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THE6TH ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
December 13, 2005
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food
Featuring our Special Guests:

First time in Toronto! 
Let us welcome special guests
Anne Landry  and  Pierre Noreau
as they present to us:
 The Lecher Antenna -  A Dowsing Device 

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 Paul Wellhauser, of

Nharo! is an organization dedicated to bringing the world the extraordinary art and crafts of the indigenous San (Bushmen) of Botswana and Namibia.   They provide a direct connection between markets in first-world nations and the artists of the Kalahari.

I met Paul at a very quiet fair this summer at the Beaches and liked what he was doing and why and his wares. I don't think anyone else in North America is marketing the Bushmen.  I also like the way he does business, i.e., he believes in Fair Trade.  He gives back fairly to his source.

Paul will be bringing to our Social:

My favorite item is "Thumb Piano".  "As the San take long walks through the dessert they will often take their thumb piano with them to pass the time. The piano can be tuned by adjusting the tines up and down or by adding propolis (bees wax) underneath the end of each tine to alter the pitch down."   Go to:

Odyssey Book and Resource Center

The Odyssey Book and Resource Center,    in Ajax, founded and run by Debbie Purvis (905) 426-4823  is just 5 minutes from the Brock Road exit on the 401.    You will find a vast selection of  "New Age" books here, and, books that you have probably been looking for in other places and couldn't find.   Their high quality in depth and unusual selection will surprise you.  If you like books, give yourself at least an hour in this store --- wait --- there are two stores here! --- just for browsing.

You will also find jewelry, clothing, gifts, pendulums and some pretty decent dowsing rods!

Odyssey comes to many of our meetings to offer dowsing books and books of interest for sale to our group.  They will have a table at our meeting.

Cheryl Chapin

My product is called Healing Temples....  Healing Kits.   The  tins have a see through window on top for all the different colors of the chakra.  They have an insert explaining vibraitonal healing and how to care for and use the eye pillow.  They come with organic pure essential oils and gemstones.  And all the properties are written on the bottom of the tin.

Clients are amazed and enjoy finding which color they are in need of.  Dowsers can verify the findings with dowsing!   See:


Arlene Anisman and Victoria Anisman-Reiner

In our work, and in our own lives, we inspire what we do with Therapeutic-grade, pure essential oils from a company called Young Living Essential Oils.  These exceptional plant essences are a vibrant healing tool – one which is uniquely accessible to practitioners and laypersons alike.

We specialize in essential oils and nutritional supplementation for greater energy and vitality, pain relief, stress relief, immune support and emotional balance.  We each are available for private healing sessions and to host “Oils parties” or to teach brief seminars in your home or office about essential oils and the amazing Chinese Ningxia wolfberry.

Dowsers’ Social Special Offer:
A FREE HALF-HOUR SESSION for everyone who signs up with us at the Dowsers’ Social and orders an Essential Oils Starter Kit or a Ningxia Red wolfberry Starter Kit!

Arlene Anisman  *  416-766-8261  *
(Young Living Essential Oils member # 22056)

Victoria Anisman-Reiner * 416-766-5408  *
(Young Living Essential Oils member # 399707)

Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn, international teacher of dowsing and supplier of fine dowsing tools will have dowsing tools for sale, such as Atlantean Pendulums, Rods, Protective Jewellry.  See:

Richard Chomko

Richard will be promoting his graphic design and website work. Richard manages the Saturday morning Village Market at the Waldorf School in Thornhill.  See:   He will have promotional material on the school as well.

Shelley Dagorne

WellSpring Holistics is Shelley Dagorne's company.  Shelley offers Nutritional Consulting, Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki Sessions, Crystal Healing sessions, and meditation programs.  She speaks to groups about many health topics.  She's also an accountant so she includes financial information in her programs.

Diffusers - There are 3 cool air diffuser styles for essential oils.  The CarScenter plugs into the outlet in your car.  The MIO is portable and battery operated to work at your desk, beside your bed, in your car, on an airplane, or anywhere else you like.  The SpaScenter runs on electricity and has an adjustable fan to allow you to diffuse your oils throughout an entire room.  These are great for Young Living essential oils.

Scentuals - These are small, one-of-a-kind hand made multi-coloured glass bottles that you can wear around your neck as a necklace.  They hold between 3 to 5 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend.

Essential Oils -  Young Living Essential Oils


The BioElectric Shield - This is an amazing device that looks like a piece of jewellry and it actually protects you from EMF's and other people's energies.  That angry boss, the grumpy person behind you in the line up on December 24th ... It strengthens YOUR energy field.  I help you determine which model is best for you (or, you can dowse!)  

Shower Filters - these remove chlorine and other toxic chemicals from your shower water.  Run your bath water through them for a healthier bath.  I'll have 3 models with me at the table.  They are very easy to install right on your shower arm and use replaceable filters.

Cellphone earpiece minimizes EMF exposure - This great device is for those of you concerned about too much exposure to the brain-cooking energies from your cell phones.  I too thought that an earpiece was better but it has a wire so it sends the energies directly to your ear.  This hands-free earpiece works like a stethoscope and has no wire directly at your ear.

Salt Crystal Tealight Holders - These tealight holders are made of rock crystal in a soft pink/coral colour.  They give off beneficial negative ions when warmed by the tea light burning inside.

For more information or to order products, contact:  (647)-722-9355 or 1-866-803-9716

Christopher Evans
 will offer a Demo  of Wild Divine --- at certain times

We are  an affiliate of  Wild Divine
Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback Check out the Wild Divine NOW!

The Journey to Wild Divine is the first "inner-active" computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.    Comes ready to play with three biofeedback finger sensors, the LightStone and USB cable. For both PC and Mac. Connects easily to your computer.  (Please purchase on the clickable link, above, so the Toronto Dowsers receives a bonus for each game sold.  If you order by phone, use Affiliate #1772.)

Henry Evering

See the Eidetics Academy at:

Henry likes to exhibit a dodecahedron earth globe and a dodecahedron space canopy globe to demonstrate the cosmological aspects of his findings. Biofeedback instruments, dowsing kits and seminars will be available for sale. These tools are often better than being clairvoyant and were perfected through interviews with over 15,000 people. Besides personal development Henry's discoveries are applied in medicine, education and business.

According to ancient wholeness systems such as the I-Ching, the Cabala, the Mayan Calendar, and Eidetics, the template is the same at each level for people, organizations, the marketplace, nature, light, matter, DNA, and the cosmos. It is agreed that the key to wellness and evolution is insight, information and feedback, translated into actions.

In the 1920's, Dr. E. Jaensch, published his conclusions about what is known as eidetic imagery. Continuing this research in the 1970's, Henry Evering and Dr. Robert James investigated with 200 patients the effects of eidetic biofeedback, and psychological synthesis. This reduced stress in patients, improved muscle and temperature control, and boosted immune systems.

Elanora Gaspar

Elananora will have Matol for sale as well as homemade sachets, crafts and meditating kits

Stephanie & Glen Halina

Stephanie and Glen will offer you:
-  Earth Eagle Products including their liquid Smudge and their wonderful high desert Sage
- Aroma Crystal Therapy's Gardener's Dream Cream
- Strauss Herb's Heart Drops

Maggie Kambanis and Michael Moon

Michael Moon is an award wining international musician, composer and performer from Toronto. For the past 15 years he has specialized in the power sound has to heal and transform. From deep meditation and relaxation music designed to bring the listener into alpha (Above the sound of Gravity CD) and theta (Dance of the Deep CD) states, to inspiring heart songs and rock and roll that utilizes techniques of shamanism. Michael Moon's music crosses the boundaries between genres and worlds creating a tantric bridge between heaven and earth, a living temple of sound.

Michael Moon's music moves energy and can be used as a healing tool by itself or as the perfect accompaniment for healing sessions. The music is mystical and entheogenic in nature, gently altering the listener's consciousness, while entertaining, and has roots in shamanism, tantra, eastern mysticism, and the western mystery school traditions as well as modern techniques
of sound healing.

Michael's CDs are used  widely for meditation, yoga, massage, deep relaxation and ambient sound designed to enhance positive energy. His CDs are designed to suit these various situations.

"The music is composed, performed and recorded by Michael Moon with a miscellany of instruments including vibraharp, hammered dulcimer, marimba, bells, crystals, guitar and percussion. No electronics, sequencers or synthesizers are used. The compelling sonic productions incorporate his unique methods of sonic therapy creating a mystical atmosphere in which healing is facilitated, while taking the listener on an entertaining and inspiring journey." 

He is also in a group, Songspell.   He has just finished a successful summer performing at many festivals across Ontario. Recently he gave a keynote speech and day long workshop, on using of music as an instrument of change, at an internationally attended conference on sensory work for people with autistic spectrum disorders. 

Find out more about Michael, his music and Sound Healing at:  /

Faith Lapp

I will be showing and offering for sale  my one-of-a-kind beaded decorations/charms:   Key chains, Cell phones cases, zipper pulls, purses, wallets, fanny and back packs, MP3 player cases, camera cases, belt loops, dinner napkins, etc.). Perhaps my necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendulums will also be available at that time.

Samuel Lightstone

Remember Samuel?   February 2004, Samuel had a heart operation.   Since that time, he has been at very few of our meetings.   He used to come to all of them, now its very difficult for him.  Samuel is an Octogenarian, a long time dowser and now he is pretty frail.   Can anyone bring Samuel to the meeting so he does not have to take the TTC --- with his products?

Samuel used to be a jeweller.   He makes pendulums and sells them.  BUY ONE!   And if you can't do that, at least go over to his table and talk with him.

Roland Loo
Roland will be offering "The Sacred Circle of Geometry and Symbols", written by his cousin, Lorena Loo.  Lorena will be on hand as well.  See:

In "The Sacred Circle of Geometry and Symbols", author Lorena Loo takes the reader on an epic exploration of the worlds of--what else!--symbols and geometry of the sacred. In establishing an interconnectedness between the two, the author begins with simple sacred symbols such as the cross and vesica. Guiding the reader through deeper complexities of symbolism and geometry, the author culminates with explorations of Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal, woodcuts of the Rosarium Philosophorum, and even the planet Venus. A comprehensive range of spiritual traditions and their symbols and a theme of mythology are intricately interwoven into the fabric of explorations. Underlying all threads is that simplest, most perfect, infinite and eternal of all sacred geometric forms....the circle. 

Richard C. Martin
  And his CDs.  Visit his website:

Slavko Panezic

Slavko will display his AUREN products, that is ----.pendants and strips for balancing and EMF protection.

I saw Slavko at the Whole Life Expo in November.  He asked me if I would take a before and after AURA / CHAKRA picture -- the BEFORE, without his pendant, the AFTER --- after having worn his pendant on a necklace for a short while.  I did.  The picture on the left is the BEFORE, the picture on the right is  after wearing it for 7 minutes.  This is the CHAKRA picture only.  You will be able to see the AURA pictures at the Social.  The men taking the pictures were impressed.  So was I.  Lots more vitality, balance, in the AFTER picture.  - MARILYN

Catherine Peever  ("Cat Woman")