOUND!  (9 times)   We've had SOUND when Ana Pogacnik came to speak to us June 10th and our positively awesome June 12th concert, too of course, was all about SOUND.   You'll read about the SOUND offerings at ASD 2007 in this issue.

SOUND is also part of Janosh's multimedia presentations and his presentation to us October 9th as he speaks to us and Phil Gruber -- our February speaker -- and October 13 workshop presenter, too, incorporate SOUND in a big way.

BLESSINGs, and THE BIRTHDAY BRIGADE:   Greatly deepened in this issue.  THIS is the precursor for WORLD PEACE.  Guaranteed.  Betcha 5 bucks it is!   Why do you think we've been doing THE BIRTHDAY BRIGADE?!?!  GET YOURS IN TO US!

WEB LETTER:   Check out this issue on Internet: www.dowsers.info/toronto/sep2007.htm  Because -- some of the graphics look so much prettier in color.  ok?


Our September 11th speaker:

Dr. Jeff Levin, DNM, B. Arch.,  B.Sc. (Nutrition) RNC
Architect, Nutripath, Author, Healer and Pioneer in the world of energy medicine.

"Identifying and Healing the energies of the earth and the human body."

Jeff Levin was one of  -- if not the --- most notable people teaching about dowsing and kinesiology, in Toronto in the 1980's and very high profile as well in the area of energy healing.  He has since moved to South Africa where he does most of his teaching and returns to Ontario for part of the year.  We are quite fortunate to have him speak to us during one of his rare visits to Toronto.   As the human body and the earth body are so closely interwoven, his research and modalities have extended themselves to researching and working with earth healing.   He has been asked to speak to us about both areas on September 11th, with the emphasis on Earth Energies and Earth Healing, to help add to the healing of the wounding that took place September 11, 6 years earlier.
He will be speaking to us about the interaction of the being, the person, with the earth, the negative frequencies that may result and how to counteract them --- in other words, not just detection, but correction as well.   Because:
The Vortex cards were inspired as a result of this journey, and he has been used as a conduit for these powerful devices. The material used has been restructured in such a way to emit sub-atomic particles that reorganize the atmosphere in harmony with our multidimensional bodies. They thereby balance the harmful effect of these subtle frequencies and convert them into a healing frequency.

The Vortex cards are a result of years of exploration and research into the field of environmental pollution and its detrimental effect on our bodies. This includes electromagnetic radiation, (from computers, microwaves, electrical appliances etc.), geopathic stress and toxic subtle energies. Its purpose is to balance and clear these energies, create a more harmonious environment, enhance our vitality and well-being. The Chinese have understood for centuries the effect that the environment has on our lives, through the practice of Feng Shui.

Below are thumbnail sketches of the Vortex Cards, followed by a very brief explanation as to their use.  Greater details are on his website:
 (1) Rainbow Card
(2) Square Card
(3) Hexagon Card
(4) Pentagon Card
(5) Triangle Card
(6) Generator Card
 *   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
(7) Octagon Card
(8) Heart Card
(9) Tree of Life Card
(10) Breath of Life Card
(11) Trust Card
(12) Mobile phone card
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
*   *   *
(24) Seed of Life Card ==> Brings a new level of healing, working through the chakras and the body vortices. (25) Resonance Card ==> Used with Seed of Life in Body Spin. Dramatic healing qualities. Locks into the DNA. Research into this card continues.

(1) Whole House/Building Energy Magnifier & Electromagnetic Protection, Geopathic Stress. On: Front (or priority) door frame, on appliance
(2)  Personal Protection and Energy Magnifier. On person, cell phones, appliances, joints, pain
(3)  Air Purification/Oxygenation.  Exposed to the air, on fan, duct, air cleaner, door frame
(4)  Water and Food Energiser.  On incoming water line, faucet, on food, under plate
(5)  Activates Stones/Crystals, Vegetation.  Indoors: in soil next to plant. On stones or crystals. Outdoors: Under tree or bush/plant.
(6)  Geopathic stress, balancing large areas (city). On ley line or grid intersection, on Rainbow card for severe geopathic stress. Amplifies other cards. On ley line or grid intersection. On Rainbow card for severe geopathic stress. Amplifies other cards.
(7)  Clears negativity in buildings. : On Rainbow card.
(8) Brings positive energy into building or room. Strengthens the heart of the home.
(9)  Works with spiritual, causal, light bodies. Assists in expansion and connecting with higher dimensions and grounds at the same time.
(10)  Helps open the Crown Chakra and assists us to connect with our essence, higher selves. Gives the feeling of essential breath, sense of elation and expansion.
(11) Helps to develop and strengthen the experience of trust for ourselves, life and the universe, taking the issue of trust in ourselves to a deeper level.  Protects the cells from free radicals, works on cytoplasm/mitochondria. Placed on: free radical point, immune system, heart, pituitary.
(12) Telephone lines, Tele-Communication Systems, Internet.  On or in cell phone, on TV cable, telephone line

Regular workshops are held throughout the year all over the world. For more information, please visit the workshops schedule and workshop contents pages on his website as well as information as how to order his products at:  www.bodyalignment.org/

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.We welcome you tojoin our group.


MEMBERS:  $12      NON  MEMBERS:   $15

  "Back to a Future for Mankind: Ancient Egypt and Solutions to the Modern Environmental Crisis"

Dr. Ibrahim Karim returns to Toronto to speak to us.
As a result of fortuitous synergies, Dr. Karim has and plans to spend more time in Toronto, which shall allow us to influence the development of this Biogeometry.  He comes to Toronto in September to offer the Advanced BioGeometry Training where he is introducing a New BioGeometry System. 

Dr. Karim has informed us that he has just completed work on a major new BioGeometry system, which will revolutionize our work in analyzing and balancing energy systems.   This new system will make possible precise analysis of BG3 energy balance levels  on every plane of nature, among many other things.

We are watching a new science be birthed, grow and evolve right before our eyes.
The Toronto Dowsers is participating in the birth, growth and evolution of this new science.  One of the reasons that Dr. Karim is coming to Toronto and has completed concrete plans to spend more time here is because WE are here.  Our presence, questions and participation are definitive contributions to this new science, this Design science of  BioGeometry, stewaarded by Dr. Karim.

In this new, rapidly evolving science, Dr. Karim has developed more concepts, new tools, to make it easier to take more precise measurements.  He will tell us about the concepts he developed since he saw us a year ago.

This was how Dr. Karim commenced his BioGeometry development:
"    In 1930 Von Pohl, a German scientist, conducted a study in two towns that showed that 80% of cancer cases were located in 10% of the area. These areas were found to be on underwater current crossings, at certain angles, that produced a vortex of harmful “Earth Radiation” that disturbed the immune system. The farmers in Europe knew about cancerous plant and animal growths in those areas. It was later found that there are also energy grids on the Earth surface that produce a harmful effect at the crossings; they are called Hartmann and Curry grids. Architects have to avoid having such crossings under the bed to avoid future cancers and other immune problems. That led me to search for angles and design criteria to restore the energy balance. The solution came from the discovery that certain angles of underwater crossings surprisingly produced a balancing energy quality. It was found that mankind used these sites, since remote antiquity, as sacred sites. The shapes of buildings on the site were made to amplify this healing energy. That is why healing in ancient times was done in the temples. Energy healing is as remote as mankind.

"      It is my belief that Engineers and scientists of all specialties should take the major responsibility for our health and not the medical profession!!!   Taken on the simple level; in the design of a car seat, for example a faulty design can put strain on the spine causing more than just back pain, the spine being the major energy conductor of all body functions electrical signals and energy flow. The placement of high voltage power lines and Tele communication satellites in residential areas. The use of hazardous chemicals and toxic materials. All of those pollutants are the major cause of most of our health problems. The medical field plays the repair role, a role more pronounced when the scientists and engineers fail to take into consideration the many aspects that can act as preventive measures and promote health and actually create a state of pollution on all levels that we can perceive and more dangerously that we cannot perceive but is still killing us!

"    BioGeometry® in a sense is an attempt to humanize this technology while trying to create an awareness since we probably cannot fight it we try to transform it and make it work for us and not against us."

This is the science Dr. Karim developed, based on thirty years of experience and experimenting in all fields of life, to understand the inner energy workings behind all the activities of our lives, and show how it can be applied to any field; Nutrition, sports, music, dancing, body postures, energy anatomy, alternative health, agriculture, decoration, industrial design, city planning, religious ritual in different religions, environment, social structure, economy, interpersonal relationships, success, spirituality, folklore, and so much more since all those aspects of life combine together to give a total picture of our well-being which leads to health in its holistic perspective. Unless we take into consideration every aspect of life from the individual to the collective, from the grain of sand to the universe, we cannot achieve a total well being.

"From these core concepts we will deal with holistic health as: ENERGY BALANCE on all levels internal and external to our system, individual and collective. We will understand that the collective levels are a form of life, and part of the psyche of the Earth Being, with which we interact. Once we understand that we are dealing with another form of Being with a personality that can interact and react, then our whole outlook to the environment and its reaction through nature’s forces will change. From the smallest virus or bacteria to the cells of life, the human being, the Earth, we find a form of Being living within another form of Being. The whole universe is like one great multilevel Being all the way down to the smallest particles within the atoms, which are alive in their own way and have their own memory and personality."

*                    *                    *                    *                    *

FOR THOSE WHO TOOK THE ADVANCED COURSE PREVIOUSLY:   Among the new things Ibrahim will be introducing at the talk and at this year's AT, he is bringing new dials and a new attachment for the Vertical and Horizontal Pendulum set he introduced at the Toronto AT last year.  Any students who purchased a Vertical and Horizontal Pendulum set at last year's Toronto AT can bring them (as "proof of purchase") to the Tuesday night talk by Ibrahim, and Yasmeen (Ibrahim's assistant) will give them free of charge the new dials and attachment for the pendulums.

For those coming to the training this year, the new dials and attachment will come automatically with the vertical and horizontal pendulums when purchased.

IF YOU PURCHASED the Vertical and Horizontal Pendulums BRING THEM to the September 18th  talk, so you can get the FREE new dials to go on the pendulums.

* NEW COMPREHENSIVE PENDULUM SYSTEM: This is a modular system with many extensions, making possible remarkable advances in energy analysis and applications.

* NEW BG3 RULER: This has been in development for years, and has now been perfected; Dr. Karim is currently setting up production of this instrument in Egypt.

* HUMAN ARCHETYPE PENDANT:  Dr. Karim has discovered an essential coding pattern of the Human Archetype, which has been integrated into a new BG medallion design.    Dr. Karim will be explaining this Archetype code in Toronto, and it is probable the new medallion will also be available for purchase for the first time at the event.

In Los Angeles recently, Dr. Karim introduced his powerful new BIOGEOMETRY HARMONIC DESIGN system   In Toronto, Dr. Karim will offer new insights into the BG Harmonic Design system and also introduce for the first time his BIOGEOMETRY "GLOBAL SCALING" system.

September  22:   8 PM EST:   2007 Autumnal Equinox Consciousness Raising

Please join in a global network to raise the energy and consciousness of the Earth.  All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, tai chi, drumming, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present, and future of our planet.  For a minute, an hour or as long as you wish, please direct your thoughts and energy to this effort.  Our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all detrimental  energies.  Please share this message with everyone you know.  Thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.  (We have been doing this since August 26, 2002 at 8 PM EST  the 22nd of March, June, September & January.  Several go to the Mound at High Park, the one that Mary Hardy "found" for us February 2003.   March 22, 2003, we took part in our first consciousness raising at the Mound ---  100 people showed up that night, as we built a fire at the top, uniting and united in our energies and intentions).

Our October 9th Speaker:  Janosh
"The Art of Creation"
Dutch graphic designer and artist Janosh offers multimedia presentations that help you open up your subconscious. The presentation consists of beautiful holograms, powerful music, life’s greatest questions and several Activations, which offer insight as to how you live your life and in which way you can direct your path in life into a new direction to fits within your own truth and passion.
Part of his presentations, as one example, allows us to explore our own so-called programmes. Why do we act the way we act?  Here, understanding the keys of our own sacred geometry, we look into our DNA, the geometry in human beings and the accompanying programmes which make us operate the way we do. We  learn to 'empty our hard-drive' and change our life into a completely new direction of our own choice.

Janosh will be presenting excerpts from his new presentation 'The Art of Creation'.  This presentation, yet to be seen in Canada, offers an insight into the phenomenon that you can create anything you want. It forms a guideline for everyone that wants to learn how to use their power of thought optimally. Our thoughts and intentions directly influence our lives and immediate surroundings. By dealing with our thoughts more consciously we can create endless opportunities to direct our lives into an entirely new direction. Next to that information will be given on what energy is, how it works in our own lives and the world around us and what the power of geometry means in our process of awareness. After clearing up old convictions, anxieties and programs we can start activating our wishes and
intentions after which the real process of creation will begin.

Janosh will explain what he is doing, why and how it all works and fits together.  What is the "IT" that is working and how this all stimulates global consciousness.

With this presentation you will discover what your truth is and which endless possibilities you have at your disposal.  Janosh will discuss how this relates to dowsing and how they can help you improve your dowsing confidence and clarity.

 Saturday, October 13th

Phil Gruber, our February 2007 speaker returns to us October 13th to offer an all day workshop SHINE or RAIN!

The Divine Spiritual Art and Science of Dowsing Earth Energies
Tuning In:  What Dowsing Really Is:  Dowsing earth energies, ley lines, grids and MORE!
This workshop has been designed to teach us and give us more practice with our L RODS.   BRING YOUR L RODS TO CLASS!

When we learn and work with the earth energies --- any energies --  How can we know anything if we are not -- already in tune with it?  We understand what we seem to understand because we go into   co resonance with it.

As Dowsing is about Getting in Tune, in this workshop Phil will help show us how to better tune into ourselves, each other, and of course earth energies.  The dowsing rods just give us confirmation of what we already know.

As we better connect with the earth grid we connect better with ourselves.   We are the instrument, the tool is the medium between us and the environment

 He will help us understand and learn:  What dowsing really is, ie..  making that connection and how to do it.

Making that connection is what makes us good (or better) dowsers,  it makes us more sensitive to vibration, to spirit, to ourselves and to and with each other.  It makes us more compassionate, less judgmental.

In turn, as we tune more into the earth, we tune more into ourselves.  We do all of this ultimately for healing, and for greater self realization.

One of Phil's main areas of understanding is Morphogenetic fields.  He talked about them extensively in his February 2007 presentation.  The Morphogenetic Science is the "bottom" of all grid work and all dowsing.  They connect that web --- that grid work   The earth energy lines come out of that framework.

Special sections on the unique republic of Damanhur, situated in the foothills of the Italian Alps, and an introduction to it's founder, FALCO, and his work with what he calls "THE SYNCHRONIC LINES", and

A brief discussion on "The Dance of the Dragon", Paul Broadhurst's and Hamish Miller's ground-breaking book so vividly and elegantly detailing their incredible odyssey dowsing earth energies and following the trail of the Apollo/St. Michael Line.

The morning half  will be more conceptual, though highly experiential, with exercises aimed at developing intuition and sensing energy!

The second half will be actual field work, where we will, as a group, dowse power centers and 'sacred sights' in the  Toronto area....very exciting!!

Learn about Grid & Ley Lines, Geopathic Stress, Vortexes.
What is the Grid?  How does it affect us?  What is so important about it?
Tuning into the energies of the earth and geopathic stress
Get into into the study of morphogenetic fields, the grid that connects us to everything in the planet
Phil will talk about:  standing stones, megalithic, temples,  spirit,  the power spots on and around ourselves and the planet and more

Phil will show us exercises for energy sensing, to become one with the dowsing tool (L rods)

How to tune into the memory, the memory of ourselves,  sacred sites
Find places of power and within ourselves


Cass  is a well known much beloved favorite in Toronto, for his presentations on the uses and effects of Oil of Oregano [anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti viral  Immune-enhancing, antibiotic, anti germicide, anti-rheumatic, bechic (curative of cough), carminative, disinfectant, etc., actions], herbs and overall excellent health.

Dr. Cass Ingram, physician and researcher, is the author of over 12 books, including "The Cure Is In the Cupboard", How to Eat Right and Live Longer, Self-Test Nutrition Guide, and Lifesaving Cures. He is a popular radio/TV personality and has appeared on over 3,000 media interviews.  He holds a Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dying from a fungus infection in his blood American physician, Dr. Cass Ingram, claims that pure wild oregano was the only thing that saved his life.

Cass was accidentally stuck with a used IV needle several years ago while working. "For a doctor, that can be a catastrophe, l slipped into a state of health and had to close my clinic" he recalled, breaking out in psoriasis and being too weak to walk, often having to crawl to the cupboard for medication. His body temperature dropped to 94.2 degrees and touching his skin was he said like touching a corpse.

"A kind soul brought me oregano oil and said try it, l took some each day but it was not enough, but then l started to investigate it and found that the wild herb of oregano was available in the Mediterranean region and having relatives there asked them to pick some and send it to me in the America".

Oregano found in grocery stores was not the wild kind he stresses, some of the bottled kind on the shelves is actually sage bush from Mexico. Cass started taking the wild oregano by the spoonful and his condition was cured. He still takes oregano today "if l don't l notice it, it is the only thing that helps me - there is no doubt in my mind that it works"

According to the International Journal of Food Microbiology, wild oregano and the oils of the wild plant totally destroy fungus. It is a plant antibacterial says Ingram. "Researchers took the oil of oregano from Greece and put one drop with 50,000 drops of water, and that tiny amount stopped bacteria growing"

A cold or flu can be knocked out in a day and Ingram says he has used oregano oil to remove warts - "you put it against the wart and it is gone".

Since he attended one of our December Networking socials several years ago, Cass has been seeking an opportunity to speak to our group.  As his schedule of speaking engagements have him in demand around the world, it has been difficult to make the match.  We finally have a golden opportunity to hear him speak to the Toronto Dowsers at a special presentation he is designing for us on

How the Energetics of  Herbs, knowing them and using them can help one to become a Better Dowser.

Stay tuned for more information on Cass' Special Presentation to us.
NOTE:  This is NOT the monthly meeting....

Times Change Women's Employment Service  /timeschange.org

Offers career and educational counselling, a wide range of computer services and a comprehensive resource centre, all free of charge.  "We are a non-profit community agency and have been established in Toronto since 1974. Our staff members are experienced professionals with a special interest in helping women reach their employment goals in today's labour market."

As one example, here are some of their Introductory Computer Workshop offerings:

    * Introduction to Microsoft Word
    * Intermediate Microsoft Word
    * Introduction to Microsoft Excel
    * Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
    * Introduction to Microsoft Access
    * E-mail Basics: Setup and Efficient Use
    * E-mail II: Sending Resumes Online
    * Internet for Job Search
Times Change Women's Employment Service | #1704-365 Bloor St. East | Toronto | Tel: (416) 927-1900 | Fax: (416) 927-7212


There seems to be much fear and apprehension about the so called New World Order, the North American Union and groups and organisms of that kind.  They will be as successful as the USSR was in their supposed fear filled (if you were in the West) take over quest.

Because the entire concept is contrary to Universal Law.

We are transitioning into the Aquarian Age, which is ruled by the COMMon man, by grassroots.  There is no hierarchy.  Hierarchal organizations are starting to crumble.  There will be, there can not and shall not be any sort of centralized authority.  Each person is their own authority.  Of course, this New Age will come with its own problems, as yet unforeseen, but it will not be that we are taken over by any sort of global elite.

Everything that the Aquarian Age, and its aspects are about, is already starting to succeed, such as COMMunication through the AIR, hidden wisdom is being revealed, deep dark secrets, the unconscious is pouring out of the Urn of the Water Bearer.

You can stop this from happening just as easily as you can stop the moon from orbiting the earth.  So relax.  It ain't gonna happen.  The bogey man is just a bogey man, we do not need to dig fallout shelters, we do not need to protect ourselves from communisim or keep the world safe from democracy or be afraid of the new world order.  Plant a garden, hang out with friends, instead.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.We welcome you tojoin our group.

Saturday Evening Lecture With
Brian Clement C.N., N.M.D., Ph.D.
“Longevity: Enjoying Life Without Limits”
Saturday, September 15. 2007
Dr. Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Author and International Lecturer, will explore the Institute's 50 years of helping people heal themselves. Brian’s lecture will be based on his latest book, “Longevity: Enjoying Life Without Limits” This book uniquely affords readers a road map for redirecting, enriching and extending their lives. “ Longevity in and of itself is not the goal, rather it is living well throughout your life that matters most.” Brian Clement

An extensive question and answer period will be offered so that participant will leave with viable, personal road maps back to completely healthy lives. Brian is a powerful and passionate speaker, don¹t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear a leading expert in this field.

Presented by Toronto Dowser, Raw Food & Hippocrates Educator and Lecturer: ERIKA WOLFF!

Book browsing   6:30 pm  Lecture 7:30 – 10:00 pm
Trinity St. Paul’s Centre,   427 Bloor Street West
ADMISSION:  $ 35.00, Check or cash, no credit cards please
FOR INFORMATION:  416-428-1039   erika@powerofraw.com   www.powerofraw.com
Supported by Toronto Sprouts Tel: 416-535-3111

AT THE BRICKWORKS!     Exploring Medicinal Plants –
3 Part Workshop Series:   AUG  18,  SEP 15,   OCT 6

Part 1 – Exploring North American Medicinal Plants: Introduction
August 18, 2007 10am to 12pm
Everything is interconnected - Explore the relationship people have with medicinal plants through traditional Ojibwe methods. (Free)

Part 2 – Invasive Medicinal Plants and Native Plant Planting
September 15, 2007 10am to 12pm
When immigrants first moved to Canada many brought plants with them native to their homelands. Explore how invasive species can be both beneficial and harmful to local ecosystems and how they have affected our lives. (Free)

Part 3 – Creating Sacred Space with Medicinal Plants
October 6, 2007 10am to 12pm
Small space or large space - almost any space can be used to create a personal sacred space. (Free)

Limited Space, please RSVP to Samantha Kinoshameg  skinoshameg@evergreen.ca

You can still make the Farmer's Market at the Brickworks, Saturdays, 8-1 Until Oct. 27.   Its off the Bayview Avenue Extension.  A shuttle bus is available on Saturday's to and from Broadview Station every 1/2 hour from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Meet 1/2 block north at Erindale Avenue. The last bus leaves Broadview station at 12:30 pm and from the Brick Works at 1:00 pm.

Meditation and Pranayam: Learn the Ancient Science of Breath Directly from His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sponsored by: Debra Joy Eklove, Art of Living Foundation, 416 229 1747 artofliving.ca

Only Four Sessions in Toronto:

From our friend Ian Doig, in Perth:
"Hi, All
 I don't know how many of you have heard of this - I'm astonished  as to how little publicity has been generated about it - but on our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (4 -  8 October)  a major, and I think very important gathering is scheduled for here, in our little town of Perth, Ontario.   It is called "A Circle of All Nations", and is under the leadership and inspiration of Grandfather William Commanda, elder and spiritual leader of the Algonquin Nation.   The theme is "The Awakening", and 200 elders from 19 different countries have confirmed that they will gather in Perth to share and exchange wisdom, as to how to heal this planet and mankind within.

 Why Perth?   This place was, before contact (with Europeans),  the meeting place for the Algonquin peoples, both within the Nation and with other peoples, such as the Mohawks, Ojibways, Hurons and so forth, and so lent itself to this timely initiative.   The invitation (from Judy Windsong) is, "We are inviting all those who wish to share their wisdom and knowledge to participate in this event.   We hope and pray that through all those who participate in sharing their wisdom and knowledge that we, the people, will awaken to the urgency of healing; Mother Earth... our waters...the air.   In the mean time, till we speak again, may you know... Great Peace..., Great Joy..., Great Love."

 I sense that there is more afoot here than just healing our Earth Mother.   What a fitting way to usher in The Awakening!

 Despite the lack of publicity, I hear some amazing figures as to possible attendance being bandied about - the first I heard was  25,000, and I have since heard 40,000.   Bear in mind that this is a town of 6,000!   But we have much camping space and other facilities.   One way or another,   I  feel that this may be a seminal event at this time."

The website is www.circleofallnations.ca/, better yet:  www.merriwolf.ca/  Perth is: 300 KM East of Toronto, 150 Miles North of Syracuse, or NW of Burlington, VT.
An event of GLOBAL proportions and worldwide importance is coming to the TAY RIVER,  gateway to the RIDEAU RIVER
Spiritual ELDER of the ALGONQUIN NATION of Turtle Island and
OCTOBER 4, 5, 6, 7 - 2007. Perth Fair Grounds, Stewart Park and Tay Valley Basin will be HOME to "THE AWAKENING".  HELP HEAL MOTHER EARTH!  The purpose of our OCTOBER GATHERING in PErth is for People of all Nations to learn how we can help heal ourselves and mother Earth as it continues to undergo drastic environmental changes.

The AWAKENING is a gathering for EVERYONE to come together and share ideas on

TICKETS for Grandstand Shows will be available at TICKET WEB

Before and during the construction of the Rideau Canal, Perth was considered the center of INLAND ACTIVITY.  The waterways leading to the TAY RIVER, connecting to the RIDEAU RIVER system, were of great significance in the TERRITORIES of the ALGONQUIN NATION during the building of the RIDEAU CANAL.

Toronto 2007 Energy Psychology Conference
Visions of the Future Mind
October 25-27, 2007
Pre-conference workshops, October 24,   Post-conference workshops, October 28-31
A weekend of learning and spiritual processes with like-minded professionals and seekers. Over 30 amazing presenters, authors and method developers, leading innovators in the field of Energy Psychology.  Participate in numerous intensive workshops, listen to leading-edge keynote speakers while enhancing your professional and personal development.

Illustrious speakers include: Lynne McTaggart, speaking on her widely acclaimed book, The Field, Lee Pulos, Visions of the Future Mind and Toronto Dowser Arlene Anisman.

Arlene will speak on:  " Tools for Transforming Trauma:  EDxTM and Essential Oils (B-I-A)"

"In this workshop you will learn the age-old application of essential oils combined with the EDxTM (Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods), an advanced Energy Psychology method developed by Fred Gallo, Phd. and how this combination will enhance healing and the transformation of trauma.  This workshop will present a brief explanation of what therapeutic-grade essential oils are and how they actually work to address various psychological aspects of healing.  Essential oils quickly reach the subconscious by triggering the emotions and memories stored in the limbic system of the brain and act synergistically with EDxTM to provide powerful tools for psychotherapy and healing.  The presenter will demonstrate specific techniques, and diagnosing for which oils to use, and how to add the oil in treating individual psychological problems and challenges." 416-766-8261  arlene@web.net  /arlenesessentialoils.younglivingworld.com.

This year, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with and hear Rhonda Lenair (medical intuitive).  If you would like to set up an appointment to work with Rhonda while she is in Toronto, please let them us know well in advance. Since she will be here for 1 week only, the number of program appointments available are limited.

Thursday and Friday evening presentations are open to the public: TORONTOEPC:

Saturday October 27, 2007 ,  Sponsored by the A.R.E.
John Van Auken, A.R.E. Researcher, Teacher, Author, Director
"Understanding the times we live in: Prophecies of the Mayans, Egyptians, Bible, Nostradamus, Malachy, Mary, and Edgar Cayce."
 Humanity and the planet are experiencing many profound changes and more changes are coming. Many classic prophecies point to our current time as one of major changes; from 3114 BC when the Mayans first marked their calendars to end in December of 2012, and 534 BC, when the angel Gabriel told the prophet Daniel that there is a time for the end of this age, to the recent “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce saying now is the time Gabriel spoke of – our age has been targeted as the Age of Change. Not just our planet will change, but our bodies will too. The peoples of the earth will all experience many changes and breakthroughs. A new world is to begin soon.  A new age dawns, trans-forming much of what we take for granted and presenting us with a new life, a new world, and a new consciousness.

John Van Auken, author and researcher of these prophecies, will present an in-depth look at what has been predicted for our times and why change must occur.

His talk will include the Mayans, Egyptians, and the prophecies of the Bible, including the angel Gabriel, Jesus, and the Book of the Revelation. He will also present the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Bishop of Malachy, Mary the Mother of Jesus, and the modern seer Edgar Cayce. It will include star maps indicating the movement of our Sun through the ages, and where we are now. John will present physical changes to the planet and our bodies, social and political changes to our nations, and religious changes that will yield a new world view of life’s purpose and God’s role with us.

His presentations are packed with useful information combined with insightful, entertaining, and revealing stories. He is also a skillful teacher of several types of meditation and very  most effective dream work methods for both remembering and interpreting your dreams.

John has authored numerous books, some of which are: Spiritual Breakthrough -  Handbook to God Consciousness; Rejuvenation of the Body; Ancient Egyptian Mysticism; Edgar Cayce on the Revelation; The lost Hall of Records; Christ The Power and the Passion; Jesus His Words Decoded; The End Times -  Prophecies of Coming Changes.

For registration and/or information:
Nancy Thomas: (519) 369-3973    nan.thomas@bmts.com
Susan Lappin: (416) 466-5324      free-to-be@bigfoot.com

First Unitarian Church, 175 St. Clair Ave. W.,    9:30 am to 5:00 pm (Doors open at 8:30 AM)
Cost: $50 by October 20, 2007.  Space permitting.  registration at the door will be $65.00

Street parking - - Restaurants in the area - - Wheel chair accessible – Lunch is not included in the registration.

Founded by Edgar Cayce in 1931, the A.R.E. is an international, non-profit, non-sectarian membership organization, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA., with members in 80 countries and 25 International Centres around the world.  Its mission is to promote the dissemination, study and application of the information contained in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce.

Toronto, Ontario – His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet will speak on the topic of his internationally acclaimed book titled, “The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living”. The public talk is scheduled to take place at Rogers Centre on October 31st, 2007.

Tickets have gone on sale at all Ticketmaster outlets and are available online at www.ticketmaster.ca or  (416) 872-1111. Ticket prices are $30, $40 and $50. For groups of 10 or more, tickets may be obtained by calling Group Sales at (416) 341-2255. Event starts at 4:30pm and gates open at 2:30pm

The Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre (TCCC) is a sponsored project of the Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontraio (CTAO).  Spring of  2004, His Holiness bestowed the Kalachakra teaching for World Peace in Toronto to over 7,000 pilgrims from all walks of life.  It was during this auspicious occasion that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gave his blessings to the organization and granted the Tibetan name “Gangjong Choedenling”  to the proposed community centre.

In the late and early 1970’s, approximately 500 Tibetans sought refuge in Canada.  Approximately 350 Tibetans settled in Ontario and ensured the survival and growth of Tibetan identity and culture in a multi-cultural Canada. In 1998 a small number of Tibetan Refugees fron India and Nepal found Canada as their home.  The influx of Tibetans in Ontario has been growing over the years and there are approximately over 4000 Tibteans living in Ontario.  To this day, the Tibetans here have been dedicated to preserving and promoting the values of the unique Tibetan cultural heritage in Ontario.

Tibetans in Ontario have embarked  on a major fundraising campaign and we urge all fellow Tibetans and friends of Tibet to support this project and to make realize the dream of a community centre sooner than later.

Around 1994, I became acquainted with Dr. George Merkl and his Life Crystals. That whole connection is another lifetime of stories for another time.  These connections led me to the Eclectic Viewpoint and KeelyNet people where a transcript of David Hudson's Dallas workshop was brought to me.  David Hudson, you may remember is the farmer who "discovered" White Powder Gold.   This discovery led to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people sending emails, doing research, flying all over the place, spending time in the labs, libraries, antiquarian bookstores, research establishments, etc., to find out more about this Manna, this White Powder of Gold which is said to bring one back to perfect health, full psychic power, increased longevity and more.

After waiting 13 years, some one is finally coming to the Toronto area to talk about WPG:  Barry Carter.  Since 1996, Barry has been working full time to get the word out about ORMUS, what it is and how to make it and he has been connecting with anyone who is willing to help disseminate this information.  He is "the Man" when it comes to ORMUS info.

WORKSHOP  with  BARRY CARTER:   November 2, 3, 4
ORMUS:  What it is, How to Use It, How to Make it.
Friday evening is an informational  Q & A lecture.  7-9:30  pm.  Suggested donation:  $10
Energy exchange is $ 100 for the entire weekend, Friday included. Or $125 at the door.
Saturday and Sunday are from 10 am - 6 pm.
For more information or to purchase tickets: 519.582.1064   ormusworld@hotmail.com


If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.We welcome you tojoin our group.

                                           BY  BARRY  CARTER   /www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/

There are many mysterious and magical things that have been recorded in history. The Biblical manna, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fountain of Youth, Orgone energy, prana, chi, the Holy Grail, the Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant are a few of these things. It looks like these things and more might be related to a new class of materials that have been identified and described in the last few decades.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some gold mining on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them.

Other researchers were also making similar discoveries around this same time but Hudson was the first to get information out to the public about his discoveries. During the early 1990s Hudson toured the United States giving lectures and workshops about what he had found. Transcripts of portions of three of David Hudson's lectures are available on the Web.

The materials that David Hudson discovered appear to be related to the things I listed in the first paragraph of this article and to concepts of modern physics like superconductivity, quantum coherence and Bose-Einstein condensates.

These materials have been called ORMEs, monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna. David Hudson calls the materials he found Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs. He also refers to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state. Since Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, and since it has not been conclusively established whether these materials are monatomic or diatomic, it is recommended that the terms ORMUS and m-state be used when referring to these materials.

The ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. The following elements have been identified in this different state of matter (these elements, with the exception of mercury, are listed in Hudson's patents):

Atomic Number
All of these m-state elements are quite abundant in seawater. They also seem to be present in most rock, fresh water and in the air. According to David Hudson's research, these elements in their m-state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts. There also may be other elements that occur naturally in the m-state.
Various researchers, working independently, have identified these materials in this different state of matter. They have arrived at many of the same observations. These m-state elements have been observed to exhibit the quantum physical behaviors of superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation. It looks like these are an entirely new class of materials.
These m-state elements are also present in many biological systems. We believe that they may enhance energy flow along the acupuncture meridians and in the microtubules inside every living cell.
It appears that this state of certain of these elements has been known throughout history. Several of the procedures for extracting or making ORMUS have been adapted from ancient alchemical texts. We believe that the Philosopher's Stone and the Biblical manna may be variations on this state of matter.
There is evidence that the m-state elements are associated with the “dark matter” that astronomers look for in space, the Earth’s magnetic field, healthy soil, weather phenomena like lightning and that they are essential minerals for all life on Earth. Certain properties of the m-state materials seem to be related to consciousness itself.
A number of methods for obtaining the ORMUS elements have been devised in the last several years. The easiest of these methods is to raise the pH of clean ocean water to 10.78 and no higher, using lye water, then wash the resulting precipitate three times with distilled water.
At this time, our knowledge of the nature of these materials and how to work with them is still at a very early stage. Any person with an interest in doing scientific work with them would most likely be able to make significant discoveries with a little effort.
Hundreds of people around the world are working with these materials. Many of them have reported amazing biological and spiritual effects from the use of these materials. A researcher near the US-Canadian border has been growing incredible giant walnuts on a tree he fed with the white precipitate from ocean water.
A researcher in Michigan has photographed lights forming off the tips of her orchid cactus plants after watering them with magnetic trap ORMUS water.
This same researcher has been drinking the trap water for a couple of years. She has reported numerous health benefits but one of the most striking benefits has been that a broken tooth partially filled in with new enamel after two and a half months on the trap water.
Many other people have reported significant improvement in major health problems such as cancer, aids, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and diabetes. Research is ongoing in the health area and we welcome your stories and comments.
"Based on my experience in working with the ORMUS materials I will say that they are unequivocally the greatest scientific discovery in human history. They bring together all of the pieces of many ancient puzzles with the pieces of many modern scientific puzzles and they promise to help us see the true picture of the nature of reality as these puzzle pieces fall into place".  --- Barry.



Spring and Summer 2007 have been golden -- weatherwise, activity wise and not too many calamities

      June we were truly blessed with a visit by Ana Pogacnik, daughter of Marko Pogacnik.  Marko, author of 6 books, teaches how to heal the earth from trauma, mostly human caused trauma; Ana teaches his work, albeit from a slightly different perspective.   Ana visited Toronto as she was giving a workshop sponsored by ee Arscura, a school in Richmond Hill for art in the social and healing fields.  She came to speak to us the Sunday night after her workshop, her face all healthy and sun kissed from a weekend outdoors.  Ana, too said that when we heal the inner landscape - ourselves, we heal the outer landscape - the earth. And vice versa.  Music is composed of patterns. Ana said we have many patterns, history, memories in our bodies.    If we go into a landscape w similar patterns there will be a resonance and one awakens / activates the patterns.  Or vice versa.  That's the moment healing can happen.   Ana, an accomplished pianist, uses toning and music as primary healing tools and she played the grand piano for us. Divine.
*                *                *                *                *
    Our June 12th meeting was sensational.  We didn't have a meeting, we ended up having a positively awesome CONCERT!!.   Four separate performances by four very different and very talented and expert musical groups/individuals --- each one who has a strong background and awareness as to the healing powers of sound.   And we used the grand piano for the first time!

   It was Outstanding.  Astonishing.
   One of those very precious times when disparate pieces all come together in beauty and harmony;  then they are gone, never to repeat that combination again.  Like a sand mandala, made by the Tibetan monks.   Its glory is there just for the moment.

   Not only did we have a high quality concert, but the REFRESHMENT ENGINEERS outdid themselves with decoration, display and deliciousness.   A colorful theme, in honor of our African drummers, the tables were resplendent with red, green, orange and yellow banners.  With food to match.

   BRIAN COLLINS  amazed us with his original jazz piano arrangements.   His bass accompanist, Carly --- the bass looked bigger than Carly --- did a great job, too.   Brian's quick fingers run up and down the keyboard with ease.    It brought back memories when whazzisname and I would go to this smoky cocktail lounge in Long Beach, listen to the piano player sipping Galiano in sugar frosted glasses....

    Seriously --- if you have an event where you need a good and totally classy jazz pianist and bass player, you must get Brian and Carly to play for your event.  /www.thejazzmakers.com/

    DIANA DAVIS was next, on the flute with friends Craig on the drums and dige and Bree on the crystal bowls and rain stick --- their music transported us to a sacred woods around a campfire, with friends, on a clear dark summer night.    A very yearning performance.

     SCARLETT ANTALOCZY, who also offers TCM, acupuncture, RMT massage, herbal medicine, cosmetic acupuncture, bio-feedback, creative arts/music, life coaching, --- is an AUTHOR!!!! ----   and much more   AMAZED us all with her range --- w regard to voice and instruments.    She played 2 original pieces, a voice piece then a piano solo then an original medley whose theme was:  Alternative Health Care therapists!!!!   You can find out more about Scarlett at:

   The MUHTADI WORLD DRUMMERS  then took the stage and in not too long a time had us all on our feet and DANCING!!!!!   too bad it was so short, or, it seemed that way.

    You, too, can easily become a drummer.   Join their Saturday sessions,  12-2,  Sherbourne & Wellesley (the Wellesley Community Center).  No charge.   If you don't have a drum you can rent one for 10 bucks.   If you are interested, just show up.

   What was supposed to happen afterwards --- the Toronto Dowsers Drummers.   but noooooo ---- the food table was so scrumptious everyone made a bee line for the food and there was no more drumming.   lots of eating, though.

   o ~ o ~ o  This is being written 11 weeks after the meeting:  Over the summer, people continued to comment about that meeting, that splendiferous concert, how awesome it was, the sublime feelings they were left with.  Yes, it was truly truly awesome and memorable.  Did I say it was awesome?   And these were -- well almost -- member performers.  Diana is well known to our group for her many talented contributions over the years.  Scarlett, who lives in Hamilton and has her music and medicine practice there, sang "Happy Birthday" to Pete Coles a couple years ago and astonished us then with her vocal range, power, clarity, versatility and sweetness.  Scarlett attends many of our meetings and we hope she will become a member some day.  Brian, from Toronto, found our group this spring when he was web surfing for the Lecher Antenna and will be joining us this year after he returns from 6 months of a cruise gig.

        What talents lie with other members?  Musical?  Artistic?   Literary?   Mechanical?   We are so lucky, yes, we do have so much.


*                    *                    *                    *                        *

Summer 2007 saw the ASD (American Society of Dowers) convention at a new time of year -- actually an old time of the year, their former time slot - mid Summer, and at a new location:  Sugarbush Ski area in Warren, Vermont.

Some of the speakers whose names you might recognize are: Alicja Aratyn, Leroy Bull, Ellie Drew, Mary Hardy, Charles Hubbard, Joey Korn, Ivan McBeth, Freddy Silva and Joe Smith.

The most distinctive theme seemed to be SOUND.  As in SOUND HEALING.   There were four speakers who spoke on different areas of  SOUND HEALING.  Below is a brief idea of who they are and wherein lies their expertise.   It was truly a treasured event to have these 4 talented people in one location for a short time, to draw on and drink from their wisdom.

ZACCIAH BLACKBURN  (Vermont) is Director of the Center of Light, and its primary teacher and therapist.  He is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He began a conscious journey to self awakening in 1969, and was soon guided to develop understanding in intuitive healing, in sacred sound cultures, and in the making of musical instruments of sacred sound cultures.

ROBERT COXON (Montreal) was born in Montreal and studied composition at McGill University.  He is very highly regarded as a multi-keyboardist, and began traveling with Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in 1998, and has remained as the musical identity of the Kryon work to date.  When not on tour, Robert spends time in his studio scoring for television and writing for both his next album and his many concerts worldwide.   While studying Composition and Pedagogy at McGill University, Robert also played trombone and organ, becoming an accomplished commercial and jazz musician. From the very beginning, Robert has been on a quest to find the perfect music, the ultimate sound that could act as a catalyst for the listener to attain happiness, phenomenal health and a sense of purpose in life

His music can transport you beyond anything you have ever experienced when listening to music, and open opening up new paths to your true potential as creator of your own reality;  experience powerful healing techniques through the use of sound.  Understand why Ancient Civilizations used sound as a medical treatment. For this, Robert draws on his many years of training as a composer and his research into the effects of sound on both mind and body, combined with years of metaphysical training, hands on healing work and meditation practice.   Robert draws on a broad range of personal, spiritual and musical experience to create his music for meditation. He has been nominated five times for the prestigious “Felix” award (French equivalent of the Grammy).

(I took Robert's one day post convention workshop.  Don't think I've ever experienced such moving music.  Ever.)

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.We welcome you tojoin our group.

WAYNE PERRY   (California) works with sound therapy, Wayne Perry is the published author of The Complete Guide to Healing with the Human Voice. For over fifteen years, Mr. Perry has been applying diagnostic and subtle energy principles of dowsing to his practice. He has become well known in the healing and dowsing communities for his seminars.  He determines notes that your body is missing, designed and created to support your body's own self-healing process by entraining the brain waves and vibrationally restoring the weakened, or missing notes and tones that your body may need for optimum health.  This work is similar to the work begun by Sharry Edwards (bio acoustics)

JEFF VOLK is a poet, video artist and publisher. He produced the video Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, winner of the Hartley Film Award through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the International Sound Colloquium, an annual conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. He recently re-published Dr. Hans Jenny's books Cymatics, Vol. I & II. Jenny's cymatic images are used by Gregg Braden, Jonathan Goldman, Tom Kenyon, John Anthony West and many others because they scientifically demonstrate how audible sound creates harmonic, geometric patterns found in mandalas and crop circles.

*                    *                    *                    *                        *
The Toronto Dowsers had a display and sales table at the convention.  I spent 2 weeks preparing the displays and the items.  Gave away many copies of old newsletters.  Many came up to say how much they enjoy the website and newsletters and our content and finding out about our numerous and energetic activities.

What sold well were the Charles Hubbard "BioDynamics and Dowsing" booklets, Tong Ren dolls, hammers and books, Daily Dowsing Vitamin cards, Spirit Wheels, Dr. Ibrahim Karim DVDs and StemEnhance.

Many came up to me to tell me how much better they thought I am looking these days.  Its always nice to hear how good you look but of course with my sense of humor I have to ask "What's the matter, I didn't look good before?"   Its a good thing these people are friends!   So when they asked me what I was doing, I told them:  StemEnhance.   Sally, from Maine, purchased a bottle.

The next day she comes to me and said:  "You don't know this but I have fibromyalgia.  I took 2 capsules yesterday and had the best night's sleep I had in 10 years, and the pain has already started to reduce."    I had met someone else at a dowsing workshop in Buffalo in June, she was suffering with her allergies, I suggested she try a bottle so she did.  She's been calling and emailing while I was gone to get more, as her allergy symptoms were gone.   Bye bye inflammation!

Our sales table was next to Mary Hardy -- one over from Joe Smith and Jeff Volk so we did a lot of visiting and bought a lot of books from Jeff.  MY GOD the BOOKS he has!!!!  (and now we have!)   And yes, new speakers are interested in coming to Toronto, in fact one of them -- someone I thought we'd have to do a lot of wrangling to get here --- asked me!  if he could come to speak to us!

The Sugarbush supplied facilities were quite poor.  Not only did everyone have to walk up and down 2 or 3 flights of stairs in the hot sun to attend sessions but the food was substandard (the decent food was too expensive) but what was really frustrating was presentation room set up, acoustics and AV.   Quite often screens, projectors, microphones, PA systems, projectors, etc. either were not supplied, or they did not work.  This put a big crimp in many of the presentations as speakers had to waste valuable time trying to set things.   Acoustics in the main meeting hall were awful. and echoing.  We'll leave the rest for now.  SUGARBUSH!  SHAME ON YOU!

Despite the problems, we all had a very good time, the quality of the speakers was quite good.  Freddy Silva's presentation and post convention workshop were superlative, despite Sugarbush supplied non working equipment and we were both glad that I recommended him to the convention.

The members voted unanimously not to return to Sugarbush again.  We are already looking forward to convention 2008 and hope to learn from this mistake.  Tipi Halsey, past ASD President and Convention Chair for many years, is taking a break.  Its thanks to Tipi, her personality and all the people that she attracted, that we have been able to encourage many speakers to come to the Toronto Dowsers.  Tipi has a special touch, one that creates, nourishes and nurtures good relationships with the speakers so they want to return -- probably the most important ingredient in continuing successful conventions.  THANK YOU TIPI!  A new ASD Board of Trustees and a new Executive has been elected and they are already DOING things!

Thank you ASD members, Convention Committee, Head Office Staff, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee for making the 2007 convention possible and another really good one!

Mary and Dean Hardy hosted their annual Temple of Sakkara conference at their lakefront home in Allegan, Michigan, the following weekend, again, with beautiful weather.   Alicja Aratyn, Daniel Kolos, William Henry, Vicky Peltz and this year -- PHIL GRUBER!  were some of the very well received and featured speakers.

It's always an unusual time at Mary's, both exciting and laid back, the 300 or so attendees either camping on Mary's lawn, in the woods, or staying at the motel in town.  With the colorful booths, banners, tents, music and themes it looks and feels like a medieval fair.   Saturday night, a huge bonfire is built right by the lake and the obelisk and then it burns down for the fire walk, accompanied by drumming.

A sad note --- Gandalf.  Gandalf Slick, one of the Temple of Sakkara mainstays, one of the most brilliant and kind people you could ever meet, and an expert on brain physiology, among other things, has been suffering from cancer for the past 2 years or so.   He came to speak to us Sunday morning, with great effort.  It was clear to all he was saying good bye.

Gandalf crossed over August 22.  He is greatly missed.

Also lost to our plane is Aaron Russo, true patriot and creator of  Freedom to Fascism passed August 24 after a long bout with cancer.

TOM TAM -- in BOSTON!  (Tom Tam developed Tong Ren) --- The week before ASD was spent visiting with friends in Southern Vermont.  One of the things we did was to drive to Boston to go to one of Tom's Guinea Pig classes.   Tom was great.  We made a good connection as Tom knows of Robert Gilbert -- you may remember, Robert introduced us to Tom Tam and Tong Ren May 2006 and again April 2007, because, he said Tong Ren is one of the most effective forms of healing he has ever found, and Nick Lomangino -- our Mississauga area TCM and Tong Ren Teacher qihealing.com/-- has known Tom for 14 years.   In that one hour, he worked on 80 people, me included.

At the class, we spent time with LINDA CLAVE, an ASD member from Boston who has been doing Tong Ren for 2 years and is very good at it.   At the end of the class, Linda sounded her Tibetan bowls which helped to deepen the healings everyone received.  It was a 3 hour drive there and a 3 hour drive back.   We got home at 11:30, still very wired and wide awake because of  all the energy from the class, despite the drive home and a heavy Italian dinner before we left Boston.

There are TONG REN Guinea Pig classes all over the world!   They are free!  If you are reading this and have not yet experienced Tong Ren, YOU MUST DO SO!   They are in many countries and in Canada:  British Columbia & Mississauga and in the US, so far:  Arizona,  California, Connecticut, Florida,  Illinois,  Maine, Massachusetts,  Michigan,  New Jersey, Tennessee,  Texas,  Virginia

To find out the exact locations, times, etc: /www.yinyanghouse.com/

   "As the group began their first song, the women screamed and swooned. The hall filled with the glow of a thousand camera phones, including mine. When they hit the chorus, their voices were a soaring, ecstasy inducing force of nature. The only point of comparison I have is when I went to the Daytona 500 on acid, the feeling I got when 42 stock cars zoomed by at 200 miles per hour, all in a bunch. It hits you in your gut. It makes your spine tingle. If you love Il Divo, it makes you scream."  (from The Morning News, Giles Cassette, Sunday, August 26, 2007)

   Il Divo, Italian for "divine male performer", is an international operatic pop vocal group created by pop impresario Simon Cowell. Il Divo is formed by singers from left to right:  Urs Bühler (Switzerland), Sébastien Izambard (France), David Miller (USA) and Carlos Marín (Spain).

Il Divo sings in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Latin. A star located in the Ursa Major constellation located at RA11h39m35.62s DEC+37.27479 MAG11.02. has been named "Il Divo" after this musical quartet.  MAMA MIA!!!

WHOM . . .    DO   YOU    LOVE?
Blessings . . .  Prayers . . .  and   ...  Joey Korn
Dowsing, Blessing, Prayer, Intention:  The Whole Megilla

Toronto Dowsers newsletter readers have seen a lot of words about THE BIRTHDAY BRIGADE (discussed below).  And Blessings, Prayers, Intentions and so on.  WHY?   BECAUSE!   ITS  BLESSEDLY  IMPORTANT!  As:  Its one of the PRIMARY keys in improving YOUR life, happiness, health, prosperity, friendships, home, environment, family, friends, planet --- EVERYTHING!

Before you continue to read this section, Here is a little exercise.
This is PART  I.   Part II will be found on the penultimate page of this newsletter:

EXERCISE:  PART I:   Make a list of  10 things you don't like about yourself.  You have 5 minutes.

Here is another   VERY  *  IMPORTANT  *  PIECE - to this continuing instruction set.

The following has been on our main web page:  TorontoDowsers.com, for --- 3? 4? years?

"The most powerful form of healing I know of is Dowsing combined with Prayer." -- Joey Korn

Joey Korn on Dowsing

We are energy beings living in a world of energy. We change the subtle energy around and within us with every thought, action, and emotion. With negative thoughts and emotions, we bring detrimental energies into our living environments and into our beings. We literally surround and fill ourselves with our fears, our anger, our resentment, and other negative emotions that hold us back in life and can make us sick. With positive, joy-filled thoughts and emotions and with prayer and blessing, we surround and fill ourselves with living beneficial energies that bring us more joy, healing, prosperity, and success. You can find these energies with dowsing.


At the ASD this summer, Joey and I got together to discuss the research we are both working on.  He asked me to help demonstrate one of the areas he is currently investigating.   In doing so, I blessed my watch and charged it with beneficial energies.

Wearing that watch felt so good all evening, I later on wished I remembered the exact words for that blessing, which led to an email when I got home, asking him if he would write up and explain a "formula" that we could use for blessings and prayers.

 It seemed that his blessings did follow a formula and we would learn more if we learned the formula, rather than dozens of different blessings.  And if this could be included in a Toronto Dowsers newsletter soon. Joey proved the maxim about Great Minds Thinking Alike, when I received the reply that he had recently written one out!

A Simple Method of Blessing
By Joey Korn
In my research over the past thirteen years, I find that the most powerful way to keep the energies around you, in your home or office, balanced and beneficial is to keep your own energies balanced and beneficial, as well as those who share the space with you. This includes the Earth energies associated with geopathic stress. I’ve devised a very simple blessing formula to help you do that. You can also use it to bless others and objects you wear.

If you will include these five components to a blessing, and do it often, you or whoever you bless will stay balanced, as will the energies around you:

1. Address the Divine
2. Ask to be blessed or charged with energy
3. Make a statement of what you want to accomplish
4. Express gratitude
5. Close the blessing
Each component is important.

So here's a simple blessing:

Dear God (or however you address the Divine)
Please bless (or charge) me (or someone else or an object you wear) with energy
To bring healing and balance to my/his/her complete being,
Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,
Especially to help me/him/her (you could state something you want to accomplish here)
Thank you

Feel free to share this with others.
Joey Korn, 483 Sugarcreek Drive, Grovetown, Georgia 30813
Joey@dowsers.com, www.dowsers.com, 1-706-733-0204

That Simple Method --- is -- Very Simple!   So naturally, I had about a million questions around this simple formula and am going to share some of those thoughts with you, adding commentary, etc.  to feed the good ol mind.
Speaking with (our) Angi Venning, about Joey's blessings formula, Angi reminded me that "Yes, it is so important to do this.  But what most people do not do and need to do is to:  BLESS THEMSELVES.   To Bless Themselves --- First!"
From my email exchange with Joey:
     "Again, I've asked many times about certain aspects of my work, and I get answers from experience as well as insight.  For example, I say, "Yes, energies come into balance (become beneficial) in human energy patterns when I/we bless them/ourselves, but is this something we should do? Should I do things to help people keep their energy patterns balanced?

     "My answer comes through years of working with people and observing.  When people are doing something they really love to do, that makes them forget their worries for a while, like dancing, their energy patterns come into balance while they're doing it.  Since the energy patterns also come into balance (become beneficial) when I/we/they bless them, then I see balance as a good thing and I think it is good, if not important, to bless ourselves and others regularly.

     "It's funny to me, but so many people have so many rituals/affirmations/spiritual techniques they use, and their energies don't come into balance when they do/use/say them.  Say this simple blessing sincerely, and human energy patterns, and therefor bed patterns, immediately come into balance.  People don't ask God to bless  them.  It's as simple as that.

     "Short answer to your question about what is blessing.  Blessing is: Asking God/Source of Blessings/, to Activate the Forces.  As the rabbi said who came to my Toronto workshop, God wants us to activate the forces."

Thoughts on the above:

  -   Yes, we so very seldom bless ourselves.  When you sneeze --- do you say "God Bless Me!" ??  I just started doing this.

   -    "To Joey, when energies are 'balanced', they dowse as beneficial.  When they are 'out of balance', they dowse as detrimental.  A simple, properly stated blessing will make detrimental energies beneficial, within us and around us, even if we don't know which energies are detrimental."

  -   When Joey talks about bringing the energies into balance, I thought how seldom we do that, i.e., how little awareness most people have as to when they are out of balance on the emotional, especially the energetic and spiritual.

           It brought to mind the imperative instruction of my forceful Austrian ski instructor.  Skiing behind us, if we should go off balance by doing something such as catching an edge, he would shout:  "TOUCH  ZE  KNEES,  PLEASE!!!"   Because when we touched the knees, even while skiing fast, this brought us back into balance.

      It is very easy to notice we are unbalanced physically, because we fall down.  As obviously silly as it sounds --- this might not be noticed by a person who is drunk.  Why?  Because their senses are dulled.   Just as senses and awareness might be dulled to our energetic and/or spiritual nature.

 -   Holistic and "New Agey" type people seem to have more of a problem with financial success than other groupings.  Perhaps because this grouping endeavors to focus on spiritual matters --- which have defined money, profit and material success as unspiritual --- accepting the values of  a certain segment of strict Christianity, seeking purity and equating purity with poverty.  Money and profit somehow, somewhere, some time became "bad" and "dirty".  Coupled with this screwed up belief is the concept that one should not deserve goodness and good things --- certainly not Blessings!


You may remember the Toronto Dowsers Birthday Brigade!   LET US KNOW  your  Birth Day -- so we can ALL send you GOOD VIBES!  IT WORKS!   YOU DESERVE IT!   When it is your birthday ---  we bless you --- and -- we bless ourselves, too.  Everyone wins!  See  BIRTHDAY BRIGADE!  (We currently have no Toronto Dowsers listed for September and October.)

Surely you understand what the Airline person tells you while your airplane flight is taking off:  That if the Oxygen masks drop down because there is a problem and everyone requires oxygen, and, if you are with a small child --- FIRST!  Put the mask on your own face FIRST!  Because you can't help the child if you are comatose.

One of our biggest challenges for each one of us  is to learn, to believe that we deserve, that we are good enough, to extirpate then heal the hurts that have convinced us otherwise.

Machaelle Small Wright (of Perelandra fame) wrote the M.A.P.  [Medical Assistance Program] procedures.  This is an excellent book and her system works great!   This procedure helps you receive spiritual healing on physical and other issues.  She says that we have to ask --- that there are beings whose whole job is to help human beings with our spiritual evolution -- but they have to be asked because they will not trespass our free will.   They are waiting -- waiting for us -- to ask them for help.

A challenge in all of this -- is, again:  Balance.  To remain balanced in one's ego.  Having an ego is a necessary part of our health.  The challenge is, like most things, to keep it in balance.

Joey spoke to our group in 2002 and 2003 and gave weekend workshops.  His book, "  Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment" is one of the best books on dowsing and a must read as well as a must have for every dowser's library.  Joey also sells the Walter Russell books.  His selection of Walter Russell books is one of, if not the --- most complete.  Who is Walter Russell?   (1871–1963), possibly the originator of  the term "New Age",  in its contemporary sense.  In 1944 American artist and philosopher Walter Russell published the essay "Power Through Knowledge" in which he discussed “…this New Age philosophy of the spiritual re-awakening of man…”   Russell can be considered an exponential reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci.  He also sells Celtic Sea Salt, which offers physical and energetic benefits.

Joey and his wife Jill started retreats at their home in Georgia, near Augusta.  Spring 2007 saw the completion of :  " Jill and I have moved into our dream home, which is also our Retreat Center.  In recent years, we've held our Lakehouse Retreats at our family lake house, but it was just too small.  Our new home has five+ bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, and two full kitchens.  It's on three acres of land with a one-acre fish pond.  We look forward to sharing it with others through our quarterly retreats and other events....   Our next retreat will be: Nov. 7-12.  www.Dowsers.com
*            *        *            *            *

 WHAT YOU DO:  Note the Birth Days of your friends, below.
Using Arlene Anisman's July 12th birthday as an example:

As you are -- transitioning from the sleep state -- that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:

"Today is  Arlene's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Arlene with the same.   AMEN!"

[ of course repeat this anytime during that day And really lock it in! ]
Our thoughts are programs.  We can, and do, program and reprogram ourselves.

DO:   Say, Repeat:   Intentions, Blessings, Affirmations For Yourself  For your families, friends and neighbors  For those who have passed over   With   OOMPH!  *  Determination!  *  Confidence!  *  Passion!  and of course:   100% Belief
THANK YOU JOEY  KORN: www.Dowsers.com For giving us the blessing, and much valuable guidance

If you would like your Birthday added to our Birthday Brigade email: mgang@dowsers.info  -- and thank you for giving us the opportunity to exercise our intention muscles!

1                              *Stella* Ramsay
3                           Cathy Gibson




When Magda Havas first spoke to us, October 2005, most people would not countenance that the radiation coming off of electricity and EMFs could be harmful to biological health.  Educating those who needed educating felt like pushing mountains uphill.  Thankfully, in a relatively short time, reports and documented studies are surfacing 'all over the place', from reputable scientific and governmental institutions all over the world as to the dangers to living beings.  (1b), below, offers one of the latest, and most significant studies.
"I Sing the Body Electric!" may refer to:

(a) 1855 poem from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.
(b) A third-season (1962) episode of The Twilight Zone
(c)  1969 short story collection by Ray Bradbury.
(d)  all of the above

(1a) Bulbs:   Incandescent vs. Fluorescent vs. L.E.D.s
We are witnessing the push of CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) upon our society.  This is a totally misguided notion under the premise that their use will use less electricity.  Perhaps, but in doing so the frequencies they emit can sicken or kill people and the lighting is often harsh.  Does not seem much of a bargain, does it?

Not only is it touted that they use less energy, but certain large companies, such as Walmart and G.E. hope to make a fortune by selling these bulbs.  Their contents are poisonous.

Recommended Broken CFL Handling Practices:  If  broken, ventilate area where breakage occurred. Take usual precautions for collection of broken glass.  Do not use a standard vacuum cleaner.  Place materials in closed container to avoid generating dust.

Some CFLs are not as bad as others.  A report, comparing bulbs from manufacturers,  has been expected out but has been delayed.

LED lights are becoming available for home use, in "normal" sockets.  Right now, they are rather expensive.   Here is one of the links where you can get more info about them and some sources: www.newstarget.com/

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.We welcome you tojoin our group.
Take a look at the chart below comparing light bulb costs:
If you have a good source to purchase LEDs, let me know.  I have not yet found one and am assuming that the prices will come down in about a year.  Right now each bulb costs between about $40 and $100.  Not too bad if they last "forever" but its still a considerable outlay.
(1b) Electro Magnetic Radiation
Here is information about a new and very important and detailed scientific report about electro magnetic radiation.  The report details, exposure standards, dangers of EMR exposure, its health effects and evidence of those health effects. You can see it at:  www.bioinitiative.org

August 31, 2007 - Serious Public Health Concerns Raised Over Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from Powerlines and Cell Phones.

An international working group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals (The BioInitiative Working Group) has released its report on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health. They document serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of EMF exposure in daily life.

The report concludes the existing standards for public safety are inadequate to protect public health.  Selected Section titles are:

Some contributing scientists and researchers are:
The Franklin County  (Vermont) Dowsers was an independent group of about 250 dowsers in New England started by Edith Greene in 1999.

"It has been eight wonderful years of growing and getting to know some truly amazing and wonderful people I might not have met had it not been for the Franklin County Dowsers group!   Edith is a connector. Always saying "I want you to meet so and so, I know you would like them"  Was always true!   From my heart, I thank you Edith Maude Greene!" with love, Darlene

The July 26, 2007  Meeting was the last of the regular
Franklin County Dowsers monthly meetings

So long Edith!   You were an inspiration to all dowsing groups all over the world!  Enjoy your retirement and all the many friends you made.   You accomplished a lot.  - Marilyn and the Toronto Dowsers -

EXERCISE, PART II.  (Part I is on page         )

EXERCISE:  PART II:   You have 10 minutes for this one.  Make a list of  5  things you really like about yourself.  Which part was easier?

More reasons why yes, we are truly one and we come from the earth:

    The earth is primarily made of rock
    The rocks break down into smaller rocks, into soil.
    Plants grow in the soil and pull the minerals up into them
    We eat the plants, we get minerals, etc. from the plants
    The plants transform the minerals into other substances, such as vitamins.
    Vitamins are derived from minerals.
    The plants are our intermediaries, the translators of minerals, of the earth to sustenance our bodies can handle.
    It all comes from the earth.  It all goes back to the earth.

And we all respond to stimuli.  You remember Cleve Backster's discovery, in 1966 how plants respond to stimuli?  So do humans.  Read about how BACTERIA! respond:

The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster,  published in "The Sun", July 1997, published in "Free Spirit"

 I've been amazed at the perception capability right down to the bacterial level. One sample of yogurt, for example, will pick up when another is being fed. Sort of like, "That one's getting food. Where's mine?" That happens with a fair degree of repeatability. Or if you take two samples of yogurt, hook one up to electrodes, and drop antibiotics in the other, the electroded yogurt shows a huge response at the other's death. And they needn't even be the same kind of bacteria. The first siamese cat I ever had would only eat chicken. My partner's wife would cook a bird and send it to the lab. I'd put the carcass in the refrigerator and pull off a piece each day to feed the cat. By the time I'd get to the end, the carcass would be pretty old, and the bacteria would have started to build up. One day I had some yogurt hooked up, and as I got the chicken out of the refrigerator to begin pulling off strips of meat, the yogurt responded. Next, I put the chicken under a heat lamp to bring it to room temperature . . .

DJ: You obviously pamper your cat. . .

CB: I wouldn't want the cat to have to eat cold chicken! Anyway, heat hitting the bacteria created huge reactions in the yogurt.

He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,
And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.
Ali ibn-Abi-Talib, A Hundred Sayings
"The mind attracts whatever is familar to itself. The frightened mind attracts frightening experiences. A confused mind attracts more confusion. The abundant mind attracts more abundance." - Beyond Positive Thinking

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

THE   Tuesday,  September 11th 2007  MEETING FEATURES::

Dr Jeff Levin,  DNM
"Identifying and Healing the energies of the earth and the human body."

Dr Jeff Levin,DNM
Jeff’s interest in the healing field began as a young boy. In 1971, while practicing as an architect, he was guided to start actively working with energy healing. His interest in energy as an architect led him to explore earth energies and their effect on the human body.

In 1983, he founded the ‘Natural Health Institute’ in Toronto, which accommodated at one time 22 different therapists. Jeff continued to work with energy healing as well as nutrition. He established a department for environmental research and consulted to large organizations, including CBC, airline companies, Ontario Hydro as well as others on their office and electromagnetic environment.

In 1991, he received intuitively, Body Alignment Technique, an energetic healing system which he has taught to several thousand students around the world.

In 1997 he received the Vortex System, a series of highly potentized magnetic cards used for the purpose of personal healing as well as working with the environment – protection from EMF’s, geopathic stress, all negative energies as well as neutralizing the pollutants in our water, food, air and the earth.

Jeff recently developed ‘Body Spin’ a simple but powerful healing system that works on all levels of being.

Join us the evening of September 11th, as he helps us learn more about healing energies, to heal the earth and her people, a superbly appropriate topic for this evening.  His talk shall include:

There will be a Demonstration of the energy vortex centers in the body and the deep healing that occurs on the physical body as we balance the subtle anatomy through these vortex centers.

Jeff has developed several products, including Vortex cards used to balance the body, buildings and cities; to protect us from EMF’s, GS, negative energies, etc.  He shall bring some of them for sale.  See inside this issue for further info, and/or his website: bodyalignment.org.

No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
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