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Michael Moon's Majical Mystical Music at Marilyn's Mobile Meeting
12.12.12   * ZoundZ Bath *
THE 13TH  ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

      Every December we have a special event.  For our first 11 years we put on an Annual Networking Social.  To remain more in keeping with the true energy of this time of the year, which is a quiet inward energy, last year Michael Moon conducted a truly magnificent ZoundZ Bath, one that soothed the hearts, souls and spirits of everyone there.

       It was realized that for 2012, a ZoundZ Bath is even more important.  It may even be considered crucial, as we approach the 2012 Solstice and Galactic Alignment we want to raise our frequency.  The beneficial use of beneficial sound is probably the most perfect way to do this, to prepare.  We promise you want to be at this event a feel good delicious vibrational treat to yourself.

      This began a couple of years ago, in the US, styled as a "Gong Bath" where huge gongs are utilized to bathe a roomful of supine recipients in  delicious clearing calming and reinvigorating frequencies.  Michael Moon, Toronto musical impresario in his own inimitable style, is fashioning this his way, bringing us to a more profound deeper meditative and brain state.  Hence, we present to you the:

   The  12.12.12  ZOUNDZ  BATH !
   This is in the Dupont / Spadina area.   7 p.m.
   We are limited to 40 people so we are selling tickets for this event.
    If you would like to attend:
      Members:  $20 before Dec. 7.  $25 after
      Non members: $25 before Dec. 7. $30 after
  Please get your money to me, 
by dropping it off or mailing it.

  Checks made out to:  Toronto Dowsers
Address:  Marilyn Gang;  #816 - 225 Davisville Avenue;  Toronto, Ontario   M4S 1G9

 A short youtube video was done of Michael gonging in his cave:

So  bring your pads and cushions, lie down, and be bathed in really really good vibrations.  Yum!

    Michael writes:

Somehow this date seems like a porthole (portal?), a special time to tune in.  We take advantage of the special time and do this in a special place with special people.   Here we are in the last couple weeks before winter solstice 2012 the much prophesied date from ancient times.   What better time to be still and dream. The new world will awaken from within so lets go within and listen.   Be.  Still.  Listen.

     Sound is a powerful tool paradoxically to invoke silence. I am very sensitive and find it very difficult to be in such a noisy world. I discovered 20 years ago I could create music to block out disturbing sounds and make the music very still in order to invoke the feeling of silence.   "The Feeling of Silence."  This is what became ‘The Temple of Sound’,  an idea of creating sacred space with sound.

    The ZoundZ Bath is a way to allow pure sound vibration to give you a subtle inner massage and clearing. As you become more clear and open your own spirit can reach you and guide you while creating space to allow healing and inner listening. I use shamanic techniques, learned from Peruvian shamans and healers along with modern sound healing. The ZoundZ Bath is experienced lying down or comfortably seated. The space we shall be using is cozy and carpeted but I suggest bringing a comfortable camping chair or a mat and pillow.

     So why is this time so special anyway? Why was it prophesied so long ago? In short it is a once in a 250,000,000 year experience! While many different astrological cycles are lining up right now in our solar system, it is most significantly in our solar systems orbit around the galactic center where the action is. Consider  that it takes approximately 250 million years to complete a single orbit of our solar system around the galactic center. 250 million years ago is also considered to be the birth of life on earth. Scientists have discovered in fossil records that life does not evolve slowly but makes great bursts at regular intervals every 26,000 and 62,000 years. 62,000 years is one quarter of the complete cycle of our sun around the galaxy. In astrology the quarter points are the cross of the circle where the energy is the strongest, it also seems it is when our solar system aligns in its wobbly orbit to be exactly aligned with the galactic center. Science assumes there is a black hole at the center of our galaxy but does not really know what is there.

     What it does know is that there is very strong energy emanating from the center of our galaxy, some call the photon belt. So when we align with this we are entering a stream of energy, which through the fossil records can be seen to line up with leaps in evolution, species growth and extinction on earth. This is based in real science. What is most remarkable though is that we are exactly at one of these points right now. And these huge cycles were seen and placed in indigenous calendars like the Mayan, Hopi and Indian Vedic many thousands of years ago. They somehow knew this time was special even though it is very new science that actually shows why. As we look around the world today we can see for ourselves how unprecedented this time is. Look how much everything has exponentially started shifting in the past 100 years. It is unprecedented. In the old Zoroastrian religion, which the Judeo Christian traditions stem from, it also talks of this time as an Armageddon. But it also describes what that truly means. A lifting of the veils, a time of increasing light, a golden age. This is also echoed in the Indian Vedas, possibly the oldest written text in the world, of a coming golden age at the end of the age of destruction (kali yuga) that we are now in.

     This transition does not happen on December 21, 2012 but it is signified by that date in the Mayan calendar as that is the date when the December solstice sun aligns with the galactic center. The Mayans considered the galactic center, a dark patch at the center of the Milky Way, to be  the cosmic womb where all life comes from and all life goes when we die. We are in this prophesied time and will continue to see our world change rapidly. David Wilcock and others make a very convincing argument that this is an evolutionary shift for humanity. Where we will see a great leap forward in our consciousness with enlightened souls becoming more and more frequent. With greater and greater human potential seen before only in a few individuals with special abilities, becoming more and more the norm. In short, we are waking up!

        So at this special time with this special ‘dowsers’ group I will create a live experience honoring this time, making use of the new energies using sonic silence with vibraphone, gongs, crystal bowls, bells, hammered dulcimer, guitars and voice. There will be no amplification.  Come. on. Down.

              Michael Moon :)O(:


DECEMBER 14, 2011
Gang  --->  Going  --->  Gong!
to ... the .. AZtounding  AmaZing
            * ZoundZ Bath *

     We are almost at the deepest darkest coldest most still most intimate time of our year.  The time when we are supposed to be quiet, reflective.  still.  The world outside has whipped itself into an erratic unfocused hopped up frenzy.  For quite some time this has not been a religious time of the year but a commercial time of the year.  You are no longer part of that.  You are here, reconnecting with the natural cycle, relaxed, in a softly lit vibrationally conducive room, among and connecting with dozens of your buddies, as you lie on your mat or cushions, floating, as sound and frequencies wash over, under and through you, cleansing on many levels, leaving you reinvigorated, recharged, renewed, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.
    All of our combined energies focused on being in, of and toward the light with one goal making one song, one note, together, united, our one UniVerse.
    Vibrationally conveyed to us by Internationally acclaimed award winning musician and composer Michael Moon!
    DECEMBER!   Every single December, as you may know, the Toronto Dowsers has celebrated the holiday season with a networking social.  Although this time of the year is supposed to be quiet, still -- hibernating almost -- and a time for inward and solitary reflection, our society has it backwards by making it the most insanely all consuming all social frantically frenetically busy --- tired already? --- time of the year.

    Toronto winter weather is whimsical and capricious.  Our 2010 social was superb.  And, like 1 or 2 other times, it snowed.  After all that hard work, organizing, contacting, preparation, and excited expectation, attendance was poor.   No one was to blame, snowy roads were not really a problem, it was the fact that with the least little bit of snow, Toronto's already choked roads creep along with maddening creepitude.   It is not fair to all of us who worked so hard and heartily.

    December 14,  2011, we will restore the purpose and sanity of this time of the year with a gorgeous physical and spiritual Pheel good evening experiential event.

Location:   Dupont & Spadina

Because of the size of the studio we have for this, the number of spaces is limited.

Cost:  Members:  $20  before December 7, $25 after. 
Non members:  $25 before December 7.  $30 after.

Please send a check to hold your spot to:
Marilyn Gang; #816, 225 Davisville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario  M4S 1G9

So  bring your pads and cushions, lie down, and be bathed in really really good vibrations.  Yum!

*        *        *        *            *            *            *            *            *        *
     *        *        *        *            *            *            *            *            *        *
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Healing Zound(z) at the Toronto Dowsers
by  Michael Moon

      At the October 2011 Toronto Dowsers meeting we were blessed to have Paul Rademacher from the Monroe Institute. For the December meeting, in lieu of our Networking Social, Marilyn had asked me to provide a ‘Gong Bath’ for you all. What on earth does Monroe and a 'Gong Bath' have in common and what is a 'Gong Bath' anyway? As it turns out, they have a lot in common.

      Simplifying it, the Monroe Institute uses sound to induce states of consciousness for spiritual exploration.  This is accomplished by using what comes down to pulsating frequencies which hook our brain wave states through a process called 'Entrainment'.  Monroe has developed an amazing program using sound frequencies to facilitate meditation, remote viewing and many more fascinating states.

      For those who have not heard of Entrainment, this is a scientific principal.   Entrainment states that any two things that vibrate (which is, ultimately, everything), if their vibration is somewhat similar to begin with, they will come into perfect sync over a relatively short period of time. It was first discovered by Christian Huygens, a notable physicist in 1666,  after he noticed that two pendulum clocks had moved into the same swinging rhythm, and with subsequent experiments he duplicated this process. It has subsequently been seen repeatedly in nature where like vibrations fall into perfect rhythm with each other.

      This effect can be used to create sonic pulses that match certain brainwave states and entrain the brain to them effortlessly. The Monroe Institute uses a technology called Binaural beats.  This takes 2 notes and puts them in each ear. There is a slight difference between them in pitch.  This slight difference then creates a natural pulse that can hook the brain waves.  It is very effective however to work properly, one must use headphones.  There are many other ways one can use sound to induce certain states such as:  The shamans drum creates a strong regular pulse that takes us into a deep trance, a tremolo effect on a guitar, the vibrating beat of the vibraphone, the mallet roles of a marimba, and the beating pulses inherent in Tibetan bowls and Chinese gongs are some of the possible musical ways to achieve this. These musical pulsations at the right frequencies can gently draw us toward meditation, relaxation, healing, or excitement, depending on the rate of pulsation. Relaxation is about 8 pulses a second, deep meditation is about 4-5 pulses per second, sleep is under 4, excitement is 15 and up. This works wonders but is just one small layer of what can be done with sound.

      This brings us back to Marilyn’s desire for a ‘Gong Bath’ for the December social.  (Could it be that the Gang liked the sound of the Gong??  )   The ‘Gong Bath’ is simply having Gongs played around or nearby you with healing intention. One of the first things one will notice in the sound of the gong are many pulsations that can draw us into an altered state as well as many overtones and harmonics. The high and low harmonic tones work on the bodies system clearing and realigning the bodies natural vibrations from the discordant ones we pick up through electro-smog, negative emotions and being out of sync with ourselves and the earth. The gong helps with this in its own way.  It is fantastic for clearing energy and shaking it up as well as some realignment. But other sounds help equally in different ways. Tibetan bowls also have rich overtones and strong pulsations of sound. Crystal bowls, bells and the vibraphone have very pure tones good for realignment and clearing energy. But also guitar, flute and indeed all instruments have their place and particular strengths.

The voice is probably the most powerful instrument of all, being able to do all of the above to a certain extent. Certainly the voice carries our intention and the energy of healing more clearly than an external instrument. All instruments including the voice simply act as a carrier wave to our intentions as they are played. Since sound is a very physical form of vibration it has a strong way of penetrating matter. So it can be used to bring healing energy deep within the body. How the sound and music is created is more important than the sound itself. You don’t need crystal bowls or gongs to experience healing sound, they just make it richer and each instrument has its strengths. When we are aligned with ourselves and with Spirit our voices can be one of the most powerful healing tools we have with which to resonate with and heal our bodies.

In light of all this, my answer to Marilyn was "YES!  I can do a ‘Gong Bath’ but how about a Sound Bath?   I’ll bring out what I use in my sound healing sessions and give a full sound healing ‘bath’ for the dowsers. Gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and chimes, vibraphone, guitar and the voice…" .   I look forward to giving you an experience of what I am sharing here.   (And naturellement, Marilyn transformed it into a ZoundZ Bath!)

Michael Moon is an internationally known award winning recording artist, composer, and performer of healing music with 5 internationally distributed CD’s (the latest 2 award winning). He also works as a sound therapist, astrologer, photographer and teaches how to work with sound and music as a healing tool. From inspiring songs and chants, to deep sound meditations performed on a wide variety of exotic instruments Michael’s music takes the listener on a unique journey home to the self.