The Toronto Dowsers Water Project
Healing the Waters of the Planet
Using Water for Health and Happiness
inspired by  our friend, Raymon Grace, November 26, 2002

Water  Labels  - - -  inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto

 Healing the Waters.    Giving Love and Thanks to Water

Dr.  Emoto, in his book "Messages From Water",  has shown that positive thoughts and words, especially those of love and thanks, when directed to water, or put on a container that water passes through, creates a more beautiful water crystal.

After we heard Dr. Emoto speak here, in May 2003 (he was brought here by Brigitte Gebauer of Starlight Events), Angi Venning said that she wrote the words "Thank you" and "I love you" on a piece of paper and put her water glass on it.  She liked the change in the taste of her water.

So we made transparent labels that we use this way:

With gratitude and loving intention,
place these stickers on your:
Water Containers,    Jugs,    Pipes and Faucets,     Including outflow pipes,       etc.
Anyplace that water might pass through.
Just Imagine this:

That these labels, are placed on pipes in public restrooms, such as restrooms in:

Would you like to help turn my fantasy in to reality?

I fantasize SWAT teams of kids.  With these labels (kids love stickers).  Going in to schools, etc., putting these stickers on the pipes.  On the underside, where they can't be seen (until social awareness changes significantly).

When I told this to someone, she said it was trespassing.  I say it is beautification. It must be done.

These photos were taken in the home of my friend Debbie, world's greatest realtor, in her lovely home in Vermont:




Just had to post this photo of her lovely daughter Leah.  Leah likes putting labels on the pipes.


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