Dr. Masaru Emoto --- May 7, 8, 2005   Toronto, Ontario
[NOTE:  What might be considered the  most important concepts from his visit here, can be found at the end of this article.]

Dr. Emoto was here May 2003, sponsored by Starlight Events.   A writeup of that lecture, with illustrations, can be found at:  Dr. Emoto May 2003

For the 2nd time, Starlight Events brought Dr. Masaru Emoto to Toronto.   This time it was a full house at the OISE auditorium, sold out more than 2 weeks prior to the event.   The last time he was here, it was at the beginning of the sarsscam when many bought the story and were afraid to travel.   This year, many Toronto Dowsers were in the audience, at least:  Ron D, Maie Liiv, Pat Prevost, Debbie Purvis, Ann Burns, Roland Loo, Ingrid Cyrns, David Yeo, Robert L, Malca Narrol, Jane Damude-Empey, Lynn Simpson, Nancy Henderson, Helga Riemer, and more of you!

For 50 years, Dr. Emoto had a nightmare once a week for fifty years.   He was born with memories of his past life.  His nightmares stopped at the age of 55, when, June 1999, he published "Messages From Water", now published in 25 languages.   He has noticed that he was spurred by females to do this, and female publishers.  And that there were more women in his audience than men.

The amount of  the ratio of water in a human body:
Fertile Egg
Over 65 years
Dying... death
 50% and lower

If the amount of water in a human body goes below 50%, death occurs.
Dr. Emoto asks us if we know Why this is so.   His answer is:  Because:
Only water carries Vibration.  Vibration is... information... is... energy

[NOTE: Years ago, observing 3 women, a grandmother, a mother and a baby girl on the "F" train one afternoon, I was wondering why the mother's skin was not as smooth as the baby's and why the grandmother's was less smooth still --- it was wrinkled.  The obvious answer came:  WATER.   Just like turning a plum in to a prune, there is less water in the skin of the grandmother than in the baby.  But why does this happen?

The next clue came about 20 years later when Tracy McBurney (our September 11, 2001 speaker) was teaching our nutritional course at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  She said that the cells of a mature adult hold half the water content of a young person.    So --- the next question is --- What is it that creates less water in the cells?  An obvious answer is that the cells get stuffed up with toxins and pollutants.  It seems impossible to completely -- or even adequately -- clean out this debris.

The clearest skin that I have seen in adults comes from those who follow a fresh and raw diet --- while they are on it --- sometimes they stop and their skin is less smooth.   Fresh and raw, and --- practice yoga.

Do you have any answers for this?   How can we further cleanse the cells?   Yes, smoking commercial cigarettes, drinking alcohol, stale coffee and too much sun do dry out the skin.   The biggest one is:  Stress.]

In order to create the world
The creator created vibration.
In the beginning, was, the Word

Dr. Emoto  found that:
Water Crystals are (the) Manifestations of Vibration
Vibration = Energy = Life
No Vibration = No Life

Earth is the same as the Human Body.
We hav 5 major organs.
The earth has 5 major continents.

There are 12 notes on the piano.  [We]  The notes will note harmonize if played independently of one another.  They must be played with one another to create harmony.   There must be that 13th "experience" in sound that has the ability to resonate with all 12 notes.

This 13th sound is nothing other than God, and, therefore ---- ourselves.   Therefore, We are the Children of God.

Humanity has forgotten the original intentions of the creator and is so doing things very opposite from those intentions.  This is what is creating the problem(s).

The meaning of the character for "blasphemy" in Japanese is:   (1)  Violate   (2)  Selling water

Words are "HADO" (Vibration)
Hado.net - Welcome to the World of Water
He made connections for us between Heart, Love, Gratitude, Fire, Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Active (Sending) energy and Passive (Receiving) energy.  And that Love + Thanks = Immunity.   The earth is short of Immunity.   Let us send our love and thanks to Planet Earth --- and fill it up, once again, with Immunity.

From Dr. Emoto's   HADO site:

His "theory of Hado postulates that, since all phenomena is at heart resonating energy, by changing the vibration we changed the substance.  Conventional science in general still does not support this notion.  Yet quantum physics and in particular the 'observer effect' (of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) clearly suggest we do alter our environment."

His "Law of Hado Energy is that:  The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter.  The smallest unit of energy.  Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.   Hado in a person or a place is lowered when a person's consciousness itself is polluted by doubt or by prejudice."

"People are skeptical of intangible things.   However,  Thoughts and feelings affect Physical Reality.   By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting in to the same water samples,  the water appears to change its expression."

The day after his Toronto presentation (Mother's Day), I was invited to a private water ceremony near Cherry Beach  led by Dr. Emoto and a Native American group from the Maritimes.   There were 4  pieces of information that stood out for me that weekend, the first two were from his presentation, the latter two from conversation at the ceremony.

(1)   The population seems to grow by about 700,000 people every year from  1 A.D.  to  1900  A.D.

Year 1 A.D.
1900 A.D.
2000 A.D.

This  "Energy Wave" created from all the people, in 1900 and then how it changed gradually to the one in 2000 and onwards, may explain some things:

Such as --- why are we feeling so frazzled.   The population energy wave went from  gentle to frenetic.  Vibration created heat.  Energy is vibration.
(2)   E = mc2   ----  and ----  Consciousness:

Generally speaking:   E = mc2   ---- where  E = Energy,  m = Mass      and      c = Speed of Light
Dr. Emoto has rewritten the variables so     E = Energy,  m = # of people  and  c = Consciousness

Right now, there are 6 Billion people and Consciousness is 3%.   97% are still asleep.
So:   E =  6 B x (3 x 3) =  54,000,000,000

When Consciousness is at 100%:  E = 6 B x (1002) =  6,000,000,000,000 !!!!  That's SIXTY  TRILLION!
There are 60 TRILLION CELLS in the Human Body!
Therefore, we are striving for consciousness for all the cells in our body!   (Note:  This is similar to what Dr. George Merkl had been working on, before his 'death' --- that each cell in the body is conscious and can communicate with every other cell.)

(3)   Dowsers . . .   should go in to the lakes . . .  and utilize the lines on the energy grids.

(4)   Bad energy to good  energy  . . .  Destroying  PCBs and Dioxins . . .   Bad energy 'food'
They put a wave of 200,000 Hz in to the lake.
PCBs, Dioxins et al  do not like this frequency
Small bubbles formed.  The PCBs and containments would go up in to the air in the bubbles.
The bubbles would explode, they are dispersed and they fall to the ground, as individual elements!

When 300 people gathered by Lake Biwa in Japan for the first time, July 25, 1999 --- it was as if a wave of 300,000 Hz went up in to the universe and dispersed the PCBs!

Bad energies that were not from Japan were coming in to Japan.  They were feeding on the PCBs and Dioxins
Getting rid of the PCBs and Dioxins also got rid of the Bad energies.
PCBs and Dioxins are FOOD for Non Beneficial Energies!  Get rid of those and the Energies starve!

Dr. Emoto is teaching a 3 day course.  The first Hado Instructor School in the United States was held in Torrance, California from June 10th to the 12th. As the participants gathered in the room where the class was to be held, the room buzzed with excitement as they displayed their beaming smile and took their nametags and looked for their seats to nestle in for the next 3 days.   See:  HADO COURSE   We hope to have this course in Toronto some time within the next few years.

Three women in the Golden Horseshoe took the course as well as a Toronto Dowser who lives in California.

For a different, more comprehensive web site on Dr. Emoto's work, see: Dr. Emoto