Valery Uvarov, St. Petersburg, Russia, Author, Member of Geographical Association of Russia, President of UFO Association of Military Officers.

      In the last 15 years, there was organized effort in Russia to study Ancient Technologies around the Globe, especially in Egypt.   Multi disciplinary studies conducted by teams of top scientists from Russian academia, researchers, institutes, headed by Mr. Uvarov, led to absolutely amazing results.  He published two books about Pyramids and the Wands of Horus.  He was interviewed by Project Camelot TV.  He will speak at the Whole Life Expo at the end of November in Toronto and will address: 

    Scuttlebutt among local Toronto folks is that, related to his work, in China, there was a pyramid that was sacred but but it is only visible to the eye during special times such as solstices and eclipses and only the local Chinese know about it and they will not share their information.
    And!  ".I was also just told that Algonquin Park has a pyramid!"
    It seems, too, that there are a lot of pyramids around the world that have only recently been found or exposed to the world.   When found, it is put on internet and then almost as quickly --- it disappears.

     In a video interview he speaks about UFO's, pyramid power, 2012 and multiple dimensional existence in the present.   Who really did build the pyramids and why?--  He tells us that the  pyramid builders were technicians with immense knowledge and a clear purpose. AND! moreover, that they are still here influencing our path.
    They have commenced a pyramid building project in Russia, with  hopes of expanding the project around the globe.  The pyramids act like acupuncture needles for the Earth and he claims they have the power to avert future disaster which will occur, due to projected increased solar and magnetic buildup starting in 2012.

The Wands of Horus project is a research project devoted to the study of the practices and tools that enabled the Ancient Egyptian priests to pass through the "barrier of death" and, following instructions left in prehistoric times by Shemsu-Heru, "the followers of Horus - god-like people dedicated to the growth of wisdom", to develop energy and psychic abilities, slowing the course of internal time.

His research brings him to the conclusions that:

       Serious trials and tribulations do lie ahead for humanity. Coming events will unfold in close connection with processes taking place on the Sun  which will really begin in late December 2012, when solar activity reaches its peak. Between  December 16-18 (solstice) the planet’s core will begin to radiate a flow of energies that, overlying the solar radiation, will stimulate the activity of processes in the Earth’s bio- and geospheres. Super-powerful coronal discharges will bring our planet magnetic storms of unprecedented force that will cause climactic and shorter-term weather anomalies, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, diseases and local conflicts.

      The Earth’s human  population is capable of influencing the future in a practical way, moderating the gravity of coming events and moving from passive expectation to positive action.

       The technology for exerting such an influence was known and used effectively in the very remote past. It is interesting and useful to us, because it is capable of reducing the impact and consequences of the approaching cataclysms. To employ this technology we will need to undertake a series of practical steps to create a means (tool) of influence.

      Ancient wisdom tells us that human beings and the Earth are constructed similarly. The human being has a physical body and so does the Earth. A person has 7 energy bodies and a system of energy channels and the Earth has the same arrangement. It also has acupuncture points on its surface – the “places of power” that are associated with geological faults (channels carrying energy). But in the case of the Earth, the “needles” that should be used are pyramids, the energy flow from which penetrates deep into the Earth’s energy system and is capable of influencing its structure, alleviating tension and local excess build-ups. This idea was one of the main reasons established in deep antiquity that led to the creation of pyramid complexes in a belt around the Earth from East to West. Many of those pyramids have not survived.

      Functioning as both and energy lens and a resonator, the pyramid acts like a funnel, gathering and amplifying cosmic energies in a particular wave range. As a result a column (flow) of energy forms along its vertical axis. Radar installations operating in the centimeter range that are located 60, 32 and 30 kilometers from the 22-metre pyramid constructed in the village of Khitino near Ostashkovo in Russia were used to scan the area around the pyramid. These studies revealed the presence of an energy formation  -- a column up to 1,200 meters high and 500m in diameter centered on the vertical axis of the pyramid.

       Therefore to influence the energy processes in the Earth’s crust and energy system we need to begin building pyramids in particular places to  alleviate future disasters in the areas where they will be most severe in the coming years.

The pyramid is:

Pyramidal energy structures, whose positioning should be decided with reference to the energy qualities of the location, open up the following possibilities: Pyramids have many beneficial properties that will play a special role in humanity’s development, but the most important for us is that they are capable of reducing the coming problems of 2012 to a minimum, giving humanity a real chance of coming safely through the tough trials that are on their way and preserving the world for our children.

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