[ The Toronto Dowsers  attended Dr. Emoto's presentation. These are the detailed notes of that talk, as well as our participation in The Water Project ]
Dr. Masaru Emoto spoke to a crowd of 170 people for 3 hours on Saturday, May 10, 2003.  This presentation was sponsored by Starlight Events and the Toronto Dowsers were permitted to have a table where we distributed ECH20.  Some of his words, since they were translated from Japanese in to English, at times had a more poignant, softer more heartfelt touch than they might have had, perhaps, by a native speaker of English.  He shared with us the results of his research on many levels.

November 26, 2002, when Raymon Grace, of Saltville, Virginia, was giving a workshop to the Toronto Dowsers, we had an idea which led to the Water Project.  Since we know that water has memory and can hold the properties of thoughts it is exposed to, Raymon had shown us how to energize water with our mind with a great deal of positive energy, so that even just a few drops of this energized water, when it touches other water or anything else, heals it.  Raymon got the project going by energizing 5 gallons of water which we call ECH20 and have since been sharing and distributing.  As one example, 1 drop took care of a swimming pool of 23,000 gallons in under 5 minutes.  To date, we have distributed over 500 bottles.  Dr. Emoto's research, and our project, create a perfect team.

Dr. Emoto has been brought to prominence in our world since his 1999 publication of his first book "Messages From Water".  Dr. Emoto froze water, then looked at the crystals of the frozen water through a microscope and then took photographs of them, so we could see the molecules and how their shapes were unique.  The shapes were beautiful, to our eyes, if the water was near, say, a person who was feeling love.  The shapes were ugly, to our eyes, if the water was near, say, a person who was feeling anger.  The shapes and appearance differed depending on what thought, feeling, music --- vibration --- was close to the water before it was frozen.   Thus, Dr. Emoto has proven that water is influenced by vibration and can be programmed.

Towards the end of this article I have included the description from his website as to the process and physics of freezing the water.......

Ground water throughout the world is becomig tainted.  Canadian water is no exception.  We see pollution everywhere in the world.  In Japan, spoiling water is considered to be Blasphemy.  Water is a message from God.  Tap water in Japan is so contaminated that crystals can not be seen in it.  It's ugly.  The Japanese are developing skin problems.  1 in 3 Japanese have them, because they are forced to drink the lousy water.

The rivers are the blood vessels of the planet.  In our bodies, we try to do our best to see that blood flows smoothly.  Imagine if the blood vessels to the brain were clogged.  We would die.  Shellfish at the edge of rivers eat up pollutants, which make the rivers more clear before they reach the sea.  It is best to keep water moving.  Stopping the water stops its energy.

A Healthy body means a body that has no irregular vibrations.
Disease comes from irregularities of vibrations.
All phenomena in the world can only exist with energy.
What is energy?  Energy is vibration. Without vibration, there will be no energy.
The water is something that carries energy and vibration.
No water --->  No vibration --->  No energy
There are many kinds of vibration.  Bad, and good.
Water, frozen, in crystals, show us if its bad vibrations or good vibrations


The Law of Vibration               Resonance                   Law of Similarity
+ Purity

Dr. Emoto showed us the principles of Resonance with a Tuning Fork.  When he sounded (sang) the same note as the note of the tuning fork he was holding, the tuning fork vibrated --- in sympathetic resonance.

Positive energy corresponds/responds to Positive energy.
Negative energy corresponds/responds to Negative energy.
Example:  Sars.  If you have a constant fear of it, then it will be your friend and respond to you.

The more 'pure' the sound of energy is, the further it reaches.   With satellites, the energy frequency is so 'pure' it reaches far in to the earth.

The Law of Similarity:  With, say, a 440 tuning fork, you can create resonance with something that vibrates at say, 220, 880, etc.

It's as if the Earth is the body, the Solar System are the organs, the Galaxy are the cells.  Then there are molecules and atoms.  The Hado are the elementary (micro) particles.

Disease is caused by a disturbance of vibration.  Injury is caused by a big disturbance of vibration from outside.  If the disturbance of disease goes on for 5-10 years, it affects the atoms.  If it continues for a longer time it affects the molecules.  Longer still, it affects the cells.  Then we notice the symptoms as it affects the organs.

The temperature of earth -- the body --- is also Hado.

He spoke about the Temperature of the Earth, the Frequency, as a result of the Population.   Look at Figure (1), and see the sharp spike in planetary population in the last hundred years.

In addition to the figures he gave us:
   The population has doubled since 1960 (3 billion)
   It's expected to increase to half again (9 billion) by 2050
   Water use has risen six-fold over the past 70 years.
   By 2050, 4.2 billion people will be living in countries that cannot meet people's daily basic needs

Figure (2) --- he shows the Vibration of the Earth, which is a result of the increase in population.  More people mean more energy --- more vibration.  As the vibration increases, the temperature increases.  Temperature is vibration.

Vibration can be suppressed only by water.  Therefore, the 21st century is the century of water.

Western medicine treats through the symptoms of disease.  (They "fix" the symptoms of the disease --- not the disease itself by accessing vibration created at the molecular level.)

Dr. Emoto says that "when medicine corresponds to the wave form of the medicine, then medicine works.   See Figure (3) of how Western medicine "works".

As another example (Figure (4)), he explained that cars are quieter today because the engineers offset the engine noise by cancelling out the wave form of the noise.

Example, with Breast cancer:  If one can measure the frequecy of the wave of the breast cancer --- if we can create a wave to offset it --- the breast cancer goes away.

Water Crystals are visualizations and designs of vibration.  They are music.
The smallest, the most elementary particle is  1 0-32 Chemicals can not get through this.

Human consciousness can go through anywhere
Good water can go through anywhere
Good music can go through anywhere
The combination of the 3 of them can cure anything.  (Figure (5)).

However, malignant viruses may be able to get through these particles.

If you play Music to water, this can strengthen the Hado, can strengthen the immune system in our body.  Two such pieces are:  Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusic" and Beethoven "Symphony #9".

Dr. Emoto told us how certain pieces of music heal/improve certain organs of our body and are associated with certain emotions:

Name of Music
The Moldau (Symphony) Lymph System Peace of Mind, Composure
Swan Lake Joints Freedom; Released people from negtive feelings
(I am trying to obtain a more comprehensive list and have requested this of their organization. I will let you know the information I receive.)

If a person's Hado energy is imprinted in to the water, and they drink it, it can cure many problems.  Dr. Emoto wanted to do something every one could believe in.  That's why he started working with the water.   He takes pictures before, and, after --- putting information in to the water.

To help people, for those who can't visit him, he initially asked for a snip of hair, or nail tips.  Hair was messy.  Then they started using pictures and now they analyze the vibration of a person's name.  This has turned out to be very successful and they are saving the lives of seriously ill children in hospitals.

They showed pictures of dolphins --- to the water!  And when they took the pictures of the water crystals, they saw shapes of the dolphins in the water crystals!  The same with cherry blossoms, Stonehenge, an elephant, etc.

He said that tap water looks soooo much better after you show it nice words.  It transforms.

Beautiful words create beautiful nature.
Ugly words create ugly nature.
This is the root of the universe.
The water had the best transformation with 2 words:   "Love"   and   "Thanks"  in every language they used.

Language is not in the DNA.  It is learned.  How did Adam and Eve learn language?  The vibration of a great angel taught language to Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve listened to the vibrations of the sounds of nature and learned the language.  This is why there are different languages around the world.  Because different areas, due to their different topography, fauna, weather patterns, etc., have different sounds.  They have different nature sounds.  Some sounds are scary.  Adam and Eve, and the others who came after them, were "tuning in" to the sounds.

The Effect of Prayer on Water (this is taken from Quantum Water).  Water can reflect human thought.  (See Figure (6)).  Water is the Source of Life.

Water contains  2 gratitutudes and 1 love.  2 ears = gratitude.  You listen.
Love x  Gratitude = Immunity

Dr. Emoto consulted with 15,000 people.  "People who don't have much immunity have negative thoughts.  If a person is full of love and gratitude, sars can never attack the person."

Mother earth is short of immunity.  Her children (us) have to offer lots of gratitude and love to the mother.  Do it to the water (the blood of the mother).

Einstein's Law of Energy
E       =     M  C  2
Energy  =  Mass                 *   Speed of Light
Energy  =  World Population   *    Consciousness
Dr. Emoto has found that the level of consciousness is at 3 people out of 100  (I wonder if he has checked this recently?  I'll have to ask.)   He says this because the "DNA activation wave is at 3% and we have to activate the other 97%".

War is blasphemy.
We have to change the DNA
So we do it by changing the blood
Send prayers of Love and Gratitude to waters such as the River Jordan.
After several years of drinking this "new" water they might ask "Why do we have to fight one another?"

from his website:    www.hado.net
Magnetic Resonance
In 1989 Dr. Emoto realized that we know almost nothing about the nature of this planet's most critical life-giving substance. He learned of a device developed by Ronald J. Weinstock called a "Bio Cellular Analyzer." Dr. Emoto got Mr. Weinstock's permission to change the name of the device to Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA). Dr. Emoto found that this device gave him a new view on life and on his life in general.

Dr. Emoto discovered that all substances and phenomena have their own unique magnetic resonance field, which is converted electromagnetically into 4- or 5-digit numbers through a spectroscopy. MRA can be used for several functions including water quality inspection. He observed that no two types of water have exactly the same crystals and that the shape of crystals mirrors properties of the actual substance. According to Dr. Emoto, modern medicine focuses its observations at the molecular level. However, in order to be able to understand the real cause of a disease so that we may cure it completely, he believes that we must look at the atomic level or even at the micro-particle level.

                                "HADO"  (pronounced:   Ha DOUGH'   -- as in bread dough)
Quantum physics describes laws of energy at the quantum level (a "quanta" or discrete particle can be a molecule, atom, nucleus, or micro particle).  Discoveries in quantum physics (micro world) are helping us to understand the phenomena of our macro world. The MRA is able to measure, for the first time, quanta in micro levels smaller than  molecules. This allowed Dr. Emoto to discover why diseases occur.

According to Dr. Emoto, Hado is a vibrational frequency, resonance wave -- it is the source of energy behind the creation of all things (Hado is the specific vibrating wave generated by the electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom). A field of magnetic resonance is always present wherever Hado exists. Thus, Hado can be interpreted as the magnetic resonance field itself, which is one type of electromagnetic wave. MRA measures the magnetic resonance of Hado. From his research with MRA, Dr. Emoto concluded that, "all things lie within your own consciousness." Thus, he believes that we should do our best to raise our Hado level by doing things such as saying blessings over our food and water, drinking good water and not accumulating negative feelings.

Through his understanding of Hado, Dr. Emoto has become convinced that microorganisms play an important role in our lives. He believes that people become ill due to negative thinking that triggers an imbalance of elements within our body. According to Dr. Emoto, when our body is in this state of illness, the only way to calm it down is to normalize the healing power or immunity of that person. It is his belief that immunity can only be recovered through a balanced peace of mind. Dr. Emoto feels that the most effective medicine for a severe disease would be an awareness that we are living in cooperation with microorganisms at each moment of our lives. He encourages us to keep them in mind at all times and to convey our honest appreciation for their contribution.

Dr. Emoto points out that, "MRA is beyond the conventional scientific common sense." What is required to operate the device in an effective way is flexibility, as well as an honest and sincere way of thinking, without any preconceived ideas of imprinted information in one's mind.

In 1994, Dr. Emoto and his colleagues at the MRA Research Institute began taking photographs of frozen water crystals. These photos are taken inside a freezer that is at a temperature of -5° C.

The photos in Dr. Emoto's book, "Messages from Water" document his groundbreaking research into the effect of human consciousness on water. The book illustrates how water quality is reflected in its crystalline structure and how the consciousness of water can be affected by exposure to pollution, words, music, photos, and even prayer. When we reflect on how our bodies are primarily made of water, the implications of Dr. Emoto's work are staggering.

The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes; its molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.

Dr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques.  He freezes droplets of water (for at least 3 hours at -25° C) and then examines them under a darkfield microscope that has photographic capabilities. His work clearly demonstrates the diversity of the molecular structure of water and the effect of the environment upon the structure of the water.

The theory of Hado postulates that, since all phenomena is at heart resonating energy,  by changing the vibration we change the substance.  Conventional science in general still does not support this notion. Yet quantum physics and in particular the 'observer effect' (of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) clearly suggests we do alter our environment. Dr. Emoto and his supporters successfully carried out a dramatic demonstration of Hado in action on the shores of Lake Biwa, in the Kansai area of West Japan. The following information is taken from Vol. 2 of "The Message from  Water".

On the 25th of July 1999 at 4:30 a.m., 350 people gathered and offered their words, facing Lake Biwa.  Praying with us at that time was the then 97 year old creator of the " Great declaration", Mr. Nobuo Shioya. The result of that was an incredible success that truly surprised the public at large. Concerning the outcome of that, here is how Mr. Shiotani described it in his book 'Jizairyoku 2'  published by Sunmark Press on September 25, 2000:

The largest lake in our land, the 'water jar' for the whole Kansai district, Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture, is an example of horrendous pollution, with foul smelling and dirty water. No longer can we see the beautiful lake shore or the stock of ditch reeds there. Instead, every summer the surface of the lake is covered with a foreign species of aquatic plant called 'kokanada' algae which then putrefies.

It spreads a foul odour around the area, and so for over twenty years the prefecture has been carrying out a large scale operation to weed it out. However, last year (1999) during that summer only, for some reason this aquatic plant hardly emerged at all, and there were no complaints made to the city office as it is usually swamped with during a normal year. It was reported in the newspapers that none of the parties concerned could ascertain the cause of this and that they were all shaking their heads over it.

Naturally that would be the case when 'something that was there is no more', as in the phenomenon which occurred on the surface of Lake Biwa. This 'miracle' too can be be explained I think through the power of thought. It's a fact that, as one of the ringleaders of this happening, nobody else but me could know that. In that year an event was held to clean up the waters of Lake Biwa by a group mainly involved in researching Hado.

If the waters of Biwa were to become clean, an old saying had it that all of Japan's water would be purified, and so this congregation of people was there to use the power of Hado and Kotodama (the spirit of words) to try to do just that. I was also invited there and so headed for a hotel by the lake side where I gave a lecture on the method of 'right mind and breath control'. The next morning, about three hundred participants assembled on the lake shore. With myself in the middle we faced the lake's surface and as the rising sun came up before us we chanted the 'Great Declaration': "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony".

Dr. Emoto led the group in doing this and everyone performed the intoning of the words ten times.  The 'Great Declaration' as it literally says, by utilizing the limitless energy filling the universe, is a powerful statement to actualise world peace. These are words that can be clearly stated strongly as an established fact. By vocalising this, the power of Kotodama, infused with the eternal energy of the universe, spreads to surrounding things and penetrates them, giving people world peace to begin with, many wishes fulfilled and happiness. That most powerful notion in words is also a statement that boosts that notion into actualisation most strongly.

That happened last year in July. And then came this: "Every summer on Lake Biwa the foreign species of algae called kokanada, which almost covers the lake as it flourishes abnormally, is practically out of sight this year. In a normal year, the complaints of foul odour which come in to Shiga prefecture have been nil this year, and the amount of algae cleaned up by the prefecture is a mere pittance." It was a month later at the end of August when this was reported in the press.  The Kyoto Shinbun newspaper 1999, August 27th 1999.

However, if that was not a mysterious phenomenon it is still not something without a cause. Our thoughts that were sent out imbued with the great declaration curbed the emergence of an aquatic plant which was the source of a foul odour, and transformed the surface of the lake into a clean state. Our thoughts, requesting harmony and stability for all things through the 'great declaration' were transmitted clearly to grass and water, changing their qualities and purifying nature's pollution although many people do not realize it, there you have a clear causal relationship existing. In this fashion, it is not only human minds but also all life forms in this world containing all things and phenomena, including substances in nature like water which respond to our human thoughts. They
accept those thoughts and it changes their condition and quality.

One month and two days from that day on August 27th the Kyoto Shinbun newspaper, an influential local newspaper company, was surprised and very much pleased. This year complaints about the water in Lake Biwa have decreased. They say that the spread of the water algae condition has improved and that the foul odour has disappeared.

The Background of the lake:   Lake Biwa
(note: Please do look at this website, and the pictures of Lake Biwa in all its natural beauty.)
About 310 miles west of Tokyo on the Japanese island of Honshu, more than 500 rivers flow out of the  mountains into Lake Biwa, the largest of Japan’s freshwater lakes.  covers 259 square miles, is 39 miles long, 14 miles across  at its greatest width and less than one mile across at its narrowest. The northern portion of the lake, which has a mean depth of 141 feet, accounts for 90 percent of the entire lake area.  The watershed of Lake Biwa covers roughly 1,250 square miles.

Lake Biwa also is one of the world’s oldest lakes. Although the present-day lake began taking on its larger form about 40,000 years ago, Lake Biwa developed in eight stages beginning about four million years ago. Lake environments have persisted in the area for the last one million years.

Lake Biwa hosts 491 species of plants and 595 species of animals. Recent studies of the lake bottom suggest that many more species remain to be discovered. About 50 species and subspecies are found nowhere else. These include such animals as the freshwater pearl mussel.

People probably first settled around Lake Biwa 20,000 years ago. As early as 2,000 years ago, people began cultivating rice around the lake, using farming tools and techniques that persisted into the twentieth century. Similarly, fishing techniques developed 1,500 years ago continued to be used until recently.

Before World War II, Shiga Prefecture was rural, and residents often combined small-scale farming with fishing to make a living. Beginning in 1960, however, the prefecture underwent explosive growth.  Many of the old ways and pace of life were discarded as people changed their life styles and became more dependent on industrial products and activities.

Urbanization led to the destruction of important habitats around the lake.  During reconstruction after World War II, many shallow lakes and marshes surrounding Lake Biwa were filled to increase agricultural lands.  More than 725 acres of the lake itself were filled for development and public use.

Beginning in 1966, government agencies systematically monitored water quality with fixed monitoring points and other methods. This data has shown the shallower southern portion of the lake to be more heavily contaminated than the northern portion. The southern portion has become eutrophic over time. Since the late 1970s, both portions of the lake have suffered blooms of algae that are associated with high levels of pollution.  Nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, also have encouraged excessive growth of exotic water weeds that in some cases have crowded out native weed species.

Monitoring also has demonstrated that 24 percent of the nitrogen and 34 percent of the phosphorus entering the lake comes from domestic kitchens, baths, toilets, and washing machines. Roughly 20 percent of the nitrogen and 40 percent of the phosphorus comes from  factories, while agriculture contributes 18 percent of the nitrogen and 9 percent of the phosphorus.

In the late 1970s, the prefectural government sought to reverse the decline of the lake by improving sewage treatment, requiring the use of non-phosphate detergents, and managing fertilizers in farm fields and stockyards. In 1986, the government adopted goals for reducing the pollution of Lake Biwa, but these goals, even when relaxed, were not met.

The failure to meet pollution reduction goals may partly be due to the loss of marshes and shallow lakes along the shores of Lake Biwa.  Such areas help purify water running from the land before it enters the lake. Between 1953 and 1992, reed marshes shrank by more than one third. Natural shoreline shrank from nearly half in 1979 to just 41 percent in 1991. In 1992, the prefectural government passed a law banning the destruction of reed marshes.

Besides filtering water running off the land, these areas also are important as nursery areas for fish and shellfish. Yet, the abundance of the lake’s fish and shellfish has been declining dramatically. Commercial landings of fish declined from 3,225 metric tons to 2,240 metric tons between 1965 and 1995. Landings of shellfish declined from 2,957 metric tons to just 201 metric tons during the same period.


Lake Ontario, the 14th largest lake in the world, is the smallest of the Great Lakes in surface area.
Lake Ontario lies 325 ft (99 m) below Lake Erie, at the base of Niagara Falls.
LENGTH:  193 miles / 311 km.
BREADTH:  53 miles / 85 km.
AVERAGE DEPTH:  283 ft. / 86 m
MAXIMUM DEPTH:  802 ft. / 244 m.
VOLUME:  393 cubic miles / 1,640 cubic km.
WATER SURFACE AREA:  7,340 sq. miles / 18,960 sq. km.
DRAINAGE BASIN AREA:  24,720 sq. miles / 64,030 sq. km.
SHORELINE LENGTH (including islands):  712 miles / 1,146 km.
OUTLET:  St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean
Champlain first called it Lake St. Louis in 1632. On a 1656 map, it remained Lac de St. Louis.  In 1660, Creuxius gave it the name Lacus Ontarius. Ontara in Iroquois means "lake," and Ontario, "beautiful lake."

July 25, 2003, 7:25 PM, the Toronto Dowsers will be at a point on the shore of Lake Ontario, where we will drop in some droplets of ECH20, and, we will send the water love and thanks and respect with all our intention and focus and gratitude and emotion.  We join in this effort with others around the world at other bodies of water and others around Lake Ontario.

Let us tell water our Love and Thanks.

Put a glass of water on a table in your kitchen, dining room or private room. Tell the water "I love you" and "Thank you", gently. At the same time, briefly visualize that all the water on Earth is connected with each other. You can do this with your children, family members and friends. Your Love and Thanks will be sent out to all the water on Earth through the water in the glass.

How about imagining the following when you are touching the water coming from the faucet while doing the dishes, washing rice before cooking, or washing your clothes? The vibration of your Love and Thanks is overflowing from your heart through your chest, shoulders, and arms, and going through your palms that are touching the water into the water going out into a drain pipe. Your vibration will go through the flow of water very easily into the drain, into the nearby rivers and finally enter the ocean. The vapor from the ocean will build clouds and then the water will fall down as rains onto various parts of the world. In this way, the vibration of Love and Thanks that has originated from your heart will be transmitted to all over the world through the water network. This is a very easy way, and you can do this every day and every time you use water.

An easier way will be just to tell gently "I love you" and "Thank you" to the water that is flowing out into a drain pipe after it has finished its role. This will surely change the vibration of the water.

It is also very effective to put a "Thank you" sticker to the surface of the faucet. Every time you turn the faucet, it will remind you of the importance to express your gratitude to water.

Or, if you want to do it a little bigger, then you can have a gathering around a pond, a lake, a river or along seashore. Then make a circle, holding hands, and say the same thing as above or more. Remember that the power of prayer is proportionate to the square of the number of people. You can add to this ceremony your own prayers that express your Love and Thanks toward water or Planet Earth.

As the vibration of your Love and Thanks flows from your heart, you may feel your chest getting warmer. This will be the result of the Law of the Universe "What you give, you will receive".

Add visualization to our Love and Thanks
Add emotion to our Love and Thanks

Let us visualize that the vibration of Love and Thanks is transmitting into water as golden/silver light. The whole water of the world is sparkling beautifully. Finally, the whole planet is shining so brilliantly. When filled with the highest vibration of light, everything is healed and harmonized. Let us visualize that the faces of all the people on Earth are filled with a smile. Send Love and Thanks to water in some special areas

There may be some areas where wars and conflicts are still continuing. Let us send our Love and Thanks to the water where people are suffering from pain and sorrow. It will change into healing water, and everything and everybody will be filled with a vibration of Love and Harmony.

Those who are participating in war and those who are suffering from war are both ourselves. For all the consciousnesses are connected into one. And it is said that water is a mirror to reflect our own consciousness.

Peace begins from the hearts of each and every one of us. Let us fill up our hearts with the vibration of Love and Thanks. Then visualize that the vibration is overflowing like an unlimited fountain, reaching every part of the globe and healing the whole world.

Our consciousness definitely influences upon water. Especially when we concentrate our consciousness with the same intention, it will have a tremendous power. It is like a laser beam that can reach the surface of the moon.

Such is the power of human consciousness.
The Consciousness of each one of us changes the world
Consciousness of each of us creates our world, which means we can change the world. When the Earth is filled with the vibration of Love and Thanks, then you will experience a world filled with Love and Thanks.

*            *            *            *            *

In the audience, it was good to see Toronto Dowsers: Shelley Bourne, Bill Clothier, Susan Collins, Diana Davis, John Felipe, Pauline Gagnon, Dale Grindley, Peg Groom, Jannette Huszczo, Walter Huszczo, Marlene Jelski, Lynne Jenkins, Daniel  Kolos, Patricia Morton, Muriel Murray, Malca Narrol, Caroline Seeto, Klaus Stalchuss, Daisy Toribio, Marie Troup, Ernst von Bezold, Baroness Tamara von Schlegel, Edit Zaj !!!

Our deep thanks to Brigitte Gebauer of Starlight Events for making this possible, for having the idea to bring Dr. Emoto to Toronto at this exact moment in time and putting it in to action.  We started our Water Project 6 months earlier and the timing for us all to come together right now could not be more perfect.

Our thanks, also, to Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, the Secretary General of  the Project for Love and Water for the I.H.M. Research Institute, for helping to facilitate communications between his group and the Toronto Dowsers.

We will be initiating discussions with dowsers and other like minded people in Kingston, Plattsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, etc. --- anyone who lives near the lake, to join in with us to bring Lake Ontario back to health and to join in with people all over the world who are also helping to heal the waters on July 25, 2003 at 7:25 PM.   Spending a Friday evening in the summer by the lake is a wonderful idea.

The Toronto Dowsers will be taking ECH20, the water which was energized by Raymon Grace, to put a few drops of this energized, healing water in to the lake, with intention.  Please let us know if you would like your own bottle.  One bottle can last forever, and so does the energy.  Raymon said it lasts "beyond forever".

By these simple yet cumulative efforts, we can each and every single one of usl do our part to significantly advance the health of the waters of this planet.  Join with all of us all over the world on July 25, 2003 at 7:25 PM to share your positive intentions and energy with a body of water in your community.  It can be the ocean, a river, a lake, your own pond.   It will work best if there are at least 3 people doing this together.

With focussed intention, awareness and love, say to the water:

Water, I thank you
Water, I love you
Water, I respect you
Repeat this 10 times.  And anything else that feels right to you.   And if you have  ECH20, put in a few drops.  Or energize water yourself.

Send us your name, contact information and where you will be doing this and we will put you on our website at:  www.TorontoDowsers.com/july25.htm so that others may contact you.  Let us join in with this to help one another.

Other websites:
    Dr. Emoto's main site                 www.hado.net
    Project of Love and Water          www.thank-water.net
    Toronto Dowsers                      www.TorontoDowsers.com
    Toronto Dowsers Water Project   www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/water.htm
    The July 25th event                  www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/july25.htm

Our deepest thanks to Raymon Grace and to Dr. Emoto for all they have done and continue to do.

With gratitude,

- Marilyn -

Marilyn Gang
Leader, Toronto Dowsers
(416) 322 0363  9:33 - 9:33  EST
May 23, 2003