The Toronto Dowsers Water Project
Healing the Waters of the Planet
Using Water for Health and Happiness
inspired by  our friend, Raymon Grace, November 26, 2002
This article written for our  January 2003 newsletter in which it appears
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Water, wonderful essential life giving water.  The foundation for dowsing, the most plentiful substance in our physical bodies and on our planet. The symbol of our Aquarian age.   Where would we be without it?  Dead.  Dried out, withered, turned to dust, dispersed in to one of the other 3 elements:  Air.

The need to find water is, how dowsing started thousands of years ago and still continues.
We know, but as of this point, not enough of us fully believe, that we can do anything we can conceive of with our minds, with our intention.  We are starting to understand and believe in the power and magic of what we can do with water and how we can use it to help us manifest.

We have the ability, today, to use The Water Project to clean up the water on the planet.
The Toronto Dowsers, and our friends, can, as of this moment, heal all the water on this planet.
From what Raymon Grace has been telling us for 2 years, one of his strongest passions is for all of us to work together to clean up the water on our planet.

A reason interest in dowsing is exploding is because dowsers find water! Nature knows that the water supply for her children is in trouble and is providing us with the tools we need to take care of ourselves --- like caterpillars who are fatter before a cold winter.  Do you know about the Dewatering they are purposefully doing around Markham?  The water table is being lowered --- drastically.  In the not too distant future the water supply for that entire area on the North border of the GTA will be in BIG trouble.  When I was a kid I read a prediction about how in the future electronic gadgets would be really cheap and we would pay big bucks for air and water.  I thought it was ridiculous.  Is there something wrong with the following picture?:

Gasoline:   1 Liter:  $.69-$.76           Water:   1 Liter: $.99-$2.49

At the November 26th Advanced workshop with Raymon he spoke to us again about the power of water and how we can and ought to use this power.

    We help the water    The water helps us    We help the water    The water helps us    We...
There are two [equally important] parts to this project:
1)    We use our dowsing, programming, prayer and intent to clear, heal and energize the waters.
       This heals, cleanses the water on the planet.

2)    We use this water to heal ourselves on all levels and achieve what we want in life.

At a point in their travels in Yellowknife this past June, Larry & Raymon felt that a body of water near them was "wild", that it was filled with the spirit of fear and anger.  They asked that the healing power of the Creator be applied to the spirit of the water. After, the water was much calmer.

There is so much we can do, with our dowsing, to water.  Water is, as we know, easily programmable.  The molecules have memory --- like panty hose!  Water retains memory better than perhaps any other substance we know.  After all, we know that homeopathic remedies retain the energy, imprint and effect of their original substance with perhaps only 1/1,000,000th the size of the original substance in water.

Water is an intimate part of who we are.  It is in us, we are in it.  We use a great deal of it several times every day.  It keeps us clean, nourishes us and our food supply, is a source for recreation, warms us, cools us, heals us, amazes us, has and gives power, beauty, softness.  It can be a simple cure for headaches, backaches.  Drinking enough water every day can keep us healthy and prolong our lives.  It is one of the most plentiful, perfect, useful essential substances we have.  And yet, we ignore it, waste it, pollute it, don't value it.

Finding water is the essence, the source, the soul of Dowsing where dowsing originated.  Dowsers begin their learning about dowsing with water energies because, it is an earth energy. Earth energies are the strongest energies and the easiest with which to get the dowsing response.

Dowsers have reported that, by using dowsing, programming and water, you can:

  •   Derive nutrients through water
  •   Reduce the symptoms of physical ailments
  •   Rid yourself of negative emotional patterns
  •   Heal, clean up, Unpollute the waters of Planet Earth
  • I would blue skye when I rode the New York City subways.  One day I was looking at a daughter, mother and grandmother.  I noticed the beautiful skin of the young girl and the wrinkly skin of the grandmother.  Why?  I wondered.  What makes the skin of kids soft?  What makes the skin of older people wrinkly (sometimes).   I was only a teenager and possibly not too learned at the time, but finally came up with the answer:  WATER!  It's the lessening of water in the skin of the grandmother that makes her skin wrinkly!   BUT!?   WHAT reduces the water?  How?   After all, she doesn't sit in the sun like a plum to become a prune.

    Tracy McBurney gave me a clue when I did my nutritional studies.  She said that as people become older, the cells hold half as much water as they used to.   The next question is:  How do they get this way?  Then:  How to stop that process.   However, as I don't have the answer to that question at this moment....

    Raymon found out about a measurement called "Dynes".  The concept of "dynes" comes from Alexis Correl.  Dynes measure the surface tension of water.  Hunza Water (probably the factor that made the Hunzakuts the longest lived people on the planet.  Hunza water was literally "energized water", capable of providing the life force required by all living systems), in addition to being highly mineralized, has a surface tension that is lower than ordinary water.  A dyne is a very small unit of force, the amount needed to break the surface skin of the water. Lower surface tension results in "wetter water", making it easier to absorb nutrients and release toxins. The body's cells require a surface tension of 45 in order to be permeated and hydrated.

    Alexis Correl, who kept a chicken heart alive for 37 years and received a Nobel Prize, stated that a secret of life is to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins. If those nutrients can't get into the cells because the water has too high a surface tension, the cells dehydrate and die of their own waste products.  He found that if you can provide the appropriate nutrition for a cell and remove the waste material it will never die. Water is the medium.  If the surface tension is too high, waste removal can not be done efficiently.  Ordinary water has a surface tension of 73.  Crystal Energy, a product created by Patrick Flanagan, is supposed to lower the dynes level to 59-65.  This is also what Microhydrin, another Flanagan product, is supposed to accomplish.

    You could drink a ton of ordinary 73 dyne water but if you don't have the micronutrients in your body to convert it into 45 dyne "living water" - and most if us don't due to our poor artificial modern environment - it won't permeate the cells, the cells will dehydrate and the water will just go into the body and flush out.  Tap water typically has a surface tension of 73 dynes. The body has to work to lower the surface tension of our drinking water in order for nutrients to pass through cell walls.  When the dynes are lower, you have a more efficient solvent and wetting agent. It is the solvent nature of a liquid that enables it to perform its functions in the living system.

    If the water you drink has the ideal Dynes level of 45-48, nutrients will get in to the cells efficiently and waste and toxins will be taken out efficiently.  Thus cells, will be healthier, last longer and improve your health and longevity.  Also, as we age, our cells hold less water.  So our skin wrinkles.  This is what happens with prunes.  Water is taken out of the cells.  This is what happens with dehydrated skin.   It becomes prune-like. Wrinkly.

    This summer Raymon worked on a well in California.
        Hardness went               from    9    to    4
        Alkalinity                       from    200    to    130
        pH                                7.5 - no change
        Iron                              from   .8 to .7
        Nitrates                         from 14  to  6.5
        Total dissolved solids    from 1200 to 800

    In July he worked on a well in Saskatoon:
       Before he worked on it, the level of arsenic in the filtered water was 46
        After he worked on it, the level of arsenic in the unfiltered water was 6.7

    There is a spring in North Carolina which was condemned for human use by the state Department of Health due to unacceptable levels of coliform bacteria.  After Raymon worked on it 3 times, the coliform levels were retested and the level was Zero.

            January 2002, Shelley Bourne used Raymon's techniques and substantially reduced the level of coliforms in a well --- so much so that the well water was now safe.
            There is a couple who own a 1,000 acre potato and onion farm in Grand Bend, Ontario at a workshop we had in the fall.  They had a big problem with a sulphur smell that was coming from their water.  They were being threatened with closure of their business by the government because this was offensive to their neighbors.  They used dowsing and prayer techniques they learned from Joey Korn and the stink went away.

    [PLEASE NOTE:  The above results have not been "Scientifically Proven".   However I question what we all too often accept as "Scientifically proven".   Just as Dr. Michael Crichton, author of "Jurassic Park", producer of "ER" wrote in his 1988 autobiography "Travels" p. 395-396:

    "........   the basic intellectual posture of science in the latter twentieth century.   I then asked, "Has anyone in this room had their tonsils and adenoids removed?  Has anyone had a radical mastectomy for breast cancer?  Has anyone been treated in an intensive care unit?  Has anyone had coronary bypass surgery?  Of course, many people had.
             I then said, "then you're all knowledgeable about superstitions, because all these procedures are examples of superstitious behavior.  They are procedures carried out without scientific evidence that they produce any health benefit.  This society spends billions of dollars a year on superstitious medicine, and that is a problem --- and an expense --- far more important than astrology columns in daily newspapers which are so vigorously attacked by the brainpower of  CSICOP. ...  "

    Science can be used effectively.  However it is still rather primitive as it has not yet developed the tools and instrumentation necessary to effectively observe and measure energy modalities such as dowsing.]

    We can use dowsing to clean up our waters.  All of them.
    We can use intention to clean up our waters.  All of them.
    We can use prayer to clean up our waters.  All of them.
    We can use dowsing, intention, and/or prayer to clean up all of our waters.
    " Never before have we had the opportunity we have now.
    Never before have we needed it so badly."

    Several months ago Raymon took a jug of water, "cleaned it" with dowsing and then energized it with dowsing and programming, putting various forms of energy in to it.

    A few drops of this water was poured in to a swimming pool.  Small amounts of this cleansed and energized water were poured in to other pools.   People who then swam in this water were reporting that they had more energy, they could swim better, longer, that aches and pains and symptoms of illness were decreasing.

    What was reported was that a young man who had been diagnosed with Autism spent time in one of these pools.  He came out after a short time and had started doing things he had never done before.

    Someone burnt his arm --- the fatty portion, just below the elbow --- with 2nd degree burns.  The day after this happened he was in the pool and when he came out the burn area had been healed.

    Then, there was an 8 year old girl who had been diagnosed with cancer, and was being treated for cancer.  She had tubes coming out of her body.  She was given a bottle of this energized pool water to put in to her own pool.  Her parents did so, and, she would spend time in it every day.   This young girl liked to draw.  She would draw pictures of a rainbow, however, she only drew half of a rainbow.  Three months later she started drawing the complete rainbow and said that her cancer was gone and would never return.  A short while later she was re-tested, re-diagnosed and was told that the cancer was gone. [NOTE:  P.M. Atwater had given the keynote presentation to the ASD 2000.  She spoke about the drawings of children and their meanings.  This drawing of a half, and then a complete rainbow is meaningful and indicative of what this young child knew on deep levels.]

    People using this energized water say that it only takes ONE DROP of this water to raise the energy when poured in to other water (the swimming pool).  ONE DROP increased the energy field of a swimming pool from 3 feet to 40 feet.

    Later on, more energy was added which increased it to 200 feet.

    We had [Raymon's] energized water in a pool that we swam in at one of our summer meetings.  It was like the movie "Cocoon".  We felt so good in it and did not want to come out.  One of the women who went in to it was using a cane.  When she left, she was carrying the cane.

    It has already been shown to us, that by you programming your water with your intent, and using it, you can achieve the results you want in your life.

    At the 11/26 workshop, Raymon said:  "The thought is that this water reaches out and touches other water.  And so forth. ...."

    And so: EUREKA!  Like the immediate illumination of a thousand watt light bulb the idea for THE WATER PROJECT burst in to consciousness.

    As I heard these words, I thought of the 5 gallon jug of Reverse Osmosis water I just happened to have in the trunk of my car. .... .... ....  After the workshop I explained my idea to Raymon and he agreed that it could be done and it is a good idea.

    I went to get the jug from the car and he pointed out to me the obvious --- I could leave it right where it was.

    So Raymon programmed the water in this jug.  In the 2  1/2 years I have been around Raymon I have never seen him program anything with such fervor and passion and determination and power.   He put everything he had in to programming this jug of water for the highest good of all.   He connected with a source and a power so deep and so high all the beneficial forces in the universe were with him at that time.   Unfortunately, we did not write it all down.  There is a tremendous amount of power in this water.

    Raymon Grace programmed this water solely for our use.

    Raymon programmed this water so that:

    It has an ideal Dynes level for the human body,
    It has a high energy level,
    All negativity, toxins, pollutants, negative thought forms have been removed,
    All fears, anger, despair, sadness, grief, etc. have been removed and changed to 5th Dimensional Energy
    It is filled with beneficial energies, love, happiness, prosperity, joy, peace,
    Flower of Life energy has been added,
    Every other drop of water that it touches will have these qualities and every drop of water those drops touch will have these qualities.
    " May this  water carry the Energy of the "Spirit of the Water" to raise the energy of all water with which it comes in contact. May this process continue to repeat itself to greatest good of humanity and the Earth. HO!"

    NOW that it was programmed we wanted to get it to you to use.

    But first we needed a name for this special water.
    So we had a contest open to members of the Toronto Dowsers who have email.
    We had so many good suggestions:  Healing Water, Graced Water, Spirit Water, Planetary Elixir, the Ripple Effect, Fantasia, Gaia's Gift, Living Water, Water Rays, Wizard Water, Energized Water, Infinity Water, etc.  The winning name was submitted by Avis Brown:ECH20 --  Energized Cosmic Water

    I got 96  250 ml bottles, filled them up, labeled them, packaged each bottle with a flyer describing What, Why and How.  We asked for $2 per bottle to cover the costs of the bottles.   66 people bought bottles at our December meeting.

    If you do the math, and assume I was filling the bottles up properly, you might wonder:  How is this possible?  After all, it takes more than a 5 gallon (18 liter) jug to fill up 96  250 ml. bottles.  How was this done?  Instead of  ECH20 could this be Fantasia Water as illustrated by the "Sorcerer's Apprentice"?  Or could this be Infinity Water, endless, and, where it just keeps going and going like an Eveready Battery?

    That's the beauty of this water.  As Raymon said:   " Every other drop of water that it touches will have these qualities and every drop of water those drops touch will have these qualities."

    Like the "Kitchen Sink" --- a seemingly bottomless castle of ice cream we big eyed kids would try to finish in Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor in New York --- every one's bottle of Energized Cosmic Water is indeed bottomless and infinite.

    When the big jug was 1/3 full, I filled it up again.
    You can do the same thing.
    You now have a bottle of ECH20 .   ECH20's energizing effects keep "echo-ing". they keep reverberating, rippling, extending expanding outward onward and forever.

    Now that you have your bottle, what do you do with it, how do you use it?


    Drop a couple of drops of  ECH20 in to a larger water jug.  Use it for whatever you like.

    Drop a couple drops in to a dropper bottle with water one you would carry around with you.  Drop a couple drops of ECH20 in to whatever you like.  Intend.

    You can use it "as is", however it will have a stronger effect if, as you use it you "INTEND" say, that it bring you health, longevity, etc. whatever you desire. You can make "Medicine Water" to heal non  beneficial emotional patterns, achieve what you want in life, as we learned through Larry & Raymon.

    Pour a couple of drops of this water in to a swimming pool, in to a lake, river or ocean, with Intention.  Pour some drops in to your toilet bowl.

    When your bottle has 1" of water left, add more water to the bottle.

    Please see that this water is distributed to people who travel to different places, so that even a few drops of this water be poured in to the different waters around our Planet!  Always, with Intention.

    Water is receptive to "thought forms". You may put a specific thought form in the water to accomplish a specific purpose.

    If you are on Internet, do check out:  www.wellnessgoods.com/messages.asp .   It shows some of the pictures from Masaru Emoto's work on water, "How Water Reflects Our Consciousness" and shows pictures of molecules of water that have been influenced by different thoughts, or music. Molecules of water that have been sitting near the sound of a Beethoven's symphony look very different, under the microscope, say, than water that has been sitting near the sound of heavy metal music.  He proves that the shape of molecules of water is influenced by our thoughts, our emotions.  What do you think happens to it when it gets in to your cells?

    ( See WATER-2  for an explanation of "The Memory of Water" from the  HeartMath Institute  )

    One of the reasons youngsters are achieving hormonal maturity earlier is because so many people are taking hormonal substances, such as birth control pills, estrogen therapy, viagra.  People ingest these products and then produce waste matter in the form of urine.  This goes in to the water system and influences and re-programs the water.  Our waters today are more filled up with hormones than 50 years ago and it is affecting the hormonal and sexual growth of our children.  We can reverse this process.  So occasionally, also pour a few drops down your sink or toilet.

    Please give a bottle of ECH20to people who travel so they can pour a few drops of ECH20, with intention, in to other bodies of water such as:

    The River Jordan, Sea of Galilee, Gulf of Suez, Chesapeake Bay, Lakes Michigan, Erie Ontario; Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Tonken Gulf; Yangtze, Potomac, East (River, NYC), Hudson, St. Lawrence, Ganges, Tigris, Nile, Amazon, Euphrates, Don Valley, Mekong, Mississippi, Rio Grande Rivers; Mediterranean, North, Red, Black, Arabian, South China, Caribbean, Sargasso Seas; Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian Oceans, etc.
    ... As I was writing the above, I started keying in large bodies of water that occurred to me, waters I had heard about ---  over the years in connection with pollution problems.  HEY!  TAKE ANOTHER GOOD LOOK AT THAT LIST!   What do you see?  Virtually EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT BODY OF WATER ON THIS PLANET IS IN TROUBLE!  It's the WHOLE DARNED PLANET!!!  What do you think your quality of life is going to be like in 20 years if you don't do something about it today?  And you know what?!  NOW WE CAN!   And --- like everything that is good and pure and true --- it's basic.  And, its easy.

    This is not just about physical pollution such a toxic run off, waste from factory farms, nutrient pollution.  We are also changing the energetic pollution from wars, strife, conflict, terrorism, poverty, etc..   Raymon added energies to deal with these situations as well.

    Right now we need to be especially mindful of the North Atlantic Ocean, Straits of Gibraltar, the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel due to the recent horrific mammoth oil spill:

    GALICIA, Spain 20 Nov  - A crippled tanker carrying more than 20 million gallons (around 67,000 tons) of oil split in half off the northwest coast of Spain on Tuesday (Nov. 19), threatening one of the worst environmental disasters in history. The rear section of the Prestige sunk early in the day, taking many of the oil tanks with it. Should the tanks leak, the resulting spill would be more than twice the size of that caused by the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident. Trouble began last Wednesday, when the vessel encountered a violent storm about 150 miles off Spain's Atlantic coast, causing an oil tank to puncture. The leak already had spilled at least 2 million gallons of oil. The tanker also had a 30- to 50-foot crack in the hull below the waterline which made it unable to proceed under its own power while salvagers sought a port to do repairs or transfer the oil to another vessel.

    One of the people doing this is Ann Fowle.  We won't see Ann at the January meeting.  She will be snorkeling on the Baja Peninsula, and, with intent, pouring a few drops of ECH20 in to the Gulf of California.  Ann recently celebrated her 80th birthday.

    Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind and YOU can achieve
    (Note: Clement Stone, of the Crystal Cathedral, born in 1902, died September 2002)

    Try a "blind taste test":   With a friend, pour identical water in to 2 identical glasses.  Put a couple of drops of ECH20 in to one of the glasses.   Drink and see if you notice a difference between the 2.  What is that difference?

    Carry a dropper bottle with you with this water.  Put a couple of drops in whatever you think is suitable.

    As "Medicine Water":  Put energized water in to a glass.  Focus on a result you want to have in your life.  See it, intend it, focus on it, feel it.  Be it.  Project all that energy, all those thoughts, feelings, intentions in to the water.  Sip at it, all the while totally "be-ing" the result you are achieving.

    When your bottle gets low, add more water.

    I felt like "Lucy".  Remember hearing about Lucy?  She was thought to be the first human and the supposed Mother of the Human Race.  "Lucy" was a fossil, discovered to be so far, the oldest species of the proto-human genus: Australopithecus --- the finders named it Australopithecus afarensis and nicknamed it Lucy.   Now, I don't think of myself as a fossil, not yet, anyway --- but out of this one 5 gallon jug that I have, this could be the "Mother Jug" that is the source of the water that heals the waters on this planet. Is it doable?  You betcha!  Certainement!

    So now you know what to DO with it.  MAKE IT A HABIT.  Please. Go ahead.  DO SOMETHING!

    Everyone:  Get a bottle and Use it.  We have more things planned around the Water Project for you between now and June, for your own personal bottle of ECH20.


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    The Water Project - Part 2 - Continues at: PART 2

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