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THE7TH ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
December 12, 2006
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m.,
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food such as:     Hors d'oeuvres / appetizer  kinds of foods --- dips, spreads (with crackers, etc.), stuffed mushrooms, stuffed balls,  sandwiches (one person used to make tuna sandwiches and cut them in quarters.  they were scarfed up immediately), empanadas, dumplings, sushi rolls,  fruit salads, cooked shrimp, bocconicis, etc.     We provide plates, forks, napkins, cups, beverages.

Featuring Toronto Dowsers Member Vendors:

Alicja Aratyn  *   Anita Fernandes & Gerry Burgmann  *    Ann Elizabeth Knutton  *   Annie van Alten  *   Arlene Anisman  *   Cat Peever & Sarah Eastman  *   Diana Davis  *   Denise Hoskin  *   Fern Wolf  *   Stephanie & Glen Halina  *   Henry Evering  *   Inta Ridler  *   Joan Shepard  *   Joy Goch & Marilyn Horne  *   Lina Raz  *  Lisa Rice and Peggy Groom    *     Maggie Kambanis  *   Marilyn Gang   *     Mary Ann Robertson  *   Pan Romek  *   Rick Simpson  *   Sher Smith  *   Shelley Dagorne  *   Hugh Magill  *   Richard Martin  *   Mary Ann Long &  Richard Baumgarten  * Debbie Purvis

The following vendors new to our group this year.  Please do visit with them and help them feel more welcome:
Denise Hoskins - recently moved from New Mexico
Mary Ann Long & Richard Baumgarten - driving here tonight from Buffalo, New York
Lisa Rice - is working with Peggy Groom
Fern Wolf - offers a form of BioDermal screening and shall be our January 2007 speaker

Check out our GREAT Pictures from our last 4 annual socials:
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Our SPECIAL GUESTS are non members of our group and who have been invited to add more... 
Let us welcome special guest
Mari Lucas
Psychic and Medium
who will be doing mini readings
Let us welcome special guest, for a return engagement:
with the most delicious REAL chocolate you will ever experience -- this is not 'just a taste' -- this is a FULL BODY!    MULTI DIMENSIONAL!   DIVINE * EXPERIENCE*

Odyssey Book and Resource Center

The Odyssey Book and Resource Center,    in Ajax, founded and run by Debbie Purvis (905) 426-4823  is just 5 minutes from the Brock Road exit on the 401.    You will find a vast selection of  "New Age" books here, and, books that you have probably been looking for in other places and couldn't find.   Their high quality in depth and unusual selection will surprise you.  If you like books, give yourself at least an hour in this store --- wait --- there are two stores here! --- just for browsing.

You will also find jewelry, clothing, gifts, pendulums and some pretty decent dowsing rods!

Odyssey comes to many of our meetings to offer dowsing books and books of interest for sale to our group.  They will have a table at our social.


Arlene Anisman

In my work as a psychotherapist and aromatherapist, and in my own life, I inspire what I do with Therapeutic-grade, pure essential oils from a company called Young Living Essential Oils.  These exceptional plant essences are a vibrant healing tool – one which is uniquely accessible to practitioners and laypersons alike. 

Dowsers’ Social Special Offer
A FREE HALF-HOUR SESSION for everyone who signs up at the Dowsers’ Social and orders an Essential Oils Starter Kit or a Ningxia Red Starter Kit

I specialize in essential oils and nutritional supplementation for greater energy and vitality, pain relief, stress relief, immune support and emotional balance.  I am available for private healing sessions and to host “Oils parties” or to teach brief seminars in your home or office about essential oils and the amazing Chinese Ningxia wolfberry, available in Young Living's Ningxia Red.
Arlene Anisman  *  416-766-8261  *
(Young Living Essential Oils member # 22056)

Alicja Aratyn
Alicja Aratyn, international teacher of dowsing and supplier of fine dowsing tools will have dowsing tools for sale, such as Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Pyramids, Amulets and Talismans from around the World, Atlantis Products, Vibrational Jewellery. See:
This is a Copper spiral  plated with 24K gold.  It promotes an ongoing exchange and supply of energy in one's environment and can be placed in a central spot of the house to force the circulation of energy (even through the walls) and to harmonize its flow in empty, big halls, living rooms, stairways, basements, guests rooms etc. – every place where energy seems to be stagnant (“dead energy”) in order to create a healthy flow of energy for a whole area or in a Feng Shui corner.

By creating a kind of  “energetic cylinder” the DNA Spiral minimizes or, in many cases, cuts off detrimental influences of black streams, ley lines, EMFs or any other noxious energies. It also strengthens the human energetic system, so we are less vulnerrable to these negative vibrations.

Due to is ability to energize the DNA Spiral has a positive influence to:
- Activate one's own DNA strand
- Helps speed up the healing process
- Enhances the process of clearing energy in a room (i.e. after conflicts, arguments etc.)
- Its own clearing ability prevents the environment from getting over-energized.

Sandee Mac showed us how through using the spiral and the pendulum, the DNA spiral corrects or repairs a person's DNA.  One dowses to determine if a client's DNA should be repaired or corrected and which areas should be worked on.  Then she places DNA Spiral over the client's body (roughly as high as she can lift her hand) and slowly moves DNA from above to almost the body - back and forth (up and down) a few times - it was said that 2-3 times is enough, whoever she always consult pendulum how many turns she should do.  Then she asks if the work has been done and finished and if there is something else she supposed to do for this person at that time. In most cases there is nothing else to do at the moment.
The Lecher Antenna, a very precise, relatively new, and somewhat technological dowsing device -- one that looks somewhat like a metronone.

Learning to use the Lecher Antenna makes it possible to acquire skills in dowsing, prospecting, geobiology and environmental testing, energy harmonization, nutrition, research and the influence of objects on the body.

Ann Elizabeth Knutton
My topic will be "Harmonizing our lives with living foods and Feng Shui". I will display a portable wheatgrass juicer (like the one at the Hippocrates Booth at the Whole Life Expo) and I may be selling Biopro Technology products.

Shelley Dagorne
WellSpring Holistics is Shelley Dagorne's company.  Shelley offers Nutritional Consulting, Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki Sessions, Crystal Healing sessions, and meditation programs.  She speaks to groups about many health topics.  She's also an accountant so she includes financial information in her programs.

For more information or to order products, contact:  (647)-722-9355 or 1-866-803-9716

We are  an affiliate of Wild Divine
Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback Check out the Wild Divine NOW!
The Journey to Wild Divine is the first "inner-active" computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.    Comes ready to play with three biofeedback finger sensors, the LightStone and USB cable. For both PC and Mac. Connects easily to your computer.  (Please purchase on the clickable link, above, so the Toronto Dowsers receives a bonus for each game sold.  If you order by phone, use Affiliate #1772.)

Henry Evering
See the Eidetics Academy at:

In the 1920's, Dr. E. Jaensch, published his conclusions about what is known as eidetic imagery. Continuing this research in the 1970's, Henry Evering and Dr. Robert James investigated with 200 patients the effects of eidetic biofeedback, and psychological synthesis. This process reduced stress in patients, improved their muscle and temperature control, and boosted their immune systems.

We would like to exhibit a dodecahedron earth globe to demonstrate the cosmological aspects of Eidetics, various smaller colored geometry figures, biofeedback instruments, synergy kits and seminars will be available for sale. Biofeedback involves invoking mind-body processes so as to self-modify certain functions towards better health and more creativity.

These tools are often better than being clairvoyant and were perfected through interviews with over 15,000 people. Besides personal development Eidetics discoveries are applied in education and business.

According to ancient wholeness systems such as the Cabala, the Mayan Philosophy and the I-Ching the template is the same at each level for matter, people, nature, light, the cosmos, DNA, organizations and the marketplace. The key to wellness and evolution is insight, information and feedback, translated into actions.

Diana Davis
I have Drums, Rattles, Native American Style Flutes, Bowls and possibly other 'sound devices" to display and/or sell, also some of my Stone Circle DVDs

Marilyn Gang
In the few months I have been using StemEnhance, from StemTech HealthSciences Inc., I have been experiencing NOTICEABLE improvements in:
  - Physical, mental, psychic and emotional energy. 
  - Memory, focus, concentration are MUCH improved
  - Feelings of Stress, overwhelm and overload are greatly reduced
  -  Easier to get up in the morning and DO STUFF!
  - STAMINA!  --  After this summer, my stamina was poor.  Since I started taking StemEnhance, I have the stamina I had a couple of years ago and it is helping me to do the tasks for the Toronto Dowsers that I want to do.
 - During long nighttime driving:  My eyes aren't tired and neither is the rest of me.
 - Digestion, too, is better.  Sleep is more refreshing.  My hair feels better, I can see differences in my eyes and skin and folks have been commenting on it.
 - Am making healthier food choices and my pants are looser.

Go to:

As I can not  take care of the table this evening, because I need to "run the show", please get more information -- or product -- from me through the Toronto Dowsers table, or through Mary Anne Robertson.   Mary Anne is another distributor of this product, can explain additional benefits to you and it is your choice if you would like to continue with, should you be interested.
This product is an extract from algae, a whole food and the source of all life.  StemEnhance is a  natural botanical extract.   It is the very first product on the market from a category called “stem cell enhancers”.

When you take two capsules, the ingredients help to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.  Those stem cells then travel to areas of the body where they are most needed.

Adult stem cells are most abundantly found in bone marrow.  Stem cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells.  StemEnhance supports the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow into circulation.

StemEnhance™ is a blend of two compounds extracted from algae. One extract, supports the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. The other extract, may support the migration of stem cells out of the blood into tissues.

Stephanie & Glen Halina
Stephanie and Glen will offer you:
-  Earth Eagle Products including their liquid Smudge and their wonderful high desert Sage
- Aroma Crystal Therapy's Gardener's Dream Cream
- Strauss Herb's Heart Drops

Maggie Kambanis and Michael Moon
Michael Moon is an award wining international musician, composer and performer from Toronto. For the past 15 years he has specialized in the power sound has to heal and transform. From deep meditation and relaxation music designed to bring the listener into alpha (Above the sound of Gravity CD) and theta (Dance of the Deep CD) states, to inspiring heart songs and rock and roll that utilizes techniques of shamanism. Michael Moon's music crosses the boundaries between genres and worlds creating a tantric bridge between heaven and earth, a living temple of sound.

Michael Moon's music moves energy and can be used as a healing tool by itself or as the perfect accompaniment for healing sessions. The music is mystical and entheogenic in nature, gently altering the listener's consciousness, while entertaining, and has roots in shamanism, tantra, eastern mysticism, and the western mystery school traditions as well as modern techniques
of sound healing.

Michael's CDs are used  widely for meditation, yoga, massage, deep relaxation and ambient sound designed to enhance positive energy. His CDs are designed to suit these various situations.

"The music is composed, performed and recorded by Michael Moon with a miscellany of instruments including vibraharp, hammered dulcimer, marimba, bells, crystals, guitar and percussion. No electronics, sequencers or synthesizers are used. The compelling sonic productions incorporate his unique methods of sonic therapy creating a mystical atmosphere in which healing is facilitated, while taking the listener on an entertaining and inspiring journey." 

He is also in a group, Songspell.   He has just finished a successful summer performing at many festivals across Ontario. Recently he gave a keynote speech and day long workshop, on using of music as an instrument of change, at an internationally attended conference on sensory work for people with autistic spectrum disorders. 

Find out more about Michael, his music and Sound Healing at:  /

Ann Elizabeth Knutton
Ann completed the Hippocrates Education Program at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach this summer.  My topic will be "Harmonizing our lives with living foods and Feng Shui". I will display a portable wheatgrass juicer (like the one at the Hippocrates Booth at the Whole Life Expo) and I may be selling Biopro Technology products.

Anita Fernandes & Gerry Burgmann
Goji Juice. Health benefits developed by Dr. Earl Mindell and Freelife; Biomile Fuel Pill.  It saves you money on gas, reduces emmissions by up to 85% and cleans the engine at the same time. Saves you money and great for the enviroment.   Pyramid Rock Salt lamps

Mary Anne Robertson
Nutrafem a natural alternative  for menopausal problems and Vibe, a easy to assimilate multi vitamin and mineral  supplement.  I also make some handmade Christmas cards. StemEnhance the first stem cell enhancer.

Richard C. Martin
  And his CDs.  Visit his website:

Catherine Peever  ("Cat Woman")& Sarah East
Cat Woman's Ancient Secrets  products are made by hand from only the best, pure and natural ingredients to keep you and your  skin feeling young and healthy  Cat started making products after developing allergies to artificial scents and many chemicals that are commonly used in commercial beauty care and household products.

Cat also has a few neckaces for sale.  Cat Makes this jewellery from stone, glass, wooden & sometimes metal beads, using dowsing and the energetic properties of the stones to find out how they want to go together and sometimes the reason why they want to go together in the way they do

Sarah has carved Sacred Geometric shapes, Celtic designs & Healing symbols onto reclaimed slate tiles.  As well Sarah has also embosed these same shapes onto decorative metal that she has mounted in picture frames and onto gift cards.  Sarah's crafts will make excellent holiday gifts and will be available from $10 to $100.

Hugh Magill
Handmade labyrinths, 
Chocolate honey butter and 
other farm fresh specialty honeys

Peggy Groom & Lisa Rice

Inta Ridler

Joan Shepard

Vita Fons II

Pan Romek
I would like to present observations about effects of biogeometry, parelandra gardening and environmental harmonizer in my vegetable garden and in 30 miles circe. And some of the materials from I AM University

Lina Raz

Wyndmill & Denise Hoskin

Joy Goch & Marilyn Horn

Rick Simpson

Sher Smith

Mary Ann Long &  Richard Baumgarten

Annie van Alten
From:  Dutchman's Gold!

Fern Wolf


 A  "funny" thing happened about our Manifesting concept --- remember Puck?   Puck and Phillip Bowman were the greatest help to us during our first 3 years.   Puck moved into Toronto and working with the owner of Nepal Handicrafts, is organizing the Toronto Singing Bowl Circle -- whose members are, naturally, Toronto Dowsers!

   Puck, Jesse, Vern and their families of 31 singing bowls have been invited to accompany our evening and will be creating whatever harmony the bowls decide will be appropriate for the evening.

   Puck tells me the Bön Singing Bowls predate the Tibetans by a few thousand years.   There are 9 principles of enlightenment within the Bön way of being and that the 7th is Sound.   These bowls range from 2 1/2" in diameter to bowls you need to walk around.

How does this relate to our Manifesting? 
   When I asked him what is their purpose
   Puck replied:   These bowls offer a facilitation towards manifestation.  !!!

See the bottom of this page for an Appendix containing all sorts of info on the

Bön Singing Bowls


The FOOD TABLE is set up the entire evening. We usually have 3 or 4  FOOD TABLES  LOADED with lovely treats.  PLEASE DO BRING the finger food munchies you would like to share with us.


Used in Meditation, these unique instruments can cause the listener to experience different mood changes depending on the Master playing them. The actual name is called BON and this means container. Indeed it is also used as a vessel for eating and drinking.

Long hidden from most of the world, we now know these particular sound making bowls have existed for at least 4000 years. Evidence is found in the excavation (1938) of an old Bon temple dated at 2400 BC, in which two Singing Bowls were discovered. A spiritual advisor of the Dalai Lama traced the singing bowls back to a primitive and animistic sect related to the indigenous people of Nepal that was dedicated to fire worship. From there the bowls were carried across the silk route, and found their way into Tibet. The true origin of singing bowls remains uncertain, but use by the Bonpo practitioners of the Bon religion clearly implies ancient links.

The Lamas who used the bowls were masters of sound. They used them in secret and kept them exclusively for themselves; never mentioning the rituals or the bowls. In shamanic circles all knowledge about the power of sound, including the light beings painted by Joska Soos, has been carefully kept secret. Initiation in sound is the highest level of initiation; sound is such a powerful force. In religious and shamanic practices the use of sound is ancient and primal. All world traditions express the most fundamental energy underlying the manifestation of the universe in terms of sound. In the physical world humans participate in the expression of this fundamental energy with the use of their voice and musical instruments. Singing bowls have survived thousands of years as shamanic instruments, affirming their effectiveness in shamanic work.

Singing bowls are not just musical, sound producing objects. Sacred shamanic instruments, they have been crafted to effectively bring a hypnotic state of consciousness, a trance which opens the door to the inner world quickly and swiftly. At the same time they help restructure disharmonies on the non-physical causal level, promoting healing on the physical plane.

There are still many Bon-po (adherents of Bon), especially in the east of Tibet. Bon is usually considered as the ensemble of pre-Buddhist beliefs of the Tibetans and it embodies a vast mass of ritual practices bearing on exorcism, divination  and the appeasement of wrathful divinities as well as elaborate teachings guiding the individual to full spiritual realisation.  That places Bon among the great mystico-philosophical systems of the world, despite the relatively small number of its adherents.

 Tonpa Shenrab, the Completely Enlightened One
Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of the Yung Drung Bön religion, was born in 16,017 BC, in the land of Omolungring. Tonpa Shenrab appeared initially as an ordinary man. Before he attained enlightenment (Buddhahood), he went through the six realms of cyclic existence in countless births. He entered the door of enlightenment through the practices of accumulating merit and purifying himself, resulting in the attainment of the transcendental qualities of loving kindness and compassion. He is superior among all the exalted enlightened beings and is dedicated to the liberation of all sentient beings. In order to rescue them, he turned the Dharma Wheel of Bön three times as an antidote to all suffering.

According to tradition, bowls are made from seven metals: one metal for each planet.
Gold – sun
Silver – moon
Mercury – Mercury
Copper – Venus
Iron – Mars
Tin – Jupiter
Lead – Saturn

These metals combined produce an individual sound as each bowl is hand made. The harmonies of all the metals produce subtle distinctions creating a sensation of great space and profound peace. May the sound of this bowl bring you good health and long life.