Farmers markets -- City of Toronto --- Toronto --- May - October

Dufferin Grove Park's Parkdale Farmers Market Friends of Riverdale Farm
Mostly Organic Farmer's Market Toronto (West Downtown) Farmers' Market, Toronto
875 Dufferin St. Toronto (S of Bloor) Queen St. West & Cowan 201 Winchester St. 
Every Thursday 3:30 - 7:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM May to October Tuesday 3:30 - 7:00 PM May 6 to Oct. 21, 2004
Dufferin Grove Park rink house, across from the Dufferin Mall. The rink house is in the northwest corner of the park. Cowan Street is located West of Dufferin St, East of Jamieson AveThe market is on Cowan, South of Queen St. W Located in the Old Cabbagetown area of Toronto, Winchester St. runs east off Parliament St., one block north of Carlton St.
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East York Farmers Market Flemington Farmers Market
Toronto Toronto
Coxwell & Mortimer Don Mills Rd. & Eglinton Ave. E
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM May to October Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM May to October

 Onondaga Lake Peace Festival
Honor the place where peace was made on earth
Peace - Sustainability - Healing.  Pathways to stewardship of the earth
Friday to Monday, July 22 - 25, 2005
Long Branch Park, Onondaga Lake,   Liverpool, New York, USA
Camping, motel, etc., facilities available --- ALL  the info is on his website.  About 4-5 hours from Toronto.

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(905) 727 9171

is a lovely country spot 40 minutes north of Toronto with peaceful rolling hills, a forest of maple trees, a cedar bush.  They offer inspirational courses in a beautiful natural setting to explore your world and deepen your experience.

May 16 & July 16, 2005
Attunement:  A Sacred Healing Art

"Attunement is a non touch spiritual healing energy process.  Surrounding every living thing there is an energy field.  In the process of attunement, through the techniques involved, a practitioner would seek to allow a balance to occur in the endocrine system, the chakra field and the skeletal structure. The process is always co-creative, knowing that within each individual there is a unique spirit and ones own internal healer.  Therefore, it is a combined energy facilitated by the practitioner.  Assisting others, particularly in healing work, is an inherent gift that I believe we all have.  The process of teaching Attunement is about assisting one another to remember.  No one owns the universal principles of healing.  They are available to any who are on a spiritual path."
This one day course will provide participants with an in depth look at some of the basic principles behind the attunement process.

9:30 - 4:30.   $90.  Includes Lunch.  This is  taught by Paul Price, one of the founding members of King View, a certified Attunement Practitioner and a member of the Leadership Team of the International Emissaries Attunement Guild.

Music, Chant and Meditation Workshop
Saturday, August 13th - 9 am - 9 pm

You will be given an introduction to the basics of chant and shown techniques that will assist you in opening yourself to a more powerful experience.  You will be shown how to navigate your own meditation in the powerful silence created by chant.  This spacious day will offer you time for personal reflection and exploration as well as time for sharing with others in the group.

Walk the Labyrinth and the "Meditation Walk" through the trees, Journal by the pond, Relax in the peaceful atmosphere of King View.   $90 includes Lunch and Dinner of Fabulous King View Food

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The Lily Dale Assembly, one hour south of Buffalo,  is the oldest Spiritualist Community in America.  They have daily programs from June-September.  Many mediums are available for readings.  Although they have many programs this summer, as always, there are 2 especially that I am highlighting:
(1)  Barbara Hand Clow's July 1-3 workshop:  She wrote "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions", which Shelley Bourne used as the basis for her January presentation to us.  An excellent and recommended book.
(2)   Michael Bastine's August 30th talk:  I met Michael at a Dowsing Conference last year and he will be coming to talk to us.  Michael was close friends with Mad Bear with was close friends with Rolling Thunder, who was one of Raymon's teachers.   Michael  has many stories to share about his friends and is fascinating in his own right.
Journeys Through Nine Dimensions   ---   Presented by: Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow
Friday-Sunday, July 1-3, 2005  --  Fri. 7- 10,  Sat. 9 - 4,  Sun. 8: -10  --  $135.00
We all have the ability to activate nine dimensions of consciousness within ourselves. These dimensions of unconditional love, geometrical and sonic expansion, higher spiritual  intelligence, and elemental power greatly enlarge our enjoyment of life.   Learn the characteristics of these nine dimensions and how to work with their energies in a conscious and grounded way. The highlight of the workshop is the activation: a shamanic ceremony and guided meditation designed to explore the dimensional realms. The experience, which Barbara calls Goddess Alchemy, was only available previously in secret initiate societies ­ and now is made available to all serious spiritual seekers. During the workshop, Gerry Clow leads a team of healers who balance participants as they respond to these new awakenings.  Music specially composed by Michael Stearns accompanies the experiential portion of the workshop.  Participants are encourage to read ³The Pleiadian Agenda² in advance of the workshop.

Barbara Hand Clow, M.Th. is an internationally known spiritual teacher. She is the author of Chiron, The Mind Chronicles trilogy, Liquid Light of Sex, The Pleiadian Agenda, and Catastrophobia.

ORENDA: The Iroquois Sacred Force   -   Presented by: Michael Bastine
Tuesday, August 30, 2005  -  1:00 to 4:00 pm   -   Registration: $25.00
Like seminal mystical words from other parts of the world - mana, prana, ch’i - the Iroquois term orenda is untranslatable into modern English. We could start by taking it to mean “life force,” or “spirit,” but this could be too simple.   Something is either alive or dead; one can bear varying degrees of orenda.  As possessed by the greatest spirits, orenda could be a mighty, even deifying force. Among humans it was the force of healing - and magic. To the Iroquois this philosophy wasn’t “occult”: it was a part of their religious understanding.   By all accounts this force is connected with landscape. Some say that feng-shui is not just an Asian discipline, and that many Native American societies had something to the same effect. There are sensitives who can feel this  Iroquois force about certain sites, even hear it. There may be a logical way of detecting it.  Michael Bastine takes us on a journey into ancient legend, Native American practice, and contemporary Reservation spirituality.

Originally from Maniwaki, Quebec, Michael Bastine was educated in a small rural public school. Most of his boyhood was spent observing and relating to the natural world as a child. Meeting Mad Bear a great blend of worlds began, and Mike rediscovered his ancestral spirituality. Mike has been involved with traditional people for over twenty years, and their many influences have reinforced the teachings of nature.

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Spring and  Summer   2005 in Toronto with the Toronto Dowsers and
The Learning Annex and the Toronto Dowsers are pleased to share its talents with one another.   Discounts for select Learning Annex events --- of interest to our members have been arranged for members of the Toronto Dowsers this May, June, July, October and November.

The events are described below.  Each event has a COUPON CODE.   When you register, use this COUPON CODE and you receive a $9 Discount on the cost of each event.

 (1)  These codes EXPIRE the day before each event.
 (2) The locations for each of these events may not be set until a few weeks beforehand.  The Learning Annex will contact each attendee by phone or email to confirm the location, date and time.
 (3) You can contact the Toronto office at (416) 964-0011.
 (4)  Most events give a $5 discount if you register online.  Yes, you can combine both discounts.
 (5)  VIP prices: You can pay these fees when you become a member for $29.95 / year.
 (6)  These codes have been included ONLY in the print version of the newsletter.   Receiving a hard copy of the newsletter is one of the benefits of membership with the Toronto Dowsers.  If you are a member, do not have the code and would like it, please contact Marilyn.
AND:  Our very own --- Toronto Dowsers member Nancy Henderson --- who was written up in the April 2005 newsletter with regard to the tours to Brazil to see John of God (who Charles Hubbard told us about) is teaching SACRED GEOMETRY at the Learning Annex:  May 8, June 4 and August 20th.

Harmonic Overtone Singing with Kiva    Heal to the Pulse of the World's Heart
Monday,May 16, 2005  7:00 --  9:30
Course 360MTR Section A   $ 49.95 / $ 39.95 VIP members CODE:  XXX

Harmonic Overtoning is 'sonic massage' for yourself and others where you learn to sing two pitches simultaneously. It is the western version of throat singing, which originated in central Asia. It may increase breath capacity, expand tonal range, increase concentration levels, deepen brain wave states and provide a more focused awareness of the voice. It is accessible at any level of vocal ability, although some musical background is an asset.

This one-time-only event will be led by overtone specialist, Kiva, who has taught this class at the Worlds of Music School in Toronto. An obsessive dedication has led Kiva to become one of the few people (and even fewer women) in the western world who excel at this fascinating vocal art form, blending overtones into her contemporary original songs.

Connecting with Your Animal Spirit Guide with Dr. Steven Farmer   Friday, June 17, 2005    7:00  --9:00
Course 047BTR Section A   $ 49.95 / $ 39.95 VIP Members CODE:  XXX
Power animals are spirit guides in animal form. In this workshop with Dr. Steven Farmer, you will find out who your power animal is, how to call on it when you need to, and what your particular animal spirit guide means to you.

Learn how they can help you heal emotionally and physically, bring greater clarity to your relationships, and enhance your connection to the natural world. You may be surprised by the similarities between you and your power animal, and enchanted by the magical ways they teach you, guide you, and protect you.

Find out which animal spirit guide to call on for a particular purpose ~ such as the Dolphin for helping you with communication and playfulness, or the Mountain Lion for strength when you're called upon to be in a position of leadership.   Special bonus: Dr. Farmer will do random power animal readings for selected participants.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet: - Sacred Music, Sacred Dance -
Performed by the Monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery
Wednesday, June 22, 2005   6:30  --  10:15
Course 2585TR, Section B   $59.95 / $ 49.95 VIP Members CODE:  XXX
Co-sponsored by the Shambhala Sun magazine
Ancient societies throughout the world conceived that ritual performance of sacred music and dance at auspicious times established communication with the higher powers of good and brings about healing on environmental, social and personal levels. In this rare appearance, The Drepung Loseling Monks will perform ancient temple music and dance for world healing consisting of music and dance evoking a spiritual fesitival tradition in Tibet.

The Workshop ~ The Ancient Art of Healing: The Tibetan Buddhist Approach
(Presented in Tibetan with English Translation)

Ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditators realized that the balance and harmony between the elements within our bodies is the key to our health and healing. This harmony is disturbed or enhanced by various factors such as diet, behaviour, herbs and ultimately by our perceptions and emotions. This lecture presents the fundamental connection between our bodies and minds and introduces the ancient approaches to healing through meditation, mantras and visualizations. This lecture will be given by the Head Lama.

The Performance

The Mystical Arts of Tibet: Sacred Music Sacred Dance performance comprises nine pieces believed to generate energies conducive to inner and world healing. Robed in magnificient costumes and playing traditional Tibetan instruments, the Loseling monks perform ancient temple music and dance for personal and world healing. The entire performance lasts approximately two hours with a 20 minute intermission.

The Disappearing Universe: A New Course in Miracles with Gary Renard -June 25, 2005   1  - 4
Course 146FTR Section A    $ 49.95 / $ 39.95 VIP members    CODE:   XXX

In 1992 Gary Renard experienced a startling calling: two teachers, or "ascended masters," appeared to him to reveal the miraculous powers of forgiveness. He chose to listen to what they had to say, and the result is a record of 17 conversations that took place over nearly a decade, reorienting the author's life and giving the world an uncompromising introduction to a spiritual teaching.

"With disarming humor and down-to-earth candor, Gary and his guides spell out the truths within A Course in Miracles. The Disappearance of the Universe is both a fascinating story of Gary's encounter with two remarkable spirit guides, as well as a teaching manual about the power of forgiveness. An important and highly enjoyable book!" 

Gary R. Renard is a professional guitar player who took his life in a different direction after he heard a "calling." Today he is a writer who travels and discusses metaphysical principles with other spiritual seekers.

Call to Action: An Evening With Author and Renowned Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Thursday, June 23, 2005   7:00 -- 8:30
Course 207QTR Section A      $ 64.95 / $ 54.95 VIP Members   CODE:    XXX

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a man on a mission.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks with an intelligence, earnestness and passion rarely seen among celebrity speakers.

His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful confrontations against governments and companies polluting the environment. But Kennedy's message is more than clean water and pristine rivers. It is a call to action for people to make a contribution and a difference in their world.

Mr. Kennedy was named one of TIME magazine's "Heroes for the Planet" for his success helping the environmental group Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group's achievement helped spawn more than 125 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe, including an Ontario branch.

He has worked on environmental issues across the Americas and has assisted several indigenous tribes in Latin America and Canada in successfully negotiating treaties protecting traditional homelands. And it doesn't stop there - he is also credited with leading the fight to protect New York City's water supply. The New York City Watershed Agreement, which he negotiated on behalf of environmentalists and New York City watershed consumers, is regarded as an international model in stakeholder consensus negotiations and sustainable development.

Talking to Heaven: How to Receive Messages from the Beyond with bestselling author of Talking to Heaven and host of Beyond: James Van Praagh
Thurs. July 14, 2005  7 - 10  Course 3337TR, Section D  $59.95/$49.95 VIP Members  CODE:  XXX

Internationally renowned psychic James Van Praagh is The N.Y. Times #1 bestselling author of Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven and his latest bestseller, Healing Grief, as well as host of the hit TV show Beyond with James Van Praagh.

He has a remarkable gift as a spiritual messenger, connecting those who have died to their loved ones on Earth. He has been featured numerous times on Larry King Live, been profiled in People, Life, Newsweek, USA Today and is sought-after by spiritual and scientific communities throughout the world.

James will share his personal techniques for developing your own psychic abilities, accelerating spiritual development and healing from the pain of losing someone you loved.

Learn how to:
* Develop, trust and utilize your intuitive abilities    * Become aware of the energy fields around you   * Interpret spirit signs on a daily basis
* Find new meaning in life and transform yourself in the process

Steve Watts: Practicing Primitive: A Stone Age Workshop
July 30, 2005  1-4  --- Course 222RTR Section A:  CODE   XXX
Get the Stone Age Edge with Castaway's pre-history consultant!   As seen on Extreme History

In this completely unique workshop pre-historian Steve Watts will guide participants through a hands-on journey to rediscover the basis of all human culture-Stone Age Technology.

By learning more about our ancestors we learn more about ourselves. Explore the beginnings of humankind's first industry-stone tools. Try your hand at the manufacture of simple stone knives and chopping tools. Witness fire making in the prehistoric style. Relive the world of our earliest ancestors and discover the roots of human culture, language, religion and art.

"The learning and practice of stone age skills can help us all get in touch with our own roots, no matter what our particular heritage may be. Here in North America, we look to the First Nations and the ancestors of these people to teach us skills that are ‘native' to this place. Yet, if we go back far enough into our own pasts, we discover that we are all aboriginal peoples at some time in some place. The Stone Age is the great common denominator of humanness. Primitive (‘first") skills are our shared inheritance."