Summer 2002 Newsletter of
The Toronto Dowsers
The Toronto Chapter of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to:
FIELD DAY:   Saturday, July 27th, 2002- near Brantford (see last page)
August 31st - September 2nd  (details towards the end)
Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the Toronto Dowsers or the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Dowsing Conventions:

July 26-28:  H.I.S. (Holistic Intuition Society) convention, Alberta
August 16-18:  Northwest Territory Regional Conference St. Helens, Oregon
September 27-29:  C.S.Q. (Canadian Society of Questers) convention, Vancouver


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It doesn't have to be the same person every month. It's better if there are a few people who can take care of each task so the entire responsibility does not lie on one person's shoulders, perhaps, we can create a small group of people who enjoy working with one another.

If people help out with this, then we can continue to have newsletters.

Contact Marilyn:  (416) 322 - 0363  9:33-9:33

Keeping Dues Down:   Looking ahead at membership renewal

As our membership year runs from October 1st - September 30th, all memberships are due for renewal October 1st.  We are fairly sure we can keep the membership dues the same for this next year ($20 / year for an individual or family) and would like you to consider the following:

We will be attempting projects that may require an additional cash outlay.  So as not to raise the dues across the board for everyone to cover these expenses, contributions are appreciated from people who can do so.  Even an extra $10 per person can help out.  These are 2 of the projects we have in mind so far:

If you can afford to do so, please enclose a contribution when you renew, or, anytime.

When I started this group in September 2000 one of the projects I had in mind was to be able to have accurate, capable reliable dowsers who can be called upon when requests for dowsing help come through, and, to be able to take dowsing in to the community.

I receive requests for dowsers --- mostly to find things, or to dowse wells or clear geopathic stress but I don't have enough dowsers I can call upon for this.  Right now, these requests are being handled by very few, and, on a donation basis.  As we are establishing who we are and what we can do, I try to be careful to maintain standards, reasonable expectations, ethics and a good reputation.  Those who are called upon are called because they are skilled, do this because they want to help others and enjoy the challenge.

If you would like to be called on to help people in the community when they have dowsing requests, please do let me know.  It's suggested that you be skilled in at least one area of dowsing (not everybody is good in all areas) and have been dowsing at least 3-4 times a week for at least 8 months.  Most often those who are the least likely to come forth are often the best because their egos are not involved.

Again, we are feeling our way in this area.


Do you own more than 10 acres of land that you live on?
Might you be interested in finding out if there is treasure on the land?
Do you think there is treasure on your land and would like to find out for sure?

Treasure hunting is one of the areas of dowsing.  If we do the preliminary work, where we dowse and think there is treasure, a treasure hunting team may come here to help.  Let us know if you have the land and are interested in being part of this fun and rewarding project.


The notes on this meeting were written by Robert Gardner:

Shelley Bourne presided, gathering people together with her humor and skill.   Puck opened the meeting with one of his delightful Prayers to Mother Earth - simple but profound as always, guaranteed to bring us all gently and firmly down to Earth and help get our hearts and heads ready for the night's fun.

Pat Prevost, our guest speaker, offered an uplifting presentation on "Understanding the Life Force Energy Flow of Animals, How to use this awareness as parameters for dowsing animal wellness".

Pat gave us a 1 page handout, with diagrams of major & minor chakra points on dogs and cats, life force energy flows, and the aura of a cat.

Then she started talking - and she held us all spellbound for just under two hours.  It seemed she barely stopped to breathe.  She had so much knowledge and experience she wished to tell us in such a brief time.  She stopped to answer the occasional question - no dumb questions.

As a foundation for working with animal energies, Pat invited us to start by getting in touch with our nature spirits - and connect with Mother Earth and all the wonderful creatures She nurtures and nourishes.  She suggested we take a few moments every day to (re)build our own personal relationship with Nature.  We could sit on the ground to feel the planet's heartbeat, and simply talk to Mother Nature - 'I've forgotten since I was a Child; help me to remember'.  Or,  'I'd like to talk to you, and I'd like you to talk to me'.  Watch what gets your attention - is it a plant, or an animal, the wind, the sky, the sun, the rocks, trees?  Watch for animal energy.

 In our homes and workplaces, we could surround ourselves with pictures of Nature, and remind ourselves that we are not alone on this planet - our connection to the 'dance of life' around us can protect and re-vitalize us.

She recommended books by Ted Andrews (particularly his 'Enchantment of the Fairy Realm'), and those written by Machaelle Small-Wright.  [note from Marilyn:  "Behaving As If the God In All Life Mattered, by Machaelle Small-Wright, has been my favorite book for over 10 years.  READ IT! Available in most libraries.]

Animal Energy
Animals have a lot to teach us about humanity and being human.  They are terribly honest when they look at you, and are a direct reflection of our lives.  Animals have life force energy flows just like human systems.  Remember, when working with animals, there is no absolute right or wrong, just what is.  Pat talked briefly about the subtle energy bodies of animals - the etheric body just inches outside the physical body, then the emotional body, the mental, and spiritual layers.

Domesticity isn't good for humans!!! So, why would it be good for animals!!  We want to control and dominate our animals, but our relationship has to be one of 'co-creation' for it to be healthy.

When doing energy healing with animals, as with humans, make sure that every energy shift is a gentle flow with no negative side effects.  Open animal energy as gently as possible.  When 'push comes to shove', animals will instinctively choose their survival, and will let you know in no uncertain terms when they are feeling threatened.

Animal Chakra System
When working on the major chakras (just like the major human ones), remember to work on the minor chakras linked to them.  In fact, it is almost more important to work on the minor chakras first.

Solar Plexus (on the lower back right where the saddle on a horse goes)

-  The key center for interaction, and a linkage between animal and human that can be mutually energized
-  Usually, the animal/human relationship is co-dependency NOT co-creation
-  Rather than the human trying to be the 'Captain' of the ship, forcing the animal into subordination, why not have TWO captains, each equally in charge of their own ships
Root chakra  (at the base of the tail)
- Survival instinct, an important point for grounding the animal
- Remember animals have 5 grounding points (their 4 paws and tail tip)
Crown chakra
- The life force connection
Third eye
- Animals don't understand us by knowing what we are saying verbally, they watch us and communicate by 'seeing pictures'
- B extremely clear with the visual clues/cues you give an animal
- Visual cues are more important than verbal ones
- Usually under-developed in both human and animal systems

Sexual Progression  (a funny term, but that's what she used)

- Aids in the propagation of the species
- With spaying/neutering, this chakra will be almost shut down
- Works in connection with the Root chakra
Balancing Energy
Put one hand on the animal's head, and the other hand on the lower back, on the dip just above the hips.  When an animal moves away when doing energy work, STOP what you are doing - it may be there is too much energy, or, it is not appropriate.  You don't have to do much work, maybe as little as 10 seconds, or maybe as little as simply being emotionally present with the animal.

An animal with a food allergy is reflecting what is happening with the human-animal bond.  It usually means there is an emotionally based problem in the household.  Pat suggested we move away from mass produced food for animals, and making species specific home prepared meals.  Pat is also now seeing chronic degenerative diseases, as a result of over vaccination.  The American Veterinary Assoc. now recognizes over vaccination.

With animals that have had their tails cropped, you can help them heal their etheric field by helping heal the energy of amputation.  There will also be scar tissue around neutering scars, which can be healed with heart chakra work.

Pat showed us a delightful grounding exercise for the animal - which we could do 'hands-on' as well as 'at a distance', assisted by dowsing.

She talked briefly about the minor chakras - like the digestive chakra at the tip of the liver.  This is atrophied in most animals because they don't each natural food.

 Pat had a delightful story about energy work on horses.  We tell horses to always move 'forward', but they sometimes need to move 'backward' to be able to feel their bodies properly, and get their muscles all moving in sync.  A horse can literally lose connection with its body if it isn't allowed to move freely in all directions.  After doing healing work, give the animal time to integrate newly discovered energies.

Animals carry their life force in their coat.  When doing a major energy shift, the animal will sometimes completely shed its fur coat for a new one.

Pat briefly took us through some personal exercises, to help us learn how to connect with the world around us.  She asked us to write down three words - PLANT, ANIMAL, and MINERAL - and had us dowse to find out which was most important to us at this point in time.  Some people had one interest, some had interest in all three.

She also took us through another brief exercise - she had us write down the following 'letters' with their corresponding earth sign, something like:

A                     ether          then we wrote down our own names, e.g.. ROBERT,

E                      air             picked the most significant vowel, and found out the

I                       fire            corresponding earth sign for that vowel

O                     water          --  'O' for me would signify 'water'

U                     earth

Y                     fire/water

Pat then finished with a beautiful prayer, the:

Prayer for Oneness and Forgiveness in the Human Animal Bond

'God, if it be thy will, find it in your heart to forgive us our lessons and to
embrace our growth and to make us whole again. Amen.

All in all, this was a great evening. Pat had us all on the edge of our seats.  The energy in the room was as high as the ceiling.  Thanks for organizing this one for us, Marilyn.  Put this down as a 'good evening had by all!'.

Joan Denew, from the Canadian Society of Dowsers, attended the meeting then afterwards talked briefly to the group.  She spoke about the wonderful and innovative work that Marilyn Gang was doing, about our exciting and energizing meetings.

She talked briefly about the Canadian Society of Dowsers, elaborating a bit on its connection with the Toronto Dowsers.  ...  "

Robert, thank you for taking the notes and sharing them with us.

Since Joan invited herself to address the group and talk about the connection between the CSD and the Toronto Dowsers, here is the background:

I had been a member of the executive board of the CSD since June 1999.  Some time during that year we voted to make loans to new groups for start up costs for up to $200? $300?  During the year it was suggested that I form a Toronto chapter.  I met Raymon Grace June 2000 and something told me we need a Toronto group, where among dowsers interested in all aspects of dowsing there would be others like myself who would want to work on his techniques.

At the next CSD convention names were taken for those interested in starting a Toronto group and given to me.  I contacted everyone on that list and 6 of us met at my place August 1, 2000 and the Toronto Dowsers was born.  I got about 140 names of dowsers in the GTA from the CSD and suggested that we each call about 25 people.  The group said no, let's have a mailing.  I didn't want to do this because someone would have to write a letter and I knew I wasn't good at writing but they were even less willing than I was so I thought I'd give it a try.  (That was the beginning of our newsletters.)

I thank the CSD for our start, for pushing me, giving me the names of the interested people and the names of those in the Toronto area. That was pretty much our support from the CSD.

When I needed money for the mailing and to rent space, I contacted every member on the board to get the start up loan we voted in.  No one answered my request for funding for a start up loan.  So the Toronto Dowsers was started with $500 of my money, money from Peter and Lorenza and later on a loan from HAHN.  Since that time our group has done everything for ourselves.

The relationship between the CSD Executive Board and the Toronto Dowsers have not been pleasant. I can not state why, I can only see that this started about 4 months after we started, when we started becoming successful.  I stayed on the board because it seemed to be the right thing to do for dowsing and I hoped eventually things would change for the better.

Here are some of the contributions the Toronto Dowsers have made to the CSD:

Provided volunteers to help at the 2001 and 2002 CSD conventions.
Board members to the CSD have come from our membership.
Despite opposition, I got Raymon Grace invited to the 2001 CSD convention.
I had the idea for the energy garden for the 2001 convention, which was repeated in 2002.
One of the speakers at the 2002 CSD convention, Alan Reed, was chosen because of his presentation at the Toronto Dowsers meeting.
Because we sponsored Walter at the Total Health show and got him a booth, he generously donated a banner to us. The CSD saw that and asked him to get them a banner and he donated one to them as well.
We started Dowsing Buddies which the CSD attempted to emulate.
CSD Convention flyers have been included in Toronto Dowsers mailings and resulted in many attending.
Dowsing Cards were offered to the CSD for the 2002 convention, the offer was accepted but it was not properly followed up on.
CSD flyers were distributed at the Toronto Dowsers booth at the Total Health Show and the CSD was talked about to those who stopped by.
Raised the awareness and profile of dowsing in our area
Many people have joined the CSD because of their exposure to the Toronto Dowsers.

Why did I take on the responsibility of beginning the Toronto Dowsers?  It wasn't just meeting  Raymon, although that did catalyze events. Prior to the Toronto Dowsers, the CSD president often asked why people weren't joining the CSD. My response was "what they get for their money is a discount on the convention, a journal 4 times a year and a chance to support dowsing.  If those aren't enough for them, if they are not attending the convention, there isn't enough incentive."  This observation was disparaged but no one had any other to offer. I had written a strategy paper that I distributed to the board on how to increase membership but it was largely ignored.

This paper included exactly what I am doing with the Toronto Dowsers and thought would help the CSD.  To make the CSD a success, you have to build and encourage strong chapters.  You strengthen them, help them grow, and after a point, they in turn help the parent organization. You don't do it by creating new organizations, policies or overhead. You strengthen your installed customer base and build on it.  One part of an organization is always stronger than an other, it cycles back in forth but what you are doing is the one who is stronger --- at the time --- feeds energy to the other.  It's a Universal Law.  It's what happens in the eternal quest for homeostasis, for balance.  Instead, as the Toronto Dowsers flourished, I was criticized, attempts were made to improperly interfere in our growth, in our internal workings. As a good friend used to say "I know who my friends are by those who are happy for me when I succeed".

In the strategy paper I also included a Demographic breakdown of our membership and from that realized we really weren't the Canadian Society of Dowsers but a group whose membership of 392 at that time was 87% in Ontario.

The CSD had its convention recently at York University.  As I had been excluded from the decision making processes around the convention, my suggestions maligned, and Raymon Grace's offer to speak was declined, I very very regretfully put little of my own energy into the convention.

It seemed to me that some of the decision makers on the board were making decisions and statements, not based on logic or the best interests of the CSD and its membership, but coming from motivations that are not exactly positive, beneficial and objective. Promises were not kept, procedures were inconsistent and several of the decisions made seemed to me to be harmful to the best interests of the organization and its members.

I wanted to stay on the board because some of these individuals announced they would not be seeking re-election at the June 2002 elections and so decided to wait it out.  I had no doubt I'd be re-elected if I ran again.  I thought if this influence were gone we could get back to doing what was best for dowsing --- do things -- have fun.

At the Annual General Meeting on June 23rd, elections were held.  At our Board meeting 3 days prior to the convention, it was stated that the Board members who wanted to stay on the Board will be on the slate for re-election. My name --- as Member At Large --- was to be on that slate.  About an hour before the election, one of the people on the nominating committee told me my name was not placed on the slate recommended by the committee.  When I asked why, he said "I don't have to tell you" and  "You're not special. You don't have any more rights than anyone else."  Excluding my candidacy was not in keeping with the agreement made a few days earlier by the CSD president and it exceeded the with the mandate of this committee.  Nominations for members at large did not proceed smoothly.  My name was written in and the name of another person was written in below mine.

[March 2002 I suggested to the CSD Board --- that if they obligate themselves to have a structure with voting members and with elections that they ought to let the membership know beforehand --- in a timely manner, so voters can consider --- what the issues and who the candidates are --- maybe some background would be helpful?  not just when they get the ballots.  This, too, was ignored.]

Ballots were marked and collected.  I was told that they were counted.  The results that were reported stated that I was not elected.  An other write in candidate, who I perceive is a very good candidate, however, is brand new to the community, unknown, her name was written in below mine, and she was elected.  It's very peculiar.  Many people came up to me afterwards, baffled, shocked, telling me they voted for me and told me they dowsed that I was elected.  I question the accuracy, hence, the legality of the results, especially as the entire process was controlled by individuals who have been critical of my efforts in the past.  It seems I have something in common here with Al Gore.

Why am I bringing this all out?  it's been going on for 2 years and many were surprised at the elections.  Members saw first hand what was taking place. Why do we only have to make cheery reports of the good things that happen?  Is this realistic?  The CSD has problems.  I am hoping that by bringing them out here, that there are those who can, want to and will bring about real solutions.

At the ASD, I attended part of the Trustees meeting.  They, too, have significant problems.  What is going on with dowsing groups?  I will address this in a later newsletter, as well as how we do things.

What I have written here --- is this a good idea?  Some have cautioned me, "Don't say anything. You know how they are. You know they can be vicious, they will jump on it and try to use it against you."  Some have said its best not to say anything.  Others have said its time to bring things out.

I knew something like this would take place.  That is one of the reasons why I offered some of the suggestions in last month's newsletter, "Just because someone is in a dowsing organization or in a position of responsibility in one does not automatically bestow moral superiority on that person."  I hoped some people would heed my warnings.

At the CSD meeting Alicja Aratyn was perhaps the only person who brought up any objections and it did not seem to be well received by those leading the meeting.  Alicja was one of the few who was informed beforehand as to what would be voted on.

Keeping quiet has not worked. If you keep it quiet, its like trying to suppress a cancer.  It doesn't work. I am trying to help make change for the better.  I am not trying to hurt anyone and of course I've been hurt by the way I've been treated and the wrongs ignored --- its just as dangerous to ignore it but I'm trying not to react from hurt emotions.

We are getting what we deserve. If we don't take the trouble to keep ourselves informed, and do something about the course we are on, we are allowing those who are not well intentioned to take advantage of us.

It's important to talk about what is not working well as well as what is working well.  How do you do that?  If you have a good friend and love 98 things about that friend and go bonkers about 2 items its so easy to talk about the 98 and almost impossible to talk about the 2.  Behavior modification generally works, i.e., you acknowledge and reward what is good and ignore what is not good.  But it does not work at this level.

Writing this section here can cause trouble for me personally.  This can happen because people who may think they see themselves here, and in an unfavorable light may continue to foment difficulties.  Also, if folks see me writing these words about others, you may expect me to be a paragon of virtue in these and all other areas. If so, prepare to be disappointed.

I had considered us a family.  Even my family, in its worst moments would not treat me this way. Unsure if including this was the best interests of the Toronto Dowsers and the CSD, even after dowsing it out, I showed a draft of this to one of you. He told me: "In my family, I learned that solving problems involved letting things slide....making peace?!...and then hoping that someone else would come up with a solution by spontaneously changing.  Kind of like waiting for a miracle - only it was always up to someone else to supply the miracle.  Some very hard lessons have taught me that real peace never comes that way.  All the bullshit just moves underground, festers like crazy, and jumps up to bite you on the rump when you least expect it."   I have patiently waited for 3 years.  Little has changed.

I am disappointed in what I saw and experienced during my 3 years on the CSD Board.  I hope if anyone who has decision making ability reads this that they will be motivated enough to change these dynamics, this energy.  I hope to bring out issues that have been suppressed, need to brought out in to the fresh open air and honestly --- without ego, without a desire to compete or for revenge ---  discuss and deal with this.  My voice has been silenced, my objections not fairly addressed.  I hope someone else has better luck than I did and that we can heal this wounding for the good of ourselves as individuals, as dowsers and as human beings.

It's time to move on.

May, Aromatherapy and Dowsing

There is so much to write!  I don't know how to get it all in!  Raymon Grace was here for a Seminar May 23, 24.  Then he came back the following week to teach 40 of us his 8 Step Healing Technique.  Then Angela had her Kid's Workshop, there was the ASD Convention, then the CSD Convention, our upcoming activities and all the other things that happen.

Jan Scanlan Coles was sitting with me at Raymon's workshop when I showed her Alicja's new pendulum (more on that later) she showed how she, as an aromatherapist, and one of the people who help us at registration, uses the pendulum to determine the quality of the oils she uses, as well as the energy patterns.  This is what Jan tells us:       "Here's why - There are many different qualities of essential oils in the market place, with the pendulum I check to see if the oils are pure, unadulterated, organic and therapeutic grade oils.  I can also compare energy patterns between oils I already have, and ones I am looking to purchase.

As a practicing aromatherapist I want to make sure the oils I use are pure, unadulterated, organic and therapeutic.  Once an oil is adulterated - by adding or removing natural or synthetic chemicals - it is no longer has the holistic effect that it did originally. If an oil no longer has therapeutic qualities this means it does not have the effect on the body, mind, or spirit that it claims to have.  Many companies alter oils. Lavender is an oil that is very often altered, once this has occurred the essential oil no longer has the therapeutic effect on the body or the mind - then people don't believe that the oils work.  If you use good quality oils they most certainly do work!

Lavender and Lavendin are two essential oils that are quite similar, differing in properties.  Lavendin does not have the sedative effect on the body or the balancing and calming effect on the mind. Lavendin is very good for muscle stiffness, and aches and pains.  Lavendin is often substituted for Lavender's it is cheaper and more plentiful.  You can dowse to see if the oil you have is Lavender, or Lavendin.  If you hold your pendulum over the oil and ask to see the energetic pattern of the oil -  Lavender spins clockwise and Lavendin spins counter clockwise! Check your own bottle of Lavender and see what you have!

I want to use the best oils that I can, and oils that will have the best and most holistic healing effect.  So I use my pendulum."

Jan Scanlan Coles
Moon Maiden Aromatics

ASD Report

The ASD Convention in Vermont in mid June was JUST FABULOUS!   Toronto Dowsers Jannette, Walter, Stephanie, Glen, Diana, Angela, Joe, Sierra, Franny, Bill, Shawna, and Diane were also there.

Weather wise, 2 ultra unusual events took place.  First, the week before the convention, there were tornados in Southern Vermont.  Vermont NEVER has tornados.  NEVER!  The 199 year old home of a tavern owner in the town I used to live in was destroyed (no one was hurt).  Next, during the convention it poured like Noah's flood.  Lyndonville, the town near where the convention is held was flooded and some of the motels were evacuated.  Those of us who were in the Treasure Dowsing workshop could not practice what we were learning.

We gave out Dowsing Cards to over 200 attendees.  They started using them immediately.

The Treasurer of the ASD hung our banner up in the main dowsers hall.  It looked great.

I sat with Walt Woods ("Granddaddy" of dowsing, author of "Letter To Robin") after dinner one night for an hour.  Such a very nice gentleman.

One of the precious jewels Walt mentioned was that in your home, when you have cleared the non beneficial energies and are putting in beneficial ones, you should also put in the "appropriate love energy".  What this will do, is make for happier inhabitants, and people who visit you will enjoy visiting you and want to return.  This is also a good idea for realtors.  He says that when realtors put those energies in to a home that being viewed, women love it and don't want to leave.
Watching the presenters, I was interested in seeing the pendulums they used.  Most of them used the Joe Smith pendulums or the kind Alicja sells.  A lot of them also used the Maurey pendulum.

This year there seemed to be more workshops focusing on Animal Communication, Physical and Energetic changes coming to Planet Earth, the Kaballah as well as Sacred Geometry.  Robert Gilbert was the keynote speaker and gave a fascinating presentation.  Yes, we have his video as well as audio tapes for our library and his 3 books.  He gave a post convention workshop and one of the attendees told me that this workshop is pretty much contained in his 2 workbooks.   We have more video and audio tapes, as well as books, for our library, thanks to the generous contribution of Victor Dante Barroso and to the fees paid by the library patrons.  I would have liked to attend the presentations of Mary Hardy and Thomas Morton --- who want to come here to speak to us --- and speak about Energy changes happening on earth. Please listen to their tapes and let me know what you think.  Pat Dornik, who is a tremendous "energy mover" wants to come here to speak to us.  She says she wants to talk to us about Ascension.

The easiest kind of dowsing is dowsing for water because the energies of water and earth energies, etc., are natural --- they come out of the earth.  Informational, treasure dowsing are more difficult because you have to lock on to the frequencies.  You have to be in tune with the energies to get a response.
*            *            *            *            *
Do you sometimes think that just because someone reaches a certain age, they ought to have all of their issues worked out?   Nope!   We sometimes carry little children hurts from the time they occur until the time we die.  It doesn't matter if we are 8 or 80.   Here is something that touched many of us:  Sandee Mac (who first got Raymon started on Clearing Family Patterns and shows us how to do this) showed us a different way to clear family patterns.

Fred is a 77 year old electrical engineer from Pennsylvania.  Fred looks like Pa Walton, mustache and all.  Someone who freely admitted to us he doesn't go in for all this mushy airy fairy stuff.  You can tell he is a stalwart keep it in hard thinking but kind man.   His voice was choking, his eyes tearing, as he told us his story:

2 years ago --- at the age of 75 ---  Fred found out he was adopted.  He was told he was the natural born child of his parents, but he had a feeling throughout his life that this was not so.  His adopted mother, who he had been told and pretty much thought was his natural mother, would beat him severely.  Sandee helped him clear out the issues of pain from his real natural mother's family as well as his adopted family.  Fred and his wife have no children.  I did not ask why, do not know if it was from choice or for physical reasons, but I kinda think he didn't want children because his own childhood was so horrible.

After Sandee used him as a demo, Fred seemed greatly relieved from the childhood pain he has carried around his whole life.  As usual, time will tell.

*            *            *            *            *
One of the researchers said that CFS and fibromyalgia come from polio vaccines that people had as children and the disease manifested itself when people hit their 30's, 40's, 50's.  The viruses lie dormant, feed off the heavy metals, until something wakes them up.  So, do see about checking out the truth and accuracy of this statement and if you want to proceed, see about scrambling the energies of these vaccines for people you know who may be affected.

Dowsing problems might exist because:

"Shibboleths" (in dowsing) = Dowsing beliefs
Example:  To dowse successfully you must have your feet on the floor.


In the last newsletter I wrote a little about Mark Hazlewood and his book "Blindsided" which talks about Planet X.  Since that time I've been getting dozens of queries about Planet X so the easiest and best thing to do was to give an update here. Yes. Everyone has been asking about it.

I also had a long lunch with Mark at the end of May and he said that for some reason he felt compelled to share with me information that is not in his book and he doesn't give out in his talks --- because the majority of those audiences can not appreciate the information.

When I first heard about Planet X I did not want to believe it --- had been through the Earth Changes, had been through Y2K.  "Please, not again."  It's the most unreal thing.  It's more unreal than the bombing of the World Trade Center.  But what I'm hearing from you, from others, from people at ASD, show me that this scenario has considerable potential.

At the ASD convention this June I attended Cathy Sweet's presentation. One of the items she told us about was a woman who flew to see her to find out some information from Cathy.  What came out was a humongous cosmic event that is to take place May 2003.  In this room of 100 rapt listeners I inquired if this referenced event is the arrival of "Planet X" in May 2003.  Cathy had not heard of it and I gave a brief synopsis.  Most of the attendees at ASD had not heard about Planet X.  However, after that session, I made it a point to ask every person I knew there who had some psychic ability.  Each one knew about the event and their intuition and dowsing told them -- and me --- that this is a very likely event.  Anticipating this event is beyond my imagination.

I've had many conversations about this with people.  The dowsing, intuition, discussions, "feelings" do point to this event --- or something very similar --- taking place.

To review:
Niburu, Planet X, or 32 other names, is described as a planet, or a brown dwarf, larger than Jupiter, which is part of our Solar System.  It's elliptical orbit is so large it passes by Earth every 3660 years.  It's next pass will be May 2003.  Whenever this takes place, significant geological changes occur on Planet Earth.

Planet X's passage next year could be the greatest change to our planet since Noah's Ark.  Supposedly, Planet X will enter the Earth's orbit between May 15 and May 30 of 2003. Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple high magnitude earthquakes, there will be tremendous floods.  During the following 6 months volcanic ash will cover the Earth. Subsequently, Earth's population will be reduced. This may well be one reason for all the underground shelters being constructed through out the United States and the rest of the world.  By keeping this story out of the major media it will delay the collapse of the world economy, stock markets and real estate prices.

Mark is just one ordinary person who had heard about PX some time ago, researched it via scientific sources, legends, prophecy and channeling sources and they all say the same thing.  The changes on this planet in the last 10 years, the weird weather, the changing of the size and the gravity of the planets may be attributed to the arrival of "X".

Mark says the passing, and the violent reactions on the planet will take an hour.  Others say it will go on for days.  What is meant by this is 200 mph winds. It can take months or years to recover from this.  People are preparing, especially for the 200 mph winds that are expected to take place during its closest passage.

Remember all the prophecies of 2012?  This is really supposed to mean 2003.  Read the book to find out why.

What does one do?  Prepare.  Plan to be away from coastal areas at this time, including away from lakes and rivers.  Stay on high ground.  Not in the high high mountains, but in rolling hills.  A dome home is one of the best structures to be in at this time. They can withstand the wind.  Find a place to be in during the passing, a place to be in afterwards.  Stock up on food, on water, supplies.  Toilet paper. Don't expect anything run by electricity or batteries to work.  The end of the summer is a good time to get sales on camping supplies.  Buy your most expensive and/or hard to get supplies by the end of September.  People in governments have been preparing for this for decades.  Get your eyeglasses this summer,  get your dental work finished.

Mark says that what natives used to do is dig a trench, lie down in it, cover oneself with brush and wait for it to blow over.

What would you do if you and all your ancestors for generations lived in, say Ecuador --- that was all you had ever known --- and you were told that in a year from now you would all be transported to a place called Antartica where it is freezing and white with ice and snow and dark 6 months of the year?  You'd probably fear you were going to die.  We know it doesn't have to be that way because we know how to handle cold.  Some of us actually enjoy it. We have difficulty adapting, but once we start, we can do it.  The hardest thing for a human being to do is to change a habit.  This is not necessarily bad, its just different.

This information is being HEAVILY suppressed.  Mark's website is continually hacked.  It's difficult to obtain his books.  There are continual attempts to discredit Mark.  Observatories, large telescopes are less available, false reports are being disseminated to the public.  Look for more reports on large asteroids passing close to earth, and missing it, as attempts to disinform you.

Planet X is difficult to see right now as it is in front of the sun.  We will know more about PX around October as it moves away from its position and will be more obvious to home telescopes and perhaps even the naked eye. Difficulties are expected in financial markets and in society as this situation becomes apparent and we pass through the stage of denial.

Safe places?  Northern Alberta, Ontario north of Barrie.  Mark (who is from California and Florida) says that on the entire planet, Canada will be THE safest country to be in. (especially if you are at altitude 700' or higher, not within 50 miles of a coast of any large body of water, not in the Rockies and can survive the passing).  Mark is relocating to Northeast Arizona.

Here are some web sites (sorry, you have to cut and paste) recommended by Mark:  -   Mark's main site   -   the overview -  how many days are left  (331 days as of July 6)  -  good links

Channeled information:  -  Although not complimentary to Mark, he says they are accurate  -  From psychic Lori Toye's site.  Mark says she is the best.  If you read the links on her site you can figure out the safe places.  This is related to the Ascended Masters.  If you have studied their teachings this will be familiar to you (I have much St. Germain material from when I went to the "I AM" meetings).  -  numerous references for preparedness

On Dome homes --- Some prices are high, you can build a dome home from the first 2 links here for under $1,000 US:

To subscribe to Mark's own email list send an email to:

This is what Mark told me:  This is the last time we have to go through this, the last time earth is going to go through this.  "All" we have to do is to outlast the passing.  We are getting a lot of strong help from those on the other side.  After the passing, when we reach a certain dynamic mass, those of us who have been doing the "right work" will ascend to the next, to the fourth dimension.  Perhaps to the fifth.  We will be able to go back and forth between dimensions.  Until that happens, we will be here on earth, in this dimension with those who seek to control.  Mark says not to worry about them.  They will be so power hungry trying to control one another they will exterminate one another.

What will make the difference in how much time passes if --- or when --- we go to the next level --- is the vast majority of people --- those who are undecided.  They are the ones who need to make a choice as to which side they want to be on.  The sooner they choose the light, the sooner we move to the next level.  I think that THIS is the reason I was brought to take a look at this situation and am bringing this out.  To help alert more people to this possibility. Should this scenario be taking place, my job --- our job --- is to let as many people know as soon as possible so we can get things over with quickly.  We are getting a lot of good help from the other side and this help will increase as we get closer to the time of the passing.

I've heard reports from some people, including Cathy Sweet, who have been having visions of the (far) future of the earth.  It is not pretty. The earth will be a barren, bare, desolate place.  From what I heard from Mark, my own interpretation of this is that what the visions show is earth in the 3rd dimension, but we will pass through it and move beyond it and we will be on a different dimension of earth.  Can we do anything about it?  Maybe.  Ask.  Your. Guides. Don't ask your government.  They will give you the same answer on this topic as they do on the chemtrails.

In the meantime, use your skills to sense what is the probability of this happening.  If so, prepare, get rid of junk, get back to basics.  Perhaps Earth Changes and Y2K were created to help us become aware and prepare.  A part of me wants this because there is so much that needs to be changed that seems too entrenched. Much in our societies needs a good shaking out.  And in thinking of what I will miss creates deep gratitude for what I have now.  Like turning on a tap and having (relatively) clean water pour out, as much as I want.  And this could be a reason why there is such an interest in dowsing.  Like caterpillars who are very fat in the fall indicating a cold winter, this instinctive desire to learn dowsing can be a harbinger of a need for water finders in our future.

It's hard to imagine, yes?  I can barely conceive of what snow feels like, here in July.  We can talk about it, if you like, at the Field Day, July 27th.

If you would like to purchase "Blindsided", by Mark Hazlewood:  call (416) 259-2829


You all have GOT to check this one out and to email it to every dowser you know.  It's from the Discovery Channel.  If you are not on Internet, visit someone or a library to check this out!

Here is an online dowsing video.  If your computer is less than 4 years old you probably have the software to run this  --- otherwise you can download a program such as Windows MediaPlayer from
Water, Water, Everywhere

"Some people continue to utilize ancient methods to find water beneath earth's surface. Dowsing is the practice of searching out underground sources of water (or metals) by means of a "dowsing rod."   The legitimacy of the dowser's abilities has  long been questioned. University of Calgary physicist, Dr.Vincent Von Tscharner is trying to de-mystify the practice of dowsing. To learn about his experiments, click the image above."

"Don't hang around with people whose financial and emotional thinking is on a lower level than yours'. You want to grow. They don't. So they won't help you expand your horizons and they can't inspire you."  - Tom Hopkins

"Dowsing is Directed Intuition" - Lea Katchadorian, ASD Trustee, "Divining Mom":

"People think we live in a world. We don't; we live in a frequency range."  -- David Icke as heard on Jeff Rense

EXCITING:  Geomantic Sculpturing Seminar  WEEKEND!  - Madoc, Ontario
August 31 - September 2
Reserve your place by July 31st

When Alan Reed gave us a smashing presentation November 2001, he talked about inviting us to his cave in Madoc to explore the energies of his cave and to be steeped in earth wisdoms.

The details are in the chart below.  In speaking with Alan about this weekend, his description was reverential. I will try to convey some of the mood here:

"Everyone who comes up there gets a healing. The fireflies are going off like stars twinkling in the skies. You will see and hear all kinds of wild birds in the wetlands, the whippoorwill, finches, song sparrows, you see otter tracks, ... you can see the crayfish in the water at night.  They don't come out in the daytime because then they would get caught by cranes or otters.  There's a big cat up there, perhaps a lynx. ....  You won't go hungry, you'll learn a lot about healthy food. It will be mostly vegetarian because of the conditions up there.  You'll have smoothies, new alternatives, a balance of yin and yang, kefir, kombucha and spirulina as well as food by my friend the master pie baker.

In dowsing, there is a posture etiquette that ought to be learned and we will show you how to do this with the rods.  We will have the [beeswax] candles all over the cave.  It creates a mystical effect like being in a monastery.  You walk in to the cave individually, you walk around a bit by yourself, in to the back of the cave as if going back in to the womb. You appreciate the mystery.

A peace cairn (we will find out how to make these) will be raised in the center of the labyrinth. ...  There are big trees on the land and Alan will provide us with information about the medicinal value of trees.  We will also get to do some wild crafting ---- recognizing wild plants to use in our salads.  We will have a bonfire at night in the cave. ...  If the weather is inclement, there is a lot of room in the cave, and we will also have a tent.

As this is our first weekend seminar with Alan, he is offering us a low price of $125 per person (plus food, if desired, see below).  You will be experiencing, learning and changing on many different levels, learning skills which will be very important on our changing planet.

Geomantic Sculpturing Seminar

When: August 31 to September 2, 2002  (Saturday to Monday) --- Whatever the weather.

Where: Seminar takes place on a ancient Pre-Cambrian geological deposit that ties into the O'Hara Mills Conservation park in Madoc, Ontario. This unique 36 acre parcel has a Cave, wetland & meadow, stream, pasture and forested area. Lots of wildlife and diversity. Map shall be provided as interest grows.

Camping is available with a limit of 30 campsites, campers may arrive between 6-10pm on August 30th, arrive before 8:30 am on the morning of Saturday the 31st. Day attendees please arrive before 9 am to register. 

Other options are:

Madoc (6 km from the site):
    Colonial Inn 613-473-2221 

Mamora: (16 km from the site):
    Trelawney Motel 613-4723744 
     Belle Vista Motel 613-472-3333,  1-800-311-4441

Questions? Contact:  Angela Adamson- Viola  (905) 785-2880
We will do our best to help arrange car pooling
Madoc is about 3 hours from Toronto, north of Trenton

Information will be posted at:

Note: Seminar is limited to 50 participants. Seminar passes are $125.00 for the weekend or a one day pass for $75.00. A minimum of 25 attendees is needed to commit before July 31, 2002 in order to provide food options. A component of the food is part of the seminar so expect some taste sensations with emphasis on health. Meal passes shall be available @ $25.00 per day or $10.00 per meal.

Deposits of at least $100 per person must be received by July 31st to reserve your space.  Please send deposit with your name, address, phone number and email address (if you have one).  You will receive a phone call to let you know we have received your reservation.  Directions will be provided.

Make the check out to:  GLOBAL MINERALS
Mail it to:   Marilyn Gang
                 #816 - 225 Davisville Avenue
                 Toronto, Ontario  M4S 1G9

Seminar Outline:

Campers may arrive August 30th @ site between 6 and 10 pm to register and Make camp.

Day 1 - August 31- Arrive by 8:30 am to register or make camp

8 am - 9 am   Breakfast

10 am - 12 noon - Theory of Geomancy and Geomantics

12 noon - 2pm Lunch ( European custom )

2pm - 5pm -Dowsing training session, learn how to sculpture your space

6pm - 7:30 -   Dinner

7:30 - 8:30pm -   Free time

9pm to 11pm -Opening of the Cave for a spiritual return to the Womb ( labor day)

Day 2 - Sept 1

6:30 - 7:30 am - Stretch / Salutations to the Sun / Meditation

8 am - 9 am Breakfast

9 am- Noon Laying down of a Labyrinth with energized minerals, raising a Cairn at the Labyrinth's centre.

Noon to 2pm - Lunch

2pm-5pm -Visit other local geological deposits

6pm-7:30 - Dinner

9pm -Midnight - Celebration in the Cave with drumming, chanting, music, dance. Bring instruments, 2 beeswax candles

Day 3 - Sept. 2

6:30 am - 7:30 am - Stretch/Salutations/Meditation

8 am- 9 am - Breakfast

9:30 - 12:30 - Discover Celtic Tree wisdom, Ecological recovery, learn how to grow fabulous food, flowers & herbs. As a group we shall feed a section of forest with minerals.

1pm-4pm - Lunch, mingle, share our experiences, Break camp.

Everybody note: This is the North - bugs may be bothersome - prepare accordingly - we chose this time of year to avoid the bothersome. Bring your tent, mattresses, sleeping bags. You'll need warm and cool clothing ( Cave is constant 51 degrees F) - bring rain gear, boots, towels, extra socks, flashlight a "must" as we're only under a half Moon that weekend, 2 beeswax candles for the Cave celebration and yourselves. See you Labor Day weekend.



   THE  Saturday, July 27th, 2002   Field Day
Burford, Ontario (west of Brantford)

Time:    Arrive 10-11, we'll do some earth energies, have lunch, do some more activities, leave by dinner time
Intent:   That we have clear skies, a nice warm day; a safe and clear drive out there for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE:   We are not planning a rain date, because we won't need one.
Bring your dowsing tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are no fees for this event. This is a gift to us from our hosts.

Chair: Bring a lawn chair if you have one, or a blanket to sit on the grass

Pool:  There is a lovely large in-ground swimming pool, with "H" Water that has been energized by Raymon Grace. Bring your bathing suit.

KIDS!  9 & 7 year old Ryan and Joel will be there - so if you have kids, bring them. (For those who prefer a peaceful quiet day, it will be.  There is plenty of land for the children who will join us to run around in.)    Have a partner or a friend you'd like to bring?  Bring them!

FOOD:  Our Lunch will be Pot Luck    BRING SOMETHING suitable for 6 people.
Bring a serving utensil.  Put your name on your serving dish.
We will supply paperware

Food suggestions:

Any kind of vegetable, pasta or fruit salad: Bean (3,4,5), carrot, pasta, marinated "anything". ..
Dips, pates, guacamoles, spreads --- crackers / vegetable sticks
Grilled veggies
Cold soup? , eg, gazpacho, vichyssoise  (ladle and cups may be needed)
Deli?  Roast chicken?
Something with sea food?  lamb?  Poultry?  Chicken wings?
On the adventurous side:
Sushi rolls, caponata, taramasalata, ratatouille, bruschetta
Cookies, simple cakes, pies, tarts

If you would like to do cooking, such as Bar B Q, corn on the cob, etc., let us know and we will see about arranging this.
CONTACT:   Angela Adamson-Viola  (905) 785-2880

Angela is your point of contact for all questions on this Field Day.

Rides:  If you would like to offer a ride, do let Angela know.  If you would like to receive a ride, let her know.  We will try our best.  Rides can not be guaranteed.

Food, Ice:  If you have questions as to what food to bring, ask Angela. 

It would be helpful if every 3rd or 4th person could bring a cooler, with ice.  Please coordinate with Angela if you can do this.

RSVP:  By July 24th, please let Angela know if you are coming, so we can let our hosts know how many people they can expect. (not mandatory, but helpful)

We will be looking for earth energies, finding objects --- perhaps a treasure hunt, find water and anything else we can think of.  If you have an idea for an activity you would like, please let Angela know.

We can also talk about Planet X, our futures.

NOTE:  We don't know if Larry will be at the Field Day or not.  As of this writing it looks like he won't as he and Raymon are expected to still be on their trip.  Alan Reed is expected to be at the Field Day.



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