Raymon Grace

Speaks at the Total Health Show, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, sponsored by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada on March 29, 2003

"Using Water to Change Energy - Using Energy to Change and Clean Water"

Raymon Grace, from Saltville, Virginia, one of the most highly regarded dowsing teachers in the western world, inspired the Toronto Dowers to commence The Water Project, on November 26, 2002.  This project began with his concept and his energy.   The Toronto Dowsers took it to a next step, taking the water he energized, putting it in to bottles, distributing it and using it, for many different purposes.   Each purpose intends healing.

Raymon Grace is rapidly becoming a favorite teacher across North America for those interested in understanding, using, moving and changing energy to create more positive outcomes in life for them selves, their families and friends.

This kind, simple mountain man, from Virginia, has been a guest lecturer at the Ozark Research Institute at Fayetteville, Arkansas; all the major Dowsing conventions in North America, an award winning teacher for the Silva Method, learned from famous native healers such as Rolling Thunder and Chief Two Trees.  He speaks to church groups, police officers and has had numerous radio interviews.

Raymon teaches people how to empower themselves using simple techniques and the power of your own mind.

The Consumer Health Organization of Canada (CHOC) and the Toronto Dowsers invited Raymon to Toronto for a 2nd year to speak at CHOC's annual Total Health Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, attended by thousands of people.   The Toronto Dowsers has been growing with monthly meetings offering presentations since its modest beginnings September 2000.   Dowsing is one of the main tools Raymon uses to move energy.

One of Raymon's two presentations was about water: "Using Water to Change Energy - Using Energy to Change and Clean Water".   This informal talk gave some real life examples of using dowsing and energy to clean up all the bodies of water on our planet and to demonstrate the programmability of water. Raymon showed how water can be energized to improve our mental, physical and emotional health.

What follows next is the transcript of Raymon's words at that talk:

*            *            *            *            *

".... We're going to talk about water today, until we run out of time or run out of what to say, whichever comes first.   We have been working on this for awhile.   I'll tell you who I mean by "we".   My friend Larry Huszczo and his dad Walter figure in to the story we are going to share with you here today.  Plus, I work with what I refer to as the Spirit World.  That's my definition of it.  You can take it for whatever its worth.

     I'll start out with something everyone should know but most people live as if they do not know --- is --- that --- we are not making any more water.  There is not any more now than there ever has been.  But there is a lot less pure water.  Every day we have less and less drinkable water on the planet.  Every day, we have more and more people drinking it, using it and polluting it.  This is a trend that can not continue indefinitely.  It may continue until there are no more humans left to pollute it any longer but it will not continue indefinitely.  There has got to be an end to it somewhere.  It may or may not be within our lifetimes.  Chances are, it very well may be.  It may be right at the end of them because if we pollute all of it, there won't be much more left.

    For those of you old enough to remember, back in 1973, down in the States, when gas prices went from 30 cents to $1 a gallon, you would have been hard pressed to have convinced anyone, including me, that the time would come that you would be paying more for a gallon of water than you do for a gallon of gas.  But you have already seen that time.

    So, looking down the road another 10 years ---- what are you going to be paying for it --- if it is even available?

    Those of you who have children and grandchildren might want to consider them.  Because that is one of the things that motivates me.  That your children and grandchildren even have decent water to drink at any price.

     I'm not a person who believes that 'that is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it'.   About hardly anything.  With most things, I like to do something about it.   That's the title of my book "The Future Is Yours' DO Something About It".

     You don't have to be real smart to do something, you just have to have determination.  Much of what we have accomplished over the past few years, we really didn't know what the outcome would be.  We just knew that if we didn't do anything, that nothing would happen, and, if we did something, that something might happen.

     I'd like to start the major part of this story in mid-April, 2001.   Before that time, we have been energizing water.   Mostly to help to make a physical correction to the body or perhaps even an emotional correction or perhaps even to just alter our thinking pattern.  How do we do this, and why?

    Your body is made up of a great percentage of water. Depending on who you ask you get a different per cent, so I just don't bother to quote numbers.  Water has the capability of being easily programmable.  That is, you can implant thoughts in to water.  And the water seems to hold the thoughts.

    We've been fooling with this stuff for years, with some fairly decent results, but on a small scale.  We reached a point where we could not just continue on a small scale. We had to do something else.  Many times, opportunities come in the way of problems ---- most of the time, this is the way they come.   In April 2001, I was speaking at the Ozark Research Institute in Arkansas and 4 women came to me and said "There is a big spring about 50 miles from here that we would like to take you to and show to you.   It used to be a very pure spring.  In fact, water was drawn out of it and bottled and sold all over the country.  But it has long since become very polluted and the water there isn't usable any longer."

     I knew what they wanted, I just didn't know what to do about it.   They took me out there, it is a beautiful spring, roughly 25' in diameter, 25' deep, it produced 38,000,000 gallons of water every 24 hours.  It's known as Blue Springs, right north of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I got a little ways away from these people to think, because I figured --- they brought me out here, thinking I could do something. I wished they were right.  I started communicating, as best I could, with some of the spirits of the land there.  I found that there were some Indian spirits still around that spring.  This was on the Trail of Tears where the Cherokee people were marched from Cherokee, North Carolina in to Oklahoma in 1838.  About 4,000 or so Indians died along the way.  This was on the trail.  Some of them were still there.   I asked them "Would you like me to take you on over to the Spirit World?"  They said  "No.  What we want you to do is to purify the water."   I said:  "Yes, that's a good idea.  Do you have any good ideas as to how this can be done?"   But I didn't get an answer.    I thought --- maybe what I need to do is to communicate with the water.

    I didn't know how I was going to do this, so I took my boots off and I sat there with my feet in there.  I realize its not a normal way to purify water --- soaking your feet in it --- however, it felt good, and I thought that maybe I can get in contact here and see what will happen.

    What I got next --- you can say I made it up and you might be right.  I prefer to say that the water gave me a message.   The message I got was "Everything had a frequency".   (Which we already knew, we just had not applied it yet in all the ways that were possible).  The message was:

"Scramble the frequency of the pollutants of the water.   And adjust them to the frequency of pure water."

    We had learned that everything has a frequency.  I don't think I found anything yet that does not.  The human body has a frequency --- there is an ideal frequency for the human body.   Only one in several thousand are on that frequency, but there is an ideal frequency for the human body.

     Various diseases have frequencies.  So do emotions.  There's a frequency for love, there's a frequency for hate and fear and depression and joy and happiness and all these things.  The good news is:  You have the ability to change these frequencies.  The human mind has a lot more capability than most people realize.   We've done some pretty fair stuff with it, but we have not yet scratched the surface.

     Let me simplify this for you.  You say  "Well, how do you do this?"   I use what I call a Dowsing System because I'm a Dowser.   I usually use that system because it works.   But what if you are not a Dowser?  Then, you can say a prayer.  I don't think it makes a lot of difference.  All that dowsing is --- is a way to focus intent.  Which is basically what a prayer is.   All I ever do, is:  Ask.   I don't really do anything myself.  I "just" ask.  You'll get a lot more accomplished in life, if you ask, then you will if you don't ask.   So ask.

    Whenever this message --- I'll use that term --- came to me to scramble the frequency of the pollutants of the water, I just take out my pendulum that I always carry in my pocket ---- now what would I have done if I hadn't had a pendulum?   I would have just asked anyway.   Since the pollutants are much higher than the frequencies of pure water, the pendulum went in a counter clockwise manner.   This is all we did.  I probably said a few words of gratitude to the Spirit of the Water, or something to that effect, because that is the way I think.

    It was all over and I really didn't know if we had accomplished anything or not.  But I thought I tried and I would rather try and fail than I would not try at all.

    I sought out who I thought were some of the best dowsers in North America because a lot of them were my friends.   And this was the way I framed the question:  "Would you do me a favor.  Would you go back in time to the 1st of April [2001] and check out Blue Springs, Arkansas.  And tell me what is the condition of the water concerning the purity of the water."   Now there have been various numbers given, because not all dowsers agree on exactly the same thing --- we may read a different scale, we may have a little different way of interpreting things --- the numbers were a little different.  Not a great deal, but some.  The bottom line was:  Very Polluted.   Now --- would you do me one more favor.  Would you move time forward to the first of May [2001], and check the spring again.   Every one has said:  What did you do?  The purity is 95-100%.

   Okay.  So what do we have here?  We have a bunch of people who have all swung pendulums in the same direction and arrived at the same conclusion?  Does that prove anything?   No, but it's pretty decent evidence.   Last week, I happened to get an email, from one of the ladies who took me up there and she had bought the spring.  And had the water tested by the Nature Conservancy.   And they said it was one of the purest springs they had ever tested.  38,000,000 gallons a day worth.  What did we do?  We just asked.  We asked with respect.   You get a lot more by having respect.   This was what really got us started.  We only got the scientific confirmation this past week.  But just the dowsing confirmation was enough to give me confidence to start telling people how to do this and to start putting the word out.  And people started listening.

   So let's move time on up to last June [2002].   I was visiting the Huszczo family, in Burford (Ontario) and Walter  (Huszczo) had gotten a bunch of water from various sources.  He had energized this water with various means.   He had one sample from the Lourdes spring --- over in France --- the healing water over there.  He had also asked if I would energize some water.  He wanted to do an experiment.  It looks like we had 8 containers of water here.  He had them numbered 1 through 8.   I did not have a clue which water was in which glass or bottle.  My job is to put them up here and set them on the table.   Walter's job was to go way back through the hallway, and come towards them with his dowsing rods.   Where the dowsing rods crossed ---- that would be the line indicating the edge of the energy field of the water.  There is an energy field to everything, for those of you who may not know --- you have seen pictures of this.  To make it real simple, it is like Jesus' picture with a "halo" around his head.  That is his aura.  This is an energy field.  Water also has an energy field.  A normal bottle of water has an energy field of 5 - 5 1/2 inches.  That is just as a point of reference from what I am going to tell you now.

   When Walter would test the water, I still didn't know which water we were testing, I would simply write down the distance, then set up another one.  We went through all 8 bottles like that.

    Every bit of the energizing of the water worked.   It looks like the least we had went out 10 feet.  The water from the spring over in France, the healing water, went out 30 feet.   The water that I had energized, simply by holding it, and you can say I said an affirmation, or said a prayer or made a request --- pick whichever one you like the best --- went out 60 feet.

    The one that went out the furthest --- not that day but 3 days later, after he had done some more work on it, went out 80 feet.   That was some water he had put in a structure that he has created.   (You can see some of these "energy structures" at the booth, #805, upstairs on the exhibit floor.)   He had put this water in the one that he calls the Flower of Life.  It expanded out to 80 feet.   It took a day or so to do that.  What we are saying here is that everything we did worked.  Some things worked better than others.

    Then we decided to check the swimming pool.   He goes towards the swimming pool with his dowsing rods --- this is not city water, it is well water --- and the rods cross at approximately 3 feet -- which is reasonable.  My spring water at home has an energy field of approximately 40 inches.  I understand that is comparable to a bottle of water that goes out 5 1/2 inches.   He said "why don't you take that water and pour it in the swimming pool to see if you can change the energy [field] of the water in the swimming pool?"   I said:  "No, let's take one drop."   I stuck my finger down in that glass of water, I put it in the pool, sloshed it around.  I said "Ok, Walter, measure it with your dowsing rod and let's see what happens."   The rods crossed at 40 feet.   In a matter of less than 5 minutes we had increased the energy field of 23,000 gallons of water from 3 feet to 40 feet with the use of 1 drop.

    Now that is good evidence to me, because I believe in his abilities.  But scientifically, this is not [yet] credible.  I had another bright idea.  I said "Walter, go way out in the field and come back and tell me what happens."   The rods crossed at 200 feet.  What did we do?  We simply mentally took the Flower of Life, which was sitting over in the corner and put the energy of it in the swimming pool.  But we didn't tell him what we did.  We just did it.

    We were really excited about this, but we didn't know quite what to do with it.   The following week, Larry and I were travelling out in Alberta.  Walter called one night and said that he had had a burn on his arm, about 3/8 inch wide, that hadn't healed.  He got in to the pool, when he got out he noticed that it was all healed.   Seeing that, he invited some of his neighbors with aches and pains and limps in to his pool.  They came out and they weren't hurting any longer.  At that point, we knew we had something.  We still don't know quite what it is, but we are working on it.

    There were 7 of us out there --- for those of you who have read my book, Chapter 8 is devoted to a couple of friends of mine who live in a little cabin in Northern Alberta, Winnie and Bill Askin.    We measured the water out there on a Bovis scale.   A Bovis scale, to my understanding (which is quite limited) is a scale of measurement with which practically anything can be tested.  But I did not know how to do that.   So I went outside and got a bottle of water from the rain barrel outside.  I brought it inside and I asked Bill to test it with his Bovis Scale, to come up with some type of scientific unit of measurement for testing, not just some arbitrary scale of 1 to 10 --- which is something we do often.  He checked it out and got a reading of 2,000.

     I took the water and I energized it.  How did I do that?  I didn't do anything more than:  say a prayer, make a request, say a few words of respect --- whatever it is you want to say.  And I gave it back to him, and said:  "I'd like for you to check it again."   It went to 100,000.   Then we passed it around.  There were 7 of us there.  Every one there did whatever they knew how.  We didn't necessarily copy each other, we just did what we each knew how to do.   The energy went to 1,000,000.   Bill's wife, Winnie, had a sore ankle, that I had not been able to help with.  It kind of bothered me, but I just had not been able to help the woman.   But I got a bright idea.  I said  "Winnie go get yourself a pan, big enough to put your feet in.  I want to try something."  I took the water, and I put a "thought form" in it.  A thought form is really nothing more than an intent, but I did not tell anybody what I did.  (If you want to experiment, sometimes, you don't tell anyone until after the fact.)   She brought the pan in, I said "Put your feet in it."   I poured about half the bottle of water in it and she said --- even before I finished pouring the water  "Oh my, I've never felt water like this before.  The energy of the water is coming up through my feet and legs and all through my body."  That was the thought form I put in it --- it was that the energy of the water would go all through her body.  I asked "How does your ankle feel?"   It didn't hurt.  We were on a road trip for 3 weeks after that.  It still didn't hurt.

    What we did --- we put another thought form in to the water --- that the water would energize all water that it touched, equal to that of the original water --- to equal or exceed the original water --- and that the process would be repeated continually.  We stopped along the way and we poured a few drops of water in to the Peace River and the MacKenzie River and in to various lakes --- with the intent that the energy of this water would transfer to other water and so on.

  If you have scientific questions such as how did we know it would work, did we have permission to do it, what would the authorities think about it, did we get a permit and if so is it notarized and when does the date expire --- I have a blanket answer:  Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  I don't deal with a lot of stuff like that.  You just do the best you can do and you hope for the best and you don't worry about the details.  We didn't know what was going to work.  We still don't.  But we know a little bit about what is going to work --- because it has.  We just don't know the bottom line yet.

     Okay, the plot thickens and time moves on....
     November  --- we had learned more about water then.  We had learned about surface tension.  I had known a little about it, but very little.  I talked to a gentlemen. a doctor, who had a lot more knowledge about it than I did.  He read my book and called one night and I told him about the Water Project we are trying to start.  He started telling me about the surface tension of water, which is measured by a unit of measurement called a "dyne".   As he talked, I started to check out my spring.   I said to him  "I don't understand much about this, what the numbers should be, but I am checking here and it tells me that the water in my spring has a surface tension (the amount of pressure it takes to break the surface of water.  Every one has seen a dry leaf floating on top of the water. That is because the leaf did not break the surface tension).   If the surface tension is too high, the water can not saturate the cells enough to carry nutrition to the body or to remove waste material from the body --- and the cells will die --- which is why people die.

    There was an experiment --- and I'm quoting what I have been told here --- Marilyn (Gang, from the Toronto Dowsers) did some research on it --- that there was a gentleman who won a Nobel Prize for his work (Dr. Alexis Carrel won a Nobel Prize for his work in the field of transplantation) --- he took a heart of a chicken and in laboratory conditions --- he reduced the surface tension of water, fed nutrition to this heart, which was still alive, and removed the waste material from the cells.  But the experiment had to be discontinued --- after 37 years.  Because the thing never died.  This got my interest.

   When I was checking the surface tension of the water in the spring, I said to the doctor "this looks like 90 dynes, does that mean anything to you?"  And the doctor said "that's probably about right".  My next question was:  "What is the ideal surface tension for my body?  I'm getting 47.  Does that make any sense?"  He said "You are probably right, as it is usually between 46 and 48."   The next thing I did was to ask:  "Can I change the surface tension in the spring to the ideal surface tension of my body?"  So we tried, and we probably succeeded.  I have some physical evidence that we did succeed --- no absolute proof.

  So Walter and I were discussing this and when I was here in November he said "I would like for you to test something for me."  He sat a bottle of water and a cup of water on the table in front of me and said "I would like for you to test the surface tension of this water."   I checked the glass first, and I said "I get about 87 dynes, does that make any sense?"  He said "yes, it just came out of the faucet."  I said "well, that's right, 90 for my spring, 87 for your well.  But this bottle is not making any sense to me at all.  I get that it is at 45 dynes.  That is not reachable.  Apparently I have messed up in my dowsing."  Walter said "There is something I did not tell you.  I put the bottle of water in the Flower of Life structure."  I asked --- why 45?  The surface tension for my body is 47.  why 45?  So I checked to see what is the ideal surface tension for Walter's body, and I got 45.

   It was very obvious to me that we were dealing with a very high degree of intelligence here.  So we did an experiment, the night before last.  We took various energy structures, as he has in his display upstairs --- he and Larry and I each put our initials on a different bottle of water.  Each one of us set the bottle of water in or on each one of the structures.  The next morning, we checked the surface tension of each of the bottles.  We had tested and found that each one of us had a different ideal surface tension for our body.  Walter was 45, Larry was 46 and I was 47.  The next morning the water was all at the ideal surface tension for each one of us.  My bottle was at 47, Larry's was at 46, and Walter's was at 45.

   We think we've got something here.

   Marilyn here has really promoted this tremendously.  In November she said "Would you energize a 5 gallon container of water for us?  Which I will then pour in to small bottles and distribute them."    She's calling it  ECH20  -- Energized Cosmic Water.   So we did that.  There is some upstairs at the booth, and we are getting feedback.  She has her project going here for all over Canada, and with some people in the States --- this is being shipped to them.  One of the pieces of information that is real interesting is a fellow who handles radionics.  He says he got a bottle of the water from the Toronto Dowsers --- the water is free, they charge for the shipping and the bottles --- he said  "I was going to test the energy for it but I can't do that.  I don't have a scale that goes high enough."   I told him I didn't exactly understand how the devices work as I have limited exposure to them, but I did see enough about them to think they work.  He said "Let me tell you what else I did --- I took 3 drops of that water, which I put in to container #2, which I then filled with ordinary water, and in 5 minutes I couldn't test that water either."

   I told him "That was a thought form I put in to the water.  That it would energize all water that it touched, equal to or to exceed the original water, and, that the process would be continued."   Now I get questions such as how long would it take to purify Lake Ontario.  I don't have a clue.  I simply don't know, folks.  We've been stumbling in the dark, but it seems as if we are headed in the right direction.

    What has amazed me over the years, and I put something like this in the last book that I wrote --- it won't be out for awhile --- in all the classes I have done, I have taught people to the best of my ability how to energize water and some of the things they can do with it.  This is what never ceases to amaze me.  At the end of the class people will come up to me and ask  "Is it okay if I use this energized water to help my child?"  They need my permission?  It's your water, it's your kid, it's your thoughts --- why do you need me?

    People have been brainwashed from the time they went to school, that you don't do anything without permission.  I just don't buy that theory.  You do whatever you can to help your family, your friends, your community and your fellow man.  You don't have to ask somebody if it is okay.  You are intelligent human beings.  Or you wouldn't be here.

    So what I want to do, is I want you to believe in yourself.   You don't have to come to me to energize your water for you.  You can get a bottle of it from Marilyn if you want to, and you can take it and you can energize your own water.  Over and over again.   But you really don't need me.  I only got the project started.  We might start it in another country somewhere, or we may help you do something if you want to do it.   Let's go on as to what can be done with this.  I'll give you a little bit of the feedback that we have had from it.

    We had a client, in Richmond, Virginia, about 2 months ago.  I had never met this woman -- she lives 300 miles away.  She was on heavy doses of morphine and wanted to reduce the dosage.  Her doctor told her that it was medically impossible, that no one had ever done that and it could not be done.   So she called me.  I don't have any kind of a degree, so I don't know that it can't be done.   We call this Intelligent Ignorance.  We don't know that it can't be done so we just do it anyway.   Actually, that's how Walter built the Flower of Life.  He consulted some engineers and they told him it couldn't be done, so he had no choice.  He built it anyway.

    On the phone, I told the woman:  Put your glass on the table and I'll see what I can do for you.  I energized the water to reduce her body's dependency upon morphine.  She cut the dosage by 30% the first week.  It's not supposed to be possible to do that.  I didn't know that, I didn't believe it, and she believed me instead of the other advice she got and she was able to do it.

    You have to be careful with this.  A friend who wasn't feeling too well called me.  She, too, lives a couple hundred miles away.   I said, we probably need to cleanse all the waste material out of your body.  We did.  It gave her diarrhea.   I energized the water with the intent to cleanse the waste material from her body and it worked.  She had diarrhea all the next day.  So sometimes be a little careful as to what you do with it.

    Let's get back to some semi scientific evidence.   3 years ago, I received a phone call from a lady in California --- someone I did not know --- who had a well in California, who had a well that was very badly polluted.  It got even more polluted during the rainy season because of the surface water seeping in to it.   She wanted to know if I could do something with it.  I said:  I don't know, we can try, and see what happens.

    I now have a water analysis report of before and after.  The time between the reports was from the 9th of September to the 30th of November.  The pollutants decreased by 50%.  They did another water analysis 30 days later, it was reduced by another 50%.  Larry and I were travelling across Saskatchewan this summer and we stopped to stay with someone who had a very high concentration of arsenic in their well.  He asked if Larry and I would work on it.  We tried --- we never worked on arsenic before, we didn't know how, but we thought that we'd try something.

    About 2 months later we received a very enthusiastic phone call from him.  The arsenic had decreased by 90%.

    What are you going to do with this information?  Say it was interesting?  Go out the door?  If you do, you wasted your time being here this morning.  Go out and Do Something!   You all drink water!   You, your kids, your grandkids, and all of your descendants will drink water, assuming, there is some left to drink.  This is not the most critical issue we are working on, I'm going to talk about that one tomorrow, but this may be the second most critical one.

    Number One, I want you to be able to believe in yourself.  People are giving their soul to their priest and their preacher, their money to the banker, their health to the doctor and their kids to the school system and in so doing they lost the power to control their lives.  I'm just trying to get you to take your power back.

    I want to give you a brief idea --- I'm going to be teaching a class next weekend --- you can get the details at the booth from Marilyn --- energizing water and going in to the details on it will be part of the class --- if you can't attend I'll give you a very short version of what to do.  If you do nothing more than take the water --- a cup of water, a bottle of water, whatever --- and say a prayer over it --- that will help a lot.  Because there is a website --- there is a fellow from Japan (Dr. Masaru Emoto) who has been taking pictures of water --- he would freeze the droplet of water and take a picture of it.  The bottom line is that pure water has  very delicate structure like a snowflake.  Very polluted water has a structure like a handful of mud.  What he found was that the water responded to Intent --- which is what we have known all along.  He just did it more scientifically, and proved what he did with photographs.

    So Marilyn had a conversation with the Secretary General of his organization about a month ago and he has put the Toronto Dowsers link and all the work based on the stories I have shared with you and the other information that Marilyn has written on that.  So we are reaching people now in a lot of different parts of the world.

     How long will all this take?  We don't know.  We told you about energizing a well, we had a few gallons of water, and, the biggest story I told you so far is about the spring with 38,000,000 gallons of water that was purified after our efforts.

     Water responds.  Water responds to thought, to intention, to prayer, to programming.  And the water that touches the programmed water will respond and so on and so forth.  The water will respond, if shown respect.  The earth will respond, if shown respect.  You will respond to respect if it is shown to you.  The earth and the water will do the same thing.   Thank you for your attention. "

*                *                *                *            *

Raymon spoke to the Toronto Dowsers at their April 2003 meeting.   Here are some water related notes from that meeting:

With the Water Project, Raymon energized the water in various ways, such as:

- Adjust it to the appropriate surface tension of the person using it
- Energize any water that it touched, equal to or to exceed it
- You will gain increased benefits of this water if you will put your own intent in to it.
- Every time you have a drink of water, have the mentality that it is serving the purpose you intend.
- He put in a thought form to cleanse all waste material from his cells.
- Put in a thought form that it will give you the ability to energize more water
- For bodies of water: Remove the spirit of anger and fear from the water, of the sea creatures
- He combined the Water Project and Raising Consciousness so that every time you do this (drink water) this raises your level of consciousness and the levels of consciousness of humanity.

As we are energizing the water, and drinking it, Raymon had another excellent idea:  Energize the moisture in the air!!! That any time it is breathed in by anyone it will raise their level of consciousness and compassion. !!!  It won't cost you anything and you don't need a permit.

A question was asked:  How can we energize water coming in to the house? (or apartment)

Raymon suggests:  Draw a diagram of the house and the water line coming in to it.  Draw an energy device, or, make one, out of cardboard --- whatever.  "All" you're doing with this is enhancing your belief system.   Put the device on, then start checking the energy of your water.  See what happens. WOW!

On Raising Consciousness:

This is Raymon's Number One Goal and Project.  To Raise Consciousness.  This is the best way to progress, to achieve our goals.

He started this because Bill Askin told him "1% of the population of humanity, if properly focused, can change the consciousness of humanity."  At that time, the measured it to be .7%.   And with the encouragement of Chief Two Trees, and Johnna Rae Bartges, we started the Call To Action.  The first time was August 26, 2002.   After that, it was measured at 1.3%
It worked so well, it was decided that they would do this every equinox and solstice.
September 22:  6%
December 22:   9%
Then it started raising on its own.  They heard about James Twyman's project in February.  "It was a good idea, but the problem was, although those people are good hearted, they didn't know the first thing about screaming demons.  We cleaned it out."   [Note: this is what happens frequently.  People want to send beneficial energies to a place or a person but do not realize that first non beneficial energies need to be "cleaned out."]   After that day, energy raised 3%.

We had our Consciousness Raising on the Mound March 22.  Consciousness is now over 21%. The morning after our Mound event Raymon told me that our efforts raised the consciousness by 2%. [NOTE: in his just published - March 2003 book "I" - (the follow up to "Power vs. Force") Dr. David Hawkins discusses that only 22% of the world's population calibrates over 200 (out of 1000 on his Map of Consciousness).]

"Do you know any time in the history of the world when there has been so much organizing for peace?  It would not have happened without the raising of the consciousness of humanity."
Raymon gave a workshop April 5 and 6. This is what he said at the beginning of that workshop:
"There has been more support and more people doing something here than any other place in North America."

"At The Mound, you made a major difference. I don't know of any group which got so many people together like you did."

"We have only begun to scratch the surface of what we are capable of."
"If we can learn to reach the most powerful state of mind and have creative visualization, we can perform miracles."

The Toronto Dowsers is one of the largest and fastest growing Dowsing groups in North America.  They have events, workshops, and monthly meetings with presentations on different areas of dowsing.  For those who do not know how to dowse, they can direct you to dowsing teachers.   As of  April 2003, 500 bottles of  ECH20 have been distributed.  They are also networked with Dr. Masaru Emoto's organization in Japan and will take part in the July 25th "Thank Water" event at Lake Ontario.  For more information, see:  www.TorontoDowsers.com  or contact Marilyn Gang (416) 322-0363 9:30-9:30    Their website includes articles about The Water Project as well as stories by those who have been using this water to help themselves, their friends and our planet, and more information about Raymon Grace.