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TD's CDs

The price for a 2  CD set for one of our presentations is:
-   $10  for members,
-   $15   for non members.
-   Add another  $5  for shipping for 1-2 sets, another $2 for each additional CD
-   If you send a Check or (international) money order make it out to:  TORONTO DOWSERS
-   On the outside of the envelope write:  CD (otherwise it could take months for your order to be processed.)

Mail payment with shipping, item(s) ordered & contact info to:

Marilyn Gang
#816 - 225 Davisville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario    M4S 1G9
For  information about membership in the Toronto Dowsers click!Toronto Dowsers Membership

Questions?  email:   info "at"
[US orders:  Please note.   A first class stamp to Canada costs 60 cents.  Do NOT enclose a Self Addressed Stamped envelope.   Or US stamps.    Or money orders that can only be cashed in the US and its possessions.]