The Toronto Dowsers Social Entrepreueurs

This page is a preliminary page so far of some of the people who will have tables at our social and the displays.

some of the new items:   at the Toronto Dowsers Table:

Pendants  --- Several beautiful handcrafted pendants of precious jewels and charms such as dragons, dragonflies, goddesses, kokopellis, etc, will be available, ranging in size and price.  For sample photos please go to:  and   and

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Nigel and Maggie Percy, well known dowsers from England and Arizona have created and sent us CDs to instruct us in Dowsing.  3 CDs are available, in a very limited quantity:

(1)  A Course in Dowsing:  dowsing, how to dowse, dowsing course, learn dowsing , learn to dowse.A unique computer-based course with additional audio CD, exercises, techniques and much more!

(2)  A Course in Space Clearing:   dowsing, noxious energies, space clearing, ill health.   A computer-based course introducing you to the information and techniques you need to know to keep your space clear and lessen the chances of illness.

(3)  Intuitive Animal Care: dowsing, animal care, pet care.   The 3rd in our innovative series of computer-based instructional CD courses guides you through the methods you can master for a more fulfilling relationship with your animals

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   Alan Handelsman's Resonance Tuners

Arlene Anisman

Young Living Essential Oils

Carmen Aradi, Sharon Martyn
and I would be interesting in offering Miracle II products at the our annual social. We would offer all of the Miracle II product line:   Miracle II Soap      Miracle II Moisturizing Soap      Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid     Miracle II Neutralizer Gel     Miracle II Moisturizer      Miracle II Deodorant      Miracle II Laundry Ball

Alicja Aratyn
Alicja Aratyn, international teacher of dowsing and supplier of fine dowsing tools will have dowsing tools for sale.

Diana Davis
A table for flutes, bowls drums etc

Dennis Derfler
I am an environmentally friendly computer geek who wants to help you save time and stress by taking care of your computer needs.  With over 15 years of experience and professionally certified, I am qualified to help your computer stay healthy.

I can tutor people to prevent problems before they start, or fix them when they are down.   Tutor people, install software, hardware, get rid of viruses, spyware and much more.   As a new member, I look forward to talking with others, as well as seeing if I can help with computer problems.

[NOTE:  Dennis fixed my hard drive when it crashed in July, and saved all the data! - Marilyn -]

Dennis will have a Demo Version of Wild Divine

We are now an affiliate of  Wild Divine
Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback Check out the Wild Divine NOW!

The Journey to Wild Divine is the first "inner-active" computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.    Comes ready to play with three biofeedback finger sensors, the LightStone and USB cable. For both PC and Mac. Connects easily to your computer.  (Please purchase on the clickable link, above, so the Toronto Dowsers receives a bonus for each game sold.  If you order by phone, use Affiliate #1772.)

Sarah East
Egyptian healing rods for use (the same ones that Catherine had last year) as well as offering my services for 10 minute Reiki sessions.  I had thought that I would offer these on a donation basis and any proceeds that I would make I would donate to the Toronto Dowsers at the end of the night.

Debra Joy Eklove

1) i'll sell my cds, there are three - a process to heart; songs and chants of joy; songs for direction and guidance.
2) I'll also offer 15 minute song healing sessions where people will get a tape of the music/sounds/song medicine that come through in response to their intentions..  Rather than rush at the party, or take people away from the short shopping time I'll set up appointments, in person or telephone or long distance to do the reading with them.  The readings are $18.00 - taxes and tape included.
3) I'll also have on hand moor mud products for healing/detoxifying mud bath - individual bath size and 10 bath size.

Christopher Evans and Merchants of Green Coffee

Drop by our table for a free sample of fresh-roasted organic fair trade coffee.  We will be demonstrating the home roaster - the fast, easy way to have fresh-roasted coffee every day.  We will be selling fresh-roasted and green beans from all over the world at special Dowsers prices.  Learn about the health benefits of fresh-roasted organic coffee and the benefits of fair trade and the sustainable coffee program.  You can easily dowse for which type of coffee is best for you with special coffee dowsing cards, courtesy of Juanita (member from Alberta).

Henry Evering

Henry likes to exhibit a dodecahedron earth globe and a dodecahedron space canopy globe to demonstrate the cosmological aspects of his findings. Biofeedback instruments, dowsing kits and seminars will be available for sale. These tools are often better than being clairvoyant and were perfected through interviews with over 15,000 people. Besides personal development Henry's discoveries are applied in medicine, education and business.

According to ancient wholeness systems such as the I-Ching, the Cabala, the Mayan Calendar, and Eidetics, the template is the same at each level for people, organizations, the marketplace, nature, light, matter, DNA, and the cosmos. It is agreed that the key to wellness and evolution is insight, information and feedback, translated into actions.

In the 1920's, Dr. E. Jaensch, published his conclusions about what is known as eidetic imagery. Continuing this research in the 1970's, Henry Evering and Dr. Robert James investigated with 200 patients the effects of eidetic biofeedback, and psychological synthesis. This reduced stress in patients, improved muscle and temperature control, and boosted immune systems.

Linda Germaine
Fairies, Fairy Cards, Ladybugs, etc.

Sherry Gilad

Is offering line of 'healthy' coffees, tea and hot chocolate which have been enhanced with organic Reishi Mushroom extract.

Suzanne Holub

I am wanting to sell my collection of books to the members so that others can enjoy them too. They range in topics from New Age books to natural healing and spirituality.

Daniel Kolos

1.  I have a limited number of beautiful, small papyrus sheets. These will be prointed with a thick cartouche, the oblong space that traditionally encloses and ancient Egyptian name.  Within that name I will hand-letter the hieroglyphs of a person's name ending it with a male or female figure (for gender) and possibly a dowsing hieroglyphic sign if people want it:  there will be a series to choose from so different people can identify with different signs, most of which they will recognize from Robert Gilberts's lecture.  I will hand out a sheet of explanatory notes with each papyrus so that people can interpret/dowse their own name-signs.  $10.00 per cartouche.

2.  I will display a beautiful cloth labyrinth from Virginia LoneSky plus the double finger labyrinth.  I have a limited supply of each.  Last year I displayed my personal cloth labyrinth and three people wanted to buy it.Cloth labyrinth with pebble and instruction, boxed, $25.00.  Double finger labyrinth: $60.00

 Both of these are useful in several ways so that a maximum number of people can benefit from them.  The hieroglyphic name papyrus doubles as a bookmark.  hose who find a personal meaning in the hieroglyphs of their own name can carry it about unobtrusively in their books.  And you know enough about the labyrinths, that they balance the chakras and clam the mind with each complete circuit in and out.

Faith Lapp
Under the name “Golden Light Creations” I will be showing/selling one-of-a-kind pendulums, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.  A pendulum will be donated for the draw.  I sold out of hand made soaps and lip balms at the York University Retirees’ Annual Showcase on November 11th but have a good stock of my hand made pendulums and jewellery items.

Samuel Lightstone & Diana Podashinsky

Handmade Pendulums by Samuel who used to be a jeweller.  Diana has Himalayan Salts.

Hugh Magill

Monatomic Minerals, Chlorella, Fish Oils, Labyrinths, Healing Disks and more.  Slant Board???

Karen Montesanto

 I have a wonderful product that my friend Lisa and I have created.It is a skin energizer.  It exfoliates, purifies, nourishes, repairs and moisturizes all in 1 minute.    Gem Elixir Skin Energizer.

Eva Panta
 I am offering information on the Holographic disk Smogbuster and Matol Botanical International Products (on a suggested donation bases). Thank you.

Lina Razgaitis
My intention is to feature the QXCI/Scio biofeedback technology which I  have been using since January in a clinical practice. Discount coupons will be  available to the Toronto Dowsers for "health analysis" and therapy sessions.

As well, I will be displaying BioPro radiation shield chips for  cell phones,  cordless homephones and Q-Link necklaces (with discounts available  for  Dowsers who order them from me at the Social).  (

 The QXCI technology is actually a dowsing system that scans the  body in the initial 3 minute test for over 9000 different  things. It is then able to deliver therapies such as acupuncture,  nutrition, NLP emotional therapies and about 1500 others. For more info, see _www.qxciscio.com_  (

Janeson Rayne

 Will be bringing both of my books:   Don't Have A Cow and  Intuition Ignition, plus some K-Loops and maybe some original art cards.
I'd be happy to contribute/donate a copy of Don't Have A Cow for the raffle.

Inta Ridler

The cards I am putting together are ones of my photography, 4 x 6 on 5 x 7   artist card stock with matching envelopes and individually protected. I am attaching a couple of images so you have an idea of my work. They are blank note cards. I don't know what your policy for sales is about I would be pleased to donate 10% of anything I sell back to the group.  I have about 80 different images.


Claire Sinclaire
Paintings, by Claire

Sher Smith

I would display some flyers for our courses. I would also have charts about the energy for sale. We also have energetic cards that can be purchased. These one could dowse to see which one would be of benefit to use. Thx - Sher

Glenda Swanson

Sprouting Methods and Supplies, Miracle Soap, Barley, Seaweed Sprays

John Tonin

Latindian Mantra Music.  Ancient Sanskrit Mantras (sacred words) for healing, prosperity, knowledge.  Sung against a background of Latin and Flamenco music.

David Yeo
FX:    Foreign Exchange Currency.   Its the most prolific investment done daily by banks and financial institutions (over two trillion dollars traded per day).  Now we can benefit in the comforts of our home to trade the same currencies on the internet with very significant returns.